A Few Wild Months 07

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Over the early summer months we have had a lot of swinging fun with a mix of new and old friends and certainly I have pushed my own barriers. The only trouble was the same issue that has so often interrupted our swinging which was Gary’s job taking him away so much and again he was away working in Germany for around six weeks. Gary has always encouraged me to be adventurous even when he is not around to join in and he knows I am at my most happy when I indulge in my penchant for young fit black men and recently in particular a guy called Jason who we had known for some time.

After the bukkake session at the club during the week Jason had told me he wanted me for the weekend. I knew I wanted to see him again and really fancied the idea of spending the weekend together. He had told him to meet him when he finished work at 7pm at the retail park where he worked in security but I made my mind up go a bit earlier and get in some retail therapy. I bathed, dried myself and painted my finger and toe nails bright red and started to become excited at seeing him again.

I packed a small overnight case with some spare clothes and wash gear then put on a simple blue and white patterned knee length summer dress over a nice matching knickers and bra set and finally some very high strappy stilettos. I had on my favourite slut jewellery, a gold anklet and matching necklace with the word Hotwife and headed off on the 20-minute drive to the retail park, enjoying the drive in my Mercedes that I had got only a couple of months earlier. I pulled into the car park and immediately found a parking place near where I planned to shop, parked and locked the car and walked into Next. The shop was very quiet, clearly the recession affecting peoples spending habits although it was getting late in the afternoon now. I went to the make up counter first and bought some eyeliner and then headed over to the clothes section and began browsing through the dresses. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the security guard and recognised Jason immediately. I saw him gaze, as he looked me up and down before looking me directly in the eye and smiling. I trusted him enough to meet him alone and I felt my pulse quicken as he came near.

“How’s your day been Jason?”

“It’s been ok but much better now you’re here Jayne.”

“It’s nice to see you again too. With Gary working away it’s good to spend time with you.”

“I’m glad you did as I told you Jayne.” He said, as he stood close beside me. “You would look good in that dress Jayne, ideal for a sexy night out at the club maybe?”

“I’m not keen on red though, it clashes with my hair I think. This would be better,” I replied holding up a sparkly little black mini-dress.

“The dress is very sexy, put it on. Size 10 should be right.” He told me, the lustful look in his eyes unmistakable.

I took the dress into the dressing area and watched as Jason followed me and then stood outside. Only half closing the curtain I stripped off and then put the dress on smoothing it over my hips squeezing myself into the dress. It fitted to me like a second skin, very short and the cleavage deep and flattering. I took a glance in the mirror and saw that Jason had seen everything as I had hoped and was unable to look away as I stood straight in front of the full-length mirror. Giving him a big smile I took the dress off, the underwear I had on was a nice set, all in black and lacy. He took in the sight and teasingly licked his upper lip and then smiled a big toothy grin.

I decided to treat myself to the dress and then headed over to pay. As I neared the cash desk he appeared beside me, “Thanks for the show, you gave me a hard-on.” He whispered.

“Thank you, I’m glad I made you hard.”

“Leave the dress with me and let me pay for it Jayne. I finish work at 7pm, wait for me and then we can spend some time together.”

“Thank you for the dress Jason, you are very generous. I wanted to see you Jason it is why I came here today.”

He stared deep into my eyes making me blush. “You came here because you’re a submissive black cock slut aren’t you Jayne?”

“I’m yours,” I whispered into his ear. “You can have me all weekend and I’ll let you do whatever you want, what do you think about that?”

“Whatever I want? So you want me to treat you like a real dirty slut then?”

“I think I have already showed you I’m a bad girl.” I answered swallowing a little nervously as I realised what I had said.

“Park your car around the back of the store and wait for me and we can go back to my place for some fun.”

I nodded and smiled. “Ok see you at seven then.”

I walked across to the other shops and feeling very naughty I texted Gary and told him where I was and that I had met with Jason. Soon after my phone bleeped with my husbands reply.

His text said, “Jason! I know you like him….. enjoy yourself. Be safe, love you xx”

With a couple of hours to spare I bought some hold up stockings and sexy black knickers from Miss Selfridge. I mardin escort grabbed a bite to eat and just before 7pm went to my car and drove round to the dark deserted service area at the back of the store and sat waiting for Jason. I put on some make up, dark eye shadow, blusher and red lipstick. I thought how horny my husband would be seeing me looking like this.

My phone bleeped again. “Hi. Have fun with Jason it’s ok. It’s a really horny thought for me. Xx”

I sat listening to the radio feeling horny thinking about the times Jason had fucked me before. He knew me well enough to know that sexually I am quite submissive and certainly knew the buttons to press to turn me on! I thought about my husband’s words too and texted him back.

“I’m gonna let him have me tonight. I’m just in the mood for some dominant black cock. I’ll tell you all about it when you come home. Xx”

About ten minutes later I saw Jason hurry out of the store with a carrier bag clutched in his hand. He got into the car and looked me and smiled.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, I knew you would wait for me though,” he said smugly as he kissed me on the cheek and then whispered. “You really do want to fuck don’t you?”

“Yes I do. You are a cheeky Jason but I’m glad I came here and found you.”

He leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. I was pinned against the seat back as he kissed me passionately and let his hands wander over my body and started to massage my pussy. I tried to slow him down but he was too strong and my resistance was low anyway. After a couple of minutes of kissing and fingering me he lowered his mouth to my neck and started kissing me gently, “You said you’ll do whatever I want Jayne, and we are really going to have so much fun this weekend. In fact I could do you right now.”

“No sex in cars for me Jason, I like a bit of comfort nowadays.”

“We just need to drop into my office and pick up my pay cheque, but it’s on the way.”

I started the car and drove out of the service area and accelerated onto the main road. Within just a few minutes Jason directed me to stop outside a row of shops. “That’s my office there.”

“Ok I’ll wait here while you get your pay.”

“No Jayne, I want you to come in and meet my boss Peter he wants to see you after what I have told him about you.”

“Oh yes! What have you told him then?”

“Quite a bit really, all about the club and what we get up to when your husband is away and particularly how much you like this.” He grabbed my hand and pulled it down onto his crutch and rubbed it on his cock. “I want to show you off so come in with me.”

Jason came around to my side of the car and as I got out he held my hand firmly and led me through a plain white door and into a small office suite with a couple of large desks and assorted filing cabinets. Sat in a big office chair was a very large middle-aged blackman who turned to look at me and handed Jason a small envelope.

“This is my boss Peter.” Jason said and then looking me straight in the eyes continued, “This is Jayne the lady I have told you all about.”

“It’s nice to meet you Peter.” I said taking his hand.

“It’s good to see her at last Jason, as you said she is a very sexy lady.” Peter said. He held onto my hand firmly and looked me up and down. “Where did you he find you then Jayne?”

“We met at a club first although we have got together several times since.”

Jason then spoke up, “Usually we meet at the club when she is with her husband and we have some fun but today she drove here for me.”

“She must really need it bad then?”

“I told you she was a horny little thing, I have promised her a fun weekend and I’m gonna make sure she gets fucked senseless. This one has really got the taste for black cock and she’s come to find me because she’s gagging for it.” Jason said.

Peter still held my hand firmly his gaze fixed on me, I tried to move back from Peter but bumped against Jason.

“Your boyfriend, or should I say your fuck-buddy, has go a little extra bonus in his wages, maybe you could thank me in someway Jayne?” Peter said laughing.

I froze to the spot as I felt the back of my dress slowly being raised and Jason whispered in my ear, “Relax Jayne, be friendly to my boss, enjoy yourself.”

I looked down at Peter as he moved his free hand to my breast and as Jason eased my dress higher up my legs Peter ran his hand down and over my knickers feeling my pussy.

“Open your legs.” I did as Peter said and he ran his fingers over me. “You have a nice hot cunt, does that feel good Jayne?”

I closed my eyes as he rubbed his hand over my pussy and Stevie squeezed my bum.

Peter slipped a thick finger inside my knickers. “Fuck she’s a juicy little slut.”

I felt Jason’s breath on my neck and he whispered, “Show him how good you are with your mouth Jayne.”

I hesitated as it sunk in that Jason was telling me give his boss a blowjob who I had only met about two marmaris escort minutes before. “It’s no different to what you did the other day Jayne. Get on your knees.”

I carefully knelt between his legs as Peter pulled my hand down onto his crotch. I looked up at him grinning as I undid his trousers and pulled his flaccid cock out. Leaning forward I took the whole of his cock in my mouth and sucked noisily on it slowly bobbing up and down on it. I felt it getting firmer and much thicker in mouth until I couldn’t keep it all in.

“Fuck you are a good cocksucker. You really love black dick don’t you?”

I let it slide out of my mouth so I could take a deep breath and now fully erect and very wet it pointed at my face. “Christ your cock is thick Peter.”

“Go on Jayne suck him off,” Jason said.

I leaned forward again and licked the soft, black wet tip stroking his cock bobbing my head up and down. His cock was hard and I could just get my fingers around it and when he was deep in my mouth I struggled to breath.

“Oh yes,” Peter moaned pulling me deeper down on his cock.

I heard a door click open and heard Jason laugh, then another voice made me freeze. Peter obviously had no intention of letting me stop despite someone else coming into the office and I could tell from his breathing he was nearly there.

“What the fuck!” A strangers voice said.

“She’s just thanking Peter for my wages,” Jason said. “Get him off Jayne.”

I stroked it faster and sucked him deep in my mouth and then felt his balls tighten.

“Oh fuck here it comes.”

Then he grunted and erupted in my mouth and I sucked and swallowed until I had milked every drop from his and it slowly shrunk in my mouth. I used my fingers to wipe my chin and mouth and then sucked them dry and stood up to see who else had come into the room.

“Hey Jayne, meet my friend and colleague Stevie, he enjoyed seeing that!” Jason said pointing to the young man next to him. “Watching that can be the first part of your birthday present then Stevie!”

Stevie was a very slim tall young black lad and I could see a look of surprise on his face.

“Hi Stevie and happy birthday too. How old are you?”

“I’m 23 tomorrow.” He was massaging his cock as he stared at me obviously hoping for a turn too but I suddenly felt very embarrassed and uncomfortable in the situation and wanted to get out of the office. I stood up and looked to Jason feeling panicky.

“Come on Jason, let’s go now.”

“I’ve never fucked a redhead Jayne and I would really enjoy you.” Peter said.

“Time to go the lady wants fucking.” Jason said as I headed towards the door.

“Jason, keep in touch with me over the weekend.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that they were staring at my bum.

“You’re sexy Jayne and have a gorgeous little bum, I’d love to fuck your little white arse.” Peter said as we walked from the office. I wanted to get away from there so we quickly jumped into my car. I looked in the mirror, tidied my with a tissue and then found a mint in my bag.

“I’d better get rid of the taste of cum in my mouth Jason unless you fancy it?

He pulled face at me and I started my car and pulled away.

“It’s a shame they are working this evening or we could have all had you.”

I laughed, “I was worried how far that was going in the office! I hope you are pleased so far with your slut but I’m not so sure I could cope all three of you and Stevie’s so young. My kids are older than him.”

“He’s man enough though, he was hoping for an early birthday present I think. You’re enjoying yourself so far aren’t you?” Jason said as he stroked my hair.

I nodded and then he started to direct me to his flat as Gary had driven us here before but within just a few minutes I recognised the large block of flats as I drove into the parking area.

“Come on let’s go up to your flat now?”

He tilted my face up to his and he gave me a soft kiss on my lips. Then he pulled back and quickly got out of the car. As I watched him walk towards the flats I was feeling more than a little worried about leaving my nearly new Mercedes here. I followed him inside and we got into the dimly lit lift. My heart thumped as Jason’s hand squeezed my bum as the door shut. I turned to face him and he groped my breast. I leaned against the wall and posed for him.

“That’s a very sexy look Jayne.” Jason said as he pressed the lift button.

The bell sounded as we reached the eighth floor and the door slid open. We made our way along the open corridor Jason with a firm hand on my bum pushed me along.

“This is it.”

As he fumbled with his keys my hand gently fondled his tight backside. The door opened and he pushed me inside into the open plan lounge and kitchen/diner. I went over to the mirror and began repairing my make up while Jason fetched some drinks from the kitchen.

“Smirnoff Ice ok for you? You’re not going anywhere for a good while nevşehir escort so you can have a drink now.” he said.

He walked back into the room carrying two bottles. “I want to shower now Jayne, don’t go anywhere will you just get yourself undressed for me.”

“I’ll be ready and waiting,” I answered as he went into the bathroom.

I took a big gulp of my drink as the shower started and wandered into his bedroom. The king-size bed with metal headboard and foot posts, the huge mirror on the wall beside the bed and some tasteful erotic pictures around the room were all familiar. It was all very masculine, with no trace of a woman’s touch anywhere in this flat. Wandering back to the lounge I sipped on my drink and looked around, no doubt this was not a good area and the flat was tiny but he kept it very clean and tidy. I went back into the lounge and undressed and then re-applied my lipstick and sorted my hair. I found the pack of new hold-ups in my bag and then sat down wearing just high heels and black hold-ups feeling pretty sure Jason would approve. I heard the noise of the shower stop and a minute or so later the bathroom door open and then close.

“Look at you Jayne. You look so slutty, just perfect!”

He slowly walked towards me stark naked except for a gold chain around his neck. The expression on his face was one of pure lust as he checked me out.

“You are a very naughty lady Jayne. What about Peter and Stevie, you’d have let them both fuck you too wouldn’t you? You could take all three of us.”

I wasn’t too sure about that but nodded anyway and took a long gulp of my drink. He stood in front of me, his cock was already semi-hard and he started stroking it just inches from my lips. I licked my lips and moved forward to suck it but his hand on my head stopped me.

“I bet you want some of this now don’t you?” He said softly stroking his cock with his hand.

“It’s very horny seeing you do that,” I said looking at him. Jason was slim, tall with an athletic body and I loved his deep brown eyes.

“Talk to me Jayne, tell me what you want.”

“I want your cock,” I answered.

“Tell me you’re my slut Jayne. Tell me you want my black dick.”

“I’m your slut and I want your black dick.”

My heart was racing and my excitement increasing as I watched him masturbate so close to my face. He stopped stroking it and gently eased it against my lips.

“Suck it Jayne.”

My tongue worked on the underside of his lovely smooth black cock as he held my head still and then he slipped it between my lips and began to pump his hips. Sliding his cock in and out of my mouth I felt his cock grow and get really hard in my mouth.

“You are a dirty bitch.”

Looking up at him I could see the look of lust on his face. Sucking hard I moved my head up and down making him moan and reach for my breast squeezing my nipple.

“Fucking hell, you are horny Jayne. Let’s fuck.”

He withdrew it slowly, already wet with salty pre-cum and wiped it over my lips, then sat next to me. He pulled me close and placed his lips on mine, pushing his tongue firmly between my lips. I lay back submissively as he pinned me back into the couch and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. His hand went to my breasts so I relaxed my grip around his neck to give him more access and immediately his other hand began to massage my pussy. After a few more minutes of kissing, fondling and massaging my pussy he pulled back and leant over to the coffee table and picked up a condom. I watched in silence as he opened the packet and rolled it onto his cock before he grabbed my ankles pushing my legs wide apart. I raised my knees upwards and put my arms above my head, and slowly licked my lips totally submitting myself to him. He climbed between my legs and gave me another long passionate kiss I felt his hard cock nudge against my pussy.

“You want it?” He asked needlessly.

I wanted it. I could feel myself opening to his touch pushing back against him. “Fuck me, put it in me.”

“Mm, oh fuck.” Jason moaned as I put my hand down and eased him inside me. With a shove he pushed half of his length inside me taking my breath away and then my pussy began to relax to accommodate him fully.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” I was moaning with every push of his hips and then his pelvis hit mine and he was all the way in.

“You like it like that Jayne?”

“Yes. Go on then fuck me Jason. You know what I want and what I like.”

He hooked his arms around my legs pulling them up to my shoulders and started to give it to me really hard and deep. Jason pounded me relentlessly with deep strokes taking my breath away every time he shoved deep into me.

“Tell me you’re a dirty bitch who loves my black cock,” Jason spat at me.

“I’m a dirty bitch and I love your black cock. And I’m cumming,” I yelled as he pounded me. My whole body twitched as he had me pinned down and unable to move.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” I moaned pinned under him as my orgasm rippled through me. Jason didn’t ease off as I twitched and squirmed underneath him. He pinned my hands above me with his right hand while his left hand squeezed my bum and he continued pounding me with deep powerful strokes. I just lay helpless as he did me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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