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Bart’s Adventures

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Bart was a man in 20s. Taller than average at 6′ 2″ with brown hair and brown eyes, he usually didn’t have a problem getting women, but…. There was the side of him that liked watching. Some might call him a Peeping Tom, but he liked watching other people when they didn’t know. It heightened the fantasy.

It was a hot summer night. The kind that made your skin sticky just walking to and from your car. The same kind of sticky that you get after a great round of sex. As Bart was getting out of his car, he saw a young couple heading to their apartment. His apartment was farther down the building, and he had not seen this couple before. They must be new to the complex. They were in their early 20s. It looked like they were just getting home from a date. Bart wondered if the guy would get laid tonight. His eyes followed them as they approached their door. They were in a unit close to where his car was parked. He scanned the area, seeing a tall shrub he could crouch behind.

Bart couldn’t wait to see what happened with this young couple. As he found a place to peer through their window. He saw them embraced in a hot kiss. The girl was wearing those cute little Daisy Duke shorts. The man’s hands cupped her ass, grabbing the sweet flesh beneath them. His hands tangled in her hair as she arched her neck back and groaned. He kissed her neck, nibbled on her ears, trailing his mouth further down to lock onto her nipple through her shirt. Bart heard the groan even from his spot. She must be soaking her panties right now, if she was even wearing anyway. As short as those shorts were, it was possible she had a little thong, or maybe even no panties. Bart’s cock hardened.

He loved thinking about what women wore under their clothes. Bras and panties are sexy, especially when they had female skin in them. Bart hoped she was wearing some sexy little get up underneath those shorts. Although he’d love to see her naked, his mind raced with what she might have on under her shorts and shirt.

Bart’s cock hardened again as he saw the girl frantically grabbing for the man’s shirt, pulling it over his head in one swift motion. Clothes were coming off now. The man took this as his cue, pushing the girl’s shirt up, exposing the baby pink lace bra. Now it was Bart’s turn to groan. The bra was only slightly darker than the girl’s skin. Her nipples strained against the confining garment. She had beautiful tits. A nice C cup he guessed. Again, the man’s mouth was on her nipple. She pressed her tit against his mouth. Bart licked his lips. He wanted his mouth against the lace, sucking on her hard nipples.

The man sucked on one nipple as he pinched the other. The girl’s hips were grinding. She obviously enjoyed what she was receiving. Her hands gripped his head, locking his mouth right over her tits. Bart saw her chest heaving, her breaths coming faster and harder. Bart stroked his now rock hard cock through his pants. He wanted to pull his cock out to stroke, but he was too close to the parking lot to take a chance of getting caught. He’d have to be content with watching and rubbing through his pants. His own breathing quickened with the girl’s. Was she about to cum? Bart sat glued in his spot.

A load moan came from the girl’s lips. Her hips no longer moved. Instead, her entire body shuddered as the orgasm took her. As she came down from her high, the man worked the button on her shorts, and had them sliding down her legs before she knew what happened. There she stood in her matching bra and panties. Bart wanted so badly to stroke himself to his own orgasm, but he had to remain constrained. The man must have asked her to turn around, because the girl turned in a circle very slowly. Bart was able to drink in every inch of her body as she did. The panties dipped low in the front, ending just above her bush or where her bush would be. Bart couldn’t tell what was under the lace. The weave was just a little too tight. As she turned, Bart saw her ass cheeks only half covered by the pink lace. He could clearly see the curve of each cheek on her firm ass. The man stopped her there. He pulled her against his body, with his her ass against his still covered cock. She was turned toward Bart, leaving him a clear view as the man began to work her tits again. This time he had one nipple pinched between the thumb and forefinger on each hand. He continued his assault on her tits until she was near cumming again. He softened Maltepe Escort his touch, gradually pulling his hands away, sliding them down her exposed torso. Her skin looked silky smooth and soft. His hands slid further down, rubbing across her clit, through the panties. Bart saw her gasp and her body tighten.

Bart saw the man whisper in the girl’s ear. She nodded her response. The man’s hand dipped inside the little lace panties. He must have touched her clit, because Bart heard her gasp. The man’s fingers worked quickly inside her panties. He never pulled them down to give Bart a full view of her pussy. Instead, he had to be content with watching her hips grind as his finger continued working her clit. The man ground his cock against her ass. Bart bet that his cock would easily slide into her slippery pussy. He could almost feel it. He’d love to be more than a spectator in this event, but he had to settle for his position in the dark.

The position of the man’s hands changed. Bart couldn’t figure it out at first, then he realized the man must have at least one finger inside her slick pussy. It appeared that his thumb would graze her clit, while his finger slid in and out. Bart tore his gaze away to look at the girl’s face. Her head was back, eyes closed, and mouth open as she panted her way through the sensations. She panted faster and faster as the man continued. Her mouth formed a perfect “O” as she let out a loud moan. “Oh yes,” Bart heard her yell as she came. The man continued working her pussy with one hand, while tugging on a nipple with the other. The girl ground her pussy down onto his hand, taking everything he could give. The man slowed his pace and released her nipple, giving her a chance to come down.

The man was talking to her, but Bart couldn’t tell what the discussion was. The girl shook her head and the discussion continued. Occasionally the man would tug her nipple or rub his thumb over her clit as he continued, but the girl continued to disagree with him.

The man removed his hands. The girl was having difficulty standing. He held her up, while still whispering in her ear.

Bart saw them separate and make their way to the couch. The man removed his pants, and stripped off his boxer briefs as well. He took a seat on the couch. Bart was waiting for what came next, knowing he might not be able to keep from jerking off if he saw those tits in the pink bra bouncing as she rode his cock.

To Bart’s surprise, the girl knelt in front of the man. She took the hard cock in her hands, stroking. He appeared to be just smaller than Bart’s 7 inches, which she handled easily. Bart groaned as he watched the girl’s head dip lower and lower, finally making contact with the man’s hard cock. Her mouth slid down the shaft, taking his full length in. Bart continued rubbing himself through his pants.

Still clad in the pink bra and panties, her ass faced Bart as he continued to watch. He went back and forth between watching her mouth and watching her ass wiggle as she sucked the hard cock.

By the looks of it, this was not the first time she had her mouth over his cock. She worked up and down with quick, steady strokes. She engulfed his full cock without gagging. Sometimes she took just the head of his cock in her mouth, a move that Bart loved. Bart’s own cock throbbed, aching for release. He wanted to close his eyes and imagine it was his cock in her mouth, but he couldn’t look away. He imagined burying his cock in her wet pussy while she continued to suck the cock of the other man. He wouldn’t remove her panties. Instead he’d simply slide them to the side so he could continue to see them stretched across her ass.

As Bart looked back, he caught a glimpse of the man’s face. He knew that look. It was the look that said he was about ready to cum. Bart now kept his eyes glued to the girl’s mouth. The man began thrusting his cock in and out of the girl’s mouth, fucking it like a pussy. She did not back off. She kept her mouth wrapped around him as he stilled himself, dumping loads of cum down her throat. Bart saw her swallowing, knowing the cum was sliding down her throat. His cock strained, harder than it had ever been, wanting to be sucked or fucked. How he wished it was receiving the service the man was. He’d gladly dump his load in her pussy or down her throat. He didn’t care where. He just wanted to cum.

After the man Kartal Escort had drained his cock, he laid down on the couch, pulling the girl against him. One hand rested on one of her tits, the other hand passively cupped her pussy. Before long, Bart saw the steady rise and fall of both their chests. They were asleep. Damn. Nothing more to see here tonight, and he’s still got one hell of a hard on. Now what?

Bart waited for an opening, crept out from his spot behind the shrub, and continued down the walkway. His eyes were searching for another window he might spy through.

He spotted an opening. He caught a glance of a young woman through the blinds. He slowed his pace to get a better look. She was dressed in a slinky piece of lingerie. She was pacing back and forth while talking on the phone. Scratch that. She was arguing and it looked like she was building up a good head of steam.

Bart mentally thanked the designers of this complex. They spent a good bit of money on landscaping, making it easier for him to watch the residents.

He settled in as she continued her argument.

“You fucking bastard. You leave me here high and dry on our anniversary,” she shouted. “That’s it. We’re done. You were going to get the fuck of your life tonight, but you’ll never get near this pussy or ass again. If there’s some other bitch, she better be worth it.”

Bart wondered what fool would pass her up. The green nightie she was wearing accentuated her green eyes and long red hair. The silk hugged tight against her tits, then flared away. As she paced, the hem of the nightie fluttered, exposing the flesh of her ass. She had on a small thong underneath the nightie. An ivory satin trimmed the entire outfit. Oh, how soft it must feel. Was her skin as soft as the silk?

She continued to rant and scream after she hung up.

“Who the fuck does he think he is? He thinks he can just ditch me like that? I don’t need him. I can fuck myself better than he ever fucked me.”

Her pace slowed and her rants weakened. The fury was wearing down. When she finally stopped, she collapsed onto the couch. Bart wanted to reach out and soothe her. Stroke her hair, kiss her full lips, pull her head toward him. If he thought his cock was straining before, it was nothing compared to now. Redheads made him so damn hard, and here was a luscious redhead who needed soothing.

Apparently, she was going to work on soothing herself. Her hands traveled across her body. Her palms rubbed across her nipples, down across her stomach, resting on her pussy.

Bart didn’t dare move. He didn’t want to make any sound that would make her stop. Both hands moved back to her tits; her palms rubbing, making her nipples harden. Bart wanted her to move her hands so he could see the nubs, but he didn’t want her to stop pleasuring herself. He wanted to see her cum while he stayed hidden. He imagined that his hands were the ones giving her the pleasure she needed. He willed her to pinch and pull on those nubs.

As if able to read his mind, her fingers began to pinch, pull, tug….Working her hard nipples. Her hips began to do a little thrust and grind as she did. She pressed her lips together as she increased the pressure on her tits.

No longer content with just playing with her tits, she stood and removed the thong she wore. Bart thought he saw a damp area, but it was hard to tell with such a small piece of fabric. By the way her hips were moving before, her pussy had to be wet.

She lowered herself to the couch again, scooting her ass up to the edge, sliding the silk up her body. It was then that Bart saw she was a true red head. The damp curls on her pussy were the same shade as the hair on her head. Bart could no longer hold back. The urge to stroke his cock was so strong. He shifted slightly, attempting to lower his pants. He must have made a noise, because she stopped.

She sat, still and silent for a few moments. Then she rose and walked to the door, swinging it open, hard. She looked around and didn’t see Bart at first glance. As her eyes swept back, she saw him, crouched in the bushes.

“Oh, I have a Peeping Tom I see. You like looking at me playing with my tits and rubbing my pussy?” she barked.

Bart couldn’t answer her. His mouth refused to work. He couldn’t even nod in agreement.

“Well, I’ve got a full head of steam tonight and I don’t mind an Kurtköy Escort audience, so why don’t you get your prick in here and you can watch while I fuck myself, unless you prefer to stay in the bushes like a scardy cat.”

Again, Bart didn’t answer. He moved quickly, not wasting a moment and not giving her a chance to retract her offer.

“So, what’s your name, or should I just call you Peeping Tom?”

“Bbbb-aa-rt,” he stammered.

“Well, Bart, you wanted to watch, you can have a front row seat. I never minded having someone watch me fuck. If you are going to chicken out, get out now, otherwise I’m going back to what I was doing. You want to take your cock out and stroke it, go right ahead, but you damn well better not cum until I do.”

Bart happily obliged her. His cock sprang from his pants.

“Not a bad toy you’ve got there. You should stop creeping in the bushes and find someone who will gobble that up for you. “

She ended the conversation, turning her attention back to her own body. She hadn’t even touched herself, but her nipples poked stretched the fabric. Bart wondered if this was a bigger turn on for him or her.

She began to take the green nightie off when Bart blurted, “No, please don’t.”

“Oh, you like a woman in silky, sexy things. More than I can say for the bastard that stood me up tonight. I’ll leave it on.”

Bart wanted to stroke her damp curls, nibble on her tits and ram his cock into her soaking pussy, but she had clearly set the boundaries and he’d stick by them if it meant he could remain in this room.

Her left hand worked her left tit while her right hand began a slow stroke of her pussy. Initially, she ran her entire hand across her pussy, front to back, repeating slowly. Her fingers pressed slightly into her wet slit. They glistened as she brought them toward her clit, grazing over it, traveling up her body, across her nipple, then disappearing in her mouth.

Bart groaned, stroking his cock while he watched. He willed himself not to blink so that he wouldn’t miss a single second.

Her hand reversed direction after she had licked her fingers clean. Back down to her pussy it went. Her thumb rubbed the swollen nub that was her clit, while her fingers probed in and out of her slippery hole. First one finger, then two, then three.

Bart groaned with each addition, stroking his cock just a little faster. He was hard as a rock and working to keep from cumming.

Her hand worked faster and faster, fingers pumping in and out of her now soaking pussy. She did not hold back with her moans.

Bart wondered if she was always this vocal while fucking, or if she had increased things to amuse him.

“Oh, fuck yes. My pussy feels so good. So wet, my fingers just slide right in,” she cried as she continued fucking herself. “Oh, yes, I’m ready. I’m going to cum,” she screamed.

Bart stroked furiously as he watched her body clench, release, her hips grinding hard onto her hand. She was in control of how hard and how long she came. He felt his balls grow tight and knew he was about to shoot his load. Damn, he wished he was cumming in her wet pussy, or down her throat as he had just watched. He was ready for his release. It was a long time coming, and the sight before him pushed him over the edge. Never had he seen a woman come so hard and so freely. She was not shy as she pushed herself further and further, working her pussy and clit with abandon, while tugging on her nipple, which had now turned bright red. Just when it seemed like she was finished, she would push harder, another orgasm hitting her.

Bart came with a loud groan. This snapped her back into the scene. She slowed her pace as she watched Bart. Now the tables were turned slightly. She lightened her pressure so she could better watch him as he came. She felt empowered knowing she had done this and she never even touched him.

The sight of his cum spurting from his cock got to her. She moved quickly from the couch, plunging her mouth over his cock, swallowing him as he continued to cum. Oh, the taste of his salty cum sliding down her throat. A great end to this little adventure.

Bart emptied his cock, but it remained hard longer than normal. She continued to suck and slurp. His hands went to the red hair loosely spilling around her. He would love to spend the night exploring every inch of her and all her hair, but that was not her plan. She planted a kiss on the tip of cock and sent him on his way.

With a new spring in his step, he wondered what he might find in other apartments in his complex, but for now he would slip into bed, dreaming sweet dreams of what he had seen already.

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