Donna and the Swedish Au Pair

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Mia was watching Jimmy Kimmel when Donna and her husband Jeff came thru the front door. There was a loud noise and Mia got up to see if she could help. As she rounded the corner she could see a very drunk Jeff with his arm around Donna’s neck for balance.

“It’s OK,” Donna said. “Mr Lombardi had a little too much punch at the party.” As Donna helped her alcohol challenged husband up the stairs she rolled her eyes and turned to Mia and said “Sorry, I’ll be right down.”

Mia smiled and said, “Oh, no problem, Donna take your time.”

It was awkward having to make sure Jeff didn’t fall down the stairs but Donna seemed to manage the struggle admirably as she quickly led him to their bedroom where he unceremoniously proceeded to at first to sit and then shortly crash down on top of the linen comforter Donna had bought on her last trip to Paris. For a split second she thought about the pretentious shop owner who took such great care in describing every detail of the comforter and the reasons why it was so expensive and how it would be the last duvet she would ever buy. “Wow, if that saleswoman could see me now,” Donna smiled to herself.

It was strange but looking at her husband passed out in front of her gave her a feeling of relief mixed with excitement. She did get a slight feeling of guilt as she knew the doubles she was getting for him at the party would hit him hard but she also knew that without him passed out her plan for the night would be more difficult. She was excited to start implementing it. She took Jeff’s shoes off, un-tucked his shirt and went to the closet to find a cotton blanket. “He’ll be fine,” she told herself spreading the blanket over him.

Donna went to the closet and picked out her favorite t shirt, a ribbed Henley, freshly washed and air dried. She knew the stares she got when she wore it so it was an easy decision. Walking quickly back to her master bathroom ignoring Jeff’s loud snoring she peeled the lace jersey T off and planted herself in front of her mirror. She would have to hurry as she didn’t want to keep Mia waiting too long.

She was hot and she knew it. Even at forty-two Donna was genuinely beautiful. Her blondish red hair, big green eyes, strong nose and high cheekbones were classic French Italian ancestry. Looking at herself in the mirror she quickly ran her hands through her hair pulling straight back while fumbling nervously with a big plastic hair clip. Once attached Donna turned her head side to side making sure it was in tightly enough. She was pleased with the cute bun that formed and the casually sexy look it gave her. The small pearl earrings she decided to leave in as it gave her a feeling of style and class.

She reached for her toothbrush and in her haste carelessly squeezed out too much letting the extra drip into the sink. Taking care to brush the back of her tongue as well as her inside cheeks Donna was amused at her unusual thoroughness. She looked at herself in the mirror checking for any imperfections and was happy to see none, “I’m not going to blow this!”

With her breath now fresh and teeth squeaky clean she reached around and unclasped her bra flinging it in the general direction of her built in hamper; she was on a mission and had no concerns for tidiness at this particular moment.

Her breasts were one of her biggest assets and seeing them now casually hanging off her body with nipples already semi-erect prompted a nervous giggle. A good size B cup but with a provocative teardrop shape they were neither too big nor too small. Donna pinched each puffy nipple and attained the desired result. Slipping the tight, ribbed, salmon colored Henley over her head she looked in the mirror and adjusted the fit before deciding to unbutton a few more of the mini buttons that ran down between her breasts. A smidgen of rogue should do it she thought until she inevitably reached for her lipstick making a seductive oval as she applied the second coral colored cosmetic to her face. She turned toward the door and despite her sleeping husband yelled, “I’m coming Mia, I’ll be right there!”

Looking back into the mirror she turned side to side once more and finally rubbed her lips together making sure there was an even application of lipstick and her lips looked plump and moist. It was Donna’s pet peeve that most women didn’t pay attention to their lips leaving them scaly and dry and unattractive. Looking down she broke out into a soft giggle as she noticed her nipples parting the ribs of her tight T. She checked her breath against her palm before shutting the lights off in the master bath hoping the night would go as planned.

She hurriedly walked out of the bedroom past her comatose husband towards the hallway leading to the stairs. She hesitated, straightened out her tee and took a deep breath. She was confident but nervous. Butterflies danced in her stomach. Shutting the lights off along the way she couldn’t help but think of the events leading up to this anxious filled moment.

It was August, a year ago when Donna was vacationing on the Cape bursa escort when she had her first wet dream involving someone of the same sex. It was late Friday afternoon on one of the hottest days of the year. Jeff had taken the kids back to their summer cottage in Wellfleet so she could stay on the beach and enjoy an hour or two of peace and quiet. The only reason Jeff agreed to this deal was he was golfing the next day with some of his work associates and would be gone the whole day.

The beach had a four star hotel on it with a full service bar so Donna decided a glass of wine would be perfect. She usually would wrap a towel around herself when getting refreshment but today she decided to be daring and go sans towel. At the busy outdoor bar she waited for service behind two younger women who Donna guessed to be in their twenties. It wasn’t busy yet but there was only one bartender and he was prepping the bar for the busy night to come as well as serving the end of day stragglers from the beach. Donna was intrigued by these two girls and thought they must be having a lot of fun especially being as pretty as they were. The bartender went to grab a case of beer so a disappointed Donna debated to herself whether she should just forget the refreshments and head back to her spot on the beach.

One of the girls in front of her turned back towards her and smiled and Donna’s mood all of sudden brightened. She thought it was a nice gesture but more than that it felt warm and friendly, like she was part of their crew. The two girls couldn’t have been more beautiful and standing behind them and watching them was almost a show unto itself. The music playing was a type of electronic music the younger kids loved and Donna found it amusing watching the prettier of the two girls swaying her hips and raising her arms in the air and totally getting lost in it. Donna couldn’t believe how carefree and happy she seemed.

She continued dancing and conversing with her friend in a loud enough voice Donna surmised she was drunk or close to it. As she stared at the blonde girl from the side she took special notice how her large breasts were jiggling and could plainly see the outline of her nipple in the rather flimsy bikini top. Just as Donna, half daydreaming, looked up the blonde caught her eye and raised her eyebrows and smiled as if saying, “Like what you see?”

Donna was mortified and just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. The girl rejoined her conversation with her friend and Donna at this point just wanted to turn and run back to her spot on the beach and put her straw hat over her head. “What does she think I’m a dyke or something?” Donna asked herself.

Just then the bartender came back and served the two girls so Donna decided to stay and to quickly get her drink and escape. Besides at this point she really needed one. The blonde ordered a watermelon margarita and as she turned to pass back by Donna, Donna looked the other way. Within seconds Donna felt the blondes arm brushing up against her own and as Donna instinctively turned she was looking straight into the big blue eyes of the blonde.

She winked at Donna leaned in close and said, “Next time don’t be so shy.” With that said Donna again was speechless but luckily for her the friend came up from behind her and pushed her forward while yelling at her to, “Stop flirting with the entire pretty woman!”

Donna couldn’t help but to stare back at the blonde as her friend moved her along mostly out of shock that something as weird as this was happening but also out of a profound curiosity. Donna had seen that type of look in the blonde’s eyes before but it was usually a man’s stare she tried to avoid. It always seemed so lustful, sexual and in a way a desperate look and one that made Donna very uncomfortable. Witnessing it from a woman was a different experience and at the same times an intriguingly mysterious one. As shaken and surprised as Donna was, she was also curiously flattered to be approached like that in a bar by another woman. “Wow this is what goes on at clubs now I guess. Boy do I feel old.” Donna said to herself.

“Don’t mind her, she doesn’t get out much.” the friend said jokingly as she passed Donna. As Donna reached the bar she could see as clear as day in the mirror behind the bar the extent to which her nipples were extending beyond the fabric of her suit. She quickly folded her arms in front of herself and wondered if the blonde had seen her “headlights” and if that was the reason for her flirting.

Later that night as Donna tossed and turned in bed she decided to quietly get up and go downstairs for she knew sleep would be elusive. She went out onto the large front porch and laid on one of the wicker lounges adjusting it so she could just make out the ocean in the distance. She closed her eyes and was calmed by the continual muffled roar of the sea.

She couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier at the bar. “Why was I staring at her breasts? Why did she wink at me? Why did my nipples betray me, or did escort bursa they? She couldn’t have been really interested in me…could she? I’m so much older…but I do seem to still get approached.” All questions she struggled to answer. She couldn’t get out of her mind’s eye how the blonde placed her mouth so provocatively right below her nose before telling her, “not to be so shy.” The tequila and lime were strong on her breath and Donna knew she did it on purpose. Thoughts like these went around and around in her head until finally the soft ocean breezes took their toll and Donna nodded off to sleep.

She woke up to the sound of her own voice moaning and her hand deep between her legs. She was mortified and quickly leapt out of the lounge chair and scooted off to her bed to lie beside her snoring husband.

About a month after this incident it still troubled her and she took the bold step of seeing a local psychologist. After Donna explained to the doctor that she wasn’t a lesbian and she was disgusted with the whole idea of two women together she sat back and listened to this Harvard trained professional. She didn’t say what Donna had hoped and in fact it further upset Donna and she never returned. The doctor had told her that human sexuality wasn’t a black and white thing and that she could very well have some lesbian tendencies and furthermore they were nothing to fear and totally natural. In fact she told Donna that the more she tried to suppress them the more they would struggle to surface. Donna rejected this immediately and soon suspected the doctor was probably gay and trying to recruit her for their team.

She managed to suppress her randy thoughts for a full year until her fuse was relit at her neighbors, Jenny O’Brien’s pool party. She really had not an inkling why at this time in her life these outrageous thoughts had come to her but recently they were coming into her head rapid fire, especially at night before bed. Donna felt it was because of the dearth of sexual situations she had been involved in the past few years. She hadn’t viewed a naked body in several years and although she didn’t feel she was missing out on anything her reaction informed her she had. The floodgates seemed to be slowly opening and she felt powerless to stop them.

For many years Donna ignored the fact that her relationship with her husband had turned platonic. It was no big deal she felt because she really had no desire to be with him in a sexual way. If she were truthful she would admit to never really having an initial sexual desire to be with Jeff in that way. The times being what they were and the hassle of finding a suitable mate forced Donna into her current situation and the agreement they both, although never discussed nonetheless agreed to. She would take care of the kids and the house, go with him to his company functions, provide cover for his alcoholism while he would put five thousand dollars in her separate savings account each month and not ask her questions about her spending. Donna couldn’t even remember when this “agreement” happened but day by day during the first five years of marriage it seemed to be completed.

Donna had never really had strange sexual fantasies and always tried to keep thoughts of sex out of her head as soon as they would crop up for fear of losing control, a byproduct of her strict religious upbringing.

The O’Brien’s had just hired their fourth au pair, a beautiful Swede named Mia Karlsson and decided to have a mid summer pool party at their house to celebrate. They were always looking for reasons to celebrate. And well they should as they were a funny, young, good looking couple that enjoyed a good party. Donna knew that the source of their money was Jenny’s parents but that was no matter to her as they seemed like a well adjusted happy family regardless.

Donna showed up early to help get things ready while Jenny readied the d’oeuvres and attended to drinks. The neighborhood men had all decided to shoot a round of golf so it was anybody’s guess when they would show up. It was a lighter turn out than usual as most families in the neighborhood were at their respective beach houses on the cape. Most of the neighborhood women stayed inside enjoying the cool air conditioning on what up to that point was the hottest day of the summer.

She sat down at a table by the pool and she was quickly joined by Laura Miller. Laura was a stuck up, dowdy, conservative “family values” housewife who annoyed her to no end. She incessantly talked about how the United States had lost its direction and really needed to start re focusing on what made it successful in the first place. She felt the moral fiber of the country was being torn in half and that immigrants were infiltrating into every nook of society. “Does anyone speak English anymore,” was her usual screed.

Just as Donna’s eyes were glazing over with the numbing barrage of shallow critique, Jenny came out the back door with a tray of cold cuts followed by two young women.

“Hey, Donna and Laura” said Jenny, “I’d bursa escort bayan like to introduce you guys to Mia, our new au pair, and her friend Camilla who is also from Sweden. Camilla is working for a family over in Newton. Is that right Camilla?”

“Yeah, I’m over by what I think you call the four corners area.”

As Donna looked up she was startled by the gorgeous Swede and like a cliché from a tired old movie proceeded to spill a not small quantity of wine all over her lap. She recovered quickly before anyone even noticed, turned to Mia and with a big smile said, “Well…err…ah…welcome to America girls.”

She turned beat red at the trite and goofy stuttered welcome but nonetheless her eyes stayed laser focused on Mia and her million dollar smile. Donna was struck by the radiant blonde as she had all the attributes someone would think of when picturing a young Swedish beauty. Donna couldn’t help but to stare and was immediately transfixed by the young girl to the point where it visibly heightened her somber mood.

As Jenny turned to go back to the party inside Mia said to Donna, “Do you mind if we put our things here while we swim?”

Laura Miller looked away from the girls and somewhat curtly nodded her head. Donna was surprised at Laura’s cold tone but chalked it up to jealousy as the two girls were young and full of life two attributes Laura never seemed in possession of. Donna warmly smiled at them and said, “As long as you don’t mind being seen with two old bats!” She immediately regretted saying this but the girls returned the warm smile and Donna could tell they probably didn’t understand what she had said anyway.

As pretty as Mia was her friend Camilla was rather plain and overweight so Donnas gaze quickly landed on Mia again. Donna couldn’t stop staring at her especially as they took their hooded French terry robes off and dropped them on the vacant seat. Donna almost dropped her wine glass again.

She was speechless and even though Laura Miller had just asked her a question she could only stare at the skimpy suit Mia wore. It was a turquoise bikini with a triangle top that barely covered her nipples and a bottom that exhibited fully half of her ass perfectly.

Mia had the tell tale blonde Swedish look with piercing blue eyes. Donna hadn’t been exposed to an attractive naked or a near naked body since her “situation” on the cape the previous year. At the gym she was always too nervous and embarrassed by not just her own nakedness but other women’s as well. She always ran out of the club as if in a sudden rush at the end of her elliptical training so she could avoid the over crowded locker room. The sudden exposure to and proximity to Mia and her provocative bikini was a shock to her system, a shock that had brought new life to her.

The baby oil they started lathering on themselves was almost too much. The fragile strings on each side of Mia’s bottom dangled in the summer breeze and Donna was staring intently to see if by some strange stroke of luck it would come undone, leaving Mia exposed and vulnerable.

Summoning the guts to speak Donna said, “You know you really should be careful with the baby oil because there is no protection in it and I think the sun might be stronger here than in Sweden.”

An appreciative Mia smiled at Donna and said, “Oh, ya know I didn’t even think of that, thanks Mrs. Lombardi.”

Laura Miller was obviously annoyed and even shocked by the girl’s state of undress. The fact that Mia had a growth of blonde hair under her arms didn’t help her state of mind. She took one good look and said, “Oh no girls, no…Not today you’re not” and stormed off to find the host Jenny O’Brien. The girls weren’t sure if she was talking to them so they just gave each other a quizzical look and then they looked at Donna for an explanation and although Donna knew exactly what Laura was up to she shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t and secretly hoped for the show to continue.

The two girls were soon daring one another to jump in. As they playfully pushed each other Mia’s legs bumped into Donna’s sending a shiver of excitement through her semi-frigid body. As Mia turned and apologized Donna feeling more comfortable in the situation smiled a warm smile and reached out gently caressing Mia’s waist and said, “Oh, no problem you girls have fun!” She left her hand on Mia’s waist and couldn’t seem to retrieve it back. Donna was being the boldest she had ever been in her life and she couldn’t believe she was doing to Mia what so many horny men had done to her. Mia took it as just a friendly gesture from a nice American but she would be shocked if she knew how friendly. As Mia moved away Donna’s hand dropped like a shot fowl.

Donna was nervous and embarrassed about her newfound aggressiveness but also excited and anxious about pursuing something recently so forbidden to her.

As the girls teased each and as Mia maneuvered to avoid Camella’s reach she used the sitting Donna as a foil. As such Donna had a close up look as Mia’s ass cheeks jiggled to and fro. Looking first at her breasts and then slowly down the length of her flat stomach Donna scanned the picture into her memory. Although their horseplay was somewhat immature Donna enjoyed witnessing it and in fact hoped it wouldn’t end.

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