The TGirl Academy

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To see where this all started read This Thing Called Life


There were twelve of us men in the bus on the way to the TGirl Academy, Tree’s Girl Academy officially. It was named after Tree, the enormous black man with the largest cock I had ever seen in my life including pornos. Tree had identified something special in each of us and had managed to turn us all out so that we were about to become women as soon as we entered the campus.

The bus ride was subdued as we all were allowed no luggage to take with us, just the clothes on our backs; we weren’t just going to experience change we had to deal with letting go with our past.

The campus was sprawling and looked like old New England style campuses though in truth it was a former Catholic boarding school for girls. Clearly Tree had made some adjustments as we drove closer I observed a state of the art gym through a more modern looking glass walled gym, clearly an addition. And off to a far side where the trees were sparser was a pool with deck chairs all alongside.

When the bus stopped and we entered the hall we were met with Sarah, the Halle berry lookalike trainer who I had sex with then got cock tortured by, ah the memories.

“Alright ladies, strip!” Sarah yelled and we all complied.

We of course all started checking each other out and many were quickly getting hard. It was a mixed group of ages and nationalities in our group.

“Now let me lay down the ground rules ladies. First off you can masturbate all you want, we encourage constant states of arousal, however you are not to stroke to completion.”

Groans of disapproval flooded the room and three of the classmates took it as a cue to start stroking right there. An Asian guy to my side was quite well hung and she was growing as she stroked. Sarah started to walk amongst us, inspecting the merchandise as she continued with the rules.

“Secondly there is to be no sex between any of you, at all,” she demanded.

More groans of disapproval and the Asian looked towards my cock with disappointment. My cock was rising now as Sarah passed and blew quickly in my ear and also at the heat I was feeling from the Asian and his very large cock.

“That one is taken seriously, we will cancel your surgeries and all training and Tree will decide if you get to come back in next year’s class or not so stay away from those cocks ladies. Who you will be is not who you are and we can’t complicate things around here with feelings. Next rule, you will dress only as women from here on out. We have your falsies in your rooms with your expected surgery sizes and whole new wardrobes. The clothing is cheap, some slutty but we will invest in the higher end items when your transformations are official.”

Everyone looked around realizing this was getting real. Sarah stopped in front of me.

“Myself and the other trainers, doctor, and professors will NOT sleep with any of you so please don’t offer us any temptation, it’s only annoying and makes you look desperate. Also women’s restrooms only now, no urinals, sit down and piss, that’s how we ladies do it. Other rules will be explained as needed. Lastly you are all whores, you are sluts, you are all bimbos, and dumb cunts,” she said.

She looked around for reactions but only got mostly hardening cocks as a response.

“What I mean by that is you are going to be whores by definition, the other names, do NOT use them on each other. You will be going through hormonal changes and you will be emotional at times but we TGirls support each other, understood?”

We all grunted agreements. Then she started handing out packets.

“These have your room numbers and roommate assignments and class schedules. Here to talk a little more about what to expect physically is Doctor Morgan.”

Sarah stepped aside to reveal Doctor Morgan, a devilishly handsome silver haired fox who looked to be in his fifties. He was in full scrubs but his body showed promise of being in very good shape.

“Good morning ladies,” he said.

I think I actually heard some giggles. The good doctor took it in stride.

“Alright ladies, I am one of those you cannot sleep with to be clear, after you graduate well, we’ll see won’t we?”

The crowd laughed, the Doctor had a sparkle in his eyes. He was jovial and friendly and nice.

“First, you will all start hormone therapy for six months to a year. We are state of the art here and indeed I believe you’ve all seen some of my work. How big we can make your breasts depends on genetics so I have already pulled your closest female relative info which is how we came to your falsies waiting for you but nothing is written in stone, you may be bigger or smaller than planned. They will look real however and you will have sensations, you will be ladies, ladies.”

He paused for the applause and I think most of us were clapping mostly because he was putting us at ease.

“Now Sarah here has to be stern, but me, I’m an old man, I’ve seen it all, I can talk frankly and frankly I have good Betturkey news for you all. You can have all the sex you want while you are here,” he smiled.

That led to thunderous applause.

“However, I need to monitor your equipment and how it is affected by the hormones so pleased do not jerk to completion it makes my job harder if you have constant relief. Secondly do not let emotions get in the way, keep it purely sexual, if you are getting feelings get out. We have a large staff here and those that aren’t listed below are fair game though they don’t know your secret so it’s up to you how to approach them,” he said.

Sarah stepped up.

“You are also allowed to walk into town any time but only as a woman, the guards at the gate will see to that. We have good relations with our neighbors so figure out how to have sex without angering an unexpecting sex partner. We will have classes on seduction by the way among other things. You have your itineraries in hand so go get dressed and report to your first class,” she said and we all moved on.

I had a little trouble finding my room but when I did I was surprised to see a lean young blonde man stroking furiously on a seven inch cock on her bed.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t…” I stammered.

“No worries missy, we’re bunkmates, you need to get used to it, this is what I do. Bloody hell we can’t wank to completion, good thing I’m a partial to edging,” she said

“You’re British?”

“Aye and you’re hung a bit mite like a bull I believe I scored with this arrangement. You’re not bashful are you?”

I shook my head and started to stroke my own cock.

“Ah that’s a nice one in’t,” he said.

He yanked furiously on his cock as he saw mine finally at full staff. I was horny as hell but had no partner and that’s when I looked out the window and saw the groundskeeper. He was young and had work khakis on as he cleared brush but his shirt was off and placed in his back pocket due to the heat. His firm toned body rippled with muscles as he moved. Suddenly my roommate was standing next to me stroking in unison and watching him also.

“Well fairness calls, you saw him first so you have first go yes? Lunch break will be your first chance so move in on it or I’ll have a go. Don’t let my proper diction fool you, I can shag with the best of em. Kelley I am,” Kelley said.

She shook my free hand.

“Tiffany, nice to meet you,” I said, saying my new name for the first time.

There were holding a handshake and stroking our own cocks, I guess this is what ladies do. Kelley finally stopped stroking and slapped her own ass then spun around.

“This here is my bread and pudding, it’s what got Tree all bothered,” she said and spanked again.

I hadn’t noticed before but her ass was amazing. For someone so thin and no fat to speak of her ass was bubbled out in such a sexually enticing way. I stopped stroking now as I was not going to be able to hold off much longer.

For the next hour Kelley taught me how to do my makeup and I put on one of my blonde wigs. She was talented, I looked far better than before. My falsies were 34DD so I was excited that that could be my future. Kelley came through her transformation just stunning. Her breasts were smaller than mine but her ass filled out her sweats beautifully. The word Juicy stamped on her ass was appropriate.

I dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl roughly with Oxford shoes and skirt and white button down blouse partially opened though I had a black tee underneath to disguise my boobs weren’t real but the cleavage was there. I dressed this way because as soon as lunch started I was going to see the ghroundskeeper.

The morning was full of more orientation, or disorientation might be more appropriate, spending morning learning about how to become a proper woman isn’t the best thing for a male ego. Sarah was very supportive though and gave us our class assignments for the year. Apparently we all needed to learn a skill so we could explain our income to the IRS. I was pleased to discover I would become a personal trainer.

Sarah further explained how since we weren’t converting our gender for sexual identity purposes it would be helpful if we learned to think of ourselves as sissy boys until such a time if ever that we considered ourselves completely as a woman. For some reason that line of thinking turned me on. We spent forty minutes of our morning in front of computers with headphones watching sissy hypnosis videos like I had seen in the sex shop. The videos must certainly work to a degree as I left feeling slutty and surprised that I had not bothered to look around the room where everyone else was likely stroking as furiously as me.

Kelley was all hot and bothered after that and asked if I’d be willing to share the groundskeeper. I assured her I was not but encouraged her to checkout a particular cook I saw in the kitchen during lunch. I’m certain the food at lunch was quite delicious, it was certainly healthy, but I was hungry for something Betturkey Giriş else and could not wait to get out to the yard to introduce myself to the young groundskeeper. So I ate quickly so I could spend the rest of my lunch hour with the young man.

As I approached I did see he was quite young, maybe nineteen or twenty but certainly not drinking age I was quite certain. The groundskeeper was digging a hole and his shirtless muscles rippled with his efforts and the sweat covering his body only accented his muscles. He was thin waisted but toned and firm without being large. He was Latino but his skin was bronze likely due to the constant exposure to the sun. He was quite a young stud. He looked up occasional as I approached and smiled a gorgeous white smile as I got closer.

“Kind of a hot day to be doing that today don’t you reckon?” I asked and twirled a lock of my hair in my finger.

“Well I don’t have the luxury of working indoors, so I’m used to it I guess, Mam,” he answered back in the cutest of accents.

I had never been called Mam before and it was exciting but I also thought of how much cuter it made him. I wasn’t sure just how innocent he might or might not be but the way he was starting to rise inside his khakis proved he at least had ideas.

“You don’t need to call me Mam you cute thing, you can call me Tiffany,” I said and extended my hand.

He took my hand and it was electric. Clearly he felt something too and his pup tent in his pants rose further. He moved his other hand down to try to hide it.

“I’m Luis,” he replied and didn’t let go.

“Do you like this kind of work? Working with holes? Do you like holes Luis?” I asked.

Despite the amount of color he managed to get some red in the face when I said that and I believe he outright gulped.

“Well digging them isn’t much fun,” he replied nervously.

“How about filling them in? I bet that can be real fun. Do you want to have some fun Luis?”

I had leaned in and whispered that in his ear. He still held my hand. If my cock wasn’t taped down to the side of my leg he would have felt me touching him but instead I moved in far enough to feel the tip of his cock press into my body.

“I can’t, I have a girlfriend,” he stammered.

“I assumed you would, you being so hot and all, but she’s not here is she Luis?”

He shook his head no.

“And I’m awful horny, aren’t you Luis?”

He nodded and was breathing rather hard.

“No one needs to know. Besides, I just want to see it for just a minute. Will you let me see it?” I asked, breathing in his ear.

He nodded and I dropped to my knees and undid his belt buckle and then unzipped his pants. I pulled them down partway and saw a lovely cock tented in his boxers. He wasn’t large at all, maybe six inches and I realized right then that even though I was a size queen there were things to love about all cocks. As I fished his out through the boxer fly I marveled at how pretty it was. It was uncut and dark and throbbing mightily. He was extremely hard.

As it came out into the open I took my hand and grabbed it at the base to prepare to take it in my mouth and then…

“OOOOOhhhhh, ah, fuck, aaaaahhhhhh, here it comes, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

He squirted a huge rope of cum straight at my fake tits. I was caught off guard but couldn’t recover because he was shooting again so quick and so forceful. His shots rocketed out so quickly after one another. I had never seen cum fly out that quickly. He was moaning and groaning and all I was doing was holding him in the spot I had originally started at. My own cock went rigid at this unexpected quick cum.

Finally he stopped and my clothes were soaked in his jizz but the smell was lovely. I started to stroke him, to get ready for round two but suddenly he pushed me away.

“I’m sorry,” he said and grabbed at his pants.

“That’s okay baby doll, these things happen,” I said.

“I have to clean up,” he said.

“Let me clean you up baby,” I offered but he was rushing back to his truck trying desperately to secure his pants.

He looked sadly at me in his rearview as he got in his truck but that didn’t slow him down none from kicking up dirt as he roared that engine out of there. I was left on my knees with my ten inch erection battling against the strap that held it against my leg and thinking how unfair it was that I wasn’t allowed to jerk to relief. Sometimes, I learned, it just sucks to be a woman.

“So he shot his wad in under a minute did he,” Kelley asked.

“Not even, in a matter of seconds,” I answered.

We were quite the sight, Kelley and I. For twenty minutes a day all of us TGirls were required to walk on the treadmills not in active gear but in six inch high heels. So there it was one dozen treadmills all in a row and all us girls in just bra and panties walking in those heels. It was very difficult at first but I was getting into a rhythm. Certainly it was clear the heels were designed to raise and present Betturkey Güncel Giriş the ass and mine felt hungry for some action as I recounted the meeting with Luis to Kelley.

Kelley had pulled her cock from her panties and was stroking as I filled her in on what happened with the groundskeeper. Her stroking had made me go erect so now about five inches of my cock was sticking up and out of the top of my panties. I was dripping pre-cum as I walked.

“I saw your clothes, that was a right proper amount of cum,” she said.

“You should have seen it, it came out of his cock like a freight train, there was no stopping it,” I reminisced.

“So why not stick around for shag? You said he was still hard?” Kelley asked.

“So hard, he didn’t soften at all. I can only think he was embarrassed or maybe guilty about his girlfriend,” I offered.

“He has a girlfriend? You are a slut.”

Kelley reached over and slapped my ass. It sounded like a thunderclap and it felt immensely good. I blushed in response and almost stumbled off the treadmill. Sarah looked up from her chair.

“Calm down ladies,” Sarah said and shot me a quick smile.

“Some of the mums and I are going into town tonight, we can’t bloody take our aching clits anymore. Come with?” Kelley asked.

Normally I would have said yes and my rock hard cock that was staying hard even without me touching it was proof that I desperately needed relief but all I could think about was Luis. I didn’t want to steal him away from his girlfriend and I had no feelings for him but I was lusting for him. I wanted and needed not just any cock but Luis’. When our time was up I asked Sarah what she knew about him. She informed me that he was hired in the off season so he had never been with any of the girls and that he worked Monday’s and Fridays. So today was Monday so it would be a long week but I could hold out and I would hold out for Luis.

The week dragged on and I focused on my studies and found that by Friday morning I was certainly more feminine than the first day I met Luis. I was much better at makeup and I braided my hair nice and long down my back. I wore a pink polo that strained to contain my breasts. I used my Velcro Spanx style garment to strap my cock against my right leg. My skirt was just long enough that I wouldn’t flash my cock. And unlike last time I put on a sexy pair of heels.

I had been watching Luis from my window as I got ready and he was in the same khakis but this time wore a Navy T which just made him look so good and so firm. He was at work on the same hole. I went outside and started to cross the lawn towards him and struggled with my heels in the grass but did my best to look sexy as I approached him.

“Hello Luis,” I said.

“Hello Tiffany,” he offered.

He was blushing and kept at his work, looked like he was avoiding me.

“It’s so good to see you again,” I said.

I thought he wasn’t going to reply. He kept digging but I saw the telltale growth again in his khakis. He turned red in the face and then said something as he continued to dig.

“I thought maybe you were real pretty but maybe I remembered wrong because of what we did, but no, you look even better. You are very beautiful Tiffany,” he said.

“And you are very handsome,” I said.

He blushed and I stepped closer and grabbed his arm to get him to stop working.

“Did you want to play again Luis?”

“I felt guilty because of my girlfriend and I didn’t think you’d want to because of what happened, but yes, I’d like to be with you again,” he said.

I smiled, so happy, and so hard under my skirt. I pressed close to him and for the first time we kissed. I melted under him as it was clear where his mouth was concerned he was in control. I reached down and rubbed his erection through his pants but he pushed me away quickly, clearly close again.

“Can you take it out?” he said.

I got on my knees again and gently took it out with just two fingers, trying to minimize the contact. It was just so hard; it felt like steel not flesh. I slowly breathed on it and then slipped it into my mouth when…

“AAAAAhhhhh, oh shit, oh, cumminnngg, oh fuck, o yeah!”

I wasn’t ready for it though I should have been. The first few squirts rocketed down my throat and then I was capturing the rest in my mouth. He blasted over and over again, so fast, so hot and his legs were shaking. Finally he stopped and I started to suck hard and fast in hopes of not having a repeat of last time but again he yanked his cock out of my mouth.

His words were running together as he offered several thank yous, several sorries, and a few wows but he was in his truck as fast as his cum had shot into my mouth. Before he drove off he did offer me a different kind of bone, he mentioned the hole was for a tree that he forgot to bring so he’d be back Monday to fill it in.

I was frustrated, so sexually desperate but for Luis, for that hot young man with the beautiful cock that shoots so much so quickly, I was willing to wait. I was going to formulate a plan to make certain he would finally fuck me with that beautiful thing.

When I returned to the room I found Kelley fucking a man I recognized from the kitchen staff. He was screaming like a little girl and moaning. Kelley really did know how to shag.

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