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Trying to Understand Ch. 05

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“Gideon, grab Dad and let’s go NOW.” Sarah, usually calm and serene especially at five and a half months pregnant, looked absolutely frantic as she tugged on her brother’s jacket sleeve to pull his attention from the rack of fetish gear he was perusing while their father was off looking at massage oils and lubes in what was unarguably the largest sex toy shop in the state, her eyes fixed on a point in the distance.

Immediately Gideon dropped his hand to her baby bump, afraid there was a problem. “Do we need to go to the ER?”

“I don’t care where we go, as long as it’s not here, now hurry. I’ll meet you in the car.” She pulled away from him and took the long way, around some tall shelves, out the front door to the parking lot. He looked over to where she had been staring and saw a tall man in his mid-twenties wearing a staff t-shirt and apparently explaining the merits of a slender red vibrator to three giggling co-eds. Slowly Gideon walked by and gave the young man a sly wink, causing him to blush and stutter through his next sentence. Gideon smiled and went on to collect his father and meet Sarah in the parking lot. So, that’s the sperm donor he thought to himself, stepping into the balmy spring night air.

“I take it Colt didn’t work here when the two of you were bumping uglies?” Gideon said, as he and Seth climbed into the front seat of the car. Sarah had already gotten into the back and slumped down low, her head bowed. Glancing in the rearview he saw her swipe a hand across her eyes before she spoke.

“No, he said he didn’t need to work, supposedly he has family money. Of course he also said that he didn’t believe in infidelity so who knows what the truth is.”

Seth and Gideon exchanged a glance that spoke volumes. They had both wondered if she had felt more for her unborn daughter’s father than she had let on and now they knew. Sarah played with them sexually, giving herself to them wholly and without reservation and loved them deeply and unconditionally. By letting another man into her body she had been expressing her deep feelings of love. She was a forever kind of girl, not one to have sex just for the sake of having sex and she was not over how she felt for the young man who had gotten her pregnant.

“I’d still like to kick his ass. Do I get permission now?”

“No, Gideon,” Sarah said quietly. “Just forget him.”

“Why? You haven’t.”

“Kids, no bickering in the car,” Seth broke in, trying to alleviate the tension between his children. He knew that what his son said was the truth, but it was vitally important that he not push his sister too hard on the matter right now. Gideon gave him a look, but did not continue baiting his sister.

Once they had arrived back at their home, Sarah went upstairs while the two men went out to the back deck. Both were silent for several minutes, until Gideon spoke. “Do you think it’s real love or just the excitement of being with the first man who isn’t us?”

“I think we both know the answer to that one.”

The younger man kicked the deck railing. “Damn it, Dad, I don’t want for us to lose her. When I found out she was pregnant I was thrilled because it meant that she wouldn’t have to go find someone else to share her life with so she could have the children she wants and we can’t give her.”

“I know, Gid, I felt the same way but are we really and truly being fair to her? For that matter, are she and I being fair to you? I know that you enjoy your bachelor life right now, but you might want to get married and start a family of your own someday. I hate that I didn’t think of these things when we started all of this, but they are issues we need to talk about. I-.” Seth’s voice broke as his eyes began to tear up. “I love both of you so much, but I don’t see a way our current lifestyle would allow either of you to live normal lives with spouses and children.”

“Who says it needs to, Dad? You’ll have a grandchild in a few months, and I hope to God you’re not worried that I’ll molest her. The only way I would ever lay a hand on her that way is if she came to me first, and if she was over the age of consent. Or are you worried about your control?”

“No,” Seth said sharply, “I made the same commitment to myself. Sarah told me she wanted to be with me or we never would have started. I just want both of you to be happy.”

“I am happy,” Gideon shouted. “I love my life right now with both of you here, and the three of us sharing a bed every night. You fix us breakfast, I pack lunches for everyone, she cooks us supper and we all sit in the family room together with you reading, Sarah working on a baby blanket and me watching a game or movie. Everything is perfect right now.”

“Everything except for the fact that your sister is heartbroken. I don’t doubt that she loves us and what we have together, but we have to accept that she loves that boy too, diyarbakır escort that she wants to be with him.”

“He left her for another woman! He doesn’t deserve her. There is no way in hell he can love her and provide for her and the baby the way that we can.”

Seth took a couple of deep breaths then leaned against the deck railing so he could look into his son’s eyes. “He’s been trying to call her. She thinks I don’t notice when she checks her phone and ignores a call, but I do. And he sent a letter to the old house that got forwarded here. I didn’t give it to her, but I did open it and read it. He said that he didn’t cheat on Sarah and that his roommate lied to her.”

“I don’t buy it.”

“You don’t want to buy it because she might forgive him. In the letter he also said that he had a feeling the night the condom broke that he got her pregnant, and he doesn’t want to be robbed of the opportunity to be a part of his child’s life.”

“Fuck!” Gideon kicked the deck railing again and then went into the house and up to the room designated as Sarah’s so outsiders wouldn’t get suspicious about sleeping arrangements. Not finding his sister there he headed to the master suite, where they generally all slept together every night. He found her coming out the attached bath, wrapped in his robe, towel drying her long brown hair.

Needing to hold her, to love her he pulled the towel from her hands, yanked open the robe and gently pushed her down on the bed, his lips falling onto hers with a bruising kiss.

“Gideon, what are you doing?”

“I need you, sweetie, right now.” He leaned over and began sucking on her nipples, a hand slipping between her thighs to play with her clit. He’d made love to her many, many times and knew exactly how to get her going fast. When she bit his lower lip he only laughed and kissed down her stomach, then to her pussy. Gideon lapped at her vulva and clit, his hands cupping her ass as she writhed in orgasm.

“Gideon, I need you inside me,” she panted as he continued to tenderly kiss and lick her sensitized clitoris, sending aftershocks of pleasure through her. Sarah pushed herself back on the bed slightly, and carefully rolled over to her hands and knees as he stood and stripped down. He caressed the smooth skin of her back and full butt, kissing and nipping at her skin every few moments until finally she looked over her shoulder at him, damp hair wild and eyes filled with lust and love. “Please give me your cock,” she begged, licking her lips.

Her brother could never resist that look, and slid into her in one fluid movement, the tip of his cock nudging her cervix, eliciting the moan that drove him so crazy. He had been with a lot of partners compared to his sister, but none of them had ever matched her in terms of pure sensuality. Sarah loved having sex with him. He had dated nymphos who would fuck anything that moved, but even they never seemed to appreciate his dick as much as she did. Growling just a little, he leaned to hold her pendulous tits in his hands while he pounded her from behind.

“They’ve gotten bigger,” he said squeezing gently, knowing that with her pregnancy had come increased sensitivity in her breasts and pussy.

“Don’t remind me,” she said almost tiredly, circling the lower half of her body as plunged deeper into her.

He laughed. “I like it. I love everything about you.” He tweaked her nipples gently and changed the rhythm of his thrusting, slowing it to tease her and hold off her orgasm. When she tried to speed it back up he took his hands from her breasts and moved them to her hips to control her movements.

“Oh, please, Gideon,” she panted.

“Not yet, baby.” He leaned and nuzzled the back of her neck. “Let’s just take our time and enjoy it.” He continued his slow, controlled pace as she let out a sexy moan. He couldn’t keep that slow pace going forever though, and soon he was pounding her harder and faster as she begged for more until they both came and collapsed on the bed. Gideon was careful to not let his weight rest on her, but instead fell to one side and pulled her in close, her back to his chest. As their breathing slowed he kissed her neck and shoulder while caressing the breasts he loved so much, along with her rounded belly.

“You doing okay, sweetie?” he asked.

“Mmmmmm. Yeah, I’m good.” Sarah yawned and snuggled back into him.

“Do you love the sperm donor?” Gideon said after several moments, holding his sister tight as she tried to pull away. “Don’t move, Sarah, we are going to have this conversation.” He felt like a prick as she began shaking, a sure sign that she was crying, but he had to know. “If it turned out that he never cheated, would you want him back?”

“Yes,” she said, sobbing. “He’s been trying to call, leaves at least two or three messages a day that he wants to talk to aydın escort me, to explain what happened. Part of me wants to talk to him, but then I think about what I’ll have to give up. No man in his right mind would be okay with his wife sleeping with other men, especially family. If he found out about us he might take try to take the baby. I’m just so torn right now. I love him like crazy, but I don’t want to give up what I have with you and Daddy either.”

The sadness and brokenness in her voice made his heart hurt. He didn’t want to, but he was going to have to find a way to get Colt back into his sister’s life, even if it meant giving up the hottest and sweetest sex he’d ever have. Gideon hugged her tightly. “Don’t worry about it right now, just get some rest.” He tucked her in and then re-dressed as she drifted off to sleep. He was tying his shoes as Seth came in.

“Where are you going at this time of night?”

“Back to the toy store. I’m going to have a little talk with the sperm donor.”


“Not a bad talk, Dad, and I’m not going to hurt him.” He glanced back at his sleeping sister. “She wants him back, I just need to see if he’s worthy of her.”

When Gideon stepped into the shop, he was pleased to see that the place was relatively empty. It didn’t take him long to find Colt, replenishing a stock of butt plugs along the far back wall.

“Hey sailor, what time do you get off? Work, that is,” Gideon said, leaning against a display case and flashing his most charming smile.

The other man coughed and blushed. “I’m flattered, but I have a girlfriend. Kind of. I only took this job because a friend of mine swears he saw her here with another guy. I’m hoping she comes back in so I can talk to her about something my idiot ex roommate told her.”

“I see, so what if I told you I’m the other guy?”

“What are you talking about?” Colt gave him a genuinely confused look.

“What if I’m the guy Sarah came in here with.” Gideon ducked quickly as the other man took a swing at him.

“She’s my girlfriend. And why the hell would you be out trolling for dick with her waiting for you? She’s perfect, all you should need,” Colt said angrily as the store manager came over.

“You can go now, Colt, your shift is over and we won’t be needing you any longer. Sir,” he said, turning to Gideon, “you’ll have to leave as well. I won’t have people propositioning my employees.”

Gideon gave the man a small salute and exited the store with his sister’s lover hot on his heels. In the parking lot the two men stared each other down. As much as Gideon wanted to continue baiting him, he had to think of Sarah’s best interests.

“Sarah is enough for me, pretty much. I do like cock every now and then. But the thing is, I’m not enough for her. She needs someone that can be a true partner to her, and that’s something that isn’t possible for us.”

“Why? Are you already married or something?”

“Colt, I’m going to tell you a secret, and if you tell anyone, ANYONE, I will take you out, got it?” The other man nodded. “I’m Gideon.”

“Sarah’s brother.” Colt looked confused for a moment, and then his mouth fell open. “You and Sarah?”

Gideon nodded. “Yes, along with our dad. She loves having the two of us at once, but she still loves you, and I know she needs to be able to go out and hold her head high which is a little difficult now.”

“She did get pregnant.” Colt slumped against the closest vehicle. “I knew it, as soon as the condom broke that we would have a baby. I got so excited at the thought of holding her, making love to her while her body changed. Then my roommate got pissed at me for wanting him to actually pay his part of the bills and told her I was out with another girl when I was actually out buying her engagement ring.” He pulled a small box out of his pocket. “I carry it with me all the time, in case I run into her.” He flipped open the box to show Gideon the diamond ring.

Gideon swallowed the lump in his throat. “There are countries smaller than that rock. Damn it. I really wanted to hate you, but it seems like you love her a lot. Maybe you aren’t just a douche bag sperm donor.”

The other man laughed. “I’m not, I promise. I just want to make her happy. She told me she had a secret that she needed to share but wasn’t sure how. But I would hear her talk to you, or your dad on the phone sometimes, and it sure as hell isn’t the same way my sister talks to me.” He was silent for a moment. “She really takes you both?”

“Yep, well, she did. I guess that’ll change when you two get married.”

Colt took a deep breath. “It doesn’t have to. I mean, if you were at least partially sincere in flirting with me, and not just trying to fuck with my head.”

Gideon grabbed the front of the other man’s shirt and pulled him close for a fierce, tongue thrusting rize escort kiss. “I am one hundred percent bisexual,” he said as they separated, both panting. “But I would expect you to reciprocate anything I do.”

“I’ve never been with a man before, but I have had a few fantasies, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to be with Sarah.”

“Okay then.” Gideon took the man’s hand and led him to his car. “Get in and let’s go surprise her.”

The two men walked in silence through the darkened house, stripping off clothes as they went. They’d talked on the way over and conspired to make it a night that Sarah would never forget. Slipping into the master bedroom, they saw Seth and Sarah both sleeping the big bed, cuddled together.

“Wow,” Colt whispered, taking in the sight of the woman he loved lying naked in another man’s arms. Knowing that it was her own father holding her made him hot. Gideon had fully explained what a gift it was to be let into their family unit, and he was excited to explore with his soon to be in-laws.

Gideon went over and gently woke his father with a kiss, asking him to move without waking the girl. There were whispered introductions and brief outline of the scenario the younger men had come up with in the car, then Colt soon found himself sandwiched between the two men, being kissed and groped as his dick got hard. All of this was so wrong his brain told him, but as Seth knelt and started sucking him, his body told him that this was the most right thing in the world. He was very close to orgasm so he gently pushed Seth away, accepting a deep kiss from the older man before allowing Gideon to push him to the bed. A moment later, he held the love of his life in his arms for the first time in five months, and he wanted to cry.

The other men stood close and watched as Colt began to trace Sarah’s curves, lingering over the belly protecting his child. He kissed her shoulder and rubbed his erection against her bottom, finally causing her to stir a bit.

“Again, Daddy?” she said sleepily with a smile in her voice. Then she realized the arms around her didn’t belong to her father or to Gideon, and the familiar expensive cologne tickled her nose. She tried to pull away, but Colt held her close as the other two men settled into the bed next to them.

“I am so sorry about what you’ve been going through since Derek lied to you. I swear I have not had interest in any other woman but you. I asked your father and brother if I could marry you, and they said yes, as long as it’s what you want. I’ve also been invited to share the familial bed. I would never keep you from them, and any time you need to be filled by more than one man, as long as it’s them I have no objections. Don’t cry, Sarah, please, I love you so much.”

“I’m crying because I’m happy, you idiot,” she said, turning to face him and molding her body to his. “But I have to warn you that Gideon will expect you to do things for him.”

“Yeah. He got a blow job in the car on the way here, said I needed to get some pointers from you.” His soon to be wife laughed and kissed him, tasting the truth of his words as their tongues met. She then climbed onto him, looking over at her other lovers. “Are you two just watching?”

“Hell no,” Gideon said with an evil grin. He moved behind her and helped her seat herself on Colt’s cock while their father stood on the firm mattress positioning his own tool at a perfect height for her to suck. “We’re all going to be in you at once, slut.”

Sarah only let out a contented sigh and began riding her fiancé while her brother lubed up and fingered her ass for a few minutes to get her ready. As the head of his cock penetrated her back door she leaned forward enough to take Seth into her mouth and just like that she was experiencing the sexual trifecta. There was no more thinking for her, just the sensation of dick in all of her orifices at once, Gideon smacking her ass, her father gripping her hair tightly on either side, setting the rhythm for which to bob up and down on his meat and Colt’s mouth and hands on her breasts, squeezing and suckling her tender nipples, biting down and making her scream, the added sensation pushing her over the edge for her orgasm after orgasm. There was also no sense of time, though one by one the men came inside her and pulled away, until there was only Colt, filling her pussy with his come and pulling her face down to his, kissing her and telling her that he loved her, that she was a goddess and he was never going to make her doubt him again. That was the last thing she heard before collapsing into a sated heap on him, passed out from the sexual overload that she looked forward to repeating as often as possible.

Colt let her rest on him for several moments, savoring her warmth before rolling gently so they were both on their sides, face to face. Gideon took the opportunity to slip behind him, putting a hand possessively on his hip and biting and sucking on his shoulder to leave a mark, while Seth took up his usual position at Sarah’s back, reaching over to grab the newcomer’s hand.

“You’re one of us now, Colt. Welcome to the family.”

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True Love Pt. 01

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All characters within this story are 18 and older.


It was a beautiful Friday morning, the last Friday before I started my new life. New life in a brand new school, in a brand new place, with a brand new family again…. Fuck! Being an 18 year old girl can be hard, especially when your still stuck in the foster loop. Seems like every time I think the family might like me they pitch me off again.

“Miya downstairs, there’s someone we want you to meet!”

Comes out of my judgemental foster mothers mouth guess its time to meet my new brother who just got back from camp. He’s a councillor named Wyatt.

I quick grabbed my clothes, threw on my short skirt, t-shirt, and leather jacket and descend the stairs. I’m almost down the stairs, when I see the most muscled back come into view. I continue down the steps and find a gorgeous mop of blond hair in a pair of boxers. I then notice and hear my new mother,

“Miya I’d like you too meet Wyatt, Wyatt, Miya. Now that everyone’s been acquainted I suggest you march back upstairs and finish getting ready, that red mop top isn’t going to straighten itself out you know.”

If you ask me the worst thing in the world; second only to death is indeed foster families. So before I came up with a snarky remark I did just that turned and went back to my room. I have to admit my hair wasn’t the greatest; still needed to be straightened and combed through. You see I’m not a natural red head, I’m actually blond and with the help of box die I’m a striking pure firetruck red head now!

I don’t know what comes over me but I suddenly have the over powering urge to try and impress this God that is my new foster brother and for once my ending up here might not be a joke. Just looking at him could make my stomach flip and flop. The gleam in his eyes made me turn to jelly and nothing I could feel in my stomach was going to change that.

This being of perfection that was suppose to be my “brother” kept flashing past my eyes the image of him in his boxers the muscles and the secret of what those boxers contained; all made my mind confused and my pussy wet.

The shine that just swept over him exaggerating his gorgeous physique swept through my mind as I finished my hair and make up. I was just pulling on my combat boots, skirt hiked up so I could bend over easier (felt good to have my hot and wet naked pussy out in the open too). Slowly I moved to the bed with images of my new “brother” flashing behind closed eyes, lied down on my back and moved my hands to my breasts.

Now I have a slight frame only about 100 pounds with slender hips and a tiny ass, but somehow with a little luck I ended up with a full 36C cup. Lightly tracing around my large mounds getting myself worked up slowly, round and round with a twist of my fingers on my nipples I was moaning in no time. I moved one hand from my well worked breast over my tight body and my short shirt to my pussy. I pushed a finger between my pussy lips and felt the pulse of energy buzz through me, like a jolt of pleasure and I couldn’t hold back a moan. I pushed the finger farther in, moving it slightly around and around inside my wet pussy. Up and down left and right, until I couldn’t take it anymore and reached for my purple vibrator in my top drawer.

Turning it on I removed my fingers sinking the vibrator all the way in before turning it on, moving my finger up to my clit pushing the button back and forth with two fingers. The vibrating and the motion on my clit had me on the verge of coming muğla escort when I noticed my door was open and there was someone standing within it

Sadly I was facing towards the door with everything on display, I pulled down my skirt to see my muscled brother in my doorway. Still only in boxers it was apparent that he had gotten an eyeful by the huge bulge and outline in his blue boxers.

I went bright red, breathing heavy and slightly scared of what he would do. Slowly Wyatt moved his hand to his junk squeezed one, twice, three times before sliding into my room and closing and locking the door.

Finally finding my voice I said, “I don’t believe I invited you into my room!”

“Oh but Miya you just did by your little display, now you wouldn’t want to leave me like this would you?”

Slowly to my dismay Wyatt slowly pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them.

It was at that point me new foster monster yelled up the stairs, “have a good day kids dad and I will be home around 5 or 5:30 tonight. Behave Miya, love you Wyatt!”

There was a slam and mom and dad were gone, leaving me starring at my naked foster brother. Dick in hand now Wyatt stood looking at me stroking himself lightly and just watched me until he decided to come closer. Letting go of himself he slowly crossed the room to me. Standing just in front of me, lifted one finger to my chin and lifted lightly. Bending down towards me Wyatt brushed his lips to mine, soft and gentle, repeatedly. Slowly I become an active participant in the kissing and threw my arms around him and pulled myself up against him not caring that he’s naked, or my foster brother.

Slowly he moved his arms around me moving them from my shoulders to the small of my back and then lower. I felt a light tug on my skirt and then it was up around my waste again. My mind was screaming at me that this sort of affection with your new “brother” couldn’t happen; but my body wasn’t listening. I kept moving closer to him until I wasn’t able to move an inch, all the while feeling every inch of him against me the hardest part trapped between our stomachs.

I felt the tips of his fingers slowly wiggle their way down my back onto my bare butt cheeks; yet they didn’t stop there they kept going, lower and lower. I felt his hands creep down between my legs to the outside of my pussy, his touch was like an electric pulse through me. I moaned into his mouth and wiggled a little against him; Wyatt took this as a green light and pushed his fingers farther down. His finger went straight to my pussy lips diving between them and into my wet hole, pushing slightly until he came across something puzzling.

He slid his lips off mine, still looking down at me said, “You’re a virgin?”

Blushing I babbled, “I’m a foster kid no one likes foster kids, besides there was never really anyone to talk too let alone make out or more with. I’m sorry!”

I detached myself from him and backed up on the bed, but he was already moving with me. Pulled me against him and wrapped his arms around me, I tucked my head between his neck and shoulders. Suddenly shaken and feeling foolish for thinking this 19 year old; a man would want me that way.

Wyatt somehow knew what I was thinking, rubbed my shoulders and got down lower to look me in the eye.

“Miya if you’re not ready to do that I understand, besides I am your brother in a way; not in blood but it could seem really weird… What I meant to say was you are gorgeous. Seeing you come down mersin escort those stairs in my house like you owned the place, confident in yourself. Not to mention the tight short shirt, skirt ensemble had me thinking about you all morning. The red hair and combat boots, the leather jacket hell you’re more that just confident you’re sexy! I just don’t understand how I could get so lucky living with a goddess like yourself, and when I walked into your room seeing you on display pleasuring yourself was without a doubt the Hottest thing ever, or at least I thought it was the hottest thing ever until about 5 minuets ago!”

I stared and finally got a word out,”but I didn’t think, I couldn’t let myself think that you had any kind of liking to me at all!”

“Oh but Miya I do, and I don’t think it will ever change!”

Wyatt pulled me against him again, one of my hands trapped between us; trapped beside what could only be his cock. One hand went across my back and the other behind my head, he ducked down to kiss me again gently until I was the one making it rougher. Slowly his hands traveled down again, and lower still until he could grab my legs and pick me up and wrap my legs around him.

He moved his mouth to my neck slowly licking his way along my collar bone, I tilted my head to the side and moaned grabbing fist fills of his hair. I never thought this feeling of lust could fall over someone so quickly, never thought that any man could make me feel like a woman just by touching mr the right way. Moving his mouth up to my ear Wyatt whispered, “Is this ok?” Moving slightly I felt myself open my mouth to say yes when he flipped us over so he was on the bottom and I on top.

I blanked but could only think that he was doing this so I felt more in control. He moved his lips from my neck then down to my bare skin above my shirt looking up at me, slowly I moved my hands above my head and smiled back down at Wyatt. Gently he grabbed the bottom of my belly shirt and brought it up over my head removing the jacket with it. His journey continued down my chest to one aroused and rose coloured nipple, gently he took the areole into his mouth and sucked gently. My head rolled back and my hips rocked gently, groaning I grabbed the back of Wyatt’s head and held on tight. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better he started toying with my other nipple between one hand and my clit with the other. Before I knew it I was on the verge of cuming but Wyatt wouldn’t let that happen. Whispering in my ear, “Not yet gorgeous I want to make this as memorable for you as I can.” Latching onto my mouth again, slowly releasing me and lifting me upwards slightly he moved down to lay on the bed and guided me just above his mouth. When he had me in position he pulled hard and I slid onto his mouth, my pussy opening with one of his strong muscled arms holding her to him. I sat there for a moment until the most incredible pleasure over came her, Wyatt’s tongue making slow circles on my clit while I wiggled above him.

Leaning over so I could put my hands on the bed and started moan and groan and buck against him, suddenly I felt two large fingers enter me making me twitch and role on top of his tongue with greater force. I was about to come when again another change happened I moved and found myself with the vibrator posed on my clit along with his two fingers which a third had been added too. My hand reached out for something to grab onto and it ended up being Wyatt’s nine inch cock, hard as a rock under my hand. nevşehir escort I started to explore it touching and moving my hand up and down and feeling as again my orgasm roared up.

I felt the different moments of both the vibrator and his tongue against my clit and the action of not one but three of his fingers pumping into me like mine had been a few minuets ago. His hard cock still in my hand I felt him add one small finger to the attack on my pussy both in my pussy and on my clit and it was too much. I reared back bucking against him frantically racing towards the edge that would give me release of this please torture, all the while pumping his cock and moaning at the top of my lungs, “Oh GOD Wyatt!! Don’t stop don’t ever fucking stop! Mmmmmmmm Oh FUCK OHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!”

I suddenly felt this wave of peace crash over me and felt my pussy throbbing in orgasm but just as I asked Wyatt didn’t stop! He kept up the assault on my pussy, my clit telling me to stop but the pleasure told me to keep going. I started pumping his cock faster this time, not knowing what to do I moved fast and with a good grip on it until I felt Wyatt remove all but two fingers from me. I felt the loss but then then felt filled up by the vibrator being pushed into me with his two fingers.

Gently I felt Wyatt bite my clit and suck it into his mouth and started nursing on it bring with it a quick hitting massive orgasm as I bumped against his face making the attack on my clit that much more pleasurable. I felt myself hurled into my orgasm so quickly that I fell onto the bed moaning and humping against his attack on my clit. I rolled off then looking at him as he kneeled beside me then laid down on top of me.

I nussled my neck and then brought his lips back to mine. Tasting slightly of me I kissed him back lazily due to the pleasure I was still in. Looking at me with smiling and gentle eyes, as if asking me a question. “If I would like to continue?” Slowly I opened my legs to him and reached up to bring him closer. He settled between my legs and gently brought his cock head to my entrance and pushed forward to my virgin barrier.

Once in he have me time to adjust to the feeling, and then he forged onward covering my mouth with his. There was slight pain and then all I could feel was him, gently moving within me. I started to move up against his strokes. Wyatt started getting faster and his stroke length started getting longer, I started moving up to meet him. His cock making me feel the pleasure his mouth had once again, Wyatt started grunting and groaning my name over and over grasping my breasts and rubbing my clit between our legs. Moaning we both started hurling towards the edge until Wyatt yelled, “I’m cumming Miya, I’m cumming urrrrggg!” With a few hard fast humps he grabbed onto my hips and plunged forward once more. Ropes of gooey cum flew into me striking my orgasm and I came again bucking and cussing, curling my toes and myself backwards. We breathed heavily for awhile until he lied down head on my breast tickling my nipple with his tongue lightly. I giggle and lay my head down on the pillow and fall asleep there thinking about how lucky I was to be here, with someone who seemed to care about me.

It was around 3:45 when Wyatt and I woke looking at each other naked, kissing and getting ready for round two when the downstairs door opened with an audible slam.

“Miya, Wyatt we’re home! Turns out shopping didn’t take as long as we thought!” Steps on the stairs and then a knock on my door came. “Miya what are you doing in there and where is Wyatt?!?! Open this door!!”


First story I’ve ever submitted please let me know what you think and I will have the next part up soon as long as you like it. Any criticism is wanted thanks for reading.

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Twin Minds

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Samuel and Samantha were born fraternal twins, about 15 minutes apart. Both often got tired of explaining why they didn’t look alike. Their parents had thought it cute to give them similar names.

Samantha was born first by about ten minutes and by her eighteenth birthday she had grown into a pretty, willowy blonde girl with light blue eyes. Her twin, Sam, was half a foot taller at six feet and had a slim, long-distance runner’s physique. His hair took after his father, being a light brown and he had hazel eyes.

In family pictures you might have thought the pictures of Sam and Samantha were early life pictures of their parents. Sam took after his dad in more than looks, he was into sports, swimming in particular. He held his school record for both the 100 meter butterfly and crawl. Samantha on the other hand was nothing like her mother. She was more tomboy and as they grew up she was always challenging her twin in some way or another. She could swim almost as well as her brother but though Sam coaxed her to join the girl’s team at school she just wasn’t into team sports.

She did go out for the diving team, her willowy body in the skin-tight diving suit was perfect for clean rips and she had talent but she quit the team after only a month. When Sam asked her why she said the coach kept touching her in ways she didn’t like. Ways only her twin was allowed!


Samantha rolled on her side and grabbed her twin’s manhood. Sam growled.

“Jeez, Sammy. Give it a rest.” He gave her an appealing look.

“Its been almost an hour, Sam.” She pouted prettily.

He sighed. His twin was a nymphomaniac, he was certain!

“Aren’t you supposed to be meeting Kelly at the mall? I thought you two were going to shop today.”

Samantha sat up on his bed and giggled.

“She called me early yesterday and said she had to go with her parents to visit her uncle’s ranch.” She grinned. “You’ve got me all to yourself for the weekend.”


Their parents had brought them up close, being twins, and even dressed them alike during their early years. This was facilitated by Samantha’s tomboy personality, she’d rarely worn a dress or skirt until she was in junior high and the school had uniform requirements.

So the twins grew up with a very close brother/sister relationship. Far closer than their parents would have liked had they known. The twins played the usual sex games as they entered puberty. Samantha, first to feel the tug of puberty, was the one to initiate the time-honored game of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. Sam was a willing participant but it wasn’t until a year later, when his own pubescent hormones hit, that he actually showed a real interest in his twin’s nubile body.

Once that happened they began to play more seriously.


Sam rose and headed for the bathroom for a shower. His twin joined him but he ignored her playful hands as he quickly washed and slipped into his swimsuit to head outside to the backyard pool.

Samantha pouted at him but he just grinned and blew her a kiss. “Patience, Sammy.”


Once hormones had kicked in for both of them there was no turning back. As usual, Samantha was the aggressor. She was soon giving her twin hand-jobs and showing him how she liked to masturbate. They discussed incest in very frank terms and both agreed that what they did in private was no one else’s business. Their mutual masturbations and heavy petting soon grew into oral sex. For some years Samantha liked to sneak into Sam’s bedroom at night and they would satisfy their young lust together. Soon Sam was pushing his twin to go further still.

Samantha might have been more aggressive than her twin but she wasn’t unthinking. She’d had all the “feminine hygiene” classes and understood about sex and pregnancy. She refused and told him why but promised.

“When we graduate from high school and I’m on contraceptives I’ll let you fuck me.”

He did talk her into trying anal sex.

“You can’t get pregers doing that any more than swallowing cum, Sammy.”

Samantha had bee hesitant but Sam took it slow, using a finger for a long time to get her used the the feel of something back there before he first entered her with his cock. Like the rest of his body, his manhood was slim and only a bit longer than average at six and an half inches, Samantha had enjoyed keeping a record of its size as they both matured sexually just as Sam liked to keep track of the soft swellings on his twin’s chest. He was circumcised and a little over an inch thick. It made for a mostly painless first experience for his twin which he was grateful for and after a while became almost completely painless. Samantha grew to enjoy the feel of her brother’s slim cock deep in her ass. It became a semi-regular part of their sexual relationship.


Sam dove into the deep end of the pool and hugged the bottom as he stroked the length to the shallow end. As he rose he sighed with delight. It was going to be another hot day and they would probably spend most of it right here in the pool and relaxing sivas escort on the patio in the shade a large old maple tree that cast a convenient shadow over the back of the house.

He heard Sammy call and looked toward the house. She waved from the patio and his eyes widened in delight. She was naked!

He chuckled to himself. With their parents gone for a long weekend visiting relatives out of state they had the house to themselves. Add to that their nearest neighbor being a quarter-mile away and the tall, solid wood fence that enclosed the whole backyard there was no reason to worry about being spied on.

He climbed out and walked toward her. Samantha pursed her lips at the sight of his swimsuit. Sam just shook his head as he skinned out of it and dropped it on the flagstones near the table.

“Should have known you’d go nudist the first chance you got.” He laughed.

Samantha sat down and pointed at his penis, withered by the cool water of the pool.

“Hello, Mr. Stubby.” She giggled.

Sam snorted and sat down beside her and reached for the tall glass of ice-tea his twin had brought out for each of them.

“It won’t stay that way long with you running around all sexy nude like that.” He grinned, letting his eyes linger on the small but perfectly shaped tits he loved to kiss and fondle.

“Good.” She laughed. “I’ve got big plans for it this weekend.”

“Oh yeah?” He looked at her closely. “Want to clue me in?”

“You’ll find out in time.” She gave him her coy look.

Sam grinned. “Does it include your pretty round ass?”

“Jeez, Sam. Give it a rest.” She giggled, quoting him from earlier. “You already stretched my poor butt-hole this morning. Its still tingling.”

Sam shrugged. “I’m just curious. You’re devious.”

“No hints.” She ignored his remark.

They sat for a time, gossiping about the graduation dance just passed and friends from school, relaxing and sipping their drinks.

“So what did you and Joe do after the dance.” Sam asked his twin casually.

“We fucked like rabbits for over an hour.” She said and watched her twin’s eyes widen in shock before adding. “NOT! God, Bro. You’re so easy to tease.”

Sam shook his head ruefully.

“Actually, I let him play with my boobs and gave him a hand-job just to be fair.”

Sam looked into her eyes and decided she was telling the truth.

She smiled. “Believe me?”

“Sure.” He said and averted his gaze.

“You jealous?”

“No.” He tsked. “Why would I be jealous. I’m the one that set up your date.”

It was true. Samantha had been debating whether she even wanted to go to the dance. She had no interest in any of their male classmates, any more than Sam had in the girls that had shown an interest in him over the years. It got them talked about a little, the usual gossip. Was Sam gay? Was Samantha a lesbian? But the gossip died after a while when neither of them gave fuel to the rumors.

They never heard the word incest even whispered.

Sam hadn’t liked the idea of his twin not going to something as important as the graduation dance and had talked her and his best male friend, Joe, into going together. First he had a heart to heart talk with Joe.

“You can play with her tits and kiss all you two want but I’ll pound you into a puddle of slime if you try anything with her she doesn’t want.”

Joe had taken it in the spirit it was given.

“Samantha’s a nice girl, Sam. You know I like her. Hell, I’ve tried to date her for two years. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. You know that, Buddie.”

He did. He and Joe had been best friends ever since their freshman year.

So Joe and Samantha had gone to the dance as a couple while Sam had broken down and invited Lisa to the buxom girl’s delight. She’d been after him the whole senior year, wanting to date the star of the school’s swim team.

During their make-out session after the dance Lisa gave him a hand-job. Sucking and fondling her generous boobs had gotten him super-horny and he ejaculated all over her dress to Lisa’s disgust.

To make up for it he’d helped her clean it up and then flipped her dress up, pulled her panties down, and licked her pussy till she orgasmed. She was putty in his hands after that and Sam knew he could have fucked her right then … but he didn’t. His first time was promised to someone else.

Besides, he didn’t want to add to the pregnancy statistic for their graduating class. He knew two girls were pregnant, the fact hidden by their graduation robes, when they got their diplomas.

“And what, pray tell, did you and Lisa do?” Kim grinned. “Fair is fair. I told you about me and Joe.”

Sam pursed his lips.

“Come on. Give me all the juicy details. I promise I won’t be jealous.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“Pretty much the same, actually. She’s really got a rack I’ll tell you.”

Samantha snorted. “Yeah, she’s a cow. I know.”

“Kitty, kitty.” Sam chuckled again, wagging his finger at her. “Feeling inferior, are we?”

Samantha’s lips trabzon escort formed the sexy pout her twin loved to see. He bent close and kissed one of her soft breasts, suckling at the nipple for a heartbeat of two. Samantha gave a soft sigh of pleasure. He sat back up and smiled fondly.

“Yours are prettier and sweeter, Sammy.” He told her, locking his eyes on hers. “You know I love them best.”

“You better, Buster.” She said, somewhat mollified, then grinned.

“What else?”

He grinned. “She gave me a hand-job and got pissed when I squirted all over her dress.”

Samantha giggled. “I can imagine.”

“So I licked her pussy till she came as an apology.” He added, watching his twin’s eyes for her reaction. It surprised him.

“Really? What did she taste like?” Samantha’s face colored a bit and her eyes were very intent.

“Jeez, Sammy. I can’t describe it.” He pursed his lips in thought for a bit. “Not like you. She was … not as sweet as you and had a stronger, musky smell. Not bad, just a bit strong.”

Samantha gazed at him thoughtfully.

“Did she like it?

Sam chuckled. “I said she orgasmed, didn’t I. Hell, she was ready to bend over and give it up right then. I could have popped her cherry if I’d wanted to.” Then added. “If she still had one, that is.”

“She didn’t.” Samantha giggled. “There were confirmed rumors about her, she would have enjoyed getting fucked though from what I’ve heard.”

Sam shook his head, his warm hazel eyes gazing into cool blue. “I’m saving myself for someone special.”

Samantha’s breath caught for a moment and she felt her heart skip a beat. He remembers my promise, she thought, and shivered.

She shook herself and gulped some more of her tea. “I think its about time for a swim.” She rose and almost ran to the pool, diving in.

Sam just sat there and watched her pert, round ass wiggle as she went. His cock was a bit swollen from the conversation and the memories it had awoke of that night with Lisa. He’d desired her but had fought off the impulse and wondered if it had been the smart thing to do. Would Sammy have felt betrayed? It might have given him a little experience so when they finally did make love he might make it better for her.

But he’d been scared his twin would have been hurt if they both weren’t virgins and it was too much of a risk.

He rose after a couple minutes and walked toward the pool. Samantha was bouncing on the end of the diving board, her beautiful breasts jiggling deliciously and he felt a sharp pulse of desire. He loved to watch her dive, her body was so graceful. Seeing her do it nude only doubled the pleasure!

Samantha did a quick jackknife and as she swam to the side near him and grinned up at him he applauded.

“Beautiful.” He said.

“My toes weren’t straight.” she disagreed.

“True. I was applauding the sight of you, diving naked.” he laughed.

She stuck her tongue out at him and splashed water in his direction. It splashed a foot short.


Sam laughed and dove in, swimming to the other side then climbed out and stood on the diving board. Samantha, standing in the shallow end, turned and rested her arms along the edge of the pool, letting her body float in front of her as she watched him expectantly.

Sam wasn’t the diver his twin was but he managed an acceptable swan dive. He stroked underwater to the far side and as he rose he pushed his twin’s legs apart and gave her pussy a slow lick that jerked a squeal of delight from her lips. She stood up abruptly and he grabbed her in a bear hug and kissed her.

“Sneaky.” she accused with a grin. Her hand reached down for him. “This poor thing needs attention, I think. It’s shriveling away.”

“You know. Even with the chlorine flavor you still taste better than Lisa.”

“Enough about Lisa, Bro. I WILL get jealous if you go on much longer about her.”

“Hey.” He shrugged. “You brought it up.”

“Topic closed.” She said firmly but a smile tugged at her lips. “Come on.”

She urged him from the pool and they walked back to the patio table. She sat down and pulled him to her, quickly engulfing his cold-shrunken cock in her warm mouth.

Sam sighed in delight as her tongue began to play with him. It had the desired effect and he was soon fully erect. Samantha’s lips glided back and forth over the few inches she could get in without gagging, letting her tongue slide along the underside the way he enjoyed.

Samantha felt her brother’s pleasure mounting and shivered with excitement. She loved sucking him and getting to start with him soft and feeling the erotic pulses as he grew between her lips was an added bonus. She could always tell when he was ready to ejaculate and as his cock swelled she pulled back till only the spongy glans remained between her lips, rubbing her tongue on the sensitive spot just under the head and coaxing him over the peak.

Sam stiffened and groaned as the powerful throbs began. His eyes never left his twin’s face and lips as the pulses of his lust surged tekirdağ escort through his cock and gushed into her mouth. He heard her swallow noisily and then watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked hard. Her hand rose to stroke his shaft, urging every drop from him before she leaned back and gave him a wet-lipped grin.

“Yummy.” she giggled and gave the head a final kiss, catching the last drop that oozed from the slit.

Sam bent down and kissed her, enjoying the tart flavor on her lips, then knelt and urged her legs wide. Samantha whimpered softly, eager for him to reciprocate.

He did. Sam loved making his sister’s body thrash as his oral efforts sent her into orgasmic spasms. it gave him a tremendous sense of satisfaction that he could return the pleasure she so often gave him.

After three or four delicious orgasms Samantha pushed her brother’s head away, panting rapidly.

“Enough!” She gasped.

He grinned and stood up, leaning over her for another wet kiss. Samantha’s tongue licked at his mouth, enjoying her flavor on him.

They sat and finished their drinks as the day heated up fast. The thermometer passed the nineties mark before noon. Samantha whipped together some sandwiches for an early lunch and they sat in the shade of the patio to eat.

“I was planning on sunbathing but its so hot I don’t know if I want to now.” Samantha said.

“You certainly don’t need to.” Sam said, eyeing the warm, golden expanse of her well-tanned body. Only Samantha’s breasts and a triangle patch of skin below her bellybutton showed her natural skin color.

“You could work on those tan-lines if you cared to.” He observed.

Samantha looked down and her hands rose to cup her small breasts.

“They do look a little pale compared to the rest of me.”

“Actually,” Sam chuckled, “they kinda accent them. I like the contrast. Makes them stand out.”

Samantha frowned. “Is that a crack at my little boobies, Buster?”

Sam grinned. “No. I like the look. Sort of two-toned. Makes them more noticeable.”

She sighed and shook her head.

“No one but you will see them anyway.”

“Joe saw them.” He pointed out.

“OK.” She giggled. “So maybe I will get a little sun. Just ten minutes or so on a side.” She mused, then grinned. “You get to put the oil on, Bro. That should make you happy.”

“Oh yeah.” Sam chuckled.

Samantha’s eyes narrowed and she looked at her brother hard.

“That’s why you’re coaxing me to do it, huh. So you can rub suntan oil on my body with your perverted hands.”

Sam grinned widely. “Guilty.”

They headed for the house. Sam refilled their glasses with fresh ice and more tea while his sister ran upstairs to find her suntan oil. Samantha returned to find her brother back on the patio, two sweating glasses of ice-tea on the table. She set down the bottle of suntan oil and the kitchen timer her mother kept on the counter for timing her cooking.

“Ten minutes.” She said. “Time me, OK? Don’t let me burn or you won’t get to play with them.”

Sam nodded, chuckling, and when she moved one of the sun lounges into a good spot to catch the sun’s rays he knelt beside her and began to caress her soft body.

He worked the suntan oil over her quickly and returned to her soft breasts. Samantha sighed in delight at the gentle kneading but finally spoke.

“OK. OK, Bro.” She giggled softly. “I think you’ve got them well oiled. Get out of my sun.”

Sam reluctantly sat back at the table. His cock was a heavy, swollen mass between his thighs and he decided to cool off in the pool. He set the timer and dove in.

As he cooled off Sam reflected on the look he’d seen in his twin’s eyes as he’d mentioned, obliquely, her promise of a few years ago. He wondered if she was ready to take the last step with him and share their first time together as true lovers.

It wasn’t that he was dissatisfied with their relationship as it was. And he knew Sammy enjoyed it. He just hungered to feel the “real thing”.

He heard the ding of the timer and quickly climbed out of the pool. Samantha had already flipped over and he grabbed the suntan oil. As he rubbed it over her body he swelled again and was tempted for a moment to stretch out on top of her and maybe enjoy another session of anal sex but curbed the desire. Sammy was usually a bit tender for a while after being sodomized and he’d already enjoyed that special pleasure once this morning.

He gave one firm buttock a slap that elicited a little squeal from his twin, then went back to the table and sat sipping his ice-tea as his eyes feasted on his sister’s delicious curves glistening in the sun.

Samantha’s head turned toward him and she giggled, seeing the semi-erection beneath the patio table.

“What are you staring at, Pervert.”

He chuckled. “Just thinking about inviting Joe over to join me. He’d probably cum in his pants to see you like this.”

Samantha shivered as she remembered the evening she’d spent with Joe after the graduation dance. They had made out for a long time before, with her encouragement, he’d summoned the nerve to touch her breasts. She’d quickly helped by unzipping the back of her dress and shrugging it off her shoulders. She hadn’t worn a bra beneath and his eyes had widened at the sight of her, bare to the waist.

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Please, Just Once

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She shut her hazel eyes tight then reopened them in a feeble attempt to regain her vision. She jerked her arms hard, hoping, praying the binds around her wrists would loosen. She hung her head; so tired. He’d been at it for hours and it didn’t seem he’d ever stop…then again, she somehow knew he would, if only for a brief moment. Tanner had always liked to take time to admire his “masterpiece” as he called it. Korrie shivered, her body covering with tiny goose bumps, causing her pinkish, rather small nipples to harden. Her frame was tall, with long, smooth legs. Her hands were petite; making it particularly difficult to find restraints that didn’t allow them to slip through to freedom. The small indent of her waist was accented by her wide-set hips while her stomach dipped slightly in the front, only to curve out once more, showing off her full, small breasts. Korrie heaved a sigh, causing her chest to rise and fall with the harsh breath. She wiggled her feet which made Tanner eye her cautiously; curiously…he never bound her feet, yet she’d never kicked him or used them as weapons…never even tried to stop him from penetrating her.

He stalked over to her before running a hand up the inside of her thigh. Korrie’s mouth opened in a silent moan as he thrust her legs apart, dropping to his knees to press his mouth against her open, wet hole. She jerked forward and inhaled sharply, gripping onto the arm of the chair. Tanner grinned and pushed his tongue barely inside her as he swirled it around in a circle, then replaced it with two of his lengthy fingers before using his palm to rub hard against her clit. Korrie’s body uttered a shudder as she felt the tension run from her toes to the ends of her dark auburn hair. She bit down on her lip hard, squeezing her eyes shut once more and just when she had finally regained sakarya escort her sight. Tanner’s defined build twitched at her reaction while he pulled his two digits out of her core before licking them clean. He savored the taste of her juices allowing his other hand to trail up Korrie’s silky skin to her small, round nipples before he captured one between his index and middle finger beginning to roll it side to side. Her lips parted to release a mediocre shriek as she felt Tanner tug hard on her sensitive flesh. Korrie created a rocking motion with her hips, causing a wet streak to line the maple wood finish of the chair she had been confined to.

Tanner’s broad shoulders tensed at her expression of ecstasy, he snarled and slapped her clit hard, causing Korrie’s shriek to elevate in pitch and audibility. His lips peeled back into a grin as he gave her hot, dripping sex a soft pat, causing her to flinch, “‘Atta girl…scream like the whore you are…” He forced two fingers roughly inside Korrie’s begging hole once more, smacking his palm against her lips as he pushed his appendages in far, hooking his fingers, dragging them along her inner wall. Her body jerked as she writhed against his hand, attempting to tilt her head up, but to no avail she found her skull pressed firmly against the back of the chair, the restraint around her neck causing her breath to get caught in her throat as she struggled. Tanner grinned deviously watching her slender body squirm from what he was doing, the hard length between his legs twitched with anticipation as he felt her slick tunnel tighten while he groped deeper, inserting another digit into the tight passage.

Korrie’s wiggling became more frantic as her body rushed with pleasure, she dare not make a sound for she knew if what came from her mouth samsun escort wasn’t a scream, he’d make her suffer; not allow her to release…she’d been good this time…perhaps he’d reward her. Another finger slipped into her hole and Korrie tensed, letting out a scream as her sensitive inner walls were stretched almost to the breaking point. Tanner’s grin spread further, practically touching each of his lobes as he worked his digits in and out of Korrie hard and fast, relishing the feel of her slickness against his fingertips. Her body jerked and trembled while most of his hand pumped into Korrie’s wetness, she squeezed her eyes shut tightly, biting back each moan as she felt him expand her core, gripping at the inside as if he were trying to break through the flesh.

Then, as suddenly as they were thrust into her sopping wet box, the fingers were pulled out causing Korrie to open her eyes, observing Tanner curiously. She gritted her teeth and braced herself as he grabbed onto her hips hard, jerking her forward on the chair, causing the restraint around her neck to be pushed into the bottom of her chin while the leather binding around her ribs pressed her breasts into her throat. Her eyes went wide as Tanner slammed his hardened member into her, making Korrie utter a scream in painful pleasure. Tanner’s strong build rocked and pushed against Korrie, knocking the head of his length into her back wall, each time a loud smack echoed through the cellar as their bodies slapped into each other. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as she neared release, she knew better than to ask, so she waited to be told to climax…Tanner continued to force his thick being in and out of her velvet vice, making it contract and expand with every thrust, pushing Korrie every so closer to the limit.

Her lip was caught urfa escort between her teeth as she bit down hard on the soft flesh, piercing the skin with her canines while Tanner mercifully used her for his own gain. He gritted his teeth together firmly allowing a grinding noise to emanate from the bones scraping against one another, while his thrusts became more violent, knocking the chair backwards, causing it to slam into the wall before Korrie screamed out. Her orgasm was inevitable; however, it was cut short as she felt Tanner’s hot fluid fill her hole, causing his juice to spill from her, splashing on the floor. Her eyes widened as he got off of her, turning to leave, frantically she began to plead with him, “Please! Master, please! I was good this time…I didn’t do anything wrong, please let me cum!” Tanner shot a glare at her and walked back over to Korrie’s whimpering figure, beaten, laced with beads of sweat as her hair fell messily into her soft face. “Please…just once…” Korrie groaned loudly as he forced her labia open, fully presenting her clit to him before he brought a hand down hard on top of it.

She screamed; feeling her climax push towards sweet release, then ease off once more as Tanner released her, his massive frame looming over her as he kissed her cheek lightly before he whispered in her ear. “I cannot be too nice my pet…it’s your punishment for making me want you so much…” and with that, he walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He had left Korrie restrained; he knew if she wanted it bad enough, she’d get loose and solve her little dilemma. Tanner pressed his ear against the door, marveling at the sweet sounds of suffering his girl was letting escape her lips with no remorse. Finally he heard Korrie’s pleasured moans bless his eardrums. He grinned once more before heading up the stairs, “Good girl…I knew you could do it.” The light to the stairwell was flipped off as the door to the top of the landing was shut behind Tanner…He’d go back down in a few hours to fetch her, but for now…he just wanted the blissful release of sleep.

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Poker Night Ch. 02

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I got into the kitchen right as Amy opened the front door. In stepped a man and a woman together, obviously one of the couples that had earned themselves an invite. The man stood about my height, a bit thinner, with dark hair and skin. Clean-shaven and friendly looking, he immediately raised his hand. “Good evening,” he said cheerfully. “Nice to finally meet in person. I’m Brian, and this is Julie.” Julie smiled and curtsied. She was in a slinky back dress and dog’s collar, a little blonde thing I guessed no older than 22. Brian looked older, maybe in his early thirties.

“Great to meet you.” I introduced myself and Amy, who took their coats and put them in the hall closet. “Make yourselves at home. Can we offer you something to drink?”

“A vodka on the rocks would be great,” Brian said, looking to his girl.

“I’ll get that,” Amy volunteered. Julie looked at her and curtsied again.

“Let me help, please,” she requested in a contralto.

“Of course. Do you want a refill, Sir?” Amy asked me.

“That would be wonderful.” I smiled. “You two get yourselves something as well.” Amy was already tipsy, but she knew better than to get drunk on a night like this and I wanted her to remain relaxed. And I could tell by the soft smile she gave me that my thoughts were written on my face. The two girls moved over to the impromptu bar set up in the corner, talking in low voices.

“Are we the first arrivals?” Brian asked. He was clearly curious about the night and his hosts while he looked around.

“Yep, you’re the first. Let me give you a tour.” I laughed. “Not that the house is exactly huge. This is the kitchen, and this is the living room.”

Brian laughed when van escort we walked in, looking around in amusement. “Interesting décor. Most people just put out a coffee-table book.”

I laughed. “This isn’t our usual decorating style. We just brought a few things out of storage for tonight.” A few things indeed. A stocks sat in the corner of the room, rough-hewn wood I’d cut myself. Diagonally across from it was a wooden horse, perfect for bondage games, and a coffee table sat precisely in the middle of the room, for whatever games people might want to play. Several baskets of sexual toys and aides sat placed strategically around the room. Comfortable and stylish couches were covered in pillows. It looked like Martha Stewart had been brainwashed by de Sade.

“The basement is fully stocked as well, and anyone can use it at any time—well, assuming they’re not playing cards. The bathroom is up those stairs and to the left. There’s a guest bedroom across from the stairwell, with a few bits lying around. The only room off limits is the master bedroom upstairs, which is locked anyway.”

“Looks good.” Brian laughed and shook his head. “You’ve put a lot of thought into this.”

I shrugged. “It’s been a fantasy of ours for a while. Not just the Game or public play, but getting to know likeminded people. This is a pretty liberal area, but it’s still hard to meet people who aren’t either posers or players.”

“Isn’t that the truth. The one time Julie and I went to a play party it turned into a complete disaster. I was hesitant about tonight, to be honest, but it looks as if you two have a pretty relaxed view of things.”

“We do,” I tried to assure him. “Amy’s my sub, yalova escort but she’s also my girlfriend. And that comes first, most days. We like S&M, but not enough to let it consume our lives.”

“Well, at least not completely,” Amy interrupted while she handed me a glass. Julie curtsied again to her Dom—making me pray ruefully that she’d stop bobbing up and down sometime soon, before I got sick to my stomach—and handed him a drink as well. Both held cocktails of their own.

I held up my glass. “To new friendships,” I volunteered. Four glasses clinked and we drank. My eyes kept slipping over to Amy and I felt my chest swell with pride. She was so beautiful.

“So what are tonight’s plans?” Brian asked once he drank.

“Let’s wait until everyone is here to discuss it in detail,” I suggested. “You’ll get bored hearing the same explanation half a dozen times. Make yourselves comfortable.”

“In a moment,” Brian said. He crooked his finger at Julie. “You. C’mere.”

Julie blinked. “Sir?”

“You heard me. I told you that you had earned a spanking when you spilled the wine earlier. Our hosts told us to make ourselves at home, so I intend to.”

Julie blushed a furious red, but put her glass down and walked over to Brian, head down. I put my arm around Amy’s waist and pulled her closer to me. She didn’t so much as look at me, not that I expected her to take her eyes off Brian leading Julie over to the stocks. The oak board lifted off on its bronze hinge without so much as a creak. Without being told Julie bent over and placed her neck and wrists in the proper restraints. Brian made sure it would not restrict her breathing before he lowered the board, locking amasya escort her in place with a simple leather strap. He did not place much emphasis on ceremony as he pulled Julie’s dress up around her waist—no panties, not even a thong hid her firm ass, or the glistening and shaven cunt peeking out between her thighs.

Sitting on the couch, I pulled Amy down next to me just as Brian’s hand struck Julie’s ass for the first time. Her cheeks clenched and she jumped a bit, but she didn’t cry out. I felt Amy stiffen next to me, pressing more tightly to my side. I didn’t blame her, feeling my cock start to swell. I held her closely, one hand kneading her thigh.

Brian did not stop with one blow. He delivered them again and again, no more than four seconds between each smack. The repetitive crack of his hand on her flesh echoed through the house above the music. Julie gasped at the sixth. She whimpered at the ninth. The eleventh made her actually cry out, and each after brought with it another little scream. Her normally white ass moved quickly through the shades of pink and right into the red, and still Brian didn’t stop. Beside me, Amy purred softly, rubbing unconsciously against my arm. She obviously enjoyed the show and I smiled. That was my slut. That was always my slut.

Again the doorbell rang. Brian looked up at me with a question in his eyes. I shook my head. “Feel free to continue,” I invited him. “Our guests shouldn’t be bothered by something like this.”

I turned to Amy, who was still watching the beating. I poked her gently in the side. “Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?” I poked her again when the bell rang a second time.

Amy tore herself away from me with a sigh. “Spoilsport.”

I turned back to the show while she walked into the kitchen. She could greet our guests and direct them into the living room herself. For now, I was enjoying myself far too much to let this show pass me by.

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My Wife Lisa

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My wife and I have enjoyed a liberated lifestyle for the past few years in the sense that that we both tend to enjoy her nudity, even in the presence of others. At first she was quite shy but as time passed she became more and more at ease with her body.

At this point most stories go into some description of what the lady in the story looks like, but I won’t delve into that aspect because I believe that all women are beautiful, making their description irrelevant. This does not mean that Alissa is any less that one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen however, because she is.

As far as I’m concerned, Alissa started allowing me to show her body a few years ago after a particularly hot personal photography session in our bedroom at the Del Mar Hilton in San Diego. We live in Orange County, California and were having a weekend getaway in San Diego. I had brought along my camera and was loading film for the next day’s outing when she came out of the shower one evening. As a joke, I took a picture of her as she was drying her hair, and when she didn’t complain I took another. All she asked was “who was going to develop the film”. I told her that I wasn’t sure, now that I had several pictures of her naked on it. She responded with “Hmmm, well we might as well give the developer something to dream about”.

She started to pose for me in all sorts of sexual positions, and then went out on the balcony. We were on the second floor so we had a certain degree of privacy, plus it was about 10:30 p.m., so nobody was up and about. Needless to say, I took several rolls of 35mm film of her that weekend, among which some were of her flashing me at San Diego Zoo, and a couple that we took as she bent a little too far while petting the stingrays at Sea World.

To move on with the story, she began letting me show her naked body to others first with pictures. It happened as follows: I had long since scanned our photo adventure in San Diego on to the computer. I had accumulated a small stash of about 60 pictures in a special folder on the hard drive. One day, I had a friend from work over at the apartment in order to complete a past due project that we were both involved in. Alissa had been in and out all day, mainly bringing us the occasional beer and snacks.

She had gone to the mall finally for a new pair of shoes leaving us alone to do our work. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and asked my co-worker/ friend to work on the project while I was in the bathroom. He jumped on the computer and started to work while I did my thing. When I came back a few minutes later I noticed that he quickly closed the window he was looking at and the document I had been working on re-appeared with virtually no change made to it.

At first I was annoyed because it was obvious he had been snooping and I didn’t think it was appropriate, so I decided to see what he had been looking at. I went to the “Documents” history section by clicking “Start” on the taskbar, and lo and behold, the last few items that had been opened were photos of Alissa. I was somewhat upset at first, but I also realized that I was quite turned on by it. Alissa and I have been married for a few years and we had both been faithful to each other so far, so here was the first guy that has seen my wife naked since we’ve been married. Yes, I was quite turned on.

I heard Alissa walk in the door a few minutes later and went to say “hello”. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to talk to her privately, and in the balcony I told her of my suspicions. She smiled a sly smile and asked me if I was jealous. Of course I was, but I would have never told her that, so I said “no”.

She laughed and said, “You’re not ha? Let him see more then, I dare you”. I told her to leave us alone again, and she made an excuse of forgetting something and left.

I aksaray escort went back to the room and within minutes I was complaining of a stomachache and excused myself to go to the bathroom again. I asked him to work on the document while I was away again and he agreed eagerly. I turned the monitor a little so I could walk up from behind without being seen until I was right up on him and left the room. I gave him five minutes until I was sure he was looking again and I quietly walked up behind him. I was standing right behind him when my shadow rose up on his screen and he realized I was there. He tried closing the window, but it was too late and he knew it. He looked shame facedly at me and muttered an embarrassed “gee golly gosh I’m so sorry”, but I just laughed and asked him if he enjoyed himself. “You’re not mad?” he asked. I told him that I wasn’t and asked him how he found them. He explained that he had been looking for another one of our documents and used the fastest way to bring it up, the same way I used to catch him the first time. The pictures were in my history because I hadn’t bothered to “Clear” my documents history folder since I was in my own home.

I asked him what he liked best about Alissa’s body and he told me that he really likes that she shaves herself smooth. I was surprised at his boldness, but I was glad that he wasn’t shy because that would have taken the fun out of it. I asked him if he wanted to see the rest of the pictures before Alissa came home, and of course his answer was “yes”. I opened each picture one at a time and on my 31″ monitor they were almost life-size. We came to some close-up pictures of Alissa’s pussy, which he enjoyed the most, and then to some taken outdoors where he recognized the background.

Needless to say, this took quite a while and soon Alissa was back home. She pulled me aside and asked me if I’d shown him the rest of the pictures. I told her that I had and she pulled me into the room where we had been working and asked us if we wanted to see what she’d bought at the mall. I know that I was curious, and I know my co-worker was more curious than me.

She told us to wait in the living room and she’d show us. We did as we were told and she went in the room and soon came out in a new short and tight blue mini-skirt with a matching color satin blouse, which clearly showed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. To compliment this attire, she bought a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

I nearly fell out of my chair when she asked if we liked it. I fought back the urge to tell her how much I wanted to fuck her right then and there. She sat on the sofa next to my friend and asked me to get her a beer. I was drooling and would have run around the world twice for her had she asked.

She was drinking the beer in such an erotic way, and she was doing it on purpose. Her tongue would snake ahead to the bottle’s lip and she drank in a way that almost simulated oral sex. She knew what she was doing: she was driving us crazy.

She suddenly got up and went back to the room, but when she came back she sat on the recliner to the side of us. She was smiling a lot and acting very friendly and I suddenly caught sight of the reason for this. She was no longer wearing her panties. As she shifted her legs I suddenly caught a sight up her skirt and where panties should have been, there were none. I looked at my friend’s face for a sign that he had seen this also and I noticed that he hadn’t yet. I thought that this wasn’t “fair” and decided to do something about it.

I wasn’t sure how to go about it, so I decided that some erotic chatting would probably get everyone worked up enough, especially if enhanced by alcohol. I thought I was in control, but Alissa surprised me by asking us if we were game for the Jacuzzi. We decided that artvin escort it was getting late enough to stop working for the day, and I loaned my friend a pair of my swimming shorts and a towel and after putting on a pair of my own shorts we waited for Alissa.

She came out of the room a few minutes later wearing a new bathing suit. It was a two-piece orange colored bathing suit, high cut over her hips, and tight enough to see the slit of her pussy in the material. The top was made of two triangular shapes connected at the back with strings. I didn’t yet know it, but the best part of the suit is when it’s wet.

We went to the Jacuzzi and soaked for a while, having some cool beers. Alissa suddenly got the urge to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi while chatting with us and stood up. When she stood up I’m sure that BOTH of our cocks sprung to immediate attention. Alissa’s bathing suit when wet becomes very sheer and her pink nipples and beautiful breasts were there to see, plain as day. She might as well not have worn anything at all!

The lower section of her body was still below the water but when she stood up on the first step you could plainly see the slit of her pussy. The water made the material stick to her body and since the material was very sheer she looked naked.

She sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi with her legs crossed, flicking the water with her toes. She drank her beer from the bottle like she was giving it oral sex, and I couldn’t help but imagine her going down on both of us. She was fully aware of everything she was doing to us. She was in complete control and could have had anyone right then and there.

We sat there and flirted for a half hour more and then decided to go back upstairs. I was hoping for much more, and I wasn’t disappointed. When we got upstairs she shocked us both by asking us if we enjoyed her new bathing suit. I looked at my co-worker and we both nodded. She then asked us what we liked best about it. I kept my mouth shut hoping that my friend would answer but he kept mum too and just looked at me. Lisa said “Did you like the fact that you could see right through it or what?” I tried to hide my growing bulge and my friend sat down to hide his.

She said “Oh come on, don’t act all shy! I know that my dear hubby has shown you more on his computer this afternoon while I was gone than I could show with my bathing suit.” I tried to act shocked. “I saw the way you looked at me all day Brian; I’ve seen that look before!” she said.

Lisa looked at me and said “I know all about Sam’s favorite thing to do. I know he likes to share nude pictures of me with his friends. I really don’t mind. I did at first, but I’m starting to enjoy it. ” My mouth was now wide open.

“I’m going to let Sam show me off to you if you want, but you have to promise to keep it to yourself. Do you agree?” she said.

Brian looked at me with his eyes wide open. He still thought it was a joke and that she was going to bust up laughing and say “syke!” I nodded to him that we’re all among friends and I’m cool, and he looked at Lisa and smiled. She smiled back and parted her lips slightly.

Brian had taken a seat on the sofa to hide his erection earlier and Lisa now moved and stood in front of him. She pushed the coffee table back a little with one foot to make room and sat down on it facing Brian. She was still wearing her bathing suit, which was now dry and not see-through anymore. The outline of her nipples and her quarter-sized areolas were slightly evident through the material.

She called me over and told me to take a seat behind her on the table with my legs around her. Lisa leaned back and whispered into my ear “Take over…” immediately followed by a quick flick of her tongue to my earlobe.

Brian leaned back on the cushions of the bartın escort sofa, letting his growing erection become very evident before Lisa’s gaze. I reached around Lisa’s front and cupped both her breasts and massaging them while softly squeezing her nipples through the material. After a few minutes when my courage got to the right level, I hooked my fingers into the edges of her bikini top and pulled them both apart effectively exposing her breasts to Brian. Lisa sighed softly and looked into Brian’s eyes. She licked her lips and bit her lower lip. She leaned he head back and gave me a wet French kiss that was mostly tongue. She sucked my tongue hungrily and only let go of it to look at Brian as my hands moved south on her body towards her bikini bottom.

I had both hands on her body, moving down over her arched ribs and then to her hips. I inserted my right hand into her bikini panties while the left hand moved to her inner left thigh and pulled it back, spreading her legs as far as she could comfortably. I kept my left hand there for now while I pushed my right hand further down over her smooth skin to her pussy lips. I could feel her heat and wetness as again she leaned back and started to French kiss me passionately.

I took my hand out and knowing that this was exactly the right time I hooked two fingers into the left side of her bikini panties and pulled them aside showing Lisa’s wet pussy to Brian. She was breathing heavily now as she took her tongue out of my mouth, looked down at her exposed pussy and ran her middle finger between the folds of her pussy lips. She then took her moistened finger and sucked it seductively.

Lisa got up and standing in front of Brian she took his hand and told him to take her useless bikini off. He did as he was told reaching behind her, untying her top and letting the bikini bra fall to the floor. While still sitting down, he then took hold of both sides of her bikini panties and pulled them down to her ankles while she stepped out of them. This was made even more erotic by the fact that his face was about two inches from her pussy as he pulled down her panties.

“This isn’t very fair,” she said. “I’m totally naked and you guys aren’t. Take your clothes off will you?” I didn’t have to be told twice and took my swimming shorts off, but Brian was uneasy. I think he was embarrassed about being naked with another guy there. Lisa laughed and told him I’m not that “way”, but he was still shy.

Lisa sat on her knees and slipped her arms up his shorts, at first touching only his thighs, but occasionally brushing against his cock teasingly. Every time she did that he jumped a little. She reassured him by gently caressing his cock and then she slowly reached for the string of his shorts and untied it. She slowly pulled his shorts off until his cock was revealed and blowing air gently on it she lowered them to his feet and off.

She turned around to face me and got on all fours giving Brian a look at her heart-shaped ass and pussy. She reached for me and took my cock in her hand. She lowered her mouth on my cock and tasted it gently. She pulled me closer and raised her butt then lowered it again enveloping Brian’s cock between her butt cheeks, but without letting him penetrate her. The length of his shaft was literally between the folds of her pussy and she started to gently rise and lower herself, caressing it with her pussy. I could see his cock’s tip poke out from between her ass cheeks with every downward motion. It was moist with her pussy’s wetness.

All this time, she was sucking my cock like a woman possessed. I couldn’t hold myself any longer. After all I’d been teased all day, so I shot my load in her mouth full force. She tried to pull away but I was faster and held her mouth in place. After I was done I sat back and enjoyed her teasing of Brian a while longer. She didn’t let him fuck her, she didn’t go down on him at all, yet a few minutes later he came like a horse when she touched his cock slightly. It was one of the best experiences I ever had with her and I hope it won’t be the last.

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My Exhibitionist Experience Ch. 03

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Continuing from chapter 02, from all of my exhibitionism, my favorite from all of those activities is skinny dipping. I don’t know how it started, it just this idea of swimming naked appeared in my mind and when I tried it once, that feeling of nothing attached to your body in a pool feels like freedom.

My very first time of swimming naked happened when I once wanted to swim and I forgot to bring underwear to be worn after swimming, the only underwear was the one I was wearing at that time. I didn’t plan to do any exhibitionism at that time, pure swimming, so, I decided to swim without underwear, besides, it was in the swimming pool, no one would notice, and go home with complete set of clothes including underwear (In normal condition I always swim wearing boxer and underwear). The swimming pool closes at 8 PM and people usually take a bath around 7 PM. So, at that time I didn’t notice maybe around 7.30 PM, I was swimming alone, then suddenly this exhibitionism idea just pops up in my head. If you read my 2nd story, I like to give myself a challenge, so suddenly I challenged myself to take off my swimming pants, leave it there, swim to the other end of the pool and back, then wear my swimming pants again, if I failed, I have to go to the bathroom naked. When I did that there were some lifeguard still around, but somehow I managed to do the challenge.

After that night, that feeling of freedom during swimming and nothing is attached to your body kept haunting me. I was really looking for another chance to do that again, but with longer time. So, I planned to take a leave once a month every Friday. Why Friday? Because on Friday afternoon, most people will do Friday Praying and that will be the time when people barely think of swimming, means no one in the swimming pool. I also prepared what I would wear for swimming, I brought the “loose boxer” from my 1st story, but I already cut the bottom part of the boxer, It somehow became like a miniskirt, it was very easy for me to take off and on but not really suspicious if someone look at you swimming wearing that “skirt”, still look normal.

After several months tried to find the most suitable swimming pool, I never succeed to find one because I was never really alone every time I swam. There was always some people afyon escort also swimming in mid-afternoon. Every time I swam I just do the same challenge as my first time skinny dip. I almost gave up until I remember one swimming pool that I haven’t been visiting for many years. Then one day, I went there. The swimming pool was still in a good condition, well maintained, but somehow abandoned, the worker was only 1 cashier and 1 lifeguard which was sitting in cashier and check the pool like once an hour. Just exactly what I had been looking for.

I went there at 10 AM and no one was there, just like my private public-swimming-pool. At 11.30 AM, the cashier closes the gate for him to do Friday Praying until around 12.30 PM, then the gate opened again at 1 PM. If no one came before 11.30 AM, I would be alone until 1 AM and guess what? That was always what happened several times I swam there

Beside the swimming pool, there is a high school building and it’s really just beside the swimming pool. There is a class on the 3rd floor of this high school that can see the swimming pool and it was really close, just like how you see a neighbor from balcony. So, back to the swimming, I took off everything at 11.30 until 1 PM because that was the time when the swimming pool gate was closed and I was safe to be naked. At 12.30 PM until 1 PM is not really safe because even though the gate was still closed, the students in the class on the 3rd floor of that high school beside was already back from praying. I noticed some students in the class were watching me because I heard them talking like, “Hey, look at that, someone is naked in the swimming pool!” or I heard them laughing, or even one of them scream to me, “Hey crazy,” then they all laughed. I sometimes tease them by doing backward swimming and lifted my dick out of the pool, then they all laughed while I stayed cool like nothing happened. Usually at around 2 PM, someone came to swim and that means my time is over so I went home after around 2 hours naked and tease those high school students.

If you read my 1st story about humiliated punishment, that really happened to me on this one Friday in the same swimming pool. I did what I told in above about the naked time and teasing high school student. ankara escort The difference is, there was no one until 2 PM and I didn’t realize about time because no one was coming, I just kept making challenges to myself to be naked as long as possible. On this one Friday, I wanted to go home because I already tired not because someone came to swim, So, My last challenge, still same, take off my swimming “skirt”, leave it there, swim to the other end of the pool and back, then wore it again, but the problem was when I just arrived at the other end I heard someones talked in excitement “Hey, he’s still there, come on!” And when I looked at the entrance, the students were coming to the swimming pool. I have never known what time they finished studying and on that day I thought I was too late to go home, so, there I was in the middle of the swimming pool, totally naked, and a lot of students, I don’t know maybe around 15, were coming.

I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t climb up the ladder and walk because I was completely nude, so I tried to swim as fast as I could to reach my “skirt” but it was too late, many of them were directly jump into the pool. One of them took my “skirt” and they were all mocking me like,

“What are you wearing, bro?”

“Are you naked??”

“What are you hiding? You were showing us all several hours ago.”

They were all laughing at me while I couldn’t do anything, naked in the middle of the pool, mocked by high school students, the only thing I did was hiding my dick.

The worst part was not yet to come, there were 2 big guys, bigger than me, and they took me out from the pool followed by the cheer from the others and laid me down. Many of them are holding both my hands and legs in X position, one of them put my “skirt” in my mouth which made me couldn’t scream. I was trying so hard to hide my dick, but there were too many of them holding me. I couldn’t do anything, I looked around at all of them and I just realized there were some girls also there whose one of them were recording me use her phone. 2 girls were too shy to be close to me, but they kept looking what their friends did to me and grinning, 1 girl was one of many of them who held me in the leg, I guess she was quite naughty.

The antalya escort boys were not gay guys, they just like mocking me like I was a crazy person. They all tickled me, tickled my nipple, and all I could do was hiding my face from the camera. One thing that made that interesting for them was, my dick was always in full erection. I was really humiliated, feel embarrassed, but somehow based on my dick condition, I was also horny.

While mocking, tickling, laughing at me, no one did anything to my dick (beside recording), until one guy asked the girl who held my knee, “Hey, shake the dick.” My eyes wide opened, shook my head a no sign. She was hesitant to make the request of her friend, then one guy started to touch my dick, another one “bounce” my dick, and also the other give an example to shake a dick and convinced her;

“Look at this,”

“It’s fine,”

“It’s ok, it will be fun.”

I look at her and I saw she was convinced enough. Then, while she was staring at my dick, she grinned and started grabbing it followed by cheering from the others. She started shaking my dick. I guessed she never did that because she directly shook my dick as fast as she could. Then one of the guy holds her hand and lead her hand to shake my dick slowly with a twist.

I didn’t know what I felt at that time, every feeling combined to be one, but one feeling even though hard to admit, I was somehow also enjoyed the shaking. When I almost cum, I groaned and then one guy tells her, “Now shake it fast!”

I saw all guys in my dick head direction moved to avoid the squirt and suddenly I cum and guess what? To her face! She was shocked and one guy tells her, “Keep shaking it until you feel the dick become small.”

So she cleans my cum in her face with her left hand while her right hand still shaking my dick really fast until my dick is faint then all of them cheered her like;

“Exciting, right?”

“Good job!”

“That’s how you deal with erect dick.”

She was just laughing.

Once they finished, they loose my hands and legs, I just stood up, ran to my stuffs, then ran to the bathroom. I cleaned myself, then went out of the pool. I didn’t even know what I felt at that time and I couldn’t describe it, I just went home.

I’ve never skinny dip again after that until a year later I went to that swimming pool again, (still on Friday :D) and the pool has been deconstructed, no more private, public-swimming-pool, and now I’m still looking for another pool to skinny dip but avoid the humiliation.

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Two Horny Moms, Two Horny Sons

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This is a deliberate homage to the wok of Eros (particularly “Hot, Horny Family” and “Mothers and Sons) and like his stories it’s short on plot and long on sex.

Even if not stated in the story, everybody is 18 or over.


“That’s it mom, take my cum all over those big tits of yours,”

Jill stood outside her son’s room, shocked at the words she’d heard him say. She knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help peeking through the gap between the door and the frame, her eyes widening at what she saw.

Tony stood near his bed, totally naked, his hand stroking the biggest cock she had ever seen. His eyes were closed as he wanked the huge shaft, a thick line of pre-cum hanging from the bulbous end.

“Yeah, take it,” he said to himself. “Gonna cum over those big fucking tits,”

Jill’s mind was in a whirl. Only twenty minutes or so before, Tony had made the latest in a long line of passes at her, trying to turn a maternal peck on the cheek into a furious tongue lashing kiss while pawing at her breasts. She’d sent him up here, to his room, and once she’d caught her breath had phoned her older sister, Kara.

“. . . and this isn’t the first time he’s tried it, either,” she’d said to her after explaining what had happened.

“It’s to be expected, Jill,” Kara had said. “He’s a horny teenaged boy with a hot mom. Hell, I’m going to have to have the same conversation with Paul any day soon,”

“Has Paul made a pass at you?” Jill had asked, shocked that her shy nephew would do such a thing.

“Well no, not really,” Kara had said. “But I’ve seen how he looks at me and you. Face it, Jill, we’re two hot moms with horny young sons who are eager to fuck anything they can,”

Jill had to admit Kara was right. Both she and her sister had been blessed with good looks and fantastic figures. Jill knew how often she’d seen men and women staring at the huge tits she had that, despite being in her mid-thirties and the mother of a teenaged son, had lost none of their firmness. With her trim waist, her bust appeared to be even bigger and that, coupled with her round, pert ass, had led many men to assume she was just a sex-mad nympho. Including, it seemed, her own son and nephew. When both she and Kara were together they were often mistaken for twins as they looked so similar; not only facially but figure-wise as well.

“The best thing you can do, Jill, is confront him with the situation. Tell him how you feel,” Kara had said. “That’s what I plan to do with Paul,”

After putting the phone down, Jill had wondered about Kara’s words. Her hesitation stemmed from the idea of telling Tony how she felt – while Kara obviously had no idea, Jill was scared of the feelings her son brought out in her.

Now, watching him jerk off, his huge cock in his hand, she wondered whether she was doing the right thing. Summoning all her courage, she tapped on the door and walked in without giving Tony chance to do anything.

“Tony, we need to talk,” she said, trying desperately not to look at his cock.

“Fuck, mom, can’t I get any privacy?” he said. To her surprise, he didn’t pause in his masturbation, but merely sat on the bed, his big dick standing upright in his hand. “I was kinda busy,” he said with a grin.

“Tony, please, stop that and cover yourself while I’m speaking to you,” she said. “You shouldn’t do that in front of your mother.”

“Why not? I was thinking of you anyway and having you there to look at is even better,” he said.

“That’s what we need to speak about,” Jill said. “You thinking of me like this. It’s not right.”

“Why don’t you sit here and tell me why it’s so wrong, mom?” Tony sat, patting the bed beside him, his other hand still moving up and down his hard-on.

Before she knew what she was doing, Jill sat next to her son. To her shame, she could feel her pussy moistening; just being next to him and slyly watching him stroke his dick was turning her on!

“Tony, you can’t think of me this way. It’s got to stop. And . . . And jacking off in front of me? What are you thinking?” Jill asked, looking at him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you like this, mom,” Tony said with that same grin. “You’re hot as hell, you’ve got a fantastic ass and those tits are just . . . Fuck, mom, you’re the horniest looking woman I’ve ever seen!”

“But baby, it’s wrong,” Jill said, dropping her gaze and finding herself staring right at his cock. It twitched as she watched, a thick blob of pre-cum spilling out of the end and running down the shaft only to be spread out by his still moving hand.

“Show me your tits, mom,” Tony said. “Maybe if I see them I’ll stop thinking about them,”

“Oh baby, don’t, you can’t ask your mother such things,” Jill said, still watching him jerk off.

“Come on, mom,” he said with a little more force. “I swear I’ll never ask you again,”

Unable to believe she was doing it, frantically trying to convince herself that he was right and this was the way to end it, she took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt sinop escort and pulled it up to her chin. She hadn’t worn a bra and could feel herself flushing with both shame and pride as Tony gasped in awe at the site of her huge jugs, each one easily as big as her head.

“There, that should be enough,” she said after the briefest of moments, pulling her top back down.

“That wasn’t long enough, mom,” Tony said. “Take your top off. Let me see you hold them,”

“No,” Jill said. “I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,”

“Take your top off,” Tony said again. “I want to see them while I jerk off. It’s the only way I’ll get it out of my system.”

Unable to look at him, she grabbed her T-shirt once more and this time pulled it over her head, shaking her hair loose as she placed her top beside her.

“There, happy now?” she said.

“Fuck yeah!” Tony said, licking his lips as he stared at his mom’s big tits, his hand speeding up on his cock. “Hold them together, mom,” he said. “Let me see you cupping those big fucking tits!”

Shuddering with shame and excitement, her nipples hard despite herself, Jill took her tits in her hands and pushed them together, her cleavage deep and inviting. She wasn’t too surprised when Tony stood up in front of her, his huge cock pointing at her.

“This is so wrong, baby,” she said, glancing at the big knob that bounced in front of her as his hand worked up and down the shaft.

“There’s nothing wrong about this, mom,” Tony said. “This is what I’ve been dreaming about for so long.”

He stepped forward just as a string of pre-cum slipped out of his cock and fell heavily between her tits. She could feel the thick, slimy fluid easing between her big, round tits and gasped, her pussy clenching between her legs, juices starting to flow quickly.

“You gotta let me do this, mom,” Tony said, hunching slightly and moving forward, pushing his big dick between her now slippery tits. Jill bit her bottom lip to stop herself crying out in pleasure as she felt her son’s hot, hard cock slide into her cleavage and start moving back and forth. Her own son was tit-fucking her and she wasn’t stopping him! What was wrong with her?

“Fuck that feels so good,” Tony gasped, gently sawing his cock in and out of her cleavage. “Let me sit down again,” he said, pulling his dick free and sitting beside his mother on the bed. “Come on, mom, this’ll be more comfortable,” he said, taking her arm and easing her off the bed.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing – letting her son guide her on to her knees and between his legs. Without protest, though, she knelt in front of him and freely held her tits apart to allow him to push his rigid dick between them, before she wrapped them round his cock once more.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I want, mom,” he said as without a word she began moving her huge tits up and down his dick. Jill’s mind was a whirl of contradictions: not only was she letting him tit-fuck her, she was helping him do it! Her rational mind was screaming at her to run out of the room, but her body was telling her to stay, her pussy awash with juices, her nipples harder than they ever had been.

She moaned, despite herself, when she felt his hand run through her thick blonde hair to the back of her head, easing her forwards and down.

“Suck my cock, mom,” he said softly. “You know you want to,”

And god help her he was right, she realised. With only the slightest whimper, she dipped her head and as the top half of his cock peeked out from between her big tits, she opened her mouth and flicked out her tongue.

It was Tony’s turn to moan as he both saw and felt her tongue lash around the thick knob of his dick, eagerly lapping at the pre-cum that flowed from the end before she moved again ad engulfed his cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah . . . Suck my cock, mom . . . Suck it good,” he cried, watching as she bobbed up and down on his length.

Jill could barely control herself. She was blowing her own son! She loved the feel of his cock between her tits and in her mouth! She loved the taste of his pre-cum and could barely wait to make him shoot off, giving her the cum she hadn’t realised she so desperately needed.

As if reading her mind, Tony gasped out “Fuck mom, I’m gonna cum!”

Catching her off guard, he stood once more, moving her back a little, and jacked on his dick again. Jill knelt in front of him, cupping her tits and looking up at her son’s big cock.

“Open your mouth, mom,” Tony gasped. “Fuck, it’s gonna be a big load!”

He grunted as his cock lurched and spat out a thick wad of spunk that landed on Jill’s face, laying from her hairline, over her eye and down her cheek before running along her jaw. Another followed, laying another huge line over her face before another came and another. His cock churned out cum time and again, some of it ending up in her open mouth, a lot coating her face before he hunched over and pointed his dick at her tits. Still he came, shooting rope after rope tokat escort across her huge tits before standing back up and easing his dick back between her lips, sighing as his mother eagerly swallowed the last few spurts.

“Fuck,” he gasped, looking down at his mother. She knelt there, dazed and confused, covered in his jism. He’d long imagined giving his mother a facial and now it had happened. “Fuck,” he said again, slipping his cock from her mouth and sliding it over her face, smearing his thick cum over her skin. “Thanks, mom,” he said with a grin.

His words seemed to startle her into action and she blinked as if only just realising where she was and what had happened.

“How could you do that to me?” she asked, standing up quickly. “We are never to speak of this again!” she said and ran out of his room into her own, leaving her son pleased but confused.

Safe in her own room, Jill stood trying to rationalise what had happened. She’d meant to stop things but had only made things worse. She walked over to her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror – topless and flushed, she couldn’t believe she was covered in her son’s cum!

“Never again,” she said quietly. “Never again.”

She watched herself in the mirror, though, as she wiped at the thick layer of jism that coated her face. Without thinking, she sucked on her fingers, cleaning them of his tasty spunk. She did the same again and again, scooping up his huge load and eating it down, all the while promising herself nothing like this would ever happen again.


Across town, Kara found herself wondering about her sister’s problem. She had been right when she’d said it was only natural that Tony should want to fuck her – he was a young, horny teenager and she’d often seen how he had stared at both his mother and herself. Unlike Jill, though, Kara enjoyed the attention. She liked nothing more than having an eager teenage boy ready and willing to do what she wanted.

Which made her think of her own son, Paul. The two boys had been born weeks apart and had grown up together more like brothers than cousins but they had turned out quite differently.

Tony, Kara knew, was brash and confident and knew how to get what he wanted most of the time. Paul, though, was more reserved and often shy. Despite his age and good looks, Kara knew her son had never had a really serious girlfriend even though he’d had lots of girls ask him out. In all likelihood, he was probably still a virgin. But, like his cousin Tony, he was still a hot blooded, horny teenager.

She’d lost count of how many girlie magazines she’d found under his bed or the sites he’d visited on the net and the pictures he downloaded into a folder which he thought she’d never find. All of his favourite girls, whether on the net or in the magazines, had one thing in common: they all had really big tits. Some of them had implants, some of them were natural, some only did soft core layouts, others were about as hardcore as they could be. Whichever girl it was, though, it was their big tits that were the focus. As stacked as Kara was, it was no real surprise her son had grown up with something of a tit fetish.

And if Tony was old enough to start pawing at his own mother, then she thought it was time Paul did the same. Unlike her sister, Kara had no worries about fucking her own son; actually, she was intent on doing it.

That evening, after they had eaten together, Paul went to his room. Kara gave him a little time before heading up to her room and getting changed; gone were her jeans and smart, casual blouse, replaced with skin tight jogging pants and a T-shirt that she had never worn out of the house. It had shrunk the first time she washed it and was really too small for her. The thin material clung to her big tits and the neck line had torn, leaving a V shaped gap at the front through which the tops of her tits and her cleavage were clearly visible. Smiling to herself, she walked to Paul’s room and tapped on the door.

“Paul, honey, can I come in?” she said, opening the door and looking in.

“Um . . . Sure, mom, gimme a sec,” Paul said hurriedly. He was sat at his PC and was frantically clicking the mouse, obviously closing down some files or folders.

As she walked in, she noticed he’d changed into a pair of pajamas and a T-shirt and despite his best attempts there was no chance of hiding the enormous hard-on that tented out the front of his trousers.

“What are you up to, honey?” she asked innocently, stepping over to the desk and leaning down beside him on his right hand side to look at the screen.

“Nothing, mom, honest,” he said quickly. As he moved the mouse, still trying to close down some windows, Kara felt his arm brush against her tits that hung low in the T-shirt, the V neck stretching obscenely. Feeling the contact, he glanced quickly over and gasped as he saw his mom’s tits almost on display.

“No need to be ashamed of anything, honey,” Kara said, reaching out and taking hold of the mouse from his hand, yozgat escort her tits pressing into his arm. “Let’s see what’s in here,” she said, directing the cursor to a folder called CShots.

“Mom, wait, no,” Paul said but Kara had already opened the folder, knowing full well what she would find. Dozens of thumbnails spread across the screen, each one showing girls smiling up at the camera, their big tits plastered with jism. Some had one or two small puddles but most of them were simply covered in the stuff, and not just their tits, either; most of the time their faces had been glazed as well.

“Mom, I’m really sorry,” Paul said, his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Oh Paul, honey, there’s nothing to worry about,” Kara said, double clicking on one picture and launching it full screen. A pretty brunette with big tits sat on her haunches, licking her lips, cum having run from her face down on to her jugs. Three guys stood around her, holding their now spent cocks. “Bet you’d like to do that to a girl, wouldn’t you?” she said with a laugh.

“Mom, don’t, please, I’m embarrassed enough already,”

Kara clicked over on to the next picture which showed a more mature woman kneeling next to a younger girl, both of them pushing their big tits together as a man stood beside them, shooting an impressive load over their jugs.

“Mmm, that’s a lot of cum for one guy,” Kara said. “Do you cum as much, honey?”

“Mom!” Paul said, shocked at her question. She simply smiled and as she clicked back to the folder, she glanced down at Paul’s hard-on which still stood proud in his pajamas.

“Let’s see what this movie is,” she said, double clicking on the icon.

“Oh shit,” Paul said as he realised what file she was opening. Kara had already seen the clip and had chosen it deliberately. It was from a website called BangAMommy.com and specialised in guys fucking older women who pretended to be mothers.

The movie clip – just a 30second freebie from the site – opened and showed a big titted porn star on her knees, holding her jugs together as a guy jerked off in front of her.

“Cum for mommy,” the woman said directly into the camera. “Cum on mommy’s tits,” she said as the guy stroked his dick. She urged him on but just as he grunted that he was going to cum, the clip ended.

“That’s a shame,” Kara said. “I wanted to see that.”

She closed the file down and turned to her son, still bent over, her big jugs pressing against his arm, her nipples stiff.

“Have you ever done anything like that with a girl?” she asked him softly.

“No,” he whispered.

“I bet you’d like to, wouldn’t you?” she asked him. He nodded, his face beet red with shame. “Would you like to do that to me?”

Paul looked at her in amazement as she moved away from the desk for a moment and spun him round in the swivel chair so that he faced her. She put her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned forward, her tits stretching the thin cloth of her T-shirt, the V revealing most of her big tits. She smiled as she saw him blatantly stare at her cleavage, his cock visibly twitching in his pajamas.

“If you want me, Paul, all you have to say is yes. I’ll kneel down right now and suck that big cock of yours and let you shoot your load all over my tits, over my face, anywhere you like. All you have to say is yes, honey.”

Paul gulped and managed to tear his eyes away from his mom’s tits and look at her.

“Yes,” he whispered, not really believing this was happening.

Kara smiled.

“That’s my boy,” she said, and slowly knelt in front of him between his legs. She grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, showing her son her huge tits for the first time, grinning as he gaped at them in awe. Just like her sister Jill, each one was as big as her head but had retained their firmness; she could easily have been one of the porn stars that Paul looked at on his computer.

“I think you need to lose your pajamas, honey,” she said, fondling her own tits.

Paul quickly sat up and pushed his pants down, kicking them free, his eyes never leaving his mom’s big jugs. For her part, Kara was transfixed by her son’s massive hard-on, easily the biggest she had ever seen. As he sat back down, she reached out and took hold of it, feeling the hot, hard flesh. It twitched in her hand and a thick line of pre-cum appeared at the end of the big knob, trickling down over her fingers as she slowly jacked him off.

“Oh honey, that’s a big fucking cock,” she said, making Paul grin sheepishly. “Would you like mommy to suck on it?”

“Ye – Yes,” he stammered.

She leaned forward and licked his hard length slowly, all the while staring up at him. As she reached the head, she started planting kisses on it, her tongue flicking out and licking up the pre-cum that almost constantly dribbled from the shiny knob.

“Mmmm, mommy likes your cock cream, honey,” she said, slurping at the end of his dick before rubbing it all over her face. “Will you give me a big load if I suck your cock? Will you give mommy lots of hot, tasty cum?”

Paul could only nod. Kara smiled before spreading her lips around her son’s thick, flared cock head, taking it into her mouth inch by inch, looking up at Paul all the while.

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My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me Ch. 31

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist no longer in denial


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 31 — Enjoying my new found liberation


Naked at Work


Work just gets better and better. Where else can a girl flaunt her naked body, get fucked and have countless orgasms; and get well paid for it as well?

Daisy was my next work challenge; she’d just agreed to join my team but there were a few obstacles to overcome before she transferred into my team. When I told Tim of her decision he’d agreed to delay her start until she was ready. I told Tim that she wanted to do the job and everything that goes with it but she was shy and nervous and wanted to take things one step at a time. I didn’t tell Tim that she was still a cock virgin.

Once I told Daisy that she would soon be a member of my team she said,

“OMG; I’ve done it, it’s going to happen, I’m going to be naked at work. Shit, I’m so nervous.”

I asked Tim for the use of his office and got Daisy a coffee.

“Right Daisy;” I said, “what’s the first thing that we have to organise?”

“I guess that it’s somewhere to live. As I’ve said, I just can’t still live with my parents. They just couldn’t cope with what is going to be my new lifestyle.”

“Have you told them that you are thinking of getting a place of your own?”

“Yes, they agreed that someone my age shouldn’t really be living with their parents.”

“So you can go home tonight and tell them that you’re moving out tomorrow evening?”

“Yes, I can’t see any reason why not.”

“Right then, write your address on a bit of paper, pack your stuff tonight and Ryan and I will be there at 7 pm tomorrow.”

“Thank you Tanya, I’ll pay you the going rate for a room.”

“No you won’t, I’d rather that you save your money towards a flat or a house of your own. You can earn your keep by doing housework. Now what’s the next challenge?”

I don’t want to lose my virginity to Tim in the stationery cupboard.”

“Yes, I can understand that and I can tell you that it will not happen. Trust me, it will not happen.”

“Thank you Tanya.”

I don’t know if Daisy thought that she’d remain a cock virgin or what. I has planning on Ryan taking that from her.

“Next challenge?”

“I guess that the only other thing is the initial embarrassment of getting naked in front of the people that I’ve worked with for so long; and those medical examinations.”

Daisy shivered as she said that last bit so I re-assured her saying that we’d take it slow and that Grace, Emily or I would be with her all the time for the first few weeks.

“Can I come to the gym with you again? That err ‘experience’ certainly helped.”

“Yes it did, by the end of the night you looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

“I was.”

“There you go then, this place will be just the same. Maybe we should force you to get naked in front of everyone here.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.”

“Don’t worry Daisy, I can guarantee that in a couple of weeks you’ll want to rush to work each morning, get naked and walk all around the guys out there.”

“I hope so.”

“You will; now, anything else?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Right Daisy; back to work, relax and think of the future good time; and the money. I’ll let you know when anything changes.”

As Daisy left the room she said,

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this.”

Later that day I spoke to Tim and asked if the announcement about Daisy could happen at the next monthly meeting which was in 2 weeks.

“Will she be ready by then?” Tim asked.

“No, it will be a case of jumping in at the deep end. She’ll be mortified at the time but an hour later she’ll wonder what on earth she was worried about. ” I replied.

Tim smiled, probably realising what I was planning.

The following evening Ryan and I arrived at Daisy’s parent house and were introduced to them. I was wearing a coat so they couldn’t tell that I was naked underneath. I couldn’t help but compare them to my own parents that I haven’t now seen for quite a few years. We loaded Daisy’s cases into the car and set off.

“So Daisy, how does it feel to be escaping after all these years?” Ryan asked.

“Good and bad; I’m going to miss them but I think that I’m ready for my new life.”

“You’re bound to miss them, but you can go back and visit them you know. You don’t have to throw away all your clothes, only the ones that you’ll never wear again.”

“Like knickers and bras you mean Ryan.” Daisy replied.

“Yes, you won’t need those any more. Your breasts are young and a nice small size so you’ll never have to support them, and your pussy is beautiful so it would be a crime to hide it.”

“Stop it Ryan,” I said, “you’re izmir escort making the poor girl blush.”

“No it’s okay Tanya,” Daisy replied, “I guess that I’ve got to get used to comments like that.”

“They weren’t comments, they were compliments Daisy.” Ryan said, “Has Tanya told you about our house rule?”

“No, what’s that?”

“That all females have to be naked at all times.”

“Shit, is there any grace period for new residents?”

“Nope, not even visitors, well, if their skin needs ironing they are exempt. Hey, it isn’t as if I haven’t seen your body before is it?”

“I guess not.”

“And you are going to keep going to the gym with Tanya aren’t you?”

“Yes she is,” I said, “that is one of the compulsory parts.”

We soon got home and got out of the car. Each of us carried one of the small cases into the house, me putting mine down as soon as I got through the door, and took my coat off.

Daisy put her case down and just stood there.

“I guess this is it, time to get naked.” Daisy said.

“Yep,” Ryan said, “come on, get ’em off girl.” Ryan said.

Daisy just looked at us for a couple of seconds then slowly started taking her clothes off.

“No need to be embarrassed Daisy;” Ryan said, “we’ve both seen you naked before.”

Daisy continued but stopped when she got down to her bra and knickers; both of which could never be called ‘sexy’.

After a moments pause the bra came off and Daisy put her hands over her bare tits. I’m sure that Ryan was about to say something, but Daisy rubbed her nipples, then pulled them both before putting her hands into the top of her knickers and pushing them down.

“That wasn’t too bad was it Daisy?” Ryan asked.

“I guess not.” Daisy replied.

“Right, I’ll take these cases upstairs whilst you go and get the last case.”

“What! Go outside like this?”

“Yep!” Ryan said as he climbed the stairs.

“It’s okay Daisy” I said, “do you want me to come with you?”

“No, I’ve got to get used to it. I’m sure that I’ll be okay, after all, it’s dark out there.”

Literally seconds later, Daisy was back with the last case and I locked the car door using the remote.

Upstairs in Daisy’s room, I kicked Ryan out and Daisy and I sorted through her clothes. About 30 minutes later I was carrying a bin bag containing all Daisy’s underwear and all her trousers and shorts, downstairs.

“Charity shop?” Ryan asked.

I nodded, then got all of us a drink. Putting them on the coffee table I asked Ryan to select a movie for us all to watch.

Five minutes later, Daisy came downstairs and sat the other side of Ryan who responded by putting his other arm round Daisy’s shoulder.

“You 2 are going to have to feed my drink to me.” Ryan said.

“Maybe we’ll let you die of thirst.” I replied as I pressed ‘play’ on the remote control.

About half way through the movie, Ryan pressed the pause button then went upstairs. When he came back down he too was naked.

Sitting in between us girls again, Ryan looked at Daisy, saw her surprised look, and said,

“Get used to it girl, you’re going to get a lot of that thing.”

“Hey, stop calling you penis ‘that thing’;” I said, “it’s beautiful isn’t it Daisy?”

“Err, yes, I guess it is.”

“You can touch it whenever you like Daisy.” Ryan said, “TT won’t mind.”

Daisy looked at me and I nodded.

“Everything is shared in this house Daisy.” I said.

“Everything!” Ryan replied.

Daisy hesitated a little then slowly moved her hand to Ryan’s flaccid cock. At first she just touched it with her index finger then she slowly wrapped her hand round it. As it started to respond, Ryan pressed the ‘play’ button on the remote and the movie resumed.

For a good 5 minutes, Daisy just held Ryan’s hard cock then I noticed that she was looking at me. Guessing that she was looking for my approval, I smiled at her then nodded my head.

Ryan was obviously watching both of us because as soon as Daisy’s hand started going up and down he pulled both of us closed to him. My hand slowly moved over to Ryan’s balls and the movie was soon forgotten and both us girls gave Ryan a hand job.

I could see that Ryan wasn’t too far from cumming so I stopped playing with his balls and said,

“Daisy, stop doing that and climb on top of him. Fuck him please.”

I was expecting / hoping that she’d kneel either side of his legs, facing him, and lower herself down on to him but instead, she got up then sat back on to him with her back to him and waggled her butt over his cock until it slid in to her. She moaned and lowered herself until she bottomed-out on him.

No sooner than she was down she started shaking and said,

“Oh fuck, I’m cuuuuummmmingggggggggggg.”

Meanwhile, Ryan’s hands had found her tits and were massaging her tits and nipples. About a minute later, Daisy got her composure back and she turned to look at me and said,

“Sorry Tanya, I just couldn’t help myself; I hope that you adana escort don’t mind?”

“Daisy,” I replied, “I’ve told you, we share everything in this house. You can fuck Ryan whenever you like.”

Daisy smiled, but didn’t lift herself off Ryan’s cock; and Ryan said,

“Come on ladies, we’re missing the movie.”

I slapped Ryan’s leg then slid my hand back up to his balls. His cock had softened a little but soon got hard again as I played with those 2 wonderful balls. As I did so my hand deliberately wandered up to Daisy’s still spread pussy and I gently rubbed my fingers all around Ryan’s cock where it went inside her hole. I kept going to Daisy’s clit and rubbing that just to keep her aroused and Ryan hard.

After about 15 minutes of that, Daisy’s chest started rising and lowering a lot more, pushing Ryan’s hands up and down as he kept playing with her tits, and her breathing got a lot heavier.

Then she orgasmed again.

“Oh fuck!” Daisy said, and I felt Ryan’s cock jerk as he too came.

As she came down from her high Daisy said,

“Sorry Tanya.”

“If you don’t stop saying sorry,” Ryan said, “I’ll have to spank your bare bottom Daisy.”

“That’s a good idea Ryan,” I replied, “Daisy needs some spanking experience ready for when that machine spanks her at work.”

“Don’t remind me Tanya, that thought really scares me.”

“Daisy,” I said, “I’ve told you, nothing that happens to you at work will be bad; okay. It may hurt a bit a first but you WILL enjoy it, I promise you.”

“Tanya has some of her best orgasms when she’s being spanked, don’t you?” Ryan said.

“That and when I ride my sybian and when you fuck me lover.” I replied.

“What’s a sybian?” Daisy asked.

“You’ve never heard of a sybian Daisy?” Ryan asked.

“No, what is it?”

“I’ll show you, I’ve got one in the garage.” I said.

“Not tonight ladies, if you get started on that you’ll be late to bed, very late; leave it until tomorrow will you? I need to get some sleep. If you lift that pussy of yours off me I’ll go to the bathroom, then to bed.”

“Okay, I’ll join you. It’s a bit small for 3 of in there at once but you’re welcome to join us Daisy.”

“No, it’s okay, I’ll let you 2 get done first.”

We did, then Daisy went there. By the time Daisy was done Ryan and I were in bed, but as she came out Ryan shouted,

“Daisy, you can join us in here if you like.”

“Oh, err, if you don’t mind I’ll sleep on my own tonight, I’ve had a bit of a hectic day and evening and I could do with a good nights sleep.”

“Sure, no problem.” I said, “If you change your mind just push Ryan over to me and climb in.”

I woke-up, on my side, to Ryan thrusting in and out of my pussy from behind, and at first I was a little surprised to find an extra hand on my hip. As I became more awake I realised that it was Daisy that had joined us sometime in the night. I put my hand on top of hers and squeezed it as Ryan brought me to my first orgasm of the day.

“That was nice.” I said when I was able. Then continued, “come on, we don’t want to be late for work.”

“Yes, I need to get showered then dressed.” Daisy said.

“No Daisy, you’re going to work wearing just your shoes and coat.”

“Does that mean that I’m starting working for you today Tanya?”

“No, put your clothes in a bag and you can get dressed at work. We’re going to take it slow to start with; Naked here, naked at the gym and travelling to and from work in just a coat. I’ll let you know when I think that you’re ready to change desks and loose the clothes.”

“Hmm, okay, I like the idea of taking it slow; being naked in front of all those guys at work will be hard for me.”

“Not as much as it will be for the guys that you work with.” Ryan added, “they’ll be hard all the time as soon as they see that body of yours.”

“Stop it Ryan;” I said, “you’ll make her blush.”

Just before we left I heard Daisy shout,

“Tanya, where are all my underwear, I forgot that I’d need some to go to work.”

“No you won’t Daisy,” Ryan said, “let those guys see your nipples trying to burst through your blouse.”

“Well; okay then, I guess that it’s a good start.”

“This feels weird Tanya.” Daisy said as we sat down on the bus.

“That feeling will soon go Daisy, and you’ll soon be looking for chances to tease these strangers by flashing lots of skin to them.”

“Maybe.” Daisy replied.

The rest of the week was quite uneventful unless I tell you that Daisy abandoned her bed and ours got a little crowded. Also, I introduced Daisy to my sybian and, unsurprisingly, she loves it.

On the Saturday morning, just as we were having breakfast, the front door opened and the twins walked in. By the time they got to the kitchen, both girls were naked.

“Hi Tanya, Ryan, We’ve just come round to play in your garage. Oh hi Daisy, I didn’t know you were coming round as well. Shall we have a little competition?”

“Kate, Jude; Daisy is going to be living with adıyaman escort us for a while until she can find a place of her own.” I announced.

“Okay,” Kate, or was it Jude answered; “welcome to the sexy mad house.”

“Hey you 2, this is NOT a mad house.” Ryan added.

“So you 2 have come here just to play on the sybian?” Daisy asked.

“That and the bike; and maybe that thing between Ryan’s legs.” Kate, or was it Jude, replied.

“Tell you what ladies,” Ryan announced, “Tanya and I have to go to the supermarket but when we get back how about we all go to the gym. I know how much you exhibitionists want to show-off your fit bodies and I hear that Darren has got those 2 exercise cycles with the dildos back from repair. You ladies really were hammering them.”

“Just like I’m going to hammer the one in your garage.” One of the twins replied.

“Hey Daisy, do you want to come with us?” I asked. “It’ll be good for you wandering around the supermarket in just a coat. You can unfasten some of the buttons and see how many men you can flash. No, I’ve got a better idea, we can just put a short dress on, we’ll only be outside for a couple of minutes, we won’t get too cold.”

“Are you sure Tanya, it looks cold out there.”

“Yes, we’ll be fine, come on.”

I dragged Daisy upstairs and picked out a dress for her. It’s a short one that buttons right down the front. Just after I’d got one of my short dresses on I picked-up a pair of scissors and bend down in front of Daisy.

“What are you doing Tanya?” Daisy asked.

“Just levelling the playing field.”


“My dress is open up to my pussy so I’m making yours the same.”

“Oh, okay, I guess.”

“Tomorrow, the 3 of us are going shopping to get you some new dresses Daisy, all those in your wardrobe are way too long.” I said.

“Well, I suppose that I could do with some new clothes, and now that I don’t have to please my mother I guess that I can get some short ones; but not too short now that I haven’t got any knickers to wear.”

“The only dress or skirt that is too short Daisy, is one that doesn’t go below your neck.” Ryan said.

“I wish that that were true.” I added.

Ryan dropped us outside the front door of the supermarket and we rushed in with Daisy saying,

“Shit, that’s a cold breeze between my legs.”

“Nice isn’t it?” I replied.

We got a trolley and started shopping. I deliberately got Daisy to get the things from the bottom and top shelves hoping that someone would see her butt and pussy as her dress rode up. I saw 2 men looking at her and I hoped that there were others.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I got Daisy to pass everything to me and I bent over the handle to put them in the trolley. With a bit of luck someone was behind me each time that I did it and they got a good look.

Back at home we unloaded the car then dragged the twins off the machines in the garage and went to the gym.

As always, Darren was happy to see us and he warmly greeted us as the naked Poppy checked us in. We had the usual great time and each of us came at least 4 times. Daisy is now more relaxed and getting to enjoy the exposure as much as the other girls. She even ‘spotted’ a guy who was bench lifting and put her pussy right over his face. She now does the standing splits almost as good as I do now and she’s looking at the men that are staring at her gaping pussy as she does them.

The next couple of week went quickly with Daisy settling in at our house and getting used to travelling to and from work wearing only shoes and a coat. On the Friday morning I called Grace and Emily to go with me to the conference room. It was the monthly review meeting again.

As we all marched in I winked at Daisy. She had no idea what was about to happen.

The meeting went just the same as the previous ones with Grace, Emily and me having our medical examinations by yet another doctor that Mr Chang had brought with him, and only me getting spanked by the machine because Grace and Emily had met their targets. What no one knew was that I had being doing some of their work so that they’d meet their targets and I wouldn’t.

Just as everyone was expecting the meeting to wrap-up, Tim announced that Daisy was joining my team. I looked over to her, her head was down and she looked like she was trembling.

“Daisy, would you come over here please?” Tim said.

As she slowly walked over, Tim continued,

“Tanya, Emily, Grace, would you stand up and come over here as well please?”

Then he continued,

“Daisy, I know that you are very nervous and apprehensive about being naked for the first time, and that it’s usually best to just jump in at the deep end so we are going to help you do just that. Guys, would some of you like to remove Daisy’s clothes for her?”

There was nearly a stampede as about 8 of the guys stepped forwards and nearly knocked me over.

I knew that this was the best way for her to get over the embarrassment of being seen naked by her colleagues for the first time, but right at that moment I felt a little sorry for her.

A couple of the guys commented on her lack of underwear, and then again about her bald pubes. All the time Tim, Mr Chang and the doctor were just watching Daisy get stripped.

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I was nervous. Trigg, my new pussy boy, drove quickly to our destination. I disregarded his questions and concern. My only thought was of my Lord. My summer dress felt odd on my skin. It was the dead of winter but I knew better than to dress any other way. I wrapped myself in my coat and shuddered. The summons had come in the middle of the night. I was completely unprepared and shaking. I didn’t know what the future held. Night still gripped the sky as we pulled into the manor’s driveway. We exited the car in near silence. Finally, Trigg could not hold back his questions.

“Where are we, My Lady?” His whispers were loud in the night. He stuffed his hands in to the pockets of his jeans and pouted. “What are we doing here?” he asked, “Why are you shaking so?” The concern and fear showed in his dark eyes. I knew that he saw the collar I wore. He had never seen it before. I knew it set him on edge. Once again, his angelic face and dark hair pulled at my desire. ‘Not tonight,’ I said to myself. I could only sigh and walk to the door. Defiantly he followed. His eyes bore holes in my back. I stood on the doorstep trembling. He fiddled with the buttons on his jacket like a little boy. He had to know what he was getting into. I gathered my courage and spoke.

“Who do you serve?” I asked quietly. I dared not look to him. I didn’t want him to see me in my weakened state.

“You, My Lady,” he answered. “I serve you.” He hung his head and set his jaw.

“Trigg,” I replied. “I am your Lady. You are mine. Yet, tonight we both serve My Lord. Do what you are told and do not embarrass me.”

Silence fell between us then. Trigg’s only response was to stand closer to me. Though his warmth was reassuring, my heart beat faster. My breathing grew labored. I had no choice. I reached to the door and knocked. The door opened silently. The butler’s warm smile was the only recognition I needed. He took our coats and gestured to the great room. I looked to Trigg and took a deep breath. I gave him a brief smile and quick kiss. I looked away from him and turned to the room. My Lord awaited us.

The room had not changed since I last saw it. The firelight made familiar shadows on the walls. The furniture looked as though someone tended it regularly. Of that I had no doubt. I had tended to it myself in my time of service to my master. My Lord sat in his chair and stared hard. Trigg stood behind me. I felt my slave’s fear growing with every second. I hoped the Trigg would follow my lead. I walked to My Lord and went to my knees. Well trained, Trigg followed. I knew better than to speak. A full year had passed since I knelt before him. My Lord had not changed. The smell of sweat mingled with desire still emanated from him. I inhaled it and let it fill my mind. His robe was one that I remembered, strong cream silk. He had restrained me with it once. Those memories were not at all unpleasant.

“You are late, my dear,” my Lord said. His voice still held its smooth tenor quality. I trembled. “You know what that means,” he continued. I looked up for a second. I saw the smile in my Lord’s brown eyes. We both remembered when I had come to his manor. I was barely a woman, wild and defiant. The household knew of my deliberate lateness and what my punishment for it would be. I learned quickly after that. However, my Lord delighted in making sure I had to be punished – for something, an old tradition between us. I stood, head bowed, and disrobed. The dress fell to the floor. I stepped out if it

I felt Trigg’s eyes on me. I walked to the bench where I received my first punishment. Now unclothed I bent my body over it. With sure hands, I fastened the leather cuffs on my own wrists. I heard My Lord stand and walk to my ready body. Trigg stood next to him. I watched eyes wide and my Lord reach and took Trigg’s head in his hands. Delicately, my Lord licked Trigg’s lips repeatedly. “Mmm,” my Lord said in a loud whisper, “Her pussy is nice isn’t it?” I shivered. Trigg turned red. My Lord laughed and released my slave. He walked around to my exposed bottom. The first blow to naked my ass took me by surprise. Eyes shut tight, I cried out. When I looked up, I saw Trigg fighting with himself. I knew what he felt. He couldn’t decide to watch me writhe or rush to my defense.

“Come here,” I heard my Lord say to Trigg. I was hot with shame and desire. I didn’t know what would happen to me. Trigg moved quickly. I felt strong hands on my ass cheeks. Fingers grabbed the flesh and spread it wide exposing my cunt. I heard whispering and quiet laughter. A long finger felt its way into my sex. I groaned loud. The finger probed my depths and retreated. I sighed bayburt escort heavily. Another blow fell on my bottom. Again I cried out. I felt another blow and tried to stifle my cry. I prepared for another but it didn’t fall. Again hands took hold of my ass and spread it. This time two fingers probed me. I was wet then. My nectar flowed well over the hand that was in me. I sighed and moaned with the feelings. “See?” I head my Lord say. “It does get sweeter. Taste!” I heard sucking sounds and moans of delight. Again I felt the fingers probe me deeper and harder. I grunted and gripped the bench hard. The fingers retreated and the sucking sounds returned. I shivered. I tried to regulate my breathing but the blows to my exposed ass began again. I didn’t bother to be brave. I cried out with each blow. Sweat beaded on my back and dripped to the bench. My screams echoed in the room and the house. Suddenly, like they had begun, the blows ended.

I saw Trigg come around to my face. My Lord guided him with a hand on the small of my slave’s back. My Lord grinned at me then. In front of my bound body, my Lord stripped Trigg. I felt my eyes bulge. My Lord then took Trigg’s now erect cock in his hands and stroked it. He made sure that Trigg’s sex was just out of my tongue’s reach. My lord stood behind Trigg and held him. One strong arm held Trigg’s chest, the other stroked Trigg’s cock in my face.

My breathing grew labored. No matter how hard I tried, Trigg’s engorged dick lay just beyond my reach. Even so I could smell my slave. His aroma was of sex, sandalwood and sharp scent of electricity. Trigg leaned back onto my Lord’s embrace. Trigg moaned loudly. His body began to spasm. My Lord had a hard time holding Trigg in place. “Open your mouth, my dear,” my Lord said to me. I obeyed eagerly. A few seconds later I received my reward. My Lord moved Trigg’s cock to my mouth just as he came. His seed invaded my mouth with a tangy sweetness. Hungrily I licked Trigg’s cock and my Lord’s fingers that encircled it. “Hold onto that,” my Lord said laughing and let go of Trigg’s sex. Trigg stood in front to me with his still erupting cock in my mouth. I heard him grunt as he started to thrust into my mouth.

My Lord then moved to my tender bottom. He gave me a good smack to make me jump. I nearly let go of Trigg’s cock. I felt my Lord’s hands touch my hot sore skin. Fingers once again pulled my ass apart and exposed my sex. This time I felt something warm and wet touch my clitoris. I moaned into Trigg’s cock. Trigg caressed my face and put both hands on my head in response. I heard my Lord laugh again. I felt the hands let my ass go. I breathed an inward sigh of relief. But I knew my Lord was not satisfied yet.

Only a few moments passed before I felt something touch my cunt. It was hard, long and cold. I tried to squirm but it was of no use. Soon the foreign object was inside my hot wet sex. I didn’t know what to expect. I bucked against the bench and my restraints when I heard a buzzing sound and felt the object undulating inside me. I was hot with embarrassment. I felt the object dig deeper inside me. I heard both my Lord and Trigg moan. Trigg’s cock grew harder in my mouth. I heard him grunt and felt him take a firm grip of my hair. I felt my Lord’s hand on my back holding me in place. The object began to pump in and out of my sex. I groaned into Trigg’s cock and felt the sweat from his body drip on my face. My own sweat trickled down my body. My orgasm was close. The object pumped harder and faster. My body gave in long before my will did. When I came I strained hard against the bench and my bonds. I bucked wildly and moaned loud. It took all my strength not to sink my teeth into Trigg’s hard dick. As the waves of my orgasm washed over me, Trigg came again. He screamed his pleasure and fisted his hands in my hair. Trigg rode my lips carefully and made sure I didn’t spill a drop of his nectar.

“This is too good for you,” I heard my Lord say from somewhere behind me. “Bring her,” he said to Trigg. With trembling hands Trigg freed me from the restraints. Trigg gathered my now limp body in his arms and carried me out of the room. I was numb with pleasure. What had happened was not like my first night with my Lord. That night was tame compared to this. I opened my eyes to find that Trigg had followed my Lord in to a room I never entered before. I began to shake. Trigg held me closer. My Lord stood at the far wall of the room. In the center of the room stood a large padded table. It was unadorned save for two handles bolted in to the top. This was the table I had heard about from the household. Everyone spoke if in bilecik escort harsh whispers and half conversations. No one really knew what went on in there. My eyes bulged. “Put her on the table,” said my Lord. Trigg gently eased my body on the edge of the table. With difficulty I sat up on the table and awaited my instructions. Trigg backed away. I saw the confusion and desire in his eyes. Once again he was erect.

My Lord walked to me. Roughly he took my sweaty breasts in his hands and kneaded them. He looked me in the eyes and grinned and he pinched my nipples and listened to me whimper. He licked and sucked each aureole. My head fell back. I leaned into his ministrations and moaned. His tongue then left my breasts. My Lord guided it between my breasts up to my throat and chin. With agonizing slowness, his mouth moved to my lips and licked each one slowly, carefully dodging my own tongue. My breathing grew faster. I burned to please him. With gentle force, my Lord pushed me back onto the table. Now supine with the handles on either side of my head, my Lord’s hands glided down my slick body. He avoided my wet crotch. He dug his fingers into my leg muscles and pulled his hands down to my ankles. With a quick motion he lifted my ankles straight up into the air. Instinctively I grabbed the handles and held on. This is what my Lord wanted.

“Good girl,” he said to me. I could hear Trigg breathing hard. “Now hold on,” my Lord said to me, “and keep your legs up.” He let go of my ankles. I held my legs in the air as directed. I heard both my Lord and Trigg giggle with delight. “Now open for me,” my Lord said in a quiet voice. Ears burning with shame I did as instructed. Slowly I opened my legs, limbs to either side of my body. I gripped the handles hard. I felt my muscles protest. Finally I was completely exposed. I felt my own wetness trickle down my sex. I shivered in response. My Lord moaned with enjoyment. I could see my Lord through my open legs. The look on his face was of complete pleasure. He walked around the table and stopped near my head. “Come here,” he said to Trigg.

Trigg moved quickly to my Lord’s side. Through my legs I saw the door open. A well shaped naked man with dark hair and caramel skin walked inside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my Lord open his robe and push Trigg to his knees before him. Trigg came face to face with my Lord’s elongated sex. My slave licked his lips repeatedly. My Lord smiled down at him and rubbed the tip of his sex on those now wetted lips. “Miguel,” my Lord said over his shoulder. Now named, Miguel walked to my exposed body and ran his hands on my displayed thighs. “Do it just like I taught you, Miguel,” he slurred as he delicately inserted his hard cock into Trigg’s waiting mouth.

Miguel smiled at me. He lowered his mouth to my bare sex and took a long taste. I moaned and shivered. In my ears I heard the wet sucking sounds of my Lord directing his thick cock into Trigg’s moist eager mouth. Miguel stood again and licked my wetness from his chin. He grinned. With a practiced move he piloted his own long dick into my cunt. My legs closed involuntarily – to my Lord’s dismay. “No, no,” he said above me, “Keep your legs open wide, my dear.” In response Miguel took my ankles and stretched them wide again. I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. I grunted and whimpered as Miguel guided his cock up to the base. Strangely he nodded.

“Now my dear,” I heard along with Trigg’s moans and the sucking sounds, “I want you to squeeze that cock. Make your pussy nice and tight.” I grunted and obeyed. I heard Miguel gasp and moan. “Good girl,” slurred my Lord. Miguel then began to pump his cock into me with steady strokes. I cried out with each one. The feelings of my sex squeezing Miguel’s cock were incredible. Already, I could feel another orgasm building. Miguel released my ankles and spread the lips of my cunt with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Once again I cried out and let my legs collapse. My Lord the reached over and pinched one of my now hard sweaty nipples. “Keep your legs open, bitch, and keep that pussy tight” he grunted. His breathing grew labored. He kept his other hand fisted in Trigg’s hair. He continued to guide his cock in to Trigg’s mouth. Miguel grabbed my ankles and pulled them into the air again.

I closed my eyes. I couldn’t watch anymore. I gripped the handles harder and pulled my body up against Miguel. He grunted in surprise and pumped his dick harder. I squeezed my eyes and my pussy. I arched my body against the table and stretched my legs wide. I heard my Lord cry out above me as he came. His grip on my nipple increased in strength burdur escort and refused to let go as I screamed. Miguel never stopped pumping into my sex. He released my ankles and turned his attention back to my clit. He spread my lips with his fingers and rubbed my clit. I bucked wildly as Miguel laughed out loud.

“That’s it,” sighed my Lord, “keep that pussy tight.” I opened my eyes to find both Trigg and my Lord standing over me. Both smiled at me and lowered their lips to my nipples and sucked them hard. All three men had to hold my body down as my senses went into overload. Miguel bent over my body and thrust into me hard. I yelled at each stroke, my voice growing hoarser by the second. Both Trigg and my Lord refused to capitulate in their sucking. The two then reached out and grabbed each of my ankles. “Now Miguel,” said my Lord between licks, “Give her that cock just like I taught you.” I was now bent nearly in half on the table.

“Yes, my Lord,” answered Miguel breathlessly. His voice was thick with a Spanish accent. With my legs now held open by my Lord and Trigg, Miguel shifted his position. Knees on the table and on either side of my exposed ass, he rammed his cock into my waiting cunt. His body was tense. I felt it. My Lord lifted his face from my chest and turned his attention to my sex. He moved Miguel’s hands away from me and spread the lips with his free hand. He watched with fascination as Miguel fucked me.

Miguel let only his cock and balls slap on to my skin. He pulled his arms behind his body. He let his head fall back and started to whisper to himself in Spanish. Miguel thrust into me with increasing force. My Lord ordered me to continue squeezing my cunt. As I obeyed Miguel grunted louder. He continued to ram his cock into my sex. I felt my orgasm strike then. I thrashed and bucked hard. I lost my control. The only thing I wanted was that cock to fuck me forever. I felt my leg muscles spasm and shiver. My head exploded as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me in time with Miguel’s hard fast thrusts. Yet before the joyance ebbed I felt Miguel pull his cock out of my sex. I whimpered. I felt two warm wet tongues cover my now sensitive sex. I bucked again and begged for mercy. Miguel and my Lord only laughed.

I felt Trigg lift himself from my body. I saw him walk around the table and kneel behind Miguel. My Lord got up on the table and straddled my body. He gently inserted his cock into my mouth and took my exposed sex into his hands by my thighs. He pulled my torso to him. Now the whole of my ass was off the table. I was helpless and open. I knew that my juices pooled under me along with the sweat of all our bodies. I wondered what else my master had in store for me. My Lord then took my still throbbing clit in to his mouth. Gently he licked and sucked it. I whined in response unable to move.

“Now,” barked my Lord to Miguel who promptly pushed his big cock into my tiny ass hole. I tried to protest but my Lord ordered me to silence. “Just keep squeezing that dick, bitch,” my Lord slurred and continued to suck on my clit. I felt my sex pulsate with each lick of my Lord’s tongue. With each tremor in my pussy, Miguel’s cock inched its way into me. Soon it filled my ass. With my Lord licking my clit the orgasm was fated. I bucked wildly again but my Lord held me fast. When my tremors subsided, Miguel pulled his dick out completely and resheathed it in my ass hard.

“Pussy boy,” barked my Lord then, “Spread Miguel’s cheeks and lick his hole – just like you would eat your Lady’s pussy.” Miguel wailed and moaned incoherently in Spanish. His cock throbbed inside me. My Lord giggled and inched his hips up and down. His now hard cock dipped into my pliant mouth with ease. “Arms behind you, Miguel,” my master instructed, “Pull that tongue into your ass.” Seeing that his slave obeyed, my Lord bent his mouth back down to my sex and licked it vigorously. Miguel pumped my ass hard as he reached behind him and held Trigg’s face into his ass crack. His prick stretched my hole wide. Once again I succumbed to another orgasm. My Lord, Miguel and Trigg did not relent in their actions. Miguel now grunted with every wild thrust. I felt his cock throb inside me. My Lord then lifted his glistening face from my cunt. He pulled his cock from my mouth until its head glided across my lips. Miguel came in my ass then. I squeezed my ass and pussy with all my strength to make his orgasm last. His hips flew so fast that the sticky stuff seeped from my hole. My Lord looked down on my abused body and emptied his essence on my lips. He shivered ad he rubbed the tips of his erupting cock on my mouth.

Finally the men released me. Gently they uncurled my body and kissed it tenderly. My Lord took a finger and rubbed it across my lips spreading his come. “Happy birthday my dear,” my Lord quietly said to me. “Tell me, did you like Miguel? He is your present after all.”

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Kacie Meets Sam and Mandy

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Kacie Meets Sam and Mandy

(This continues Kacie Learns Kim’s Mystery)

I looked over her shoulder at other people standing around. “What are they going to do to us now?”

“Oh, we can go. I need a shower and to rest. I’m going to be rewarded for this though. We need to get refreshed because a young girl who recently came back from college has something we can help her with. I don’t know much about her except she wants to introduce someone new to our adventures.”

“How are we going to get home? I was brought here naked and so were you.”

“We have a special way to get home. C’mon.” She led me to the door and opened it. I was used to being naked in public but not on the street except at home when going to someone’s car.

When I stepped out I found myself in the building courtyard. Kim was laughing at me. She knew I thought we had been brought a longer way. We had been taken across the yard from Kim’s unit. We had been in the unit directly across from Kim where I had seen the two topless women talking.

We went inside and something suddenly dawned on me.

“Hey, I saw a couple of people there that were familiar. There were people there who came to my cherry busting performance, right?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll introduce you to them again later. They live in that unit where you saw her talking with another of our friends last night. We are going over later to meet the college girl. She was referred to us by one of her instructors.

“She got involved with a group at school. She wants to introduce someone to our lifestyle. Her name is Samantha but that’s about all I know about her.”

We rested until about 3:30 p.m. Kim had gone through the physical ordeal but I had gone through an emotional ordeal. She knew what was happening. I didn’t. I think I got the worst of it because I thought we were going to be killed after they toyed with her. She knew it was just a rough game. She compared it to a boxer who gets the crap beat out of him but still goes back into the ring. Even amateurs do that though I’m sure they are hoping to become pros and make money.

She said this was her new hobby. Wow!

We got up and ate because we had been too tired to eat earlier and just went to sleep. My stomach was still churning and I had a hard time eating.

Kim found a pair of jeans shorts that kind of fit me. I had brought nothing to really wear going out. She found a pullover shirt that kind of fit me. Those are easier. Shorts that are too big can fall down but shirts that are too big don’t usually fall up. I have not been an underwear person for a long time.

“These clothes are better for what we might be doing. There was a hint that we would be taking someone out to expose them to the world.” With that comment she laughed.

We walked across to the place where I had watched Kim get roughed up. I was introduced to our hosts, Leroy and Angela, the couple who had seen me lose my innocence.

A few minutes after we got there, I was witness to a pow-wow among several people who were part of the “club”.

Angela said, “This young lady named Samantha is coming by in about half an hour. She is bringing her mother, Mandy, and wants us to initiate her but do it gently.”

Someone asked, “How gently?”

“Samantha says she came home from college for the summer. She went to use her mom’s computer and it was already on. It had been left at an e-mail site. Samantha was curious and started looking at the mail. Her mother was exchanging erotic fantasies with others. She found some thoughts she had no idea her mother entertained.

“Her mother fantasized about going out, even to work, without any underwear. She had proclaimed these fantasies as actuality to her e-mail friends. She also talked about being stripped and exposed, even to her children, flashing, being forced to do things, having sex with multiple partners, and made to do erotic things in public or group settings.

“Sam is bringing her mother, Mandy, over here today on the pretense this is a social club with which she became acquainted at college. Well, we are that.

“Here’s what she suggests we do. When they come in we grab Mandy and strip her and gag her. We stretch her out on the wooden platform, secure her arms and legs, and all of us handle her. We want to be gentle because we don’t want to traumatize her any more than she already will be. I don’t know how old she is but I suspect forty something. That is still an age where too much stress might cause a heart attack or serious anxiety attack, or if she is susceptible even an serious asthma attack.”

Someone asked if Sam had been asked about her mother’s general health or any specific problems.

“Yes, we always inquire when we do an ambush. Sam says she has no knowledge and there are no indications of any thing. She could find no medications other than aspirin and ibuprofen. So there does not appear to be any health problem.

“So after we have all handled her, kissing, pinching, sucking, balıkesir escort intruding into her pussy some with fingers, a dildo or a vibrator, maybe sticking a finger in her asshole or just a tad of tickling, Sam wants us to turn her over to her, to determine what else might be appropriate. So then we will let her up and sit her in the chair securing her there like we do visitors.” She looked at me knowing I would understand what had happened to me.

Since I was Kim’s special guest, I was given a pass to participate in what was happening. I later learned that Kim had ordered hands off me.

Everything was light hearted for about a while, then a chime rang and someone said “Here they come”. They were buzzed into the complex.

One of the guys was peeking out the window, where the drapes had been closed. He said, “Sam is a really good looking young woman and her mother ain’t bad either.”

Everyone scurried to a place out of sight and soon there was a knock on the door. Angela opened the door and stood back for them to enter. Then there was pandemonium.

First two guys grabbed her arms and pulled them back while simultaneously a ball gag was inserted into her mouth and secured. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and she was moved to the low platform and placed in the middle in a sitting position. She tried in vain to free herself. Her legs were secured to the rings on each side of the platform on one end. Her hands were uncuffed, she was pushed onto her back and her hands were secured at the other end. She was spread toward all four corners.

Like Samantha she was wearing mid-thigh khaki shorts with a printed tee. A pair of scissors was produced and Samantha cut up each leg of the shorts to the waist, then across the pubic area to separate the legs. The parts of the shorts were separated and they were pulled from under Mandy’s body.

“Well, my goodness, look at these panties. Mom, if you are going to be an exhibitionist or swinger, you are going to have to get a bit more classy with the undies.”

While there, Samantha went ahead and cut the panties from her. They were plain, white, cotton . . . boring panties.

“I hated to ruin those shorts. They were new. But these things can be bought as a Blue Light Special, five for five. Now this is a surprise! Look at this pretty bald pussy. I had no idea my staid mother shaved her little pussy. I’ll bet that was suggested by one of her e-mail buddies,” Sam said.

Poor Mandy was really suffering emotionally, not just from being exposed, probably for the first time in her life, but her own daughter was ridiculing her in front a whole bunch of strangers.

The tee along with the plain white bra was also cut off. Now Mandy was completely naked in front of a couple dozen people.

Angela handed Sam the big vibrator and said, “The honors are yours.”

As Sam turned the vibrator on she said, “Everybody get a hand in there. There are nipples to pinch, lots of spots to rub and skin to slap. We want her to know everybody is interested in her.”

She then put the vibrator to Mandy’s naked cunt and watched her mother squirm a bit. One day our pizza friend, Annie, brought one of those vibrators to Mike’s house and we played with it. They are intense. I came within seconds of applying that thing to myself. So did Annie. Mandy was beginning to buck already. I wondered how many times Sam was going to make her cum.

Samantha knew her stuff. She could read when her mother was about to cum and removed the vibrator. About that time Angela handed her a plain dildo. Sam pushed that into her mom’s spread cunt and pistoned it a few times. She applied the vibrator again, leaving the dildo in place. Mandy was tender and started bucking again. Sam pulled the vibe at just the right time to freeze the orgasm from happening.

“Do you want to cum, Mom?”

Mandy just moaned around her gag. It was impossible to tell what she was trying to say.

Sam reached up and lifted the ball just a little. “Eh?”

Mandy said, “Yes” and the ball was pushed back into place.

Angela was hovering and said to Sam. “Let her get off. We don’t want to be too cruel with her first experience.”

Sam grinned really big and said, “This is so much fun. I’m going to watch my mommy cum”.

Sam applied the vibrator once again and kept it in place while Mandy bucked her hips up to meet that instrument. Quickly she came. Sam retreated a couple of minutes until Mandy came down emotionally and relaxed back down onto the platform to which she was anchored. Then she applied again and the surely very sensitive Mandy quickly came again.

“Okay, release her and let her up,” said Samantha.

They got her up and sat her in “my” chair. She was shaking and I felt sorry for her. When I sat in that chair I was shaking too. I don’t think she left home expecting to be treated like this. They finally took her gag out and gave her some rejuvenating drink. I think it is the one athletes çanakkale escort use.

“Just relax a few minute, Mom,” said Samantha, kissing her on the cheek, then patted the same cheek tenderly.

A few of us stayed with Mandy, talking to her but not referring to anything that had happened to her. It is best to just let someone absorb a shock like this on their own while those around the person carry on normal conversations. At least that is what I had been told in first aid classes about dealing with light shock. We didn’t talk in class about being exposed and made to cum with an audience. I wonder why that was.

Several people huddled with Samantha away from where Mandy was sitting. Since I was not in the huddle but Kim was, I got the plan second hand.

Sam wanted to expose her mother to strangers; strangers not in on the group’s activities. She wanted to put a collar on Mandy with a leash attached. She wanted her gagged and her hands secured behind her back. She wanted to offer her mother for fucking, or dick sucking, whenever and wherever they could find a man. Her mother wanted to be exposed, forced into sex, and have a lot of partners. Sam wanted to accommodate her.

Sam’s father and mother had long been divorced and Sam didn’t think she was getting Any sex at all.

The idea was to do this someplace where there was likely to be no trouble and they would not be arrested for indecent exposure or lewd behavior. Someone recommended a small college across the county line where they had done things of a like nature. Security was lax and in the past they had only been cautioned not to go into any of the buildings.

Someone pointed out that it would get dark about 8:00 so there was not much time. It would be 5:45 by the time they got to the school so they would have a couple of hours to see some action.

So that was decided. They wanted several people to go along as observers and as added protection against problems. Three of the men were selected because of their experience and size. Kim asked to go along and she took me. I was an outsider but no one seemed to mind.

They got Mandy out of the chair and secured her hands behind her back. A collar was placed around her neck and a long leash attached. She was told the gag would be placed in her mouth if she didn’t cooperate. Those things are dreadful and she said she would cooperate. Her flip-flops were brought along in case her feet got sore but she was barefooted to start.

One of the guys had a canteen and some straws so they were able to give her a drink once in a while. Just as we went out the door Sam was handed a box of condoms with the comment, “We don’t want to put your mother in harm’s way. Make sure anyone fucking her is wearing a condom.”

We all went out and got in a large van. Mandy was in the third row of seats between Sam and Kim. I was in the second row between two guys. There was another guy in the front passenger seat. The driver probably owned the van as he was not one of the guys “officially” chosen to make the trip.

We drove for a little less than an hour. It was warm, especially sitting between two big guys. I couldn’t see Mandy but wondered how she was getting along. There was some light conversation but she was not taking part. I pictured her in my mind suffering in silence. She had not been privy to the plans so she had no idea she was going to be getting led around a college campus having to suck the dicks of strangers and get fucked by strangers. She probably realized she was going to be exhibited in some way or she would not have been taken out naked.

The campus was nice. The grass was green and the trees had filled out after a less than mild winter. There was a maze of sidewalks all around. Because it was such a nice early evening, there were quite a few students sitting on the grass. It was about evenly divided between men and women. A few people seemed to be going places with determination and some just meandering along.

We got out of the van. Mandy was offered a blindfold in case she wanted to not know who was looking at her. She declined. Kim decided we should follow at a distance and not make it look like a mob scene. The men had already spread out to hover nearby, so it looked like just Sam and Mandy were walking down the sidewalks, one naked and the other holding a leash.

As they walked along they met a man coming toward them. He looked at Mandy, then at Sam. Sam stopped and talked to him. He looked at her when she spoke and then looked at Mandy. He then shook his head and walked on. This scene was repeated three more times. These guys weren’t horny enough. Or maybe they thought it was to provoke and they might end up in someone’s porno film, or even arrested.

The next guy who they encountered did the same double take of Mandy and then responded to Sam. He looked around. Was he looking for a camera? Was he looking for a place to do something?

He held his arms out like he was asking a question. Sam bodrum escort then looked around and pointed down a sidewalk. The walk went between two buildings and they headed that way. The building on our side was small so we scurried to go around the building.

When we got to the point where we intersected that sidewalk no one was in sight. We walked slowly down the walk, the way they would have come and saw a small enclave. It was a door, possibly unused. There we saw Mandy on her knees, sucking a dick. The guy looked uneasy maybe because Sam was watching intently. I can’t imagine watching my mother, may she rest in peace, sucking a man’s dick, any place, much less in public.

We could barely see Mandy’s face and the guy was turned away from us. He seemed to suddenly relax and then pulled away. He zipped up, patted Mandy on the head, then said something to Sam and walked away. As he turned we walked slowly down the sidewalk like we had seen nothing.

He came up behind us, walked on by saying ‘excuse me’ and went on. We turned back and met Sam and Mandy coming out of the alcove. Mandy was flushed and Sam was smiling.

Sam said, “I can’t believe I just watched my mother giving a blow job. This is quite a day. First I got to watch my mother cum, then watched her suck a man’s dick until he came.”

Sam told us the guy Mandy had just blown told them to go out near the main parking lot for better action. He had said that for aesthetic reasons the parking area was screened from the main campus and that there were a lot of shrubs and trees used as the screen. She said they were heading that way to see what happened. We again fell back some distance and followed.

He was right. Several people were coming and going from the lots. A young woman walked by Sam and Mandy and as she was a few steps past, she turned and called to them.

We heard, “What’s going on?” They were still separated far enough that they were talking rather loudly.

Sam replied, “This is my mother and she is on an adventure.”

We were walking and got within hearing distance of the conversation when the woman approached them.

She addressed Mandy, “Are you all right?” Mandy just nodded.

Sam said, “My mother has had fantasies about being exposed, having sex with a number of people and being forced to do things she would not ordinarily do. We are just doing a little fantasy realization.”

“Hmmm, does she eat pussy?”

Sam said, “I don’t really know if she has had that experience but it would be good for her to learn. How ’bout it, mom. Want to give it a try? Sure, she’ll do it.”

Mandy shrugged but said nothing.

The woman said, “Let’s go to my car.”

She took Mandy by the arm and they walked down the first row of cars and through to another row and then another. The woman unlocked the car. While she was doing that, we hurried to see if we could find a place to see. We got fairly close; close enough to tell what was going on.

The woman removed the slacks she was wearing and was naked under them. (I’m not the only girl who wears no panties.) She put them on the drivers seat which was across the car. She had opened the passenger side. She sat back with her legs apart. Mandy got down on her knees in front of the woman. It must have been rough because she shot back up. It was difficult to get up and down because her hands were still fastened behind her back. Sam helped her.

The woman got up, took her keys and walked to the back of the car. We got a look at her hairless cunt and she was bold about walking around half naked. She opened the trunk, got a blanket from there and folded the blanket a couple of times as she walked back to her seat. She dropped the blanket on the ground and sat back in the seat. Sam helped Mandy back down.

Mandy went to work on the woman’s cunt and she must have had a knack for it because the deed was done pretty rapidly.

She spoke to Sam as she put her pants back on. She put the blanket back in the trunk of the car and walked back towards the campus.

We got to the side of the car and saw that Mandy’s knee was bleeding a little from a rock mark. One of the guys went to the van and brought back a first-aid kit. He cleaned the wound with alcohol and it seemed okay.

I said, “I don’t think she is going anywhere. Why don’t you release her hands so she can at least get up and down gently instead of injuring herself. Seems to me there needs to some compassion involved.”

I received a dirty look from Samantha and a couple of others but they uncuffed her hands.

There were a few more encounters which I won’t detail. Most guys were unwilling to participate, invariably looking around for the “candid” photographer they suspected was part of the mistress and slave scenario.

The first fucking Mandy got was at the edge of the parking lot. There were iron railings between the parking lot and the shrubs. Sam spoke to a guy walking along that rail after coming to the front of his car. Sam and Mandy were standing in the grass in the shade of a tree. When the guy saw Mandy standing there naked, he inquired. We were where we could be see and hear.

Sam asked him if he had ever been called a “mother fucker”?

He laughed and said, “Indeed I have.”

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Twins in College Ch. 14

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It was a nice, leisurely afternoon of shopping with my big brother. We bought holiday gifts for our parents and a few other relatives, and – most importantly to us – we bought our first holiday tree, along with the appropriate decorations for it.

It was an artificial tree, about six feet tall including the base. Fortunately, it came in a smaller-than-expected box with a built-in plastic handle, so I could carry it easily while my big brother carried the rest of our purchases. As we sat on a bus headed back to our neighborhood, I looked forward to decorating the tree, as it had always been one of my favorite moments of the holiday season.

“You’re beaming,” my big brother noted softly, patting my thigh.

I smiled at him, indeed happily anticipating the evening ahead. “It’s our first holiday season alone, just you and me. Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

With no one else sitting near us, my big brother took my hand in his, and my heart seemed to swell in my chest.

We finally returned to our apartment and deposited our purchases. He took my hand in his again and pulled me close. The kiss we shared was long and sweet, full of tenderness and love. Then he simply held me for a long time, and I leaned against him, feeling cherished and protected.

“Let’s go out for dinner tonight,” I finally suggested, “somewhere nicer than usual.”

We ate at an upscale Chinese restaurant on Solano Avenue, a place Valerie had recently çankırı escort suggested, and we were definitely not disappointed. The decorations up and down the street truly gave the entire area a festive atmosphere, even though there was no snow to accompany the jubilant season. When we finally boarded a bus to return home, the seasonal atmosphere traveled with us in the group of (likely) Berkeley students dressed as elves, probably headed to a party.

“Are you glad to be off work tonight?” my big brother asked as the bus passed through the tunnel that reminded me so much of the opening to Ridge Racer IV.

“Definitely,” I replied with a smile. “I do wish Mom and Daddy could be here to see the tree when we finish the decorating, but at least you and I get to do it together.”

He laughed, and it took me a moment to catch the unintended double-meaning. If other around us heard and understood the reason for his laughter, they did not react… fortunately.

Once back in our apartment, I made coffee while my big brother lit a number of candles in the living room and put on a CD of instrumental versions of holiday songs. When I brought the coffee to him, he looked particularly nice in his all-black attire: shoes, socks, slacks, belt, shirt. I noted how his eyes drank in the vision of his own baby sister, clad in a snug black dress with matching stockings and heels, and noticed the how his eyes lingered upon the low neckline. düzce escort Nothing was said for several pregnant moments as we drank and gazed upon each other, the soft music being the only sound.

“Shall we get started?” he finally offered.

We took our time opening the box with the artificial tree and the various packages of decorations. Once we had everything spread out across the living room, including the decorations our parents had sent a week earlier, we began to construct the tree. With all the branches snugly in place, we took a quick break to finish the coffee, then began to add the lights: two strands of white lights and three strands of multicolored lights wound around the branches in a haphazard, crisscrossing pattern which would likely be somewhat awkward to unravel in January. Next came the ornaments: a few which had been in the family for generations, the ones our parents had sent, the ones we had bought that afternoon, and even a few we had made in art classes in school.

The tree skirt was next, my big brother kneeling to wrap it around the base of the tree. While he worked under the tree, I retrieved the final three items: two ornaments and a star. These two ornaments were rather plain in appearance: large white balls sprinkled with gold glitter. But what made these ornaments special to us was that they bore our names: Vicki and Victor.

At last, my big brother stood and turned to me. I held out the gümüşhane escort two ornaments to him, and he smiled – it was clear that these two items also held a special meaning for him. He located a branch at the front of the tree, about halfway up, and added both ornaments, then I handed him the star to add to the very top of the tree, and he stepped back to inspect his work.

We cleaned up the living room, then I sat on the sofa as my big brother plugged in the lights. The tree looked absolutely beautiful, the contrast of white and multicolored lights adding a visual appeal. The tree itself was smaller and less densely decorated than what our parents would have this year, but there was one significant difference: This particular tree was ours and ours alone.

As my big brother approached the sofa, I thought of the meanings of how he had placed the Vicki and Victor ornaments: touching. Anyone who knew us would likely think of it as a symbol of the close bond my big brother and I had always shared. But to me, it represented the inseparable nature of our lives, the way we were practically fused together.

“Put out the candles,” I suggested, and he did before he joined me on the sofa. In the light of our first holiday tree, we held each other close, essentially mimicking the position of those two special ornaments.

“Happy holidays, baby sister,” my big brother whispered. “You’re the best possible gift I could ever have.” Then he kissed me, adding to the warmth I already felt both in the air and deep within me, and we spent the rest of the evening on the sofa, our hands exploring and our lips adoring each other. It was a beautiful way to end the day, and to begin the holiday season.

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