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Spitting Contest

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BY: Hungry Guy and Mistress Silvina

Silvina walked down the sidewalk toward Paula’s apartment. Her ashen white skin glowed amid the crowd of golden people of Buenos Aires.

Her brown hair blew in the strong wind of the Zonda that had brought in hot dry air from the interior of Argentina.

She rubbed the sweat from the brutal South American summer heat from her brown eyes as she entered the cool, refreshing lobby of Paula’s apartment house.


Paula looked down at Robert, lying on his back, naked, and bound with strong packaging tape by the wrists and ankles to the legs of her overturned coffee table.

“Be nice!” she cooed. “Mistress Jessica and Mistress Silvina will be here any minute.”

“Please, Paula,” her boyfriend begged. “You know I don’t like it when you let your friends play that game where you all spit in my mouth. That’s so disgusting! And that one friend of yours makes me suck her feet! Yuck! And what you do to me after is…”

_”HUSH!”_ Paula scolded him, and then slapped his face. “You know I expect this of you! And you know they are to believe that you _LOVE_ our little game, even the part that the winner gets to do to you later! If either Jessica or Silvina even _SUSPECT_ that you’re not thrilled at the privilege to participate in our fun, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he sighed.

“Good!” At that, Paula squatted down and sat on his chest and hooked a dog leash to his collar so that he couldn’t sit up. At 115 pounds, she wasn’t a light woman, and he had to strain to inhale against her weight on his chest.

Next, while still sitting on his chest, she slid a medical brace under the back of his neck and buckled it tightly around his neck so that he couldn’t turn his head from side to side.

She then placed a jaw-spreader in his mouth, the kind that dentists use to force patients’ mouths open during oral surgery, and ratcheted it open to hold his mouth open wide.

She slapped his face once again just for the fun of it, then she inserted her toes into his mouth and said, “Suck my toes while we wait for my friends to arrive.”


The lift brought Silvina up to the level of Paula’s flat. “Come in!” Paula called out when Silvina pressed the buzzer.

“Welcome, Silvina!” Paula came over and hugged her friend. Silvina looked around to see that Paula’s place was as elegant as ever, and her boyfriend was tied down in place in the corner, ready for the fun.

“Jessica just called on her cell,” Paula said. “She’s on her way up right now. How about a cup of coffee?”

A minute later, as Paula was bringing out a pot of fresh brewed coffee, imported from neighboring Columbia, the buzzer sounded again. Silvina sipped the refreshing cup as Paula welcomed Jessica inside.

The three friends made small talk for a while and drank their coffee.

Finishing their coffee, Paula said, “Now that our whistles are whetted, shall we let the game begin?”

“Of course!” Jessica answered.

“That’s why I braved the horrid heat to get here!” Silvina added. Her nipples were hard and her sex was wet thinking about the contest, and maybe even winning!

The three women stood and walked over to the helpless naked guy. Robert’s head was securely immobile, his wide-open mouth so inviting.

“Since you won last time, Jessica, “Paula said, “you may go first.”

“Same rules?” Jessica asked.

“Sure!” Paula answered. “The first to spit into his mouth three times in a row wins the toilet mouth.”

Jessica leaned over Robert’s face and brushed her blonde hair away from her piercing black eyes. At 172 cm., she was at a slight disadvantage from the other two women, given the slightly greater distance she was from his mouth. She hocked up, and let a big drip of saliva ooze out of her mouth. It clung to her lips for a moment before dropping directly into his mouth.

“Yeah!” she cheered.

“You’re next Silvina,” Paula said.

Silvina leaned over him and hocked up pool of saliva in her mouth, she let it drip out. It dropped down and splashed into his left eye. His body quivered a moment as Silvina’s spit pooled into a tiny puddle in his eye, and then dribbled down the side of his face.

“Darn!” Silvina sighed. “But I bet he’s so turned on now!”

“I’m sure he is!” Maltepe Escort Paula answered as she straddled his body and took aim. Her spit splashed onto his upper lip, but didn’t go into his mouth.

Jessica went again. And again, a big drop of her spit splashed directly into his mouth.

“I wonder if he really likes this,” Jessica said.

“Of course he does!” Paula said. “He _BEGS_ me constantly to invite you two over for our game! Don’t you, Robert?” she asked him.

“Ahhhh,” he said as if to answer “Yes.”

Silvina took her turn, aimed, and dropped a big glob of saliva into his mouth.

“Ohhh!” the women cooed.

Paula went next, and also hit the target with her spit.

Jessica took her third turn–and missed–spitting onto his cheek.

Silvina missed, getting him in the eye again.

Paula got her second bulls-eye in a row. Robert was struggling against the jaw spreader to swallow all the women’s spit that had accumulated in his mouth so far.

Jessica hit the target, but since she missed last time, this was, again, her first attempt at three in a row.

Silvina dropped a big glob of spit into his mouth that seemed to cling to her lips for a while before gravity asserted itself. “The pressure’s on, Paula!” Silvina said.

Paula missed her chance at three in a row just then. “Darn!” she said.

“Yeah, but he’s your boyfriend, so you get to play with him all the time!” Jessica said.

Jessica scored again, her second second-in-a-row.

Silvina also landed her second second-in-a-row.

Then Paula dropped a big glob of spit into his mouth, starting her next first of three.

Jessica took a deep breath and hocked up a wad of spit. She took careful aim, trying to position her mouth directly over his as she stood over him, and–missed–splashing his chin. “Crap!”

Robert’s body quivered and quaked in obvious orgasmic delight as the competition between the three women heated up.

Now the pressure was on. Silvina stood straddling Robert’s head and took aim. A long drop of saliva oozed out of her mouth and clung to her lip as it elongated and let go. It landed in his mouth as Silvina let out a cheerful, “Yes!”

“He’s mine!” Silvina said to Paula.

“Yes,” Paula answered. “He’s yours for the rest of the day.”

“So what should I do with him now?” Silvina cooed.

“It’s up to you!” Paula said.

“Elija su torcedura!” Jessica added.

Paula turned to Jessica and said, “Let’s go out and let Silvina have her fun.”

“Okay, sure,” Jessica answered. The women hugged, and then Silvina was alone with Paula’s boyfriend.

Silvina didn’t have to relieve herself yet, so she went back over to the sofa and poured herself another cup of still warm coffee. Grabbing the TV remote, she clicked through the channels.

Noticas were on several channels: Alberto Fernandez was making headlines again going on about a confrontation between the judges and prosecutors; the Americans were meddling in the domestic affairs of yet another country, brewing resentment and creating another source of future terrorists against the west; and Lionel Messi had been selected for some Soccer award or such.

Thinking of football, reminded Silvina of her feet, and how much she loved it when a boy sucked on hers.

Having planned what she wanted to do if she won, she wore a skirt with shoes and socks instead of stockings, so she kicked off her shoes, pulled her socks off, and walked back over to the helpless guy.

She knelt and removed the jaw spreader from his mouth. “Thank you, Mistress Silvina!” he said.

“You’re welcome, Robert,” Silvina answered. “And how are you going to thank me?” she asked.

“May I suck your toes, Mistress Silvina?”

“Of course you may!” she answered. Silvina had been anticipating doing “deep foot” if she won tonight. “You like to suck my toes, don’t you?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh, yes, Mistress Silvina! Please let me lick your feet clean!”

She hoped this wouldn’t injure him what she was about to do. Silvina knew that she was lighter than Paula by a few pounds, so she knew that she could safely do anything to him that Paula surely must do. She stepped up onto his chest and slid her right foot into his mouth. She pushed her foot deeper and deeper into his mouth, Kurtköy Escort feeling her toes slide past the back of his mouth and down his throat. She picked up her other foot off his chest so that she was standing only on her one foot that was now inserted deeply into his mouth and down his throat. Her entire 105 pounds was being transmitted through her foot inserted deep into his gaping mouth.

She stood for a good minute, enjoying the sensation, then stepped down and removed her foot. He began gasping and coughing immediately.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Silvina said. “Did that hurt?”

“Oh no, Mistress! I enjoyed the sensation of your foot deep down my throat. It almost made me come!”

“I’m glad!” Silvina said. “Because now I’m going to do the other foot.”

She inserted her other foot in his mouth and, again, stood with only her foot in his mouth supporting her weight.

After a minute of standing, and feeling her sex getting ever wetter, those several cups of coffee were demanding escape.

She stood off him and said, “After drinking all that coffee, I need to do something else I know you’ll like.”

“Yes, Mistress Silvina. I’m thirsty. Please give me a drink.”

Silvina smiled down at him and said, “It would be my pleasure to give you a drink. But should I stand over you and aim into your mouth like I did last time, or should I sit on your face like Jessica does?”

“If you sit on my face, Mistress, I’ll get to drink every drop, and you won’t splash any on Mistress Paula’s carpet.”

Silvina laughed and said, “Yes, I like the way you think!”

She stepped and straddled his chest facing his feet and sat. She settled her bottom onto his face and squirmed a little, adjusting her clit directly over his mouth. It felt strange to have his nose inserted slightly into her anus–she squeezed it a couple of times with her sphincter.

So that none of her water would leak out, she stretched her legs out in front of her, against his sides, so that her full 105 pounds was supported entirely by his face.

She had done this enough times with him that her bladder relaxed easily, and promptly let her urine flow into his mouth.

It took about 20 to 30 seconds to empty her bladder–not so long, but still a fairly long time to make someone hold their breath.

She squirted one last squirt of piss into his mouth and waited, letting him enjoy the sensation of her bottom on his face for another 30 seconds or so. Then she stood, letting him release a gasp of breath.

Silvina knew that Paula and Jessica would let her have the whole evening with Robert–that was part of her prize. The other two women would be having fun out in the city, and she would be having her own fun in Paula’s flat. So she returned to the sofa and slid a DVD into the player. The coffee urn had grown cold, so he took it into the kitchen and started a fresh brew. While in the kitchen, she made herself some spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, then returned to the sofa and settled down to watch the flick.

What with all the coffee that Silvina had been drinking, Robert got a few more drinks during the movie–a flick about a widowed guy who calls a radio station and the station hooks him up with a widowed woman and they fall in love and live happily ever after. Good tearjerker, but nobody ever sucks anyone else’s feet or drinks anyone else’s pee in one of these flicks.

By the end of the movie, Silvina was pleased that she felt the need to have a bowel movement. She knew that Robert would have been very disappointed if he didn’t get any solid nourishment during their playtime.

She walked over to him, farted, and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, Mistress Silvina.”

“How hungry?”

“Very hungry, Mistress.”

“Your dinner is inside my ass right now. Do you want it?”

“Yes, please, Mistress!”

She turned and sat on his face, but not quite like she had done the few times she had peed. Instead, she faced away from his body so that her sphincter was directly over his mouth. This time, his nose was slightly up her vagina. That felt good!

Again, she stretched her legs out in front of her so that her full weight was bearing down entirely by her ass on his face.

She felt the need to defecate in her bowels. She pushed and felt a large turd Kartal Escort slide through her sphincter. The sensation was almost orgasmic. A split second later, she pushed out another.

She knew that his mouth would be jam-packed after crapping out two big turds, but a third was pushing against her bowels; so she pushed it out too, knowing that it would likely cause him some amount of distress. She sat for about 30 more seconds to give him a change to swallow before shitting out another lump of shit. She didn’t want to make him hold his breath for much longer than about two minutes, so she shat one more lump out, then she stood.

He immediately started gasping and choking. His mouth was packed solid with her shit as he struggled to chew and swallow it.

“Phew!” it stank the room up too.

He looked visibly ill as he swallowed the last of her shit.

“Are you all right?” she asked with some concern.

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you for the meal direct from inside your beautiful body. I’m fine. _Urp!”_

“You don’t look fine!”

“Honest! I’m okay, Mistress.”

“Well, if you say so,” Silvina shrugged. She knew that he enjoyed toilet service, so she accepted him at his word.

“I just want you to lick my ass clean now, okay?”

“Of course, Mistress. Please have a seat again!”

Silvina sat once again. She was on the brink of orgasm as he rimmed her asshole while she sat on his face.

Then Silvina got a naughty thought. She knew that he was Paula’s boyfriend, and they had all agreed that fucking him was off limits. But she was _SO_ horny just then.

She laid down on top of him with her crotch in his face, and facing his member.

“What are you doing, Mistress Silvina?” he asked.

“I’m going to suck your dick! Do you object?”

“I…ah…well…” he stammered.

“You think you’ll be cheating on Paula if I do?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Then it’ll be our secret, okay? After eating my shit, you deserve a treat! Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered.

At that, Silvina lowered her face and sucked his member into her mouth. She brought him to the brink of orgasm, then asked, “Do you want to orgasm into my mouth or my vagina?”

“You’re vagina, Mistress!”

She sat up and scooted around and sat on his hard, erect member. The feeling of a hard cock throbbing inside her felt so good! She started sliding herself up and down, milking his member with her PC muscle. He exploded into her immediately. She too, exploded in orgasm as they quaked in synchronicity.

_Forgive me, Paula!_ Silvina thought to herself as she sat on Robert’s softening cock still inside her vagina.

After a couple of minutes passed, she went into the bathroom and washed herself off. Then she brought the wet towel out and washed his member off, just so there would be no telltale signs for Paula to sense or smell.

She threw the towel in the laundry hamper and returned to him and said, “But now, you need to be punished for cheating on your girlfriend!”

“Oh?” he said.

Silvina knelt straddling his chest and slapped his face–hard.

“Ow!” he screamed.

Then she slapped him again with her other hand.

“Ow! Please Mistress! Please stop!”

“But you were a bad boy!”

She slapped him again. Then again. Then again.

Silvina heard the lock click as she was slapping him for maybe the tenth or fifteenth time. She whispered, “Remember to keep our secret!”

Paula and Jessica entered and Paula laughed upon seeing Silvina sitting on his chest slapping him like mad. “Having fun?” Paula laughed.

“Oh yes!” Silvina said. “Wonderful fun!” Silvina stood and said, “I got my toes sucked AND fed him a huge dump.”

Jessica yawned and said, “I’m glad you had your fun. We had fun too. A couple of guys got into a fight over Paula at some club, so we sneaked out before they realized we left. But I’m beat.”

Jessica picked up her purse, and said, “G’night. Till next time!”

“Night Jess!” Paula said.

“Safe trip home!” Silvina said.

“You too!” Jessica said to Silvina as she exited.

Silvina yawned and said, “I guess I should be getting on home too.”

“Sure,” Paula said. “I need to give him his reward for tonight. Glad you could come!”

“Me too!” Silvina said. “G’night!”

Down on the street it was still hot, and Buenos Aires could be dangerous at night for a single woman walking alone, so she waved a cab and headed home for a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams of slapping, peeing, and foot sucking.

* END *

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