Nova , Sabine Pt. 06

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Sabine set off on her journey. A day later a guard showed covered in blood. He found Nova as he kneeled before her. “Miss I come bearing news. The Commander s-she loves you very much…she said you will see her again. She’s been taken. We were attacked. We were the only two alive. Her sister… I’m sorry…my orders were to tell you…I should have stayed…she loves you… I’m sorry… so sorry —” he managed before passing out.

Nova looked at Lucia with tears streaming down her face.


With the news the villagers were in a panic as Nyko and Ward planned their attack. The sound of horns brought everyone outside. A guard approached Ward. “Sir, a group has gathered by our gates. They have a hostage.”

Nova found her way to Agnes as Lucia kept close by. Dorine gathered with them.

Ward looked out beyond the tunnel to the gates. Autem removed her face covering as she smirked, removing Sabine’s.

“Open the gates!” He yelled.

“Children remember what we practiced?” Go .go..hurry.” He said to the crowd. “Nurturers go with them!”

They watched as teachers and nurturers left with the children…older villagers stood in front with their weapons as did younger ones behind them.

Autem made an appearance as she pushed Sabine to the ground. She looked over the people as she smiled. Sabine made her way to her feet. Her hands bound behind her.

“I am your new Commander! Bow to me!” She yelled.

***warning: viloent and fatal acrions follow***

No one moved a muscle. Sabine started laughing. Autem punched her in the face as two of her guards held her still. Sabine spit out blood as she looked Autem in her eyes.

“You will NEVER be Commander.” She said calmly.

“Bow to me!” She yelled, as she kicked Sabine’s knee as she fell to the ground.

“You are not worthy!” Sabine yelled as she was yanked back up and met by another punch. She laughed more, no one had realized what she took from one of the guards.

“You will die today. Your reign is OVER!” Autem yelled as she drew her machete-like weapon.

“And all of you get to watch it …especially poor little Nova..I’m sure my guards will like to have their way with her..too bad you won’t be here to watch.”

Sabine laughed. As she was punched once more. She finally worked the knife through the ropes as she stabbed both guards in the foot. She moved quickly as she went for the other two. She stood still as Autem drew for her, running, filled with rage.

Nova watched in horror as Sabine smirked before ducking and hitting Autem in her back. She dropped the weapon as Sabine grabbed it.

Autem stood still. “You won’t hurt anymore people.” Sabine said as she swiftly struck Autem.

Sabine dropped the weapon as she stared at the severed head on the ground. “I send you on your way.” She said in the native tongue. All of the warriors echoed her.

She looked out at her people, her face and body covered in blood and dirt. She held up her fist and closed her eyes. The warriors cheered. Dorine began yelling and pushing them aside as Sabine hit the ground lifelessly.



Sabine woke to Nova by her side and she sat up quickly as she pulled her in for a hug. “I’m so sorry.” She said holding her tightly.

Ward came in as he dropped his tray and hugged the pair. “She is awake.” He yelled.

Everyone ran in to hug her.

“I love you all.” She saod as she nuzzled into everyone.

“Did you see anything?” Dorine asked.

Sabine frowned. “There is a massive fire I couldnt make out where..” She said.


Nova and Dorine took Sabine to visit Nyko the next day. They recapped what had happened the day before.

They talked about plans for the storm season and caught up with each other.


Nova was walking with Sabine. “Anywhere else you need to go today?”

Sabine moved weakly as she thought. “I – I should visit the children.” She said with a soft smile. bursa sınırsız escort

Arriving, a servant bows her head to Sabine as she passes. Sabine nodded back. “Mother Agnes is in the healing tent.” She informed as she went on her way.

They find Agnes comforting a child. She looks up to meet their concerned faces. “Zlin, go ahead and join the other children for supper.” The child reluctantly let go.

Agnes stood as she watched the child leave. “The children are…uneasy.” She finally said. “They seem to be experiencing stress due to the recent events.” She put lightly.

Sabine frowned as she thought. She walked away without saying a word. Nova found her sitting with the children telling them a story as she spoke softly, all listening intently.

Nova stood in the doorway listening as Sabine told the children of a brave child who lost their family in a storm. How the child grew to overcome their surroundings and eventually ended happily.

An older child was deep in thought as Sabine loved the younger ones. “So we should be more like the child?” She asked. Sabine smiled warmly.

“I know that me being gone was strange and then having to hide was scary..”

The children all agreed.

“But I am here …we are safe…there will always be people that don’t agree with how we live…which is why mother Agnes ..the nurturers.. your teachers..and I teach you how to be safe to be smart and help yourselves. We are preparing you for the world..we still want you to enjoy your lives as children which is why we are here to protect you..I won’t let anything happen to any of you.” Sabine said as she pulled them all in for a big hug.


Sabine relaxed in the warm bath water. Dorine walked in. “You have a visitor.”

“Send them in.” Sabine said casually.

“Uh Commander… it’s a child.” She said hesitantly.

“Oh…okay..I’ll be out in a moment.”

Sabine dried off and dressed. She was met by a young girl sitting properly at her table.

“Commander. Sorry to disturb you. I come bearing sad news..”

Sabine sat down.

“Sylvia ..she has passed.”

Sabine was quiet as she closed her eyes taking in the news. “You are to carry on her work?” Sabine asked.


“Do you feel you are ready?” Sabine asked.

“I know that I must be ready.” She said.

Sabine nodded understanding. “Where is Sylvia now?”

“I have already made arrangments with the care takers, she is with them now.”

Sabine nodded again as she drifted into thought. “Okay.” She said as she stood. “What is your name?”

“Vera, Commander.”

Sabine smiled. “You know Dorine, Nyko and Ward?”


“If you cant reach me, they are who you go to. Tonight we will honor Sylvia, tomorrow you meet the elders. Prepare for a wedding as well.” Sabine got up and walked her out.


Sabine returned to find Nova waiting for her in bed. The thin blanket showed every curve of Nova’s body. Her legs open wide, the blanket dipping low to fall against her lips as her arms were stretched above her head as she eyed Sabine.

“Hello Commander.” Nova greeted her.

Sabine gave her a lazy smile as her eyes roamed Nova’s body. She came closer as she started to slowly pull the blanket down.

Nova smirked at her as she lay still allowing the blanket to leave her, goosebumps appearing. The blanket ran over her nipples as they grew stiff in the air.

The blanket drew down her stomach as her chest rose and fell a little quicker, the anticipation was killing them both. Nova arched her back a little as her stomach and hips were exposed.

Sabine pulled the blanket a little below her hip bones before stopping. Nova frowned up at her as Sabine turned away and to the drawers.

“I uh …I’m sorry Nova..” Sabine said quietly.

“About what?” Nova asked.

“About everything… I know that the past few days have been …rough.” Sabine said bursa üniversiteli escort lightly.

“It’s okay…”

“Do you want to go home at all?” Sabine asked looking back at Nova as she leaned against the structure.

Nova smiled sweetly. “I am home.”

Sabine smiled back at her. “Is there anything I can get you.. do for you?”

“Anything at all?” Nova asked with a smirk.

“Anything you want is beautiful.” Sabine said.

“All I want right now is for you to be right here..” Nova said as she rubbed her lips through the blanket.

Sabine smirked.

“It’s been too long…I need to feel my Mistress.” Nova cooed.

“I want you to finger yourself while I get ready.” Sabine said.

Nova was disappointed as showed it clearly.

“I will join you…just ..I want you nice and wet..”

Nova smiled as her hand disappeared under the blanket.

Sabine returned and blew out a few candles to Nova’s eyes closed as she feverishly fingered herself. She smiled while watching her gasp.

Nova lazily opened her eyes to see Sabine watching her. She smirked at her lover as she moved her head to the side and laid on her shoulder. Nova smiled up at her. “What?” She asked quietly.

Sabine smiled back and shook her head. “Nothing, I just really love you.”

The tension changing, Nova wiped her hand on the blanket as she smiled up at Sabine. “I love you too… what makes you say that?”

Nova watched as Sabine’s smile disappeared. She sat at the foot of the bed with her legs crossed. “When I was away…I just kept thinking of you. I was so worried if you were okay. I’m just really glad and happy that you chose to be with me. I hate that there are more risks involved with being here but-”

“-Sabine.” Nova cut her off as Sabine looked up at her. “I chose those risks so I could be happy. I chose all of this. I want to be by your side until the day our lives end. I love you.” Nova moved down the bed to kiss Sabine.

Nova pulled back smiling mischievously. “This would be the perfect time to ask me..” she said.

“What?” Sabine asked.

“Ask me.” Nova smiled.


“Ask me!!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Ask me!” She said with a big smile.

Sabine got up and went to the dressers grabbing a small bag she came back to sit closer to Nova on the bed.

“These were blessed to keep you safe and healthy.” Sabine said as she pulled the necklace out of the bag.

“Nova, will you marry me?” Sabine asked with a big smile.

“Yes, of course!” Nova said excitedly. “Put it on!” Nova said as she moved her hair for Sabine.

She looked down at it as she touched it carefully. “It’s beautiful.” Nova smiled up at her. “And you remembered I picked this stone up too.”

“Mhm.” Sabine smiled and nodded.

Nova sat back and smiled at her. “How were you planning on asking me?”

Sabine smiled as she blushed. “Well I WAS going to have you pick out all your favorite foods at the vendors we could do whatever you wanted that evening.. but once the stars were out I was going to take us to that hill where we first said we loved each other and ask you there..”

“You’re so freakin cute!” Nova said as she nuzzled into Sabine and kissed her.

Nova ushered for their kisses to grow tender. She slowly moved so Sabine would lie down. Nova straddled her as they made out. She found Sabine’s hand and guided her to her lips. Nova let out a gasp as she felt Sabine cup her.

Sabine gently applied some pressure as Nova rocked her hips into her hand. Sabine made one finger prominent as it slowly eased into Nova with each roll of her hips. Nova gasped as she rolled faster, she stopped and moaned when she rolled and sat down to allow Sabine’s finger to fill her.

Her laboured breathing filling the room and her muscles clenched around Sabine’s finger. Sabine added another finger as Nova accommodated bursa anal yapan escort nicely.

Nova moved her knees to support her as she kissed Sabine. “Finger me please.”

Nova felt the fingers curl as she gasped. Sabine thrusted her digits at an even pace as she listened to Nova’s moans in her ear. They both knew the build up was coming. Sabine curled her fingers a bit to hit her g spot with each thrust.

“Sabine…I’m so close..” Nova gasped as she stayed still needed every ounce of this affection. Nova’s legs began to shake as she tried to hang on she could feel her juices so close to spilling out. “Slow down just a bit.”

Nova smiled as Sabine listened and pushed and pulled her from the edge… Nova moaned as was able to prolong this torture. “Okay.” She gasped. Sabine could feel her juices slowly running down her hand with each thrust in she welcomed more. Nova moaned as she felt her release. Her face burned as her body was hot. She felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her knowing she was making her Mistress filthy.

Sabine knew Nova was done she straightened her fingers easing off of her g spot and continued to thrust her fingers. Nova was surprised, usually we stop after that. She groaned as her walls clenched. Her legs were shaking again. Her hips bucked forward as her face was buried into the bed. Her body shook as she pulled away she collapsed on Sabine gasping and calming herself.

“Thank you..” nova muttered.

Sabine kissed Nova’s hair as she held her. She ran her hands down to Nova’s cheeks and pulled a little. “Come here.”

Nova popped her head up as she looked into Sabine’s eyes.

“Come here.” Sabine said quietly again.

Nova settled herself above Sabine’s face unsure of this.

“You’re okay.. hang on to the bed and the wall for balance, I’m still going to hold you just as I did last time Nova.”

‘Nova’ you’re calling me Nova?

Sabine’s mouth watered at the thought of tasting her lover’s juices. She ran her hands up Nova’s thighs as she felt her tremble.

“What’s wrong?” Sabine asked, feeling the hesitation.

“I um I’m not tied up, you’re not ordering me around, I’m not calling you Mistress and you’re not correcting me…”

Sabine nodded up at her. “I don’t want to be fully in charge right now. I want you to let go and not worry about all that right now. I just want you. Not submissive you, but you.”

Nova smiled down at her. “I like feeling this close to you..” Nova said shyly.

“I know, beautiful.. if you don’t mind I’ll play with myself too?” Sabine stated.

Nova’s eyes grew big as she felt a swell of arousal inside her. “Please.. I’d love that.”

Sabine swallowed up Nova’s clit as she gasped. She ran her hand down underneath her pants as she found her aching clit desperately needing attention.

They both moaned, Nova still sensitive didn’t take long to be on route to her orgasmic build up. Sabine needing this for sometime was right behind her.

Nova bent her head back as she moaned and gasped. She had stopped grinding herself into Sabine and allowed Sabine’s tongue to do the work as her legs shook around her face. Nova held onto the bed as her other hand gripped Sabine’s hair in her fist.

“Ah fuck …” she groaned as she gently rocked back a forth. Nova stopped as she reached that blissful quiet before her orgasm exploded she moaned loudly as her legs shook she fell forward as she rode it out.

Sabine did not stop; she felt Nova’s body struggling to stay together, they finally balanced the sensations to build again. They both knew Nova was on the edge again and Sabine kept her clit in her mouth as she moaned through her own orgasm and shook underneath.

Nova’s head felt heavy again as the vibrations and watching Sabine’s face tense sent her over the edge again. Nova gasped and whimpered as she bursted at the seems unable to control herself as Sabine held on as she shook.

Both calming down, Nova melted down to lay on Sabine as she kissed her and held onto her tightly as she twitched.

“Fuck.” She said sleepily.

Nova picked her head up again to kiss Sabine and clean her juices off her face. Sabine undressed as they cuddled. Either thigh against their hot pulsating slits. Holding each other tightly they drifted into a heavy slumber.


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