Stumbling Ch. 02

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“I can’t believe the queen still bothers coming here. If I were him, I’d just stay home, milk this whole situation as much as possible.”

I put my face in my hands as I leaned on the lunch table. Arthur could be a real shit. Then again, when you’re the quarterback you tend to get away with a little more than most people. It’s not like anyone at the table thought any different though. Part of me really wanted to ask if he would feel the same if his dad had been shot. Mr. Kirk had always been a prick to Arthur. It was a well-known fact around the football team. The older man had sometimes sat just down the road from the school to catch teenagers speeding home like someone had lit after them with a gun when in reality they just wanted to see how fast their piece of shit, chunks of metal on wheels, could go. Some way, somehow, Mr. Kirk had managed to pull Arthur Campbell over more than most. Maybe Arthur speeds too much. Maybe Mr. Kirk didn’t appreciate how Arthur treated his son. Most likely, it was a little of column A, little of column B. Either way, Arthur hadn’t gotten a ticket since Mr. Kirk’s passing.

I got up from the table without finishing my food. Hadn’t touched it really. Some voices called after me. I just pretended I didn’t hear them. Someone would either grab my tray and put it up or the cafeteria staff would. Wouldn’t hurt to leave it just once. It’s not like I do that all the time. Normally, if a student just walked out the cafeteria there’d be hell to pay if a faculty member noticed. Students were only allowed to leave if they told someone where they were going and it was approved. Lucky me, the only teachers at the faculty table were Mr. Howard and Mrs. Hynoski, both of whom could stand to give a shit. Mr. Howard taught music. He once told a student to play with himself if he didn’t want to play the triangle, though he denied it to the administration. Mrs. Hynoski was famous for giving assignments in geography, then taking a nap at her desk. The only reason they were still around was tenure. Schools don’t fire people four years away from retirement unless absolutely necessary. Nothing like a lawsuit to make one cautious.

The second I opened the library doors, Mrs. Turner looked up from the computer behind her desk to glare at me.

“Mr. Doyle, to what do we owe the honor? Perhaps a fire in the gym?”

“No ma’am. Just figured I’d read to kill some time.”

She eyed me curiously. A nod then, “Very well. First disruption from you and I’ll send you to the principal’s office, understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mrs. Turner was always lenient if you were honest and didn’t push her buttons.

A table in the back corner of the long room was free. I grabbed a picture encyclopedia on cats as I passed by a shelf I knew fairly well. All the others had long words without pictures. This was the only shelf with long words AND pictures, so it worked for me. Last time I was here I looked at dogs. Cats seemed a fair change up.

The window was cold against my shoulder. I reclined in my seat with my ankle over my knee, the book propped up on my thigh. I didn’t even bother reading species names as I turned, unlike with dogs. I can’t tell one cat from another unless is something obvious like a Siamese or the bald one. Voices started to reach my ears from the table to my left. I glanced over.

Richey sat next to some junior, books spread out in front of them. Currently, they sat back in their chairs, laughing like old friends. Richey looked happy. I’m not sure I’d ever seen him smile unless it was in a school photo. Chess club photos aside, this looked different. The smile actually reached his eyes for a change. That expression always seemed like bullshit. The difference was evident here. The thought trampled across my mind though, wondering if they were lovers. The junior didn’t look fruity or anything. In fact, I recognized him from the basketball squad. Larsen, I think his name was.

This interested me. Yes, a senior has more pull than a junior usually, but Richey ain’t the normal senior and Larsen or whoever the fuck was a jock. The phrase, “Never the escort bayan twain shall meet,” comes to mind. Richey held up a flash card in Larsen’s face. Larsen’s face contorted in thought before I heard him say, “The War of 1812.”

“Correct, way to go.” Said Richey.

“Yes!” Larsen threw his hands up in an exaggerated manner.

“Mr. Nichols!” Came from the front. Suppose Larsen was really Nichols.

“Sorry Mrs. Turner!” he called back.

“Calm down Lars.” Richey said through giggles. Guess I was right. What kind of first name is Larsen? “It’s just one question. You do that in class and people are going to cross the street to get away from you.”

“Sorry Richey, it’s just this is the first time this kind of stuff has ever stuck.”

“I didn’t do anything special, you’re just paying attention for a change. That, and I’m sure Ms. Barton has probably lit a fire under your ass.”

Larsen ducked his head, blushing a little. “I had a D the first six weeks. She and coach both are liable to kill me if it happens again.”

The bell rung, breaking up their tutoring session and my people watching. I looked down to say goodbye to the cats. A strange pattern in the fur of a tabby caught my eye just before I closed it.

“I never took you for a kitten kind of guy.”

I closed my book, setting it down on the table with a thud as I stood up.

“What’s sexier than a man with a kitten?”

He chuckled, “Quite.” His eyes ran up and down my frame. I stared a whole through the back of his head as he walked away, somewhat shocked. I’d never been flirted with by a guy before. But that wasn’t flirting, was it? No. Couldn’t be. He was just pulling my chain. Ok, that was a bad analogy. Still, all guys fuck around like that, it’s nothing to get hung up on. He just-

“Mr. Doyle, another two minutes and you’ll be late to whoever is unfortunate enough to have what’s left of your attention next.”

“Thanks Mrs. Turner!” I started a light jog.

“The book goes on the shelf Mr. Doyle.” I hadn’t made it two steps.

“Yes ma’am!” I spun around to retrieve the book, placing it on the shelf as I ran by it.

“Try to stay out of trouble Mr. Doyle.”

I don’t know why she doesn’t like me. I swear.

I half ran, half walked, down the hall to get to Mr. Sumner’s U.S. History class. If I ran, some faculty member was sure to write me up for it, yet if I was late so I would’ve gotten sent up for that too. That’s what we call a catch twenty two. Because of this, I look like I’m trying to run with a rock in my boot. Or maybe a bullet hole. Shit Ethan, not now. Now is not a good time.

There was only one seat open when I arrived. Next to Richey friggin Kirk. If there was ever a person mixed with a time with whom I didn’t want to have a break down in front of, it was him mixed with now shaken up like the worlds shittiest martini. Sweat started to break out of my forehead, my hands were clammy. I remembered all the breathing techniques I’d learned in weightlifting to knock my heart rate down during the cool down exercises. They didn’t work. Not this time. I hadn’t been in the class for more than five minutes. If I asked to go to the bathroom, Mr. Sumner would’ve just told me I should’ve gone before class started.

Everyone knows that feeling when they know they’re being watched. I could feel it, coming from the left. A quick glance showed Richey looking at me quite peculiarly. He looked like he wanted to ask a question. Fuck it.

“Mr. Sumner, I’ll be back.” I said as I stood up.

“And just where are you going?” He stood with his hand on his hip, the other holding the chalk against the board.

“Sick.” Was all I said as I walked by. He must’ve bought it as he didn’t try to stop me.

I ran the fifty or so feet from Sumner’s room to the nearest restroom. Now that I was in here, I genuinely felt like I was going to actually be sick. My stomach tightened around my half eaten lunch, my hands gripped tight on the sink. “Breath, just breathe. It’s not that fucking hard Doyle…” I mumbled to myself. The sink came on with the bayan escort same squeal as it had weeks ago when Richey had been in my position. Cold water washed over my face as I splashed it over my face every time my hands filled up.

Bit by bit, my heart slowed itself back to something resembling normal. The mirror almost seemed to mock me with what it showed. My hazel eyes were rimmed with nothing but red with the white barely showing. The fauxhawk was no more, the gel sweated out of it, nothing more than a darker brown with the sweat hanging limply on my head. The light blue of my t-shirt was a lot darker all over. I pulled it off, feeling the weight of it. Soaked. God, I just wanted to go home.

Figuring I had enough evidence to get the nurse to send me home, I walked to the nurse’s office. Mrs. Hale took one look at me before jumping out her chair to run around her desk and lead me over to the government issue cot in the corner. She called my mother to tell her I was sick, unfit to stay at school. She asked if I was okay to drive, which I obviously answered yes, before relaying that to my mother.

“You just sit tight young man. I’ll have someone collect your books. Do you need anything from your locker? Never mind, I just have whoever they send go with you.”

She didn’t even give me a chance to speak as she walked out the door. My shirt sat in my lap, while I sat in nothing more than my tank top from the waist up. A bit of warm air blew across me from a vent somewhere in the room. Looking for it amused me for a minute. The door opening brought me out of my search.

Mrs. Hale dragged Richey by the shoulder.

“Well Ethan, Richey has been nice enough to help you gather your stuff up and get you out of here.” Mrs. Hale is one of the people too cheery for her own good. She pulled me up from my cot even though I was already in the process of standing up. Lord knows if I started to go, she wasn’t going to be able to catch me. “You go have a nice rest young man, lots of fluids.”

Richey lead me out the door, Mrs. Hale closed it behind us. She got paid to take temperatures and call home, that’s it.

“She’s a little high strung.” He said.

“It’s not polite to state the obvious.”

He chuckled quietly. I noticed him glance at me from time to time. I guess I was a sight. Not many can get away with walking down the hall with nothing but a tank top. The books I had with me in Sumner’s class were tucked under his arm. When we got to my locker, I reached out for them after it opened. Our fingers touched slightly. He jerked back, the books going straight to the floor.


“I’ll get them.” I said, kneeling down. I grabbed each book with my left hand, using the right to place them in the bottom of the locker. Richey’s crotch was in the corner of my vision. I checked his package like I do any other guy. My eyes stuttered, if that’s even possible, at the sight of a semi clearly growing in the front of Richey’s tight, not quite skinny, jeans. Immedieatly, my head turned towards my locker. I pretended for a few seconds to look for something, shuffling a few papers around. When I stood up, Richey was trying to look anywhere but my direction. Whether he’d seen me see… well HIM was unclear. I packed my backpack quietly. The scene was so awkward I almost expected him to ask about the weather.

My backpack shouldered, I placed a hand on his shoulder. It just struck me that he’s taller than me. Being short is a real pisser.

“Thanks for collecting my shit Richey.”

He looked surprised slightly. “It’s not like any of your friends were jumping up to help.”

“They’re not really friends as much as assholes on the same team as me. To be honest I feel like the black sheep most days.” Why am I telling him this?

“Welcome to my world muscle boy.” He smirked.

“Muscle boy?” I was a little indignant.

He slowly stuck a hand out to poke-push me in my left pec, just left of the tank top strap.

“I’m more than just a pretty face you know.”

“You’re assuming your pretty.”

“Hey, I’ve got brains escort too. I don’t even need half these looks.”

“You’re still assuming.” He still had that dumb smirk on his face, his eyes were half closed. There was no reason to be sleepy.

“You act like I’m an asshole, know nothing jock.”

“Lay down with dogs, you’ll come up with flees.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I stood up straighter, a little angrier than before.

“Calm down super boy. You just said they’re not really your friends. You should be able to admit they’re a bunch of assholes. In fact… you’re the first football player to talk to me in something other than insults.” He seemed to be thinking about what he’d just said.


“Listen Eeth,” He said it like someone had started to say teeth but left the ‘t’ off. “If you’re having mercy on the fag out of pity for his dead dad than save it. I don’t need it.”

“What!?” I couldn’t believe he would think that. “Listen here. Now you’re being an asshole.”

He started to interrupt.

“Quiet. You’ve accused me of some serious shit here. You tell me one time I ever picked on you and I’ll gladly own up to it. Come on! Give me one, just one.”

He stared impassively back.

“That’s right, you cant. Wanna know why? I’ve never joined in on that shit, that’s why.”

His face was inches away from mine, separated more by height than the distance between our feet. My finger poked him a couple times in his chest, same as he’d done to me, throughout my tirade.

The stare down continued for a moment longer.

“I apologize your highness. It does strike me funny though that someone as selfless as you claim to be would just stand back and do nothing while your supposed friends do their best to shit on every moment of semi happiness which passes me by.”

I stomped my foot down, doing my best to throw smoke in the air on my way to the parking lot. He let out a sigh.

“Ethan, wait-“

“Save it.”

God damn him all to hell. I didn’t even do anything. According to him that’s my biggest problem. Fuck him. What does he know? A hand grabbed my shoulder, turning, pushing me up against the lockers.

“I’m trying to say sorry jackass.”

“Who said I wanted to hear it?”

He looked to the side, his hand remained. His throat bobbed as he swallowed. When his head turned, his eyes sought out mine.

“Look… I saw you in class. Are you okay?”

“What are you talking about? I’m under the weather a bit, that’s all.”

“You ain’t at t’all convincing. That was a panic attack if I ever saw one.”

“And just what qualifies you Dr. Kirk?”

“I get them from time to time.” He said quietly

“I’m fine Kirk.” He stared at me still. “I promise.”

His hand fell to his side. He shook his head as he turned back towards the classroom we’d long since forgotten.

“Take care Doyle. Get well soon and all the other generic shit…”

I chuckled at that.

“Thanks Kirk.” Once last look over his shoulder and he didn’t look back again, least not in the time it took for me to turn the opposite way.

When I got home, my body felt sore all over. No, weak is a better word. Sort of like when I hadn’t eaten enough. I thought about a sandwich, decided against it. Wasn’t really hungry. My head hurt. I popped three fifteen hundred milligram knock off Tylenols, then left a note for my mom. Told her I was resting and to let me sleep. She didn’t get home till late anyway. It was tax season. I could do what I wanted till then.

I watched TV until eight. It’d been a while since I’d last had a long soak in the tub, so I did that next. The water was too hot when I got in. To hell with it. I sucked it up, figuring it would cool down soon. Steam. Lots of steam, rising, drifting, carrying away all my troubles for the moment. Here I could relax. Put out everything I don’t need. I stayed for an hour. When my skin looked like a raisin and the water was lukewarm at best.

I stood in my room facing the bed. No matter how I tried, the only way I’d gotten more than a couple hours sleep was with the help of Mr. Nyquil. On the plus side, I’d never breathed better. Tonight was no different. Two big swallows while I was in the kitchen. It tasted like the nuclear waste it was colored after. Still, it did the trick. Nothing else mattered.

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Revenge of the Stepped On Ch. 01

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It started out innocently enough. Well, for me anyway. You see a couple of the ladies at work were swapping tales of their sexual escapades and one name kept coming up: Kevin.

Now, Kevin, well, he turned out to be from the mail room. So what were all these high powered female execs doing with him? Could he really be as good as they made out? Was he as endowed as they said?

Someone had even written, as cliché as it was, “For a good time call Kevin @ 555-971-9191” on the bathroom wall. Now I know you are thinking why call. Or is the number really real?

Well the answer is that, like Samantha on “Sex and the City”, I like to have sex like a man–no regrets, just passion. So, of course, you knew it was coming, I called him.

His voice was deep and rich and vibrated with pure sensuality. We made plans to meet first to see if we’d like each other. As it turned out our decision to meet at a hotel restaurant was a good one.

When he turned me around in my seat I nearly passed out. He was gorgeous. The quintessential black man with wide shoulders, thick lips, large hands (and something else I hoped as I glanced at his crotch openly) and a large bulge that had me salivating quickly.

When I realized why he was in such a hurry to leave I was suddenly in a greater hurry. When Kevin saw me he was already semi-hard and he got so hard that already large member got larger and the head poked out from underneath the bottom of his shorts!

I am 4′ 10″ tall, have hair to halfway between my knees and ankles that is reddish in color, green-blue eyes and an attitude that simply says, “Obey me.” At least I had the attitude until I saw his one-eyed monster sneaking out of his shorts. That is what made me drop to my knees in the elevator on the way up to the room he’d already reserved for us.

I wish I’d seen the look on the faces of those entering when we stopped but I was too busy worshipping his 16″ monster cock. Waiting was suddenly not an ability I had any longer. I had to try and deep throat him if possible and believe me I gave it the good ol’ college slut try. Unfortunately, the only way to do it at first involved me hanging my head off the bed and him facefucking me.

All the women whom had talked about Kevin said he was kinky so when I cuffed üvey kız kardeş porno my hands behind my back after first blindfolding myself he took it in stride. I loved the way he simply ripped my clothes from my body after we got in the room and tossed me on the bed. I figured he’d fuck me quickly then send me on my way.

What he did instead was to remove his clothes telling me about what he removed and how he looked as he did it. Then, when naked, he crawled over me allowing his cock to momentarily graze my lips, but not enter them. He licked me slowly as he moved until he got to my pussy. I’d always heard that black men don’t eat pussy and that those that do are really bad at it–not if you used him as a guide they aren’t.

He took his time eating me out. Slowly, ever so slowly, he worked me towards the peak but every single time he denied me it. He was a good pussy teaser and he was enjoying me juicing up but not fully releasing. Now I know what it is like when I do the same type of tease to a hard cock.

I fairly screamed at him to make me cum but he was not to be persuaded to do so. His fingers got into the act and, one by one, the more I juiced up, the more fingers he inserted in me. It happened so gradually that I barely noticed he had 4 fingers in me and was working on the whole fist. I didn’t know whether to applaud, cry, scream in pain or scream in pleasure as his whole hand was now in me. He then pushed his hand and arm into me. He moved it in and out slowly to get me used to the motion but soon enough I was begging for him to fuck me hard and fast with it.

I could feel the lube being applied to my ass but didn’t care. My pussy was full and that is what counted; besides if his arm could do this imagine what his cock would do. By the time I figured out his cock wasn’t going in my pussy it was too late. I’d been so aroused I’d forgotten his arm was in me there already.

I grunted as he pushed his cock in my shitter, but not from pain but rather the pleasure of his cock filling my ass so. With his arm and cock in me I was severely doublestuffed and loving every minute of it.

The sound never registered in my mind until it was too late. There, all around me, with video cameras, were the workers xnxx porno I’d overheard talking about Kevin.

“I told you she was a fucking slut,” said one.

“No doubt about it,” said another.

“Aren’t you glad this is all recorded on disc,” said the third.

All in all there were 10 women around us and I still had a cock and arm inside me.

“Hey, Sandra,” one yelled, “in case you haven’t recognized us all yet we are the ones you stepped on on the way up the corporate ladder!”

My heart sank.

“What do you want?” I stammered.

“Nothing at all hon,” said one, “we are simply going to end your career and marriage in one fell swoop!”

I was in tears. I am a great worker, but if this got out a few things would happen: 1) My husband would divorce me and get the kids in the custody battle which would be both messy and public 2) I would either get fired from a job I could not afford to lose or become the company whore 3) I would be disowned by my God-fearing, ultra-religious family. None of these things I could afford to happen.

As you can imagine, and it should come as no surprise, I begged them not to release the video.

“Please,” I begged, “I’ll do anything you ask to get that back.”

“Anything?” the ringleader of the group asked.

“Anything,” I answered.

“Well,” she stated, “I can think of a few things you can do–starting with getting that cock out of you. You aren’t worthy of it slut!”

The cock popped from my ass quickly as I didn’t want to anger them by going too slow.

“Now, bitch,” she said, “that is you name from now on–BITCH. You will do as we say or we will ruin you. Now, bitch, I expect you will need sex from time to time so from now on you will wear no underwear of any kind and your clothes are to be such that they allow easy access at all times. Next, you will only have sex when we tell you; if your husband starts thinking you are frigid we will thaw him out. Make note of everyone you see here they are your new Mistresses. You will please them whenever, wherever they are and you will do so regardless of who else is there. Am I clear? If not, let me spell it out you are our property from now on to with as we see fit.”

“What can I say,” I thought. zenci porno

“Of course Mistress,” I said.

“Good slut,” she said, “from now on you are ours. My first order for you when you leave here is this: Get a couple of sets of ben wa balls and one small, one medium and one large set of both butt plugs and anal beads.”

My eyes went wide.

“I can see your surprise slut,” she said, “but it makes no difference. I expect to see you in my office Monday morning at 8 am sharp with the ben wa balls and the small set of anal beads in you. Make sure you put them in your ass as soon as you get out of the shower slut.”

My jaw dropped.

So I was to be a company whore, but, at least for now, I was to be a lesbian company whore. How long that status would last I did not know.

Monday morning rolled around all too quickly, or slowly, depending on your point of view. As I walked into Ms. Alvarez’s, the ringleader’s, office with both the anal beads and the ben wa balls in and no underwear on wearing a black dress that left me completely available to her she smiled. Ms. Alvarez is the company CFO and as such wields enormous power, so when she told me to get under her desk and eat her out I didn’t hesitate. Ms. Alvarez was a gorgeous Hispanic woman with the tightest conch I’d ever seen in a women’s gym.

She told me not to make a sound as she had an appointment with a possible employee and he was not to know what was going on, though I was not to stop either. It was then that I heard a familiar voice–my husband’s–he hadn’t even told me he was searching for a job.

Now what could I do? Confront my husband and thus assure him I was a lesbian whore for my company? Or maybe I should just keep quiet and act as if nothing had happened. I could not face him as these women all had proof of my infidelity with Kevin and his 16″ horse cock–video proof. Heck, I am fairly certain they set me up for this.

How could I break this to my husband and not lose him and the kids? Would it excite him to know my body was ravaged by Kevin’s huge cock? Would it arouse him to know this slutty woman, his very own wife, was fucking black cock on the side as well as eating women’s pussies in risky situations?

All it would take to get his answer was a simple movement or sound. Of course explaining all the anal beads and ben wa balls would be a bit more difficult but then given where I was at the moment I think he’d have an idea of what was going on.

It took me but a few moments to make my decision.

And my decision was to…

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Two-Family House: Girls Gone Wild

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Halfway up the apartment stairs, Linda hears her name. She stops, she listens. It’s the landlord telling her he signed for a delivery. Back down the stairs, now waiting at his doorway. Feelings of excitement. She knows what it is. She grabs the box and thanks him. Back up the stairs. She enters her apartment. It is a two-family house. She rents the second floor with a roommate.

Too many months have passed since she’s been laid. She is going crazy. She finally purchased some toys off the internet. The roommate is away. She has the place to herself. She throws her keys, cell, and briefcase onto a chair in the living room. She rips open the box. The first thing she pulls out is the thickest, longest dildo she has ever seen. Not that she has seen many except for the occasional gag gift at bridal showers. Eeeep! How the hell will that ever fit inside her? She wonders if the order got messed up. It didn’t look this big on the website. She shrugs her shoulders. She is not about to return it.

Standing by the couch, she strips naked. She doesn’t bother drawing the shades. Two college-aged boys live next door. She entertains thoughts that they may be watching. This excites her.

The couch is against a wall. It is across from a large window which faces their place. She lays on her back on the couch. She rests one leg on top of its back. She rests the foot of her other leg on the coffee table. She messages her breasts. Fantasies, fantasies. She runs through the list in her head. She picks one with Ray Stevenson. That’s always a good one for her. Let’s see. She starts with running into him in a bookstore. They start talking. He invites her for drinks. Lots of flirting ensues. They walk to his hotel. In the room, he pushes her up against a wall. He tears at her clothes. He grabs her breasts, then sucks her nipples. She pinches her own nipples as she daydreams, squirming. Eyes closed, head back, breathing increases slightly. Back to the fantasy. He has her on the bed now, head between her legs. Her own hand wanders down. A finger runs over her clit, enters her opening, moves back to her clit. This continues until she is extremely hot and wet. Back to the fantasy. Ray is naked, sitting on the hotel couch, beckoning her to sit on him. She does, but faces away from him. She climbs onto his enormous cock. His arms reach around, hands message her breasts.

She is ready to try the dildo. She attempts to stand it up straight up on the couch and sit on it. That doesn’t work. It keeps sinking into the seat cushion as she tries to force it in her. She thinks. She looks around. Then she goes over to the bookshelf. She grabs a huge, thick hardcover of a dictionary. She places it on the seat cushion. She stands the dildo on it. She straddles it. A hand holds it in place. She attempts to impale herself onto its rather large head. Her opening resists. She keeps sitting on it. She yells out as the head stretches her rim beyond anything she has ever felt before. It penetrates deeper. The pain is unbelievable. But she is determined to see how much she can take. She stops a second. Sweat is beading on her brow. Her breathing is heavy. She lowers herself and takes in more. Each inch of rubber cock that enters her causes another moment of intense pain, then subsides. Finally, a different pain develops as she feels the tip pressing Betturkey against her cervix. She stops. She prepares herself again. Then tries to take in more.


The pain again. But she wants to keep going. She is sweating heavily now. Deep, raspy gasps replace her normal breathing. She raises up, then up some more. Then slams down, trying to get more of it inside her.


But it also feels good. She wonders if the boys across the way are watching her. She grabs her breasts. She throws head back. She might as well give them a good show.

Suddenly she hears a female’s voice.

“Can I help you with that?”

She freezes. Her already flushed face gets hotter. She looks to the left. A cute, young redheaded girl is standing in the entrance to the living room. She is wearing just a robe. She looks to be in her mid-twenties. Linda recognizes her from pictures around the apartment. It is her roommate’s cousin Melanie.

“Did I startle you? I heard yelling and got concerned.”

Linda stammers, “Well, yes. I thought I was alone.”

Thinking, thinking. What to do? She is so embarassed.

“Teri left you a message on your cell that I was staying the night. Didn’t you get it?”

Linda shakes her head. Damn Nextel phones. The message will probably show up tomorrow. Melanie shrugs. She unties her robe. It falls to the floor. Linda’s mouth drops open. She quickly snaps it shut. She has never been with another woman. But she has been curious. And this one is very well-built. About 5’5″, not thin at all. Much more ‘meaty’ than the entertainment industry seems to like. But not heavy either. Very firm. Good size breasts. Maybe a D-cup. Pink nipples, splattering of freckles. Just a small patch of red hair at her snatch. She walks over to the couch. Linda is still squatting with the dildo inside her. Melanie stands directly in front her. Grabs her face. Kisses her softly. Presses her breasts against Linda’s and rubs. Nipples against nipples, hard and taut. Linda moans.

“Have you ever felt another woman’s tit before?”

Linda croaks, “No”.

Melanie takes her hand. Places it on her breast. Linda squeezes. She likes the way it feels . She lowers her mouth. Her other hand holds Melanie’s shoulder for support. Mouth on nipple, then tongue, flicking. Kneading the breast. Sucking the nipple. Melanie sighs. Linda squirms. The dildo moves in a little deeper. Melanie pushes Linda’s head away.

“No, let me do you first.”

Melanie grabs Linda’s ass. Squeezes. Kisses her neck. Her shoulders. Her chest. Finally kisses her tits. Linda bows her back. Melanie sucks a nipple. Nips at it. Tugs at it. She listens to Linda’s gasping. Grabs her ass harder. Shoves it down. Linda cries out. The dildo goes in even deeper.

Melanie falls to her knees. Fingers dig into Linda’s hips. Linda moves her arms back. Her palms rest against the back of the couch. Back arches. Hips shove toward Melanie.

“Hmmm. A waxed pussy. I like it.”

Melanie’s tongue travels around Linda’s pubic area. She finds her nub. Light flicking of her tongue. Linda jerks and moans. Melanie’s tongue presses harder. Her mouth encircles it. She sucks and nibbles. Linda wriggles. Melanie’s fingers squeeze Linda’s hips Betturkey Giriş tighter. She shoves her down again. Linda cries out.

“I’ll have you taking that whole damn thing in you soon enough, don’t you worry.”

Linda groans. “Please stop! No more!”

Melanie tells her to relax. She continues working Linda’s clit. It is swollen. Melanie sucks it like a pro. Linda feels something touching the back of her thighs. She realizes that it is the dictionary. Her cunt has completely swallowed the dildo. Melanie raises Linda’s hips up and down. She flicks Linda’s clit with her tongue. Faster and harder. Linda is screaming. All that cock in her. It is causing her lower abdomen to feel extreme pressure. Her thighs are trembling. Melanie moves her hands. Her thumbs are on either side of Linda’s clit. She presses and rubs. And still she is flicking her tongue.

Linda’s hips jerk. Her orgasm is beginning. It is intense. Feelings of ecstasy mix with the pain inside her. Every shudder of her orgasm causes her cunt to claim a tighter hold on the rubber cock.

Linda begs Melanie to stop. “I can’t take anymore!”

Melanie instead sucks Linda’s clit harder, stretching it. Linda screams. Melanie pulls the book out from under Linda. Her thighs quiver with muscle spasms. Her legs give out. She sits down hard. The dildo’s base hits the couch. SLAM!

Linda yells. “Nooooo! Please!”

She tries to roll onto her side. Melanie’s hands move back to Linda’s hips. They lock her in place. Her sucking becomes biting. Linda’s lower body twitches and jumps. The dildo rams in and out with each movement.

Linda begs. “Please take it out of me!”

Melanie ignores her cries. Linda convulses. She is still cumming. Her legs are too weak . She cannot lift herself. The dildo is now rammed to the hilt inside her. Melanie’s grip on her clit eases. She licks it. She caresses it with her tongue. Then she finally releases Linda. She collapses onto her side. Her body shivers. Melanie grabs the cock’s base. She gently yanks at it. She twists it back and forth. More cries from Linda. She removes it little by little. Excruciatingly slow. Linda whines. Her body continues to shudder. Her orgasm is subsiding. Melanie gives one last tug. It pops out. Linda scrunches into a ball. Hands on her stomach. She whimpers. Melanie strokes her hair. Linda begins to relax. Her breathing slows.

Melanie whispers, “Don’t get too comfortable. It’s my turn.”

A short nervous laugh from Linda.

A half hour passes. Linda is still on the couch. Melanie is behind her, spooning her. Melanie has waited long enough. She grabs a hold of one of Linda’s breasts. She plays with the nipple. It perks up.

Melanie whispers, “I have a feeling you left the shades open for a reason?”

Linda nods. She giggles. She explains about the college boys next door.

Melanie purrs, “Naughty girl.”

She gives Linda a good smack on the ass.

“Ow! I’m not even sure they’re home. It just excited me to think they could be watching.”

Melanie kisses her neck. “Get up. If they’re there, we’ll drive them crazy.”

Linda stands. Her legs are still somewhat wobbly. She faces the window.

Melanie steps in front of her. “Kiss me. And grab my ass.”

Linda obeys. Hands message Melanie’s bottom. It is definitely not small. But it is firm. She pulls Melanie against her. Breasts touch. Hips touch. They are about the same height. Linda kisses her neck. Her hands squeeze Melanie’s cheeks. She pulls them apart. Then together. Then in circular motions. The two of them squirm against each other. Melanie pulls away. She turns around. Her back is now to Linda. Linda reaches around to grab both breasts. Her lips kiss Melanie’s ear. Down to her neck. Down to her shoulder. She nibbles. Melanie rests against Linda. She moans as Linda pinches her nipples. One hand moves to her stomach. It presses her belly. Then it slides further down. Fingers run over the small patch of hair. Melanie places her feet further apart. Linda’s fingers are everywhere. She wants to explore. She has never felt another woman down there. It’s smooth. It’s warm. It’s moist. Linda sighs. Fingers expertly find Melanie’s clit. Melanie squirms. Her ass moves against Linda. Linda circles a finger around Melanie’s nub. Then pinches it. She rolls it between her fingers as she rolls her nipple in the same manner. Melanie cries out.

She grabs Linda’s hands. She shoves them away. She crawls onto the couch. She is on all fours. Her breasts jiggle slightly.

“Finger fuck me, you bitch!”

Linda places her right knee on the couch. Her left foot is flat on the floor. Her left palm lays on Melanie’s lower back. She feels around Melanie’s cunt with her right. It is extremely wet now. Her middle finger flicks at Melanie’s opening. A gasp is heard. Linda continues to tease. Her fingers roam all over. Melanie’s juices moisten her rear entrance. She moves her hips and ass in response. Linda rams her middle finger into Melanie’s cunt. She curls her finger. She presses her inner walls. Melanie lets out a long groan. Linda slips a second finger in. Then a third. Her thumb circles around Melanie’s asshole. It slides in. Melanie lets out a startled yelp.

“Oh, you bitch! Harder!”

Linda slides her fingers and thumb back. Then drives them in deeper. As far as they will go. Melanie moans. Linda uses her own body to drive harder. She thrusts in and out. Her body moves in time with her hand. Melanie rocks forward and backward. Their rhythm falls in sync. Linda watches Melanie’s tits sway. She thinks about the college boys. She reaches between her own legs with her left hand. She rubs herself, stimulating her clit. Melanie rocks faster. Linda matches her own hand’s thrusts to meet her. Sounds of moaning and crying fill the room. Melanie shutters. Linda feels a tightness around her fingers. Melanie’s insides are clamping hold. She is cumming. Melanie claws at the couch cushion. She collapses onto her elbows. She bites a pillow to muffle her screams. As Melanie’s orgasm dies down, Linda’s begins. She stiffens. Then trembles. It comes and goes quickly. No where near the intensity of her first orgasm. But still, it feels good.

She pulls her fingers and thumb out of Melanie. She plops onto the couch. Melanie stretches out onto her stomach. She rests her calves over Linda’s lap. Linda massages them.

She looks through the window. There is definitely a shadowy figure across the way. She thinks that maybe at least one boy has been peeking. She tries to imagine how she will feel the next time she sees them on the street. Her face blushes. But her body also tingles. A tightness develops in her nipples as they grow taut again. Her mind wanders. Material for another fantasy??? Hmmmm………

To Be Continued.

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Straight Guy in a Sauna

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Eastbourne is a seaside town famous for attracting senior citizens as tourists. It is quite a genteel town, and with its Victorian glories more than a little faded, it appeals to a mature clientele. Although that wasn’t me, I wanted to get away from London for a weekend on my own, which I like to do every so often. I find that when you’re away from home, on your own, that’s when interesting things happen to you!

I searched around and found a great deal on a junior suite at the Grand, which is Eastbourne’s most prestigious hotel, though a little threadbare and past it’s best. I finalised the booking and jumped in the car to head down there. On arrival, as I was checking in, the receptionist mentioned that the gym, pool and sauna were open. I fancied getting a sweat on so I took my bag to my room, stripped off and wrapped myself in a towel and robe, and headed down to the sauna.

I always like the sauna in a hotel because it gives you a chance to do some great people watching and check out the ladies. The sweaty, intimate environment, with people barely clothed and the sexual tension hanging heavy in the air is a big turn on and as I made my way down, I began thinking about the weekend’s possibilities. I had always hankered after well-built mature women and had enjoyed many an encounter with women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s.

I was fixated on the idea of Eastbourne being a haven for women of a certain age, often holidaying in groups. In my mind, they were unencumbered by their usual hang-ups and on the lookout for a casual encounter. Ideas and scenarios were flooding my mind as I arrived at the pool area and I was beginning to get a little turned on.

I entered the men’s changing area and discovered to my disappointment that the sauna was situated within the changing area and therefore was for men only. As crestfallen as I was, I still fancied getting a sweat on so I had a quick shower and headed in anyway.

The sauna was empty and the heat was just right, so I sat down in my towel, on the top row. I closed my eyes and let the feeling of the heat overtake me. Thoughts of casual encounters with busty, sexy mature women were still floating through my head and I was pretty relaxed as I had the place to myself. My towel was loose and my cock was semi-erect and partially uncovered.

After a few moments, I don’t know how long, the door opened and someone joined me. I shifted the towel to cover myself and the guy sat down and introduced himself as Jonathan. I politely said ‘hi’ and introduced myself, then closed my eyes again – I didn’t want to be rude, I was just hoping to return to my reverie.

Jonathan however started making conversation, so I responded and we got chatting. He asked about what I was doing at the hotel and I explained that I’d just needed to get away from it all and that I did just that every so often. He explained that he was local and worked at the university as a lecturer and used the sauna on a sort of membership basis. He said that at this time of year, Eastbourne was pretty short on tourists, that he usually had the sauna to himself and it was nice to have someone to chat to.

Now, I’m a pretty easy-going and open guy, although my distinct preference is for women, especially mature women. Other than a few fumblings when I was a much younger, I’ve never had any experiences with men but have thought about them from time to time, in a sort of abstract way, and even fantasised about them once in a while.

I looked over at Jonathan as he was speaking. He was a slim, good looking man in his late 30s/early 40s with a close goatee and a little grey hair at the temples. He was sitting with his eyes closed and his head back, talking about the courses he taught, and I noticed that he was sitting on his towel but that it was open and he was naked.

I took a quick glance at his cock and although it was not exactly hard, it seemed like it was not entirely soft either. It was a good size from what I could see and it was uncut – and it was that fact which fascinated me. I had never seen a foreskin in the flesh and I have always been really intrigued by them. My eyes lingered over his manhood, and my mind filled with all sorts of imagined scenarios. My own cock started to twitch again at this point and I was semi-erect.

In a moment of madness, I couldn’t help myself, I just pulled my towel back and left my uncovered. I don’t know what I was hoping for, but I shut my eyes and titled my head back, mirroring Jonathan’s own position. We remained like that for some time, making conversation, though my state of arousal and my attempt to partially control it, made my throat dry and sticky.

We were both Betturkey hot and sweaty by now and we both commented on how we were enjoying the heat. Every so often, I would look to see if Jonathan’s eyes were still closed and if they were, I’d cast my eyes over his shining body with beads of sweat running down it, and I’d sneak another glance at his fascinating, glistening uncut cock.

This was really turning me on in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Between the sight of him and the thoughts running through my head, and the fact of being naked and sweaty myself, it was all I could do to control myself from having a full-blown hard-on. I was semi erect, I was gently pulsating and there was pre-cum on the end of my cock.

I closed my eyes and returned to my position and a few seconds later heard Jonathan shift in his seat. I opened my eyes and looked over at him, and at that moment, saw him looking down at my lap. I looked up at him and then down at his cock which was now obviously hard and really quite big, with the head poking through the end of his foreskin.

My cock began to really twitch and harden further at this sight and I swallowed hard. He took his eyes away from my cock, looked up at me and said something like, ‘well, look at the two of us’ and I muttered something about having never seen an uncut cock in the flesh and he asked me if I wanted to take a closer look.

At this point I was really turned on, my manhood was now really throbbing and all I could think of was how desperately I wanted to touch that cock; to hold it in my hand; to pull back the foreskin and reveal the tumescent head. I must have been barely audible when I mumbled that I wanted to touch it.

Without hesitation, I dropped to the second shelf of the sauna and moved over to where he was. I was now sitting by his knees, with this large, fascinating, throbbing cock at my eye level. My hands were shaking as I reached out and gently touched his cock, which was hot and covered in the sweat running down his body. It sprang back against my touch. As I touched it, Jonathan took a breath and shifted slightly, opening his legs so I could sit between them and more easily reach his cock.

At that moment it was just the two of us in the world and I could think of nothing other than taking hold of this big, beautiful penis, so I wrapped my hand around it and gripped it gently. I slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal the head of his cock. It was an incredible sight and I was unable to take my eyes of it.

A musky, sexy, sweaty scent hung in the still, humid air and my arousal was mounting. I stroked my hand up and down a few times, getting a feel for this glorious cock and drinking in the sight that I beheld.

Jonathan’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his balls seemed huge and were completely smooth and hairless. I wanted to touch them and I reached out with my other hand and cupped them. That gave me a jolt-like thrill and without thinking I just blurted out ‘I want to taste you’ and Jonathan muttered his assent as I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out.

I touched the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue and we both shivered. I licked the precum off his cock and took it into my mouth, tasting its salty sweetness and, mixed with the sweat and his musk, I was just overwhelmed. I parted my lips, lowered my head and took his amazing cock into my mouth. He gasped and his cock throbbed as I inhaled it deep into my mouth, taking it as far down my throat as I could, though it was too long to take it all the way in.

I pulled back a bit and sucked on it, hard, then soft, swirling my tongue around and pushing it under the foreskin as I pulled it back and forth, tasting and inhaling and seemingly knowing what to do, without ever having done it before. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, feeling it twitch and pulse and grow bigger in my mouth. I luxuriated in its warmth and hardness, all the while drinking in Jonathan’s glorious, dense, musky scent and his sweet, salty, sweaty taste.

All the while, my own cock twitched and leaked precum, but I didn’t touch it, so absorbed was I in this stranger’s incredible meat, in holding it, handling it, tasting it. I took his cock out of my mouth and ran my tongue from the bottom of his shaft, to the tip of his cock and back down. I started running my tongue over Jonathan’s balls and he shifted down towards me and spread his legs further so I could reach more easily.

Instinctively, I took one of his massive bollocks into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Again, the sweat and the scent just added to my arousal which was now so intense that the blood was pounding in my ears, Betturkey Giriş deafening me. Jonathan’s moaning sounded miles away.

I was now in a state of bliss, I took both his cum filled balls in my mouth and with my hand wrapped round his beautiful dick, I was just acting on instinct as I sucked on his huge balls. It was that same instinct that let his balls drop from my mouth and then gently lifted them to reveal his tight, puckered asshole. Without thinking, I lapped at it with my tongue. It was moist with the beads of sweat that we were both covered in and Jonathan gasped loudly and raised his legs, holding them up at the knees, to expose his ringpiece to me, allowing me to probe him properly, which I was desperate to do.

On reflection, in more rational moments, I wonder why I did it. I love eating pussy and have often enjoyed rimming women but even at the height of my male fantasises, I had never gone there. However, my arousal was so complete, that it just felt right, it was what I wanted, what I needed in the moment. I just had to have the full experience, to taste the foreskin, the balls, the anus. To lick, to suck, to probe, to explore. I pressed my tongue hard up against his asshole and I felt it give way as I forced myself in. It was sweaty and salty, earthy and musky and I loved it.

Here I was, tongue-fucking a strange man’s asshole in a hotel sauna – anyone could have walked in on us but I was so high, I didn’t even consider it. I was so turned on at this point that if someone had even touched my cock, it would likely have exploded.

Then the door did open and we both looked up in a state of shock. A man came in and quickly closed the door behind him. Without a word, he calmly came and sat next to Jonathan, in the top corner of the sauna.

He was a much larger man, probably in his 50s, with a big belly and a full beard. He was covered in greying body hair and he sat down, opened his towel and started playing with his cock as he looked us both over. I watched his cock harden in his hand as he stroked it for a few seconds and as my shock evaporated, I was quickly returned to my state of arousal. I tried to look away from this new cock and back at the asshole I had been eating, but I was transfixed.

I lifted my head up and took Jonathan’s throbbing cock back in my mouth, taking as much as I could and sucking it deep. All the while I was watching the man next to us breathing heavily and stroking his cock rhythmically . It was shorter than Jonathan’s cock but thicker with a beautifully bulbous purple head on it and massive thick veins.

At this point, I was absolutely gagging for the taste and smell of male meat and the presence of another cock, one that was available to me, was impossible to resist. I raised my head from Jonathan’s cock and moved over to where the other man was.

I looked up at him and he was now sweating from the heat of the sauna and no doubt from his wanking. Pausing for a second, I got on my knees and took his whole cock in my mouth in one motion. In doing so, I found myself pressing my nose into his pubes and up against his abdomen. In contrast to Jonathan, this man was hairy and fat, and the combination of his unkempt pubic hair, his strong, rich scent, his big sweaty belly and the taste of his tangy, veiny, fat, pulsing cock all added to my state of delirium. I had given myself over to pure lust.

By now I was up on all fours and had truly abandoned myself to this situation, the like of which I had never experienced. I was stroking Jonathan’s cock with my hand and, all the while, bobbing up and down, sucking furiously on the fat, salty cock in my mouth. My own cock was so hard and twitching, it must have been dripping precum.

As I sucked on that bulbous penis and heard moaning in my ear, I arched and stretched my back like a cat, feeling an incredible sexual tension running through me. As I arched my back down, I felt Jonathan run his hand along my spine and as he reached my lower back, he moved round to position himself behind me.

I don’t know what possessed me but I arched my lower back up and stuck my ass in the air and stretched, as if spreading my cheeks and opening myself for him. I could feel him resting his hands on my ass and then pushing my cheeks apart, to expose my asshole.

I felt his Jonathan’s hot breath on my ass and the next thing I knew I felt a charge as if an electrical current was running through my whole body. Jonathan was gently touching and teasing my asshole with his tongue and I gasped at the sensation, trying to concentrate on the fat cock that I was sucking.

I sucked harder and Jonathan’s tongue started probing me with more insistence now, one minute lapping at my perineum and asshole and the next, pushing up against my sphincter, driving his tongue into my ass. I was stretching and pushing myself back against his tongue when I felt his fingers touching my arse, stretching it by pulling my cheeks apart. I felt a finger press up against my hole and as it slid in quite easily, I gasped with unexpected pleasure. Because we were all so sweaty, Jonathan’s finger slid up my butt with ease and before I could catch myself, I felt another finger join it.

My sphincter was tight and my whole body was taut with sexual tension but as I bucked back on the fingers in my ass and tried to keep sucking the cock in my mouth, Jonathan slowed me, and held me still, telling me to relax and to let him loosen me up. I stopped writhing and felt his fingers pushing in and out of my ass a few more times, and I felt my anal muscle slackening.

I went back to the delicious, fat, sweaty, meaty cock I was fellating and as I regained my concentration on it, I felt the fingers slide out of my ass and sensed Jonathan repositioning himself behind me. The next feeling was of something much bigger pressing up against my ass and it was obvious that Jonathan was readying to fuck me.

I gasped for breath, drooling on the turgid meat I was slobbering over and felt a moment of sharp pain, which passed very quickly and was followed by such a sensation of fullness and satiety that I could not put into words. I have enjoyed lots of anal sex with women, when I was giving, but I never really understood where the pleasure lay for the person receiving it. The feeling as the pain subsided and that huge cock filled me up was all I needed to know, to understand.

Jonathan gently pressed his cock into me and gently slid it out, our combined sweat acting as a lubricant. Slowly, he did the same again and again, gradually building up speed. I felt an ecstatic buzz emanate from my ass and spread throughout my entire body as Jonathan’s strokes got hard and faster. I could hear him moaning behind me as his thighs started to slap against me. His cock felt magnificent inside me, stretching me wide, filling my asshole and reaching into my insides in a way I had never experienced. I felt invaded, penetrated, filled, owned, possessed by that incredible cock.

The fat cock was still throbbing furiously in my mouth, though it was hard to concentrate on blowing it properly, while being so completely overwhelmed by the incredible ass-fucking I was receiving. I suspect that the sight and sound of me being shafted in the ass by Jonathan’s large cock was adding to the hardness of the fat, tumescent cock that I was sucking.

I was at that moment, totally possessed by cock. I was being ass fucked and face fucked and I was revelling in the glorious sweaty, funky, musky stench that enveloped and surrounded me.

My cock still hadn’t been touched but it was pulsating like I had never know. I felt the tension building inside of me towards an orgasm and I knew at that moment I wanted a mouthful of cum, and an ass full of cum.

As the thought floated around my head I felt the stranger shift slightly and his cock became really engorged in my mouth. Then he said, ‘I can’t hold it, I’m gonna cum’ and I sucked that fat cock head like a man possessed, desperate for him to shoot his load down my throat. I only knew that I wanted to taste his salty seed as it filled my mouth and slid down my gullet, and he duly obliged.

He stiffed once more and unloaded his heavy cum-filled bollocks inside my mouth, grunting with pleasure and bucking his hips. The taste and the sensation were glorious and as his salty, sticky jism filled my mouth, I struggled to swallow it down. He unleashed rope after thick, delicious rope into my mouth and I greedily sucked his cock harder, in relentless pursuit of every last drop of that delicious juice.

All the while behind me, Jonathan had been quickening his pace and just as the cock in my mouth finished filling me with jizz, the cock in my ass began to pulse uncontrollably. I felt his thick cum explode up my ass as he continued to pump me for all he was worth, banging that glorious cock in and out of me. As he emptied his cum filled balls inside my ass, I shot my load without even touching my cock.

We all sat for a few minutes in silence, with only our breathing audible. Then, as calmly and quietly as he had arrived, the older man climbed down from the top bench, wrapped his towel round his waste and stepped out of the sauna. Jonathan also didn’t speak but placed a hand on my thigh, smiled at me by way of a goodbye and then stood up and left. I lay on my side for a few minutes longer, bathed in the aura of that amazing experience, with the taste of cum still in my mouth, the musky scent heavy in the air and the gentle throbbing buzz in my ass slowly subsiding.

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Str8 Guy Loses Bet to Gay Roommate

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For my junior year of college I had to move to the dorm for upper classmen. This meant that I had a new roommate. His name was Max and I met him the day I moved in. He had arrived before me and had already picked a side of the room. He was mostly done unpacking and settling in as I barged in with all of my things. We chatted and got to know each other a little while I unpacked.

Max was a nice guy. We seemed to have a lot in common. We both liked sports as fans but neither of us were an athlete ourselves. We both were Science majored and would be spending a lot of time in labs. We had overlapping tastes in music and movies. With our shared interests, we talked easily for hours. No weird silences. We became good friends right away. We were comfortable with each other.

There was one difference between us though. Max was gay and I was straight. Since we were roommates, and quickly becoming friends, Max had wanted to tell me this right away. He didn’t want to have an awkward conversation later down the line. He just wanted to be open and up front from the beginning. I thanked him for telling me. I joked that this was great news! We knew we would never be in competition with each other romantically. Max laughed and we resumed a more casual conversation.

I had just spent a joyless summer working full time at my seasonal landscaping job. Right at the beginning of the summer, my girlfriend of the past two years broke up with me. We had started dating towards the end of senior year in high school. We each went away to different colleges, but kept the relationship going, mostly through texts and phone calls. During school breaks we would spend as much time together as possible.

I hadn’t seen her since spring break. That first day of the summer, we met up, I thought for a date, and she gave me the news. She had met someone else. It was too hard for her to maintain our relationship while going to separate schools. She said that being her first love, I would always be special to her. She hadn’t wanted to do this over the phone so she waited until now to tell me in person.

I was heartbroken. I really thought I was in love with her. I buried myself in my job, taking extra shifts and working overtime. I hardly spent any time with my hometown friends and I certainly didn’t try to meet any other girls. I spent the whole summer mourning the loss of the relationship. By the time I moved back to college, I was getting over the loss and was ready to date again.

Having had a girlfriend during my first two years, I hadn’t dated or even flirted with anyone here at school. I was starting fresh. I found it wasn’t as easy as I hoped to meet someone and make a connection. Over the course of a couple months I had managed just two dates. Neither was successful and neither resulted in a second date.

Max hadn’t been seeing anyone either, though I didn’t think he was trying as hard as I was. He seemed more laid back about his social life, willing take things as they came. I, on the other hand, was on a mission get back in the game and I was getting frustrated by the lack of results.

One Saturday night in November, I was on just my third date of the semester. It had been so bad that we both decided to quit the date before the evening was over. I came back to our room at around 8:00 and Max was there playing a video game we both liked. I pulled my desk chair over next to his and watched.

Max completed the level he was working on and noted, “You’re back early.”

I filled him in on the awful evening. “Since Sheila, I am just not connecting with anyone. I feel like I’m over her. I don’t know. Maybe my expectations are too high. I’m getting frustrated with the whole situation.”

Max asked, “Frustrated? Like sexually frustrated?”

I answered, “Sure, that’s part of it.” I hadn’t been with Sheila since last Spring Break. I was in an 8 month draught.

Max said, “If you want some private time to rub one out and relieve some tension, I could leave the room for a while.”

I said, “No, but thanks for the offer. After 8 months of just my own hand, I’m bored with masterbation. It’s always better when it’s the touch of another person.”

“Hey, if you want, I could lend you a hand,” Max winked at me.

We both laughed. I said, “I know you’re kidding, but you wouldn’t be able to help me even if I said yes. I’m not gay. I couldn’t get off from another guy. I probably wouldn’t even get hard, not to mention…you know.”

Max replied, “I was kidding. But, you’re wrong. If I tried, I would get you. I would get you and it would be better than any time you with a woman.”

“What? You’re crazy.” We held our gaze. “Look, I am sure you have mad skills, but I would have to be attracted to guys…to you, but I’m not. I love you like a brother, but I’m just not.”

Max, a debate team member in high school, argued his point. “I’m not trying to get you to do something you don’t want to do. I just want you to know that the fact of the matter is guys can satisfy guys better that girls can. It’s only logical. Betturkey Guys have the equipment. They know what feels good. They know what they’re doing. Not only are girls unfamiliar with the equipment, they are usually reluctant performers. They don’t want to be there. If they were honest, most of them are little grossed out by the penis.”

I thought about this. I remembered back to some of my experiences with Sheila. She was totally into traditional intercourse but anything different, like hand jobs or oral, she was timid and brief. Was Max right? Even if he was, it was irrelevant. I am not gay.

I said, “You’re saying, like what? Girls don’t know to not use teeth?”

“Sure, that’s one example.” Max continued, “They lack expertise and technique. Consider this. When you perform orally on a girl, have you felt like an expert down there? Do you know where everything is and exactly what to do to maximize her pleasure?” He paused.

I assumed the question to rhetorical. The truth was I did blunder and fumble around down there. I didn’t reply, but Max saw the answer in my expression.

He went on, “You can’t say I’m wrong if you’ve never tried it. Another guy could give you the orgasm of your life.”

“I just don’t see it. Technique is not enough. For the best orgasm of my life, I would need to be in to it, turned on. Guys don’t arouse me. That is a big part of it.”

Max said, “You are so sure of yourself. You want to make a bet?”

I got a little nervous. “What do mean?”

“I mean prove it,” Max said. “The only way to know that another guy can’t get you to cum is to prove it by giving him a chance, and you successfully hold off.”

I swallowed hard. “I, uh, don’t…I, uh”–

“Look, you said I couldn’t even get you hard, not to mention bring you to climax. What’s the worst that could happen? Win or lose, when it’s over, just think of it as having spent the time getting a good massage.”

“I’m only 20 years old. I’ve never had a real massage.” I was deliberately not responding to the challenge.

Max smiled, “I’ll take your ‘no’ as a victory. You won’t play along so you must not really believe what you said. You are afraid you’ll lose. Like I said before, I do not want to force you into doing something you don’t want to do, but now we both know you don’t think you’d win the bet.”

Being a competitive person, I wasn’t quite ready to walk away. “What would we bet for?” We were both broke college students, so money was out.

Max said, “Oh, I don’t know. You and I are about the same height and build, right? How about the winner gets to borrow something of the loser’s at any time? It could be an article of clothing, or video game, whatever.”

I am just shy of 6 feet tall, and 150 pounds. Max does look to be about the same. I said, “Okay. If we were to do this, there would have to be some ground rules.”

Max said, “Okay. Go ahead.”

Me: “No toys or objects of any kind. All you get to use is you.”

A surprised laugh almost exploded out of Max. “Wow, that’s where you went first? I don’t even have anything—Okay, no problem. No toys. My turn. I get to have access to your whole body. I will have the chance to set the mood with a full experience that begins with some foreplay.”

Me: “But nothing above the neck. Kissing has nothing to do this.”

Max: “Agreed.”

Me: “And nothing goes into either of our assholes. No anal. Just mouth and hands.”

Max looked shocked but I wanted to be sure there would be no loop holes or surprises. He again said, “Agreed.”

Me: “Also, I hope you aren’t expecting me to return the favor. I mean, I’m not going to,” a pause, “reciprocate by trying to get you”—

Max cut me off: “No, no, no. That’s not what this is about.”

Me: “Oh, and there has to be a time limit. This can’t go on all night. After a certain amount of time, I win. I was thinking like 30 minutes.”

Max: “I was thinking more like an hour. If you are as immune as you claim, you can give me more than 30 minutes, can’t you?”

We agreed to split the difference at 45 minutes. A compromise.

Max: “Any other ‘ground rules’ you’re forgetting?”

Me: “Probably, but nothing else I can think of right now.”

Max: “Well, I have a few more. First, I get the whole 45 minutes. No matter what. There is no quitting allowed. It doesn’t matter if you feel a loss coming on. You can’t forfeit the win over to me. We are going to see this through.”

Me: a sheepish “Okay.”

Max: “Also, you may not physically block or deflect my efforts in any way. You can do whatever you want mentally, you know, think about grandma, or piles of garbage, whatever distracts you from arousal, but no twisting or moving of any kind. You only move when, where and how I say to.”

Me: “I understand.”

Max: “No matter who wins, this is just between us. I don’t want our other friends or the other people on or floor to know about this. Bragging rights are just between us. Even between us, it might be better that we never mention this Betturkey Giriş again. This is a one-time only thing that begins and ends tonight.”

Me: “Agreed.”

Max: “My last and most important ground rule. This cannot affect our friendship. This silly bet is just for fun. You are a good roommate and friend. That’s more important to me than winning a bet. I want you to know that I am not trying to convert you. I respect your heterosexuality. I am going to win this bet, bet, but after, we have to go on as normal. After tonight, this never happened.”

He had clearly given this some thought. I said, “Deal.”

Max said, “Go lay down on your bed, on your back.”

I asked, “Should I take off my shorts or anything?” Despite it being November, like many other resident college kids, I wore shorts most days.

Max walked over to our door and turned the lock. We were friends with most of the other guys on our floor and sometimes they felt free walk right in without even knocking. Tonight would not the night for that surprise. Max answered, “No. I’ll take care of everything.”

He went to the sink and wetted a small wad of paper towels. He placed the wet towels, a dry towel and a bottle of massage oil on my nightstand next to my bed. He looked down at me and said, “Slide down a little and put your feet up on the bar at the foot of the bed. Now reach your arms up hold onto the bars of the headboard. Don’t let go until I tell you to.”

This was an awkward situation. What had I gotten myself into? I already felt vulnerable. With my arms raised over my head, I felt my shirt ride up a little, exposing a strip of bare skin above the waistline of my shorts. Max noticed it too and couldn’t resist swiping a finger across my tender lower abdomen. I flinched and gasped at the sensation. I said, “Hey, we didn’t talk about that! I think we need to make ‘no tickling’ one of the ground rules.”

Max giggled. “Sorry. I saw that and couldn’t help myself. Don’t worry. This isn’t about tickling. I promise.”

He took his phone out of his pocket, tapped at the screen and showed me the display. 45 minutes had begun to count down. He set his phone down on my nightstand by the massage oil. Then he went and got his desk chair and set it at the foot of my bed. He sat, untied my right sneaker, slipped it off and began to massage my foot. This must be part of the foreplay he had mentioned. He soon did the same with my left foot. The massage was feeling good. After a minute, he removed my socks. My feet had been trapped inside my shoes all day. Now they were free, exposed and sensitive. I don’t generally have a foot odor problem, but I had a flash of worry as Max’s face was just inches away. He didn’t seem to react so I guess I was okay. Max gently stroked up and down my arches. It was a very light tickle that felt nice. He wasn’t torturing me. He kept his promise.

Next, he began working his way up massaging my calves. He worked his way higher and higher while rotating between my left and right legs. When he made it up to my shorts he continued inside the legs. He worked my thighs. I was relaxing more and more. He was good at this and I couldn’t help but enjoy the attention. Either his knuckles or fingertips grazed my scrotum a couple of times causing me to jerk a little with each shocking touch.

He stood and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts before pulling them completely off. He moved his chair to the side of the bed and sat. My underwear was still on, but he turned his attention higher. He began to unbutton my shirt from the top down. After undoing the bottom button, he spread the shirt completely open, revealing the full expanse of my smooth, lean chest and stomach. He let me lay there a moment, feeling both the cool air of the room as well as his peering eyes on my exposed skin. Max and my round innie belly button were staring at each other. Well, my belly button was usually round, but with my arms reaching up, it was more like a vertical oval.

He began to run his fingers around my chest. I was worried about what was to come. He had promised no tickling. Soon his fingers slid down to my sides and stroked lightly up and down from my arm pits to my hips. Again, it was just a light tickle, but I couldn’t suppress a physical response. Goosebumps sprang up over my whole body. I saw Max smile, pleased with himself.

Next, he lightly swiped strokes across my lower tummy. This didn’t help the goosebumps go away and I quivered with each pass over the sensitive area. Then he drew circles with his fingers around my navel. He hooked a finger under the waistband of my underwear. At this point I was surprised and ashamed to realize that I had a growing bulge just south of where Max was currently focusing his attention. He was sliding his finger across my skin under my waistband and working lower. He eventually made it to my pubic hair, which I kept neatly trimmed to a quarter of an inch, and he explored the region.

Max stood up, moved to foot of the bed, reached up and pulled my underwear off. He cast the underwear aside as my partially erect penis sprang free. He climbed onto bed, kneeling between my spread legs, and stared down his awaiting prey. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the massage oil. He lubricated his hands and then, leaving my shaft alone for time being, he surprised me by stroking my balls. My sack instantly tightened in response and my shaft grew another degree firmer. He continued to work on my scrotum, careful not to mishandle the sensitive organ.

I was trying to think of anything else. I really was. Any type of mental distraction. It wasn’t working. I was fascinated by what Max was doing to me. My cock jumped up another notch. My partial erection was now close to a full and he hadn’t even touched the shaft yet. Max was looking at it, though. Appraising it and proud of his accomplishment. I began to think for the first time that I might lose this bet.

Done foundling my balls, he reach both hands back up to my armpits and slowly dragged his fingers down my sides, strumming my rib cage, across slight mound of my lower belly and finally he ahold of my awaiting shaft. The touch of someone else’s hand, to me, is so much more exciting that of my own. Maybe it was because I’ve never been touched this was by a man before, but Max’s touch was electrifying and I gasped. It felt like a jolt and I had now completed my journey to full erection.

He began with simple up and down strokes with his well-oiled right hand. It felt amazing. He reintroduced his left hand to my ball sack, twirling lightly. I was definitely going to lose this bet. His strokes began to change. He was now continuing up over the sensitive mushroom cap and finishing with a swirl. This was driving me crazy and it was killing me to maintain my grip on the headboard bars. Next he pressed his palms together and enveloped me inside of this makeshift cavity created with his two hands. He slid up and down and used a twisting motion that almost did me in. He must have realized I was close and, possibly not wanting his fun to end too soon, he changed tack.

With Max kneeling between my legs, the sensitive underside of my throbbing shaft was facing him. He gripped my shaft in his right hand again and began twirling his thumb in clockwise circles around my most sensitive spot – just under the head. The fingers of his left hand resumed a light tickle on my scrotum. The combination of the two sensations was proving to be too much. I was about to burst and powerless to stop it. I threw back my head into my pillow and arched my back as I exploded my load onto my stomach and chest. Max kept up his relentless circles until I was milked dry. He seemed to know exactly when to stop, before pleasure turned to pain.

Without a word, he reached to the night stand for the wet and dry towels and cleaned up the mess I had made. It was an oddly intimate act. To this point neither of us had yet spoken. I began to sit up and Max said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

I said, “What do mean? You got me. You clearly won the bet.”

He said, “Yes I did, but,” he leaned over and picked his phone up off the nightstand, “my 45 minutes isn’t up yet.”

I was confused. “But you won. The bet was that you had 45 minutes to make me cum. You did it.” I tried sitting up again.

He gently pushed me back down. “We agreed to list of ground rules. One of those rules was that I would get the full 45 minutes. No matter what. No quitting.” He turned his phone to show me the display. Only 23 minutes had passed. Almost half of the time still remained.

I stammered, “Right, but… Didn’t you… What do you…”

Max said, “I am not done with you yet. You’re mine for another 22 minutes. I am going to get you two times!”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “That wasn’t in the rules.”

“Me having the full amount of time, no matter what, was in the rules.”

I glanced down at my spent, shriveled cock. It was still recovering from the events of a few moments ago. “Dude, you drained me. I’ve got nothing else to give.”

Max said, “You let me worry about that. Now I want you to slip your arms out of your shirt and flip over onto your stomach.”

I looked at him with concern on my face. He said, “Don’t worry. I will not be breaking any rules.”

I rolled over. Max straddled me and began giving me a back massage. I’d never been massaged by a man before. He expertly worked my neck, shoulders, arms and back. His strong hands dug deep and it felt good. It was far superior to any feeble back rub I’d been given in the past. As he kneaded my muscles, I began to tingle and even my frightened penis began to come back to life. He must have used up a good 10 minutes of his remaining 22 on the massage.

Max instructed me to roll over again. I did so. My refractory period had ended and, while I was still soft, my penis had returned to a more normal flaccid state. He spread my legs apart and, once again, took position kneeling between them. He leaned forward placing his palms flat down on the bed, flanking my sides, lowered his head and sucked a nipple. I had never been a fan of nipple play in the past, but when Max did, my nipples hardened in affirmative response. He moved across and addressed the other nipple.

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Red , White – Christmas Delight

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The snow flakes covered the silent city – and the earth seemed to stand still when the chiming of bells became audible through the frosty night air. Patricia was standing at the window, watching the icy crystals paint mysterious patterns on the window sill while her hot breath fogged her vision of the tar and feathered outside. For her the wintry white cover that faked a sheen of innocence to the world was not the feathers falling from the beds of heavenly eiderdown, but a shroud. She had lost her girlish dreams and hopes long ago, her believes in fairy tales and magic mystery – and now … now she lived from the dark desires in the male hearts.

“Men…” she smirked, “they were all the same. Pretending to be so strong, so right, so politically correct .. so full of themselves – men.” And on evenings like this they were home with their families or parents, playing the role model of the caring husbands and fathers … but after the holidays they would be back to lick her boots and crawl at her feet; after all they had bought this little “freedom” with the precious jewels and expensive toys that had been paid for by credit card, wrapped up by the stressed sales staff without much care and even less affection and that were decorated with cards printed by computers or written by trustworthy secretaries. Patricia took another sip of the heavy red wine in the exclusive goblet. The heavy scent of fruit and oak barrels lingered in her mouth long after the liquid was gone, taking away for a few moments the taste of the bitterness she felt tonight. For her there were no presents to unwrap, no Christmas carols to be sung.

There it was again, the soft chimes that reminded her of silver bells and memories so faint she couldn’t grasp them – Patricia stared into the black sky but all she saw was the reflection of her own eyes in the black mirror of the window. Silver bells – a bitter laugh escaped her throat before she took another draft from her goblet – all the “chimes” she usually heard were the rustles of chains … With a sigh she turned away from the forlorn world outside, away from her staring eyes that seemed to have too many unanswered questions for a lonely night … and so she didn’t see the shadow that passed over her house.

Patricia was just flipping through the TV- guide when she heard the chimes again – but this time it was a clear and close sound, conjuring, with a burning intensity now, the image of a horse-drawn sleigh before her inner eye. While she was still analysing this for her completely unusual mental image she saw her living room door swing open silently, and with a gasp, almost swallowing her wine down the wrong way she watched a huge bearded figure step into her den – a sight she never thought to see, dressed in red and white as if just climbed out of a child’s picture book: Santa Claus!

In a fit of hysteria she couldn’t help but break into a girlish giggle – so unlike her usual tight self control and composure. “Must be the wine” she thought, “or just the season .. yeah, with all the advertising you are bound to see things! That’s it!” But when she deftly turned away and raised the glass to her lips again to wash down the slight trace of fear together with the growing anger about the rude intrusion, the blurred reflection of red and white in the window wouldn’t vanish. So with a determined look on her face and a rather aggressive more then defensive stance she turned back again to face the uninvited guest.

“Who are you, and what do you think you are doing here? I never work without appointment and I sure am not going to make an exception on a holiday! ” But where her average visitor would already flinch and start to stammer, this guy just didn’t fit her usual clientele! On the contrary – his grey eyes, that seemed ancient and too young for his looks at the same time met hers without ever wandering off, indicating a strength that put forward a rare challenge for Patricia. Again she addressed him: “So again – who are you – how did you get in here – and what do you want?”

Before she could muster all the rage and frustration she felt, she was cut short by a deep and vibrant voice that seemed strangely unsuitable for the roundish and grey haired man in the ridiculous Santa-outfit. His deep voice seemed to fill her living room, and as if his words caused the air to stir the flames in her fireplace started to dance as he spoke: “Now Patricia – what do you think who I am? It can’t be too hard to guess, right?” He took a few more steps into the room, seemingly filling it with his presence: “I am Santa Claus – Father Christmas!”

Her mind reeled – Patricia was slightly torn between bursting into laughter about this practical joke someone was obviously playing on her or starting to scream for apartment security to help her get rid of this insane intruder … but another look in his eyes made her relax. He didn’t seem dangerous, there was no violence in his stance and he even smiled, a smile that not only curled the lips hidden in his fluffy white long beard but a smile that reached Betturkey his eyes.

In the end Patricia’s curiosity got the better of her – after all, he seemed nice enough and she didn’t really fancy spending the evening alone. “So – you are Santa Clause, huh? Sure … Father Christmas, yeah! Looking for little naughty girls, are you? Well, you sure found one!”

“Ho ho ho – now, now, you better slow it down young Lady! I have not come to have some … rather dubious fun with you … but to make you …”

“Ohh wait wait wait! What do you mean – dubious fun?? You don’t have a clue what you are talking about!” Patricia’s eyes had taken on a dangerous sparkle in the dim lit room … strange as it may seem, she took a peculiar pride in her profession. She had spent long hours studying not only the physical aspects of dominating men but the psychological impact of humiliation and the little naughty mind games her customers so much enjoyed – she was an expert at what she was doing … and, as she admitted on a side note to herself, she enjoyed it most of the time.

The Santa-dude was stunned by her agitated reaction and for a moment a trace of insecurity seemed to be visible in his eyes – only a flicker, a hint – but enough for a professional like Patricia to see! With a guttural chuckle she stepped closer and circled him, her hand seemingly by coincidence but firmly resting on his shoulder while she whispered close to the mass of his curly white hair that peeked out from under his red and white fur trimmed cap:” Now – how about you try for yourself before judging … Wasn’t that what you came for after all? Didn’t you come for a taste of … this?” And with those last whispers she took a step back and let her black velvety bathrobe slowly slide from her shoulders.

The flicker of the flames seemed to turn her a creature from the deepest depth of the pleasure hell of male imagination – and her red and white clad visitor just gasped and started a helpless stutter: “But no , please, Miss, … Don’t … please, put your robe back on … I didn’t mean to … ” But it was too late for the poor guy – by now Patricia’s dominating instincts had kicked in – and never having been one to pass up a challenge she sure had no inclination to do so now, not with this promising and completely unexpected Christmas present in front of her.

“Now – don’t tell me you don’t like what you see! Look at me – now! .. Goodness gracious – you have seen a nude woman before I would assume!” She was delighted to see him blush and desperately stare at his boots, unable though to not now and then sneak a peek at her lithe frame with the bouncing boobs and the neatly trimmed pubic curls.

“Come here – you sure remind me of a lost puppy now … so, is this lost puppy my Christmas present? Be a good puppy and come here … Yes, that’s a obedient puppy!” As if in a trance he had involuntarily taken a step into her direction – she knew that almost every man would have taken this step, no matter if ordered or not, but the men were not aware of it – they were left with the puzzlement of why they followed her orders without hesitation. Patricia turned towards the window through which she had been staring into the night earlier and refilled her goblet from the bottle that had warmed now to the room temperature. While she took another sip she spoke to the reflection in the window: “Don’t you think it awfully rude to be fully dressed in the presence of a nude woman? I would suggest you adapted to the “house standard” and then join me at the fire – after all, you didn’t tell me yet what you came for … ” and gracefully she crossed the room and stretched out on her fur covered chaiselonge, which happened to be the only piece of furniture in the proximity of the fire place. She didn’t pay any more visible attention to her mysterious visitor it seemed, but she felt him clearly, once more musing about the why and how this mysterious yet increasingly attractive man had ended up in her four walls on this festive evening.

From behind she heard a faint coughing “Excuse me Miss, I don’t think I should … you know … I came here on a mission … on duty so to speak … and …” Her seductive voice purred “If you expect me to listen to what it is you came for you better join me here soon, else I am afraid your visit, whatever it’s purpose, was rather futile. And let me emphasize that I am not used to be kept waiting!” Her voice had been soft and quiet, but the edge in her last words made them not just small talk but rather a command. Santa didn’t know how else to get her attention since she seemed to be ignoring him efficiently and so, with a hustle and rustle, he peeled out of his black heavy leather boots, followed by his wide leather belt that had held close his red, fur-trimmed jacket and then his pants. While hoping Patricia wouldn’t turn around just now he all of a sudden was in a hurry to get naked – he had just seen his reflection in the window and noticed how ridiculous he looked Betturkey Giriş in his underwear, the red and white small striped long legged underpants and his matching tight shirt that stretched rather unbecomingly over his beer-bellied form. Spurred on by his reflection in the window he soon was stripped completely – just in time for Patricia to not become annoyed with her unexpected guest. When she heard his bare feet shuffle towards her without turning around she said “Now – come sit with me and tell me what you came for.” But when he stood beside her there was nowhere to sit except on a soft and inviting fluffy fake fur blanket in front of her divan – and when she patted the floor at her feet he couldn’t but follow her unspoken invitation – or was it an order? “Now, that is a good puppy ” she purred “so … now that we are comfortable, tell me what I can do for a cutie like you …” and her hands started to curl a strand of his white silky hair around her perfectly manicured finger. Again he seemed to be a little hesitant, and his eyes that before were so secure and calm seemed now feverishly to avoid the treasures displayed before him at convenient eye level. But finally he seemed to get a hold of the strange situation and started to talk: “OK – now again … I am Santa Claus…” “Yeah, I know … Father Christmas, sure!!” she fell in with a chuckle. “…and I have come to you tonight to take you to the North Pole with me and teach you a lesson since quite a few wives of your clients had it on their wish lists to see you treated the same way their husbands seemingly are treated when with you… so that tasting your “own medicine” would make you retreat from … uhmmm … business. ” he finally got out.

It took a minute before Patricia understood the implication of what her mysterious visitor was saying – but then her voice pearled into a crystal clear laughter – and this time Santa was reminded of the chiming of his silver sleigh bells. Patricia’s hand curled deftly into his hair and she pulled back his head until she could bend down and look deeply into his eyes, holding him immobile as she searched his innermost feelings for any sign of making fun of her. On the other hand – the evening had developed soooo strange that she started to believe him, no matter how weird his intentions appeared. It could have been the wine just as well, after all she had finished almost a bottle by herself, but no matter what it was – she started to like this little game he was playing with her. “Hmmm – now what do you think? Am I doing anything wrong? Are you feeling any bad? … and do you know what those poor men have to endure when being with me?” He only could emit a muffled “nawww” since in the meantime by means of her firm grip in his hair she had pressed his face into the valley between her ample breasts, and so he didn’t see the wicked sparkle in her eyes that betrayed the forming of an evil plan.

“To make sure you know what you would have to do to me though you will need to go through the ordeal yourself, and I will require your full co-operation to make this a worthwhile experience!” He didn’t need a lot of time to think about her suggestion – first of all her proposal seemed to make perfect sense. In his North Pole solitude he knew next to nothing about this delightfully kinky lifestyle that had conjured all those envy-driven wishes and second, if he was completely honest, Misses Santa had adopted the arctic climate, she had been more than cold about his advances for the last couple of decades, and lately he had started to wonder if there was something going on behind the closed workshop doors. He still hadn’t figured out why his wife was so crazy about those battery operated buzzing candy sticks the elves seemed to be barely able to supply in sufficiency and why Misses Santa had to personally quality check every tenth piece of the batch. But the last incentive Santa needed was the fact that the decision had to be taken between Pat’s erotic feminine scent and the warmth radiating from the fire (or was it from her glowing body?) or the freezing icy cold and the stench of the reindeer outside… he didn’t have to think for long!

“Now – that was a wise choice.” Patricia whispered into his ear “I will show you what a horrible fate those men had to endure – and then you can judge for yourself what a suitable punishment would be for a naughty girl like me.”

Patricia gently caressed his white curly mane and then gently passed along his cheek, caressing him for a moment behind the ear before she then ran her fingers through the white pelt on his chest. “Say – if you are Santa – didn’t you bring me any presents?” He blushed “No, since you were a bad girl and I was .. no still am … intending to punish you there are no presents for you this year.” “Well – but somehow I have the feeling you are rather embarrassed now to not have a present for me – I am not that bad after all it seems, right?” He only nodded his head, wondering why he was sitting completely naked on a fake fur blanket at the feet of a divine but damnable Lady who had her caressing fingers buried in his chest hair and was now making him feel like a loser for not having a present for her. He knew something was going wrong – but it felt sooooo right!

Patricia chuckled: “well – you didn’t bring me anything – so I allow you to be my present. I am sure you are feeling much better now, right?” He eagerly nodded, unable to analyse his feelings, simply happy that she seemed to be less disappointed now that he had agreed to be her present. “…but I want my present to look nice – you know, I like to have something to play with … to unwrap. Go and get me one of the red bows on the Christmas tree – now!” and Santa scurried to his feet to bring a red bow from the tastefully decorated tree. Just as he was about to take his seat at her feet again she stopped him: “No , wait a minute … hand me the bow and stand here – right in front of me…” Patricia sat up on the couch and undid the artfully bound ribbon … and then looked up from her hands – straight at the twitching half-erect manhood of Mr. Claus. She licked her lips and reached out, aware of his eyes staring disbelievingly at her every move. Unaffectionate she fondled his balls and gave his cock a few strokes to harden it further before then wrapping the red ribbon tightly around his now almost fully raised member, tying it into an elaborate bow again, the dangling ends tickling his sac.

He shivered – it had been a while since last he had had such happening – he was only rarely on the “wish list” of the nowadays-girls … they always wanted those young, well toned, suntanned guys, and he just was a pale, beer-bellied old man. Strange enough though Patricia didn’t seem to notice … when a new sensation coursed through his loins he looked down again, just in time to watch her open her mouth and take his by now fully alert manhood between her velvety red lips…just for a little nibble, no more. He sighed, forgotten all thought about his mission, until she threw back her head and laughed: “Santa, huh? God – look at you – you are just as gullible as are all of you men! A little tease, a bit of attention to your cocks and you are loosing it … I don’t blame you – that is just the way it is and now you see for yourself that guys like you need a girl like me for those desires to be fulfilled.” She noticed his face drop and show the total frustration and disappointment of a little boy who had just been shown paradise, a lighted Christmas tree and the bicycle he so desperately had wanted only to be told it was not for him but for another kid. From somewhere in her cold heart she felt a little poking sensation of remorse and regret – he was after all most likely just as lonely as she was – and he didn’t seem to be a bad guy, a little weird albeit.

“Come on – now don’t look at me that dumbfounded. I have the feeling you and I were meant to keep each other company tonight … so we may as well enjoy it, right …how about you make yourself comfy again and start to get to know each other? ” She watched his smile return – and the room felt warm and cosy all of a sudden again. When he had taken his place down at her feet again she extended her right leg and started to gently wiggle her cold toes into the warm folds that had appeared between his belly and his more delicate and still obviously aroused privates. With a giggle she watched him flinch as her cold skin touched his warm body, but he too looked up and only giggled, and then reached out and grabbed her other foot as well, making her perfectly pedicured and nail polished toes look petite in his big calloused hands. He gently started to rub her span, her heel, the upper side of her delicate feet .. and she leant back, feeling the heat of his caressing hands and the glow of the fire warm her. She took another sip of wine, moaning softly as she felt him lift her feet higher and close his lips around her toes. His beard tickled her at first and she wiggled, but he held her tight, and soon she was feeling increasingly relaxed as his tongue discovered each toe, each dip, each crease of her sensitive feet. She felt him suckle and nib, and finally he became bolder and less inhibited and started to lick her soles with long flat rasps of his tongue.

“Mhhhhhh .. now that sure is a promising start for the night ..” Patricia purred, “now that my feet are nicely warm and clean how about you tug them around your little … present .. down there and let me see how you like my wiggling now??” “Ohhh yes Ma’m” was his whispered response, and quickly her mystery visitor with a smile closed his eyes under the bushy white brows and guided her feet to the left and right of the red bow that decorated his by now throbbing cock. With a naughty smile she glanced down at him, wondering why she couldn’t really treat him with the same cold and distant demeanour she usually displayed when “at work”, why didn’t it feel right to humiliate him as most her other clients wanted her to do? He obviously had liked her making fun of him when she had tied the bow but it had been .. more playfully teasing she realized now …She pushed aside all her thoughts of love and care, blaming it on her strange mood on Christmas, where the whole world seemed to be full of this caring and sharing crap.

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Dear Diary: My First Bukakke

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Well, I did it. I had my first bukkake last night. Or should I say WE had our first bukkake party last night. I never thought that the idea of a bunch of men cumming on one woman would be so erotic, but I was curious and Kid was SO excited, I could tell. He acted so different all day long, on the phone. Quiet, subdued. Usually he’s really excited about stuff, really animated. But yesterday he was so quiet. When he picked me up, he just sat in the car, staring at me, not talking. I thought something was wrong. I didn’t realize until the next day that he was just so excited, and maybe a little nervous.

I was nervous. I was worried that the lady of the party wouldn’t want me there. But when we got there, she came running out to meet us with a big smile on her face. God she’s beautiful. I was wet just thinking about her. I knew she wanted the guys to herself, and I didn’t want to participate, all I wanted to do was watch. Plus I wanted to see Kid with her. I wanted to watch him. So we hugged, and then she hugged Kid. And I knew that it was going to be fine. She is such a sweet person, she has a wonderful personality to go with that wonderful body of hers. And her husband is so cool, they are so secure in their relationship. I love it. Her and I were making plans Betturkey to go shopping together, and for us to all get together with other friends. Then she asked me to be her director. I didn’t even know what this was. She said “I will do anything, but I’m not very agressive. You seem more outgoing, and I would really like it if you would tell me what to do.” Oh my god, this is like a dream come true! All I had hoped to be able to do was watch, but to actually get close to her! Could I hope that I might get to eat that beaufitul pussy?? I said sure, but it was my first time, so she would have to help me a little. She smile and said I would be fine.

There weren’t a ton of guys there, but there were a few. All of the guys were really wonderful guys, great attitudes. I was nervous, worried that my lousy directing would screw it up for everyone else.

We started by everyone getting naked. Cept me. I took off my pants but left my shirt on. Nerves. Lol. Plus I didn’t want her to think I was taking any of her limelight. She’s really a submissive, she’ll do anything you want her to do. The guys all lined up and one by one she sucked on their dicks, with her husband and SC taking video and pics. I got the place of honor, I went down and dove into that beautiful Betturkey Giriş pussy of hers. Oh delicious, she was a true blonde and all that blonde hair just made me ache. She tasted so sweet, and to see her moan, and rotate her hips to what I was doing just sent me over the edge, giving me my first orgasm. After a while, I let one of the guys get in and eat her for a while, and I went up to her face and tits. I sucked on those beautiful tits of hers, gently scraping my teeth against her nipples. When she got to Kid, I was so wet. I watched her suck on kid’s dick, and even helped her, fulfilling a fantasy of Kids. During one of the few breaks, her and I shared a long, lingering kiss. And Kid got down and ate my pussy, making me cum, which made me scream. I forgot that there was a roomful of people watching. Of course, SC got pics of all this, as well as a few others, and I got some really good pics. I can’t wait for him to send them to me so I can post them. Everybody came on her face, and we got some pics of that. Oh the sight of so many men cumming on her face, that was so sexy. And then after, when everyone was gone, it was me and Kid, her and her husband, and SC. Kid was fucking me, and they were all talking, then she started sucking on SC’s dick, with her beautiful ass in my face, so I started to eat that pussy again. Then, I got out of the mix, and Kid slipped on a condom (btw, everyone else did, too) and slid into that beautiful pussy, with her still sucking on SC’s dick. I grabbed the camera and got a GREAT pic of that. Oh fuck that was so sexy, watching my baby fuck the shit out of that sweet pussy, while she sucked on SC’s dick. Damn, get’s me wet just thinking about it. I will never forget the sight of him banging away at that pussy with her sucking SC, and the look on Kid’s and SC’s face. Absolutely incredible.

And after, Kid fucked me some more, never stopping until it was time to go. We came home, and he fucked me again. When he came, he came for a full minute. One of his most powerful orgasms he’s ever experienced. HE was so exhausted, but I was so turned on that I had to cum yet again. I pulled out my toy, and Kid fucked me with it while I fingered my clit. My orgasm was so much that I gushed out, I would have probably squirted if that vibrator hadn’t been buried inside me.

This morning, after he left and went home, I logged into the net, only to find him online, and he begged me to come over. “I need you! I need to be inside you!” I remembered last night when he told me he needed my pussy, “you don’t know how bad I need this pussy” He has me so hot all over again by that one simple sentence.

So, I’ve got to go. I’ve got to take care of my baby. *grin*

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Still Can’t Resist

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There I was again, this time bent over his kitchen table. I was feeling him slide his cock in me for the first time today, concentrating on how good it felt stretching me to my limit, savoring the taste of his cum from sucking his cock in the foyer of his house a few minutes ago. His cock took over my whole body as soon as it slipped inside. When his balls rested against mine and I felt his hips pressing on my ass cheeks I felt complete. How did I get here this time?

After struggling with the decision whether to continue this fling I had decided to break it off. That was several weeks ago and I had been doing well since then. A few days ago I was flirting with a man in the produce section while grocery shopping. I didn’t intend to have any interaction with him but he started it, and there was some connection I felt as we talked. I learned his name is Sebastian and we exchanged numbers to get together sometime. On the way home I had thought better of it deciding that I wasn’t going to have another fling.

This morning I woke to Sebastian’s text. It just said ‘Good morning’ but my heart started to race and my cock was hard in a seconds. I sent a text back asking how he was doing. He responded ‘Hard and horny’. Before I could think of a decent response I was staring at a picture of his hand wrapped around his cock. I responded ‘Looks like you need some attention’ leading us to figure out which could host time together. Fifteen minutes later I watched him opening the door as I walked up the driveway to his house. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt but took them off as soon as I was inside. He leaned in to start passionately kissing me. I pulled my shirt off over my head momentarily interrupting our kiss. Dropping it to the floor, I unfastened my shorts and let them drop too.

Sebastian’s body felt so hot and sexy against mine that I lost my sense of time and surroundings. His tongue darted in my mouth rubbing on my lips and wrestling with my tongue. His hands were on my ass pulling us closer together. I could feel his cock pressing against me. I needed it in me, I needed to taste it and feel it pushing down my throat. Moments later he broke the kiss and took my hand leading me to his living room. He sat on the couch and pulled me down forcing me to kneel in front of him. He reached to me taking my head and forcefully pulling me to his cock. I loved feeling as if he read my mind doing exactly what I needed.

I took his cock in my mouth and let it slide down my throat until my chin pressed on his balls and my nose buried itself in his untrimmed pubes. His precum had been pressed on my tongue as his cock had entered my mouth. It tasted wonderful and reminded me of what I had been missing. I took my time starting a rhythm of taking his cock down my throat and then massaging his cock with my tongue. Cock lust enveloped me completely. I was lost in the softness of the skin sliding across my tongue. As much as I wanted his cum on my tongue I really wanted this blowjob to last. Whenever he started to seem close to coming I pulled off of his cock and massaged his balls. I took each in separately to gently massage them with my tongue. When he relaxed I took his cock in my mouth as deep as it would reach. When he shot his load I pulled back to collect it in my mouth. Feeling his warm silky cum coating my tongue was a sensation I had missed. I played with it swirling it around while pumping his cock with my hand to milk out all I could get.

After I had to swallow I moved to sit down next to Sebastian on the couch. He leaned over me putting his hand on my chest. He played with my nipple as he leaned in further kissing me on the lips. His mouth’s gentle touch contrasted with what his hand was now doing to my nipple. He was rolling it between his fingers with the most pressure I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know where he had it hidden but when he moved his hand away there was a nipple clamp on it. I put my head back to try regaining my composure when I felt him put a clamp on my other nipple. When he moved his hand back down to massage my cock I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything. I was trying to kiss back but I was overwhelmed with the sensations.

I broke our kiss to work on getting his cock ready to go again. I bent over him to use my tongue on his cock. I massaged the front of his cock moving from the head to the base. I worked it for several minutes while gently holding his balls. I tried to at least. He teased my nipples further by flicking the clamps occasionally. Each time I jumped and had to settle back on his cock. He gradually started getting hard again so I took him in my mouth. When I was confident he was going to stay hard I pulled off. I turned to face him lifting my leg over him, moving to straddle him where he sat on the couch. I took the bottle of lube from the end table. I put a generous amount on his cock and massaged it briefly before rubbing some on me. With one hand I took his cock guiding it to my entrance. Feeling xslot giriş the head press on my hole built the anticipation I felt. I slowly lowered myself until his head popped in. Once the head was in I let myself fall until I was sitting on him. I stayed still for a minute to adjust and savor feeling him stretching and filling me. I started riding his cock slowly at first before increasing the pace. He continued playing with the nipple clamps making my cock hard as a rock. One touch and I’m sure I would have blasted my cum across him. Soon he asked me to slow so he didn’t cum. As much as I wanted it now I knew I had to stop. I wanted this to last too.

I leaned in for a passionate kiss before lifting myself off of him. I moved over next to him on the couch. As I sat I pulled him toward me. He quickly got the message and moved to me lifting my legs up as he did. He positioned himself to line up with me and put his cock to my entrance. It entered easily as he thrust into me. I felt his balls hitting my ass as he started fucking me in earnest. He had me on the edge of coming just as he started fucking me harder and faster. I could see the genuine lust on his face when he started to cum. His moans increased as his cock exploded in me. I felt his cock grow and throb just as he put his hand on my cock. He squeezed gently and I shot the most powerful orgasm that I could remember. I shot my own cum up to land on my face. Some landed in my mouth and across my lips. It was the most intense feeling having him cum in me and have my own cum dripping into my mouth. He laid down on me as we caught our breath. His sweat felt so manly as it ran down my body. I could feel his heartbeat as I put one leg around his backside holding him to me.

When his cock shrank back enough to fall out of me he told me he had to get to work soon. We shared one more kiss before I dressed and left. As I drove home I felt conflicted. There was wonderful satisfaction that should have been enough to hold me a couple of days. I knew I wanted more. I checked the time and it was just before eleven in the morning. Frank would be half way through his workout if he was on his usual schedule. I quickly turned to head over. I grabbed my gym clothes that I had left in the back of the car and went inside. I changed quickly and went to the bicycles. I chose a cycle two cycles over and one row in front of Frank without letting him know I saw him. I felt his eyes on me but resisted turning back or looking in any mirrors. I quit and went to the shower just before his normal time to stop and shower. As I left I made sure not to notice him. As soon as I started the shower he was there.

“Hi Brian, haven’t seen you for a while.” He said. I felt a shot of adrenaline run through me. As he said it a little of Sebastian’s cum leaked from my ass. I felt the slippery liquid between my cheeks before it ran down my leg. I turned a bit so the water would rinse it off.

“Oh, how have you been doing?” I responded. I continued washing while we talked.

“I’m better today. Are you free?” He asked.

I smiled enjoying the attention. “My day is pretty open.”

“Do you want to meet back at my place?” He asked.

“Yeah, I would like that.” I responded coolly. I went to the gym for one purpose but he didn’t need to know how desperate I was feeling. I quickly finished rinsing.

“Let’s go now.” I wanted him to stay sweaty. So much for playing it cool though. I grabbed my towel and briefly dried off before putting my shorts and shirt back on. We walked to the parking lot together and I followed him to his house. As I parked I noticed neighbors on either side were out in their yards working. One, a man waved as I stepped away from my car. I wondered if they knew what I was there for, what Frank liked to do. As soon as we were inside Frank’s clothes were off. I immediately dropped to my knees to taste his cock.

I licked his cock from his balls to the head before taking it in to the base. Unable to breathe I pressed my nose further into his pubes and felt his balls on my chin. Extreme satisfaction swept over me. The second cock in my mouth today, the second man’s balls pressing on my chin, the second cock head preventing me from breathing. I wanted him to be the second man coming in my mouth and eventually my ass today. I pulled back to take a breath before sucking his cock in my mouth again. I started a slow rhythm bobbing my head on him, listening to his moans increase as I continued. His hips started moving in time with my movements. I pushed my tongue harder against his cock as it slid into my throat. Suddenly he stopped with his cock buried in my mouth and throat. I felt him start to cum as he held my head tight to his body. His cock head swelled and began shooting cum straight down my throat. His cock throbbed shooting pulse after pulse until he let go of my head. I pulled back wanting to taste and feel his cum on my tongue. I got a squirt or xslot two before he finished. I milked as much out as I could and savored it in my mouth.

He wasted no time telling me to lean over his kitchen table with my feet on the floor. I stripped my clothes off and followed his instruction. He stood behind me and slapped my ass with his cock. He alternated spanking me with his hand and his cock until he was hard again. When he was hard he squirted some lube on his cock before putting it to my asshole. His cock entered me stretching me further than I was stretched this morning. I moaned uncontrollably as he pushed his cock in the rest of the way.

Frank didn’t wait for anything once his hips were pressed to my ass. He started fucking my ass hard. He was slamming my ass each time he thrust moving the table across the floor. My cock was pushing on the table each time he bottomed out. I was so turned on from tasting his cum lingering in my mouth and now having his cock fuck me hard on the table. My precum was lubricating my stomach on the table as he continued slamming his cock into me. My already sensitive nipples were rubbing on the table. His stamina today was amazing, he kept going. He picked up the pace more and his moaning was close to yelling. I was grunting and moaning with each thrust. The table had migrated several feet and was putting deep marks in the wall as he pounded me. I saw the window was open making me wonder how close the neighbor was. I looked over and could see the neighbor’s window was open too. I saw his neighbor watching us through the window. His face was clear standing close to his window. I squeezed my ass tightening on his cock. I was enjoying being pushed on the table just as I heard him vocalize his orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Ohhhhhh!” he said as he thrust into me one last time holding his cock as deep as it would go. I felt him throbbing in my ass. It seemed to go on forever. His fingers dug deep into my hips. He pumped a couple of times slowly then collapsed forward on my back. It felt perfect having the second man today resting his sweaty body on me after fucking my ass. I looked out the window again this time making eye contact with the neighbor. I smiled and he waved hello again. I gave him a small wave back as much as I could with Frank laying on me. After a minute or two recuperating he slipped out of me and sat on one of the chairs.

“Thanks for coming over. I was surprised to run into you today. A nice surprise, definitely.” He said.

“Yeah, me too. That was perfect. I didn’t realize how badly I need you.” I responded, sitting on the chair next to him. We made some small talk before I left. I knew I would need more. I suddenly realized I felt like an insatiable slut looking for the next cock. I realized it was largely not the next man but the next cock I desired.

“I should get going. I really enjoyed us today. Do you want to get together tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do.” he responded. “I have a family birthday party tomorrow afternoon but I have time in the morning or evening.”

“Let’s do morning.” I said, thinking I would have him in the evening too.

“Okay.” he said. We put each other’s numbers in our phones. I moved to his lap straddling him. I kissed him deeply before whispering in his ear. “See you tomorrow.”

I pulled on my clothes as I walked to the door. As I drove away I saw the neighbor that watched us was back outside. I smiled and waved as I pulled away. I drove knowing that I wasn’t done. I really felt insatiable. I need more tonight. It was early afternoon so I had a little time to look. I decided to pick up a coffee on the way home. I sat drinking my coffee in the parking lot. Without a second thought I downloaded a gay hook-up app to my phone. I created a new profile and uploaded pics of myself that I already had on my phone. I found a couple of profiles that looked good and sent some messages. I received a reply from one right away. He said his name was Steve and was looking for someone now. He said he was straight but liked being a top to enthusiastic guys. I was happy to oblige. After many texts we decided to meet at his house.

When I arrived I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. Steve opened the door and I went in. He offered a beer as he shut the door. I accepted and drank most of it as I followed him to the bedroom. I set the bottle down on a dresser and Steve moved in to kiss. His lips were soft though they pressed firmly on mine. He moved down to kiss my neck. I reached down to unfasten his belt and pants. They fell to the floor letting his cock push on my stomach. I felt a little thrill that he hadn’t been wearing underwear. I unbuttoned his shirt letting it fall too. I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor then broke our embrace to pull off my shirt.

I nudged him back so he sat on the edge of the bed then kneeled before him. I put my mouth on the head of his cock, tasting his precum. I rubbed his cock a couple of times to milk out a few more drops before burying his beautiful seven inch cock in my mouth. His cock invaded my throat and prevented me from breathing. I felt that satisfaction wash over me again. I pulled back to get fresh air before taking him in again. I reached down to feel my cock. It was hard from having another cock enveloped in my mouth today. I started rhythmically taking his cock in, sometimes I would deep throat him and sometimes I would just lick down to his balls, taking them in my mouth one after the other. I was happiest feeling his balls touch my chin, knowing I had to plan my breathing to hold him in deep. I worked his cock until I felt his balls tighten. His head started to swell and I knew I was going to get my delicious reward. He let out a loud groan and I felt his cum draining across my tongue. I swallowed a few times before keeping the last bit in my mouth. I swirled it around wanting to keeping his flavor as long as I could. I pulled his cock out before it was too sensitive, giving it soft kisses from the head to his balls and then down to his asshole. I licked back up over his sac to the head. He laid back on the bed and I went to get two more beers.

I brought them back and laid next to him. Once they were emptied he leaned across me to play with my chest. He teased my nipples getting my cock rock hard again. I felt the sensation tingle through my chest before he moved down me. He moved his lips down to my cock. His hot mouth took me inside. I balled the sheets in my fists doing everything I could not to cum. His mouth felt amazing on my cock. He ran his tongue and lips back and forth on the front driving me crazy. I wanted to let go and cum but I needed his cock again.

I gently pulled him up to kiss me on the lips before whispering to him. I told him I needed his cock in me. I needed him to fuck me. He took a bottle of lube from his nightstand and moved between my legs. I pulled my legs back while he massaged some onto his cock. He dripped some lube on my entrance and put the head of his cock against me. He pushed the head in and waited for a moment. His cock filled me perfectly when he push in completely. He started a slow grind fucking me. His balls rhythmically pressed on my ass cheeks while I enjoyed the steady pace of his cock fucking my ass. His cock was rubbing my prostate with every thrust me getting me closer and closer to the edge of coming. He started hitting me faster. I could hear his balls hitting me with each stroke. I felt my legs start shaking. The feeling took over my whole body as I moved closer to coming. My ass tightened on him as his pace slowed. His moans doubled in volume and he slammed his cock in me one last time. I felt his cock throbbing in me. We stayed in that position until his cock slipped out of my well loosened ass. He rolled over next to me and we laid together for a while.

I woke up an hour later next to Steve. He was still sleeping. I checked for messages seeing that I had a reply from another man I had messaged. Several texts later he said he wanted to talk to me on the phone before we met. Steve was just waking up so I kissed him gently on the lips. I said I needed to go but asked him to let me know when had time again. I dressed and went to my car.

Robert answered immediately when I called him. His voice was deep and smooth. We talked for a bit. Once he understood I was real and normal he gave me his address. I wasted no time heading over to meet him. He was several inches taller than me and a little chunky. I stepped in and hugged him before we moved to his couch. We both stripped and I was happy again. Dark hair covered his chest and down to his cock. A nice dusting covered his thighs and some on his calves. We sat nude together. I put my hand on his knee feeling him jump a little. I slid my hand up his leg to his balls. I cupped them briefly and the moved to his cock. I felt the warmth on my palm until I moved down putting my lips on the head of his cock.

I took him in to the base feeling the fourth cock today entering my throat. He moaned when I pulled back and then swallowed his cock again. I felt his legs flex as he stretched and leaned back further on the couch. I bobbed my head faster on his cock. His moans increased but I wasn’t able to make him cum. He told me that often it was difficult for him to cum during a blowjob. I sat up and moved my leg to straddle him. He was prepared with a bottle of lube. He put some on his cock. I moved over his cock lining it up with my ass. I slid down his cock easily. I leaned to kiss him as I started riding his cock. His tongue lunged into my mouth playing with my mine. I sucked on his tongue as I rode him. My ass was too stretched to get him off so I suggested he take me from behind. I moved over and got on my knees on the couch. Robert moved behind me and pushed his cock in me. I squeezed his cock with my ass as much as I could as he started pumping me as fast as he could move. His grunting and moaning quickly increased. His fingers dug into my hips from pulling me back on his cock. I reached back to feel his balls as they slapped against mine. He worked me this way slapping my ass occasionally.

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Halamın ve Amcamın Kızları Amlarını Açtı Bende Siktim.porno hikaye dinle

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Dave , Tammy’s Excellent Adventure

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It was a beautiful evening, just about sunset, when I saw you for the first time. We first met on the internet, and everything had clicked right from the very beginning. You laughed at my dumb jokes and silly puns; I loved your direct and open way of sharing. Our ages were dissimilar yet we connected immediately. We were both married, actually we were both married happily, and still are, yet were looking for something more. My marriage was strong and happy, but my wife was ill and unable to do all the things we wanted. Sex did happen, but not frequently and even then, gently so as to not cause her any pain. You had married the love of your life, your soul mate and high school sweetheart. He was a great husband and a great father to your children. He was also gay. Sex also happened in your marriage, but again, not frequently and not with the passion you longed for. We had come from quite different backgrounds, yet we had arrived in the same place. We had arranged to meet in the park, in public you know, for safety reasons, and I suppose so that either one of us could bail at any time if we found things were not to our liking.

We locked eyes, and I found you very attractive. You had beautiful eyes, a small nose, soft, curling hair and lovely, kissable lips. As the sun began to set on the horizon, we began walking around the lake in the center of the park. We talked, laughed, and began to find things in common. My attraction for you grew, and your few slowly subsided. We brushed against each other as we walked, an arm, a shoulder, a hand. It took me some time to build up the courage to take your hand, yet finally, feeling like and awkward teenager, I just reached out and took it. Here we were, just a couple of average people with average bodies and average faces from different generations, in search of friendship, and if that all worked out, the same thing ümraniye escort that human beings had been looking for from the beginning of time.

We looked at each other deeply as we walked, scarcely aware of our surroundings. We could feel the passion build as we walked. The heat from you pussy made your brow glisten, and your breaths came more quickly. Your palms grew hotter and I could tell you were ready to go farther. Our talk had become more sensual, sexy and graphic. We talked about pleasing ourselves, pleasing our spouses, and pleasing our lovers. We talked of straight sex, we talked of oral sex, and we talked of anal sex. I had become hard and my member was straining to free itself from my pants as we walked. We were fast approaching the point of no return. We talked of safe sex, we talked of risks and we talked of rewards.

As we came around the back side of the lake for a second time, the sun had set and dusk was beginning to settle. It was still light enough to see clearly, and we found a park bench to sit on. I put my arm around your shoulder and drew you near. Your head fell comfortably on my shoulder and you breathed deeply. We held hands across our laps and turned our heads to face each other.

We stopped talking and looked without blinking into each other’s eyes. Without speaking, we lean slowly to each other and softly our lips met. It was our first kiss, and there was electricity in it. You felt it in your lips, in your hands, in your nipples and in your pussy. We opened up and French kissed deeply, searching out each other’s mouths and savoring the taste and wetness of each other, and the heat began to rise. We drew closer together and kissed more, my cock getting harder and your pussy wetter as each second passed. We licked and touched and kissed each other, softly and wetly, arms around each other, feeling our pendik escort bodies touch. We took a break to catch our breath, smiled and began again.

I reached for your breast as we continued, and found you had already unbuttoned your blouse for me. At the first touch of my fingers on your tit, you gasped, and urged me onward. Your braless tits became mine, and my hands roamed and touched and twirled your nipples, and discovered the soft fullness of each one. We broke out kiss and took your nipple into my mouth. I sucked softly at first and felt your nipple harder in my mouth. As I sucked on you, your begged me to take you harder. I sucked harder, and then bit your nipple softly. Your first orgasm softly surged through your body and I continued to nibble and suck. As I drew you nipple into my mouth hard, fluid began to seep from the tip. I sucked even harder, and your milk surged in, smooth and wet, slightly sweet. I drank your full tit, and then, with my mouth full of your milk, kissed you again. I opened my mouth and your milk flowed between us, and then your drank it from my mouth.

Your hand then grasped my hard cock through my pants and you gently squeezed it and began to stroke it. My cock was as hard as a rock, and the pre-cum seeping out stained my pants. Slowly we slid off the bench onto the grass, each pulling at the other’s pants. In seconds they were off, and our naked sex was exposed. After a moment’s hesitation to take in the view, your mouth settled over my cock as your shaven pussy settled over my face, and we each began licking, sucking, tasting, savoring the new sensations. Passion had totally overcome us, and we took each other as if nothing else in the world mattered.

My tongue started at the opening of your pussy, licking your open lips and tasting the wetness that was dripping from you pussy. I kissed your bostancı escort pussy as if it were your mouth, and my tongue penetrated deep into the wetness of your cunt. I licked all along your wet slit, from your asshole to the tip of your clit, and you shuddered as my tongue contacted your little bud. It began to swell and I took it into my mouth, sucking and tonguing it. Your hips began thrusting against my mouth involuntarily, and soon you came again on my mouth, hard and fast, the moans and screams escaping your lips, your pussy clenching and your whole body shaking.

In response to your climax, you sucked my cock deeper into your mouth. You softly cupped my balls and stroked my cock, trying to milk the cum out of it. You fucked my cock with your mouth, raising and lowering your head over my shaft, using your hands as well as your mouth, drawing me closer to orgasm. You tongued the opening in my cockhead and stroked me until you could feel my balls tighten, then sucked me hard and stroked me hard as I started cumming. Hot jets of smooth cum shot from my cock with every stroke, filling your mouth with my cum. You swallowed after each shot until it slowed, the slowly stroked my cock into your mouth, making sure you sucked every drop into your mouth. As my hardness faded, you turned around and kissed me deeply, sharing the last of my cum with me. Spent, we lay next to each other, breathing hard and yet hardly breathing. It was intense and it was great.

A few minutes later you I felt your warm breath on my cock. I looked and could see you poised to begin sucking me again. My cock began to pulsate in anticipation, and your warmth completely covered it. In a minute or two I was hard again, and you climbed up on top of me and lowered your wet, hot, tight pussy onto my cock. Your rode me for a few minutes, then we rolled over so I was on top. I lifted your legs to your shoulders, more fully exposing your pussy and allowing my cock to hit your g-spot with each penetration. You squeezed me with your pussy with each thrust, and we both neared another orgasm.

“C’mon,” you said, “Ride me, cowboy.”

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Lebanese Girl For Black Stud

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College Sex

My name is Mohammed Aziz, and I’m a young Black man living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I was born in the town of Kano, northern Nigeria, to a Nigerian father and Iranian mother. Seven in the morning on February 5, 1988. That’s when I came into this world. Due to my unique heritage, I look quite different from most Nigerians. I stand six feet two inches tall, slim and fit, with light brown skin, curly black hair and pale gray eyes. My family moved to the region of Ontario, Canada, sixteen years ago. I’ve been living in this great country ever since. My parents stay in the City of Toronto, but I came to study at the University of Ottawa because I wanted to experience life outside of T.O. for a little bit.

Life in the Confederation of Canada can sure be complicated, man. Especially if you’re from a non- European background. There is a lot of racism and discrimination everywhere, but in Canada we have it down to a science. We call ourselves a multicultural nation, but we really aren’t. There are lots of Africans, Arabs, Chinese and Indians living in the Province of Ontario but they’re seen as an invasive force by a certain percentage of the Canadian population. How do I feel about this? I wish other immigrants would try harder to integrate themselves into Canadian society. It’s okay to be whatever race, culture or religion you happen to hail from, but remember that your allegiance should be to Canada, its legal, cultural and social norms. Some immigrants forget that, and I’m ashamed to say that most of those who forget or ignore these Canadian norms tend to be Muslims.

As I said before, my father, Akbar Aziz is a Muslim man from the Republic of Nigeria. He moved to the Republic of Iran from his homeland of Nigeria for business, fell in love with the culture and even married an Iranian woman. My mother Afareen is Iranian, and she had no problem adjusting to Nigerian culture after moving there from Iran. My family moved to Canada in search of better opportunities. My father came to Canada with an Oxford University degree, and yet he had trouble finding work as a civil engineer in the vastness of Canada for years. See what I mean about Canada being racist? How long do you think it would take a White guy with an Oxford University degree in civil engineering to find work in Canada? Probably a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, my father found work in his field and he was able to support his family. As for my mother, she went back to school. Mom studied Nursing at Ryerson University for four years and now works as a hospital in Toronto. She had a Nursing degree from the University of Tehran in the Islamic Republic of Iran but Canada doesn’t seem to value college and university degrees from outside of America or the European Union. And that’s a shame.

My family has done its best to adapt to the facts and hidden truths about our dear Canadian culture. It’s no secret that Nigerians are a very business-minded people and my pops always told me to focus on education. It’s the gateway to success in western society if you’re an immigrant. That’s why I am in the Telfer ümraniye escort MBA program at the University of Ottawa. A lot of people think that because my family is Muslim then I must be super religious. Dude, I can’t even recall the last time I went to a mosque and I don’t feel bad about it in any way, shape or form. My father is a Muslim man with a secular mindset, and he raised me in the same manner. Do I believe that God exist? Absolutely. Am I super religious? Hell no to the power of ten. I live my life my way. Only our merciful God can judge me, not some raging old guy in a mosque.

My view of the world often surprises the people I meet, especially westerners, once they find out certain things in my personal background. I don’t believe that religion and government should be the same entity. It leads to chaos, especially when fundamentalists seize power. That’s not good for anyone in the long run, trust me. Sharia Law is a bad idea. Don’t let it come to Europe, Australia, New Zealand or North America. It would fuck things up for everyone, Muslims included. Also, I have lots of friends from other religions. Most of my buddies are Christians and Hindus, with a Jewish guy or two thrown in. See? I truly don’t discriminate. Don’t ask me the quote unquote typical Muslim questions either. I have no love for either the State of Israel or whatever Palestine calls itself this week. They can all go to hell down there. Why is the world focusing its attention on these two? Seriously. We’ve got bigger fish to try, like dealing with global warming, and fixing the global financial market.

Why do I feel this way about geopolitics? Please allow me to explain. As the son of a Black man who married a Persian woman, I have experienced firsthand the racism of Arab/Persian society. You should have seen the way the Persians looked at my family and I when we visited my mother’s side of the family in the City of Tehran a while back. We might as well be Martians in their eyes. They found us that strange. Arab men feel that they can marry women of any race or religion but they get MAD when they see a non-Arab male with an Arab lady. They’re more racist than White guys, man. Not every White guy will attack a Black man he sees with a White lady. Arab males and Persian males are far more vicious and jealous when it comes to “their” women. And they lack any kind of self-control. They’re more emotional than a brat at a toy store. They will attack you. Trust me on that one.

You can forgive me when I say I don’t have much love for Arab guys or Persian guys. They’ve insulted my family more times than I care to admit. Simply for being who we are. They called my mother a race traitor for marrying a Black Muslim man instead of an Arab or Persian male. Fuck those bastards, man. I was actually cheering the American armed forces and their allies when they were kicking butt in Iraq and Afghanistan along with Pakistan in the aftermath of 9/11. I hate terrorists and religious fanatics who commit murder in the name of religion. And I am Muslim! Now you’ve seen everything. People have got to stop making pendik escort assumptions about me simply because of my faith. Would it surprise you to know that I visited several churches on many occasions with Christian friends of mine and found them far more friendly and welcoming than the average mosque?

Yes, indeed. I visited a Nigerian church in the City of Ottawa and I found it really cool. The Pastor was a friendly, well-spoken man. When a man has God in his life, whether he calls God by the moniker God or Allah, anyone can tell. It’s not something that’s easy to fake. You either have it or you don’t. I sincerely think that being a preacher is an avocation, not a job. The pastor of that Nigerian church was a man of God, and he was friendly to me even though I am Muslim because men of God should not be prejudiced. In certain mosques, I get funny looks because I am visibly of partial African descent and most of the locals are Arab. It does happen. Why? Simply because of the racism prevalent in Muslim communities. And unlike Christians, we don’t talk about these problems so they can never be solved. That’s a damn shame because the world would be a better place if Muslims admitted to themselves that they have issues when it comes to race and religion. Issues badly in need of solutions.

The other day, I was walking around with my dog Marquis in the Vanier sector of Ottawa. There is a quaint little Haitian restaurant in the area that I absolutely love. The Island Sun restaurant. I love Haitian food. While waiting for my food, I noticed someone looking at me. A six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, bronze-skinned Caucasian woman. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her. Like me, she was waiting for her food. When I stepped out, I handed my dog Marquis a piece of chicken and waited for him to finish eating it before walking back toward the Park. Guess who I bumped into on my way there? The tall blonde gal from the Haitian restaurant. She smiled at me and asked me if she knew me from somewhere. I smiled politely, and introduced myself. She shook my hand, and introduced herself as Carmen Bashir.

Carmen Bashir and I walked together for a minute. She seemed to like my dog Marquis, and she asked me a lot of questions. I had some questions of my own for this blonde beauty. Where did she go to school? What she was she studying? Was she single? Carmen was quite happy to answer my questions. She was in the MBA program at Carleton University. She transferred there from Brunel University in the City of London, England. Her father was a Lebanese Christian and her mother was White British. Wow. That’s cool. I told her that my Nigerian father studied at Oxford University, and held dual Canadian/British citizenships. Carmen told me that she was new to the Vanier area, but so far she liked it. I was a bit surprised by that. Carmen looked like money, and Vanier was a working-class area at best. Why did she like it so much? Smiling, she told me she loved Vanier because of all the cute Black men and Arab guys walking around. I grinned at that and told her that bostancı escort I was both Black and Arab. Carmen’s smile widened to the point of hurting.

As luck would have it, Carmen lived nearby, and she invited me over for a drink. We ended up sitting in her living room, which was filled with African art, and eating some delicious Haitian food together. I was a bit surprised that this tall, beautiful young Caucasian woman from Great Britain was so eager to welcome a stranger, a Black man at that, into her home. Then I realized something. Carmen was one of those highly experimental westernized Arab chicks. I heard about them but never really met one. While we ate together, she kept rubbing her foot against mine. I knew what she wanted. And you had better believe that I gave it to her. As soon as we finished our meal, we got down to business.

Carmen and I lay on the bed, naked as jay birds, and we did our business. The sexy Lebanese-British gal licked me from my head to my toes, then she took my eight-inch cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes as the sexy gal sucked my cock and licked my balls. She got me hard as hell, and I was ready to stick her but she told me that I had to prepare the terrain before playing. Translation? If I didn’t lick her pussy, and lick it good, she wouldn’t let me stick my cock into her. You had better believe I was ready for her. I spread Carmen’s shapely thighs, and gave her sweet blonde pussy a good licking. Carmen moaned as I fingered her cunt while teasing her clitoris with my tongue. A lot of men attack oral sex like a chore but for me, it’s a pleasure. I lathered up Carmen’s pussy with my tongue, making her squirm before she squealed in delight. I looked into her eyes and asked her if she was ready for me. She urged me to stick her.

I put on a condom and thrust my cock deep into Carmen’s pussy. The sexy Lebanese-British gal wrapped her arms around me, swearing like a sailor and urging me to fuck her harder. I fucked her real good, slamming my dick into her cunt like my life depended on it. I flipped her, putting on all fours and smacking her round ass while thrusting my dick into her from behind. I pulled on her long blonde hair, making her scream as I fucked her roughly. I’ve been with White girls and Black women, and the odd Asian broad but never an Arab woman. It’s true that Carmen is mixed but so what? You had better believe that I enjoyed my very first piece of Arab pussy, by way of Lebanon via Britain. Carmen and I went at it for like an hour, then we stopped because I was spent. In her backyard my dog Marquis was barking, and that jolted me back to reality.

Carmen smiled at me and told me that I fucked her better than any of the Black men and Arab guys she’d been with. I smiled at that. Well, I am half Black and half Persian. In the eyes of the world, I’m a Black man, though I am Afro-Persian if you want to get technical. Whatever. I accepted Carmen’s compliment, then put my clothes back on. Carmen and I didn’t exchange numbers, nor did we kiss. I wished her a good afternoon, then let myself out. I took my dog Marquis, then walked from Vanier down to the Rideau Center. I live in an apartment building near the Chapel Street area. One that’s pet-friendly. I stopped by Loblaws to grab some pet food for Marquis, then we went home. Not bad for an ordinary Monday in Ottawa, eh?

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Dan and Me Pt. 22

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Dan had asked me to be his plus one at an event for his office, and said he’d come and pick me up. He showed up just after I’d got out of the shower, so we went to the bedroom and chose my outfit for the night.

We picked out a red button up dress, red stockings, red garter belt and red heels. I put my hair up and did all the make-up. Dan was happy to see me taking it seriously, and I’d promised to be good and not embarrass him.

I’d never met any of the people he works with, so I played the doting friend, and stuck with him. I did have several guys suggest I could do better than Dan, that is, them, but I just laughed them off as if it was a joke.

We got to do some dancing, which I always enjoy – Dan’s not a great fan of dancing, but he does well enough. I got to dance some of the slower numbers in a way that would leave tongues wagging when we weren’t there. Whenever we sat down for a bit, guys would come up and ask me to dance, but I was there with Dan, so I turned them all down.

At the end of the evening, Dan said we could go and do anything I wanted, as I’d made him look good. I wanted to find somewhere to go and play pool.

“Dressed like ümraniye escort this?” he said, gesturing at our overdressedness.

I loosened his tie and undid the top button.

“Sure,” I said.

He drove us to a bar that had a back room with a couple of pool tables, and headed in there.

Dan’s not a great pool player, but I didn’t have any trouble getting a game. I ended up joining the “play the winner” thing on one of the tables. I was enjoying teasing Dan by bending over to take shots, but I noticed some of the other patrons paying attention, too.

I had one of those shots where I needed to put my knee on the table and lean right over to line the shot up, and I couldn’t get my knee up in my dress, so I undid a couple of the buttons at the bottom. I felt the cool air as I was flashing stocking tops and maybe even a bit of the skin above. I left those buttons undone, and I was pretty sure you could sometimes see my stocking tops when I bent over.

When I’d lost and had to sit out a game with Dan, he undid a button at the top too, and when I went back to play, you could just see my cleavage when I was bending over for a shot.

For pendik escort the next game, I undid another button at the bottom and the top before starting out, and I could feel a lot more cool air on me. When I next did the knee on the table shot, I felt like you could see my pussy, and a couple of the guys who weren’t playing any longer started following me around, leering whenever I bent over.

Before the next shot, I managed to undo another button at the top, and when bending over, my tits almost fell out. I pretended to be embarrassed, and said I should do up all the buttons, but the guys all said it was just fine. One guy suggested I undo a button if I missed the shot, so I smiled sweetly at him, then put the ball in the pocket.

I missed the next shot, and pretended to be all nervous as I undid the next button. The next time I got up, every time I bent to take a shot, it was like my tits were going to fall out. When I missed my next shot, I undid another button before sitting down.

The next time I got up and bent over to take a shot, my tits did fall out, and everybody seemed interested as I tucked them back in my dress. They fell out bostancı escort again for the next shot, but I’d missed, so I tucked them away and undid another button before sitting down.

When I got up again, Dan said that the dress was doing more harm than good at the moment, and he suggested I just take it off. The guys all agreed, so I took it off and handed it to him, then finished the game in just my stockings, garter belt and heels.

The guys were starting to get handsy now, touching me when I passed them or went to take a shot. I was really turned on, but after that game, went to Dan and said I was ready to leave. A couple of the guys tried to convince us, well, me, to stay, but Dan gave me my dress and I put it on and did up a couple of buttons so we could go.

As we left the pool room, I told Dan I’d enjoyed it but I didn’t want to end up being gang raped on a pool table, so I’d rather leave and get fucked by him in the van.

When we got to the van, Dan opened the side door. I undid the buttons on my dress and took it off, giving it to Dan before getting in. I’m pretty sure the couple of people in the parking lot saw me. Dan got in and closed the door, locking it.

“We should get an ‘if the van’s rocking don’t bother knocking’ sticker,” he said, grinning, as I undid his belt. I pulled his pants down enough to straddle him, and we fucked in the back of his van before he drove me home.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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