Somali Lesbians Of Ottawa

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Never make assumptions about the lives of people you don’t know. My name is Hagarla Osman and I’m a young Black woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. On September 13, 2013, I turned twenty two. I study accounting at Carleton University and hope to work in finance or banking someday. As a pious, Hijab-wearing East African Muslim female immigrant in the Capital region of Canada, I’m used to people judging me before getting to know me. I’m more than I seem. I’m a university student, a community volunteer, an aspiring businesswoman and also an out and proud bisexual woman. I just wish they’d remember that I’m a human being first and foremost, and that there’s more to me than my gender, my religion and all facets of me which mark me as the cultural other.

The other day, while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center, I was accosted by a middle-aged white woman who told me to go back where I came from. I told the old bitch to get out of my face lest she get smacked. You should have seen the look on her face, seriously. People always assume that Hijab-wearing Muslim chicks like me are soft and sweet. As if! The defiance in my eyes startled the old bat and she walked away, stunned. The old days are over, lady. People like me don’t bow to people like you anymore. Get used to it.

Beat it bitch, I told her. Briefly she turned and looked at me, bit her lip and then she walked away for good. I stood there, hands on my hips, feeling pretty good. Then I walked away with a profound bursa escort sense of satisfaction. When you’re a person of color, it always feels good to stand up to racist white people who think the world belongs to them. It’s the twenty-first century yet they’re still walking around with that sense of entitlement. Ha! God didn’t make the African, the Arab or the various other races of men inferior to the White man. So get over yourselves already, Team Europa!

My parents, Akbar and Fowsio Osman left the town of Mogadishu, Somalia, for Ontario, Canada in 1999. We settled in Ottawa and have been here ever since. I love my parents but we’ve got very different mindsets. I’m fairly liberal and they’re deeply conservative. I embraced Canada and all that it has to offer. The place has never truly felt like home though it was far better than what we left behind. I never thought anyone from this side of the world could understand me or love me for who I am. Until I met Kimberly Kellerman, a young white woman from the town of Toronto, Ontario. Kimberly grew up in a predominantly Somali area of the GTA and to my immense surprise, this five-foot-ten, blonde-haired and green-eyed Caucasian gal actually spoke my native language!

Kimberly and I bonded during my freshman year at Carleton and became fast friends. We were never more than that until something happened. I had a crush on this tall, cute Somali guy named Ali Bashir and we were starting to go out. He dumped me for a plump Asian chick gürsu escort named Lin something or other and I was heartbroken. Distraught, I turned to Kimberly, and my best friend was there for me. That night, in her dorm, we made love for the first time. It was an event that profoundly changed our friendship and indeed changed my life.

I’ve never thought about a female sexually before Kimberly and I made love that night. I considered myself totally straight but now had to reckon with the fact that I might be bisexual or even lesbian. Kimberly told me she slept with both girls and guys. I had no idea that she was bisexual. She told me she kept her sexual orientation secret from me because she thought I would disapprove, since I’m Muslim and all. I wish people would stop making assumptions about me because of my religion. There are gays and lesbians in the Muslim world just like everywhere else. I told Kimberly that I respected her life choices, and found her beautiful. Grinning, she pulled me close and kissed me.

Kimberly and I have a lot of fun together, in and out of the bedroom. I’m five-foot-four, chubby and curvy, with big tits and a big round butt. My skin is coconut brown. Most people don’t find me physically intimidating. Yet I can be very dominant. Kimberly absolutely loves that about me. My tall, athletic blonde girlfriend is very submissive in the bedroom and I love to dominate her. Sometimes I just grab her and smack her face, spit in her mouth and force orhangazi escort her on her knees. Spreading my legs after hiking up my long skirt, I make her lick my pussy. Say Somali pussy is the best, I bark at Kimberly as she’s going down on me. Nodding, she does just that before resuming her tongue work on my cunt.

I like to tie Kimberly up and make her feel completely helpless. I find it incredibly sexy to do that to such a tall, strongly built young female athlete. My Teutonic slave whore, that’s what I call Kimberly sometimes. I like to pinch her nipples, gently bit on her clitoris and also insert dildos and butt plugs in her tight asshole. For a white chick, Kimberly’s got a nice, big ass. I like to spank her with my bare hands and leave nice red marks on her pale ass. My favorite thing to do is to insert my whole fist in Kimberly’s pussy while also shoving a butt plug into her asshole. That drives my Teutonic slut over the edge and she howls in pain and pleasure like a woman possessed.

After tormenting Kimberly sexually and totally dominating and abusing her, I kiss her gently and she hugs me fiercely. We love each other, you see. When we’re out together, sometimes we kiss and hold hands. People tend to stare because we make for one awkward and unusual pair. A tall, blonde-haired and muscular, athletic white female who wears a Crucifix holding hands with a short, round and dark-skinned, Hijab-wearing Muslim chick. Definitely not the sort of pairing you see every day, that’s for damn sure. So what if she’s white and Christian and I’m black and Muslim? We’re just two women in love. Leave us be. Only God can judge me, and I don’t believe the Creator hates me for being what I am. I didn’t choose to be this way. I simply am what I am. Peace.

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