Fiona and Ariel have further sexual adventures…


Chapter 7

Grabbing Fiona’s head in both her hands and pushing her back hard against the pillow Ariel kissed her on the lips, long and hard inserting her tongue deep into Fiona’s mouth, her body pressing hard against Fiona. Fiona, parted her legs slightly to let Ariel press her pussy against Fiona’s and as she did this Ariel rubbed her pussy urgently against Fiona’s.

Fiona felt the sensations of tension and sweet pleasure elicited by the urgent movements of their pussies on one another, her noises of excitement being suppressed by Ariel’s lips upon her. WOW this is so good Fiona thought to herself.

Just at that moment, Ariel shifted her attention to Fiona’s breasts, licking one as she fondled the other with her hand. Ariel loved the fresh young form of Fiona’s breasts firm and soft at the same time. The nipple was starting to harden now so Ariel switched her attention to the other breast.

WOW thought Fiona as the sensations surged through her body at the insistence of Ariel’s mouth upon her breast, this was so good. Now Ariel took both breasts in her hands and pulled both of them together pulling both nipples into her mouth at the same time, “Ahh, ahh, ahh, oh god”, Fiona said “I am coming hard.” and at that she shuddered in orgasm. Damn thought Ariel to herself this girl is so sensitive.

As Fiona held Ariel’s head close to her breast as she came down from her orgasm, she said, “That was so damn good, but I was looking forward for you going down on me, not fair.”

“Oh I have not finished with you, I have only just started.” Ariel replied.

Ariel looked at Fiona’s neatly trimmed pussy, it was beautiful the short dark hairs around the pussy clearly defining it Ariel started to lick around the area of the groin getting ever closer the lips of the pussy itself. Fiona was almost being driven mad by the anticipation when Ariel started to lick the lips of the pussy itself, “Oh shit that is so good.” exclaimed Fiona feeling the ever increasing excitement in her.

Now Ariel started to tease Fiona’s clit with the tip of her tongue and Fiona started writhing about on the bed frantically. Suddenly Ariel sucked Fiona’s clit hard, causing Fiona to immediately shudder in as she came to orgasm. Ariel sucked again causing a second orgasm to quickly follow the first.

As the feelings wracked her body Fiona felt orgasms of an intensity that she had never experienced before, how did this woman do it this beautiful Ariel with her long blond hair that Fiona had come to love so much in such a short space of time. Ariel made her feel incredible, so damn good it was amazing.

Again Ariel sucked hard on Fiona’s clit and then her tongue probed deep into Fiona’s pussy, savoring the juices. She licked deep inside Fiona’s pussy, long and hard and Fiona was oblivious to anything else but the sensations emanating from her pussy, she felt like she was floating on air a feeling of pure pleasure and it just went on and on.

Fiona wanted bursa escort the sensation never to stop, and she felt her love for Ariel so strongly now like a primordial force, Ariel’s tongue deep inside her awakening joys she had never known. Finally exhausted Ariel broke away from her excitation of Fiona. To Fiona it felt like withdrawal from a drug her body yearned for Ariel’s tongue yet she could see that Ariel needed to rest. And as Ariel lay back, Fiona snuggled in her arms, she felt so loved by Ariel so loved and as she felt Ariel’s hand cupping her breast, she could only say two words, “thank you.”

Chapter 8

As Fiona was driving to meet Arial, she thought about the woman who had come into her life and how her life had changed so much since the moment they had first met on-line. Some people had told her that relationships that start on-line rarely work out. Well if that was the case, theirs was one of those rare cases that beat the odds.

As she was thinking about Arial the song ‘Air that I breath’ by the hollies came on the radio. As Fiona listened to the music she thought about how much Ariel meant to her.

“Making love to you has made me peaceful warm and tired.”

“What more could I ask, there’s nothing left to be desired.”

The passion that she and Ariel shared was so powerful that often she surprised herself it was two bodies and two minds in perfect harmony like nothing else she had ever experienced, Arial was so fun to be with, so passionate, so loving and incredibly sensitive to her needs. The music continued.

“Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak.”

“So sleep silent angel, go to sleep.”

As she approached Ariel’s house, Ariel came out of the house to meet her, the feeling was mutual, Arial could not wait one more second than necessary to meet her. As they embraced it felt so good to Fiona, when she was in Ariel’s arms she felt so protected, so loved.

In bed they kissed and passionately embraced, god it felt so damn good, then Fiona’s head moved over to Ariel’s breast and she took the nipple in her mouth and gently sucked it applying just a little pressure. As Fiona did this Arial’s hand moved to her pussy and she slowly inserted a finger. Fiona took a sharp intake of breath and moaned slightly her pussy was feeling really wet now.

After a while, Ariel lay down on the bed her arms outstretched relaxing, “Hey honey move over and sit on my pussy.”

Fiona did as she said and soon felt Ariel’s tongue playing with her clit, it felt so good and she was already wet, she was going to cum soon. Then suddenly Fiona felt an explosion of pleasure, she was cumming now ok. At that moment she felt Ariel’s tongue probe deep inside her pussy and at the same time Ariel’s hands moved to her breasts with Ariel’s tongue flicking deep inside her Fiona came again and again.

Fiona just completely gave in to her feelings of ecstasy as one wave of pleasure rushed through her after another, grinding her pussy on Ariel’s face oblivious to everything escort bursa except the feelings deep inside her womb.

“Shit,” she cried out, “fuck, I feel soooo good”. The feeling went on and on until she finally collapsed.

After they lay side by side in the spoon position, Fiona’s back snuggled up against Ariel and Ariel’s hand playing with her nipple. Like this they both fell asleep and just before Fiona fell asleep the words of the song ran through her head again.

“Sometimes all I need is the air that I breath and to love you.”

With that she drifted into a very peaceful sleep.

Chapter 9

Fiona and Ariel were walking hand in hand in the mall. They had agreed to meet the previous day. Ariel was wearing tight white pants that came half way down her shins, showing off the pretty butterfly tattoo she had on her ankle. The tightness of her pants served to show off her shapely ass. She was also wearing a strappy white linen embroidered top which nicely displayed her cleavage without appearing vulgar and had sandals on her feet with a low heel.

Fiona was wearing a thin white summer dress which was strapless with flared skirt starting just below her breasts the white color of the dress which came down just below mid thigh served to show off her flawless tanned legs. Her shoes were open white and strappy with 1.5′ heels. Both women could not believe their luck in having such an attractive and sexy companion.

As they walked through the mall hand in hand looking in the store windows and chatting about the pretty clothes, elegant furniture and interesting art work they could not help themselves from glancing at each other from time to time admiring each other’s beauty and imagining the pleasures to come.

Ariel was thinking to herself, “Fiona looks so damn sexy dressed like that, so cute, I really want to do her when we get back.”

At the same time Fiona was thinking, “Arial is really going to do me later this afternoon she won’t be able to help herself.” as Fiona thought this to herself she luxuriated in the feeling of just how much she could turn Ariel on.

She had of course selected the short skimpy sundress just with this purpose in mind and already knew that her selection of clothes was going to pay off big time when they got back home.

Finally arriving at Fiona’s house they stared lustfully at each other as they entered the house. To anybody who might have seen them at that moment their desire for each other would have been obvious. They sat on the sofa together and Ariel could not help herself, immediately her hands moved to Fiona’s arms and she started gently running her fingers down them. Soon she was feeling Fiona’s breasts through the thin dress and letting the fingers of her other hand gently trace over Fiona’s perfectly defined thighs. Through all this Fiona was luxuriating in the glow of Ariel’s intense desire for her and anticipating the passion with which Ariel would take her.

Both Ariel’s hands now migrated towards Fiona’s thighs bursa escort bayan now and one hand was inserted between them under the short dress brushing against Fiona’s pussy through the silky material of her panties. Ariel could feel that Fiona was already starting to get wet. With a quick easy motion Ariel removed Fiona’s panties exposing Fiona’s neatly trimmed pussy under the short skirt of the dress.

After lightly fingering Fiona’s cunt for a while, while at the same time kissing her passionately, Ariel proceeded to command Fiona to lie on the sofa on her front and pulling her knees forward to lift her ass in the air. As Fiona did this Ariel was greeted with the sight of Fiona’s beautiful pussy from behind surrounded by the light full skirt of Fiona’s dress. “Oh fuck,” thought Ariel, “that looks so fucking beautiful.”

Putting her hands around Fiona’s thighs Ariel moved her head forward so she could lightly lick around Fiona’s pussy from behind. Slowly Ariel lightly licked all around Fiona’s pussy being careful for the moment not to touch the pussy itself. The anticipation was excruciating for Fiona and she found herself silently begging for the moment when Ariel’s tongue would enter her pussy Fiona was at the point where she did not think she could bear it any longer and wanted to shout out when she was suddenly rewarded by Ariel’s tongue on her clit.

Ariel licked Fiona’s clit with short light strokes of her tongue slowly bringing Fiona towards Orgasm now Ariel became more urgent her tongue moving more rapidly and then she started to suck and nibble at Fiona’s clit. At this point Fiona started to cum, backing her pussy farther into Ariel’s face and at this point Ariel suddenly inserted her tongue deep into Fiona’s pussy, her Ariel’s tongue moving vigorously deep inside. Fiona came four times in succession but after the last Ariel did not remove her head from between Fiona’s legs, her tongue lapping softly at Fiona’s cunt as she came down from her orgasms.

Ariel was enjoying the juices from Fiona’s pussy as she came. Slowly Ariel started to kneed the cheeks of Fiona’s ass while she started to concentrate again on the tops of Fiona’s legs again she started to encircle Fiona’s pussy with her tongue again and this time when Ariel came to the clit this time Ariel was quick to start licking sucking and nibbling the clit, and Fiona was soon coming again. This time Ariel made long strokes with her tongue up Fiona’s pussy each time her tongue coming closer to Fiona’s ass hole.

Suddenly Fiona felt Ariel’s tongue at the sensitive entrance to her ass hole and for a moment felt a bit uneasy. But Fiona now trusted Ariel implicitly and if Ariel was doing this it could not be bad and as she thought this Fiona was greeted with the wonderful feeling of Ariel’s tongue pushing itself slightly into the entrance of her ass hole. That felt so good. Fiona came again and again five times until she finally collapsed on the sofa. Then Fiona felt Ariel’s body move over her lightly cupping her breasts, Fiona felt so satisfied, she really loved Ariel, her beautiful Ariel and with that the two women fell asleep…….


In these chapters my aim was to explore the depth of feeling that these women have towards each other. I hope you think I was successful.

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