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The First Time

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I have never in my life ever had any kind of sexual feelings for other men. That is until this one time when a situation presented itself to me and I, without much hesitation, jumped right in. Neither of us was prepared for it. But it turned out to be one of the most intense sexual experiences I ever felt.

I’m an average white hetero male about 30 years old. I have a good job in the city and a nice place in the suburbs. I did not have a girlfriend at the time, but it was not because I couldn’t have one or didn’t want one. I was just between girls at the time. Well this day started off like any other I went to work that day and put in my usual time with the rest of the slaves. At the end of the day I decided not to head straight for the bus but decided, instead to head down to this new nudie bar near the bus terminal. The place featured big boob stars from the world of porn each week and this week they were having one of my favorites. After a quick bite to eat at the local greasy spoon I walked over to the club paid the cover charge and headed inside. I had been to quite a few clubs in my time, but this place was something else. Every chick in the house was either a C or a D cup. My cock stood at immediate attention. Grabbing a drink I headed up stairs to the main stage and for the next hour watched Molly Mamms strut her stuff. It was towards the end of the first half-hour that I noticed this black guy on the other side, he seemed familiar to me, but could not place him. It dawned on me why he was so familiar; he rode the same bus I did every day. He always sat in back and never got off before I did. On the bus he never seemed to bother anybody. He was lean and lanky, like a basketball player, dressed usually in sports jerseys and baggy pants. He must have noticed my staring and realized who I was as well, because he smiled and pointed to the big-titted star on stage. I raised my glass and saluted, but that was the extent of our encounter the rest of the time I was at the bar.

After several more drinks I decided enough was enough. If I didn’t hurry I would miss my last bus. I made it to the station and got on board. The bus was not crowded at that hour and the dozen or so passengers were in the front of the bus. I normally sat in the middle of the bus, but this night, without realizing it I sat in the back. Sitting right on the aisle so that I could see straight to the front of the bus, I slouched back into the seat and dreamed of big-titted women, slowly rubbing the hardon I still sported. The bus was getting ready to pull out when there was a knock at the window and the driver opened the door. It was none other than the black guy from the bar; he paid the driver and walked towards me. I couldn’t help noticing the impressive bulge he had in his pants and the fact that he did not seem to be any underwear the way it flopped around his pants. Feeling a little uncomfortable I slid to the right as he reached the back of the bus.

“Thanks man,” he said in a low voice as he slid in to the left and slouched against the window.

“No problem,” I responded quietly.

The bus pulled out of the terminal and onto the highway. The trip home was generally under an hour. For the first few minutes nothing happened, but then I heard the black guy shifting restlessly in his seat, grunting and groaning as if he were in some discomfort. When I glanced over I noticed that he was fondling his crotch a great deal, I could not see a lot but I could tell he had one hell of a hardon, just like I did. He seemed to notice me looking but did not take offense to it. He smiled and chuckled quietly.

“Man, that chick had the biggest titties I ever seen on a white girl!” He whispered, rubbing his hand up and down his prodigious bulge. ” I ain’t never been this hardup!”

“I-I know what you mean,” I heard myself say. “I am going to be having wet dreams about her for days.”

” I know I’m gonna be spankin’ the monster tonight. Damn, them titties were so big they could swallow up my joint-and I’m a pretty big fella!” He laughed as he grabbed his erection through the material of his pants and lifted it up; it was quite an impressive object he was holding.

“Holy shit!” I muttered. Unconsciously I began to rub my own painful erection, which at full hardness was near eight inches. I looked down the aisle towards the driver, but the lights were out and he was too busy driving. The closest passenger was at least seven rows away from the back of the bus. I could not help myself as I watched the black guy squeeze and stroke his tremendous erection; I was unprepared for the sensations I was experiencing as I watched him. I suddenly wanted to see what his cock looked like; it was so damned big and long that I had to see it. My own cock twitched painfully in my pants as I watched the other man grope himself, yet he didn’t seem to mind me watching. He grew more bold with his hands as he made the front of his pants tent out at least fifteen inches, he wrapped his hands around the base of it and squeezed, sex hikayeleri which caused the material to pull tightly around to reveal a circumference of at least three inches. I could not believe my eyes as he boldly stroked his massive boner in front of me and I could not pull my eyes away from him.

“Ahhh, fuck it!” He finally muttered. Without any hesitation he looked at me as he reached down to the waistband and yanked his pants down past his crotch. His enormous cock sprang out suddenly, swelling out to an outstanding fifteen inches and capped by a huge helmet-shaped cap the size of a child’s fist. The entire shaft was dark brown and thickly veined while covered with dark curly hair all the way down to the tremendous ballsac which seemed big enough to hold a baseball. The head of his cock was a dark purplish color and was already glistening with precum. With a sigh of relief he wrapped his left hand around the base of his unbelievable cock and proceeded to pleasure himself, stroking it slowly up and down without any thought to my sitting across from him. With his other hand he grabbed his pants and pulled them further down until they crumpled up around his ankles, then he sat back in his seat and groaned softly as he continued to spank his meat.

I sat there dumbfounded by this guy’s arrogance. I knew I should have got up and sat somewhere else or even walked up and told the driver, but I didn’t do either of those things. I just sat there across from him watching as he pleasured himself, I stared openly at the massive cock as his fist moved up an down, knowing I should be repulsed by it but unable to tear my eyes away from it. I realized that I wanted to touch it, as weird as that sounded I needed to know that what I was seeing was real. Maybe it had to do with the fact that all guys wanted to be carrying the kind of package this guy had, that he could impress the ladies and other guys. I shifted nervously in the seat next to him, my own hands grabbing hard at the boner in my pants. I wanted to be as bold as he was and yank open my pants, but I just couldn’t. Maybe it was my Christian sensibilities; maybe it was just not the decent thing to do. But I was impressed with this guys need to relieve himself right in front of me and by the looks of things it wouldn’t be long before he shot off. Suddenly he seemed to notice my interest.

“This fucking thing is curse. It gets hard at the worst times and it ain’t the easiest thing to hide, is it?” He whispered hoarsely as he continued to jerk off, his eyes looking over at me in the darkness. He swiveled in his seat until his crotch was pointed at me, the long barrel of his shaft pointing at me, the nossle now thick with pre-cum. He smiled as he saw my discomfort. “That big-titted bitch has made me so horny I’ll fuckin’ that I don’t give a damned who sees me. Did you ever see a bigger cock, man?”

I didn’t respond to him. I didn’t know what to say. My emotions were in turmoil as I continued to sit there with this dumb-deer-in-the-headlights stare. My eyes glued to the lewd sight of the monstrously large cock pulsing and jerking just feet away from me. I suddenly found ripping open the front of my own pants as I realized I was about to explode in my pants. I quickly fished into my trousers and yanked my eight-inch member out of my pants. Within seconds I flushed with excitement as I hosed the back of the seat in front of me with my hot cum. Suddenly the black guy next was laughing quietly as he watched me spurt all over the chair for all of three seconds. I flushed with embarrassment as my cock quickly lost much of its vigor. But what happened next quickly brought it back to full hardness.

“How would you like to feel this bad boy shoot off, man?” The black guy whispered from the corner.

I stiffened in my seat as I realized what he was proposing. “I-I’m not into that kind of thing, man.”

“Well, I ain’t no fag, either, brother,” he said. “But that didn’t stop you from whipping it out and shooting your wad all over the backseat. And you haven’t stopped lookin’ at my Johnson since I whipped it out. Stands to reason that only one thing got you that horny to shoot off so quickly.”

“I’m not gay either, dude. I was just so excited from that girl at the bar, then seeing you whip that thing out was just too much. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I’m sorry.” I said, but I was still staring at his huge cock while I vigorously pumped my own.

“Don’t be sorry, dude, its just nature. I like pretty titties just like the next guy, but we ain’t got any right now and I need relief. I would much prefer a pair of big titties wrapped around my dick but I wouldn’t mind letting you have a feel, ain’t you the least bit curious? It ain’t every day you see a cock this big and right now I ain’t too particular about whose touchin it. So come one over and give it a feel. Look if you touch mine then I’ll touch yours.”

Without realizing it I found myself sliding over to his side of the bus, I moved up beside him porno hikayeleri until our legs touched. My eyes bulged out as I stared down at the even more monstrous looking organ, which was less then a foot away from me. As much as I wanted to I could not find the courage to go the last mile and touch another man’s cock. When after a few moments of indecision my black friend made the decision for me by grabbing my left hand with his right and wrapping it around his immense organ. I immediately gasped in surprise but did not pull away as the hot, silky flesh pressed against the palm of my hand, the man groaned as he felt my fingers close around his thick shaft, barely reaching a third of the way around its impressive girth. He released my hand when he realized I was not going to pull away and sat back in his chair with a deep sigh of pleasure, watching me expectantly to see what I would do. I looked down the aisle to see if we’d been discovered, but no one else seemed to notice. I released my own cock and wrapped both hands around the baseball bat of flesh, thrilled to feel it throb and pulse with power between my fingers. Even with both hands around it the dark column of flesh still rose about 10 inches into the air, slowly I started to pump the thick rod up and down, feeling the silky outer skin slide along the turgid shaft of flesh. Holding another man’s cock in my hand was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced in my life, my own cock twitched and jerked between my thighs as I began to pump it more vigorously.

“Oh, yeah, man, that’s it. Pump that bastard!” The black guy grunted as he squirmed in his seat, his hips started to jerk up and down, as he started to fuck my hands, “Oh goddamn that feels good. Don’t that cock feel good in your hands, man?”

“Yesss, it feels really great,” I whispered as I stared down at his cock, hypnotized by the single sightless eye of his pisshole staring up at me as it continued to drool with bubbly precum. My nostrils flared as the strong musky odor of his sex wafted up to me, it was a heady scent that made me lightheaded. I gripped his baseball bat even harder as my hand flew up and down its prodigious length, my fingers digging into its sides as I slowly lowered my head towards the huge glistening head. Then without even knowing or caring I dipped my mouth close to the bulbous knob and licked the blob of precum from the tip of his cock. The black man groaned deep in his throat as my tonguetip flicked across the tip, swiping the salty morsel onto my tongue and then into my mouth, my tastebuds exploded as the pungent fluid coated my tongue then rolled down my throat.

“Oh, Christ man, your really getting’ into it! Don’t stop now, man. Lick my huge black cock, come on, man, lick it more!” The black man grunted as he reached down to grip the back of my head, urging me to bolder action, pushing but not forcing my head closer to the head of his cock. I rewarded him with another lap of my tongue across the sensitive tip of his cock, which caused him to writhe in his seat. As I became more emboldened I rolled my tongue over the enormous head of his cock, more and more of his salty precum spewed out of his pisshole onto my tongue and down my throat. My lips were now so close to his cock that every time I pulled up on his shaft the head bumped my mouth; it was only inevitable what happened next. “Open your mouth, man, take my big dick in your mouth and suck me off!”

Without hesitation I opened my mouth and on the next upward lunge the bulbous head pushed between my lips, my black friend had to stuff his fist in his mouth to stop from crying out as my lips closed around the tip of his cocked. I slurped my mouth hungrily around the succulent piece of meat, savoring the strong manly odor of sweat, precum and piss, as my tongue swirled around and around the girth of the head until it was coated with my saliva. My fists were now vigorously working the lower half of his thickly veined shaft; milky it for all it was worth while my mouth held his cockhead firmly in place and my tongue tortured him unmercifully. I didn’t even mind when he pushed my head lower, wanting me to take more of his hot meat into my mouth, so I did. I started to pump my head up and down with the rhythm of my fists, working more and more of him inside, my saliva making the going easier as it lubed the sides of the massive tube of flesh. I had to force my jaw wide open as the enormous head slid completely into my mouth, my lips slid under the thick collar of flesh at the base of the head sealing firmly around it. I gasped as I felt my black friends hand close around my cock shaft, his strong fingers gripping it tightly as he began to jerk me off.

“Oohhh, yeah, man, suck that cock! Suck my big black dick! Ohh, yeahh, suck it real good!” The black man groaned as he writhed in his seat, his ass jerking up and down as he tried to force more of himself into my mouth, his hands pushing harder against my head as I slowly allowed more and more of the fat dark meat into my seks hikayeleri mouth. “Ohhh, yeah, man, more take more. Come on, man, suck more of my big black dick! You like my big black dick, don’t you? Yeah, you couldn’t take your eyes off it! Now you’re sucking it like a pro!”

I said nothing, as my mouth was full of his thick, hard meat. My lips were stretched thin around the girth of his huge cock as I pumped my mouth further down his cock with each stroke until I had nearly half of his fifteen inches in my mouth. I tried to push it further, to take more of him into my mouth but the enormous head clogged the back of my throat to the point of gagging. Easing back I waited until the gagging reflex stopped then I began a steady pumping rhythm with my mouth and my hands that we both seemed to enjoy, my black friend continued to grip my head rocking it back and forth to the rhythm of his thrusting hips all the while fisting my own cock with his right hand. I couldn’t believe this was happening I said to myself over and over again, this was not rational. I am not gay. I do not pickup total strangers and give them a blowjob. What in Gods name was I doing? But then the sheer sensory experience of the situation reasserted itself and I drowned in the heady aromas and tastes, my mouth salivated as his hot meat glided across my tongue and into my gullet. “Mmmmmmmmmm”

“Ohhh, yeah, man, suck it! Suck it! Ohhhh, yeah, man, suck my black meat! Suck it! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!” He hissed hoarsely in the darkness. His hips jerked wildly up and down on the seat, causing the vinyl to squeak, but not enough to disturb the other passengers, he releases my cock and placed both hands on top of my head, driving my head deeper into his crotch each time he lunged upwards. His huge balls were thumping against my chest as I leaned over him, packing my mouth with as much of his hot, dark meat as I could stand. I knew he was going to cum soon and I couldn’t decide what I was going to do at the time, pull out or swallow. “Ohhhh, suck it! Suck it, man! Suck my big black dick harder! Suck my black sperm out of it you black cocksucker!”

The dirty talk was actually turning me on. I pumped my fists harder around the lower half of his column of throbbing flesh until they were a blur, forcing more of it up and into my widely stretched mouth, the corners of which were now flecked with sperm and sputum. Soon the moist sounds of flesh on flesh filled the back of the bus, occasionally punctuated by the impassioned grunts of my black friend. I could feel my throat working quickly as it swallowed more of his free flowing preseminal fluids. It was so voluminous that it coated the insides my throat, I can only wonder what kind of deluge would occur when he came. Then almost on Que. my black friend’s movements became more heated and animated, his hips humping up and down in an almost rolling motion, as he gripped my head feverishly. His breath hissed softly from between his clenched teeth as he jerked and writhed in his seat. “Aaahhhhh, here it comes, man! Here it comes! Open wide! Open wide and get your first taste of real man cum! Aaahhhhhhhh!”

Before I could prepare myself for the coming deluge-it came! My mouth was suddenly filled to the brim with the velvety thickness of his hot cream. I gasped at the abrupt explosion of juices into my mouth, some of it spurted out the corners of my mouth as my black friend twisted and turned above me. With a hard gulp the thick manseed spilled down my throat and into my stomach, its pungent tanginess overwhelmed my tastebuds and before I could savor his hot sauce another wave of cum spurted from his pisshole and into my mouth. Again it took all of my efforts not to gag or vomit out his hot sperm, my throat working up and down as the thick, goopy sauce poured into my stomach, I actually feel it grow hot with the infusion of hot liquids. It was like having a firehose in my mouth that’s how much sperm he was dumping into my mouth. For long minutes the black man bucked and jerked in his seat as he fucked my mouth, spewing his hot load into my mouth. Then finally it began to subside, the pulses of sperm shooting out of his cock lessened and then stopped all together. Swallowing several more times I finally felt the last globs of hot black sperm roll over my tongue and down my throat. I pulled the quickly wilting cock out of my mouth and sat back in my seat. Nobody seemed to have noticed anything.

“Thanks, man. That was alright!” He said as he hitched his pants back up and stuffed his flaccid organ back into his pants. With a sigh of contentment he settled back in his chair, a wide grin splitting his face. ” I never thought I would say this, but getting a blowjob from a guy ain’t so bad.”

“Uh huh.” I muttered as I used a handkerchief to wipe my mouth clean. I moved back towards the middle of the aisle and sat watching the road for the rest of my trip. Nothing more was said between the two of us, in fact, at one point I thought I heard him snoring. My mouth still tingled with the strong taste of his juices as the bus pulled up to my stop. As I got up from the seat I felt a tug at my pants. When I turned around my black friend was awake and holding out a piece of paper to me. I took it from him. It had a phone number on it.

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