Adventures in Red Ch. 01

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The tip of her tongue flicked out to lick the corner of her mouth, and she used her pinky to make sure her lipstick was still in place for the fourth time since she’d sat down. It was a nervous habit, he realized, but one that was sexy as hell, and got him a little hard, if he was perfectly honest.

He watched her take a tiny sip of her whiskey. He should have known a woman like that wouldn’t be able to tip her head back and take it all at once. When she shook her head a little and stood up, he knew that was his cue. He watched her ass sway as she moved back towards the bathrooms, drained his shot, checked his watch, and followed.


Ella leaned against the wall near the bathroom door and took a deep breath. The whiskey was getting to her head, and she felt anxious, like something was about to happen that she wasn’t prepared for. She raised one leg and propped her heel up against the wall. The skirt of her tiny red dress raised up to the tops of her thighs, and she slid a hand down her stomach, arching her back just slightly, trailing one finger across her bare skin, dipping down into the crease between her legs, feeling herself start to get wet. She needed that release, needed to calm down. Her breath started coming faster, her lips parted, and just as she closed her eyes, a hand wrapped around her wrist and a voice whispered in her ear.

“You might want to wait for that, baby doll.”

Her eyes flew open, and she turned to look at the man whose body was pressed against hers, trapping her against the wall. She couldn’t see his face, but her lips connected with his neck, and she had the urge to bite the vein right there. Her mouth opened, and she was about to sink her teeth in, when his voice once again stopped her.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, slut,” he breathed against her neck, making her shiver.

Startled, Ella lifted her hand and pushed against his chest. He stepped back, and she almost gasped, startled at how gorgeous he was.

“Who the hell are you?” she snapped, standing up straight, and stepping to the side, hoping to go around him.

He stepped closer, pinning her against the wall again, and touched the tip of his nose to hers.

“That’s not important,” he said. “All you need to know about me is that I’m taking you with me, and fucking you how I want, when I want, all night long.”


He poured himself a drink, looking at the sexy woman tied to the bed. Her red dress sat low on her breasts, one strap falling over her shoulder. Her dark hair was falling out of its knot, spilling down her back, with one strand curling around her collarbone. Her big green eyes stared back at him, slightly terrified, and she pulled at the ropes he’d tied around her wrists. He smiled slowly as he took a sip, and walked towards her.

“What do you want with me?” she snapped, trying to sit straighter.

He just laughed, and set his drink down. As he unbuttoned his shirt, her tongue flicked out again to touch the corner of her mouth, and his cock twitched. She pulled at the rope again, and the movement caused her dress to droop lower, exposing the lacy edge of her bra. His mind went wild, imagining what exactly was underneath, the exact shape and color of her nipples, how they would feel under his tongue, and what noises she would make when he bit down lightly.

Without betraying any sort of emotion, he tossed his shirt to the floor, and kicked off his shoes. As he slowly and methodically undressed himself until he stood in nothing but his briefs, he glanced over at her.

“I watched you tonight, ” he said quietly, “and I knew that you wanted this. So what I want with you…is to give you more than you think you can handle.”


Ella stared at his muscles, and had the sudden urge to tear her hands from their restraints, and bite his biceps. A tattoo she couldn’t quite make out decorated one side, and she saw a smaller one on the top of his hand. Without quite knowing how, she had left the bar willingly, and gotten herself tied to a bed in the penthouse of a fancy downtown hotel, anticipating getting fucked by a man she didn’t know. The combination of the whiskey, the tension from a difficult çorum escort week, and the fact that she hadn’t been fucked in months made her breathing shallow, and she wanted desperately to spread her legs, slip a finger inside her dripping wet hole, and make herself cum.

Instead, she jerked at her bonds again, smiling softly when the entire bodice drooped, exposing her sheer lace bra, and the hard tight peaks of her nipples. She inhaled sharply as he reached over and casually rolled one between his fingers.

“You little slut. You like that, don’t you?” he said softly, and she glanced up at him. His dark eyes were staring at her intently, and she shivered before looking away.

A loud snap caught Ella’s attention, and she looked back at her captor, tensing when she saw what he held in his hand. Holding her breath, she shrank back against the bed as he approached her, a long knife in his hand. He put one knee on the bed, and Ella closed her eyes as the blade approached her chest.

“If I were going to hurt you, you little whore, I would have done it already.”

There was a tug, and then another, and Ella opened her eyes just in time to see her dress ripped from her body, her bra quickly following until she was left wearing nothing but her heels and the ropes around her wrists. At his groan, she arched her back, pushing her breasts forward, and dug her stilettos into the mattress just enough to spread her legs and lift up, giving him a perfect view of her soft, smooth, tight little pussy.


Fuck, she’s perfect, he thought as he threw her clothes to the ground, resisting the urge to wrap his lips around her perfect nipples. She arched her back, and lifted her hips, and he felt himself getting harder. There was a tattoo on the front of her ribcage, and he reached out to trace it with his finger. It was a monarch butterfly, it’s orange and black wings extending up to circle the heavy curve of her breast. She shivered at his touch, and he bent his head to flick his tongue against her nipple. It hardened further in his mouth, and he trailed his hand down across her stomach to her glistening wet hole, covering the tips of his fingers in her cum. Spreading it across her other nipple, he bent his head to lick it clean.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered, and he lifted his head.

“I don’t recall telling you it was okay to speak,” he said, and she glared at him.

“Well, I don’t recall telling you it was okay to tie me to the fucking bed!” she shot back, and he stood, pulling his briefs off and throwing them to the side.

“You want to say that again, you little whore?” he said, and climbed on the bed, standing on the mattress looking down at her.

She looked up at him with those eyes and smiled, licking her lips slowly. The tip of his cock was right there. If he just leaned forward an inch or two, it would hit her mouth. He shivered at the thought, and felt a bead of precum at the head of his dick.

“I said…I don’t want to—”

He tilted his hips and leaned forward to grasp the back of her head, the tip of his cock sliding in between her lips, and he nearly groaned at the feel of her tongue on him. His movements effectively cut her off, but the sight of her immaculate red lips wrapped around his dick made him wild with lust. He tangled his hand in the dark hair at the nape of her neck, and pushed himself deeper into her hot, wet mouth.

“That’s right you little slut,” he said. “Take my cock and suck on it like a good little whore. Don’t talk back to me again, do you understand?”

She nodded, her mouth full of his cock. What a sight she was, arms tied above her head, extending behind her, hair falling around her shoulders, lipstick smeared on her face and across his dick. He wanted to explode all over her, make her swallow his cum, watch it drip down her chin and across her chest, but ultimately decided to save that for another time. This was going to be harder than he realized, and he reluctantly pulled his cock away from her eager mouth.


Ella surprised herself with a whimper as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. She wanted it down her throat, though at first glance, denizli escort she doubted all of it would fit. It was long, and thick, bobbing in front of her face, teasing her. He stepped between her legs and knelt down so the tip of his cock was directly in front of her pussy. If she lifted her hips just slightly, it would slide across her clit.

“Do you like to taste yourself on a man’s cock?” he inquired, and her eyes widened. She couldn’t help a small smile from forming as she nodded eagerly.

Ella gasped as his cockhead pushed against her cunt, spreading her tight entrance, making a squelching noise as his dick entered her. Deep inside, she felt an ache build, and a moan started low in her throat as he pushed ever so slowly inside of her.

“Fuck,” she breathed, and he pulled out of her, bringing himself up to her mouth once more.

She eagerly leaned forward, her tongue searching for her cum on his dick. He surprised her by flexing his hips and pushing hard, all the way down her throat. She gagged, tried to pull back, and he pushed even further inside her mouth. She was choking, unable to breathe, and was so overwhelmed she could barely taste her cum on him. Tears formed, and dripped down her cheeks as he began fucking her throat quickly, until she felt like she was suffocating to death.

In a panic, Ella pulled back, gasping for air, but his hand was pulling her hair again, relentlessly shoving his dick back into her mouth, saying things she couldn’t hear. Desperately she nodded her head, hoping it would make him stop. Her teeth accidentally grazed his shaft, and he yanked her hair back roughly, pulling out of her mouth.

“You dirty fucking slut,” he growled. “I’m going to make you pay for that.”


He was so aroused he could barely stand it. She looked hot as hell, tied on that bed at his mercy. Her face was a mess, but she took his dick like a pro, and he wanted desperately to feel exactly how wet she’d gotten for him.

Roughly pushing her thighs apart, he stared at her beautiful pink cunt for a minute, smiling inwardly at the way her juiced oozed from her tight little hole. The feel of her wrapped around his dick for those brief seconds had almost made him explode. He wanted her cum on his hands.

The tip of his finger brushed her clit, and she flinched. He did it again, harder, and she tried to close his legs. Using his knees to keep her thighs spread wide, he slowly slid a finger inside her, curling it slightly upwards, making her gasp. He began to fuck her slowly with his finger, making her ride his hand, bucking against him as she searched for more, something thicker, something that would go deeper.

He watched as her face flushed and she bit her lip to presumably keep from screaming. He started moving his hand faster, adding a second finger and brushing his thumb across her clit, which made her squeal and yank on her bonds, lifting her long legs up in the air.

“Oh god please…” she whimpered, and he wrapped an arm around her waist, lifting her closer to him, holding her immobile as he ravaged her pussy, making her writhe against him, clenching around his fingers as she came over and over and over.

“Stop, stop!” she begged, squirming back and forth, trying to get away. She was panting, and he could see beads of sweat forming on her hairline.

“Cum,” he demanded harshly, curling his fingers until she shrieked, thrashing in his arms. “I said cum for me, you little slut. Now. Be a good girl and cum.”

Her response was to let out a loud wail, throwing her head back, and going limp. He could feel her cum dripping all over his hand, soaking his fingers, and the inner walls of her cunt clenched as her body shook from his onslaught. He watched her tits bounce, the one slapping against the butterfly tattoo underneath, and his cock twitched, growing harder and thicker as he thought of pounding into her.

As he pulled away, he put his cum soaked fingers in her mouth, and leaned down to whisper in her ear, heart pounding as he thought about what was going to happen next. It was inevitable.

“Had enough?”


Ella sagged against the diyarbakır escort ropes tying her to the bed, and tried to calm her breathing. Of course she’d had enough. She couldn’t move. The whiskey had worn off, her shoulders were aching, she’d had more orgasms than she could count, and she didn’t even know this guys name! She closed her eyes and started to think about what had possessed her to follow him back to this hotel room, not knowing what he had in store for her. She didn’t even know what she had expected, when he’d caught her about to touch herself right there in the bar.

Suddenly, her restraints loosened, and her eyes flew opened. He’d untied her, and she struggled to sit up, staring at him questioningly. When he didn’t make a move, Ella slowly slid off the bed, wobbling on her heels. She kicked them off, and took a step towards the door she assumed was the bathroom.

“Just where do you think you’re going?”

His voice in her ear sent shivers down her spine, and she froze, unable to think of a coherent response.

“It looked like you were leaving,” he continued, “and I haven’t even fucked you yet.”

Goosebumps spread across Ella’s skin as he settled his hands on her hips and turned her back to the bed. She stumbled once, and he used her momentum to push her forward, so she was bent over at the waist, ass in the air, face in the mattress. She felt him kick her legs apart, and felt the tip of his cock slide against her wet, aching cunt.

She moaned as she felt him push into her swollen cunt, and felt his fingers tighten on her ass as he buried himself in her. He squeezed her tight, making her wince and squirm, which only pushed her further onto his hard cock. Ella felt like she was going to fall apart when he began to pick up his rhythm, thrusting into her harder and faster, steadily increasing speed, going deeper and deeper, fingers digging into her skin painfully as he fucked her.

“Cum you little slut,” he said, reaching forward with one hand to wrap it around her throat, pulling Ella’s face out of the mattress, forcing her to look up. Across the room, she saw her reflection in the closet mirror, saw him behind her, staring intently at her face in the mirror, watching her reaction. She bit her lip and tried to lower her head, but his hand tightened around her throat and she was forced to continue watching as he fucked her harder and faster. She felt herself ready to cum, and tried to stop the scream rising up in her throat as she closed her eyes and let the heat of her orgasm rush over her.


Watching her reflection in the mirror as she came all over his cock was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Sliding his hand from her throat to her chest, he pulled her up so she was standing, braced between his body and the bed. He watched as her face contorted from being forced deeper onto his dick at this new angle.

“You’re such a good little slut,” he whispered in her ear. “You like taking my cock like this, don’t you?”

Her nod pushed him further, and he felt about ready to explode.

“You’re my little fucktoy,” he said, biting her earlobe, and reaching a hand down to find her clit. She raised a knee to try and climb on the bed, shaking her head, and he grabbed her thigh, forcing it back, pushing himself harder up into her. He stared as her tits bounced up and down from the force of his thrusts, and he felt himself being pulled to the brink of explosion by her amazing cunt. Pushing her forward again, he began a frenzied pace until he heard her scream out yet another orgasm.

“Good girl,” he groaned, feeling her cum gush over his shaft buried inside her.

He pushed into her a few more times, feeling the tension in his pelvis rising. Unable to hold back, he slid out of her reluctantly, took himself in hand, jerked once, and began to cum violently, strands of cum spurting out of his cock, landing all over her ass, dripping down her thighs, with some of them disappearing into her swollen pussy.

Breathing heavily, he ran a finger down her spine, and watched in satisfaction as she shivered.

“Stand up,” he commanded quietly, and was surprised when she immediately did as he asked, letting globs of cum drip down her back, across her ass, and onto the floor.

She turned to look at him, her face full of questions. Before she could open her mouth to speak, he cut her off.

“You may use the shower before you leave,” he said. “Someone will be here in 20 minutes to escort you out.”

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