Luke had continued to correspond with Randy. About six months after their first meeting, Luke and a couple friends were going back to Randy’s city for a concert. Luke told randy he would text when they arrived and if possible would try and get away for a few hours. After arriving and checking into their hotel, Luke texted randy and they agreed to meet in the parking lot next to the hotel.

Luke told his friends he was meeting a family friend and would be back before the concert. He walked outside and across to the parking lot where he saw randy standing. He walked to him and randy asked if he wanted to take a quick ride. Leo said sure and they walked toward a blue van. As they got close, Luke noticed there was someone in the drivers seat and realized it was Randy’s friend Bill. Luke opened the side door to enter and Randy got in friend. Luke shook Bill’s hand and quickly realized there were no seats in the back as it was a work van. He knelt on the floor between Randy and Bill as they drove a few miles to a mall parking lot. Randy told Luke to go to the back and lie down on the blanket and pillow on the floor. Randy and Bill were closing the curtains on the windows as they made their way to the back.

Luke was lying on his back in a polo shirt, khaki shorts, boxers and boat porno izle shoes with no socks. Randy straddled Luke just above his waist facing him. Bill slipped off Luke’s shoes, ran his hands up his inner thighs inside his shorts and boxers. One hand rubbed his cock and the other caressed his hairless balls. Randy pulled up Luke’s shirt and began to tweak his nipples.

Bill unbuttoned Luke’s shorts, unzipped them, slid his thumbs in each side and pulled them to his ankles and then off. Luke said he was nervous they might get caught but Randy told him not to worry. Luke, naked from the waist down with Randy straddling his chest, Bill pushed Luke’s legs apart in a spread eagle position. He then swallowed Luke’s cock to the base as he tugged at his balls. Then, Bill began to run his tongue around the ball sack, underneath it and slowly made his way to the hole. He then took Luke’s legs and placed them over his shoulders and began to tongue his hole.

Luke looked up at Randy and told him to just relax and enjoy it. Bill was just exploring a little. Luke had never had anything like that done before but it did feel good. Bill stiffened his tongue and began to slide it in the hole. Luke was so relaxed and enjoying it, he didn’t realize that Bill had began to unbutton and unzip porno his own pants. Bill slid his pants and underwear down to his knees. He leaned up and asked Randy a question that Luke couldn’t hear. Randy responded it’s in the bottom of the toolbox. Bill leaned over, opened the toolbox and retrieved a small bottle of lube.

Opening the lid, he put some on his finger and began to rub Luke’s hole and then slid a finger inside. Luke tensed up and asked what he was doing. Bill never said a word or pulled out. Randy told Luke to just relax that this was the next step after hand jobs and blowjobs so just close your eyes, relax, don’t tense your hole and try it.

Bill worked his finger in deeper soon he added a second finger which caused Luke to whine. Randy told him that Bill was just stretching him some. Luke felt pain at first but then began to relax. Bill withdrew his fingers, took each of Luke’s ankles, got on his knees between his legs. Luke suddenly could feel Bills hard cock head at his hole. Randy leaned forward laying on Luke and kissed his neck then whispered in his ear that Bill was going to start entering inside him. Bill began to push his hard throbbing purple cock head foreskin retracted dick in to Luke’s hole. Luke immediately tensed and winced. Randy continued to try rokettube and coach him whispering in his ear to relax don’t tighten up. It would hurt at first but he would soon get used to it and enjoy it. With his cock head inside the hole, Bill whispered to Randy he was ready to go in. Knowing that Luke would most likely yelp or holler, he leaned over to give Luke a full mouth kiss with tongue, at the same time Bill went all the way in until his silver hairy pubes were brushing Luke’s smooth hole. Luke tried to let out a yelp but Randy’s mouth was fully covering Luke’s mouth. Bill pulled out and Luke relaxed until Bill put a freshly lubed cock in him balls deep again. Randy rolled over to the side and told Luke he wanted to watch Bill do him. Luke looked up to see Bill on his knees slowly beginning to thrust in and out while he jerked Luke’s cock.

After about 10 minutes the thrusting became more vigorous and rough. Bill jerked Luke’s cock hard and fast. Almost in unison Bill told Luke he was about to fill him up and Luke said I’m cumming. Bill stroked and pumped until they both were emptied out. Bill pulled his cock out, wiped it off, pulled his pants up and got in the driver seat. Randy threw Luke his shorts and climbed back in the passenger seat. Luke put his shorts and underwear on and slipped his shoes on as they pulled into his hotel. Randy got out and gave him a hug then drove off.

Luke feeling sore and satisfied, went to his room and showered still feeling a load deep inside his ass.

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