God I wanted you.

Since this morning, when you woke up to the sound of the shower turning on and followed me in, I’ve thought about nothing else. You surprised me with your cold hands on my breasts, automatically pinching my already-hard nipples. You traced your hand down my stomach to tease my pussy, getting wetter and wetter as you touched. You began to thrust your fingers inside of me, making me push my hips against yours, grinding back into your massive cock. I tried to swing around and drop to my knees to take you in my mouth, but you had a different plan. You moved your hands to my hips and thrust your throbbing cock inside of me without warning, making me grip the wall of the shower for balance.

You pumped your cock into my pussy for several minutes, alternating between pinching my nipples and fingering my clit to urge me on, my moans pushing you further. I began to cum around you at your touch, and you exploded your cock inside of me.

But, just as quickly as you came, you left. You hopped out of the shower, and I stayed in to continue washing and come down from the high of my orgasm. My knees shook a little, so I took a minute to regain my balance. But, by the time I got out of the shower, you had left for work.

It was unfinished business. Cumming just once in that short of time is unacceptable. Although we are accustomed to our morning quickies, I never feel like I get enough of you to hold me over for the day. After all, on weekends and days off, we might leave bed (or even the house) but we rarely stop fucking. Our sex life is apparently at it’s prime, as we have the sexual stamina of a family of rabbits. We’ve been known to tease under restaurant tables, give oral and hand-jobs in the car, and there’s no doubt our house is the hotspot for voyeurs.

Today, the need to have you was more urgent than usual for me. I always want you when you walk in the door, but we usually at least chat and eat something before retiring to the pool, the bed, or the sofa to make love.

I finished work a half hour earlier and hurried home to make supper. I threw in some lasagna and opened a beer as I leaned against the counter and turned on the TV in the living room. We have a large spacious 3-level house, with a living room right outside the kitchen, but more of a spacious den downstairs. I started flicking through channels on our digital cable. TV movies, kid’s shows, then a hardcore sex scene came onto the screen. I flicked past it quickly, only catching about 4 seconds worth before I realized what it was, but it awakened that pressing need for you that I had been feeling all day. I flicked back for a moment to find a little blonde thing riding a muscular man in a cowboy hat. The position looked appetizing, though not something we hadn’t done a million times before. Nevertheless, I felt myself grow wet—not at the porn, but at the thought of being on top of you, riding you ’til you came. I heard the garage door open and quickly clicked off the TV. You walked through the door and I almost tackled you, not totally realizing my own urgency as I pushed you against the wall just outside our kitchen. I kissed you hard, grinding my hips into you and pressing my tongue into your mouth. Your response was delayed because you weren’t expecting the onslaught. You figured I’d be downstairs in the den working on some project, or watching TV, or preparing dinner. But you were delighted at my abrupt come-on to you.

You pressed one hand into the small of my back with the other wrapped around the back of my head. You took a few steps forward and suddenly had me pressed into the kitchen counter. My automatic instinct kicked in and I pressed my hands to the counter and pushed myself up, now sitting with your body pressing between my legs, still kissing fiercely. Your fingers move to my shirt and untuck it from my slacks, pulling it quickly and urgently over my head before resuming our steamy kiss. Our breathing was rapid and our hips met tecavüz porno at random intervals, making us both moan and groan intermediately.

Your lips moved to the bare skin of my chest and the tops of my breasts, barely concealed by a sexy black bra. Your mind wandered as you sucked on the milky flesh about what panties I was wearing, if any at all. Perhaps, if I was this ready to jump you when I had come in the door, I had removed them earlier to make our heated sex easier. You hoped they were still on, knowing how much fun it is to tease me with the fabric, pressing the cotton onto my clit, or sucking my pussy through the lace, or sliding the polyester down my long smooth legs with your teeth. Your thick cock twitched inside your boxers at the naughty thoughts racing through your mind.

Meanwhile, the oven beeped.

“Mmm… dinner… is…. Mmmm baby…. Dinner…” I tried to tell you between kisses and thrusts of our hips that supper was ready in the oven.

“No… you’re dinner… fuck the lasagna… I want you,” you told me bluntly as you ripped my pants from my body and continued sucking on my supple, exposed flesh.

You pushed me back so I was lying on the counter. I moaned at the roughness and anxiousness of your movements, knowing you were as desperate for my body as I was for yours. You left my high heels and black stockings on, revealing a barely-there skimpy red thong. So devilish. So naughty. You Loved it. I reached to turn the oven off so we didn’t burn the house down; because there was no way we were stopping this to eat until we both came numerous times, in numerous positions, in numerous places.

Your teeth gripped the material of the thong and your lips massaged my pussy through the thin lace. You applied no pressure, just the movement of your tongue and teeth along my lower lips, but it was enough to soak the red fabric right through. You tasted my juice, hardening at the thought of me cumming on your tongue. You wanted it, and you wanted it now.

You pulled me off the counter and down to the kitchen floor. There was a sofa about 15 feet away, in front of the big-screen TV that was probably still showing the porno of the blonde and the cowboy, but you didn’t care about comfort. The cold, hard floor served fine as a surface to 69 on. You pulled me to the floor, straddling your face. Immediately, your fingers moved the thong and pulled it aside. You stared hungrily at my gaping pussy, dripping juices down my thighs. You licked the inside of my creamy thighs, keeping your eyes on the bare mound that rests above the delicious parting of my lower lips leading into my wet heaven.

I unzipped your pants and pulled your throbbing cock from your boxers. I immediately took the tip in my mouth. There was no pre-cum yet, but the gorging veins running up the thick shaft left no doubt of the degree of your total arousal. I ran my tongue along the sides, licking hungrily as you sucked my labia into your mouth, getting delicious drops of my cream running into your mouth. I pushed my pussy down on you and your nose bumped against my clit, sending a shiver down my spine.

Your tongue snakes into my pussy as I take several inches of your huge cock down my throat. The slurping sensations each of us are making with our mouths fill the room. I massage your balls softly and you clamp down on my clit in reaction to the unexpected sensation. I pull off your cock and scream in absolute pleasure as you suck at the entrance to my pussy, my cum spurting into your waiting mouth. I continue to moan as I take your cock back in my mouth, massaging it with my tongue, moistening it.

You press on my hips trying to get me off of you, and you stand me up. You press me back against the counter, kissing me madly as you take my hand. My need is still so animalistic and pressing.

The thought crosses my mind to completely seduce you. I toy with the idea. I walk ahead of you through the hall travesti porno to the stairway. I take the first step, swaying my hips. I spread my legs slightly as I walk, then turn suddenly on about the fifth step. I sit down but put my foot out to your chest, stopping you. You stand there, in only your boxers, me in my thong, wondering what I’m doing.

I slide my 2 long fingers into my pussy while you watch, spreading my legs in the air, exposing my warm wet flesh to you completely. You move forward but my leg sticks out again. You just stand there in amazement, and begin to stroke your cock. You’ve never watched me play with myself intentionally before… there have been times when you’ve heard me moaning and groaning and peeked in the door as I’m cumming… but I’ve never been an exhibitionist for you. You enjoy it thoroughly.

I kneed my fleshy breasts as I rub my clit in quick circles. I breathe raggedly and my moaning escalates. You see my body tense and you know I’m about to orgasm again. You stroke your cock rapidly as I do, feeling your balls tense. Unsure of what action to take, you thrust your cock into my mouth as I cum hard, unloading your sperm into my throat. I take load after load, swallowing, sucking the tip of your cock as I do. You remain hard after you’ve cum, and pull me to my feet, kissing me intensely. I suck my own cum off my fingers and rush up the stairs, your eyes piercing my body as I bounce in front of you. Not satisfied. You need more. You need to be in me, fuck me, cum in me.

You need me.

You rush after me, finding me in our bedroom. The urge overwhelms you. You grab my hips and pick me up and put me down right next to the bed. You push on the back of my neck so I’m bent at the hips. Your finger presses the thong aside as you thrust your huge cock inside of me. I scream, overwhelmed with pleasure. The whole situation is so exciting: the urgency, the position, the hardness of your dick, the roughness… all of it piles into another orgasm for me.

I grip the sheets of the unmade bed as I thrust my pussy back into your hips. Your hands grip the sides of my hips, allowing you to control the pace with which you fuck me… and the pace is unbearably fast. I feel you pump your second load of the night (a small amount, but a huge orgasm nonetheless) into my throbbing heaven, and you flip me over onto the bed after you do. I feel your lips surrounding only my clit. 3 fingers enter me forcefully and fuck my leaking pussy as I writhe, and you flick my clit with your tongue. The orgasm builds in waves, and finally comes crashing down on my body. I curl my toes, I grip the bed, I scream in absolute pleasure, my thighs close around your head, and my back arches as my pussy squirts cum around your hand and fingers.

I push you away from me for a moment because of how sensitive it is. You lean back on the soft carpeted floor to catch your breath but soon find me straddling your lap. I take your entire cock back into my velvety pussy, riding you just like the woman on TV earlier. I put my legs out straight and you sit up. I rest my weight on my palms, arching my back forward, allowing you to press into me deeper, rubbing against my g-spot. You press your thumb into my clit as I ride on top of you, and your eyes are glued to my bouncing breasts. God, how you want to take them in your mouth, then rub your cock between them.

You told me once that there’s not a more beautiful sight than being able to look down and see two gorgeous breasts enveloping your cock, other than maybe seeing it slip in and out of my tiny, shaved pussy.

I felt your hardon twitch inside of me, and I wondered why. I saw your eyes on my breasts but, before I could really figure out what to do, I started to orgasm around your cock again. The pressure forced you over the top because of the tremendous sensitivity of your dick after the 2 previous orgasms. You spurted inside of me, grunting and xhamster porno groaning as your fingers dug into my hips.

Spent, I lay back on the floor, and you did as well. My hips were tired, my breasts were sore from bouncing, my fingers were spent, and my voice was worn. My chest heaved as I tried to catch a rhythm with my breathing. Our bodies were sprawled out across the floor after our vigorous fuck. Finally, I heard your voice pierce the silence.

“Baby…” you said, tentatively.

“Yeah, sweetie,” I replied, looking over to you.

“I’m not in the mood for lasagna tonight…” you said with a smile.

I laughed wearily. “Oh? What would you like for supper then, dear?” I cooed.

“Hmm… that lovely body of yours in the shower ought to do it…” You winked at me.

I couldn’t believe that you wanted another round… but I couldn’t seem to turn it down, no matter how spent I was. I still had the fire burning within me, and I hoped maybe the water from the shower would put it out, if not another spurt of cum from your cock. You got up and helped me to my feet, pulling me to your body, kissing me passionately. I felt my body regain its strength as your cock hardened between us. We walked into the bathroom and climbed into the shower, feeling the water heat on our bodies and splash across our overly sensitive skin.

You take my body into yours once again, your fingers trailing across my breasts and pinching each erect nipple. Your mouth surrounded one, sucking but being gentle, knowing too much would just hurt altogether.

You felt my body moving against yours, and you’re now erect again. I raise my left leg and wrap it around your body, stroking you firmly as you enter my pussy. Not as tight as it was at the beginning of the night, but still perfectly delicious around your cock.

You begin to thrust into me, knowing you’ll last a lot longer this time because of how much you’ve cum this evening. You bite my neck, urging me on, wanting to feel me cum on you before you pull out to finish off. And I do. Not as hard this time, because of my exhaustion, but my body shudders and clenches and I moan loudly into your ear as I orgasm around you. You pull out of me after the orgasm has subsided and press on my shoulders. I drop to my knees and take you in my mouth. My jaw is a bit sore but I manage to deep throat you. You moan as the water runs over your balls—a mixed sensation, and totally pleasing.

You pull out of my mouth, and I know what you want. You bend your knees and I arch my back, pressing my large, swollen breasts around your cock. You smile as you thrust hard into my chest, and moan loudly when my tongue licks at the engorged tip of your huge member as you titty fuck me. I can feel your balls slapping against the underside of my breasts, but when they tense up, I open my mouth, waiting for one last deposit of your scrumptious cum.

And you do. It’s not much, but it’s enough! I suck on the tip as you massage the large swells of my breasts, with the hot water running over us both. We stand, holding each other in the shower, completely spent and unable to move for the fear of toppling over because of the weakness in our knees. We wrap our arms around each other until the water grows cold. We dry off weakly, then drop into bed. I curl up into you, my naked body still glowing from our long, orgasmic encounter. Your fingers graze across my nipple, causing my body to jump. You laugh at my involuntary reaction, and kiss me goodnight.

In the morning, we walk downstairs finding a scattering of business clothes on the kitchen floor. I bend over to take the lasagna out of the oven and put it away and feel your hand smash down on my ass. I jump at the sting of the hard slap. You press me into the counter, untie my robe, and our morning quickie is on the kitchen counter. My robe drapes across the sides of my breasts and you see bite marks and hickies strewn across my chest. You grin as you cum all over the inside of my thighs, then massage it in to the creamy smooth skin around my pussy, letting a finger dip in occasionally. You slip your pants back on and head to work.

I lean against the counter, still unsatisfied and craving your body, wondering what I should make for dinner tonight.

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