Roommates Ch. 01

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It’s a hot summer day in Dallas. Isaac and his roommate, Devin, are sitting in the living room, sweating in the sweltering heat, hoping the feeble air from the ceiling fan cools them down. Isaac grew up in the suburbs of Arlington, moving to Dallas with his childhood friend, Devin, when they both decided to go to college in Dallas. Isaac was pale, freckled, and short. Devin, taller than Isaac and black, made them seem like polar opposites. They had been through thick and thin growing up, having been in the same classes and on the same sports teams, and now they’re roommates.

Isaac was watching a basketball game on their living room TV, relaxed on the couch opposite to the TV. Devin sat on the other couch, relaxed, arms spread out. Devin turned to Isaac.

“Dude, I don’t get how you’re wearing jeans today. It’s hotter than Satan’s ass crack right now,” said Devin. Devin was wearing basketball shorts, and he scratched an itch on his thigh. “Least I was smart enough to wear shorts.”

“Yeah, honestly, I’m starting to wonder the same thing myself,” replied Isaac. “I probably should get some water or something unless I want to die here.”

Isaac got up from the couch, grunting (and they said back pain was supposed to start when you’re old?), and made his way to the kitchen. He searched the cabinets for a glass for some water when he heard Devin walk in. Isaac turned to the sink to start filling his glass.

“Sorry, I need some water too,” said Devin. He went to reach around Isaac for a glass from the cabinet. While reaching, he placed a hand on Isaac’s lower back. Isaac flinched. It wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary, but Isaac felt Devin lingered his hand there on the small of his back for a bit too long before he moved to Isaac’s side and filled his glass with cold tap water.

“So, how’s life been. Seeing anyone?” asked Devin.

“No, haven’t had any luck.”

“Damn, not even with Melissa?”

“No, I ended up calling that date off,” muttered Isaac, a bit sheepishly. Devin’s eyebrows raised for a quick second, looking intently at Isaac.

“Did you chicken out? You’ve been talking about her for months man!” Isaac started to nod.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Isaac said, looking at his glass before taking another drink. “Something just didn’t feel right with her.”

“Was she actually crazy or something?” interrupted Devin. He took a drink. “You’re a good-looking guy man; don’t beat yourself up.” Devin saw Isaac not paying attention to him, so he reached and grabbed Isaac’s cheek to turn Isaac toward him. Isaac recoiled slightly, but not too much. “You gotta work on that self-confidence.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Isaac sighed. He went to go back to the living room, but their kitchen wasn’t suadiye escort exactly the largest, so Isaac had to squeeze past Devin a little to get out of the kitchen. Devin, for some reason, decided not to try and move out of the way for Isaac, so Isaac had to sideline his way out of the kitchen. But, as he did that, he felt himself brush against Devin’s thighs in the cramped space. Isaac started as he felt something on his rear. “Whoa! Jesus man!”

“Ah, shit sorry,” cried Devin. Devin reached out and grabbed Isaac’s hips to push him away. “It’s just been a while since I got any action, and I’m just thinking about Melissa. She definitely fits that hot, crazy chick type.”

Isaac awkwardly laughed, uncomfortable with this whole last few minutes.

“It’s no big deal, just, you know, didn’t expect that on my way out of the kitchen,” replied Isaac. “Ah, damn, I probably should go back to watching that game!”

“Oh, fuck!” Devin quickly chugged the rest of his water.

Isaac and Devin both tried to shimmy their way out of the kitchen, but they both ended up at the door at the same time. As Isaac tried to move out into the hallway, he felt himself pressed in front of Devin again. Devin still was hard, and they got stuck for a second. Isaac did not like this one bit as he felt Devin grab his sides again as they both moved for air, so to speak.

“Damn, man, we’re gonna miss the game!” Devin complained mischievously. “Get out of the way!” Devin pressed himself into Isaac’s back, trying to covertly rub himself on his roommate’s bottom.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing?” asked Isaac, finally making his way out to the hallway. “You’re being fucking weird.”

“I wasn’t doing anything! I was trying to push you out so I can see the damn game!”

“It felt like you were—”

“I was what?”

Isaac shut his mouth, sheepish.

“Uh… you know.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Um, it doesn’t matter.”

They both made their way back to the living room on their own couches. Isaac didn’t say much, but when he went to look out the window at some noise he heard, he happened to notice that Devin still had a hard-on. Devin caught Isaac looking out of the corner of his eye, but didn’t want to make it obvious.

“Man, Melissa’s got me going today,” started Devin. “To think I can finally have my shot with her. Hot, crazy, scary. Damn. That’s something right there.” He scratched his thigh again, but a little bit closer to his crotch and for a little longer than Isaac would deem normal.

“Yeah, Melissa sure was something. Maybe I should try and take another shot,” said Isaac. Devin’s hand slowly started moving up his leg when the TV started going on the fritz.

“Ah, hell!” yelled Isaac. He got up to go and look at what might have messed with the TV when he yakacık escort heard Devin get up too. Next thing he knew, Isaac saw Devin’s big arms wrap around his chest and he felt Devin start pressing himself on his bottom, hard-on rubbing on his ass.

“Holy shit??? Dude, what the fuck??? Get off!” cried Isaac, taken by surprise. He tried to move away, but Devin was on him like a vice. Devin let out a satisfied sigh and a little grunt as he thrust himself once.

“You know, man, from behind you kinda look like Melissa,” said Devin, words beginning to roll of his tongue dripping with lust. “I just had to grab you and think of what she might feel like.” Devin pulled Isaac into him with his great strength and pushed his crotch into his roommate’s bottom tighter, letting out a pleased moan. “aaAhhh… fuck…”

“Fucking stop man! This is gay and I don’t fucking want this!” Isaac tried to pull away again, but all he was able to succeed in was Devin shushing him, brushing his cheek with one of his hands, and grinding himself into his rear ever more.

“Come on, man, we’re not doing anything gay right now. We’re both fully clothed,” cooed Devin, grinding again. “After all, I’m only thinking of Melissa.”

“Then let me go dude!” Devin let loose his grip and Isaac broke free of his friend’s grip, sweating and blushing profusely.

“So, you’re mad at ME for supposedly doing something gay when YOU’RE the one with the raging hard-on,” chuckled Devin.

“Wha-?” started Isaac, looking down to see himself, indeed, have a massive hard-on.

“Come on man, you know you’ve wanted this. Just let me feel what it might be like to see Melissa,” wooed Devin. Isaac thought about it for a second.

“Man, you’re being weird.”

Devin walked forward, brushing Isaac’s face with his hand. Isaac shivered, not knowing what he was feeling.

“Isaac… just help me and be my Melissa for a little bit… Let me feel her. You already look like her man. I just want to feel her,” he whispered, his other hand brushing down to touch Isaac’s rear. Isaac didn’t stop him.

“I don’t know…”

“You want this. I promise you that you’ll love it.”

Devin started running a finger down Isaac’s chest and grabbed one of his cheeks when he finally said…

“Alright, Jesus, fine! Just promise me that you won’t do anything weird!”

Devin gave Isaac a wide smile.

“Get on your knees for me, Melissa…” he breathed. Isaac hesitated, but he kneeled down in front of his childhood friend, seeing his legs glisten with sweat and a hard-on rage against his basketball shorts, practically begging to be freed.

“What now?”

“Pull my shorts down…” Isaac gulped and grabbed Devin’s shorts. As he slowly pulled them down, he saw Devin’s dick get caught in his underwear, but şerifali escort finally spring to life in front of his face as it was freed. Devin’s cock was throbbing with anticipation, begging for a hole to fill as Devin ran his fingers through Isaac’s hair. “Just like that, Melissa…”

“I don’t know about this dude… We might be going a little far…” said Isaac. Devin didn’t say anything, and instead started to push his cock forward into Isaac’s face, rubbing his cockhead on Isaac’s soft lips. “mmm-shit… wai-!”

And, just like that, Devin pushed his cock into Isaac’s mouth, shoving in at least half of his six inches at once.

“aaaaaaAAaAAaaaa… FUCK!” moaned Devin. Isaac tried to talk, but Devin shushed him, pushing forward more and grabbing the back of Isaac’s head. “Just like that, baby.”

Devin begin thrusting his dick into Isaac’s soft mouth. Isaac didn’t know what to do at this point, so he thought he might as well make the best of a bad situation by making it end quickly. He started running his tongue around Devin’s cock and sucking to get him to cum faster and be free of his friend’s invasive cock.

“Fuckkkk Melissa, just like that…” moaned Devin. Isaac’s eyes widened as he found himself starting to only see Devin’s pubes as he began to fuck his mouth. Isaac desperately began to breathe out of his nose as Devin’s humping took away his air. Isaac felt Devin’s balls hit his chin, presumably full with his cum. Trying to stabilize himself, Isaac grabbed hold onto Devin’s ass. Devin’s cock twitched in Isaac’s throat. “I knew you’d love this, baby!”

There wasn’t much he could do. Isaac grabbed tightly onto Devin’s ass and his thighs, trying to get him to cum quicker, but it felt like Devin’s skull-fucking would never end. He would forever feel Devin’s thick cock brushing against his tongue, invading his throat, hair brushing his nose, balls touching his chin.

After what felt like an eternity of dirty talking and cock sucking, Devin’s cock began to twitch and he began to give quick moans and sighs. Isaac knew he was almost done. Isaac thought Devin would at least finish somewhere else, but as he kept going, Isaac knew Devin wasn’t going to cum anywhere else.

“Here’s what you’ve been wanting so bad, baby! Swallow every last drop!” Devin rammed into Isaac’s mouth, every inch down Isaac’s throat. Isaac’s vision began to black out as he lost air; Devin’s massive cock in his throat, pubes blocking his nose, and heavy balls blocking him from moving his face. Shot after shot of Devin’s sticky cum blew down his throat. “Doesn’t it taste so good? I made it all for you, baby…”

Just before Isaac couldn’t take it any longer, Devin pulled out with a satisfied moan. Isaac coughed, his throat coated with Devin’s cum.

“What the fuck, man!” Devin shushed him and put a finger on Isaac’s mouth.

“That’s no way for a lady to talk…” cooed Devin.

“What the hell?”

“Come on, Melissa, you know you loved it… you asked for it! Now, let’s go to the couch… I wanna cuddle and watch the rest of the game tonight.”

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