Smooth Jazz Ch. 10

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*To clarify: People were asking why Marcelo and Connor didn’t ask for a name. Honestly I don’t know If Martin told William his real name or not, I haven’t written it in haha, even so I don’t think a similar name, and no proof of correct identity is going to convince someone their best friend is a serial rapist. Especially since when Connor saw him he didn’t look the same (because he changes identities)* Thanks for those comments.

SO WE COME TO THE END!!!! Wow time flies, this is the final chapter of the saga of Jazz and Connor. I’ve learned so much through this process of making my writing public. THANK YOU to everyone who read, favorite, commented, and or rated the story. Thank you for the good and critical feedback!!!!

*Rate, comment, favorite, and re read!!!

P.S Marcelo may be getting a story 😉


“I don’t think this is necessary guys.” William spoke but quickly stepped back when Marcelo looked his way while loading his gun.

“We’re going into a trap house with captive drugs, money, and to convince a drug dealer that we haven’t stole it but we are giving it back to him. Being that he probably knows Ellen cut you off, I wouldn’t be so cool.” Marcelo quipped.

“Do I get a gun?” William asked hopefully.

“Ah no,” Connor said shooting down his hopes.

“Don’t worry we need you alive. We won’t let you get hurt. You can carry these bags though.” William sat in the back as Marcelo threw the duffel bags of drugs and money in his lap.

“This isn’t even half the drugs.” William was starting to get nervous.

“I thought you sold drugs before? Why would we take all we have if were using the drugs as a bargaining chip…” Marcelo questioned and then William felt dumb.

“Okay I’ll shut up.”

“That’s what I wanna hear. Connor let’s get it.” Marcelo slammed the door and got into the Passenger seat, because Connor was driving.

“Heads up Connor, if they start shooting at us I call William as a secondary shield.”

“What?” William looked horrified and Connor and Marcelo laughed.


“Park on the side street,” Marcelo suggested and Connor did just that. They hopped out the car and Connor and Marcelo made sure their guns were tucked in reachable places.

“Go ahead William and give us the signal when were clear. If we sense any funny business we’ll come in and take you and all the boys out.” Marcelo warned him.

“I told you I got this.” William was tired of looking like a chump. This was his chance to prove himself. He kept revenge on Ellen on his mind. He was getting closer and closer to seeing her go up in smoke. If he went up too then so be it. It was all worth it.

William approached the house carefully. He knew Black was expecting him. As soon as he stepped into the house he was searched and patted down. Black was sitting on the couch. William couldn’t believe Black had been reduced to selling Marijuana.

He had heard that people were black balling him. Nobody wanted to spot him any drugs so he could get back in the game, at least not the heavy kind he needed. Then since he lost the drugs with no profit his plug had left him hanging as well.

“What the fuck you wanna meet with me for. Yo bitch already let me know you got scraped by ole boy and aint no closer to getting me my money. So what is there to talk about?”

“That’s it. I got you the money but there’s a lot more going down then you know.”

“What chu saying?” William tried not to get nervous as Black peered into him with his dark eyes. He put down the PS2 controller, and his two home boys came into the living room as well.

“I’m saying that Ellen is not who you think she is. She’s tryna play you. She’s trying to set you up.”

“Stop talking in circles and tell me what it is cuz’. Set me up how!” Black could feel his anger boiling up inside him. He just wanted his money and now he had two muthafuckas he felt was tryna cross him.

“The robbery, she wants you to rob Mr. Pennington so she can set you up. For what reason, I can’t really say, but I heard her and her brother talking about it.” William started to sweat when he saw both of the men put their hands on their gun.

“She told me she cut you off. How I know you aint in here on some flexin’ shit just tryna throw shots at her cause she den’ left you in the dust. Plus, that bitch knows better than to try to play me. She know who I am.” Black looked at him as if he had some nerve to assume that Black was being crossed right under his nose.

“I understand it’s hard for you to believe. She cut me off, because she was done using me. That’s what she does. Once she gets what she wants it’s over. She doesn’t care about no one but herself, but your pride won’t let you see that.”

“Cuz who tha fuck you think you talkin too!” Black pulled his gun out on William.

“I run this shit here, and I just told you what it is. I gave you a chance to get me back my money bursa escort and my drugs from that white boy and you didn’t show and prove. Now Ellen gotta do it. At the end of the day she got more heart than you.”

“She willing to take a charge getting her hands dirty and you not built for that. Now you tryna throw shade at her and you think I can’t see that? You think I’m stupid?”

“Listen. I told you I got the money and the drugs. The white boy and his friend are with me, and they’ll be able to explain how you can help us with Ellen.” William knew that he had said the wrong words when Black looked more enraged.

“You brought them here!” Black stood up and grabbed William by the collar.

“Where are they?” Black screamed in his face.

“They’re outside waiting for my signal. They came to bring you the money and drugs, and make a deal. Ellen’s been lying to you. I’m trying to tell you. You gotta listen!” William was trying to get him to see how blind he was.

“This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to signal for them to come in, so I can blast they asses away. You hear me?” Black held a gun to Williams head. William closed his eyes. He had to think quickly. He knew he couldn’t set them up.

“Black please, you don’t understand. They’re not what you think. They not here for any trouble. They got what you want, and they just wanna talk to you so they can show you the truth.” Black threw him to the ground.

“You got ten seconds to make a decision, because I don’t trust any of you. Tee aim that shit at the door brah. If somebody come in this bitch blast em'” Black barked and his foot solider nodded.

“You too Bry I’m not playing.” Bry, Blacks other soldier, threw William towards the door.

“Give the signal.” Black barked and William went towards the door. He prayed that he could think of some way to let them know that everything had gone array, and he had ultimately failed.

William put his hand on the knob and opened the door. He immediately felt the gush of wind as Connor and Marcelo shot passed him.

William watched as Marcelo tackled Bry to the ground pistol whipping taking his gun. Connor flew across the couch kicking Tee in the chest with both his feet and disengaging his gun from him as well.

Before Black could blink he had four barrels staring him down along with four pair of eyes that didn’t look like they were fucking around.

“You gone stick me up in my own house,” Black had his own gun aimed at Connor and Marcelo.

“William already told you why we’re here. Now if you want to change that to putting a bullet between your eyes then that’s your choice.” Marcelo was already eyeing the spot where he wouldn’t miss.

“I can’t tell y’all came running in here on bullshit. Why bring guns if yall here to talk?”

“For the same reasons there was guns aimed at the door waiting to greet us. We already told you we got your drugs and money. We’re here to help you. Ellen is playing you. You really think you’re going to hit a lick at his office. It’s a place of business not a bank. He can’t be keeping that much money there.”

Black lowered his gun a little as he began to think about what they were saying.

“He a senator I’m pretty sure he keeps more than enough dough.”

“Wrong again, he’s affiliated with senators. He’s not a senator himself. Do you know what connections this guy has? Even if you do make off with money, you’ll be found. You’ll be the one taking the fall.”

“No her brother already agreed too!” Black was starting to get angrier the more they seemed to be right and he seemed to be a damn fool.

“Plus he won’t because they got the dirt on em'”

“Oh yeah he won’t take them to jail but the cops are just waiting on you to slip up. You paroled and you really think Ellen is going to save you. If she has so much dirt on him she could have been requested the money. She’s been black balling him for money. Isn’t that right?” Connor looked towards William.

“Black, he’s telling the truth. Mr. Pennington gives Ellen money all the time. All she has to do is threatened him and ask. She has no reason to rob him except to set you up. Let me go get the money and the drugs and show you. We have proof. I have records of every transaction.” William didn’t make any move to get off the floor, neither did Black’s henchmen they didn’t want those problems.

“Go, show me. You two don’t move.” He pointed to Marcelo and Connor.

“We didn’t plan too.” Marcelo kept his eyes on Black’s gun. If he saw any movement he was letting his trigger go.

William came back with the papers, and records. They watched patiently as Black shifted through them, willing to lower his gun.

“This bitch been making bank off this old man. Damn. All you see is deposit, deposit, deposit. Mmm? So she was trying to set me up. I had a bad feeling about her, but I didn’t think she would cross me.”

“Charge it to the game. We brought you some of the drugs and the money. You get the rest when you help us get Ellen.” Connor bursa türbanlı escort offered.

“Shit, the way this bitch tried to get me cuz I’ll get that bitch caught up for thee free. You feel me?” Black was boiling inside with anger. All that snake shit that hoe was talking and she the real one. Damn he had to admit he got caught up, by a snow bunny at that.

“We need you to go through with it. Act normal. Don’t change routine. You’ll wear a wire. We want her to confess to the plan and all of that. Once you get there we’ll nab her and her brother.” Marcelo wanted both their assess going down.

“I don’t know how ya’ll plan to do that. Chick is crazy and she got connections. I’d rather kill her and her snake ass brother.” Black suggested. He wasn’t for that snitching shit.

“I understand that, but the best thing to do is let them rot. Especially her brother, he’s a serial rapist who’s been on the loose for a while. We want an id on him. He likes to play dress up, so who you saw may not be who he really is.” Connor told him

“That’s fucking sick. I knew that dude was weird G. It was just something off about him. Ellen white but he was pasty as hell. If it helps he told me his name was Martin, but I don’t know if that’s his real name or not.”

“I have a friend name Martin. You got a last name.” Connor said, and when he said that he got a chill up his spine and exchange looks with Marcelo.

“Naw I don’t. It’s a lot of Martins out there though. Unless ya’ll got time to search all of San fran then I suggest y’all try to pen him that night. I must be honest I’m not too comfortable with this snitching shit.”

“Ellen was willing to set you up to basically either kill you or send you back to prison. Killing her would accomplish just that. She works with the police. Your best bet is to go with us on this, while we get the police on our team.” Connor told him.

“How do you plan on doing that?” Black questioned.

“We go to the source.” Connor smirked when Williams’s eyes got wide.

“Mr. Pennington!” William said.

“Bingo. You in,” Connor extended his hand to Black who eyed it suspiciously. He had trusted one snake and didn’t want to trust another.

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“I have a feeling you already know what they have planned for my lady. I want nothing more than to see them both suffer. However, I’m trying not to play too dirty. As long as she’s safe they can rot in prison for all I care. I could have easily turned your drugs and money in. Or bargained with Ellen, instead I’m cutting you a break.” Connor told him and Black nodded.

“Alright white boy, Thanks for the heads up.”

“No problem. Just hold up your end and I’ll get the rest to you.” Connor slapped hands with him and after removing the clips from the guns tossed them back to Blacks friends.

“You aint gotta worry about that player; they both going down.” Black watched them leave and then banged his fist on the table.

“Watch that bitch when she come back, and clean up. Them white boys wipe the floor with ya’ll.” Black dismissed them and rubbed his hands together. That bitch was tryna play him and now he would have the last laugh.


Marcelo drove downtown back in front of the place where he saw Ellen go in, and where William had directed. They called Black to make sure she was secured at his place and then let William lead them passed the front desk.

“Hey we’re here to see Mr. Pennington.” William hoped they were doing the right thing coming here.

“Of course Mr. Price go right in. He’s cleared today.” She smiled and eyed Connor and Marcelo appreciatively. She nearly melted when Marcelo sent a wink her way before they proceeded upstairs.

William was the first to go in, and Mr. Pennington greeted him with a smile. Then when Connor and Marcelo followed the smile immediately faded.

“Hi, you must be Jazz’s guy. She was just here talking about you.” Mr. Pennington stuck out his hand but didn’t get an extension from Connor.

“Sit down and let’s talk.” Connor said and Mr. Pennington eyed the door nervously as it was only slightly closed. Marcelo unplugged the phones, and took them off the hook.

“Hey, what’s the meaning of this, William?” William stood to the back and let Connor and Marcelo take over.

“I need you to listen and listen good okay?” Connor said and Mr. Pennington shut up and nodded.

“We know that Ellen is your daughter and that the serial rapist is your son.” Marcelo watched the old man’s face twist in denial.

“Are you kidding me? Ellen is no more my daughter than William is my son. They both have worked for me yes, but my daughter? And who is this serial rapist?” Marcelo looked to Connor practically begging him with his eyes to pull out his gun. Connor held up his hand stopping him.

“In no way did we come here expecting for you to be forth coming. Can you explain this?” Connor slapped the police reports on his desk, and the bank statements.

“I didn’t kestel escort know William was involved in a dispute with Jazz. William is this true?” Mr. Pennington tried his best to appear surprised and appalled. Marcelo had enough of the talking. He pulled out his gun and cocked it.

“Listen old man, let’s cut the shit okay. We brought William here because he told us everything. Plus, we’ve been on to you. We know about the scandal and how you got that stripper pregnant and had her running through politicians like a well seasoned track star. We also know Ellen and your son is a product of that and you’ve been paying them off.”

“This is ridiculous! William will you please tell these gentleman the truth? How dare you come into my office with these false accusations, which were put to rest years ago? Ellen is not my daughter and I don’t have a son!”

Mr. Pennington stood but sat back down when Marcelo pointed to him with the gun.

“Mr. Pennington they know the truth. This has gone on long enough. Stop thinking about yourself for once! Stop letting Ellen rule your life and your son commit these horrible crimes. I was there too but it’s time for both of us to step up and pay for what we’ve done! It’s time for you to put them away for good!”

William came from the back and stood in front of Marcelo confronting Mr. Pennington with tired eyes. William was desperate to end it. Ellen had to be stopped. The more he got pulled in with Connor and Marcelo the more he realized how crazy this all had become.

“Why should I have to pay for their doings? Don’t you think if I could stop them I would have already! None of you have the right to judge me, for what I’ve done. This city has thrived under my leadership!”

“Women have been raped and assaulted under your leadership! And you’ve sat back and watched it happen. You’ve sat back and watched Ellen take money from you and business’s. What about the families that work for you? What kind of leader sells out his own people to save his own ass?”

Connor moved closer and William moved out the way.

“Do you think for a fucking second that you get to sit here and act like you have no right to be attacked? You know your son was gunning for Jazz. I have no doubt in my mind that you knew how sick he and your daughter really are.”

Connor’s voice got louder, and more filled with vile.

“Yes I knew. I’ve known for a long time that my daughter is a psycho and my son is too. When I slept with their mothers I tried to get them to abort both the babies, but they wouldn’t. They wanted money and then when they died their children wanted money. I’ve been paying for my mistakes every day, they black mail me! I can’t stop them. I have tried. Ellen’s going to move away!”

Mr. Pennington wanted to convince them that all of this was coming to an end.

“I’m paying her off. Next week we’re meeting here and she’s going to take the money and leave. She promised me she would convince her brother to do the same. It’s all going to be over you see? There’s no need for this. Jazz will be safe, now how much do you want? Huh? Name your price.”

Mr. Pennington quickly got out his check book as his hands were shaking. He knew it was only a matter of time before it all caught up to him.

Now though since Ellen was leaving and hopefully with her brother he could put it behind him. All he had to do was pay Connor off and he would go away too.

“Them going away is not good enough. They both need to be in prison. You’re going to help us make that happen. You’re going to sit down, call your police buddies, and tell them to back off. Then you’re going to call in to report a threat of a robbery.” Connor ordered him.

“Why would I do that?” Mr. Pennington asked but picked up the phone when he saw Marcelo’s finger graze the trigger.

“Cause you’re going to be robbed and we’ll be here to intercept it.” Marcelo told him.

“By who?”

“By your loving son and daughter, now make the call.” Connor and Marcelo crossed looks and started combing the office for pictures or anything else that could give them a clear ID and found nothing. They would have to just wait for the moment to come and then nab him. For now, they stood by patiently as he made the calls.

“Why should I do this? You can’t come in here and just force me with no evidence.” Mr. Pennington thought about it, and hung up the phone.

“Except this,” Marcelo took out a recorder and played back Mr. Pennington’s confession, and he picked back up the phone grudgingly. Then he thought about it again. This was the opportunity to finally get rid of them.

“I can do more, I can get them put a way for a long time with your help, but I want off scott free.” Mr. Pennington told them. Connor considered it and then nodded.

“We’ll see how much you actually do.” Marcelo said before Connor spoke. Whether or not they liked it they had to make a deal with the devil to get what they wanted.


Martin stood on the other side of the door listening. He couldn’t believe they were on to him and Ellen. He also couldn’t believe she had plans to persuade him to leave the city. She hadn’t mentioned anything to him about Mr. Pennington paying her off to leave. Martin knew that she was playing him. She was keeping him out of the loop for a reason.

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Successful Businesswoman Ep. 05

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The world is a small place, there might be six steps to Kevin Bacon in the global scale, but in a single city there is a significant chance that two random people have a common acquaintance. I learnt that when Émeraude invited me to Ashley’s bachelorette party; it soon turned out that Stacy was a friend of theirs and of course was invited as well.

“I though that the two of you were a pair” I inquired when Émeraude told me the news.

“We’re friends with benefits, but Ashley’s bi and wants to start a family.”

“So it’s over between you and her? The benefits I mean.”

“Not at all. Sam, her husband-to-be, says he’s not jealous even if he doesn’t get to watch, as long as he hears about all the sexy details. He’s a bit kinky himself.”

“I’d like to meet him” I replied with a wink.

“You will eventually. As for the party…”

There were supposed to be thirty to forty girls at the party, so they planned to rent a club for the night. We would all participate in the costs of the lease, the snacks and the alcohol. They also wanted to hire a stipper.

“One stripper?” I asked Émeraude when she informed me about that part.

“Yeah. They’re pretty expensive.”

“I bet that the guys are going to have few strippers plus sexy waitresses serving drinks in skimpy outfits. We can’t be worse than them!”

“Well… all girls would love that, but I can’t afford that from my police wage.”

“But I can” I replied with a grin “I want young sexy waiters in skimpy outfits and five strippers. The costs are all on me.”

“If you put it that way, I don’t think that anyone will object” Émeraude matched my grin.

I was a busy businesswoman, so the younger girls took care of the arrangements while I covered all the extra expenses. Soon afterwards I talked with Émeraude again.

“The girls loved your idea and are grateful for your financial support. But that gave us another idea – dress code. We decided that for this occasion we should go full bimbo, so make sure you’ll wear something slutty.”

“Oh, I sure will! I have a wide range of such outfits.”

I even had an idea of what exactly to wear – the dress I wore to my own hen party; yep, it still fit. It was a white tube mini dress, made of semi-transparent fabric, it made me feel even more naked than being actually nude. Of course such dresses did not go well with bras, so when my nipples will get erect from excitement they will be screaming ‘hello’ to the whole world through the thin fabric. Underneath I planned to wear just a tiny white g-string and because I was adventurous also a pink jewelled anal plug. My legs would be covered by sheer white stockings made of a thinnest material, for my feet I had a pair of pink strappy sandals on fifteen centimetre heels, commonly called the “fuck-me-heels”. My lipstick would be equally pink to match the other accessories.

The day of the event came, I got ready and called a taxi, I did not want to drive my car to such a party, after all no-one would want to stay sober. I set up with Stacy to pick her up on my way as well. The cabbie did not even try to hide his gaze when he saw me in my slutty dress. First we drove to Stacy’s place to pick her up, she obviously stuck to the dress code too.

Stacy’s outfit was not much less revealing than mine, as a top she wore a red bandeau bra made of made of fabric thin enough to let her nippes poke through it. Her toned abs were exposed and her hips were covered by a unique red leather mini skirt, it had two thick straps of fabric covering the crotch and the back and several leather straps on the sides connecting the strips. Just like me Stacy decided to spice up the outfit with stockings, hers were black fishnets. On her feet the girl wore a pair of red strappy sandals on fifteen centimetre tall stiletto heels. I doubted that any of the strippers could look her in the eye.

The driver shamelessly ogled her body as well in the rear view mirror as we all made small talk; we both acted as silly bimbos and told him where we were going. As a tip of sorts for the drives the two of us made out on the back seat. He drove really slowly, so that we would get to the place safely of course. At the club we met with Ashley and Émeraude, the girls did not disappoint with their outfits either.

Émeraude wore a little black dress with a twist, it was obviously short and tight, but most importantly it was mostly sheer. An elaborate asymmetrical pattern of opaque fabric was weaved throughout the dress to cover the “strategic” regions, but more skin remained exposed than hidden. It was clear to see that she was not wearing a bra, she decided to keep her legs bare. On her feet she wore a pair of beautiful black Louboutins.

Ashley, as befits the bride-to-be, was dressed in white, all the fabrics contrasted wonderfully with her dark skin. Unlike the rest of us she was not wearing a mini, her dress was ankle long but had a wide slit on the side that exposed her entire left escort bayan leg and reached even beyond the hip. There were two more triangular slits on the sides right beneath the breasts. The dress was strapless so Ashley’s toned wide shoulders were fully exposed. She wore sheer white stockings with wide lacy tops and a pair of white patent shoes on thirteen centimetres tall stiletto heels; she was another braless woman.

We were one of the first to arrive, so there was not much greeting and introducing to be done yet. Émeraude lead us to out table; there were two medium sized couches by it that could fit three to four people. Two spaces were already taken; the women were introduced as Eve and Maya. Maya looked young, twenty as most, but was fully developed and confident, of slightly above average height she had full feminine curves and large firm breasts, her long auburn hair was mostly loose, but several strands were tied into elaborate braids.

Maya had the most flashy outfit from all the women so far. She was wearing only a black bodystockings and a pair of red fuck-me fifteen centimetres tall heels. the bodystocking was made of tiny fishnet but the ‘stockings and ‘teddy’ parts were made of lace weaved into fancy floral patterns. The fabric over Maya’s nipples and crotch was thick enough to cover them, but only barely. The item created an effect of an extreme cleavage, because the lacy ‘teddy’ had a deep V-cut filled with a tiny mesh. If one looked closely a tiny red g-string could be spotted beneath the bodystocking, there were no more clothes on the girl’s body; those that she wore perfectly showed off her marvelous feminine curves.

Eve on the other hand was the only woman in the room who was about my age, the rest were in their early twenties. She looked like a woman who was embracing her second youth which made me like her almost immediately. She was of average height and while no-one would dare call her fat, she had a lot of flesh in all the places a woman should. Eve’s breasts were magnificently huge and enhanced further by a brown leather corset which not only gave her a marvelous hourglass figure, but also pushed up the breasts while barely covering the nipples. She wore a brown leather mini skirt that ended just below her buttocks, on her legs she had black fishnet stockings and on her feet a pair of red stiletto heels identical with Maya’s; her lips matched the fierce colour. Eve’s long hair was dyed blonde and styled in a similar fashion as Maya’s. Some might have missed it, but I had always been a perceptive person and I suspected that these two were mother and daughter.

Ashley went back to greet the newly arriving guests and introducing them to those already present, if they did not know each other yet. Émeraude, as the future bridesmaid, still had some final organizing touches to deal with. The remaining four of us took something light to drink, sat down and had a pleasant chat. Many compliments were exchanged and my suspicions got confirmed – Eve was indeed Maya’s mother and was tremendously enjoying her new relationship with an eighteen year old boyfriend. On my part I shared the motivational program for my employees and our “relationship” with Stacy. To match the promiscuity of our tale Eve told us the story of their recent visit to a club [which can be found in Second Youth ep.4]. The mutual confessions and the overall atmosphere of ease, honesty and… hotness pretty soon got us all mildly aroused, even though we were still sober and no strippers had arrived yet. My nipples got excited enough to poke visibly through the revealing dress; I noticed that I was not the only one with such reaction.


All the guests eventually arrived and believe it or not I memorized all of their names, that is one of my talents that allowed me to be a successful manager. It was only then that the REAL service with drinks and snacks arrived; young sexy guys wearing white collars, cuffs, patent leather shoes, thongs and… nothing else. Of course as soon as one of them approached our table I had to grab his buttock with my palm, it was firm and toned; I fully understood why men enjoyed groping women, maybe that was also the reason I liked being “inappropriately” touched myself. But despite their outfits these were still just waiters, the actual strippers were yet to come. We used that time to have few more drinks and share the naughty details of our recent activities.

“We have a kinky game with Tom, my boyfriend” said Eve then continued to explain her condition “I love anal sex, but just can’t cum from it. I need some other form of stimulation to push me over the edge, so Tom…”

“You too?!” I interrupted her “sorry, I mean I have exactly the same thing. I love anal, but can’t cum from it. Please, continue.”

“Wow! And here I was thinking I’m unique” she replied with a wink “Tom uses that to tease and edge me throughout the whole week. We have sex everyday, usually more than once, but I never get to cum.”

“That’s altıparmak escort awful!” commented Ashley.

“I would’ve thought the same thing, if I haven’t tried it. My ex-husband came up with the idea and I repeated it to Tom. The edging feels incredible and the ultimate orgasm is just insane.”

“What was the last time you came?”

“Last Saturday, one week ago.”

“Oh my!” I was amazed “I can’t imagine myself in your role. I’d go crazy from the horniness.”

“So do I, that’s the best part.”

We all laughed and ordered another round of drinks… and groped the waiter once again when he delivered them.

Eventually the first stripper came, his entrance was accompanied by a rhythmical music. He was a tall athletic man, had a light brown skin and smooth motions of a dancer; the man was wearing suit pants, white shirt and a bow tie. He entered the room through the back door leading onto the stage, so we all turned our heads in that direction to admire the spectacle. The stripper did not remain in his clothes for too long, all were designed to be taken off in a swift motion and soon landed on the stage leaving the man in just a thong. Since we were the closest table I noticed the large bulge undeath it.

The stripper got off the stage in a dance-like walk and approached our table. He still had his thong on, but he gyrated his hips and pushed his crotch in our general direction. Ashley, the bride-to-be, was closest to him so she extended her hand to touch the stripper’s still covered penis, as she did that the girls in the room screamed with a faked (for now) enthusiasm. The man withdrew his hips again, but only to pull his penis out of the thong and began to wiggle it in front of us. The penis was still flaccid, but even in that state I could tell it was huge; so were the testicles hanging beneath it. The stripper danced around the table and this time approached me; I wasted no time, I grabbed his firm buttock with one hand and the cock with the other, I jerked it few times which caused the crowd to issue another scream, this time more authentic. I did not get the chance to enjoy the touch too much, because the man soon proceeded to another table, so the rest of the girls could participate in the fun as well.

We were not left unattended for too long; while the first stripper was showing off his package to all the girls a second one emerged on the scene. He was taller, but equally athletic, his skin while white had a strong even tan; the bulge in his thong was of matching size. He had a similar introduction and relatively soon he was by our table. This time the stripper offered us more than just a “handshake”, he also had a prop – a bottle of whipped cream. Before he used the cream he asked Ashley to “give him a hand” which she enthusiastically did; in short time his large penis was erect and hard. The stripper than poured some cream onto the tip and presented it to Ashley, she could of course just lick it off the cock, but she was more ‘ambitious’; the bride took the entire head into her mouth and held it there for a moment while savouring the taste.

Ashley was just the first of many to taste the ‘cream’; Émeraude rejected the proposal, but Stacy, Maya and Eve eagerly accepted. Eve even went a step further and took not only the head into her mouth, but slowly deepthroated the entire long penis; I was impressed, she seemed to be just as good at deepthroating as me. Her feat was rewarded by a cheer from nearby tables. This time I was the last at our table and after Eve’s example I wanted to brag about my oral skill as well. The stripper approached me and sprayed some cream onto his penis, I took the head into my mouth, then slowly proceeded to take it deeper, eventually my nose touched the man’s cleanly shaven underbelly. I looked to the side at Eve and winked at her, she responded with a grin. The girls around us cheered as I held the penis inside of my throat for several seconds. When I withdrew my head and inhaled deeply Eve said:

“My turn” and invited the stripper with a gesture.

I was not jealous at the loss of the penis to suck, after all the night had just begun.

This time Eve did not want the cream any more, she was only interested in the cock itself. She acted in the same way as I had a moment earlier, she proceeded slowly and carefully, and did not gag once. When her nose touched the man’s underbelly she looked sideways at me and winked, I matched her earlier grin and began to clap; the girls sitting nearby followed my example.

“Maybe you’ll join effort, ladies?” suggested the stripper and we both knew what he meant.

I swapped places with Maya to sit next to Eve, the man stood in front of us with his huge erection pointing forward. We kissed it on both sides, the began to slide our lips along the shaft; our synchronicity was a bit off at first, but soon we found a common pace. After few such sloppy motions we kissed each other through the head of the penis, mudanya escort that feat was rewarded with another round of applause.

But the stripper was not meant to be the amusement solely for out table, just like his companion he eventually went on a route to entertain other ladies. We watched as the other girls sucked and licked his huge cock, but neither of them could take it whole into her throat. Certain skills come with experience which Eve and I understood that as we shared a knowing look.

We did not remain passive for too long though, after making the tour around the room the first stripper returned to us. The first to suck him was once again Ashley, she did her best to deepthroat the massive penis, but after some gagging she eventually gave up; the smile on her face told us that she was not disappointed by that try. Stacy was next, then Maya; Eve’s daughter, the youngest of the girls came closest to swallowing the whole huge cock. I was next and once again I showed them how it was done; I held the penis deep inside of my throat for a longer while, but did that only once, then I proceeded to a regular deepthroating. It did not last too long though, since I wanted to leave something for Eve.

We sensed that the stripper was close to climaxing and it would be Eve who would finish him off. She took the task from where I left it, but after merely thirty seconds of deepthroating the man was brought over the edge; he withdrew his hips with the clear intention of giving Eve a facial, but she was quicker and just as the sperm began to ejaculate she wrapped her full lips around the head of the cock and gathered the seed inside of her mouth. The stripper had a surprisingly voluminous load considering his job, but she managed to contain all of the semen inside of her mouth; only once he finished ejaculating she swallowed the entire load. Her feat was rewarded with an even louder round of applause.

The man wanted Eve to lick him clean, but with a gesture she passed that task to me, which I happily accepted. With few slow deliberate licks along the entire shaft I made sure that the penis was completely clean. The stripper made a final short dance for us which we used to touch his body some more, then he left.

Not long after the departure the second man was brought to an orgasm to, this time the girl who achieved it did not decide to swallow and he sprayed her pretty face with his seed; she accepted it with closed eyes and a wild smile. After a short dance and some more groping this stripper left as well. Before new ones appeared we had time to chat, drink, eat some snacks.. and grope the waiters of course; it was all fun and pleasant, but the arousal hanging in the air never diminished.

I am not sure how much time passed before the next stripper came in, it went by in a blink of an eye. This man was similar to his companions in the fact that he was slender and athletic, he also gave a short show of dance and a strip routine before he fully exposed his masculine, but hairless body. Once again he approached Ashley first, they were all most likely informed that she was the bride-to-be and thus the very reason this party was taking place. She pulled out his sizeable penis out from his thong and sucked it for a short while, but apparently this time it was not going to be a sucking-around-the-room again. The stripper motioned to Ashley to get up, as soon as she obliged he bent her over the table, slapped each of her buttocks playfully, then began to mimic an intercourse. It was not even dry humping, more like over-exaggerated theatrical act; but he held her hips fast and she was genuinely excited, the other girls cheered. With two more slaps, harder this time, he finished the spectacle and proceeded to Stacy. While he did that another stipper entered the room and moved directly to its opposite end to entertain girls over there.

Our man gestured for Stacy to lay back on the couch, but in order for her to fit Maya needed to join us on our couch, so Stacy was left with just Émeraude and she laid her head on the other girl’s lap. The stripper raised her endless legs up and began to caress them, he also laid several kisses; the man was overacting his part, but it fit well with the overall atmosphere. Eventually the stripper put Stacy’s ankles on his shoulders and began to fake sex with her; she did some overacting of her own which was more funny than sexy, but it got all of us amused. The spectacle did not last too long, the man finished the dry humping, then he once again worshipped Stacy’s legs for a short while.

For his next ‘victim’ the stripper picked Maya, he walked her behind the couch and turned her so that she was leaning onto the backrest. He grabbed her large breasts and began to hump her holding her like that. The man groped Maya’s breasts and was not exactly gentle, but the girl seemed to be enjoying his activity. She was not acting when she cried out as the man withdrew one of his palms only to spank her full round buttock, apparently the hit was not exactly playful. It seemed the stripped assumed that a girl in a bodystocking at a party liked things to be a bit kinky and it turned out he was right. There were few more slaps, some more groping and he even pinched her nipples, which caused another cry.

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Somali Lesbians Of Ottawa

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Never make assumptions about the lives of people you don’t know. My name is Hagarla Osman and I’m a young Black woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. On September 13, 2013, I turned twenty two. I study accounting at Carleton University and hope to work in finance or banking someday. As a pious, Hijab-wearing East African Muslim female immigrant in the Capital region of Canada, I’m used to people judging me before getting to know me. I’m more than I seem. I’m a university student, a community volunteer, an aspiring businesswoman and also an out and proud bisexual woman. I just wish they’d remember that I’m a human being first and foremost, and that there’s more to me than my gender, my religion and all facets of me which mark me as the cultural other.

The other day, while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center, I was accosted by a middle-aged white woman who told me to go back where I came from. I told the old bitch to get out of my face lest she get smacked. You should have seen the look on her face, seriously. People always assume that Hijab-wearing Muslim chicks like me are soft and sweet. As if! The defiance in my eyes startled the old bat and she walked away, stunned. The old days are over, lady. People like me don’t bow to people like you anymore. Get used to it.

Beat it bitch, I told her. Briefly she turned and looked at me, bit her lip and then she walked away for good. I stood there, hands on my hips, feeling pretty good. Then I walked away with a profound bursa escort sense of satisfaction. When you’re a person of color, it always feels good to stand up to racist white people who think the world belongs to them. It’s the twenty-first century yet they’re still walking around with that sense of entitlement. Ha! God didn’t make the African, the Arab or the various other races of men inferior to the White man. So get over yourselves already, Team Europa!

My parents, Akbar and Fowsio Osman left the town of Mogadishu, Somalia, for Ontario, Canada in 1999. We settled in Ottawa and have been here ever since. I love my parents but we’ve got very different mindsets. I’m fairly liberal and they’re deeply conservative. I embraced Canada and all that it has to offer. The place has never truly felt like home though it was far better than what we left behind. I never thought anyone from this side of the world could understand me or love me for who I am. Until I met Kimberly Kellerman, a young white woman from the town of Toronto, Ontario. Kimberly grew up in a predominantly Somali area of the GTA and to my immense surprise, this five-foot-ten, blonde-haired and green-eyed Caucasian gal actually spoke my native language!

Kimberly and I bonded during my freshman year at Carleton and became fast friends. We were never more than that until something happened. I had a crush on this tall, cute Somali guy named Ali Bashir and we were starting to go out. He dumped me for a plump Asian chick gürsu escort named Lin something or other and I was heartbroken. Distraught, I turned to Kimberly, and my best friend was there for me. That night, in her dorm, we made love for the first time. It was an event that profoundly changed our friendship and indeed changed my life.

I’ve never thought about a female sexually before Kimberly and I made love that night. I considered myself totally straight but now had to reckon with the fact that I might be bisexual or even lesbian. Kimberly told me she slept with both girls and guys. I had no idea that she was bisexual. She told me she kept her sexual orientation secret from me because she thought I would disapprove, since I’m Muslim and all. I wish people would stop making assumptions about me because of my religion. There are gays and lesbians in the Muslim world just like everywhere else. I told Kimberly that I respected her life choices, and found her beautiful. Grinning, she pulled me close and kissed me.

Kimberly and I have a lot of fun together, in and out of the bedroom. I’m five-foot-four, chubby and curvy, with big tits and a big round butt. My skin is coconut brown. Most people don’t find me physically intimidating. Yet I can be very dominant. Kimberly absolutely loves that about me. My tall, athletic blonde girlfriend is very submissive in the bedroom and I love to dominate her. Sometimes I just grab her and smack her face, spit in her mouth and force orhangazi escort her on her knees. Spreading my legs after hiking up my long skirt, I make her lick my pussy. Say Somali pussy is the best, I bark at Kimberly as she’s going down on me. Nodding, she does just that before resuming her tongue work on my cunt.

I like to tie Kimberly up and make her feel completely helpless. I find it incredibly sexy to do that to such a tall, strongly built young female athlete. My Teutonic slave whore, that’s what I call Kimberly sometimes. I like to pinch her nipples, gently bit on her clitoris and also insert dildos and butt plugs in her tight asshole. For a white chick, Kimberly’s got a nice, big ass. I like to spank her with my bare hands and leave nice red marks on her pale ass. My favorite thing to do is to insert my whole fist in Kimberly’s pussy while also shoving a butt plug into her asshole. That drives my Teutonic slut over the edge and she howls in pain and pleasure like a woman possessed.

After tormenting Kimberly sexually and totally dominating and abusing her, I kiss her gently and she hugs me fiercely. We love each other, you see. When we’re out together, sometimes we kiss and hold hands. People tend to stare because we make for one awkward and unusual pair. A tall, blonde-haired and muscular, athletic white female who wears a Crucifix holding hands with a short, round and dark-skinned, Hijab-wearing Muslim chick. Definitely not the sort of pairing you see every day, that’s for damn sure. So what if she’s white and Christian and I’m black and Muslim? We’re just two women in love. Leave us be. Only God can judge me, and I don’t believe the Creator hates me for being what I am. I didn’t choose to be this way. I simply am what I am. Peace.

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I Want to Watch

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“I want to watch you wank,” she said.

“Whaaat?” I replied.

“You asked what I would most like to see and that’s it. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea and I want to see a man rub himself off. I want to watch from start to finish.”

My cock had suddenly become rigid inside my underpants. I’m sure my mouth was gaping open, but I was unable to make a sound.

We had probably had a bit too much to drink and we’d both got to that point where we indulged in harmless flirting – something we would never do in the office if we were sober, but my original question had been intended to ask what she would most like to see – in terms of sights around the world. But she had deliberately misinterpreted this and given her saucy reply.

“Oops! Did I just say that out loud? What must you think of me?”

I still couldn’t think of what to say.

Her eyes looked down at the table almost coyly as she said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t mean you necessarily. I meant that I’d like to see a man do it.”

Finally I spoke, with a small amount of incredulity, “You mean you’ve never seen a man…?”

I didn’t finish the sentence, so she carried on; her cheeks and upper chest seemed a little flushed.

“It’s just that, well, with my all of my boyfriends – not that I’ve had that many – when it got to the point that it was out in the open, well, they just wanted to get on with it. I mean, sure, sometimes they wanted me to wank them, but it rarely finished that way.”

She paused, seeming a little embarrassed, but then she took another deep swig of her drink and blurted out the rest of her explanation.

“Usually, they would get so excited that they just wanted to…you know, just get in me. But, sometimes they’d want me to use my mouth. God I can’t believe I’m telling you this!”

Neither could I!

I guess that I’d always quite fancied Chantal, but this was the first time that we’d ever found ourselves alone together. One of the secretaries was leaving to have a baby and so we’d all gone down to one of the local pubs to wish her goodbye. It was a Wednesday, so most people had sloped away early, leaving just the two of us. Unlike the rest, I had the next day off as I had had to work the weekend before, whereas Chantal was due back in the next day. But it was still only 8.30pm, so it wasn’t exactly late yet.

“Why didn’t you ever ask one of them to do it for you then?”

“I guess I was too embarrassed. I become very shy when it comes to sex.”

“Really?” I said, arching an eyebrow.

She gave me a playful shove – we were sitting on a padded bench behind a table on which we had our drinks. The bar was almost empty at this end of the pub and we were unobserved and it was unlikely that our conversation could be overheard.

“Stop it! You know it’s only the drink making me talk so much!”

I smiled, enjoying the momentary physical contact and her closeness. Suddenly, I found myself really attracted to Chantal.

“Well, what did your girlfriends say?”

“Like I said, I find it difficult to talk about sex usually.”

“Even when you’ve been drinking?”

“I don’t usually drink all that much – not that I’ve had that much this evening!” she blurted.

“Well, I’m happy that you’ve been able to relax enough to be able to open up.”

Chantal always dressed fairly conservatively, but at the same time her suits made her look very sexy. Just now, she had removed her jacket and laid it on the seat beside her, covering her bag. Her cream blouse looked to be made of silk and was fine enough to reveal the pretty lace bra beneath. It made me start to wonder if she wore matching panties. My cock stiffened even more.

Feeling so horny, I decided to press on, “So, this fantasy of yours; how would you envisage a man carrying out this demonstration for you?”

She cocked her head to one side and thought for a moment.

“Well, I’d be sitting in a nice comfy chair and he would be standing about two metres away.”

“OK, so what would he do? Pull his cock out and just start rubbing?”

“Oh no, I’d want him to be naked – so that I can see everything.”

“And what about you?”


“Yes. Would you be naked too?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’d be dressed. That way there would be less chance of… well, unnecessary distractions.”

“Wouldn’t you want to touch yourself while you were watching?”

Her eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment, as her mind drifted over the scenario.

“Um, well I guess maybe. I mean, it’s bound to be pretty hot, isn’t it?”

“Having a woman watch while you wank is pretty hot,” I agreed. “Almost as hot as being able to watch a woman masturbate.”

It was Chantal’s turn to display a gaping mouth. She closed it quickly with a chomping sound.

“Have you ever watched a woman do that then?”

“Oh, yes. It really is something wonderful to watch.”

I couldn’t help it when my eyes wandered to Chantal’s chest. There was probably one blouse button too many unfastened and there was the faintest glimpse görükle escort of cleavage and lace. I tore my eyes away and looked back at her face. Of course, she caught me looking, but she instantly broke eye contact and looked away. Or to be more precise she inadvertently looked downwards – towards my crotch.

“Oh! Danny!” she leaned in and hissed. “Are you… have you… is it… you’re not aroused are you?”

I had the urge to cross my hands in front of me in order to cover up, but I had an even greater urge to let her see, just to find out how she would now react.

Chantal’s face reddened again, but she looked back down at the lump in the front of my trousers.

“Um… I must say; it looks quite big. Is it?”

“I’ve never had the opportunity to compare. What do you think?”

“Usually when I’ve seen one, I’ve had my hand wrapped around it!” she giggled.

“Well, why don’t you wrap your hand around it and compare?”

I could hear the blood pulsing in my ears. Had I gone too far?

Chantal made a deep intake of breath and for a moment I thought she was going to shout or scream. But she didn’t. Instead, she quickly looked around to see if anybody was watching.

“What, here?” she whispered.

“Yeah, go on.”

She double-checked that the coast was clear and then slid her hand up my leg onto my erection. My trousers were relatively loose, which allowed her to get a good grip. To my surprise, she began to rub up and down. Within thirty seconds I was wishing we were somewhere else – somewhere private. She was that good at it.

“I can see why your boyfriends didn’t last very long before ripping off your knickers.”

She stopped rubbing, a shocked look on her face.

“Who told you that?” she demanded. “That I like having my knickers ripped off?”

Momentarily confused at my accidental discovery, I was a little nonplussed.

“Do you?” I asked.

The look on Chantal’s face showed that she now realised she had unwittingly revealed a very personal secret.

“I’m not going to answer that!”

I grinned and said, “You already have.”

Her face went a shade deeper and she wriggled in her seat.

“Please stop. You’re making me… uncomfortable.”

What I wanted just then was for Chantal to wrap her hand around my cock again, but she had retreated into a defensive shell. In my highly intoxicated state, I decided to try pushing some buttons.

“Was it always in private, or did it ever happen in a public place?”

Chantal made a sharp intake of breath. I’d noticed that she was already breathing more heavily and her breasts were rising and falling delightfully. Indeed, now I looked, I could see that her nipples were beginning to show.

“Never in public? Didn’t you ever fantasise about it?”

She didn’t speak and for a few moments I thought that she was going to shake her head, but then – to my delight – she slowly nodded.

“So… would you like it to happen… now?”

She closed her eyes and I watched as she gave another, almost imperceptible nod.

It was my turn to check that nobody was observing us, and then I slipped my hand around Chantal’s waist and tugged the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt. My fingers touched the smooth, warm flesh and she shivered. I slipped my fingers under her waistband and located the side of her panties. The band was thin, maybe only a centimetre wide and I could feel a seam. I drew the material up out of the skirt, wrapped my hand around and gave a firm tug. It took two attempts, but then the seam gave way.

Chantal gave a little, “Oh!”

I tugged her blouse out on the side nearest me and then repeated the manoeuvre, the lace band giving way at the third attempt this time. Then I slipped my hand inside the back of Chantal’s skirt, the back of my hand grazing her spine as I reached down to locate the loose end of her panties. My fingers went further than necessary so that I could feel the knuckle of my middle finger sliding into her bum cleavage.

Pulling the material free, I whispered to Chantal to lift a little and then I slowly drew the wrecked panties out of her skirt, knowing that they would be sliding across her pussy and up between her cheeks. Her eyes opened again, but then crossed as I retrieved the garment, stimulating her erogenous zones.

Chantal’s nostrils were flared and I guessed that she was probably as turned on as me. It took about thirty seconds for her to regain an element of self-control, at which point she spotted the panties in my hand. She snatched them away and quickly secreted them in her bag. For the first time in a while she spoke again.

“Oh shit! That’s was so erotic! It’s making me have all sorts of naughty thoughts!”


“Like… now I want to see your dick, so that I can properly compare it to my boyfriends'”

“OK,” I said. And then I unzipped my fly.

“Not here!” she whispered.

“Too late,” I grunted, as I pulled at the buttons securing my underpants. My cock head sprang into view immediately.

Chantal bursa sınırsız escort gasped, quickly looked to make sure nobody could see and then reached out. This time she was able wrap her hand completely round my cock and immediately resumed her rubbing. If it was good before, now, flesh on flesh, if she kept this up for very long, the pub was going to experience a new indoor fountain.

And then it all became surreal; as I watched, fascinated, Chantal suddenly bent at the waist and dropped her head into my lap. Suddenly my cock was wrapped in the soft, warm wetness of her mouth and her tongue was doing some amazing things. I’d stopped breathing and my orgasm hit at lightning speed – too fast to warn Chantal. But she continued to bob her head as I emptied my testicles and she swallowed everything I produced. When I’d finally finished spurting she sat back up, licking her lips and promptly tucked my softening cock away in my underpants and zipped my trousers up. Then she checked just to make sure that nobody had seen.

I just sat looking at her with what must have been an astounded look on my face.

“Well don’t just sit there,” she giggled. Go and get me another drink to wash it down.

So I stood up, quickly adjusted myself to ensure that my cock wasn’t too obvious and walked down to the bar. By the time I returned, Chantal had picked up a beer mat and was fanning herself with it.

As I sat down, I whispered, “That was amazing! It was possibly the most erotic thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Chantal smiled, but her voice was husky as she replied, “Well, that’s gotten you off, but what about me?”

My mouth was dry. I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t see how to do it.

“I want to repay the compliment, but I think its way too risky here.”

As if to underline my point, just then another couple walked past and sat at a table a short distance away. I could feel the heat in my face rising as I realised just how close we came to being caught in the act.

“Well, perhaps we should finish our drinks and then call it a day here.”

I was surprised at her words, considering what she had said only a few moments ago, but then she continued.

“I think I need to go back to the office. Perhaps you’d like to come with me. I think there’s something you may be able to help me with.”

Assuming that she had intended the double meaning, I asked, “Will it still be open?”

“Of course, very open,” she breathed.

We walked along the road towards our building, but just before we get there Chantal tugged on my arm and leaned over to whisper conspiratorially.

“I can’t believe how wet you’ve made my pussy. I hope that you’re not going to let me down?”

A half turn and nudge of my groin into her hip gave her an appropriate answer.

The security guard hardly even looked up as we walked past and then individually used our passes to enter the interior of the building. The cleaning staff were just on their way out, having finished for the day. We got into the lift together and as the doors closed Chantal pressed her body up against mine.

“I have never felt so horny in my life! I’m almost out of control!”

The lift doors opened at the fifth floor and we almost ran down to Chantal’s tiny office. She shut and locked the door behind us then, rather bizarrely, opened the blinds that had been closed when we entered. Then she switched off the lights. Now I understood her purpose; our building wasn’t overlooked on this side, but the night time view was spectacular and there was just enough light to see each other.

Chantal leaned back against her desk, breathing heavily, drawing her skirt up her legs. I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of her. She continued to lift the garment slowly, until I couldn’t stand the suspense any more. I pushed the skirt up to her waist and plunged my face between her already parted legs.

I could see the sheen on Chantal’s pussy. She was wetter than I’d ever seen a woman before and in the brief millisecond that it took for my lips to target her swollen clit, I noticed that her lips were puffed and parted. She gasped as my tongue rasped across the sensitive little organ. I concentrated on it, swirling my tongue around and nibbling gently with my teeth, then occasionally delving the tip down between those soft folds. Her breathing became heavier and she shuddered every now and then.

Judging the time was right, I eased two of my fingers up into Chantal’s pussy. She moaned and almost immediately began to buck against my mouth and hand. Her legs crushed against the sides of my head, effectively making me deaf, yet I could still hear her cries as she came heavily.


When Chantal finally released the pressure on my ears, I was able to back away. I stood, wanting nothing more than to penetrate her with my cock. I began to unzip my trousers, my attention centred between her legs.

“No, wait!” she panted. “I can’t take you just yet. It’s too soon. It will hurt. You’ll have to nilüfer escort give me a few minutes.”

I fought to control the impulse to ignore her pleas and just dive right in, but common sense just managed to hold me in check. She wasn’t stopping me – she just needed time to recover from her orgasm.

“Besides,” she said with a smile. “You still need to fulfil my fantasy for me.”

She stood upright, knees shaking slightly and walked around her desk. She pulled the chair out to the side of it and sat down. Then she signalled me to move across by the door and stand in front of her.

“Well, you remember what I told you that I’ve always wanted to see, don’t you?”

I nodded, my mind beginning to spin.

“Come on then, get ’em off!” she jokingly commanded. She was still panting from her previous efforts.

So, I began to strip. Slowly, piece by piece, until I stood naked, my cock harder than I had ever imagined possible, nodding with the blood pulsing through it.

Chantal had pulled her skirt back down when she sat on the chair and her legs were together, revealing nothing. But as I took hold of my shaft and gently began to stroke up and down it, she began to unbutton her blouse, raising my libido even higher.

The blouse fluttered to the floor and I found myself staring at the beautiful lace brassiere – but not for long, as she reached behind and unhooked it. Sliding the straps down and off, she kept one arm holding the cups in place, then transferred her hands to the cups. I watched, transfixed as he allowed the bra to fall slowly away, while leaving her hands in place covering her breasts.

“My nipples are sooooo hard,” she breathed. “And hot! They’re almost burning my hands.”

I moaned in appreciation, my hand movements involuntarily speeding up.

Chantal took her hands away, her chest heaving with her heavy breathing, the near-perfect orbs glowing with a sheen of sweat, the angry red nipples seemingly aimed at me.

I was getting close now and my hand was moving faster. Chantal slowly stood and began to unzip the side of her skirt – the last item of clothing hiding her complete nudity. And then she dropped it. I felt my cock surge with the ejaculate.

With an edge of excitement in her voice, Chantal challenged me, “Come on then, see if you can hit me!”

I’d said that it was a small office, but I was still a good six feet away from her, so I didn’t think it was possible. But I was wrong, the first spurt landed on her legs around her knees, the second was much higher; almost reaching her breasts. The third jet was an almost perfect shot and Chantal looked down at the come dribbling across her pussy.

“You dirty bastard!” she said with a wicked grin. “I told myself that if you managed it, then I’d let you do whatever you want with me. I hope you’ve got more where that came from so that you can use me properly?”

I’d surprised myself – especially as this was my second orgasm of the evening. Hearing Chantal’s words both excited me and filled me with dread – I had no idea if I would be capable of anything else now. But I needn’t have worried; before I’d even finished, Chantal closed the two paces between us and sank to her knees. She licked the head of my penis clean and then began sucking it back to hardness. It didn’t take very long.

My cock was hurting, feeling as though it had been stretched beyond endurance, but I was ready to enter Chantal now. I told her to get up and bend over her desk. She readily and quickly complied, looking back over her shoulder as I approached her from behind. She giggled as I nudged the head against her pussy lips. She was tight, but I kept increasing the pressure and my dick gradually sank further, until my balls were nestled against her pubic hair. I began to stroke in and out, building up a rhythm.

I kept going until I felt that Chantal was close to her orgasm, but then stopped. I wanted to prolong my enjoyment.

“Keep going, keep going, I’m nearly there!” she pleaded. But instead, I withdrew.

Chantal looked back at me with a pained look on her face. I took my pussy-soaked shaft in my hand and aimed it a little higher, then leaned back in. She gasped.

“Oh! I’ve never done that before!”

“You said that I could do whatever I want with you,” I reminded her.

“You really are a dirty bastard, aren’t you? Look, I’m scared it will hurt.”

The lubrication already smothering my cock allowed the head to pop through the sphincter quickly, but I stopped and waited for her discomfort to ease. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to rock gently and push further and further. Chantal said nothing, but seemed to have clamped her mouth shut. She was breathing forcefully through her nose.

I could feel Chantal’s anal walls relaxing and her breathing began to settle, so I started moving, it took maybe ten minutes, but eventually I was fucking her ass rapidly – and I got the impression she was beginning to enjoy it.

“Oh you dirty bugger! You’re going to make me come like this aren’t you?”

The slapping sounds of my thighs on her bum cheeks echoed around the office. I got faster and faster, but after two orgasms already I lasted a long time. I began to think I was going to pass out from the marathon effort, but then I felt Chantal responding and watched her hand slither down to play with her pussy.

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You Make Your Own Luck (And Life)

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“Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night?” my new friend Mark said.

“I’d love to,” I said. “What can I bring?”

“We’ll be having surf and turf,” Mark said. “So bring some wine if you’d like.”

“I’ll do that,” I said.

This would be the second time we got together. I guess you could call it our second date. The first date had been arranged by a friend of mine.

Well, maybe not exactly a friend. John was a guy I had been with three times. “Been with” describes it. I had met him on the internet, looking for someone to meet for sex. Specifically, I was a bottom and enjoyed sucking cock. John was in a committed but open relationship with another man, had a good-sized cock (a turn-on for me) and loved being sucked.

While I wasn’t a great cocksucker, I was enthusiastic, and a quick learner, and he enjoyed giving me directions. By the third time we were together, I had him moaning quickly as I moved my lips up and down his big, hard shaft and before too long his cock was pulsating in my mouth and I was greedily drinking his cum and swallowing as much as I could. Some of his cum leaked out onto my chin as I knelt between his legs and I swiped it off with my finger and licked it off and swallowed that, too.

“You’re getting pretty good at that,” John said, as I got up and sat next to him on the couch. We were both naked and at this point, and we were pretty comfortable with each other. I enjoyed his company (and his big cock), but I knew he wasn’t looking to get out of his relationship and I didn’t want to interfere with it. We were together purely for the sex (well for me to suck his cock) and that was fine.

“Thanks!” I said. “You’re a good teacher.” We sat and talked for a while like any good friends might. Every once in a while I’d reach down and caress his cock just because, well, I love big cocks. I knew that once was enough for him but I still liked touching it.

“I’ve been thinking,” I said

“Oh?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. I enjoy getting together with you. It’s fun, you’re a nice guy, and basically sane, which isn’t that common. But I’ve been getting together with guys like this, mostly married or attached, for a long time. I mean it’s really the only way I’ve ever gotten together with another man, casually, for sex like this. It’s fun and up until now has been what I’ve wanted. I’m thinking now that I might want more.”

“Really? He said. “Like what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that while I’ve been thinking I’m bi, because I have been with women, that I would like to maybe find more with another man. I’m thinking I’d like to look for a man to have a relationship with, a committed relationship, not just to fuck and suck.”

“Wow,” he said. “Big change. Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Being with you has helped push me that way because you’re someone I feel friendship with besides just being someone I want to have sex with. It gives me the idea that maybe there’s someone out there that I can have both with. A more committed relationship, or maybe more than that, plus good sex.”

“You’re sure?” he asked. “That’s a big decision. Your life would change quite a bit.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I know. But just coming to this decision over the past couple of weeks really started to feel right. I started to feel more…I don’t know…honest with myself? Something has changed and I know I want to find someone to be with as more than a sex partner, maybe more than a friend.”

“How can I help?” he said.

“Well,” I said. “You have a lot of gay friends. I’m thinking you may know someone who knows someone who might be willing to let me explore this. I know it’s kind of weird to be looking to just ‘try it out.’ But I really do mean it, I really would like to meet someone who I could be with. I’m not just bullshitting myself or you. As long as someone knew going in that this would be all a new thing for me…”

“Okay,” John said. “I believe you. I can’t promise anything but I’ll ask around.” At that, he kissed me (we both like to kiss), we got dressed and headed our different directions.

He did his best to help me out. He set me up with a couple of guys over the next couple of weeks. I met them for coffee or drinks. Nice guys, but just no chemistry.

A couple of weeks after the last meeting, I got a text from him. He said that coincidentally a friend of a friend had broken up with his boyfriend a few months ago, and wanted to start dating again. I told him about you and thought he’d enjoy meeting.

“He knows where you’re at, and he’s fine with that. According to my friend, Mark is one of the nicest guys he knows. He’s also a pretty big guy which is good, I know you like big guys.” I’m 6-2 and not skinny and a total bottom, and I like to be with guys as big or bigger than I. That’s not always easy to find.

So anyway, Mark and I got together for some wine at a quiet bar near my house. He was a big guy! 6-4 at least and bursa escort bayan big. Not a bodybuilder, but obviously muscular and strong. Very good looking, too, but a friendly face. And those eyes. Deep blue and, well, just deep. As we sat and talked I kind of got lost in those eyes, and after an hour and a few glasses of wine I was hooked.

We spent almost two hours talking and while I can’t really remember what we were talking about it was all so easy. We just hit it off as doesn’t happen that often. It was clear pretty soon that we’d both like to continue this. We had agreed, though, that no matter what happened this was just to meet, nothing more. No idea that we’d go somewhere and have mad, crazy sex.

I gotta tell you that by the end of the time I would have gone anywhere to have mad, crazy sex with this big, gentle, but very masculine guy. As we sat there I could feel myself becoming more feminine to his maleness, not by any conscious decision. But I could tell we both knew where this was headed.

So that’s how I ended up at his house a couple of weeks later. He had made surf & turf. Lobster tails and some filets. He was a good cook. He asked me to make the salad, which I did and we had a great meal. I had brought two bottles of wine, a red and a white and we got through both of them by the time we had finished.

The meal took a couple of hours as we continued the easy conversation we had started the first time. This time it got a little more personal as I ended up telling up about some of the guys I had been with over the years, and he talked about his relationships. The last one was not a great breakup, so I let him talk that out. He seemed to relax even a little more after that. I’m a good listener and he was clearly still a little hurt. That made me open up even a little more to him, though I was already a little smitten. Okay, a lot smitten.

After dinner we moved into the living room and decided to sit on the couch and watch a movie. It was a film noir movie from the 40s, something we found we both enjoyed. We ended up opening another bottle of wine and sitting next to each other on the couch. After a few minutes, his arm went around my shoulders and gently held me. When he touched me, I felt suddenly warm and kind of melted inside. I really liked him, this was turning out better than I had hoped, and I could tell he liked me, too. Every once in a while I’d turn two him to say something and he’d look at me with those deep, blue eyes and I’d melt even more.

My wine glass was on the coffee table in front of me, so every once in a while I’d lean forward to pick it up and have a drink. The third time I did that, as I leaned back he gently pulled my closer to him so I ended up next to him with our thighs touching, and my head just naturally leaned on his shoulder. My left hand reached over and rested on his chest.

We just sat there for a while like that. As we did I could almost feel the temperature in the room start to rise. I know my temperature was starting to increase! While I was relaxed from all the wine my breath was starting to quicken and my heart was beating a little faster.

Mark was pulling me into him a little harder and I was starting to caress his chest. It was a muscular chest, he was a big guy and that was starting to turn me on even more. And he smelled so good! No cologne or anything, just a musky guy smell.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take much more suspense. I nuzzled in the crook of his neck a bit, then turned my face up towards his, opening my lips a bit and mostly closing my eyes, hoping he would take the hint and kiss me. I wanted that more than I’ve wanted almost anything in my life at that moment. I wanted this man to show me he wanted me and to take me.

He did. He reached behind my head, pulling me up toward him, and bent down and covered my lips with his. He was gentle at first but after I made this involuntary moan he became more assertive. Shortly his tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking on it like I wanted to take it down my throat.

I unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt and moved my hand onto his somewhat hairy chest, caressing his bare skin, feeling his hard pecs. His hands were all over my body, touching me and stroking me. He pulled me up so I was on his lap, facing him. He had his hands under my shirt, caressing my nipples. I had my hands around his neck pulling him toward me as we continued to kiss and I continued to suck on his tongue as he thrust it into my mouth. The assault on my senses from his mouth on mine and his hands gently caressing my nipples had me continually moaning at that point.

But then he stopped kissing me and pushed me back a bit. “Hang on,” he said.

“What?” I said, almost panting as I sat there in his lap.

“I just want you to be sure this isn’t just physical. I am looking for more than that from you and if that isn’t what you’re interested in then better to stop now.”

“Oh my god, Mark. I’m already half in love bursa evi olan escort with you which is why I’m almost shaking right now. I’m turned on on so many levels I’m almost about to faint!”

For a few beats he just looked at me, deep into my eyes. I think he wanted to make sure I knew what I was saying. He must have been satisfied because he got this big smile on his face and slowly pulled me back into his arms and this time the kiss was full of something more and I just melted.

As we kissed he lifted my shirt up and over my head. He kissed his way down my neck to my already hard and sensitive nipples and began to lick and suck and gently bite them. My nipples are very sensitive and I’ve always wanted to find a lover that enjoyed sucking on them as much as I enjoyed them being sucked. I had hit the jackpot with Mark. He not only seemed to enjoy it, he was very, very good at it, and I was in heaven. He had me leaning back, supported by his strong arms as I ran my hands through his hair and pulled his head into me.

My cock was painfully hard inside my pants, and I could feel his hard cock pushing into my ass. Not only was it hard but it felt really, really big. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

He pulled back again and lifted me to my feet. “Take your pants off,” he said. “I want you naked right now.”

He didn’t need to ask me twice. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped and pulled them off. Then my briefs. My hard cock sprung up in front of me. I don’t have a great body but I’d never been shy about it. For some reason though I felt a little shy in front of Mark. I guess I wanted him to like me and want me and wanted my body to be a turn on for him.

I didn’t have to worry. “Nice,” he said. There was still desire in his eyes and my knees went weak seeing it. Luckily he pulled me back onto his lap. It was exciting to be completely naked in his lap while he was still completely clothed. It made me feel very submissive and vulnerable, and yet safe in his arms.

I needed to see his body, too, though. So after more kissing with his hands roaming all over my body I reached down and started to unbutton his shirt. He leaned back and let me. I got his shirt off and exposed his strong, very manly chest. He had a light amount of hair, with just a little salt to go with the pepper. I leaned down and sucked on his nipples a bit. They instantly got hard and he clearly enjoyed the attention.

I needed more than that to suck on, though. I pushed off his chest and knelt on the floor in front of him. He still just sat back with a smile on his face, letting me do what I wanted. What I wanted was to get his pants off and so I unbuckled his belt, pulled down the zipper, and pulled his jeans down his thighs just enough so I could see his cock straining against the boxer shorts he was wearing.

I wanted to draw out the suspense just a bit so I buried my face in his crotch, inhaling his musky maleness. I could feel his cock twitch as I sniffed and kissed it through the fabric of his shorts. It was indeed big, and clearly thick. It was also hard as a rock and I couldn’t wait any longer so I pulled his pants and boxers completely off and let his cock spring up in front of my face.

He was big. Not porn star big but maybe seven inches and thick. It was a real “man’s cock.” A hard, straight cylinder (that’s how I like them), with large veins along the sides. He was cut with a nicely shaped mushroom head. The smell of him was even stronger now and it was intoxicating.

Below his cock were two large balls, proportional to the size of his cock. I gave them my attention first, nuzzling my face into them, licking them and pulling them gently into my mouth. I heard a sharp intake of breath when I did that so I know he was enjoying it.

I couldn’t drag it out any longer though my mouth was watering at the thought of having his now rock hard cock in my mouth. I licked up and down the sides of it, getting it as wet as I could. I love giving wet, sloppy blowjobs and I’ve never bet a guy that didn’t like that, too.

Finally I made my way to the head. He was big, for sure, but not huge. It was going to be a challenge to get him into my mouth, but I had been practicing on my friend and I knew I could do it.

There was a little drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I immediately sucked it off with a sloppy kiss to his cock and savored the taste. Some guys taste better than others, for sure, and Mark was one of the good ones!

Then I started with another kiss to the head and slowly pushed down, opening my lips until the head and a few inches were in my mouth. His cock, wet from my earlier attention, slipped easily into my mouth. Well, easily may be an exaggeration. He was big and it took me opening my mouth very wide to get his cock in my mouth. But the work was worth it for both of us. I involuntarily moaned out of excitement and I could hear Mark making a nice murmur of pleasure as well.

God he tasted good as bursa otele gelen escort more precum leaked from the tip of his cock. My tongue swirled around and around, lapping it up as I slowly moved my mouth up and down on his cock. After a bit I felt his hands on my head, not pushing, just gently guiding my up and down movements in the rhythm he wanted. I love it when guys do that so I don’t have to guess what they want! While I do love having a cock in my mouth, and especially the one I had in my mouth right now, for me it’s really about pleasing my partner. That was more true than ever at this moment, all I could think about was pleasing my man.

I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I couldn’t deep throat him..yet..but I was in heaven as I filled my mouth with him and sloppily moved up and down, lips pulling on his head as I pulled up, making deep moaning sounds that I couldn’t stop.

My lips and mouth were getting tired but I kept on sucking. His hands on my head were urging me to increase my rhythm and I knew he was getting close. Finally he made a loud sound, almost yelling, holding my head steady as his cock swelled even more and then pulsated with his cum shooting into my mouth. It was prodigious and I swallowed as fast as I could but some leaked out of my mouth onto my chin and hands.

I kept his cock in my mouth as it softened. I loved doing that, feeling a man’s cock slowly relax from the release I just gave him. I continued to gently lick him clean and pushed the cum that had escaped from my mouth between my lips as well. I had swallowed a lot of cum and I could still feel the warm coating on my mouth and throat. The taste was intoxicating and I already couldn’t wait to suck him again and feel him shooting into my mouth. I already knew that I would be on my knees to suck his cock whenever he wanted me there, and I hoped that was often.

After a bit he pulled me up to his lap again, holding me in his strong arms and kissed me.

“That was amazing,” he said, leaning his head back on the couch.

“For both of us!” I replied. “I loved doing that as much as you seemed to love me doing it. I will suck your cock anytime you want me to. I love the feel of you in my mouth and I love the taste of you. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.”

“I guess we’ll just have to find out,” he said with a slight smile on his face. He pulled my face back to his and began kissing me again, his tongue pushing into my mouth again letting me suck it. With his other hand he reached down and gently grabbed my cock, which was rock hard. He began stroking it, my own precum lubricating it.

Between his tongue in my mouth and his stroking my cock I was moaning again, pleasure coursing through me. I was close and I think he could tell as he sped up just a bit, drawing out the moment.

“Oh, Mark!” I said, “Please let me cum!” I leaned back and finally he gasped my cock a little more firmly and it took me over the edge. I exploded in his hand as my orgasm made my whole body shake in his arms. I almost lost consciousness as he held me.

I reached around his neck with my arms and kissed him over and over, my passion and pleasure making me crazy with affection for him, my man. His left hand on my cock squeezed the last of my cum out and I groaned.

“Ohhhhh, what are you doing to me?” I asked.

“I want to make sure you feel as good as you made me feel,” he answered.

“Well I’m in the arms of a gorgeous man that I’m smitten with, who seems to be a bit smitten with me, and my body is still buzzing from coming. I think I’m feeling pretty damn good.”

I looked down at his hand, covered in my cum. “You look like you need a little cleaning up, though.” I reached down and lifted his hand to my mouth, and looking Mark in the eyes licked my own cum off his hand, sucking his fingers in between my lips one at a time, as sensually as I could.

His eyes widened, and I could feel his cock under my bare ass twitch. Then I bent forward and kissed him, opening his mouth with my tongue, and sharing the taste of my cum with him. Now I could feel his cock getting hard again under me. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “you’re going to be even more fun than I hoped.” A top man who was turned on by the taste of my cum? That was an unexpected gift.

As we kissed my arms were around his neck (as a girl’s arms should be!) His cock was fully hard now, a big, hot log under my butt. I spread my legs, moved a bit and his cock popped up between my thighs. I reached down with my right hand and began caressing it paying attention to the swollen head, my thumb swirling on the sensitive area right underneath it.

Apparently that motivated him into what I was hoping would be the main event of the evening with that cock buried in my pussy. In one move he put his left hand under my outstretched legs, told me to hang on, and stood up with me in his arms. He was even stronger than I thought as I’m not some 100-lb. Teenage girl, but he didn’t seem to be putting out much effort.

We continued kissing as he carried me through the house, down a hallway, ending up in a bedroom. Of course there was a big, king-sized bed. It had been a warm few nights so there were only sheets when he set me down, and I scooted up to the top making room for him.

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Yearning Hearts Ch. 05

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Big Tits

“Earth to Tommy!” Charley snapped her fingers a series of times when she noticed Thomas’ absentminded features for the umpteenth time.

“What? Did you say something?” he shook his head and blinked a few times before looking at Charley who looked completely irritated.

Charley’s shoulders lifted as she inhaled deeply and exhaled warily. “I’ve been here for twenty minutes and the only thing you’ve put into that box is one single book. One Tommy, one.” She raised one finger before him as she told him ‘one’ again.

“I’m sorry Charles, I just…”

“Tell me what happened. Does it have anything to do with why you left me at the café on Wednesday?”

It was two days later and Charley was there to help Thomas pack up some essentials before he was ready to move out for good. They were seated on the floor with their legs folded. Charley managed to get two boxes packed already but Thomas couldn’t get himself to stop thinking about Jonathan and the way he spoke to him last time.

Every time he tried picturing the look on Jonathan’s face, he cringed. He expected Jonathan to be chasing after him begging him for forgiveness every dying day, but it took Jonathan walking out those doors for him to realize what an idiot he’s been, what he’s been always been.

Sometimes he really had to wonder what Jonathan saw in him. What the hell was there to love? All he’s been is selfish, hateful, manic, and bitter and Jonathan still wanted him. Deep down he knew Jonathan didn’t have any ill intentions towards him but he just allowed all that hurt and anger to possess him.

And what the hell was he even thinking barging into Jonathan’s meeting like that? He knew more than anyone how important that was to him but he did it anyway and even after all that Jonathan still defended him.

It wasn’t like Belle was gone and he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore. He still loved her the same and he had no doubt that she’d love him the same if she knew the truth about her real daddy. He wanted to fix it but he didn’t know how or where to start. He was scared.


“So what, you crashed his meeting and he didn’t lose it on your ass? I know you’re hurting babe but what you did…” He already knew he fucked up but to hear how disappointed Charley was in him just killed him, he wanted to cry.

“You’re not only hurting him. He’s got all these people in the company and other franchises that he’s responsible for and you yourself even said how much pressure he puts on himself because he doesn’t want to fail, much less disappoint his dad.”

Charley watched as Thomas bowed his head down trying to hide his saddened face and quivering lips. She felt terrible; she didn’t mean to make him feel bad. She quickly moved to his side on her knees and buried her face on the side of his head.

“That’s not all that happened.” He croaked and wiped his eyes with the back of his hands.

“Tommy!” She cautioned as she braced herself for what was to come. He took a deep breath ten told her.

“We had sex,” he confessed as his face flushed a blushing red.

“Did he…?” Charley began but Thomas didn’t need to ask her what she meant. The shock was written all over her face. She wanted to know if Jonathan took what he wanted out of anger after Thomas sabotaged his meeting.

“No… actually I’m the one who initiated the whole thing,” he sighed then laced his fingers with hers.

“Then I said some pretty hurtful things to him afterwards.” He went on to tell her how angry he was when showed up at Jonathan’s place to him letting his guard down for a brief moment when Jonathan kept telling him how much he loved him to how he just went completely cold after they had sex.

“Tommy no!” she gasped and threw her hand against her mouth.

“I didn’t mean it alright!” he shot back then stood abruptly. “I know it was fucked up. He started pacing the floor rubbing the back of his neck. “It all happened so fast; I… I couldn’t stop I just wanted to hurt him, I really wanted to hurt him.”

“And now… do you feel better now?” Charley asked as she stood and at him worriedly.

“Of course not… I feel a hundred times worse. You should’ve seen him Charley; the disappointment, the grief, the agony, the defeat. I went too far this time, I just know it,” he babbled while his eyes welled up but he wouldn’t cry. Frankly he was surprised he had anymore tears to spare.

The night he returned from Jonathan’s he just curled up in bed on the side Jonathan had slept and literally bawled his eyes out till he fell asleep still sniffling in his sleep.

“Babe, do you need me to be honest right now or do you want me to be supportive?” Thomas looked at her puzzled for a while then answered.

“Be honest,” he whispered dreading what she was going to say.

“Jonathan did a really messed up deceitful thing but you’ve always put him on this pedestal like he isn’t allowed to make mistakes; he’s human too Tommy and he’s bound to make some choices that you aren’t always going to agree escort bursa with.

Did you even listen to the reason why he did what he did?” she asked as she stood in his way stopping him from moving about. When he didn’t answer she continued.

“Can you imagine what it must’ve been like for him to hear his daughter call someone else dad. He wasn’t shy in showing how much he loves her but he was willing to give up all of it for you, shouldn’t that count for something,” she murmured as she reached up and brushed away the one streak of tear leaking from his eye.

“Do you still love him,” she whispered vulnerably as tears formed in her eyes. He tried to turn his gaze from her but she wasn’t haven’t it. She held his head in place as she whispered the same question again. He swallowed past the lump in his throat then answered her truthfully.

“Yes,” he croaked as a tears streamed from his eyes.

“Do you want him back?”


“Can you forgive him?”

“I-I want to. I love him so much it hurts Charley. I can’t stop loving him. No matter what he does to me, no matter how much I try, I can’t stop loving him.” He shakily used his right hand to wipe at his nose and eyes with his sleeve then continued.

“I need him so much but what if that was the last straw? What if he doesn’t want me anymore?

I swear Charles, when he looks at me I feel like I’m the most precious thing in the world to him. And oh God when he touches me…” He felt himself shiver as an image of Jonathan between his legs feasting on his ass flashed in his mind.

He wondered if Charley was probably put off about revealing such intimate details but she was staring at him so lovingly and adoringly with a hint of curiosity. He knew all too well what that glimmer in her eyes meant. Not too long ago he was on the opposite end of that; he loved watching girls fondling each other but Jonathan ruined him for anyone else. He saw no one else nor thought of anyone else…only Jonathan.

“I need him back,” he breathed then sniffled.

“Then go get him, go fight for him. Tell him you haven’t given up on him.” She stroked his cheeks then reached up on her toes and kissed them both.

“Thanks for everything; I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. I love you.” He murmured then cradled her head against his chest. Yes he was hurt but all along he had been thinking about himself and only his hurt without thinking for one second what it must’ve been like for Jonathan. And to top it all off he had to say those horrible things to him. One thing was for sure he needed to see Jonathan. Much sooner rather than later.


“Have fun boys.” Camila the caretaker of Jonathan’s Malibu vacation home for the past three years called out to Jonathan and Jesse who were upstairs in Jonathan’s bedroom getting ready to leave for a night out. Jesse was a regular hookup of Jonathan’s long before he started anything with Thomas.

Usually he’d call Jesse up whenever he was in town but he hadn’t been out there in months so he never really got the chance to divulge any of the recent happenings that has been going on with him lately. When Jesse showed up at his door the day before he was shocked to say the least, especially when he didn’t call him but he had no doubt that Camila was the one who told him.

Yeah the forty odd years old has been working for him for the past three years and he adored her immensely. And boy how she wanted Jonathan to settle down and be happy and the only eligible person she knew of was Jesse.

“Good night Camila,” Jonathan and Jesse called out in unison from his bedroom. For the past two days since he’s been there all he did was work, work, work and work some more. He was there to relax and forget about all the shit that has been going on in his life lately but he needed to keep busy. If he thought about Thomas for one second he relapsed in a state of depression.

Jesse ended up coming back the following day in the hopes of spending time with Jonathan but Abigail had suggested that they go out and have some fun. By the way she winked at Jonathan, he had no doubt that ‘fun’ meant sex but in the effort of not falling in a fit of laughter he returned her wink and a sly smile.

He had no intention of doing anything sexual or intimate with Jesse but maybe a night out would do him some good.

“You shouldn’t be in here.” Jonathan murmured when he returned from taking a shower and saw Jesse, the young Jenson Ackles look-a-like lying on his bed in a pair of blue skinny jeans cuffed at the ankles and a light blue skin tight button down rolled up at the elbows .

“You never minded before. I love watching you dress.” Jesse whispered as he drank in every inch of that manly body.

“This time’s different,” he returned watching as Jesse spread his legs a bit more. God, that ass. Though he had no idea what the future had in store for him and Thomas, touching anyone else so soon still seemed like a betrayal.

“Why?” A conflicted Jesse asked wondering bursa merkez escort why Jonathan hadn’t made the slightest move on him yet. It usually didn’t take Jonathan that long to start ravaging him especially when they hadn’t seen each other in so long. He could clearly see all the stress he was under and wanted to relieve him but Jonathan obviously wasn’t into it.

“I don’t wanna talk about it Jess.” He told Jesse sounding very final then walked into his closet.

Jesse noticed that Jonathan wanted his privacy but he didn’t care.

“What does that mean?” he retorted as he sprang from the bed and stood before the closet where Jonathan was slipping on a pair of black boxer briefs under his towel. The man looked like a fucking God but he couldn’t think about that now, he needed answers.

“I don’t wanna sound like some whining bitch but not because I let you fuck me whenever you want, that doesn’t mean that’s all I’m here for. I don’t go around giving myself to just anyone. You’re the only one I do this with… I-I care about you Jon. You can talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.”

Jonathan could hear the anguish in Jesse’s voice as he spoke, he hated that. He could tell from the first time they slept together that Jesse thought of them as more than a friends with benefits type duo. He should’ve stopped it then but he was selfish, he loved having a connection with the person he was sleeping with and he loved and cared about Jesse, just not in the way that Jesse wanted.

After slipping on a pair of black jeans straight jeans he turned and looked at a concerned Jesse with his arms folded across his chest. He looked so adorable. He took a deep breath then told Jesse about Thomas and what led up to him being in LA.

“She’s yours?” Jesse asked astonishingly then pushed his hands into his front pockets. “But…you love Thomas?” Jesse didn’t like hearing that because somewhere deep down he had hoped that someday Jonathan would want more from him than sex but he understood.

Had it been anyone else he’d have no problem fighting for Jonathan but next to Thomas he knew his chances were next to none. He always wondered if Jonathan had feelings for Thomas but Thomas was married and straight so he never really thought anything would come of it.

“I’m sorry Jess. That’s why I didn’t call you when I got here. I…”

“Shhh…” Jesse placed his right forefinger on Jonathan’s lips when he saw sorrow engulf his whole feature. He didn’t want him to feel bad. “I get it. I’m disappointed but I don’t think I could play second fiddle to anyone. And please don’t be sorry, be happy. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.”

Jonathan chuckled softly at the similar advice that his dad gave him. “My dad said the same thing.”

“Smart man.” Jesse said as he returned his smile.

“Yes he is.” Jonathan used his thumb to tuck Jesse’s hair behind his ears. “You’re an amazing guy Jess. You’re gonna make some guy very lucky one of these days.”

“Of course I will, I’m a great catch,” Jesse winked and smiled broadly.

“Still not modest I see.” Jonathan basked in that adorable smirk as he threw his head back and let out a roaring laughter.

“What fun would that be? And speaking of fun big guy, you need to get dressed. I’m gonna show you a good time tonight.” Jesse gave him one last smile then left the room to Jonathan to get ready.

Jonathan continued smiling even after Jesse left the room. That was one of the things he adored about Jesse the most. He always knew how to lighten his mood.

He opted for a black t-shirt and black leather jacket with his black jeans and black boots. Two splashes of polo red and he was out the door.


Later that evening after Charley left, he forced himself to eat a fruit salad for the sake of not collapsing, took a shower then climbed into bed. He naturally gravitated to the side where Jonathan had slept as he placed a pillow vertical to his form, wrapped his legs around it and hugged it as if it was another person. Ethan.

After tossing and turning for several minutes with no success of sleep he reached for his tablet with the intention of playing some music but as it came to life his breath got hitched in his throat at the sight before him. Few weeks earlier while in his never ending state of depression over missing the man he loved he placed a picture of Jonathan and Belle as his screen saver.

Initially it was supposed to be a daddy and daughter day but Belle had insisted that she wanted to see superman (Jonathan). He was nervous as hell at first because things between them were still fresh and he wasn’t exactly sure how to act around Jonathan while Belle was there but nervous or not he was going to give his baby girl what she wanted.

Though he knew Jonathan was home because it was the weekend, he still wanted to make sure he was there and free. “Hey.”Jonathan answered in a lustful husk that sent a shiver right through him. Luckily Marian had bursa yabancı escort gone to the store earlier so he didn’t have to explain to her why he was acting like a shy teenage girl who just lost her virginity.

“Hi.” He responded meekly as he bit on his lip and willed his groin to stop reacting. Luckily Belle was off in her own world with her toys.

“Are you alone?” Jonathan asked lowly in his throat that made Thomas shiver. He tried to refrain from any sort of contact with Jonathan when he was at home but whenever it happened, he always got turned on. And though Jonathan didn’t know it and he hated himself immensely because of it, those were the only times he could sleep with Marian.

“No Beh-Belle’s here,” he breathed obediently. He knew it must’ve come out as a moan but he was beyond help. From where he stood at the living room window he glanced over his shoulder and luckily Belle was still engrossed in what she was doing.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s only been two days since I touched you but I can’t wait to get you alone. Oh fuck I’m getting hard just talking to you baby.” That last part came out as an aroused growl and instead of responding with words Thomas found himself whimpering and breathing raggedly. All he kept thinking about was that long fat cock driving in and out of him hitting his sweet spot every time leaving him with the most amazing hurt inside his channel.

“You have no idea how those little sound you make drive me crazy but I wish I was inside you, do you like it when I’m inside you Baby? Do you love it when I pound into your tight little hole till I fuck the come outta you hmm, do you like that?”

“mmm ahh,” Thomas moaned loudly and gasped when realization hit him that Belle was still in the room. He knew he should probably end the call and tell Belle they would visit some other time but he didn’t want to disappoint her and a part of him selfishly wanted to see Jonathan. “Ethan…” He breathed in protest.

“Yes baby?” Jonathan answered coolly like he wasn’t affected at all. He envied the man for having that much self control. On the other hand he couldn’t manage that if he tried. He removed the phone from his ear for a brief moment till he got his breathing under control then returned to the call.

“Um Belle wanted to see you but if you’re busy I can tell her maybe some other time.” ‘Please say you’re busy, please say you’re busy,’ he thought desperately when the words finally fell from his lips.

“Oh for real? No I’m never too busy for my little angel. You two come on over, we can have some fun in the pool.” He could hear Jonathan’s amused chuckle on the other end. Suddenly it wasn’t so sexual anymore. He could tell how much Jonathan really loved her and he couldn’t have been more grateful that his little girl had so much people who loved her.

“Ok we’ll be there in a bit.” He dint know what else to say to him so before Jonathan had a chance to respond he ended the call. He wish he didn’t have to be such a dork sometimes but he knew Jonathan was probably laughing deliriously at having that much power over him.

When he got off the elevator on Jonathan’s floor Jonathan was there waiting in a pair of dark blue swim trunks. Even though it wasn’t very tight in the least, it wasn’t exactly doing a good job of concealing that big thick monster. Even soft the man’s cock would put an average hard dick to shame.

“Superman!” Belle practically leapt from his arms to Jonathan and he couldn’t help but shake his head amusingly.

“What’s up shorty?” Jonathan responded amazed much to her delight. She was laughing ear to ear once she laid eyes on him but she was a giggling mess once he started swinging her from side to side and tossing her in the air.

He never quite understood what Marian meant when she expressed how hot she got just by watching hi with Belle,but as he stood there looking at Jonathan with Belle, he could see it clear as day. He knew that was the exact moment he fell for Jonathan.

He didn’t think it smart to go in the pool with Jonathan so he just lay back on of the chairs while the two of them goofed off. However that didn’t stop him from sitting in the perfect angle where Jonathan could see his little pink trunks as he pretended to read something on his kindle. Nothing special, just him casually laying there minding his own business.

At one point when Jonathan had his back to him, he saw Belle kiss Jonathan o the cheek and just hugged his neck tightly while she rested her head on his shoulder. He fell hard double time. He didn’t know what came over him but he instantly reached for his phone and snapped a few pictures of the duo.


He gripped the pillow tighter as he groaned and bit into it. He missed Jonathan to bits but how was he going to fix things between them. They hadn’t exactly parted in the best sort of way, he couldn’t take it if Jonathan denied him and there was a high chance of that happening.

However he knew he couldn’t sit back wondering what if forever. Charley was right he needed to fight for Jonathan. Jonathan had walked out thinking that things were over between them. That was dangerous. What if he really screwed up this time and pus Jonathan away for good? What if he had already moved on? ‘Good God no,’ he panicked internally.

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Strip Poker on Class Trip

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All characters in this story are over 18.

This is a work of fiction. Safe sex should always be practiced. Assume all characters are using protection of some sort.


It was my final year of high school, and I was in the middle of the last school trip I would ever be on. It had been a long day – the whole class did lots of sightseeing and visited many different tourist attractions. Tired, my buddy Eric and I were happy to get back to the hotel room in time for some late night TV and a decent sleep. However, that was not to be.

“What a day,” sighed Eric as he flopped down on his bed. “Which place was your favourite?”

Before I could answer, our conversation was interrupted by a series of three light knocks on the door.

“Who could that be?” I asked rhetorically as I got up to answer the door. When I pulled it open, I was greeted with a cute, high-pitched voice.

“Hiya.” it said. There were three girls standing at the doorway, smiling confidently.

“Amy, Katie, Emma,” I said. “How’s it going?”

“Can we come in?” asked Amy. Of course, I would be hard pressed to deny these three beautiful teenaged girls from my class asking to come into my hotel room at 11:30PM.

“Of course you can!” I all but screamed as I flung open the door, letting the three cuties through.

“Hey Girls!” waved Eric from his comfortable spot on the bed.

“Heyyyyyy Eric.” said Emma flirtatiously.

A beautiful brunette, Emma wore a pretty blue blouse that was tight enough to show off her large, firm tits, and sexy, dark blue jeans that accentuated her round ass.

“Can I get anyone a drink?” I asked.

“I’d love one!” Amy explained in her usual bouncy, lively manner. Of Asian descent, Amy had long black hair and always wore perfect, cute glasses. While her apple-sized tits weren’t the biggest of all the girls, they were well proportioned for her petite frame, and her precious ass more than made up for it. Today, she wore a white hoodie unbuttoned, and under it a tight blue shirt. Like Emma, she wore Jeans.

“Hey, grab me one too, would you?” said Katie. Katie could be a sassy girl, and today she was wearing a loose-fitting baseball jersey that hid her curvy frame, and athletic shorts. Katie had been playing sports as long as I’d known her, so like usual she had her dirty-blonde hair in a long ponytail.

I grabbed the drinks for the girls, plus one for myself and for Eric.

“So what do you want to do?” Eric asked. We had been sitting in a circle on one of the beds in silence, sipping our drinks, for about 5 minutes.

“I brought a deck of cards.” I said. “Anyone for some poker?”

The girls looked at each other for a moment, and looked back at me.

“Josh, we’re all pretty bad at poker, but it could be fun.” said Emma sheepishly.

“There’s one problem though.” said Eric. “We can’t use our spending money. What are we going to play for?”

Dammit, I hadn’t thought of that. Without stakes, poker doesn’t work properly. We needed to play for something, but what? Luckily for me, Amy came to the rescue.

“How about we play… strip poker?” she suggested. Her comment made everyone go silent.

“You mean… play for clothes?” asked Eric.

Amy smirked at him.

“Yes… that’s what strip poker means.”

Trying to sound like I wasn’t to excited, I pitched in to the conversation.

“I’m in.” The other girls took some convincing, but eventually they decided to give it a shot. I don’t think any of us understood what we were actually getting into.

Amy dealt the cards, and I was happy with my hand. Unfortunately, I was still the last place player. The first loser of the game, I had to take off my sweater, so now I only had an old t-shirt on.

I could tell who the next loser would be immediately, because Katie had a really bad poker face. As soon as she saw her hand, she made a scowl and put her cards face down on the ground. After we played the hand, as I predicted, Emma lost.

“What’s it gonna be, Em?” Eric prodded. Emma glared at him and, after a second of hesitation, unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it onto the pile that had been started by my sweater. Tongue-tied, I hoped my jaw wasn’t hanging down too far as I stared explicitly at her tits. They were pert enough that they didn’t need one, but she had on a cute black bra that left just enough to the imagination.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the view as she covered bursa eskort up her chest with her arm and looked down with her reddening face.

“Come on, come on! This is strip poker, not ‘cover yourself up’ poker!” I prodded. She scowled at me, but did drop her arm.

Eric lost next, and he did a little dance as he took of his t-shirt revealing his well conditioned chest and abs.

After that was a close hand, but the loser ended up being Katie.

“Dammit!” she cried “Screw all of you!” With that, she pulled off her baseball jersey and I was able to see her nice tits under a black sports bra. As much as this view was sexy, I couldn’t wait to see her tits without the obtrusive material in the way. At least, I hoped the game would go that far.

Amy was the next loser, and she pulled off her hoodie without much of a fuss, so she was only wearing a tight t-shirt.

“Good things I wore more articles of clothing then y’all.” Amy said, gloating. However, due to another crappy hand, she was forced to also remove another article of clothing.

“Haha! In your face!” I yelled, pointing at her. I immediately felt bad, because she now looked generally embarassed. Then, her face lit up. What was she planning? Before anyone could stop her, she reached behind her back under her t-shirt, fiddled around for a second or two, and then pulled something out from underneath.

“That’s not fair!” exclaimed Eric. Amy was holding in her hands a sexy pink lace bra, that had been under her shirt until seconds ago.

“Why didn’t I think of that?!” yelled Emma.

“We didn’t say you have to from outside to in!” said Amy.

“Fine.” I admitted, even though I would have given anything to see her wearing that bra. “But from now on, no one is allowed to do what Amy just did!”

Now that all of the girls were topless to some degree, I suppose it was only fair that I would join everyone else. After another nail-biter of a poker hand, I lost again, and took off my t-shirt. While I never worked out as much as Eric, My chest and abs were flat and I think the girls enjoyed the view, judging by the cheers and whoops they gave.

When the next hand was finished, Katie had lost again.

“DAMMIT!” she shrieked as she smashed her cards down into the ground.

Sucker, I thought.

Standing up, she pulled her shorts down slowly to her ankles and I was treated to, for the first time, I saw my classmate in only her underwear. She was wearing a black pair of panties that hid everything, but when she turned around to walk back to her seat I saw her perfect, pert little ass shaking as she moved.

Luckily for her, she was soon joined by Emma who was the next loser.

“Dang.” she said as, slowly, she stood up and turned around, so her ass was facing the rest of us. Looking over her shoulder seductively, she sexily pulled down her jeans revealing her beautiful juicy ass, her pussy only barely covered by the white fabric of her thong. When she sat down cross-legged, I noticed that there was no pubic hair showing through underneath, which started to make a tent in my pants.

I was incredibly surprised that Emma had done this sort of move, as she was usually shy regarding her body. Earlier in this very game she had tried to cover up her tits when she had to strip down to her bra. However, I suppose the alcohol was beginning to take effect.

Me and Eric lost the next two rounds, and we both hoped the girls didn’t notice the bulge in our briefs when we removed our pants, although in hindsight I’m sure it would have been hard for them not to have.

Joining us all in our state of undress, Amy sexily shimmied out of her jeans, wearing flowery pink panties that matched her bra in material.

With the game moving into another stage, I thought it was appropriate to get us all more drinks. When that was done, we continued with the game.

The next loser was Emma, who swore under her breath, and looked into my eyes. I nodded at her, silently letting her know that she wouldn’t be judged. I don’t know how it would be possible for anyone to judge what we saw next.

“You go girl!” encouraged Katie.

As Emma removed her bra and slipped the cups off her tits, I was treated to her perfectly sized bare tits with perfect, hard nipples and perfectly sized areola. Everything about her breasts was perfect- from the way they bounced as she sat down to the way they swung as she turned from side to side. She looked up görükle escort from the ground, cupping her breasts in her hands. She met my eyes.

Eric cheered.

“Do you… Do you like them?” she asked shyly.

“They’re… beautiful.” I said, and I couldn’t have meant it more. She blushed.

The first to join Emma was Katie, who was explosively angry when she lost, and she tore off her bra with animal-like ferocity.

“Whoa whoa whoa, slow down girl!” said Eric, who was clearly enjoying Katie’s tits. While they won’t as pert as Emma’s, they were bigger and had more bounce to them.

Emma and Amy were clapping wildly, and Eric’s boxers were bursting. For that matter, mine were too.

Amy lost next, and she pulled her t-shirt off so I got my first ever look at her smaller but remarkably perfect, firm tits that stood at pert attention.

“There we go, there we GO!” said Eric, and he high-fived katie who was also clapping.

“Wait!” I cried before the next round was played. “I have a suggestion. Because we each have only one article of clothing left, I think we should play on teams. Us guys will be one team and you girls will be the other… and whoever loses has to strip.”

“That’s a fantastic idea.” replied Katie. “You two are going DOWN!”

She high-fived Amy and Emma.

The cards were dealt, and Eric and I knew immediately who the winners were going to be: us. Sure enough, when the hands were finished, the three girls screamed and scattered the cards around the floor.

“Strip, Strip, Strip!” Eric and I chanted. The girls huddled for a second, before the all stood up, side by side, facing us. They each, in unison, reached down and pulled on the elastic of their bottoms, and, to our surprise, slowly slid down the panties, revealing three incredibly sexy pussies. My focus immediately went to Emma’s which was completely shaved. When I looked closer, I saw that it was pink and juicy, and I could see the fluids dripping down her leg, evidence of how horny she was at this point. My eyes immediately moved to Amy’s cute, innocent asian pussy, which was pink and looked like no one had ever touched it. Even innocent little Amy, however, had shaved her pubic hair, leaving her pussy looking bald and lonely. I noticed Eric was staring intently at Katie’s blond landing strip of hair, which lead right down to her own, equally inviting pussy. He licked his lips.

“So…” said Amy, breaking the silence. “What now?”

“We play forfeits?” suggested Eric. I would have agreed with the suggestion, but the sexual tension in the room was getting to be too much for me.

“Sorry guys,” I said. “But I think this game is just going to get in the way. Eric smiled.

“I like where this is going!” he said. With that, we stood up and walked towards our three beautiful naked teenaged classmates. I ripped off my briefs ferociously, allowing my eight-inch erection to spring free. Then, we all gave in to the sexual energy that had been building up all night. Like animals, Emma and I lunged at each other, and I wrapped my hands around her, grabbing her ass. Looking to my side, I saw Eric was doing a similar thing with Katie, and they were making out passionately. As I pushed Emma onto the bed and climbed on top of her, I was presented with Amy’s cute asian face, kissing me violently. I removed one of my hands from Emma’s ass to grab one of Amy’s tits. She broke her kiss with me for a moment to moan with pleasure. Then, something magical happened. Emma reached up from her submissive position and grabbed Amy’s ass, pulling her over her mouth. Then, she started to frenziedly eat Amy’s pussy out, causing her to scream with pleasure. This gave me the opportunity to stick my fingers into Emma’s pussy, making her almost cry with the raw sexiness of the whole situation. I can only imagine what it felt like to be fingered while eating another girl’s pussy!

When I glanced over at Eric and Katie, I saw her blond head bobbing up and down on Eric’s cock, taking all seven inches of it into her mouth at a time.

“Ohhhhhm yeah, that feels so goooood.” he moaned as she sucked his dick lustfully. I turned my dick back to the incredibly sexy, submissive position Emma was in as she was fully at my mercy. Her tits were bouncing in all directions as she wriggled with the pleasure of the intense fingering I was giving her. Then, another magical thing happened.

Amy had bent down from her own pussy licking, bursa escort bayan and was now sucking my dick. Her frame was small, but I suppose her throat was big, as she was able to take all of my dick into her mouth at a time. After a few minutes of this, Emma briefly stopped the excited eating-out she was giving Amy to talk to me.

“Please, Josh… Ohhhh, that’s so good. Please… I need you in me… ohhhhh!”

The timing was perfect, as just then, Amy let go of my cock to scream with pleasure.

“Yes yes yes yes yes! Emma that’s so gooood!” she screamed, and we were lucky no one in neighbouring rooms heard.

I took advantage of my rock hard cock being free to do something I’d been wanting to do for a while: to fuck the hell out of Emma. When I thrust my dick into her, it made the perfect sound- the combination of a squeltch from the wetness of her pussy and the slap of our skin hitting together. I made a few more violent thrusts, grunting, and then started to really fuck her hard in missionary. My cock was moving so fast that we heard that noise a few times a second, and Emma’s screams were being sexily muted by Amy’s pussy. I was fucking Emma so hard that I couldn’t even tell that my dick was ever leaving her pussy- I never felt that cold feeling of my cock meeting the cool air outside of a girl’s pussy.

I lost focus for a second because Katie had just orgasmed, and I had to look over to the other bed to see her rapidly impaling herself on Eric’s dick, riding him cowgirl.

“Ahhhhh! AHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as he fucked her from underneath. Then, I heard a similar noise coming from Emma, who had been driven to orgasm by the fucking right at her g-spot. I looked back down at her tits, bouncing as I railed her, and felt her wriggle and squirm as she struggled to contain her pleasure. She had to take her mouth off of Amy’s pussy for a second just to scream.

“AHHHHH!! OH MY GOOODDDD!! FUUCCCKKK!!” reluctantly, I took my dick out of her pussy, happy that she had come so soon.

Then, Amy, who was being eaten out by Emma, crawled off of the other girl’s body towards me, and got on her hands and knees on the bed. Her asshole was puckered, and her pussy was wide open. I never thought an innocent girl like Amy could ever strike such a pose.

“Josh, I want you to hit me.” she said. I obliged, striking her right in the ass, rocking her forward.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Now FUCK ME!”

I slammed my dick into her pussy, my second girl of the night, and immediately I was fucking her just as hard as I had fucked Emma. I drilled her from behind, every so often smacking her ass with my hand. Then, I began to grope her tits from behind and pinch her nipples.

“Ohhhh, yeah!!” screamed the sexy Asian girl. “Fuck me. FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!! DESTROY ME! PLEASE!” I took that as full permission to dominate her, and I started to ram her, pushing her towards the wall. I picked her up, smashing her into the bed, and continued to rail her with my hard cock. I hit her ass, grabbed her neck, and groped her tits, all while my dick was moving in and out of her at an incredible speed. As I knew she would, she had an orgasm.

“FUUUUCK!” she screamed as she squirmed and writhed on the bed, causing the bedframe to shake with the power of her orgasm. I pulled out of her and grabbed Emma again, once again fucking this beautiful brunette. I grabbed her tits, kneading them together, and once again she came. This time, it was too much for me, and I leaned forward and grunted into her has a fucked her hard.

“Where should I cum?”

“All over me. ALL FUCKING OVER ME!” I pulled out, and my cock exploded with cum, going everywhere. It was the most intense, powerful orgasm I’ve ever had, and there was enough cum to cover the tits of both her and Amy. We all collapsed onto the bed, worn out from the incredible experience we just had.

“That was… incredible.” said Emma.

“I’ve never felt so… used… before” said Amy.

I grabbed them both, hugging them close to me.

“Thank you girls.” I said. Then I turned my head, just in time to see Eric finishing off Katie, who was almost passed out from the murderous fucking she was getting.

“yes yes yes harder harder harder OHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!” she screamed as she orgasmed, and Eric grunted and screamed also, overflowing her pussy with his white, stick cum.

With that, we all closed our eyes and went to sleep, content in the knowledge that we had just experienced the best night of our lives. We couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the class trip would bring. There were still two weeks left, and there were more things I had to try- not to mention, I still hadn’t gotten a change to fuck Katie.

To be continued?

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I like Being Naked Pt. 02

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Big Tits

All fiction/fantasy

All participants would be over 18yrs


Teasing Dad

voyeured mom and dad having sex

Sue gets naked too


I must have fallen to sleep as I heard a knock at my door. Kim, “can I come in,” mom asked.

Sure. Mom came in as I was still laying on my bed naked. My legs were spread and a hand was on my pussy. She came in and appeared to be glowing as she looked me over. I moved my hand away from my pussy hoping she wouldn’t be curious.

Thanks, she said.

I had a puzzled look on my face.

All of our teasing and exhibition has really gotten dad all worked up, she said with a pleasing smile on her face. Your participation has really enhanced our sex life lately. You handled yourself very well today, considering the situations.

You’re being quite mature and you’re not be ashamed of your body either.

Why do you say that mom.

Well, who went out this morning bra less, then wearing a sheer blouse with your breast showing through the thin fabric. Then actually undressing before your father and showing your little thong. The unbuttoning of your blouse in a seductive way without fully exposing yourself. That was hot honey. I don’t think I could have done better.

Well mom, you did encourage me.

She smiled and said, I’m not done teasing your dad yet. She pulled off her sun dress to display the new bikini that was next to nothing. Wanna join me?

She really looked sexy in that bikini. It barely covered her private parts.

She put her dress back on and left.

Wow, as I thought how great mom has been, then realizing she may be using me to spice up her sex life. I got up and put on my new bikini like hers. It was tiny, and I hadn’t realized just how sheer the fabric was. I almost felt naked With it on. A girl has to be careful wearing this. I slipped on a cover up and went looking for mom to see what she had schemed up for us this time.

Mom and dad were out by the BBQ, getting it ready. I walked over to them as dad looked me over. He appeared disappointed. Perhaps this was due to my attire which was a simple cover up, or that I wasn’t naked. Dunno. He was busy getting the BBQ lit,

So, you ready to see our new swim wear mom asked?

Dad said, why do you need swimwear, it’s optional here

Mom just smiled and said, well, let us show you. She looked at me and said ready. I nodded as we both removed our cover ups revealing our barely there string bikini’s.

Dad’s eyes bugged out as he inspected the site before him.

Here we were again, before dad, and nearly naked. Mom made her modeling moves and pointing out that you’d think we were naked from the back side as the only thing there were a couple of strings. I too had turned to show him my bare backside and really having a wicked feeling doing this.

Dad was gleaming, this has to be another tease.

Mom and I smiled.

It was a nice afternoon and I was ready for a swim again. So I went and jumped into the pool. Yup, a girl has to be careful in suit like this. The fabric over my tit’s moved away exposing them. I pulled the top back into place and swam around without any other surprises. I almost felt like I was naked.

Mom decided to join me and had jumped in. She almost lost the whole top of her suit. She kinda laughed as she re-positioned everything. We continued to enjoy the swim.

A few minutes later, dad came out and headed for the pool. He had changed into what had to be the smallest tightest swim suits I’d ever seen on a man. Looks like he wanted to tease too. You could clearly see his dick stuffed into that thing.

When mom saw that, the bantering began.

She decided to get out for a quick drink that dad brought out with him. I too got out for a drink, Well surprise surprise. Our new bikinis were absolutely transparent when wet. You could see everything as if we were naked.

Dad saw this and just smiled.

Mom started her modeling routine again making sure dad saw it all. Not only were our suits now transparent, I noticed that moms bottoms were slipping into the lips of her pussy. I don’t think she realized it. She had gone over to a lounge and laid down with her drink. As she lay there, she had parted her legs slightly and did a self check of herself and then realized how her pussy lips were being displayed.

She got dad’s attention and started in on her sexy banter again as she showed him her situation. She even pulled on the fabric some, causing it to slip further in between her pussy lips.

This really had an affect on dad. I noticed he was having difficulty keeping his dick in his tight little suit. It kept poking out.

Mom got up again and decided to show dad what happens when she jumps into the pool. She jumped in as before. When she came up, her tits were no where near being contained within the suit. Dad was amused. She was trying to put everything back in place, then decided it wasn’t worth it. She just untied it and threw it to the side bursa escort of the pool.

We all laughed than swam awhile more before getting out and having a nice BBQ meal. We all stayed in our swimming attire through dinner, mom without her top.

After dinner, we sat around and watched some TV. Mom and dad were enjoying some wine. When I went to my room for the evening, I again had stopped in front of the mirror admiring myself. Damn, this bikini was hot. I could see my tits and make out my pussy showing through the fabric, and I could make out my landing strip too. I tugged on the bottoms and readjusted the strings to see if it would slip in between my pussy lips like moms had, without much luck. I then worked on the strings of the top and got it fitting more securely. I then took if off and climbed into bed for the night.

I awoke having to pee real bad the next morning, so I slipped out of bed and just walked to the bathroom naked. I hadn’t even thought about putting anything on. Nor did I close the door. Mom and dad’s room was at the other end of the house and they had their own bathroom, so I wasn’t concerned. After peeing, I turned on the shower and got in. As I was washing, that tingly feeling started up as I washed my tits and then my pussy. I was really getting aroused and kept it up. Then wondered how it would feel pointing the shower head directly onto those sensitive areas. The shower head was the type at the end of hose and I could adjust it to shower or a pulsing stream.

I set it to a pulsing stream and directed it to my tits. That felt nice on my sensitive nipples as I massaged them with my hand. I then directed the pulsing jet steam to my pussy. Oh My Gosh. I think was coming instantly with that sensation. I was using fingers and water again and again, getting myself off. I was panting and moaning each time I did that.

I was about to finish up and grabbed my razor. Lathered up the landing strip and shaved it all off. There, now I was smooth, just like mom. I got out of the shower and dried off. Then, I just walked out to the kitchen in all my naked glory. I knew mom and dad were home, but It didn’t bother me, after all the events of yesterday.

I sat and enjoyed a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. As I took my dishes to the sink, dad walked in wearing boxer shorts and said good morning.

Good morning Dad.

No mention of my lack of attire.

He made coffee and asked what I was going to do today.

Oh, I don’t know. I need to clean my room and I’m thinking about getting some more sun and do some swimming. How about you? I noticed how he was looking me up and down. I was curious if he’d noticed the landing strip was gone as I just stood there leaning against the counter with my legs slightly parted. I was looking Dad over and thought his boxers were hiding a bulge.

Dad said he and mom were going to town for a short time this morning, but they would be around all after noon.

What are you shopping for today I asked?

I dunno, Mom said she wanted to go into town, thats all I know.

Mom had just walked in. She had on one of her lacy thongs. She saw me and said good morning sweetheart, then came over and gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek. She too then looked me over with a slight smile on her face as I’m sure she noticed I was now bare just like her. She then walked over and gave dad a hug and kiss. I noticed he briefly grabbed one of her cheeks in the process as mom let out a little cooing noise.

I sat with mom and dad as they had their coffee. They finished and went off to their room as did I.

I was thinking to myself just how unreal that all was. I’m in the kitchen naked and just carrying on with the both of them as it was all normal. What have I done. I wasn’t bothered at all being naked in front of either mom or dad, and they were about the same when I was around with their lack of attire. Mom walked into my room and let me know they were leaving. I said OK.

She then said, I like your new look, enjoy it, winked and walked out.

Mom is so cool.

I did some cleaning in my room, but I hadn’t gotten dressed. I was really liking the feeling of being naked while doing chores. With those done, I decided to get some sun before it was too hot. So I walked out to the pool. It was a nice morning, so I decided to take a swim. So here I am, skinny dipping by myself and not trying to sneak around to do it.

I was really feeling liberated as I would glide through the water feeling it slide over my naked body. Just the thought had brought on that tingly feeling. I placed a hand on one of my tits and began massaging as my other hand went to my pussy. I sat on the steps, with my legs spread and in full masturbation mode. Oh did this feel wonderful. I’m out back in the pool, naked and getting myself off, and that I did that several times before casually swimming again.

Time to get some sun. So I got out and laid on a lounge. Grabbed the lotion and worked it into my front side. Then laid back and relaxed. bursa escort I was replaying the events of yesterday and again started getting tingly. So I began to masturbate again until I had a nice orgasm. I was still laying out back when I heard mom come out to let me know they were home.

I said, hey mom, can you come put lotion on my back.

Sure she said and made her way over. I got up and turned my back to her so she could apply the lotion. I said thanks.

She went back in as I laid down to get some sun on my back.

Dad had come out to check all the pool equipment and chemicals. I could tell he was looking me over.

I heard mom again. I set up to see mom walking over, she too was now naked as she asked me to put some lotion on her back. She sat down and I applied lotion to her back. Now dad could check us both out as he continued with the pool stuff.

He had gone inside when he was done. A few minute later, he came out naked and laid next to mom. So here we were, all three naked, enjoying the sun. I was getting pretty warm after being out there for the length of time I was. So I got up and slipped into the pool to cool off. After a short swim, I got out and dried off, then said I was going in for awhile and went to the house.

I stopped in the kitchen for a cool drink then to my room. I started up my computer to send an email to Sue. I asked if she wanted to come over this coming week for a swim. I was again looking at bikinis and thongs online when I thought I heard a commotion from out back, so I went to my back door and opened it up to have a look.

Oh my, there was dad on his back with mom right next to him. She had both hands around his dick moving them up and down, and occasionally she would lean over and take his dick into her mouth. Then dad got up with his dick pointing to the sky. Mom turned and got on her hands and knees before him. He moved over behind her and with his hand pointed his dick at her backside then thrust forward and started moving back a forth.

Oh my, I was really getting that tingly feeling now. I had placed a hand on my pussy and started to pleasure myself as I watched mom and dad engaged in their sexual activity.

I could hear mom making noises as dad was pumping in and out of her. I could hear her moaning and see her writhing about. She had taken one hand and reached between her legs. It appeared she was rubbing her pussy like crazy, as was I. Dad had pulled away from mom and got down on his knees, then placed his head at mom’s back side. Mom let out a loud shriek of pleasure when dad started doing that.

I then head mom say: eat my pussy you nasty boy, stick your tongue deep in there, don’t stop, oh that feels so good. Keep it up you naughty boy. Ohhhh that feels good. Ohhh, now fuck me again. Come on, shove that cock in me again, fuck me, fuck me good.

Hearing mom say that, I felt juices develop on my pussy. Mom was really getting vocal as dad continued working her over. Then she almost screamed saying, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Oooooh ooooh oooh. Dad pulled away as mom stayed in that position with her hand on her pussy.

I was now writhing about myself and pressed harder on my sensitive points letting out a little moan and not wanting to interrupt, went back in and closed the door, jumped on my bed, sprea my legs and worked my pussy like crazy before letting out my own moan as my body shook with my most powerful orgasm yet.

My pussy was soaked from all the excitement. I just lay there calming back down realizing what I had just seen. I was really feeling horny and wanted to continue. I felt my pussy was a wet mess as I ran my fingers across it. I jumped off my bed and walked to the kitchen, got a quick drink, then walked out by mom and dad. I could feel the juices from my pussy trickle down the inside of my legs. Mom and dad were just laying there now.

Dad’s dick was sticking up some, like when I saw it yesterday when mom was openly teasing him. So as I walked up to them, I said to dad, mom teasing you again?

Mom half laughed and dad just smiled.

I was standing right in front of them, then got into the pool wondering if they noticed the juices running down my legs. I swam a bit before getting out and going to the diving board to have some fun.

Maybe a belly flop… I just took a few steps, bounced on the board and once in the air, I spread my legs wide as I jumped in. Entering the water with my legs spread like that brought a short pleasurable feeling on my pussy as it impacted against the water, so I got out and did it again. I saw dad watching as I spread my legs. I did it again, and as dad watched, I saw his dick start that twitching thing again. Mom notice this too and watched what I was doing. By now, I would jump, spread my legs wide and reach for the sky feeling a quick sensual rush on my pussy as I entered the water.

Enough of that. So I went and laid on a lounge next to mom. I could see dad’s dick still twitching for a while before it calmed down.

That escort bayan night I had an email from Sue. She could come any day. So I invited her over for Monday.

The other day, I had let her try on one of my thongs. We even wandered the house topless and had gone out by the pool. So just how much farther will this go…

Monday morning I woke early again. I walked to the bathroom as naked as I slept and realized I hadn’t put on any clothing at all yesterday. Less laundry if I can keep that up. After peeing, I walked to the kitchen for some food. This was becoming a morning routine it seems.

Mom came in, and this time, she too was naked.

Good morning sweetheart.

Good morning mom

She made coffee then walked out back to feed the dog and over to the pool area to grab a couple of glasses before returning.

Well, that weekend went by fast she said.

Really, and it will be a memorable one too I said.

Mom smiled as she too could say the same.

She was looking at me and said, you’ve really become comfortable the way you are. Look at you, wandering around with no clothes on.

Well, just look at yourself mom. You’re naked too, and you showed me how to enjoy it and not let it bother me. Wanna share anything as to how you started doing it.

She didn’t answer right away, but offered, another time.

What are your plans today?

Well, Sue will come over and spend the day. Do some swimming and just enjoy summer time.

Are you going to share with her what we do here?

No mom, I don’t think it’s appropriate to do that. I’ll show her my new clothing but not mention how we modeled for dad or run around naked together.

She smiled and said, well enjoy your day. Then she was off.

Sue arrived awhile later. I had reduced to the fact I should put some clothes on, then figure how to get rid of them. Sue came in and we had a friendly hug before going to my room. I had on my new sun dress when she arrived, no bra and a new thong. Sue says, I love that dress, is it new?.

Yeah, wanna try it on?


Mom took me shopping on Saturday. She bought me some new undies, this dress, a skirt, blouse and a swimsuit. ..I may not have wanted to mention that…

Your mom is so cool,

I wish my mom was as open as yours or even partially. So let me see your new things.

I went and pulled out my new thongs to show her.

Your mom bought these? With big eyes, she inspected them. She was holding up one of the more modest of the few I got and just seemed to go into dream land.

I picked up a smaller one pointing out how much smaller it was, and seeing how big Sues eyes got, and I’m wearing the smallest of them all now. Smiling, I got up and pulled my dress off to reveal the tiny thong I had on.

Sue just froze seeing how tiny it was.

She was speechless, then said, your mom bought that?

I just smiled.

Sue then realized I didn’t have a bra on. Wow she said, you look so sexy standing there like that with just your thong on.

Thanks I said. So, you want to try these I asked her.

You sure?, she asked.

Sure, there is no harm trying on clothes. She picked up a thong and blushed some. I said go for it. So sue pulled her shorts off and the cotton pantie she had on, then pulled on one of the lacy thongs. While the fit was good, there was another problem. Her pubic hair was sticking out all over. She saw that and became quite embarrassed. Then she looked at me in a much smaller thong and I had no hair sticking out.

Did you shave?

The other day. I hadn’t shaved for my first thong, but I have since. I had to shave in order to wear these without embarrassing myself. The thong fit Sue really nice. Her cheeks framed by the thong looked fantastic. But her pubic hair hanging out just ruined the whole thing.

Let me show you what I’ve done. As Sue looked on closely, I pulled off my thong revealing my smooth pussy. Sue just gasped. I said, it really feels nice being smooth down there.

How’d you do that?

I just lathered up real good in the shower and took my razor to it. You ought to try it.

I couldn’t.

Well, who’s going to know if you don’t tell.

Sue thought about it and said, you’re right. If I don’t tell mom, she won’t know. She never sees me naked.

I smiled and said, there you go.

Lets do this I said. Get out of those clothes. She took em all off and I led her to the bathroom.

I grabbed a new razor and showed her the soap in the shower. If you need help let me know.

Can we use scissors to cut the long stuff first?

Sure, as I wandered off to get a pair. Here, sit on the counter and I’ll trim this down for you. She did have a large bush, more than what I had. After cutting off the long stuff, she got in the shower and did the rest.

Sue was gleaming with her now smooth pussy. She wasn’t even bothered as I led her back to my room and she was now as naked as I.

When we got back to my room, I handed her the dress so she could try it on. She pulled it on over her head and let it fall in place everywhere else. Then I walked her before the mirror. It was a good fit for her as she looked herself over in the mirror.

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The Invitation, Gabriel’s Beginning

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(This is the story of my first introduction into a BDSM poly family, it was the beginning of my journey into the kinkiest time in my life. It is a true story, and I will follow it with others as I learned and grew in my role.)


Remembering back, hoping my memory is strong enough, it was in the late fall, just before Halloween in 1975. My entrance to that world so many cherish and so few understand. I was so green I almost glowed. I was from a small farming town in Indiana and was now in Columbus, Ohio, starting school at a Bell and Howell school called Ohio Institute of Technology, and taking classes at Ohio State in music. Having just graduated in May I was moving into an apartment there in June.

Finally glad to be away from the little Podunk town that had been my upbringing. The apartment building I was gonna call home was part school housing, but about half was still open to the public too. When I moved in there were several apartments occupied by dancers at a local strip club. It was one of the Hustler clubs that Larry Flint owned. Just before the magazine took off, so there were always tons of pretties around the pool that summer. The parties were epic too.

I was playing in a band and working at a local recording studio called Kingsmill as a mix-down engineer. So with school I had little time for much else except the parties around the pool. I began to notice the only apartment that didn’t seem to show up for the parties was the one right across from me on the same floor.

Actually, I really didn’t see the occupants very often at all, occasionally, a few times a week it seemed a visitor or two would stop in. Not always the same people but always some very lovely women, rarely a man and if one did stop with a female friend he didn’t stay long and left alone shortly after arriving. This intrigued me to say the least, so I decided to make the move to get in the apartment and see what was up there.

I figured the best way to get inside was to extend an invitation to the next party that weekend. So I found myself knocking on the door carrying a bottle of tequila, my usual hello gift. I waited for what seemed like an eternity and the door finally opened. The barely dressed girl that greeted me was stunning, long blond hair, nice tits, tiny waist and a wonderful little butt. She said, “Hello, may I help you?”

When the blood returned to my brain, another eternity, I responded, “Howdy, I am Gabriel, I live across the courtyard. Just wanted to say hi and invite you to one of our parties.”

She looks at me and says, ” Well, I am not sure, we are really more homebodies that partiers.” looking her up and down she is dressed in a tiny silk skirt and a leather vest, wearing a choker collar and barefoot. Homebody? “So, what is the bottle for,” she asks?

Starring at her, it dawns on me what she is talking about. Holding out the bottle of Patron, I return with, “Well, I brought it for you.”

She takes the gift and invites me in, “I think you need to talk to Ian about this, He is the decision maker in this household.” Leading me into the apartment and to a back room. It is set up as a family room, sitting on a couch is a rather large man and a tiny little asian girl curled up at his feet on the floor. “Ian, this is Gabriel, one of our neighbors. He brought you a gift.”

As he stands, the asian moves on to the couch behind him, she is wearing a tiny little light blue baby-doll nightie. Extend his hand in a shake he says, “Hello Gabriel, I am Ian, The Master of the house, baby-doll is the one that brought you in, and the shy little one on the couch is kitty.”

Shaking his hand I say, “Nice to meet you Ian,” looking at the ladies, “and my pleasure to make your acquaintance,” offering my hand to each of them.

Ian tells me, “Well mate, they will only respond if I give them permission, and I am not sure we are at that point yet, but I can safely say they are happy to know you, it is part of their nature, and they would never disrespect me by doing anything different.”

I look at him and wonder what it is all about, “Did you say they need your permission?” this was so new to me, I had never heard anything like it, remember just a country boy, didn’t ever know a woman that needed a mans permission for anything, but I was indeed intrigued.

Ian offered me a seat, handed the Patron to kitty and told her to get us something cold to drink. He asked what I would like, so trying to seem a little more worldly, I just said, “surprise me.”

While kitty was gone, baby doll took her place on the couch beside Ian and started to massage his shoulders. As she did she seemed to purr, theses were the wildest people I had ever met. Kitty then returned with a with a pitcher of something very fruity and wet, pouring Ian a nice big glass and then one for me, she also sits on the other side of Ian, her hands working with baby dolls on their Master.

“I like you Gabe, what do you know about the Dominate lifestyle?”

“Well I have seen a few porns Escort bayan and read a few letters about it in penthouse, but no first hand knowledge.” I can almost feel the light bulb light up above my head. “So is this what you are into?”

Ian looks at the girls and laughs, “Well it is more than that, it is our lifestyle, I earn my living with this life.” As he talks the girls are rubbing his body and clearly getting rather turned on. “I am a Professional Dominant, I train and re-train women to live within the life and learn to please there Masters. Some of them do not have the time to get their pets to the right place, that is where I come in. I train them to be obedient and to accept their role, even relish it.”

This is so out there that I am very tempted to just leave, yet I can’t seem to get up and go. “So you are saying these are your trainees?” I sit up, but still can’t leave.

Again, there is a laugh from Ian, “No, these two are my property, my slaves, I own them body, mind and soul. They do nothing without my permission, that includes bodily functions. They will also do my bidding no matter what I tell them to do.” This seems so strange to me, I have never known any woman that would be willing to do this.

“Are you serious? Anything you tell them they will do without question?” I feel the smile creep across my face.

“That is what I said, anything I command they will do without hesitation.” With that her turns to kitty, “Show Gabe how you like to play with your pussy, my pet.

Kitty slips to the floor and looks up at me, she slips off her panties to reveal the smoothest, prettiest pussy I have ever seen, Sitting with her knees up and legs spread, she starts to slowly tease and rub the lips of her pussy, watching me as she starts to get wet from her touch, then she opens her lips to show me her clit, wet lips open and close as she drops her head back and slips a finger inside.

I look up at Ian and over to baby doll, I can see the effect it is having on her, and feel the response my own body is having, then I hear a gasp from kitty as her little puffy pussy starts to jerk and contract around her finger.

She looks up at Ian, still keeping her head lowered from his gaze as if waiting for him to comment. “Does my kitty need to cum? Does she need the release?”

“Oh please Sir, may your kitty cum for her Master, will it please you for me to show Gabe how I can squirt? I need it, PLEASE MASTER, let me cum.”

“Well if you really want to show our new friend your talent then you may cum my pet.” Then it happens, she starts to squirt and spray the floor in front of her, Like someone had turned on a hose, she bucked and raised her hips as the spray reaches across the front of the couch. It lasts for a several seconds at least and then she drops back onto her back still jerking and pinching her clit.

“Thank you soooo much Master Ian,” is all she can manage to say between gasps for air.

“Ok, baby doll, lick her clean,” without hesitation baby slides in between kitty’s legs and laps up the puddle that covers her legs and pussy. Then Ian says, Kitty don’t leave my floor wet,” and kitty rolls over and licks the puddle up from the hardwood floor until it is all gone, then the girls kiss and swap each others mouthful.

This almost pops my cork as I watch, but seems to have no effect on Ian, then he says, “Looks like Gabe could use a release himself my pets.” They turn to me and slide up between my knees and each starts to rub my cock through my shorts, gently pushing me back against the couch and freeing me from my zipper, hands and mouths covering my cock.

The site and feeling of them lapping and stroking my cock was about to bring me to my own release when Ian says “suck him dry my pets, show him how good those little mouths are,” after he says that they start to take turns sliding completely down my shaft and squeezing my balls, it doesn’t take long and I am shooting into kitty’s mouth like a rocket blasting off, driving my cock deep into her mouth, I can feel her throat tighten around me as I spasm and squirt.

I drop back against the couch and kitty turns to baby doll and empties the cum in her mouth into baby doll’s, dripping onto her lips and face at the same time, this is the hottest thing I have ever seen. As I get my composure back and the girls are slowly stroking my cock, Ian says. ” That’ enough my pets, let him relax so he can come back down.” The girls both let me go and move back to sit at Ian’s feet, still licking each others lips.

“So tell me Gabriel, how was your first day with us?” I could barely speak but tell Ian that I was so happy I decided to stop by. We talked for several hours, he tells me about his life with the girls and the trainees that are brought to him. After we talk he takes me into the third bedroom of the apartment, one of only two in the complex that had three bedrooms and that room is set up as a dungeon, lots of dungeon furniture, hooks in the ceiling, chains and ropes Bayan escort on the wall.

There is an X shaped stand in one corner, a platform with a chair sitting in the middle, a shower in the opposite corner and a very large array of rubber toys, whips, paddles and other implements, hanging in racks all along the walls.

For the next several days I visit Ian and the pets everyday, with similar results from the first visit, he has all so taking to training me in the ways of a Dominate. The girls have been most willing to let me learn to abuse and use them as I learn more and more. After about two weeks during one visit Ian makes an very interesting offer.

“Gabriel, I have something I need from you, if you are interested it will help me out greatly, if not I will understand. I have to go away for a bit and need someone to take over my position here, training and keeping this household.”

I asked him where he was going and he said he had to go to jail for about 8 months. He had a little run in with the local police, a small amount of marijuana was found on him during a traffic stop, Columbus, Ohio could be rather harsh at that time.

He told me that I would be training a few submissives and slaves during my stay and would be treated as though I was him, with no one daring to question my actions. All the money made, minus the bills for the house of course would be mine and when Ian returned I would be set up in my own house if I choose.

Ian went into the lock-up on monday and I moved in, it was unbelievable, the pets kitty and baby doll helped me get adjusted, teaching me all I hadn’t learned in Ian’s last week at home. Kitty was heavily into pain and baby doll loved control and humiliation.

I started with sessions with one at a time and worked into using them both, they slept at the sides of my bed when I didn’t invite them to join me. They seemed to like it when I made one watch and used the other, but that only seemed to get them off even more.

Like I said kitty was into pain and the first night we were alone she proved it. She came into the living-room and sat at my feet, not looking at me. I took her chin in my hand and pulled her into my gaze. “Something on your mind little one?”

“I need Master, this little one is in need of something soon or she is afraid she will just die.” I chuckle at this and she says, “Sir, my little pussy is throbbing and my ass needs to be punished, I know this one should never be so bold, but I am so ready, will my Master please make me cry?”

I told her to go into the playroom and prepare for me, Turn off the lights and light the candles. Assume a squat in the middle of the room and wait for me, if I get the urge I will be in, if not you will just wait in that position until I tell you different.

She goes in and does as she is told, and it gets quiet as she stops moving. I wait for about 15 minutes, I am sure it seemed like much longer to her. As I enter the room she is in the middle of the floor squatting with her tiny ass on her heels and her hands behind her neck, fingers laced.

The glow of the candles dancing on her skin, the playroom is always kept hot causing little kitty to glisten with her own sweat. I walk around her, admiring her tiny body, her nipples pointing ahead waiting for my touch, her smooth pussy inches above the floor, the lips starting to quiver, in anticipation, as I approach.

Walking behind her I reach out and tie her wrists, looping the leather tie around her neck after her wrists are bound, preventing her from moving her hands from that spot, I did not feel there was a need to blindfold her as she knew what was coming anyway.

Then I walk to the front and pinch her nipples and pull trying to make her lose her balance, she held fast and let out a low moan as I pull, then I clamped each nipple with the smaller clamps that were attached to a chain between them. Making the clamps tight enough that I could pull the chain and not dislodge them. When she is clamped I walk to the wall with the floggers hung in a neat row and took down one with long leather strips that were as rough as an old shoe.

I return to a spot in front of her, she is shaking from such a long time kneeling and waiting for me. Without a word I start with her flogging, first across her breast, not too hard at first, just to let her know it had started. Her chest heaved with the first few strokes of the leather then she seemed to settle, the whimpers also subsided. This was my signal to start getting harder and faster, striping her tits with long red welts on each stroke.

Then down across her thighs making her jump from the changed location of the hits, they get harder and stronger, the welts increasing in swelling, I start to walk around her and striping her flesh as I move, stopping behind her I concentrate on her back across the shoulders and then to the apple shaped ass that looked so nice and needy.

Each time she started to get accustomed to the level escort of the flogging it was increased, as I waited for the safe word or the tears she needed to give me for me to stop the punishing abuse.

Worried I was going to far I slowed, but as I did the tears started to flow, there were a few welts that had started to trickle with a small amount of blood, I grab her by the hair and pull her head back leaning over her, “Why did you not stop be from hurting you my pet?”

Here reply was, “Sir, this little one loves the love you showed with the pain you gave me, it was what she needed so badly.”

Leaving her tied at the wrists I unzip my pants, pulling out my throbbing cock and forcing it into her mouth, she hungrily sucks me into her throat and opens herself deep for me to fuck her face. After She takes me down to my balls, I waited for her to choke on the intrusion but it never came. He throat tugged and squeezed my cock and I felt like I was in heaven.

I pull out and sit on a footstool behind me and tell her, “slide me into that wet pussy, with a puddle of her cum on the floor beneath her, she stands and straddles me as her cunt swallows me in one motion. As I slip into her as deep as I can get, it was like a switch was tripped inside her and even tied as she was, she started to ride me like a cowgirl going for the 8 second mark, bucking and slamming me into her.

I can tell by the look on her face she is about to cum so I push her off and she lands on her ass, back on the floor where she had just been squatting, I stand and stroke my cock until I start to spray cum across her face and tits.

Then I walk away and tell her to resume the squat I had found her in until I told her different. She turned and looked at me for a brief second and scrambled back into her place above her puddle. I started to walk around the room blowing out the candles one at a time, still saying nothing. The last two candles at the door are left lit and I step out of the room.

After about 15 more minutes I return and untie her wrists again grabbing her hair and telling her, “hold this pose until you hear be leave the room and them you may stroke yourself to make you cum, you may then go to your place and sleep, do not clean up until you wake tomorrow, but I had better not wake before you are clean again, do you understand?”

She replies with a soft, “yes Master,” and I leave the room, blowing out the last two candles as I leave. When she returns to her place at the side of my bed she sees me in bed asleep with baby doll wrapped in my arms.

When I awoke the next day kitty was cleaned and making breakfast for me. She was all smiles and seemed so very happy, as I came into the kitchen she gave me a big kiss and thanks me for the session last night. Then baby doll came in from the living-room and started to help kitty. I said, “So my pets, what is in todays plans?”

Turning toward me baby doll says, “Is it my turn to be yours?” then quickly turning away as if she realized that she had over stepped with her comment. I stared back at her to show her that I was a little displeased with her and you could see that it affected her to have upset me.

I said, “well I am not sure if I want to my time to be decided by a pet or what had happened in the recent past, but I had though that we needed some time alone today, little one.” With this I start to walk from the room and leave them alone to clean up the kitchen.

I stop at the door on the way out and over my shoulder, “When you have finished with the kitchen baby doll, go and dress in one of your little schoolgirl outfits and come into the living-room to see me.”

Leaving the room I hear a very small but excited “yes Sir” come from the kitchen.

Waiting in the living-room listening to music I hear baby doll enter from behind me. She is wearing a pretty little blue plaid micro skirt with light blue panties, a white button down shirt tied at the waste in a knot and the top two buttons undone.

I sit and wait as she walks around my chair and assumes the position at me feet she knows she is to address me from, on her knees head down hands palm up on her thighs. She remains quiet like a good little pet until I speak, ” So baby doll, what is on your mind?”

Looking up slightly with just her eyes she responds, “I just wanted to spend some time with you Sir, this girls has needs that are growing stronger.” she returns her eyes to the floor and waits for some response from me. I reach out and stroke her hair and raise her face to look into her eyes.

“Then perhaps your Master should fill those needs, get me your leash and we shall go for a small walk.” She jumps up and runs to the hook where her leash is hung and scurries back to her place at my feet, holding up the leash but still looking at the floor. I take the leash and attach it to her collar, standing, I walk to the door and she follows, her little skirt barely covering her ass.

We walked, but only down to the pool in our complex, mostly for me, public is not a big thing for me yet. I sit in a lounge chair back from the pool and tell her to stand at the end, her leash pulling slightly, I then tell her she is a little over dressed and to remove her top. She immediately starts to blush but also begins to unbutton.

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I Convince Women To Pose Nude

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I have a talent for getting average prim and proper middle aged women, most of them married, to pose nude. More importantly I convince them to let me play with their tits and pussies and pose them anyway I want –all in front of a filming video camera. These are school teachers, bank tellers, you name it. I just love it. To give you an idea of how I work, I will describe one example that I will call the ‘Blonde on the Beach.’

Setting Up

One usually successful strategy is to locate a good spot on a beach. In this case it is a beach in Mexico that is frequented by both Americans and Europeans. This spot is deserted and at the far end of the beach that is quite a distance from the nearest town. Anyone who reaches this spot has to turn around because of a big jetty made of nasty rocks. I set up my camera on a tripod about 300 feet before anyone walking on the beach would reach the jetty, so any women who get out this far have to pass me twice–once on the way out and then again after they turn around. I scope them out as they pass the first time and see how they react to the camera. Then I wait to make my pitch on the way back.

After a few unsuccessful tries I spot a likely prospect. She is about 37 years old, alone, topless (so half my work is already done), a good looking blonde for her age with huge tits who has been out in the sun too long. She appears slightly tipsy –either because she had a little too much to drink, or maybe because she is ‘sun drunk,’ or maybe she was just being a blonde. To set the stage I ask her on her first pass by me if she were ‘Claudette from the agency.’ She replies ‘No, sorry,’ and I could tell from her accent she was American. I moved the camera around in a very obvious manner to make it clear I am filming her as she walks. She seemed a bit upset but too meek to object — a good sign.

Casting the Bait

On her second pass I have to act quickly so I blurt out a whole sad story before she has a chance to refuse. ‘Excuse me madam,’ I say, ‘but by some wild chance can I convince you to do an audition tape for a European bath oil commercial –it is for a product not sold in the US and the ad will only be shown in Europe. I flew all the way down here to do some audition shots and two of the prospects have not shown up—even though I paid for their tickets. We are looking for someone very attractive like yourself, but not ‘super model’ material. We want someone who the average woman can identify with. Someone they can look at and say ‘Gee I think I have a chance to look just like that if I use this product’. You would be absolutely perfect—you are very attractive, but still your naturally beautiful looks are attainable for the average woman. Can I interview you on film for the sponsors? ‘

She stops and replies, ‘Oh I don’t know—I must look a mess’ as she combs her hair furiously with her hands. She seems more concerned about the way her hair will appear on the film than the fact that she would be standing in front of a camera with bare breasts. It occurs to me that being a blonde she may have even forgotten she was topless!

‘No, No’ I say improvising quickly, ‘that is precisely the idea, it’s a castaway on a tropical island theme –I’d have to spend hours making you up to look exactly as you look now.’

‘Well, OK, she replies, ‘ I guess I can spend a few minutes—do they pay.’ She has now taken the bait and I just need to reel her in, but I have to be careful or she can wriggle off the hook.

‘Oh, yes,’ I assured her. ‘This is big time Escort bayan pay —double union scale with standard back-end merchandising (and then I make up a whole bunch of nonsense that sounds good)—but of course first you have to be chosen. Are you interested?’

‘Sure, why not give it a try’ she responds on cue. Obviously I have struck a chord. She probably has always wanted to be a model. So now I am thinking –let the games begin!! I have to make it look legit so I ask her about herself. She’s a teacher (in was it New York? I don’t recall) working with children with special needs and Yada Yada Yada. (She sounds like she’s in a Miss America pageant which reinforces my idea that she has always wanted to model.) Then it is time to make my move.

The Fish is Hooked

I stutter with false modesty, ‘Er… maam… I don’t want to seem forward, but this is a bath commercial for European viewers and.. err… well they have different standards in Europe on …err… nudity. It’s very natural there and ……I have to be honest with you …nudity is expected in a bath commercial because that is the way people normally take baths. It’s nothing out of the ordinary in Europe really– not like in the US. I just want you to have a fair shot against the other girls and well…they are posing nude for the sponsors.. so I’d strongly suggest you loose the bottoms for the audition tape.

She stares down at her modest bathing suit bottoms and begins to tug them down just a few inches and even then very slowly. So I prattle on an on about how TV in Europe is run by the government and they would not show anything tasteless on national TV, etc. Finally, she tugs her bottoms off and tosses them out of camera range. I now have her standing nude in front of the camera.

The Big One(s) That ALMOST Got Away

Almost instantly after her bottoms hit the ground her hands fly up over her face. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this!’ She cries out as she hides her face with both hands. I try to calm her down but then she moves one hand down over her pussy and begins to shuffle her feet to the right trying not to show her face or pussy to the camera as she glides out of range. I rush from behind the camera and gently grab the arm that’s hiding her face and pull it down to turn her to face me and the camera. I use that arm to gently but firmly hold her nude wriggling body in front of the camera. ‘Wait a minute, ‘ I say in a very calm voice, ‘take a deep breath and relax, nudity in these types of commercials looks very natural on European TV, and even there they won’t show your face and the rest of you at the same time so no one can even say its you. So come on now .. be a good girl …that’s it. I reach over and slowly push the hand guarding her pussy off to the right so she is once again fully exposed nude to the camera. ‘Let’s move those hands away so the sponsor can view their new star in all her glory. OK?.’ I tell her, coaxing her gently to expose herself to the camera..

She settles down and the threat of an escape attempt seems to be over. So I press my luck because that is how the truly great pictures get taken. I say ‘Oops, seems like I better do a little make up work here! I can understand you weren’t planning to do a nude audition so I’d better take some of those knots and tangles out of your bikini line. It looks a bit .. well …unkempt and unclean. That’s not good for a bath commercial. Here let me help. ‘

With that I reach down and start pulling on the knots and tangles in her pussy Bayan escort hairs while she stands nude in front of the camera. As the camera runs, I am running my fingers through her pubic hair (supposedly to ‘comb’ them out) and every once in a while I give a few hairs a swift yank just to see the expression on her face. You can see in pictures, she just stands there wincing and trying to smile while I play with her pussy hair and video tape the whole thing! She moves her hands down near mine but never interferes with my ‘work’. Then I say ‘OK, We are almost done’ as I slip my fingers down a little lower and play around in some damper parts by pretending to look for knots. Meanwhile she just stands there obediently trying to smile while I am running my fingers up and down her pussy in front of a video camera.

Posture Counts

I then get back behind the camera for a few minutes and pretend to be taking light measurements and she keeps nervously looking out for anyone coming, but it does not take long before I find myself back in front of the camera again. This time I stand behind her and say, ‘I know you’re very tired, but posture really counts in Europe, and you’re going to have to stand up taller—with your chest out .’ And with that, I cup my hands like two grappling hooks around her tits and use them to lift her entire body up from behind until she is standing straight and tall.

As I lecture her on her posture and how she needs to keep smiling, I wiggle one tit, and then the other, to punctuate my points. ‘Arch your back, ‘ I say affirmatively while squeezing her right tit like bread dough and shaking it up and down to drive home my point. ‘Now don’t look so rigid and uncomfortable, ‘ I direct her while clenching the other boob and bouncing it up and down to emphasize the point. In the pictures you can see the indentations my finger tips are making in her massive natural boobs. I am just feasting on her tits and filming all my fun with her full consent. Meanwhile she is trying to smile as she looks down at my hands just squeezing and mashing her massive tits just like a child playing with puddy. All the while I am getting some great pictures of me doing anything I want to my real-life nude doll.

Sun Glasses Block the Inner You

I then ask her to remove her sunglasses so the camera can capture the real her. She says ‘you mean that camera has been running the whole time?,’ as she hits her forehead with the heel of her hand like the gesture in the ‘I could have had a V-8 commercial.’ I push her big boobs upward and hold them way out toward the camera while bouncing them up and down in my hands and say, ‘Look, if you really want to have a chance for this gig I have to be honest– you need to show your assets to the sponsors.

This is just the audition tape. The final commercial will be very tasteful but the audition tape has to catch the sponsor’s eye –so it’s a different thing altogether. We need to put your assets on display and give the sponsor’s a good look at what you have to offer them if you understand what I mean. Your breasts are a big selling point for you because they are huge,’ I tell her this while weighing her boobs in my hands as if my open palms were a meat market scale. ‘Those skinny European girls can’t match these!, I say proudly, ‘But you have to realize they have a slightly better figure and they are younger so we need to put your best attributes right in the sponsor’s face. We need to put you on display’

She’s Hooked

Then escort I wait to see if I still have a plaything. This is a big step and I can sense indecision on her part, but finally after a long pause (during which I never stop massaging her tits– realizing that any squeeze could be my last), she says in a determined tone of voice, ‘OK, you know best how I can get this job, and I really, really want this job — so I leave it entirely up to you. I have always wanted to be a model so I am going to put myself completely in your hands. If that is what it will take then fine—Put me on display!’

And with that I had her! It was time to relax and enjoy my good fortune. I ran my hands up and down her sides a few times just to get a feel for my new toy. She was all mine to do with as I pleased Then I started to have some fun. I put my hand on her inner left thigh with the top part of my hand brushing well up into her pussy. I stroked down her left thigh until my hand arrived behind her knee and I then bent her left knee and tilted her left leg out at an angle. ‘Let’s give them a nice open view of your lower body – a nice wide spread open shot down below –OK?’ I asked even though her legs were already spread for the camera. She had a lump in her throat but managed to choke out, ‘OK, you mean like this?’ and gave me an even wider spread between her legs and adjusted her footing to give the camera a direct shot of her pussy. She was co-operating fully even if it was difficult for her to speak.

I gently slapped my hand back and forth a few times between her inner thighs right up by her pussy –signaling for a wider spread and she instantly gave it to me even though she looked like a cowboy just after dismounting a horse. I had to stifle my laughter. There was no possible reason for her to be standing like that except to give the camera some pink. What a slut my prim and proper teacher had become! ‘Hold that, ‘ I said. I just had to enjoy this pose from behind the camera. Before attending to the camera I just enjoyed the view for a few seconds pretending to check for composure, lighting, etc. Even an exotic dancer would be embarrassed by this pose. I finally brought myself to look into the view finder. Damn! The first roll of film had ended—probably a few minutes earlier. I had lost some of the last shot and would have to go over into the shade and get another roll from my bag. But first I had to enjoy one last glimpse of her posing like a slut for a camera with no film in it before I finally let her know. ‘I have got to change film,’ I said, ‘and its over behind that bush. Why don’t we move over there and get continue out of the sun anyway.’

She was in a trance and moved like a robot. She put both of her hands together on top of her head so I would not be afraid she was thinking of covering up again. I changed film and got back in front of the camera again—playing with her body like a fleshy hot doll and positioning her so I had an excuse to have my hands all over her big-nippled boobs her ass and her pussy.

I got probably another three or four minutes of fun and film in before her squirming signaled that the session was about to be over. I took one last tour of her body with my hands and then played one final outrageous game with her tits. I was tossing them up and down in my palms as if I were juggling two great bowls of jello. All the while she was just quietly standing there looking down at them bouncing around in my hands. Even as the tossing became more like a loud slapping of my palms against the fleshy bottom of her massive tits, she never uttered a peep of protest, but was clearly tired of my fun. I instinctively knew my playtime was over. I then got her suit bottoms back for her, and, of course, like the gentleman I am, I insisted on putting them on for her.

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Wrangler Butts Ch. 02

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Darrin drifted awake as the early morning light shifted through the uncovered window. He ran through the events of the previous evening, smiling as he felt the slight tug of the dried semen on his chest hair. Luxuriating in his memory, the realization came that he was alone in the bed. Cautiously walking from the bedroom, Darrin called out softly, “Mitch?” Padding quietly in his bare feet through the small house he discovered with certainty that Mitch was gone. Suddenly feeling very exposed, he darted back into the bedroom, showered and dressed. Emerging, he dropped his boots by the couch as he sat down. Darrin tried desperately not to think about the significance of Mitch’s disappearance as he pulled on the boots. But his thoughts began to travel down the familiar path that ended up with him alone and hurt, with even more baggage. As the storm of defeat began to gather in his thoughts, he scooped up his paperwork and walked out the door to begin his first day of data collection.

The day didn’t go well for Darrin. His mind wasn’t on the work, or the results, and his mood was dark. The crew working with him cut glances at each other as they ran calves through for the third time because he hadn’t filled out the datasheets right. Everyone hoped that the brief break for lunch would help Darrin get back to his usual efficient self, but the afternoon did not begin any better and as the mistakes piled up the foreman pulled him aside to talk.

“Hey Darrin, I think we need to stop for today. Things don’t seem to be . . .” he paused to consider the wording, “Well they just ain’t going like they normally do for you. So what’d you say you take the rest of the day off to chill out and the boys and I will clean up here.”

Darrin looked at the ground and nodded, “Yeah, sorry. Tomorrow will be better. I just have stuff on my mind today.”

The foreman nodded vigorously and then pushed back his hat, “Yup, I sure can see that, after that close call with the Brimmer. He sure scared the shit outta me!”

Darrin couldn’t help but smile at the pronunciation of Brahman but again nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that must be it. It’ll be better tomorrow,” said Darrin.

The hand slapped him on the back and walked away, already beginning to shout orders to the other people on the crew. Darrin gathered up his data sheets and climbed back into the pickup to begin the trip home. Once he arrived at the house, he was in a black mood, which worsened as the silence provided him with more time to brood over the situation. Tossing his materials to the table, he looked around and resigned himself to the fact that Mitch still wasn’t there. Realizing that he hadn’t had a decent meal since they arrived, he started to pull together supper. As he readied the ingredients for chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, the focus on cooking temporarily blocked out last night. That is until he heard the slam of a screen door followed by boots being kicked off in the utility room. He looked up in time to see Mitch walk through the door.

Mitch looked up and grinned at him. “Hey stud, how was your day?”

Darrin was floored at his cavalier attitude but decided that he wasn’t going to be made a fool of this time. Nodding at Mitch he issued a non-committal grunt. Mitch looked up, frozen in the middle of arranging his notebooks. After a slight pause, Mitch laid down his materials and walked over, watching as Darrin fried the steak. Reaching up he rubbed between Darrin’s shoulder blades.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Don’t. Just don’t touch me,” said Darrin as he shrugged off the touch.

Mitch grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. His arms waving and their faces inches apart, he started to unload on Darrin.

“What’s your fuckin’ problem? You freaked because you enjoyed last night? Did you not expect to enjoy sex with a man? Are you afraid you’re going to hell now? Is that it! You afraid my touch will somehow spoil you? Come on asshole! Tell me! Man up and just fuckin’ say it!”

Darrin gaped in shock at the tirade; Stunned that Mitch was making the same accusations of him as he had been thinking about Mitch all day. Working his mouth and trying to think of something, Darrin spat out the only thing he could think of,

“You were gone!”

Now it was Mitch’s turn to look shocked. “What?” he said.

“This morning, I woke up, and . . .” Darrin heaved an involuntary sob, “You were gone! And I thought . . . all that things you just said . . . I thought that too.”

Mitch stared at Darrin for several long minutes. Then beginning to laugh he wrapped his arms around Darrin and hugged him tight. Looking into Darrin’s eyes he smiled again.

“I had milk productions today, babe. They started at 5am and I wanted to let you sleep. That’s all it was. That’s why I wasn’t here when you woke up. The crew picked me up at the butt crack of dawn and I’m been there all day.”

“Oh . . .” said Darrin, feeling very foolish. “Then you . . . I mean you didn’t . . . and last night was . . .”

Mitch Escort bayan took Darrin’s chin in his hand and pulled the taller man to him and kissed him gently. Their eyes locking Mitch said “yes, no and last night was amazing. In that order.”

Darrin sorted out the answer and then chuckled. Leaning down he kissed Mitch back and ran his hands over the cowboy standing in front of him.

“I was afraid you were going to be upset and say last night was a mistake and meant nothing.”

“Darrin you are going to have to learn to trust me if this is going to work. God knows I waited long enough for you to make a move. You’ve had me hot under the collar since the first day we met”

“Me! You thought! Me!” said Darrin with a squeal.

“Yes, you. I think the nerdy professor types are hot. I thought maybe you’d make a move after I made you ride against my ass on Storm, but you ran off from the office instead.”

“What? You mean that was all fake!”

“No,” said Mitch, “Well, not the injury. But the part about no heels in Storm’s flanks, that might’ve been me enjoying you hugged up against me.” Mitch smiled at him again. “But right now I’m ripe and need a shower. I’ll be back for that great dinner you are fixin’.”

Darrin muttered something under his breath as he turned back to the food he was cooking.

“What?” said Mitch.

“Nothing . . .”

“Shit Darrin don’t start this crap already. Just tell me what you fuckin’ said!”

He turned to Mitch, a little pissed that he had been called on it. “I said I think you smell great how you are! There, are you happy, yes I’m a perv who likes your stink.”

Mitch smiled and slipped his sweat soaked t-shirt over his head. Darrin reveled in the sight and heady aroma of the damp hairy chest in front of him. Mitch pushed the wadded up shirt into Darrin’s face.

“Is that what you like college? Does my stinky sweat make you horny?”

Darrin inhaled deeply, almost tasting the raw masculine smells coming from the shirt. “Oh god.”

Mitch grabbed Darrin’s crotch and started fondling him while he continued to grind the t-shirt against his face. Quickly Darrin’s cock turned rock hard and Mitch began stroking it through the jeans. Pinned against the counter Darrin moaned and sucked a bit of the shirt into his mouth and began chewing on the sweat soaked cloth.

“Mitch, stop. Fuck, you’re going to make me cum!” Darrin said around the cloth.

Never pausing Mitch replied, “That was what I had in mind.”

Redoubling his efforts he worked over Darrin’s rampant boner as he leaned in and sank his teeth into Darrin’s shoulder. From the violent shudder and the ragged tempo of Darrin’s breathing, he knew it wouldn’t be long now. Squeezing Darrin’s cock with his fingers, Mitch felt the cock under his hand pulse and shoot. Slowly milking Darrin’s cock, he watched in amazement as the shots of ball juice soaked the jeans. Darrin finally opened his eyes and Mitch smiled at the look of amazement in them.

“Shit. I can’t believe you did that.”

“Didn’t like it?” said Mitch with a smirk.

“Oh hell yes I liked it!” Darrin moved forward and grabbed Mitch’s stiff manhood. Mitch kissed Darrin but moved his hand.

“We can work on that later. You needed a tension release now.” said Mitch. “I’m gonna clean up, then eat that great meal you’ve got made, and then we have all night to play!” He squeezed Darrin’s package again, “But don’t change jeans, I like you all drippy.”

Mitch turned and walked into the bathroom. This time leaving the door open, he stripped, tossing his clothes into the corner. As Darrin openly watched him, Mitch glanced back over his shoulder and winked and then wiggled his ass before he stepped into the shower. Darrin smiled and turned back to the food, panicking a little as he realized his ‘preoccupation’ over the last few minutes meant some of the dishes were about to burn.

As Darrin finished making the cream gravy, Mitch walked up behind him, wrapped his arms tight around his chest and pulled him tight. The feel of Mitch’s warm chest felt so right to Darrin. He turned to discover that Mitch was clad only in his white BVD briefs. The combination of his tanned skin and the sparkling white briefs were delicious, not to mention how well it framed his seemingly enormous package. Grabbing Mitch’s ass, he pulled him tight to his body and planted a peck on his lips. Wanting more but not sure how much to push it, Darrin reluctantly separated their lips and looked back into Mitch’s brown eyes.

“Umm, dinner’s fixed.”

Mitch pressed against Darrin in the pretense of looking at the food and ground his crotch against Darrin.

“Looks great! Let’s eat.”

The pair settled around their tiny table and began to devour the meal. Darrin watched in astonishment as Mitch consumed massive quantities of steak and potatoes. When everything had disappeared, Mitch pushed back from the table and smiled over at Darrin. That mischievous grin returned as Mitch gulped air once Bayan escort or twice and then gave out an enormous belch.

“Damn good food!” Mitch said, with a smaller burp.

Darrin laughed at his antics and then leaned over, kissing him on the cheek.

“Go relax, I’ll clean up. One thing about it, there are no leftovers to deal with,” said Darrin with a chuckle.

“Yes dear, your man will go watch sports center while you clean up the kitchen. And if you do a good job maybe later there will be a special treat for you.” Mitch gave Darrin an over-the-top stage wink and then walked the three steps to the couch and flopped down. He gazed out the window, scratching his belly as Darrin finished his cleanup efforts. As he was drying the last dish, Mitch looked over his shoulder at Darrin and smiled.

“Come’er studly.”

Darrin blushed a little at the description but sat down close enough so their hips touched. Mitch smiled at the still wet spot on Darrin’s jeans and ran his hand over it as Darrin squirmed. Mitch raised his arm, laying it across Darrin’s shoulders and relaxed against the couch.

“You know bud. We should talk about last night.” Mitch felt Darrin go rigid under his arm. “Hey! Just relax. I just thought we should talk, just talk. . .” Mitch squeezed his shoulder. “Relax!”

Darrin nodded, his eyes locked onto Mitch. Barely breathing in his terror of what is about to come.

“Well let’s start with, I’m gay. I like dick. I like sex with guys, especially hot professor types.” Mitch winked at Darrin. “Not sure where that puts you, but I just wanted to put it out there.”

Darrin nodded again, thinking that was great news since he had somewhere fallen in love with this man. But he kept his lips sealed as he waited for Mitch to continue.

Mitch lowered his hand, rubbing Darrin’s neck. “So where do you put yourself in the continuum of gay to straight? I mean was last night just curiosity, experimentation, or . . . ”

Darrin focused on his thoughts, all the issues he had survived, and made the decision that he wanted to make an attempt to find the peace he wanted so much. Better than not make the attempt and always wonder. Darrin refocused on Mitch’s eyes, detecting a different kind of concern buried in them.

“Gggay, I’m gay too,” Darrin said, swallowing hard. Grinning shyly he continued, “And I like cock too, especially yours.”

“Oh is that right, College? So the months of peek shows for your benefit did pay off huh?”

Darrin felt the heat rise in his face as he answered, “Yeah Mitch, I think you’re hot. Fuckin’ hot!” Darrin felt his embarrassment peak as even his ears began to burn.

Mitch reached up and toyed with Darrin’s goatee as he spoke. “So what are we here then? Fuckbuddies? Or . . . what?”

Darrin felt trapped, afraid he would answer wrong and lose Mitch. Steeling himself, he gave the truthful answer. “More, more than fuckbuddies. I . . . Yeah, more.”

Mitch beamed at him. “Me too. Me too.”

Mitch pulled his face tight against Darrin’s and kissed him hard, slipping his tongue into the hot mouth under his lips. Finally releasing him, both men gasped for air. Mitch reached up and started unbuttoning Darrin’s shirt, running his hands through the light fur covering Darrin’s chest. Moving his hands he flicked Darrin’s nipples a few times until they were hard and contracted. Opening the final button, he pushed the shirt off Darrin’s shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Leaning in he began nursing each nipple, nipping them with his teeth, caressing each one with his tongue. Mitch enjoyed the sounds coming from his lover, beginning to recognize the signs of Darrin’s pleasure. He stopped and ran his fingers over Darrin’s face and then kissed him again gently.

“So, how was that, babe?” asked Mitch.

Darrin leered at him. “My turn.”

Darrin pulled Mitch toward him, bringing the sexy legs across his until Mitch was seated on his crotch, the sexual tension building. Suddenly hesitant, Darrin looked into Mitch’s eyes.

“I want . . . I’d like to . . .” Darrin said, his words tumbling over each other.

Mitch ran his hand over Darrin’s face. “What babe, what do you want?”

“I want to look at you. I want to taste and touch and lick and experience each inch of you. I know, I sound like a perv. I’m disgusting.” said Darrin with his head turned.

Mitch reached up and turned his head so they were eye to eye again and Mitch smiled his agreement.

“Sounds fucking hot. Enjoy yourself.” He leaned back slightly, lifting his arms to expose his thickly haired armpits as he ground his ass against Darrin.

Darrin leaned forward tentatively, moving his nose closer to Mitch’s damp armpits. He inhaled and was overwhelmed with the faint musk emitted from the thickly forested pits. Losing his self-consciousness, he buried his face in Mitch’s pits, licking and tasting the texture and smell of man as it coated his face. Moving from one to the other Darrin feasted uninhibitedly. escort His hands caressed the man he had ached to touch for almost a year. Running his tongue over Mitch’s chest, he delighted in the flavor of freshly washed man. Mitch released a soft moan as Darrin began to work over his nipples, first one and then the other in a blur of sexual escalation. His hands scurried over Mitch’s muscular back, feeling it ripple as Mitch became more excited. Wishing he could taste that delicious belly fur that was his first peek at Mitch’s fantastic body, he settled for running his fingers through it and tugging gently. Hoping the spell didn’t shatter soon Darrin felt his balls begin to churn as Mitch continued his writhing lap dance.

“Wait. Hang on.” said Mitch, panting.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Mitch kissed Darrin and rubbed his face. “Nothing you goof. I was just getting too close. I think it’s my turn again. What do you think?”

Darrin nodded hesitantly, not certain he wanted Mitch to make a minute inspection of his body. Mitch moved off his lap, his briefs tented by his hard cock as he stood, his cockhead showing clearly through the saturated fabric. Taking Darrin’s hand he pulled him to his feet. Darrin’s cock also strained against the confines of the denim as it tried to rip its way loose.

“Come on stud. Let’s move somewhere more comfortable.”

Mitch pulled him to the bedroom, moving Darrin before him as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Looking up Mitch cocked his head to one side, catching Darrin’s eyes.

“Darrin, one rule . . . “

Darrin listened intently. Nervous and excited, but worried about what was about to be said.

“If you want something, when we are . . .” Mitch paused for the right words, “Being intimate, ask. If the other one doesn’t want to do it then it’s no big deal. But we can always ask. Alright?”

Darrin nodded in agreement.

“Darrin, I want to undress you, lick you all over and then suck your cock. What’d ya think?”

“Oh fuck . . .”

Mitch chuckled. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Oh yes, hell yes!” said Darrin beaming.

Darrin watched as Mitch opened the top button of his jeans, kissing the small patch of skin there. He slowly opened the zipper, working along the top of Darrin’s underwear as he came closer to releasing the snake in Darrin’s jeans. Gripping both sides of the denim, Mitch began to tug them down, chuckling as Darrin’s steel hard cock got tangled. Slowly releasing the trapped dick, he watched the jeans drop, his cock waving in front of Mitch’s face. Helping Darrin out of his socks, Mitch laughed softly as he witnessed the awkward balancing act. Darrin was amazed to see Mitch lift the discarded socks to his face and inhale.

“Very nice.” said Mitch as he inhaled deeply again.

Darrin tensed as Mitch’s face moved closer to his hairy groin. Hearing the swift inhale of Mitch’s breath followed by a wet tongue through his pubic hair Darrin almost unloaded. Continuing his tour of Darrin’s groin, Mitch licked and inhaled the strong scent of cum from Darrin’s earlier load. His legs turned to jelly as Mitch’s hand lightly grazed his nuts. Moaning, his breathing became ragged with need. Feeling Mitch’s hand wrap around his balls, he responded with a loud moan and spread his legs wider. Mitch gripped his hips, pushing Darrin so that his lightly haired ass was facing Mitch, who quickly took advantage of the situation and licked across the cheeks, leaving a swath of liquid fire in his wake.


Mitch ran his hand over Darrin’s butt. “You ok up there, stud? Everything good?”

“Ohgodyes. Fuck,” said Darrin with a gasp.

Mitch returned to his methodical tasting of Darrin’s ass as the latticework of licks almost overwhelmed Darrin again and again. Darrin gasped as his ass cheeks were opened and Mitch’s hot tongue flickered just inside. Panting with the anticipation of Mitch’s tongue over his hole, Darrin let out an inadvertent sigh of disappointment when his cheeks are released to close back over his hole. Finally Darrin felt the rough callused hands turn him again so his dripping cock was inches from Mitch’s lips.

“Well stud. I think I’ve done everything I wanted . . . except this.”

Panting with lust Darrin was unable to speak. His entire being centered on those few square inches where his cock extended from his body. Darrin almost drooled with anticipation as he felt Mitch’s hand wrap around his throbbing dick. The electrically charged touch sent Darrin to the edge, his body jerking with convulsions of pleasure.

“Fuck! Close!” said Darrin gasping.

Mitch looked up and smiled as he slipped Darrin’s cock in his mouth, sliding deeper until he felt the tickle of pubic hair against his lips. This was too much for Darrin’s already over-whelmed system, his balls slapping against his distended cum tube as the white hot cum boiled from them. Darrin struggled to pull out but realized that Mitch held his hips tight, pinning Darrin’s crotch against his lips. Waves of pleasure washed over him as his second orgasm of the night began. Looking down, he watched as Mitch swallowed several times, never losing his suction on Darrin’s cock, letting it slip out as it softened in his mouth. Licking the last traces from his full lips, he smiled up at Darrin.

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Shannon , Greg Ch. 01

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“Less than a month. I’m on the air in 30 days.” she replied.

Greg sat at his desk, staring at her in near-disbelief, twirling a pen through his fingers. The words Shannon had just spoken were still echoing in his head. His face felt flush, and his body felt empty. For the first time since they’d known each other, he had nothing to say. No sarcastic, playfully teasing comments, no subtle compliments, hinting at his hidden affection for her, no discussion of the days’ events. Nothing. Just the now heart-piercing thought of not seeing her again. Ever.

He stood up and walked away from his desk, stifling back emotion, and out of Shannon’s sight without another word.

Shannon Warner had joined the staff of WJF-TV two years ago, moving from a small market in Montana. She had graduated near the top of her class at Indiana University, and after bouncing around through some smaller market stations for a few years, she ended up at WJF, one of the most desired broadcasting gigs on the East Coast. She was 26 years old, and was somewhat petite. She was charming, disarmingly intelligent, and stunningly beautiful. Greg had told her once that she possessed the kind of beauty that causes men to have traffic accidents. Her light brown skin was nearly flawless, and Greg had examined every visible inch of it he could. Her hair was brown with highlights, flowing past her shoulders. The only thing that could brighten a room more than her brown eyes was her smile.

She was not just the most beautiful black woman he’d ever seen; she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Period. Her body was sculpted from her dedication to exercise. Shannon worked the morning shift, so she had to get up every day at 2:30a. She was usually leaving the station by 1p, after having lunch with Greg and some of the rest of the staff, and she made her way either to the gym, or to the closest running path. Running had tightened her buttocks up to be quite shapely, and her legs were toned and strong. She also had great endurance from it. Her personal life had suffered, however, since taking this job. Her weekday hours didn’t leave much room for a love life, and her weekends were originally reserved for herself, although she eventually wanted to find time to spend with Greg, also. She enjoyed his company, and he was never anything less than a gentleman to her.

Greg Davis had worked at WJF for about 6 years, and was head of their I.T. department. When he had arrived, their department was about 5 years behind the technology curve. Through his efforts, not only were they ahead of it, they were considered a measuring stick for information technology within the broadcast industry. He was a good looking man, in his late 20s, standing 6 feet tall, with light brown hair and green eyes. He was also a runner, and he and Shannon often spent time training together. They had trained for and competed in several 10K races together. They had spent weekends together running errands, and watching football. Shannon loved to wear Greg’s football jerseys. She would help herself to changing into them when at his house, and she’d even kept a few of them. Once, Shannon chose to get particularly comfortable, and had removed all of her clothing, and changed into a jersey. She changed back into her clothes before she left, and once she’d left, Greg draped the jersey over his face while he masturbated, to enhance the experience with her scent. He didn’t wash the jersey for days, until the scent had vanished. Simply put, Greg and Shannon had become fast friends upon her arrival from Montana.

Greg had developed what was, at first, a small crush on Shannon. As the months went by, Greg found himself more and more infatuated with her. He would watch Shannon’s broadcasts before going to work himself. Often he would be so aroused just at the sight of her, he would masturbate before he got into the shower. Once, he was so excited by talking to her at the station, he made the 30-minute trip home just to jack off, then he would return to work. He fantasized daily about being with her, and now he’s learned that she will be moving away in less than a month.

Greg and Belek escort Shannon couldn’t have been more different. She loved fine dining, and exotic cuisine, he liked to order pizza or Chinese take-out. She enjoyed reading biographies on historical figures, he rarely picked up a book unless it was technical in nature. She enjoyed jazz and the theater, he never missed a rerun of “Married With Children”. Their friendship was a mystery even to them, and they often joked about it.

Shannon waited for a few minutes, collected her thoughts, and then walked around the station looking for Greg. She eventually tracked him down outside. When she sat next to him, it was clear he was still upset.

“I’m sorry.” She began, placing her hand on his leg. “I wanted to tell you first, after I turned in my resignation. This is a great opportunity for me, and I get to go home. Right now, being near my home is more important than the career booster WJF can offer me. Please tell me you understand.”

Greg collected himself, and replied. “I do, Shannon. I really do. I guess I’d just taken for granted that you would always be here. I’ve loved spending time with you. ”

“…and me with you. You were my first friend here, and you’re still my closest.”

Greg sighed, and appreciated the effort that Shannon was putting forth, but that didn’t negate the fact that she was leaving in a few weeks. She wrapped her arms around him to hug him. “Let’s make these next few weeks special, OK? I promise that my final night here will be with you. I want it to be a night neither of us will forget.”

The weeks passed by quickly, and Greg and Shannon spent every bit of time together that they could. He had considered telling her how he felt about her, but chose to keep his thoughts hidden away. His two-year friendship with Shannon had been better than any committed relationship he’d been in and he didn’t want to damage anything by revealing his inner thoughts that she might not share. There had been an obvious change in their friendship since she told him she was leaving. It was an uneasiness that had never been there before. Time was running out for Greg, and he hadn’t decided what to do regarding his feelings for Shannon.

Shannon approached Greg’s desk early the morning of her final broadcast for WJF’s morning news show.

“Hi there.”

“Hey.”, he responded, without looking up from his desk.

“I just signed off for the final time this morning. Felt kind of weird.”


“Are you mad at me, Greg?”


Shannon paused for a moment, then placed one finger on Greg’s cheek, turning him up to face her. His eyes spoke volumes to her about the way he was feeling today.

“I still can’t believe you’re leaving in two days.” he began with obvious sadness in his voice. “My time with you wasn’t nearly long enough. I’ve thought in my mind over and over of all the days or minutes I could have spent time with you, and chose to do something else. I’m sorry for that.”

Shannon began to smile at him. “Greg, you have a life. I don’t want you to feel obligated to me for anything.”

“I like being obligated to you. More often than not, that means I get to see you.”

Shannon thought for a moment, then came up with an idea. “Tell you what. I won’t be here tomorrow because I have to help the movers at my apartment. Why don’t you come by my place about eight? We can go have dinner together. I promised you my final night here, and I meant it. Please?”

Greg accepted her offer. He wanted to spend as much time with her as he could before her departure, and had already looked forward to visiting her. He had even fantasized about having his way with her that final night. He was still afraid that the wrong move would destroy their friendship, so decided that dinner would probably be where it ended.

Shannon never bothered to look for a house while she was here. She always knew that getting to a station near her home was her ultimate goal. She didn’t want to have the kind of financial commitment that a house required if she was planning on moving soon, anyway. She had spent the Belek escort bayan better part of the day wrapping, packing, taping, sweating, and directing the movers. She was exhausted, but was excited by the thought of Greg’s visit soon. She jumped in the shower, bathed, then got out and dried herself. The shower was enough to re-energize her, and to prepare for Greg’s arrival.

Shannon sat alone on the floor of her empty apartment. All of her furniture was already on it’s way to it’s new home, and her SUV was completely packed with what was left. She glanced at her watch, and it was rapidly approaching 8. She was growing nervous, but excited nonetheless. She began to think that this should have taken place much sooner than now. All of the lights were shut off, and the only illumination came from the rapidly decreasing sunlight outside.

The knock came at 8:01p. No turning back now, she thought to herself. No need to. I want this.

“Come in.”

The door eased open, and Greg immediately locked eyes with Shannon. He found her sitting naked and alone, on a blanket in the center of her apartment floor. What was left of the natural light beaming in from the outside silhouetted her, almost artistically. Her body faced the door, although she sat with her legs bent so as to strategically cover her breasts, with her arms wrapped around her bent legs. She looked almost childlike, nervous and uncertain.

Greg was speechless for the first time since she told him she was leaving. He was unsure whether to turn his eyes away, or to pounce on her. Without taking his eyes away from her, he closed the door behind him, and locked it.

“Hello.”, he said. After that word, he wasn’t sure what to say.


“What is this?”

“I think it’s time we make this friendship complete, Greg. I know you’ve wanted me for a long time. What you might not know is that I want you as well. I’ve thought about it for a long time. I’ve seen you so many times, and just wanted to take you, but I was afraid of our friendship being sacrificed for it. I may not see you again after tonight, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to live my life with the regret of not having been with you.”

Greg stood motionless and silent, absorbing her words. Shannon relaxed her legs, and leaned back on her hands, exposing her breasts to him. He could also now see clearly between her legs.

“In other words, Greg…get over here and fuck me.”

Greg kicked his shoes off, and began to undress. He fell to the floor and quickly made his way to her lips, and they kissed for the very first time. She began helping Greg remove his clothing. He had worn a green, casual button-up shirt, and before he could unbutton it, Shannon was tearing it off of him. Buttons flew randomly throughout the room. Their lips were still locked together when Greg’s hand made its way to her breast. She reacted with delight at the first touch, and her nipple hardened in the palm of his hand. He continued to massage her right breast as Shannon began to unbutton his pants.

His cock almost jumped out on its own once the pants were unzipped. Shannon immediately took it into her hands, and began to stroke his nearly hardened 8 inches. Her touch alone almost sent him into an early climax. Greg had dreamed of this from the moment they had met, and never imagined that it would come to pass. He was now finally with the one woman he’d wanted more than any other in his life. She smelled amazing to him, and her lips tasted even more incredible than she smelled. He was ready to taste her skin.

Greg began to kiss her neck as she held him close to her. Her beautiful dark skin was silk-like to the touch. He wanted to devour her. He was beginning to feel two years of attraction, lust, and frustrations reaching their peak. She smelled amazing to him, and his senses began to kick into overdrive. Both of them began to breathe harder and harder. He lay back to the floor with her, continuing to kiss her. She continued to stroke his cock slowly, imagining taking it into her mouth. Greg began to wriggle out of his pants.

They stopped kissing long enough Escort Belek to look into each other’s eyes, and without speaking, they each knew what the other was thinking — what were we waiting for? Their lips locked again as Shannon pulled Greg’s underwear down to his knees.

Greg began to kiss his way down to Shannon’s breasts. Her nipples were hard and waiting for his mouth when he put it on them. Shannon reacted with delight as Greg began to suck on her breasts while his hand moved between her legs. He could feel the moisture on his hands as his fingers located her clitoris. He began to massage it, listening to her moans.

“Yes, baby…just like that”, she instructed her new playmate. She was lying flat on her back, legs open, at the mercy of her lover.

Greg repositioned himself to put his face between her legs. While hardly missing a beat, he buried his tongue inside of her, tickling her clit with his tongue. She reached down and grabbed his hair, yelling the entire time.

“YES! YES!! OH, BABY, MAKE ME COME!”, she cried out, desperately wanting to come all over his face. Her moans echoed loudly throughout the barren apartment. Greg slid two fingers inside of her wet slit and began to pound them in and out of her with fury. Shannon could feel a fierce orgasm igniting inside of her, only seconds away. Greg began licking even faster now, jerking his head back and forth and pounding his fingers away inside of her with jackhammer-like intensity. Even before she could realize it, she began to squirt her appreciation all over Greg’s face. Shannon came with more fervor than she ever had before. She had never ejaculated before. The look on her face was somewhere between shock, ecstasy, and embarrassment. Greg was wiping his face and licking his hands when she spoke.

“I…. I’m sorry. That’s never happened before.”

“Are you kidding?! I loved it!” He gently pushed her back to the floor, and grabbed his cock to put inside of her. He slid inside of her easily, as she was wet with her own juices, as well as the saliva from Greg’s mouth. They both moaned loudly as he entered her, and began to thrust inside of the tightest pussy he’d ever felt. He felt incredible inside of her. She hadn’t been with anyone since they met, and in some ways, was holding out for him. Their moment had finally arrived, and she was reveling at him pumping inside of her. She looked up at him, mouth open for air, grunting and breathing heavily. She began to move her hips in time with his, pulling him as deep inside of her as she could.

Greg was assailing her pussy with pleasure. He had fantasized of this for two years, masturbating at the thought of it on numerous occasions. Now here he was inside of her, ready to explode. Her tender flesh felt amazing wrapped around his shaft, and he wanted to do whatever it took to please her. Sweat rolled off of his face onto her body, making her glisten even more in the moonlight that was now beaming through the windows.

He felt himself about to erupt. He pumped until the final second, when he pulled out and watched his cum explode all over her sculpted body. It almost seemed to glow against her darker complexion. Shannon began to smear the creamy substance into her skin as she sat up, and took his cock into her mouth, sucking out the final drops with animalistic intensity. Greg stroked her hair as she finished her meal, then kissed her way upwards to his mouth. They kissed again, and looked at one another.

Simultaneously, they began to speak. They each then, stopped, and Greg nodded to her to begin.

“Don’t ever make me wait for something again.” Those words rang in Greg’s head for a moment, with the realization that Shannon would be leaving for Indiana at dawn.

The next day, Greg began his job search in the state of Indiana. Within a few weeks, he had found a job that he wanted, and made his plans to move to the Midwest to be with Shannon. She had settled in nicely in her home state, but had fantasized about Greg almost continuously. When he finally arrived at her home, she opened the door, naked, and didn’t say a word. She led him to the bedroom, undressing him the whole time. She threw him on the bed, and just before she took his cock in her mouth, she said to him, “I told you not to make me wait for anything. What took you so long?”

She smiled at him, and took him in her mouth. Greg rolled his eyes back, and was in heaven.

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