A Crime Saga Ch. 06

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Roman felt refreshed from his nap. He slept in yesterday from his day off. And since he didn’t have to go to work in early today, he decided to go workout before going in to work.

Training day is today. On the third Wednesday of every month, all police officers must go to training day. Training day helps keep officers in tip top shape. The city wanted their officers of the law to be able to uphold the law, and look good doing it, too. Since Roman already worked out, he had no problem with training day.

Some unknown deserted location:


The sniper who made an attempt on the mayor’s life last week was now blind folded and handcuffed, the hot sun beaming down on him and the man standing behind him.

He walked forward. The man behind him yelled stop. He didn’t know what was going on, but he had a pretty good idea. That man was about to end his life.

Phil Fuller worked for the DEA. He was a strong young man, and very reliable when it came to carrying out orders. He raised his black gun, aimed at the blind folded man’s head, and fired.

The body slumped into a pit, obviously dug out earlier for this purpose. Phil walked up to the dead body and pumped the rest of the clip into the back of the dead man.

Police Academy:

Training day lasted all day. It consisted of full length courses that required intense running, skill, stamina, and strength.

The detectives had priority so they went first. Roman and Omar ran through their routine quickly and without incident. It took a little longer for Kim and Charlotte to come out of the locker.

Charlotte Hall was the smallest female on the force. She only stood 5’5” at most and weighed about 110lbs. Her silky blonde hair flowed straight down her back. She tied it up for this exercise. She wore a tight tank top and tights that held her curves in place.

Vice squad was ready to go next, and the corner they stood in looked like a ghetto. A bunch of thugs just stood there watching the two women. Charlotte felt especially uncomfortable, but she made through it anyway.

For those who didn’t pass training day must go through daily exercises with the drill sergeant.

The only one who didn’t show up for training day was Stacy, who was seeing a shrink for her traumatic experience.

The police psychologist was Dr. Terri Zee. She received her education from Catholic schools so her personality was conservative, which was a job requirement. Hearing Stacy talking about her incident was disturbing to Terri, she had never heard of such a thing before. Not about the sexual assault, but the size of those men’s erections. Terri wondered if Stacy was exaggerating, but she was very curious to listen to her describe them.

“Before I got to my location there was a black man standing over this blonde, and I was wondering what they were doing. I looked down to see her face, stuffed… with the biggest black cock I have ever seen. She was choking on it, and the black man just kept pushing into her mouth deeper and deeper. I was shocked, I tried to regain my composure but I couldn’t. That’s when the target approached me.”

Terri uncrossed her legs. She could feel her panties moist. Terri was wet. “Do you think that’s what they wanted you to see?”

“I think so. They didn’t believe I was a prostitute, that’s why I did what I did.”

“So what happened next?”

“They told me the drugs were upstairs so I followed them. That was my first mistake. When I entered the room I knew I was in trouble. I was alone in a room with three big black men and the room smelled like sperm.”

Terri shifted her legs again. “Then what happened?”

“They groped and grabbed at me until I was finally standing there naked. Then they pulled out their… cocks, huge black shafts sticking out of them. I was in disbelief.”

Unknown to her, the shape of Terri’s nipples could be seen through her blouse. Terri was hot. She subconsciously unbuttoned the top of her blouse and spread her legs. Terri wore a sophisticated grey mini-skirt with slits on the sides and sheer black thigh-high stockings with garters. She finished the outfit with conservative black high heels.

Stacy, too, felt this cold, wet, emptiness in between her legs. She imagined vividly the details of those big black cocks.

“Could you describe the… um, big black cocks?” Terri asked.

“Oh, yes. Their cocks were a very dark black, long and thick, with big veins, and a dark purple head. Brock, his was even bigger than the rest. His cock had blisters on it and deep scarring marks. Oh, and their balls were big and heavy, too.”

“…uh, huh.”

“The entire time I didn’t know if all this was really happening. They forced me down and put their cocks in my mouth, just the head itself barely fit into my mouth. But they managed to stick the whole thing in. I felt like the girl outside the hotel. My mouth was stuffed and I was choking now.”

“You just sucked them off?”

“Oh, no, hardly. I just kept my mouth open wide as I could. They just pumped kütahya escort until they came and I swallowed.”

“You swallowed?”

“A lot. They just kept cumming and cumming. I didn’t think they would stop.”

“And then?”

“By then I was bent over the bed and someone was standing behind me. They took me from behind.”


“Not yet. Later on though that was all they did. I felt myself opening up inside to his really big black cock. I was feeling very sore.”

“How do you feel now?”

“I’m feeling better now. I just feel so relieved that it’s over. I was so scared.”

“How would you describe them? I mean… their personalities.”

“They were brutes. They didn’t treat me like a woman, they just used me… I felt so violated.”

“It’s okay now, Stacy, you did well. No one expects you to do anything different. So what happened next?”

“They made me swallow their cum. I thought they were done with me, but I remembered Brock still sitting there waiting his turn. Their cocks were still hard and then they put it in my butt.”

“Oh, my… did it fit? Did it hurt?”

“They shoved the entire shaft into me. Yeah, I know, I was surprised, too. I was more shocked and scared but it still hurt. But that wasn’t the worst part. Brock still didn’t get his turn yet. I knew in the back of my mind when he stepped behind me that I was in a world of trouble.”

“Describe it… everything.”

“It was strange, I don’t know, it felt like something really big and hard pressing against my butt. I really didn’t think it would fit. But he pushed, and he pushed it all the way in. I know this sounds crazy, but it felt like it would never stop. I mean, that… organ was just so big, he just kept pushing in deeper, there was no end to it.”

“Was that the worst part of it?”

“I, I guess so.”

“Well, then I guess the worst is over. I am reluctant to give you this piece of advice, but I am obligated to tell my patients what’s best for them. In this case, I think you have to get it out of your system by exposing yourself to more… big black cock. I mean, you can’t blame yourself for what happened. There is no shame in it.”

“Doctor? Are you okay? Are you being serious?”

“Yes, very serious. It is a more radical approach but it will clean your system.”

Terri Zee couldn’t believe what she just said. It was her own personal feelings that came out, not a professional psychological answer. She was curious about big black cock. Her own pussy lips were spread open and completely wet. Spreading her legs wide let the breeze touch her inner thighs and moist panties.

Department of Justice:


Lena shook her head. She had lost the case. It wasn’t so much about her client, but her losing streak. She would be replaced soon if she doesn’t pick it up.

Trey looked at Lena calmly and said, “I’m coming back for you.”

Lena was scared and confused at what he meant as she watched the bailiffs walk him out the courthouse.

Surely he knew it wasn’t her fault? She did everything she could to defend him. But that wasn’t enough.

Agent Jennifer Lu had been sitting in the courthouse watching the whole case. She was so happy to have snagged her first big case. With the help of Roman, she remembered. Maybe she should thank him, she thought. First, she would have to escort Trey to the prison block.

Trey was sentenced to death by firing squad. Only the worst criminals were sentenced to death by that method. Most others either get the chair, or the needle.

Prison Block B-B-C:

Prison Block B-B-C housed the most notorious criminals that have been caught, and who were still alive. Most of them wouldn’t be alive for long. The prison block was held in a separate part of the facility, away from the other criminals and away from the guards. Whoever wanted to visit that block had to get a pass from the front, and walk to the back of the facility, which nobody did. Today was the prisoners’ lucky day.

Jennifer walked with one of the guards toward the back to the prison block. She just had to see Trey’s ugly mug one more time, to rub it in. She giggled with glee. She thought about all the promotions and medals she would receive.

“Down the hallway and through the gate ma’am.” The guard pointed.

Jennifer looked down the long hall with one dimly lit lamp. She could barely make out the gate. “Uh, thank you.”

Jennifer walked down the hallway; it was eerily quiet. She could hear the landing of her heels ringing in her ears. This was a long walk, she thought.

She finally reached the gate. The rusted gate was the entrance to the most decrepit building she had ever seen. No visible maintenance could be seen whatsoever. She cautiously opened the gate and walked in.

The building was of simple design. Iron gates were on both sides of the aisle, the only thing protecting the visitor from the inmates. As Jennifer walked down the aisle, she noticed only black guys were behind bars. She had to look malatya escort in each one to see where Trey was.

All the inmates were yelling obscenities at her, which she found hard to ignore. She reached the very end and there he was, staring at her in the face.

He was much bigger and taller than she remembered. Jennifer had been trying to catch Trey for a long time, each time he eluded her. She just stood there with a proud smile, then she felt something rubbing her thigh. Trey smiled. She looked down and saw a huge black snake sticking straight out through the bars poking her inner thighs. She took a step back.

“Hhh, wha… oh my…”

Jennifer looked at her mini-skirt. Even through the dim light she could see a wet stain on her skirt. She touched it and rubbed it between her fingers. It was sticky. She looked at the huge monster, the cock head shining.

“… How dare you…” said Jennifer.

“What’s the matter? Can’t do your own dirty work?”

There where ten buttons on the wall, each button corresponding to its cell door. She pressed the button for Trey’s cell and walked in. Trey stood to the side.

Jennifer reached to her hip for her gun, but Trey grabs her arm and twists her around, pinning her against the wall. Jennifer felt the cold brick wall pressing against her face and her thin blouse. She could also feel Trey’s big cock poking her butt.

Trey sniffed her dark hair. He ran his hands all over her body, her breasts, her butt, and her legs. He reached in between her legs and pulled her skirt up.

“Ungh, stop. You’ll regret this.”

“Trust me, you’ll be regretting this more than I will.”

Jennifer couldn’t believe she had gotten herself into this position. Just a moment ago she was ecstatic and in total control. Now she had her back turn against this huge black man, his snake poking through between her legs and butt.

“I’m gonna make you number fifteen, babe.”

Trey pulled up her skirt and put his hands on her ass. Jennifer hated herself for not wearing any panties. How could she be in this predicament, she thought to herself.

“Let us do this standing up, shall we?” With that, Trey aimed his black shaft at Jennifer’s pussy and pushed it in.

“Oh my gawd.”

Jennifer felt her ass raise up in the air and her legs spread out even more from the big black cock entering her pussy. Her heels slid further apart across the cement floor as Trey pushed in the entire length of his shaft; her pussy stretching to accommodate his thick cock.

“Ungh… oh gawd… it’s so big… gawd,” gasped Jennifer.

Her pussy kept stretching as she looked behind at her attacker. Her hands were up against the wall because Trey pushed on forever. Jennifer wondered how big his cock was, since it really felt like a big black snake slithering up into her. She was anxiously waiting to feel the base of his cock, because there was already a lot of cock inside her.

She could feel every ridge and vein on his shaft, and the thick cock head pulsing and throbbing inside of her.

Jennifer just creamed all over his cock. The walls of her pussy wrapped around his big black cock and held on tightly as the monster pounded into her. Jennifer let out a moan when she finally felt those heavy balls smacking against her pussy lips.

Trey put it to her with a vengeance. He slammed into her hard, and he was relentless. Trey thought of every injustice, every discriminated action done to him, and that fueled his drive. Trey fucked Jennifer so hard her heels didn’t even touch the floor.

Jennifer felt an emptiness when he pulled out of her. She felt a draft of the cold prison air chilling her wet pussy. She anticipated what he was going to do to her next, but nothing could have prepared her for it.

She felt something huge and wet pressing against her ass hole. A tremor of fear ran down the spine of her back when she imagined a big black cock invading her ass hole.

The big black cock pushed in through her anal sphincter and penetrated her butt hole. The huge cock head expanded her rectum, stretching out her ass hole for the rest of his shaft.

“Oh, oh gawd… oh… fuck,” Jennifer’s head was spinning.

Her delicate ass hole was being violated and reamed out of proportion. But all she could do was take it and hope he would finish soon. That would not be the case.

Trey fucked the shit out of her. His big black cock thrusted into her ass hole. The big black spear of a cock plunged deep into her rectum, fucking into her, pistoning in and out, back and forth.

“Ungh, oh gawd… your fucking, big black cock… its, fucking my ass hole,” panted Jennifer.

The big, black, thick, rigid, shaft forced into her hard. Trey mashed and squeezed and spread her butt cheeks while watching his engorged black meat impale her ass hole. Jennifer was in total disbelief. She hated herself for getting into this position.

The tremendously black, thick, large cock powered in and out of her rectum. Trey pumped harder and faster as his rock-hard manisa escort shaft grew thicker. He ripped through her blouse to grab her tits for leverage as to fuck her even harder and even faster, his enormous big black cock giving her ass hole a major reaming.

“Oh my gawd! Oh fuck! Your cock is so fucking big!” Cried Jennifer.

“Aw yeah fucking bitch! Take my big black cock!” Trey growled like a beast.

Jennifer had been thoroughly assfucked. Her gaping ass hole endured the anal reaming that seemed to last forever. Jennifer never imagined this. The last place she would be Jennifer thought is in a prison cell being buttfucked by a massive black man.

The massive black man known as Trey had gotten his revenge. He plowed and fucked and pumped and nailed and pistoned his entire hard black cock into Jennifer’s delicate butt hole. The powerful organ protruding from his body had completely ravaged Jennifer’s being.

The cock had grew and thickened to an impossible size inside her and the speed of the thrusts increased. It was time for Trey to feed Jennifer his man meat.

Jennifer wondered if this is what he did to all the women. Trey grabbed a handful of her black silky hair and pushed her down to her knees. Jennifer stared at the most gruesome sight she had ever seen. The black snake was coated with her juices, and it was beating with rage.

She instinctively opened her mouth and sucked on the bulbous cock head. She twirled her tongue around it and licked the underside of it. She blew him for about half a minute before he made her deepthroat his shaft. She choked on it immediately. Jennifer put her hands against his muscular legs to try to slow down the forceful thrusts. But he was a demon. He fucked her mouth. She could feel the shaft and cock head in and out of the middle of her throat. The wide-eyed Jennifer knew she was going to swallow his cum.

A torrent of sperm ripped through her and into her belly. The load of cum was thick and heavy. She sucked and swallowed to no end. The big black cock just continued to unload semen into Jennifer.

After a minute of cum shooting, Trey pulled out and took the gun from Jennifer’s hip. He then picked her up and laid her on the floor under the control panel for the cell doors. The prison inmates were running wild in their cages, hollering like a pack of wolves. The dazed Jennifer didn’t had the slightest idea what was going to happen. Trey punched the buttons on the wall and the cell doors slid open.


The All American University was a very prestigious college. Many businessmen, celebrities, and athletes graduated from AAU. AAU was also famous for its modeling school. Many supermodels graduated from the All American University modeling school.

Lisa Gleave was one of them. She had a killer body and looks of an angel. Her career started in AAU and really took off. But as of late she has been struggling to find work, so she was delighted to come back to model for the aspiring students of AAU. She was a little shocked to see the faculty changed, however. Before it was two older women who were models back in the day, now it was Mr. Smith, who was a massive black man with an ape-like bald head.

Lisa was stunned to see him, and stunned to see his bulge as a result of her being nude. She didn’t want to return to model for that class, since she felt insecure around him. But she had agreed to being there and wouldn’t get paid to the end. The modeling class was only night time and it was about to begin. She decided to just get it over with.

Meanwhile, before class:

Mr. Smith sat in his revolving black chair, behind his black desk, looking at a resume of a potential new faculty member for the modeling school. Hulking Mr. Smith looked up at the beautiful and gorgeous twenty-eight year old.

“My name is Debby Steinberg. I’m inquiring about the job opening for modeling.” Debby said with a smile.

Hulking Mr. Smith admired her body for a moment. “You certainly have the body.”

“Thank you.” Debby said demurely.

“You will be doing nude, is that alright?”

“That’s fine.” Debby smiled again.


Mr. Smith stared at Debby longer. Her beautiful blonde hair flowed down to her hips; her diminutive sexy figure gave Mr. Smith a raging hard-on. Debby had sexy curves at the right places. She watched Mr. Smith eye her body and she just smiled.

“What skills do you have?”

Debby thought for a moment, “Well, I’m great with people, very personable, sense of humor…”

Hulking Mr. Smith got up from his black leather swivel chair and walked around his solid black oak desk. His black cock was prominent through his slacks.

“What other skills do you have?” Mr. Smith asked, leaning on his desk.

“What do you mean?” Debby replied, her eyes looking at the jet black skin of the man and the muscular torso through his muscle shirt.

“Are you good at sucking cock?” The big black cock wrestled to be free from the trousers.

Debby looked down his body where her gaze met a twitching member in the middle of his pants.

“What?” She asked in astonishment.

Mr. Smith unzipped his pants and pulled out a rather large black cock. A thick vein ran down the length of his shaft. It throbbed in its place.

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