The Two of Us (and Another)

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I called Tina and asked if she could get away for a night sometime this week.

There was silence from the other end of the phone line as she pondered. “I think I could make Friday night,” she said, “I must be back home by Saturday lunchtime though, what do you have in mind?”

“That’s perfect Tina,” I said, “I just want you to myself for a night of love, I thought we could go to a hotel somewhere, not too far away, we don’t want to drive far.”

So it was sorted, I booked a hotel only thirty minutes drive away, and early Friday evening we signed in at the reception. We hadn’t taken much gear with us, A change of clothes, and underwear each and our toothbrushes and that was about it.

We went up to our room and as soon as the door closed behind us, I pulled her into me, I crushed her to my chest and told her how much I had missed her.

“Me too,” she whispered.

I told her I had booked a table in the restaurant for eight o’clock, so we had two hours to ourselves till then. Tina had her arms round my neck, leaning back slightly as she looked at me and with her lower body pressed into my groin.

“What shall we do with those two hours?” she enquired amidst a giggle.

“Well,” I said, “I am sure the hotel will have a selection of board games we can hire, we can easily pass two hours playing that, OR, we can watch Gardeners World, on the TV, OR…” and I kissed her neck and squeezed her breast, “We can make wild passionate love, which would you prefer?”

“Go on then,” Tina laughed playfully, “lets make love, then I can get a good nights sleep later, when you are too tired to do it again.”

“No chance of that my darling, you will get no sleep tonight, I have not lashed out on this sumptuous hotel room for you to go to sleep,” and we laughed again. I put my lips to hers, and our tongues flicked together, open mouthed we kissed again, this time our tongues clinging together.

Slowly between kisses we undressed each other, Tina’s top, my shirt, her jeans, my jeans, her bra… Tina’s gorgeous breasts came tumbling out, I caught my breath, I marvelled wondrously at them, so round and soft and so perfect for the rest of her body, I bent my head and kissed each nipple, and licked around each one, we fell backwards onto the bed, with me on top, and for some minutes we kissed and caressed each others bodies.

After satisfying myself with her eyes and nose and cheeks and lips, I kissed the top of her chest, I moved my hand to the sides of her breasts, and just stroked her there, I kissed underneath her breasts and the top of her stomach. We still wore our pants, I turned her over so that she lay on her stomach, I knelt either side of her body and massaged her shoulders, then down to her bum cheeks, round, fleshy and soft.

I kissed her buttocks, and pulled the rear strip of her thong out of the crack of her perfect arse, I allowed my gaze to drift downwards as I pulled the strap until I could see the lovely peach shape of her beautiful pussy, so smooth and succulent, I eased her thong off.

Tina lay with her arms in front of her and with her head resting on them. I pushed her legs apart and ran my fingers along her pussy slit, pushing my fingers into her already wet hole,

I asked Tina to raise her bum up, as she did so I took my boxers off and held my now hard erect cock in readiness, her pussy was in direct line with my cock, and I guided it to her entrance, pushing forward as I did so, my cock slid into her tight cunt.

Tina pushed back on all fours, she squealed and moaned as my shaft filled her sex.

“Oh yes, push it in harder she called to me, I began to fuck her with long slow strokes, gradually increasing my pace, faster and harder, I banged against her bum cheeks, reaching under her body to feel her nipples and squeeze her tits, then I held her hips and pulled and pushed her soft body harder and faster into mine.

Tina whimpered then shouted loudly, the bed shook and the room seemed to rattle, she cried out and raised and shook her body aggressively, I hung on to her knowing she had cum, I felt round her pussy and the cum dripped from her.

Resuming my thrusts, my thick cock stretched her hole, more thrusts and my eyes screwed up, my face tingled and my motion froze for a second before I ejaculated my entire balls full of cum deep into her welcoming pussy.

Tina fell forward onto her face and I lay on top of her, resting on her spongy buttocks, it felt so comfortable, we didn’t speak for ages, then I whispered in her ear, “Shall we Maltepe Escort play that board game?”

It was time we got down to the restaurant for dinner, we showered together then dressed and went downstairs, the dining room was quite full but our table was ready for us and we settled down to enjoy our meal.

It was a good atmosphere in the restaurant and we chatted to the waiter, he told us that later that night a singer would be performing in the lounge, I asked who and he said it was Donny Gaul, the Irish folk singer, we laughed out loud at his name, knowing full well that it was just for his act.

“Shall we go and listen,” I asked Tina.

“I would like to,” she said, “we will be in the bar anyway so we may as well listen to him.

So after finishing our meal and thanking the waiter, we made our way to the lounge. Irish folk singing would not generally be the choice of either of us, but this guy was good and he really entertained the big crowd there to see him.

At eleven o’clock he finished his act and said his goodbyes to the audience, coming off stage he had to pass our table, so I called to him, “Hey man you were great.”

He stopped and said, “Well thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it.”

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied and sat down with us.

I told him I was Mark and introduced him to Tina, he took her hand and looked at her appreciatively. I called the waiter over and ordered more drinks and we began chatting to Donny, he told us he was staying at the hotel and would be appearing again the next night, we asked if he was in any hurry to go anywhere and he said he wasn’t, and would probably just go to bed.

One drink led to another, and another, and I noticed that Tina had changed her drink again to Vodka and orange. I knew from experience that she always became randy and sex obsessed when she drank that, and I wondered if she had designs on some fun with Donny. We were getting on well together and the lounge began to empty as it got late and guests went off to their beds. Tina nudged my leg and flashed her eyes at me, letting me know she was interested in prolonging our friendship with Donny

“It looks like they are closing up,” I said, “Come up to our room Donny, we can have another drink up there.”

Donny looked quizzically at us. Tina excused herself and went off to the loo, and while she was gone, I asked Donny a question.

“Do you fancy some fun and games tonight Donny?”

” What do you mean by fun and games,” he asked, half knowing what I meant, but wanting confirmation.

Well Tina has an eye for you and we like variety in our sex lives.”

His face brightened up, “lead the way,” he said enthusiastically.

Tina returned and on the way upstairs, she held my hand and smiled, while giving me a knowing look, she knew what I had in mind and was giving me her approval.

“Which room are you in?” asked Donny, “I just have to pop along to my room, I will be back in 5 minutes.”

“OK,” I said, telling him our room number, and he dashed off along one of the other corridors.

Tina looked a little concerned, “He hasn’t run off has he,” she asked.

“I think he will be back alright, he wanted something from his room,” I reassured her.

Once in the room Tina went straight to the bathroom, I sat and waited for Donny. True to his word he was back in the five minutes, he had a bag with him and he dropped it just inside the door.

“Are you OK with this?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah, I’m all ready for action,” he said with a big grin.

“Fine,” I said, “Lets see what happens when Tina comes back.

A few minutes passed by, then Tina emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a big fluffy bath towel, Donny stared, and I grinned my approval. I met her in the middle of the room, gave her a kiss you and said with imitation pomp, “Good evening Miss Tina, may I present our guest for the night, Mr Donny Gaul.”

She replied in equally haughty tones, “Pleased to meet you Mr Gaul, would you like to fuck me?”

There was nothing self deprecating in Donny’s reply, I have just the weapon to make you very happy,” and he promptly unzipped his jeans and lobbed his cock out for Tina’s eyes to feast on. Donny was very well equipped, long and thick and very much to her liking,

“That will make your eyes water Tina,” I said.

“My eyes are already watering,” she said, “but with lust,” and she closed her hand tightly round Donny’s cock, not being able to make her fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort meet.

I discarded my clothes and stood behind Tina, pressing my body into her back, I kissed her neck knowing it is one of her erogenous zones and reached round to remove her towel,

Donny’s eyes opened wide with admiration when he saw Tina naked, “COR!” he exclaimed, in a non too sophisticated way, I looked over her shoulder at him, “Come and get it Donny,” I invited him.

I thought he would rip all the buttons off his shirt, the way he tore it off, jeans, pants and socks followed in very quick time and for a second Tina feasted her eyes on his nude form.

His cock was certainly something to be proud off, and Tina, having been fed on big, and very big penis’s, was most impressed. Donny stepped forward, and while my two hands enclosed her naked breasts, and my own hard long cock pressed into the crack of her bum, he dropped to his knees and kissed her pussy lips. He licked up and down each smooth lip and used his fingers to part them and insert his tongue into her slick vagina.

I jerked my hips forward causing her to push her pussy flat against his face. Slowly I eased her down onto the carpet, and she lay on her back, Donny hardly noticed, without missing a single lick, he resumed his new position, on his knees, his face between Tina’s legs and his tongue inches inside her love hole, I knelt by her side and sucked the nipples standing long and erect at the summit of her tits.

Donny gorged himself on Tina’s cunt, I could hear him sucking and slurping as he drew her juices from inside her. With me stimulating her nipples and squeezing her tits, and Donny biting and licking her clit, her body was ready to explode.

Donny suddenly stopped and stood up. “Right,” he said “Time for something else,” and he bent down and picked Tina bodily up from the floor, carried her to the bed and dropped her full length on it. “Stay there,” he rapped, and he went to the other side of the room to pick up his bag, he opened it up and pulled out ropes with shackles on the ends.

He threw two of the ropes to me and said, “Tie one to her wrists and one to her ankles.” I did as he said and he did the same to the other side. Tina smiled and said nothing, considering it to be part of the game. When we were finished Donny stood on one side and me on the other, Tina was staked out on the bed, her arms above her head, tied to the bed posts and her legs spreadeagled out and tied to the bottom bed posts.

She was completely helpless and totally at our mercy to do whatever we liked with her body. I looked at Donny and asked, “Do you always carry this stuff around with you?”

” It comes in handy sometimes,” he said, and he brushed his fingers lightly over Tina’s pussy lips, “Come on,” he urged, jolting me out of my reverie, “have your fill of her.

I don’t have to tie Tina up to get my fill of her, but nevertheless, resumed my play with her nipples, I kept my eye on Donny, and he was tickling and teasing her, making her body tremble and shake, he concentrated mainly on her lower stomach, inner thighs and defenceless pussy. I kissed her and she kissed me back, seemingly enjoying what was happening to her body. When I looked up again Donny was about to insert two fingers inside her and he pushed in and out of her sex quite aggressively, he had a sort of leer on his face and I thought to myself he was more than just turned on.

He increased his fingers in Tina to three and was unconcerned that he was hurting her.

She strained at the bonds holding her but there was no escape, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and licked them, I could see they were swimming with her juices, he climbed up onto the bed, knelt between her legs, and placed his long thick cock at her pussy entrance.

He looked at Tina, “Are you ready for this?” he asked, “You won’t have been fucked like this many times before.”

Tina tried to smile as he pushed his cock inside her, she had no control at all, she could only lie with her legs wide apart and feel him sliding into her. His big penis stretched Tina’s pussy lips wide, she had no need to grip his cock, as it went in it clung to her tight hole.

Tina yelled and shouted at the discomfort his cock was causing her, until his balls were banging against her arse.

Donny fucked Tina good, his young rock hard prick cannoned in and out of her soft yielding pussy, I watched his arse bouncing up and down, while his full length filled her love hole, İstanbul Escort It was some exhibition, I watched Tina’s reaction, her face taught and lined, her eyes screwed up and her mouth opened to release her tensions.

Donny came in a torrent, his buttocks tightened and his whole body stiffened, he fired into her rapidly, emptying his balls of his cum, fluids from them both spread over her belly.

I stroked Tina’s perspiration covered face, and she opened her eyes. Donny got off her body.

“Oh WOW,” he exclaimed, “That was some shag, your turn Mark, get in there while its still hot.”

“What I have just seen happen is enough for now,” I said, I didn’t think Tina was ready for any more just yet.

“Alright, on to phase two then, Undo those ropes.”

He seemed to have assumed charge and doing all the ordering, but I did what he told me, Tina sighed with relief to have the ropes off, but she smiled and said she was enjoying what was happening.

Then Donny said, “OK Tina babe, turn over onto your stomach.”

Tina flipped herself over and supported her chin on her hand, I sat on top of the bed my legs apart in front of her head, and with my cock touching her lips, she opened her mouth and I slipped it in, Donny meanwhile had gone back to his bag, and this time he came back with a short whip.

“What’s that for?” I asked him, now a little alarmed.

“This is for Tina’s plump arse cheeks,” he announced cheerfully, “she will love this.”

I had administered a few hard smacks to Tina’s bottom once or twice during our more aggressive sex sessions, but I thought she would jump off the bed to protect her tender bum skin when she saw the whip, but instead her face broke out in smiles and she completely ignored my cock dangling in front of her face, instead she raised her bum up a short way and waited for the first slap, “Go on Donny, show me what you can do with that thing.”

“Owowowowo,” she yelled as it landed, I jumped down and ran round to the bottom of the bed to look at her rear. A red mark was already showing from the first hit, then the second one landed, “Aaaaaaa,” she again shouted, but got further up on to her knees and bent fully forward so that her cheeks were taught and inviting.

Three times in quick succession, the whip smacked her soft skin, and each time she cried out in pain, but called for more.

“Three more should do it,” claimed Donny, and this time he lashed her arse even harder,

“Aaaaahhhhhh owowowow,” she cried in anguish and pounded the bed with her fists, but as I watched I saw her cum squirting out of her pussy.

“There she blows,” shouted Donny excitedly, “It never fails. Get on the bed Mark and fuck her pussy, I’m having her arsehole”.

Tina was writhing about the bed in both pain and passion, her arse cheeks throbbed with pain but her pussy tingled with stimulated nerve ends, She desperately wanted to feel a cock inside her and practically pulled me on to the bed, she sat astride me and wriggled herself onto my stiff cock, until all of it was inside her, I pulled her forward so that her face was touching mine, and her pained rear facing Donny.

Donny drove his cock into her bum hole, not gently but forcefully, she screamed out as his cock travelled swiftly along her anal canal, I even felt his cock pass mine, separated only by a thin membrane of flesh, Tina gripped my shoulders hard for support, I raised my hips as high as I could to push far into her pussy, but it was from her bum hole that all the feeling was coming to her, I heard Donny grunting and groaning and I saw he was working hard, none of us could last, Tina had been cumming almost non stop for the last fifteen minutes, and now both Donny and I, within seconds of each other poured out our hot sticky cum, mine into her pussy hole and his into her arsehole.

Tina fell full length onto my body in a faint, I soothed and comforted her as best as I could. Donny pulled his cock from her hole and stood by the bedside.

” Well folks,” he said, “I sure did enjoy that, thanks for inviting me, If you are here tomorrow night, come down and see the show. If not here’s my card and if you see me appearing anywhere come and say hello, I will always find time for you two, especially you Tina, and he leaned down and kissed her cheek, gathered up his things, called and waved his goodbyes, and left our room.

We stayed huddled together for several minutes, not saying much, but both of us reliving the amazing sex we had been involved in, Tina much more than me, she whispered to me that it had been fantastic, but her arse was sore.

I roused myself, “Come on darling, I’ll take you into the shower.”

Ten minutes later we emerged feeling a little more refreshed but desperately tired, we climbed into bed and in each others arms, we slept.

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The Truth of My Spring Break Ch. 02

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Kenna jumped as the doorbell rang. Was she really ready for this? She squared her shoulders and checked herself in the mirror one last time. Perfect… short tight jean skirt, tiny black tank top, bed rumpled hair. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. She could do this, this wasn’t that hard. Take it one moment at a time. As their eyes locked it was as if they had never been apart. There stood Billy in his old ripped up jeans and t-shirt. Looking like he had stepped out of the pages of an Anne Rice novel with his long black hair and seductive eyes. She heard someone clearing their throat and the trance was broken. Looking down she saw a plain girl, standing to the side and slightly behind Billy. Her eyes ran up and down, taking inventory. The girl was short… maybe five two, and chubby. She wasn’t ugly really, just uninspired. Her face was round, her eyes were brown… dark kind of curly hair pulled back. She was wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, and Kenna was amazed that anyone would dress so fully for a California summer. The girl was shifting back and forth from one foot to the other, obviously uncomfortable. Kenna bit the inside of her cheek and thought to herself “Here goes nothing “

She motioned for the two of them to enter the apartment and take a seat on the couch. With a confident smile that she didn’t really feel she asked “Would either of you like something to drink?” Billy shook his head and the girl just looked at the floor.

“Hey babes,” Billie said as he relaxed back into the couch, “This is Anadolu Yakası Escort Lindy.” Kenna smiled and said everything that was polite but she could tell that the girl wasn’t comfortable. Hell, who could blame her. I mean here she is meeting the girl who he was prepared to spend the rest of his life with and they’ve been together for like three months.

As things progressed they just got more awkward. The girl was obviously pissed, and her passive aggressive bullshit was starting to give Kenna headache. Couldn’t this girl just come out and say it already. It was obvious that she didn’t fit. Billy and Kenna knew each other too well. They shard private jokes, they could speak to each other without voicing a word. Of course Lindy didn’t fit. I mean what is three months compared to three years? Even the radio was conspiring against her, playing all of their old songs. Lindy finally spoke up, shocking the hell out of Kenna. “She speaks Who knew?” Kenna snickered to herself.

Looking so painfully uncomfortable that putting her out of her misery almost seemed justified Lindy whispered “I feel like the third wheel on a date.” Kenna and Billy both tried to make her more comfortable. Billy let go of Kenna’s hand and put his arm around Lindy, and Kenna attempted to be nice by telling her that it was only old friendship and that it just took time to get to know people this well. By the time three hours had passed Lindy had to leave for work and she did not look at all happy about leaving Billy alone with Kenna. She offered Kurtköy Escort to call in sick, but Billy assured her that Kenna would take care of him. Kenna shook her head at his choice of words but didn’t say anything.

After Lindy had left for work Kenna suggesting driving around and looking at some of their old haunts. They drove around talking for hours and ended up at an office building. The building was never locked and they had started out using the bathrooms at night when they were out with their friends and didn’t want to drive too far. After discovering that the place was never locked and always empty at night they had started using the bathrooms for something more ummm… involved. As it turned out Kenna needed to get rid of the 44 oz Dr. Pepper she had drank, and so they snuck into the building and up to the third floor.

Kenna wasn’t looking for anything else… she honestly just had to pee… but the memories were all around her. Being there with Billy made it seem as if they had never broken up, as if they had never been apart. Their connection was as strong as ever. When they reached the bathrooms they didn’t speak. They just looked at each other, and as the bathroom door closed behind them their lips locked. Clothes were thrown everywhere as their tongues dueled. It felt so good, so right, to be there with him… to be holding him…. kissing him. In that moment nothing and noone else existed. They were alone in the world, touching and tasting each other. He pushed her down onto the floor and as he came down Pendik Escort on top of her she wrapped her legs around him. Her arms went up over her head, hands flat against the wall to brace her body. Their eyes locked as he slid into her and groaned. She threw her head back and began to pump her hips. The entire room went out of focus. They were the only two people on earth, the only thing that mattered was how good she felt. She reached out with her tongue to lick the sweat off of his neck, and her entire body arched off of the floor. She exploded, tightening around him in spasms. She heard him moan once, twice… and then he went still inside of her.

Kenna opened her eyes to see Billy holding his body about an inch above hers. He slowly slid out of her as he sat up and pulled her up with him. Their eyes locked for a moment, and in that moment she knew. This was it… this was all they had for now. She wasn’t going back. He wouldn’t leave. Their lives were separate now. Kenna stood all the way up and began to get dressed. She laughed when she saw the mess he had made of her hair and did her best to straiten it with her fingers. He groaned when he felt the wet spot on his jeans. This had happened, they couldn’t take it back. Kenna didn’t honestly know if she wanted to take it back. Now, well now it was time for damage control. They made their way down to the parking lot and leaned up against the car. Kenna lit up a smoke and Billy joined her. As they stood there in silence a familiar car drove by. “SHIT!” Billy whispered. “Did you see that?”

“Yeah,” Kenna said back, “just relax… she probably didn’t notice us and even if she did… well it isn’t as if we are still naked.” They both heard the screech of brakes. Kenna rolled her eyes and got ready to face the dragon.

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The Trip

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“Oh for goodness sake, she’s just an old friend, ok?” Emily climbed off Jack’s lap, fat lips sneering at his flagging member. She pulled up her underwear.

“And yet you refer to her as your ‘first love’, and boast about your… antics , even while I’m inside you?”

Em glared and his stomach wrenched. He wanted the big seductive eyes back. Her wetness chilled on him. She clawed her new, boyish hairdo in frustration. “Years ago at college! Look, you want me to cancel France? Is that what it’s going to take to get you hard again?”

“You talk about this bloody trip too much.”

“What? You think I want to get back together with Beatrice? Now? Right there in her husband’s villa? I see how you look at her. You perve on the thought of us together.”

“Oh yes. That’s what’s got me so hard right now. The thought of watching my wife finally, for once in her life, enjoying oral. With her ex.”

That’s when Em slapped him.


They travelled separately to Provence, as Jack had a conference in France, the reason why Beatrice had suggested they all meet up in the first place. He took as long as he could getting there.

His wife’s confession about her past had been hard to take, but he could accept it as that. The past. However, now it was all out in the open, why did she have to dwell on it? Did she really think he enjoyed hearing the explicit details of the things she did with her lesbian lover? “Beatrice fingered me in church… She loved to lick me from behind… often we were both wet to the knees…”

Meanwhile, she was so reticent with him. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take. This weekend would be the ultimate test.

The villa was enormous and beautiful, dappled by cool leafy sunlight and set in its own grounds. Not only was Beatrice a sexual threat, but her husband, the much-feted Parisian artist Le Génie, could afford all this, too? Jack’s manhood shrivelled.

Then Beatrice answered the door.

Beatrice. The bright, happy – irrepressibly flirtatious – artist’s model-turned-muse with her sexy accent and carefree curves and cheeky pout. She threw her arms around him, and for a moment, he was lost in the flowery dampness of her long, dark, just-washed hair.

She reached up and kissed him, French style, once on each cheek. He hugged her, English style, as if she was his maiden aunt. The woman was wildly voluptuous compared to his elfin wife. He had to admit, Emily had impeccable taste in women.

“Bonjour, lovely boy!” She sung and grabbed his hand, hauling him inside. “Le Génie has gone to pick up Emmy in the car. The airport taxis are a rip off. “

She dressed like a gypsy next to the tailored city fashions that Em favoured, her bare feet slap-slapping on cool, smooth flagstones as she led him through the house, turning all the usual polite questions into the bubbliest of conversation. She all but pushed him into their guesthouse, next to a long pool.

“Here you are, all yours, have a swim if you like, but please come and drink wine with me, oui?”

The water looked enticing after his long journey – and Jack wasted no time in getting into his swimming shorts – but then became possessed of a sudden awkwardness about revealing himself to Beat, who sat waiting outside. He loitered by the pool-house door, unsure if he should change back into his clothes. Was this proper? To be half dressed, alone, with his wife’s ex?

“Hurry up!” Beatrice bellowed quite suddenly, as if reading his mind, “Let me see this fabulous physique Emmy gloats over so!”

Bereft of any choice, Jack stepped out to wolf-whistles and dived into the pool. The shock of freezing water took his breath away as he crawled across to where Beatrice sat with a bottle, dangling her feet in the water, dark peasant skirt up around her brown knees. She giggled as he gasped to a stop. “The pool is fed straight from the mountains,” she said, “I forgot to say. Sorry. Drink this.” Beatrice shoved a large glass of red wine at him and gulped at hers. “Let them find us in-flagrante delicto, non?”

Jack smirked. “I don’t believe that means what you think it does, Beatrice.”

She sipped, and sparkled at him. Jack was suddenly thankful for the cold water. He glugged wine. “Where is my wife, and your perfect man, then hmm?” He said, feeling her eyes drilling into his chest.

Beatrice sighed. “Oui, they are taking far too long. But Le Génie is not so perfect. I am cross with him.” She pulled a goose-bumped foot out of the pool and cupped toes in her hands.

Jack squirmed; he did not want to be drawn into taking sides in a lovers tiff. He held his Maltepe Escort tongue. Beatrice growled anyway. “He is so selfish, you know?”

He gestured to the pool and house. “He seems to be providing you with a good life, to me.”

“No.” She pressed her lips to a raised knee as if to shut herself up, then blurted. “I mean as a lover. You two are so lucky to enjoy licking each other so. With him it is like-” she mimicked him, grimacing and sticking out her tongue. “Sorry. You are English I know, you don’t talk of such things.”

Jack downed his wine and dunked his head in the water. Beatrice roared with laughter and refilled his glass. The sun, the wine, this beautiful, candid, woman. He felt dizzy already and left the glass alone. But…

“Em said that?”


“That we… she and I enjoy…” He rolled his hand. Beat peered down at him almost in triumph.

“What, this is not true?”

“No. It’s great. Just, well. Never mind.”

Beatrice smiled and patted his arm. Her hand hot and soft. “You forget how well I know your lovely wife, Jack. She is also a little like Le Génie, non? Why do you think we split up, her and me. I know she enjoys receiving a lot more than… giving.”

Hot, lapping, silence consumed them.

Beatrice clasped her hands between her knees and flipped her legs in the water. “What is taking our lovers so long!” she gasped, cheeks pink.

Probably the wine, Jack deduced. It was certainly getting to him. Then, as if to prove the point, he blustered, “Probably in a field somewhere tearing each other’s clothes off.”

Beatrice sniggered. “Oui, enjoying a lovely soixante-neuf on the grass. Laughing and licking and climaxing…”

“Yes! That’s it, the bastards.” Jack laughed too loudly. His heart hammering fit to burst, unlocking every brain cell and releasing all sense. He slapped Beat’s knee. “Come on then, our turn! Get your knickers off girl!”

His attempt at bawdy humour barked out over the water and away into the icy mountains. Beatrice arched her great dark eyebrows and her smile trembled, then disappeared. She blinked slowly. A long terrible moment eked itself out. Jack closed his eyes in shame, waiting for the gentle rejection.

“Monsieur, I would certainly remove my underwear, if…” Her voice was a husky whisper, “… if I was wearing any.”

Such a quiet bombshell. Jack cleared his throat and Beatrice chuckled. She stroked one foot with the other. They both watched her legs.

“I suppose,” Jack felt a warm stirring in his shorts, “It’s just too hot for undergarments.”

“Maybe.” Beatrice shrugged. “But when one is to entertain a beautiful man, it is just exciting to be secretly naked, non?”

Her dark eyes seemed to fill the sky. He pulled himself out of the water and splashed onto the poolside. She made no secret of staring into his lap. He leant back, letting the water run off his skin and his shorts squirm beneath her gaze, secretly glad that the heat of the wine and the conversation seemed to mitigate any cold-shrinkage down there. This was ok. Flirtation. No harm in it.

“No. You’re teasing me.” He said, trying not to blare another nervous laugh.

Beatrice stood and swirled her skirt with contrived flamboyance as she pivoted and strode away, revealing in an irresistible glimpse of clefts that she definitely was not teasing.

Jack rose and followed, possessed by the notion that they were beyond flirtation now, and then mesmerised by the wobbling swing of her hips as she climbed the stairs. In her bedroom, she reclined in the corner of a window seat, sat carelessly with her skirt gathered between rudely splayed knees.

She tilted her lips up at him as he stood beside her, but this was not what he wanted. She pressed the palm of her hand to the stiffness in his shorts, and he flexed against it, then gripped her skirt and pulled it up as if tearing aside the last shred of their conscience.

She watched him take in her mound and swung her knees wider. He settled between them and pushed his mouth to her flushed folds, so much fuller than Em’s, and lapped his tongue into a shocking slickness. After months without the marshmallow resilience of a woman in his mouth, jack’s head spun. He groaned and his manhood bucked in his shorts.

Beatrice pulled her legs up and back and muttered in staccato french, moaning and gasping as he devoured her sex, relishing its salty heat and the eager grind of her hips at his mouth. When she cried out and locked her hands behind his head, and then her feet too, he found himself humming as loudly as Beatrice. It had Anadolu Yakası Escort been so long since he had pleased a woman this much, this way, that his eyes moistened at the bliss of it.

She arched and howled “Oui! OUI!” And Jack laughed, licked, and gulped at the illicitly satisfying pulse of her juices as she ground out a deep, writhing climax on his tongue.

She shuddered and swore as he eased off his licking, kissing her lightly and enjoying her post orgasmic slinkiness. She took his head in both hands and peered down at him.

She stooped and kissed him, her tongue flipping in his mouth. “You like to eat me?” She said, biting a drop of her own moisture from her lips. Jack nodded, wiping his hand across his.

“Prove it.” Beatrice nodded at his trunks. He stood and presented his hips to her, his cock ridiculously stuck out the top, harder than he had ever been.

“Oh, Oui…” Beatrice pulled the shorts down and took hold of his member, her hot hand delicious on his chilled skin. “What a delightful brute! That is too hard, it will burst, non?” She pressed a kiss to it and sighed, her breath rolled down his shaft along with a teased-out drop of pre-cum. She swung her tongue around him, chuckling as his knees trembled.

“I’m not finished,” he said and pushed her back. She beamed and lifted her hips and he impaled her effortlessly and deeply in one slow stroke. Her jaw dropped and her sex fluttered as she engulfed him, chewing her hips at his strokes.

“Merde.” She breathed, “This will not take—”

The crunch of tyres on gravel below, just outside the open window, jolted Jack to a halt.

“No!” Beatrice wrapped her legs around his hips as he pulled away in panic.”I am too close!” She wriggled her hips at him to speed up. He pushed firmly and quickly.

The car stopped and a brake cranked. From their position, they could see through the passenger window, into Emily’s lap. With a twist of guilt he recognised the grey silk chinoise dress Em would wear to please him.

Beatrice huffed and puffed her whispering encouragement, grinning down at the cuckolds. “Oui, oui… don’t stop. Oh… how… delicious…”

Jack was torn between the picture of unequivocal, blushed, pleasure spread before him and the torturing glimpse of his wife and Le Génie, outside. He pushed as hard and fast as he could into the clamouring woman, desperate for her to orgasm so they could compose themselves before they were caught. At the same time he was shocked at the strength of his ardour, that the urge to please Beatrice was more compelling than even the terror of being discovered.

Beatrice seemed unconcerned, worse, she seemed to be enjoying the moment, her cries mounting in volume. He pushed his hand over her mouth but this seemed to drive her even wilder.

Then everything went strange, as -in the car – a man’s hand leant over Emily’s lap and pulled up her skirt. Emily didn’t stop him. She remained with the silk around the crease of her thighs, revealing her stocking tops and panties. Her wedding lingerie, in fact.

Beatrice whimpered and shuddered. “They can’t… see us!” she said, eyes wide and riveted, also, to the oddness playing out below.

Emily leant back and pulled the skirt higher, sliding her hips to the edge of the seat and opening her knees a little. Displaying herself.

“Oh Oui!” Beatrice rammed her hips hard at Jack’s thrusts.

Emily tugged down the waist of her underwear and exposed her nakedness to the driver. She had done something to her mound. Gone was her honey tuft of hair. What kind of nightmare was this? Jack wanted to climax, and howl in pain. He swallowed at a hard lump in his throat even as Beatrice swallowed his hardness between her legs. The man patted his wife’s smooth bald folds like a puppy’s head. What kind of reaction was that?

Beatrice rolled her eyes and locked rigid. Jack rammed and hauled her orgasm out of her, holding up her feet, grinding his teeth as Emily fixed her clothing and got out of the car. Alerted by Beatrice’s cries of pleasure, she peered up at them.

Beatrice stirred her hips and wound down her orgasm whilst waving feverishly to Emily. “We are in flagrante delicto!” she squealed. Jack set his jaw. Emily frowned, smoothed the front of her skirt, and charged into the house. The car pulled away.

Beatrice’s eager sex, combined with the sight of his wife’s own infidelity had balled him up inside. So, even though Beatrice had climaxed and was crimson and floppy beneath him; even though his wife’s footfalls trotted up the stairs toward them, he could not stop İstanbul Escort pushing his aching manhood relentlessly in and out of that slavering hole. He would confront Emily like this, fucking her best friend. Her first love’s juices stringing off his fucking balls.

Emily charged into the room, screaming.

“Yay!” she shrieked and grabbed Jack’s face, covering it in kisses, her tongue plunging into his mouth. She smacked her lips. “Salty!” she said, and slapped his bare arse. “I hope that means what I think it does. Darling Cherie!” She spun and launched herself onto Beatrice’s face next. “Clever girl! I didn’t think you could do it!”

She pulled away and regarded the pair, hands clasped and joggling on the spot, eyes flicking over them as if they were a fairground ride and she was working out where to get on.

Beatrice, it seemed, had devolved to pure animal. It was all she could do to rock her hips at him, her hand squeezing Em’s bottom. “Jack is about to give me my third orgasm, darling Emmy, can I have him one more minute?” she purred.

“Yummy, I’ll watch.” Emily unhooked her shoulder straps and let her dress slide to the floor. ” Your hubbie didn’t agree with my choice of lingerie, Beatie.”

“Darling… oh… my husband is gay. Unless you had a cock in there… ah… he will not care… oh…”

Em smiled and wriggled off her panties. “He liked my Hollywood wax, though.” She posed, twirling the silk underwear around her finger. Jack gawped at his wife as if for the first time, resplendent in bra, stockings, and absolutely nothing else. Other than a look of perfect joy. Even her newly revealed intimate lips seemed happy, poking out a cheeky pink tongue; she chuckled and kissed him again.

“Come on, don’t slow down, can’t you see she’s close? I hope you didn’t mind our little subterfuge?”

Beatrice groaned, Jack gripped her hips and shoved hard into her gaping slot. “I’ll cope, I think,” he said. Em was already climbing onto the window seat with them, standing astride her friend with her naked rump toward him.

“There is a rental fee for my hubby,” Em said, pushing her hips at Beatrice’s face. It was the last straw for the woman’s resolve. Jack glimpsed a wet tongue slide up into his wife and then Beatrice shuddered into another rigid, though muffled, orgasm.

Em watched Jack over her shoulder with huge hooded eyes as her Beatrice screeched a climax into her sex and Jack slid hard and fast between her best friend’s thighs. Em grasped her bottom and dug her nails into it. “Oh God yes,” she muttered and shivered, stirring her hips on Beatrice’s face.

The roller coaster ride of an afternoon had left Jack unsure whether he would orgasm any second or never again. He decided to just go with it while he had it, and slid out of Beatrice. He stood on the seat and slid straight up into his wife.

Emily laughed with a wild abandon Jack had never heard from her before. Her friend cackled, licking them both eagerly as he impaled Em deeply from behind.

“There it is!” Beatrice said, “At last! The Laugh!”

The Laugh? This extreme pleasure was that common – for them – it had a name. Why didn’t he know this? A dark flash of doubt had Jack faltering; a doubt consumed by his wife’s tight, shockingly liquid hollow, the slender writhe of her hips and the flared plumping of her bottom. Everything underscored by Beatrice, licking Em’s juices from his balls.

Jack decided to stop worrying. He increased his speed until Em’s buttocks slapped on his front and Beatrice licked and sucked everything that came into range.

Em emitted a long, low moan. It had been so long since he’d heard this noise; he had quite forgotten what it meant. Beatrice didn’t miss the cue and sat to attention. When it hit him, that his wife was about to climax, every lock sprung inside him. He moaned too.

“Yes,” Em muttered into his ear, her head lolling back in the crook of his neck. “Cum with me.”

“Oui, oui! hmmf!” Beatrice pressed her lips to Em’s bud and with a juddering howl Emily was sucked, and fucked, into orgasm. Jack locked too, tried to control his thrusts as long as he could, then plunged wildly as he erupted into his wife.

Beatrice laughed all the way through their blissful twitching, lapping them through it and refusing to stop when they finally calmed down. She sparkled up at them, running her tongue along his glossy length as Jack withdrew. He shivered and Em laughed and hopped in hysterics as Beatrice probed a cheeky tongue inside her.

“So, darling Jack, tell me,” Em said, climbing off them both. “Still think I was looking forward to this trip too much?”

But Jack was lost, Beatrice taking his idly pumping member into her mouth and drawing on it with a blissful hum. Em stroked her friend’s hair, watching. Her lip curled. “Oh, and by the way, both of you?” she said. “I will never do… that.”

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The Telemarketer

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Female Ejaculation

OK, OK, I’ll admit it. I’m the person everyone loves to hate. I’m a telemarketer.

It’s not like I set out for a career in annoying people. But I really needed a job to help pay for my tuition and, well, the money was too good to pass up. So I was willing to put up with the abuse just to make some cash. Unfortunately, I guess I’m not much of a salesperson, because at the end of my second week on the job I still had exactly zero sales. As I strode into work on Friday morning, I’m sure Mr. Hersh was well aware of that fact, too. He gave me a dirty look as I walked past and settled into my cubicle. I knew I had to make a sale, and make it fast, or my days as a telemarketer were numbered.

I slipped my headset on and logged onto the computer to start the day’s calls. The first half-hour was pretty much the same — hang-ups, cursing, name-calling — until about my thirtieth call.

“Hello, Mr. Stevens? This is Amy from SaveAmerica and I–“

“Ah, just the person I wanted to talk too! Hang on a sec’.”

I had never been put on hold by a prospect, but it was a refreshing change from the usual hang-ups. I peeked over my shoulder at Mr. Hersh, who was still eyeballing me.

“OK, who did you say you were?”

“This is Amy from SaveAmerica and I–“

“You have a sexy voice, Amy.”

I had to admit that he had a rather pleasant baritone, too. “Well, thank you sir. But I’m calling to talk about how we can save–“

“Are you wearing a bra?”

I was shocked, to say the least. “Pardon me?”

“A bra. Are you wearing one?”

I was sure that nothing in our handbook covered this type of conversation. But I needed a sale desperately, and if this is what it took… “Um, yes. But I’d really like to talk to you about the long-distance rates you’re–“

“What color?”


“Your bra. What color is it?”

“I…I…I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. I woke up a little late and in my rush to get dressed I just grabbed whatever was on top of my underwear drawer.

“Well, take a peek. I’ll wait.”

This was getting a little weird. I eyed Mr. Hersh, who thankfully had his back toward me while talking with a co-worker. I lifted both hands to the collar of my t-shirt and took a quick peek while pretending to make a minor clothing adjustment.


“Nice. Kartal Escort Innocent.”

“Yes. Now about your long-distance rates–“



“Are you wearing panties?”

“Of course I am!” I whispered into the headset. “Now Mr. Stevens, I am not calling to talk about my underwear! I want to show you how to save money on your long-distance charges.”

“Well, you’re the one who initiated this phone call. You barged into my house and interrupted me. So I will set the tone of this conversation until you either sign me up or hang up on me.”

He opened the door just a crack. He expressed a willingness to listen to my sales pitch, and then maybe even give me a sale! So I kept at it. “Alright, but I’m really not comfortable talking about–“

“What color?”


“Your panties. What color are they?”

“I got dressed so fast this morning, I honestly don’t remember.”

“Take a peek.”

“Mr. Stevens,” I hissed. “I’m in a room full of people. I can’t drop my pants to check on the color of my underwear.”

“Sure you can. Or maybe I’ll just hang up.”

“Oohh,” I grumbled as I scoped out the room. No one was paying any particular attention to me, so I casually laid my hand in my lap and slowly undid the zipper on my jeans.

“White! They’re white too!” I quickly zipped back up.

“Ah, a matching set. How sexy.”

“Now, Mr. Stevens, how much do your long-distance bills run in a typical–“

“You sound like have big tits.”

“Mr. Stevens!” I hissed again. “That’s highly offensive, and certainly not an appropriate way to–“

“Do you want the sale or not?”

I did. “Um…big? Actually, no, they’re kinda small. Now, your long-distance bills–“

“How small?”

I was getting aggravated. “What do you mean?”

“Your bra size.”

“34-B,” I spat at him.

“Ah, that’s perfect. Personally, I don’t care for girls with huge tits. More than a mouthful is a waste!”

“Mr. Stevens! Please! Now, about your long-distance bills–“

“I’m taking my shirt off.”

“Fine. Are you paying too much–“

“And my pants.”

“Your pants?” I lowered my voice again. “Mr. Stevens, you can’t get naked while I’m talking to you!”

“Who says I can’t? Tuzla Escort There go my shorts. Wow, look at that!”


“My dick. It’s hard!”

At this point, I realized that I was getting a little turned on by my prospect. He sounded nice, intelligent. His voice was very sexy. And here he was telling me that his– Well, maybe it was time to turn the tables. “How big?”


“Your cock,” I whispered, glancing around to make sure no one was close enough to overhear. “How big is it?”

“Well, I’ve never put a tape measure to it,” he laughed, “but my girlfriend says it’s the biggest she’s ever seen. And she’s seen a LOT of dicks! She says it’s at least eight inches.”

“Oh my. Did you say EIGHT inches? Ahem. Uh, your long-distance bill?”

“Yeah, go ahead and do your sales pitch. I’m gonna lay here in bed and stroke my cock.”

“You are? Oh my God… Uh, OK…um, SaveAmerica can save you hundreds of dollars on your annual phone bill.” I could hear his breaths getting deeper.

“I’ll bet you shave your pussy.”

“A little trim now and then. But with your OK right now we can sign you up for our program–“

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes. And we’ll start saving you money right away.”

“Do you fuck him?”

Oh God. “Yes.”

“How often?”

“Well, he lives on campus, so I only see him on weekends.” I could see Mr. Hersh glaring at me again. “Now, can we sign you up–“

“So when was the last time?”


“Sunday? And today’s Friday. I’ll bet you’re horny.”


“Amy, I’m laying in bed stroking my cock right now. If you join in, maybe you’ll have a sale.”

‘Maybe I’ll have a sale’. Just the words I needed to hear. But more than anything right now I needed to cum. His words had me incredibly turned on, and the fact that this conversation was taking place with my coworkers blissfully unaware just a few feet away had my pussy soaking wet. “Um…right here?”

“Sure. Just pretend you’re itchy.”

Looking around again to make sure there were no watchful eyes, I slid my left hand down to my crotch. I started to slowly rub my pussy while staring into the computer monitor.

“Do you suck his cock?”


“Does he cum in your mouth?”

“Yes.” Anadolu Yakası Escort I worked a finger down to my clit, rubbing it through the seam on my jeans.

“I’ll bet you like that.”


“Does he reciprocate? Does he lick your pussy?’

I started to gingerly rock my hips toward the base of my palm. “Yes.”

“And do you like that?”

“Yes!” Making sure no one was watching, I increased the pressure on my clit.

“Is he good? Does he make you cum?”

“Umm,” I said, my voice now trembling. “Sometimes…”

“Sometimes! Amy, you should let ME lick your pussy! I GUARANTEE you’ll cum — more than once.”

I was now rocking furiously in my chair, using both of my hands to rub my pussy. He had me close to cumming!

“Amy, baby. I’m gonna explode and second now. I’m ready to shoot my load all over the bedsheets!

“Ooooh,” I squeaked.

“Your boyfriend…does he fuck you in the ass?”

“Oh GOD!” I screamed. I swear the whole room turned to look at me. I sat motionless for several moments until all heads had turned away. Once I was sure that I was no longer the object of my co-workers’ attention, I resumed rocking my hips and rubbing my pussy. I lowered my voice before speaking again. “In the ass? No. I’ve always wanted to but he’s a little squeamish about it.”

“I would fuck you in the ass, Amy.”


“I’d set you up on all fours, and lube up your little hole.”

“Uh huh…” I caught my voice rising again.

“Slip in a finger.”

“Yeah?” I could barely control myself.

“Swing one hand around to caress your stiff nipples…”


“Use my other hand to finger your sweet, wet pussy…”

“Oh, please? Finger my pussy! Squeeze my titties!”

“Then plunge my big cock right up your ass!”

“Oh yes!” I whimpered. Through the headset, I could hear my prospect grunting and groaning.

“I’m cumming, Amy! Oh yeah! Hot cum shooting out of my dick! Straight up! Almost to the ceiling!”

This sent me over the edge. “Fuck me! In the ass! With your big, fat cock!” I was rocking uncontrollably, my hands furiously rubbing my pussy as I shuddered to a delicious climax.

I sat quietly for a few moments, basking in the warm, post-orgasmic glow. I had almost forgotten about my prospect.

“That was nice, Amy. Thanks for calling. But I’m not ready to switch my long-distance carrier right now.”


The bastard! He hung up on me! And didn’t give me the sale! Oh well, at least I got a good orgasm out of it. And, I do have his phone number…

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The Third Date

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Paul had been impatiently waiting and fantasizing about tonight. He and Alison had met a week ago, hitting it off immediately. Their conversation had been so free flowing and exciting. They hadn’t broached the subject of sex yet but after two dates and a goodnight kiss that had left him speechless, he was definitely anticipating the experience.

Alison was busy getting ready for their date, picking out the clothes she knew would have the desired effect on Paul’s libido. She had been thinking about jumping his bones from the first date, but was playing it cautious to make sure he was actually somebody she wanted to have a relationship with. She had made her decision and was now putting her plan of seduction into action.

The door bell rang and interrupted her train of thought. Was it Paul already? Crap, she was fluctuating between throwing her dress on or putting on a robe to answer the door. She could already feel the lust building. The bell rang a second time. Throwing all pretense to the wind, she dashed from the bedroom to the front door, pulling it open, grabbing his arm, and pulling him into the room with a powerful tug. The door slammed shut seemingly of its own accord, her low backward kick was so well placed. She looked into his eyes and saw them change from stark surprise, to animal need.

He entwined his hand in the back of her hair and pulled her lips to his; not brutally but not gently either. Their lips parted and they felt the melding of their saliva into an erotica lubricant. Their tongues met Bostancı Escort and danced to the increasing beat of their hearts. She pulled at his belt and unbuckled it with deft ease, taking hold of the top of his pants. They moved together and were both breathing hard and fast. She managed to get his pants down and stuck her hand inside his underwear, putting her hand around his hardened shaft. It throbbed in her hand as more and more blood engorged it. He shivered and let out a guttural moan as the sensation of her hand around his cock lit every nerve fiber in his being.

He pulled her bra up over her breasts and pulled down her panties. Paul cupped each ample and well formed breast. With his thumbs he stroked her erect nipples, sending charges of electric fire down to her loins. She could feel the heat and pulsating tingle of her vagina as every nerve fiber became supercharged. One hand went to her mound and he stroked it with two fingers. She arched up into his hand and he felt his fingers slide over her wet lips. She made a low purring sound and began stroking his cock slowly.

They were both pulling at his clothes to get them off in the fastest way possible. He picked her up and she clamped her legs around him, pressing her quivering cunt against his pulsating penis. He walked her into the bedroom and sat at the end of it, laying back with her on top of him. Again they kissed; their tongues exploring the recesses beyond their lips. She dry humped him savagely, lubricating his member with Ümraniye Escort the juices of her enflamed pussy. She slid her mound down his leg as she lowered her body enough to suck on his nipples. He arched upward and tensed from the sensations. “Oh my god”, he exclaimed, “I’ve never had that before”.

“Have you been living in a convent?” she quipped, as she moved to the other nipple. They both chuckled, not losing any of their sexual fervor. Satisfied by another arch of his pelvis, she turned herself around, pointing her twat in his face and taking in a mouthful of his penis. He grabbed the sides of her hips and directed her wet cooter to his lips. He rubbed the outside of her vaginal area with his lips, using a light touch. He felt the shock waves go through her and vibrate her teeth, which were pressed lightly around his cock. After a few strokes, she stopped and brought her head up, watching the throbbing of his ample dick.

He was using his tongue to go up and down her slit while making circle motions with is oral love muscle. Her head rocked back and she thrust her steaming oyster into his face and began moving her pelvis in time with his tongues meanderings. The tension was rapidly growing within her, needing to be released. She moved faster against his face, getting him wet from forehead to chin. She was gratified to find that he could still breath and lick pussy at the same time; his tongue keeping perfect time and changing pressure; to match her rising tempest. Momentarily she stopped Anadolu Yakası Escort as the spring within tightened to its maximum, and then began bucking wildly as the coil released and she rode the waves of orgasm as they diminished to a floating sensation of contentment. She looked down at his still pumped piston. Alison moved around and pulled his penis into her freshly erupted volcano.

As he felt his cock slide between her pussy lips and embed itself deeply in her love canal, he bit his lip to keep from getting too aroused too quickly. She sat atop him motionless, letting him get used to being inside her. Seeing him settle in, she moved up and down slowly, gauging the level of his ardor. They both settled into a rhythm; moving up, down, then around and around in a synchronized motion. Both engines of lust were in perfect tune, with each other; rising higher and higher in pitch, springs tightening and trigger cocking.

They were riding the edge together. The muscles in the walls of her vagina were contracting with each stroke and she could feel every vein pulsing in his penis as it seemingly took on more blood, to magnify its already admirable size. He knew they were both about to reach the peak. He reached around and lubricated his middle finger with her juices, rubbing her clitoris which was extended and engorged. As the coil tightened and trigger hit maximum pull, he stuck his wet finger in her ass and was greeted with a savage scream of pleasure as she gushed forth in unison with the pumping release of his juices, to mingle with hers. After squeezing all the pleasure out of their orgasm they could, she lay on top of him. He put his arms around her, saying, “I don’t know what got into you today, but I really like it”.

She smiled and returned, “I’ve been reading all day”.

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The Transformation

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My name is Christina and I’m roughly 4ft 6 inches tall weighing at nearly 90 pounds. I’m an Asian with typical Asian features like pearly black eyes and jet black hair. They’re really long, until the middle of my back now. I think I’ve got ample chests with 36C tits. My extremely sensitive nipples are in a shade of brown that really stand out like pencil tips. You can easily arouse me by touching them. I don’t really know about this but my boyfriend, Michael, tells me that my lips are full and slightly pout. His words really and he describes them as “begging to be kissed”. I wouldn’t know much about that having only his lips that I have ever kissed. I maintain an exercise routine that includes swimming and jogging. Plus I sometimes visit the gym for some extra push. I also like ball games like soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc. You could say that I’m quite active but in fact it really keeps me in shape.

I’ve been quite reserved for the better part of my life right until recently when I’ve took a big step forward to opening up myself. From the baggy, floor length clothes to the more daring, skimpy, sexy clothes. It’s been a real change for me and I’m really enjoying it.

This happened some time after got me cherry “eaten” by Michael. Oh, for those of you who don’t know, Michael is my boyfriend who’s 5ft 6, 132 pounds and has a really athletic body. He’s also an Asian with the typical black eyes and matching hair. We were in Michael’s room studying after school, well, sort of studying. We’ve now formed a routine where we go his place after school and after refreshing ourselves in his well stocked kitchen, we head up to his room where he turns on the air-conditioning and prepares the setting of the room while I dress up in the washroom. I would try on different clothing or different combinations, getting inspirations from the net, magazines or asking Michael.

This particular day, I was wearing a baby blue tank top that was cut right under my tits, the bottom of my globes were teasingly in view whenever I stretched or reached for something. The neckline was a low V cut that showed quite a lot of cleavage as well. For the bottom, since it was a hot day and we were indoors, I was wearing a matching color bikini bottoms that were held together on the sides with strings. Although it wasn’t a thong bikini but I assure you enough skin was showing. Once I stepped out of the washroom Michael was still selecting which CD to play. So I took my homework and plopped myself into his extremely comfortable recliner armchair. The material is smooth and soft. The chair like sucks you into it, and you feel so wonderful you wouldn’t want to budge at all.

So after 5 more minutes he finally settled with a Kenny G album. Hmm… relaxing, mood setting music, he’s definitely improving. So he turns around and at the sight of my super sexy attire, drops the remote he’s holding and stares dumbly at me mouth wide open. I took a look at his hilarious expression, chuckled and continued reading. He spent a whole 5 minutes taking in the wonderful scene in front of him. I could feel his piercing eyes on every inch of my body. I was curled up in the armchair and my legs folded under me. Still I could feel his eyes on my tits squeeze together by my arms, trailing on my long, slim legs to the toes and trying to peak down south that was currently hiding from his view. I was starting to get aroused and warm up already with his hot stares and I could feel my bikini bottom starting to get wet. Even the smell of arousal was pungent in the room within a few minutes. There was sexual tension in the air.

“Whatcha reading there?” he asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Oh! Just today’s homework Ms. Chin asked us to go home and work on it” I replied.

“You’re sure working on it. Mind if I join you?” He was pacing slowly towards me.

“Sure…” I moved a bit to accommodate him in the chair. The armchair was quite a big one that a person could sleep curled up in it. And it’s definitely fit enough for two people, two people who didn’t mind being in intimate contact that is.

Michael sat beside me, arms encircling me while his head placed on my shoulder Bostancı Escort reading over it. We both started reading the article our teacher gave us, for a while that is. I started feeling him nibble on my shoulder, then higher on my neck and finally, on my ears. His fingers, however, were tracing circles on my bare arms, drifting lower and lower onto my abdomen. At this point my mind was a blur and I couldn’t read a single word in front of me. Although the book was merely inches away from me, it couldn’t have seems farther. I closed my eyes and focused on the intense pleasure his touches were giving me.

“Mmm… yes Michael… Yes! That’s feels soooo good…” I trailed off into a pleasureable moan.

He got encouraged by that compliment and started stroking the undersides of my tits. Softly and sensually he stroked me, while nibbling my neck. By now I had thrown my head back and was moaning out loud. His fingers then traced downwards to my thighs and started tracing circles there. Slowly he moved inwards to my inner thigh and I was sure he could feel the heat emitting from my pussy. It was too much for me to bear, as my skin is very sensitive to touch, that it brought me to my first orgasm that day.

“Argghh!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Hah… hah… yeessss…. That was wonderful Michael!” I was panting and sweating profusely, And this was merely foreplay! I couldn’t wait to fuck him mindless.

He just beamed at me and plated a wet kiss on me. At once I grabbed his head and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues swirled around each other and our smooching sounds were echoing around the room, infused with Kenny G’s saxophone. His tongue worked magic by flicking sensitive points in my mouth and he also nibbled my lips. My hands were unconsciously stroking his 7 inch cock. His hands were now inside my tank top caressing my tits. After a while he pulled away from me, just as I was about to free his cock from its “imprisonment”.

“What’s wrong Michael? Don’t you want me?” I was truly puzzled.

“No, it’s not that. You wanna go out for a dip in the pool?” he asked. “Its brand new, just installed a few days ago.”

So that’s what the noise was a few days ago and the workers. I was still very aroused and couldn’t really think straight about the whole deal when he pulled me up and dragged me out of the room. It was then that I realized I didn’t bring my swimsuits and I was only wearing a sheer tank top that would be quite “visible” with the aid of water and not to mention of bikini bottoms. Being in this state inside his room was one thing, being in the open was quite the opposite. So, I started protesting.

“But… but Michael, I don’t have a swimsuit.”

”It’s okay baby, you’re fine the way you are, I’m not going to put on mine anyway.” He answered.

At that time he was just wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts. Well guys could swim in anything but it was quite the contrary for me. I don’t want to show the whole world my assets. So I protested again as we heading down the stairs,

“But Michael, people will see us. I mean, they’re gonna see me, semi-naked!”

“Well, there’s a fence surrounding the pool that’s gonna give us some privacy but there still might be some guys who are persistent enough to climb trees or something to get a good look at your sexy body.” Then he stopped and whispered softly, “Exciting isn’t it?”

At that time I didn’t find the prospect of somebody else seeing me the least bit exciting, terrifying in fact. I started wriggling away and trying to break free but he held his grip firmly on my arm and led me out to the backyard where the new pool was installed. His parents were out of town so we practically had the whole house to ourselves. Or I guess they would’ve been shocked to see me in my attire even if it’s still dry, except for my pussy that is. After dragging me out into the open, he locked the glass door leading back into the house and kept the key in the pocket of his pants. Then he motioned me towards the pool.

The pool is around 10ft times 8ft. It has a shallow and deep end. The pool was 10 ft from the porch that we were standing and I could see some Ümraniye Escort deck chairs and a table was set up under a big umbrella. Out here I was having a hard time of keeping my hands covered over my tits or my bottom. This was a whole new deal for me and I was blushing a deep red color. I was embarrassed, scared, horrified…and somewhere deep inside, aroused and excited. From out of no where Michael conjured up two bottles of Vodka Lime, he offered one to me. I was so nervous that I didn’t even think about the bottle’s contents and downed it in one gulp.

I am no drinker and immediately I could feel the fire burning down my throat into my stomach, then the effects of the alcohol kicking in to my system. I started feeling warm and more relaxed in the open environment. The booze also gave me heightened senses and I started to anticipate dipping in that cool, clear blue, pristine water of the pool in front of me. Handing back the empty bottle to Michael I strode in confident strides, with an extra wriggle in my ass towards the waters edge. Then stopping there and motioning Michael who was again dumbfounded by my sudden actions to come and join me.

“Come on Michael, the water looks inviting don’t you think? I’m feeling warm and I think a dip is what I need now… Come on… Please…” I was really putting on my sexiest tone and bending down to exhibit some cleavage.

At once he came over and we both jumped into the pool together. The water felt so good, it was a hot day and plus the vodka I had I was feeling really hot then. When I stood up the water was only at my waist as we were at the shallow end, I realize my tank top was now hugging my figure like a body suit and my dark nipples were showing through the material.

Then I realize Michael had taken off his shirt as I could see his washboard abs and muscular chest and arms approaching me. The drops of water dripping on his body plus the rays of the sun suddenly made me more aware of the feeling tingling within my crotch more than anything. I didn’t care if some children were spying through hole in the fence, or the mailman decided to drop by, I was oblivious to the outside world. Then something rang a bell in me, something Michael said when we were coming out. Wouldn’t it be more exciting if there was the risk of somebody actually seeing us? I know that answer now, definitely.

I went over to meet his embrace and we started kissing in the pool. Hungry, lustful kisses with our tongues entwined with each other and our hands roamed each others body. It was then that I felt that he was actually naked under the water, he had shed all his clothing and jumped in, as my hands were caressing his bare naked ass. Then I felt his finger pulling on the knots typing my bikini bottom on. I started to panic a bit but he was such a good kisser and the water and the sun felt so good. Plus I thought that since we were underwater, we should be harder to see. So I let him tug on both of the knots, releasing them and on my first step to skinny dipping.

Now I could feel his 7 inch erection massaging on my pussy lips, causing my head to swirl around the pool. If I was aroused before, I was in euphoria now. I was high, dizzy, aroused, excited, horny…. The combination of the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the water and the freedom of being in the outdoor plus the intimate touches I was having brought me to my second orgasm.

“Ooh! Mike! Michael! I’m sooo dizzy… I’m cumming again! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I moaned while holding onto him for my dear life.

Taking advantage of my vulnerability, Michael grab hold of my tank top and yank it over my head. I was shocked for a moment when I was stark naked in the outdoors. Then I grinned and started splashing water at Michael, he immediately retaliated by splashing back. We were having so much fun, splashing and laughing naked in a warm afternoon in the pool.

Conceiving defeat Michael dived underneath and came up behind me, embracing me. I turned around and he immediately assaulted my lips but kissing me deeply and sensually. His hand roamed around my body, cupping my bare naked ass in the water and teasing my pussy lips. Then his Kartal Escort mouth moved downwards and he used his tongue to trace circles around my nipple, causing waves of electricity rippling through my body. I was already in heaven but he was teasing me by avoiding any contact with the most sensitive part of my body—my nipples. He would repeat this with both of my tits until I was panting and moaning with my head spinning again. Then finally, and suddenly, he sucked one of my nipples in his mouth while pinching the other. That was my third orgasm of the day.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck it! Pinch harder! I like it! Fuck me right out here in the open! I don’t care who sees us! Just fuck me now!” My reservations and all those years of teachings were thrown out of the window by Michael’s expert teasing.

He needn’t a second invitation and at once plunged his cock deep into my pussy. We weren’t up to slow strokes or gentle movements then, it was pure animal lust and we were fucking like there was no tomorrow. He held me in his arms with my legs wrapped around him. Our mouths never left each other but moans escape us.

“Mmm… argghhhh…. Yeess…. Fuck me! Fuck me! Its so fucking hard! I want it Michael!”

We kept like this for a while and then he pulled me off and led me to the side of the pool where he turned me around and fucked me from behind. I grabbed on to the edge of the pool while he pumped me while grabbing handfuls of my tits.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Michael! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! God! I wish… mmm… there was someone… mmm… here to see us like this… I’m in heaven! Yes! Hmm… mmm…”

After that, Michael led me back up to one of the deck chairs where he had laid a towel on it. He lay on the towel and beckoned me to ride him. I needn’t a second invitation as well and immediately knelt on top of him, and the slowly lowered myself onto his manhood. That was the only slow action I did as I quickly hastened the pace and ride him fast and furious.

“Oh! Yes! Yes! Its soooo full Michael! My pussy is fully stretched by your hard cock! Yes! Fuck! It feels sooo good!”

Then from the corner of my eye I could see a figure standing behind the fence spying through the holes of the fence. I suddenly felt scared and panic though I never let my strokes fell short. I was still riding Michael but my heart was focused on the voyeur spying on my most intimate moment. But then I felt a sudden urge of excitement as I also saw some hand movements behind the fence. I then realized that I was on the verge of bringing two guys off at the same moment. I felt excited, free and sexy. As if I was the sex symbol that everyone was dreaming about. And from that moment on I knew I was going to put on a show for that guy.

So I dismounted Michael, much to his disappointment only to bend down onto his dick and started to slowly lap up the mixture juices on his cock. After it was clean, I started kissing all over it before taking in the head of his cock.

After teasing him with that, I hold the base of his cock and slowly stroking him. My other hand softly caressing the most sensitive part of a man, between the scrotum and the anus, causing Michael to shiver and moan. I then started kissing and licking his balls while continuously stroking him. After a few more strokes and making sure his balls were covered with my saliva, I took his entire manhood into my mouth and sucked him furiously. He couldn’t have endured much more of my assault as I felt his balls tightened. So I immediately pulled his dick out and just in time to let it spray wave after wave of cum all over my face and tits.

At that very same moment, I thought I could hear a faint moan coming from the direction of the voyeur. I smiled devilishly at my accomplishments. I wondered if Michael knew about the voyeur but he was panting and sweating, exhausted after that wonderful sexual experience. I scooped up the sum on my tits and sucked it clean. It was rather pleasant tasting to I continued to “clean” myself.

A few minutes passed by and Michael regained his legs as well as his composure and led me back into the house to the bathroom for to clean up. I turn from the corner of my eye I saw my voyeur quietly leaving. I could only grin at my accomplishments this afternoon. At the same time I knew Michael had introduced me to a new world and I’m fully transformed into someone else. I smiled mischievously while starting to plan for our next adventure.

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The Teacher of My Dreams

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Author’s Note: Here’s a quickie for the Holidays. Merry Christmas!

Carol got up from the couch and slowly walked to the door of the tiny, one-room rental cabin and flicked off the light. The fireplace and three candles bounced soft light off the dark log walls. A tabletop Christmas tree shimmered, along with the wreaths hanging above the fire.

Her eyes adjusted and the young man on the couch came into focus. He was watching her, following her with his childlike eyes.

She remembered his words. He had described how he used to get home from high school and go into his bedroom. He would lock the door and pull off his pants. Lying on the bed, he would picture her in his mind standing in front of the class. Except it would be just him and her.

The boy explained how he would pull his cock from under his boxers and hold it as he imagined her beginning to undress. He was eighteen then and she was thirty.

Now, five years later, they were alone in a secluded cabin the week before Christmas. Dreams were about to come true.

Carol stood next to the queen size bed in the corner of the cabin. It was about the same distance she would have been from Jeff in her English class.

A brief flash of light followed a loud crack in the fireplace. Their eyes never left each other.

Carol grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up. She had to force herself to slow down in the excitement of the moment. As much as she wanted to feel the young man’s body next to hers, she also knew her “show” was an important part of her present to him.

The sweater was lifted higher and Carol’s blonde hair fell back into place. The teacher stood with her arms at her side. Then she dropped the sweater.

Jeff stared at the beautiful, full, firm breasts. Firelight glistened off Carol’s skin. The breasts seemed to move in the dancing shadows of the faint light.

But, Carol didn’t move. She anticipated the acting out of the man’s fantasy in complete detail. It was what he said he wanted.

He pulled down the zipper on his jeans and opened the button at the waist. Jeff’s hand moved to his lap and a few seconds later a hard, thick cock appeared. Then all but the tip disappeared inside his hand as he rested his head on the back of the couch.

Carol was relieved to see the rigidity of the cock. She wanted so badly to please him…to make it the way he had so honestly described the afternoons in his bedroom.

The teacher opened her own jeans and pushed them down. They fell off her slender hips and slid to her ankles, revealing a pair of black satin panties. She leaned over and stepped out of the jeans, making sure her breasts were well within his view.

Jeff stroked his cock in long, even movements. He watched his former teacher run her fingers over her nipples, then down her stomach and inside the front of her panties. He took his hand away Bayan Eskort from his cock to let her see it…and to keep from cumming.

Carol saw the erect cock in the dim light and moaned at the feel of her finger on her clit. Her cunt soaked the finger in juices when she inserted it a moment later.

Finally, she pulled off her panties and stood naked in front of the student. In all the days and nights he spent in his bedroom thinking about Carol, Jeff never imagined anything as nice as what stood across from him now. His dreams never included the holiday decorations and candles that filled his current surroundings.

Carol was an opened present he would never forget.

The woman turned and lowered herself onto the small bed. She rolled onto her side and pulled her knees up toward her chest, then straightened one of the legs back out.

Jeff stared at every inch of the body laid out before him; the curve of the ass, the way her breasts hung freely, her long legs. Without realizing it, his cock was back in his hand.

Carol tapped the bed beside her with her hand. The signal needed no interpretation.

In the time it took Jeff to rise from the couch and walk to her, Carol thought about his phone call to her…his invitation to meet…their dinner…their subsequent phone calls and meetings. It took one month for them to learn about each other. Really learn about each other.

Now they lay together on a bed in a cabin at Christmastime. Little presents sat in open boxes by the fireplace. A nearby wine bottle reflected light as it sat on a table.

Carol embraced her former student as their bodies stretched to full length. Legs intertwined as their kiss became more passionate. Jeff rolled on top of Carol and his hard cock could be felt by both of them as it pressed against their skin.

For a brief moment excitement overwhelmed the couple. They thrashed about on the bed, their mouths smothering each other with wild kisses and licks. Jeff thrust his cock onto Carol’s body, not caring what it hit.

Simultaneously, they relaxed to the point where they gained pleasure from each other’s touches. Jeff’s head moved towards the teacher’s breasts.

“Oh, yes, Jeff. Lick me, please. Lick my nipples,” Carol urged the young man.

His tongue touched her skin a few inches below the right nipple and slowly moved up. As soon as his tongue contacted her nipple, Jeff wrapped his lips around it.

The nipple was soft. He bit it lightly with his lips and heard Carol moan. Then he flicked his tongue over it and felt it grow.

Jeff’s mouth opened and took in as much of her breast as it could. He used his hand to push it up, then began an assault on the nipple. The more the woman squirmed and moaned, the more he sucked on the breast.

Soon, he was alternating from one breast to the other. Jeff’s cock rubbed against the inside Anadolu Yakası Escort of Carol’s thighs as he lay on top of her; the woman’s body demanding that it be allowed to release the pent up lust that had grown during the day.

“Now, Jeff. I want you to fuck me,” Carol whispered between moans.

All the days and nights and years of desire flashed in Jeff’s mind. He had told himself that, when the time came, he would take her slowly and lovingly. It was going to be difficult.

They kissed while Jeff positioned his throbbing cock between the teacher’s legs, which she eagerly opened. Moisture collected around the entrance to her pussy and was transferred to the tip of Jeff’s cock when it rested there.

Jeff fumbled for a second trying to place his cock where he wanted it.

“Let me,” Carol said in a reassuring tone.

Her hand quickly guided his cock to her pussy and she didn’t release it until she felt the tip enter her. Carol was so wet and Jeff was so hard that the length of his cock was in her almost before he knew what happened.

He took a moment to look down on the beautiful woman below him. Her breasts rose from her chest just the way he had pictured them when he was alone in his room after school. The teacher’s hair lay on the pillow like he imagined.

But there was no way he could have imagined how good it felt to have his cock deep inside her cunt.

Carol slowly wrapped her legs around the young man’s body, pulling him closer. Jeff touched the back of her thighs and pushed himself forward until he could go no further. Holding her by the legs, Jeff began making love to his teacher.

Carol was surprised…pleasantly…to feel Jeff leisurely sliding his cock in and out of her. He was gentle and loving. In her present state of arousal, she wouldn’t have complained if he fucked her. But, he didn’t. And she loved him for it.

She watched his eyes and his hair and, of course, his cock. He was a beautiful man, just as she had thought those days in her classroom when she imagined herself with the best looking of her students. Never did she dream she would be with one, in this wonderfully romantic setting.

Carol put her hands on Jeff’s ass and pulled him towards her, holding him in place. She felt his long, hard cock deep inside her as it pulsated. Jeff took the opportunity during the lull to find her breasts with his mouth. He licked and sucked on Carol’s nipples and the surrounding skin. Soon, they were thrashing their bodies against each other again.

“I want you to cum,” Jeff said softly. “I want to be in you when you cum.”

Carol nodded. She’d never talked much during sex and this setting, with the candles and decorations, didn’t call for it. She would just do what he asked.

But, she had a favorite position and wanted to be in it when she came. So she unwrapped her legs Pendik Escort from around Jeff and said, “Let me get on top, please.”

Jeff pulled out and Carol rolled on top of him. In a matter of seconds, she was guiding his rigid cock back inside her cunt.

Jeff now looked up at Carol, with her hair flowing down and her breasts keeping pace with their movements. Her small waist made Carol’s hips look even sexier from Jeff’s new angle. And her pussy…he couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy as it rode his cock up and down in the dim light. He could see her clit and feel the moisture coming from her cunt.

Carol put one hand on her clit and the other on a breast. As she kneaded the breast and squeezed her nipple, Carol rubbed her clit in short, quick strokes. Then, as her orgasm neared, she slowed to long swipes with her finger.

Jeff just watched.

“Yes. Yes. I’m gonna cum,” Carol said.

“C’mon, babe. I want to feel you cum.”

Carol moaned and grunted as she frantically rubbed her clit.

“Oh, yes,” she said loudly, followed by a long, continuous groan. The teacher’s body shook on top of Jeff’s cock. She leaned forward and pounded her pussy onto the man’s shaft, never removing her hand from her clit.

A second orgasm began when she held a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it tightly.

“Fuck me harder,” Carol urged Jeff, who was already lifting his ass off the bed each time he drilled his cock into her.

When the teacher’s orgasms began to fade, Jeff was nearing his limit on being able to withhold his own orgasm. Knowing that he had satisfied the woman riding his cock he was ready to cum.

His mind went back once again to his bedroom…and his dreams.

“I want to cum on your tits,” he said.

Carol looked at him with a knowing smile. “I would love that.”

She lifted herself off of him and put her hand around his wet cock. Carol leaned until the cock’s tip hit one of her nipples. She slowly moved her body so that both breasts made contact. Then she applied more pressure with her hand and forced the cock up against her chest.

With the palm of her hand, Carol pressed the cock flat against one breast, then the other, in a rolling motion. Jeff knew he wouldn’t last long.

Carol once again wrapped her fingers around the cock and pumped it furiously. Jeff’s eyes were tightly closed and his face contorted due to the oncoming orgasm.

He felt his balls start the flow of cum through his cock. After one last look at his teacher’s breasts, he threw his head back on the pillow and came.

A long stream of cum poured onto the top of Carol’s breast. She moved the cock and received the second shot on the opposite breast. After that, it was a matter of spreading Jeff’s cum with the shaft of the cock, using her palm to stroke him harder.

Carol’s hand slid easily up and down the shaft at the end of Jeff’s orgasm. Cum hung from her nipples and flowed into the gap between her breasts.

Lightly, she kissed the tip of the cock and licked it clean. A second later they were back in each other’s arms.

Carol whispered, “Ready for the next lesson?”

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The Test Drive

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The car looked great. He had done his homework. He knew what he wanted. Now, he thought, if he could only concentrate on the car and less on the gorgeous woman selling it to him…

His mind couldn’t get his figures straight since he was staring at hers. From the moment he laid eyes on hers and she put her hand in his to greet him, “Hi, I’m Annette.” He knew he was in trouble. He was sure he couldn’t have done a good job keeping his eyes from moving over her as they talked. Those eyes! He couldn’t stop staring as she spoke. When he thought she wasn’t looking he stole glances at the lacey green edges of the bra she wore. Top button of her blouse was open the second, no matter how he willed it, just wouldn’t pop open for him. And oh did he ever want it to. He watched her closely now through the window as she got the keys for a test ride. The curve of her thigh under her skirt, how she leaned over to reach for some paper work made him wish he wasn’t getting just a side view.

He turned to casually lean on the car and felt himself press against the door. His khakis were loose fitting but a sudden panic filled his head as he realized that he hadn’t been paying attention and he was now very and completely erect. He didn’t think anyone had noticed yet but in his condition anyone who looked would see. No jacket, no papers to hold, nothing. He quickly did the only thing he could think of. He got in the car.

Safe, he thought from discovery he turned to look for her… She wasn’t where she had just been a moment ago… He looked again. “Ah, there you are, Jim” she said startling him from where she stood right outside the driver’s window. He didn’t know how long he lost track of her. Did she watch him walk quickly walk around the car and to in? Did she see how excited he was? Again his mind raced. He realized he hadn’t said anything and she was still outside the window.

“Ummm’ he stammered. “Nice seats” was all he could manage. And immediately he regretted it. He sounded like such an ass. She smiled at him. Looked at him and maybe a moment longer? He couldn’t tell. His perspective on time was off. Damn he couldn’t think straight. And now she was leaning toward him from outside the window. The aroma in the car now holding, lightly, the fragrance of her perfume.

There was no denying the stirring he felt in his crotch. He didn’t dare look down to see how obvious it was while she was looking at him. He hoped it wasn’t. Besides he wouldn’t have been able to turn away at all. The angle of her, how high his head was sitting in the drivers seat as she leaned. The thought ‘Oh my god’ filled his mind, he was starring now. Directly down the front of her white shirt, with the now completely exposed green bra. The fit of it still covered her nipples, but only barely. The angle and the view were too perfect!

He tried but he knew he failed to be discrete. There’s no way she couldn’t have noticed how he was looking at her. He turned his head to look at something, anything, on the passenger side. He was now acutely aware that his erection was only partially concealed. His leg where it was now, somewhat hid the length, but when he put his foot to the pedals it would be… There for anyone to see. He considered. ‘For her’, he thought, ‘to see.’ So much rushing through his mind, and now she was coming directly into him and his space. Her dark hair was smooth brushing along his cheek so much did he want to turn right to her. To bring his mouth to hers right then. His hands remained still with his vision of taking her in his arms and pulling, her to him, and kissing.

He had to think. He couldn’t think. Not yet he couldn’t think but he did manage to keep control of himself. “I’ll need this.” Her voice again took him back from those thoughts when she leaned into the car. Instead of coming to him as craved, her arm instead reached across for a tag hanging from the rear view mirror.

He did draw her into him though. Breathing her in, he enjoyed her aroma. His nostrils flared, slowly, and softly he hoped, quickly awoken again by her. This time his wits not completely failing him he leaned appropriately aside but only barely enough. His eyes were shut to take his most pleasure in that moment, then opened. He saw she had turned her head just enough to avoid his eyes as she took the tag and now moved away again. His smile was wide and palpable. He looked ay her. Her skin was smooth, silky, light he followed from her cheek, her hairline to the line of her jaw and down her neck as she reached. Now as she withdrew he looked again for her eyes. So intent on seeing them, he wanted badly to look at her. But again she didn’t turn those eyes to him.

His smile was still wide as he shifted himself back to his normal posture. Until, that is, he felt then instantly realized with another start, his pants relaxed to a more comfortable fold only now veiling his erection again. ‘She had seen him.’ The thought hit him and threatened again to unnerve him. His smile did shift, dropped only a bit, he considered the chances of her not noticing. ‘Hopefully’ he thought, probably İstanbul Escort a bit optimistically to avoid embarrassing himself and her.

Still he smelled her though. His lips were dry. His tongue wanted to lick them. He breathed. He moved to his best position he hoped and looked up to her again. She stood a half step from the door now handing him the keys.

Now he saw her eyes again he couldn’t help but smile anew, more so when he noticed that she also smiled back at him. He knew he couldn’t quite read that smile just then but he knew that at least something in it at least wasn’t explained by her enjoyment of the sale. She smiled and turned, just as he thought her saw her licking her own lips. ‘Did he see that?’ he thought. He knew though that it was just his own mind racing and his smile relaxed.

He tried to think about the car. He knew his budget and the payment he could afford. He reached the keys for the ignition and stopped, quickly became aware of himself again. As he put his foot on the pedal he felt and saw himself pressing from under his khakis. He turned his hip and tugged at his pants trying to conceal himself better when the door opened and she moved into the car next to him.

He had expected her to get in but still, how totally she occupied his attention and so suddenly caught him off guard again. He looked at her eyes, her hair partially hid what he now started to see, a certain extra enchantment in them. Something more in her smile he recognized. That thought thrilled him again. And again he felt an urge to forget himself, lean over and kiss her passionately. Taste those lips and pull her…

Tearing himself from the fantastic moment he suddenly understood he was holding the keys still motionless in front of the ignition. He didn’t fumble too much trying to now insert the key. He eventually succeeded and the engine came alive quickly. While he did predict his physical response to her he still hadn’t quite figured out how to handle it yet. He fastened the belt and put the car in gear. He heard the click of her belt and the calming of the engine then it started to roll. The idea of her thoughts matching his was an exhilarating rush he hadn’t expected. Again the thrill came Again the predictable reaction followed. He shifted in his seat again.

He pulled away from the lot, looked back and forth eyes concentrating on the moment, moving into traffic. He allowed himself an added and suddenly a bit amusing pleasure of the car’s acceleration. The powerful engine barely seemed to try as the car sped quickly away.

The escape of the moment was brief. He knew now without doubt his body had betrayed him. Not needing to look he felt himself fully erect. He looked over to her and noticed her looking out the window. Her hands holding some papers in a folder to her lap he couldn’t help but let his eyes move down her body. The shape of her breast, the fold of her shirt between… It was then he noticed. Her shirt, open one more button wholly held his gaze. He knew he was staring and pulled his attention back to the road. He wasn’t sure if noticed his leering her attention now seemed to be on her folder.

He was stopped at a set of lights where he had expected to continue down the street. But instead her heard her voice “Take a right?” she seemed to ask or offer. Not very familiar with the area about the lot he took her suggestion and made the turn, accelerating but not as rapidly down what he became to see as a quieter more rural road. A large yard and another surrounded larger houses and light wooded fields moved over his left shoulder.

He couldn’t help but look at her as she seemed intent on not turning to meet his eyes yet. He came to turn left or right and he had no idea which way to go. Just as he thought to interrupt the silence she said in a lower voice but with more conviction she said “Left”

He turned, more road fell behind them. Still he looked at her. His eyes were focused on the new view of her green bra. He saw now more of her shape, the curve of her. He knew know he was throbbing he wanted her so very badly. He noticed no houses or business on the road as he drove. As her drove and stared at her. He saw her hand on the folder and how her fingers clasped it. His eyes up to the road then back to her hands in her lap.

Finally she turned to him. Looking at him as suddenly as she did she saw him staring at her legs and she saw the look in his eyes as he did. He knew he had been caught but saw that her smile matched his. She looked at him.. Those eyes, burning, now, paired with his thrilled him so much. He could no longer resist and reached a hand to touch her. His fingers found themselves on her thigh just above her knee. He saw the tips of those fingers just barely above the line of her skirt. The thought of his fingers slipping under it, touching her as he brought his hand up her thigh added yet another glint in his eye as they continued to look at each other. His gaze shifted from the road to her as they continued down the quiet countryside road.

Her hands Kadıköy Escort moved to his. The fingers of her right hand rested atop his hand on her leg. Her other hand moved up his wrist, his forearm to his elbow. The tips slid momentarily under the sleeve of his shirt but out again to move up his shoulder. Touching his neck she saw his expression. He needed to glance at the road and he came to look at her again. His hunger for her was obvious. His eyes met hers, the road, then hers again. This time she noticed when he looked back to her his eyes clearly enjoyed the view of the undone button afforded him. He looked at her then with such a hunger and passion that she lost herself for a moment. Her own desire for him overwhelmed her. Without thinking her fingers closed on his hand and immediately slid them both under her skirt. Her fingers and his on her soft smooth inner thigh, they both reacted quickly. His low moan combined with her sudden gasp.

A fraction of a moment later she couldn’t believe what she’d just done. She hand his hand nearly all the way up her skirt. Her position in the passenger seat didn’t allow the skirt to rise up much so both their fingers even reaching as they both did, could only barely brush the silky, and now quite wet she knew, green panties.

She slid her fingers through the hair at the back of his head. Her gaze went once again now to the bulge in his pants. She stared now at him, at how completely hard he was and the idea of him rocketed through her. The pleasure of seeing how eager how very ready he was for her sent the wave through her. Her chest, her stomach and again she felt a rush of wetness. Seeing his hardness, she knew how wet she was and she couldn’t help but need that hardness and need it now.

She turned in her seat, shifting her legs her skirt slid up her thigh. She didn’t need to prompt him at all. His hand eagerly took the opportunity to press the rest of the way up her shirt. The tips of his fingers just so happened to find that perfect spot at his very first touch. Her moan of pleasure caught instantly in her throat when the tip of his finger pressed so perfectly on her swelling and sensitive clit at his very first touch. The little cry of ecstasy took even her by surprise. She felt the flood of moisture and could barely believe how close she felt she was to an orgasm already.

She looked up at the road for somewhere. So completely occupied with the moment she again looked at his erection pressing under his khaki pants. Her hand reached for him. Her fingers over the tip squeezed, maybe harder than she anticipated but what she felt excited her so much. The tip of his shaft and how her fingertips pressed under his ridge as she gripped him brought her even closer. She shifted again as she looked up again. Her hand wrapped around him and again she gripped him, felt him, felt how hard he was and she had to have him now.

His fingers pressed and slid up and down her hot and now very wet lips over her soaked panties. He had to try very hard now to keep at some of his attention on the road. He felt his fingertips getting moist. His efforts to drive were made a lot more difficult when she leaned over to put her hand on him as she did. His groan of pleasure as she felt his excitement was complete. He needed her now. He had to.

“Right here” she said, her voice quick and insistent, and turned her head to a spot on the left where the car could easily pull off of the road. He did. He had to pay a bit more attention as the car came to as stop aside a pair of large trees. As the car bounced slightly, their hands both still on each other they both looked again at each other. The look they shared then was one of such passion. It didn’t last long however as they both nearly lunged into each other.

They kissed deeply and with so very much enthusiasm. Pulling the other close they felt their bodies together. His hand under her skirt eagerly slid aside her panties. His fingers touched her lips and her wetness. One finger slipped into her almost effortlessly. Her hand on him now pulled at his shirt, fingers fumbling a moment then slipped the strap of his belt out, pulled and released the catch. His tongue slid into her mouth as his finger slid into her. Her lips wrapped around that tongue as her fingers opened the button of his pants. Hips turning, lifting, together they moved for each other, wanting each other to feel, to touch, to explore and have. Quickly his pants were unzipped and her hand pushed under the front of his shorts and grasped him. She felt right away he was smooth. Recently shaven her fingers took him out from those shorts.

She felt another of his fingers find its way into her and her moan was even greater when she looked at him. How magnificent his shaft was. The wet smear on his tip where his precum had been. Finally overtook her. The wave of pleasure at his touch, The feel of his smooth hard cock in her fingers and the burning desire brought her to the edge of orgasm. She turned herself a bit more, spread her legs wider for his amazing hand and gave herself Ataşehir Escort to that moment. Her continued moan of delight grew almost at once to a cry of ecstasy. With a final lifting of her hips and squeeze of him in her hand she came. She was amazed at how quickly she had gotten here but delighted in it. She cried out as she felt another wave overcome her. His fingers now deep inside her seemed somehow to know exactly what she felt. She felt herself grip his fingers as her thighs closed some. She so enjoyed how the tips of those fingers pressed up to her spot. They held still as her walls quivered and then flooded with her cum.

Softly pressing he felt her orgasm on his fingers and couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Her hand squeezed him hard he felt her grip tighten even more as she came. Her cry was so perfectly and utterly erotic. He knew if she hadn’t paused in her stroking as she threw her head back in her orgasm that he might have exploded right then. Instead he turned with her as she came. He felt her body move in her bliss and moved with her, finding himself leaning more toward her now. His hand felt her cum flowing over his fingers to his palm.

His mind reeled with pleasure. He couldn’t believe how much he loved the feel her walls on his fingers and the flow of her cum on his fingers. He looked at her while she came. Her eyes closed her head thrown back to the headrest her mouth open in her cries. He kept his fingers inside her still as her orgasm washed over her. Savoring the moment he delighted in seeing her body react. The slight strain in her neck and the soft smooth skin so invited him. He shifted closer as she just slowed her clenching and gripping around his dripping wet fingers. He brought his left hand across him now to open another button of her blouse the tips of his fingers moving to the stiff nipple still barely concealed by her bra. The tips slid above and below it. He closed them on it softly until she shifted herself again.

“Oohh God” she moaned as she moved. Her voice more a rush of breath. Her body moved swiftly. Sliding her hips away from him she turned and quickly had him in her mouth. So hungry for him she was that she took him deeply and slid her lips down near the base of his shaft. She felt him touching the back of her throat and relaxed enough to take the last inch.

Pausing with his shaft deep she heard him cry out in pleasure. His hips lifting just slightly then falling back to the seat. She let that last inch or so slide out as his hips fell back to the seat. Only a moment though was she still. Her tongue pressing to the side of his shaft she drew her head up. A swirl of her tongue, circling his tip once and quickly she pressed her lips down. Again she did the same, taking almost all of him she sucked a bit harder as she drew her head up. Again her tongue slid around him, this time flicking over his tip, tasting the drops that she drew from him when she sucked again.

As she began to taste him she again heard him moan loud. She felt his fingers in her hair sliding and gently pressing. The feel of them there thrilled her. Her lips tight slid quickly down his shaft. Up again her head rose and fell. Her lips around his hard and throbbing shaft. Tongue flicking she continued to bob up and down. His moans continued as the wet sound of slurping joined them. His fingertips gripped her hair a bit as he began to push her head onto him again.

He knew how close he was already. Now that she so eagerly and fervently sucked him he couldn’t deny he about to explode. He pressed her head onto him held her deep onto me as he felt himself fill. “Mmmmmmm God!” he moaned. He felt her lips slide up his length sucking hard as they did. When her lips stopped at the ridge along his tip, he felt her tongue press onto the head. Licking and sucking the tip, her tongue brought him over his edge.

The next moment for him was lost in an ecstatic haze of pleasure. He cried out as he felt the first burst explode from him. He couldn’t be sure if he heard her moan as well as he released that initial gush of cum into her mouth. Too caught up in that moment it was all he could do to not scream as another then another squirt of him filled her mouth.

Soon he became aware of her again. Aware of how she was indeed moaning and how her tongue licked him again. Fast and eager she moaned on him as sucked every drop from him. To him she seemed almost even more turned on she started to swirl her tongue over his tip again. Now he saw her tongue lick. He saw his cum drip from her lips onto him. Her tongue reaching for it as it ran over his tip and down his shaft. She turned her head to lick down the top of him after that line of cum.

Now a bit more in control of himself his hand reached again for her, down her back over the curve of her ass and the tips of his fingers caught the edge of her skirt. Fingers touching the back of her thigh he drew her skirt up her back. Is hand slipped under the back of her panties. He felt her shift herself as his hand moved over the curve of her, pushing those soaked panties lower over her hips. She moved up to her knees on the seat as she continued to lick him. Her ass up in the air now, he slid her panties down. She lifted one knee then the other as he removed them. All the while she kept her tongue on him, needing to get every last bit of him.

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The Trade

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Abigail returned home from work to find her father in her apartment, lights out, sitting on her sofa with his head in his hands. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’ve done something stupid,” he said. “Damn stupid.”

She was almost afraid to ask. It was obvious he was afraid to tell her. Abigail sat beside him in the dark and tried to reassure him. “Dad, whatever it is, we’ll get through it.” She wasn’t 100% certain that would be true, but if there was any chance of it, she needed him to come clean.

“I had an affair.”

“Well duh. That’s why you and Mom got divorced.”

“More recent than that. I slept with a girl at work.”

“You’d better be careful, Dad. It’s not the 1960s. Sleeping with your secretary these days can get you a rape charge or fired for sexual harassment.

He shook his head. “My secretary’s name is Alan. He’s already slept with two of the executives. If I was interested, I suspect he’d welcome it.”

“Then who was it?”

“Brenda Kingsley.”

“Your boss’ daughter? God, Dad, she’s younger than I am. Is she even legal? I thought she was still in high school.”

“Of course she’s legal. She graduated high school. She turned 18 six months ago. Her father hired her to monitor the company’s Facebook and to send out official Twitter announcements.”

Abigail frowned. “Well, if she’s old enough and you’re not her boss, what’s the problem?”

“Bob found out.”

“Hoo boy. First rule of business, don’t diddle the boss’ daughter. Are you fired?”

“Not yet. He was very understanding. Said he completely understood how a man might become infatuated with a young woman. He’s been there himself.”

“Well, that’s good, then, I guess,” Abigail said. “Isn’t it?”

“He proposed a trade. My daughter for his.”

Abigail was stunned. “You want me to fuck your boss?”

“NO! It’s not what I want. He wants to-“

“Fuck me. Say it, Dad. Your boss wants to fuck me.”

He nodded. “I’m sorry. You’re the girl he’s infatuated with.”

“And you’re fired if I don’t.”


“What amazes me,” Abigail said, “is that you’re here in my apartment, telling me about this proposed trade. A real man would have said, ‘Fuck you, Bob! Fuck this job! I quit and you’ll be hearing from my lawyer. And by the way, here’s a knuckle sandwich.’ But instead, you came to me. Obviously, you’re hoping I’ll agree.”

“If I sue, Bob will have to resign. But I’ll still be fired.”

“Dad, you’re pathetic. But fine. I’ll do it. If you’ll ask me.”

“What do you mean?”

“No hints. No hesitation. No euphemisms. Show some balls and ask me for this favour.”

“All right. Abigail, – “

“No, Dad. Look me in the eye.”

“Abigail, would you- “

“Nope, try starting with, ‘Abigail, my precious darling virgin daughter.'”

“Are you really a virgin? I thought- “

“No, Dad, I’m not! Tommy Havers popped my cherry last November. We did it in your RV, parked right in the driveway. But you’re my father. You’re supposed to expect me to be a virgin. You should flinch in horror to hear that some man put his dick in me. You’re supposed to protect my virginity, not pimp me out. Now try again.”

“Abigail, my precious darling virgin daughter, would you please sleep with my boss?”

“Sure, Dad! I’ll wear my footie pajamas and bring my sleep mask. Should I take my own sleeping bag?”


Abigail gave him an exasperated look. “Sleep with your boss? Sleep? You said he’s infatuated. Do you really think he wants me to come over and just sleep? No euphemisms. You can’t even use the words, ‘fuck’, ‘sex’, ‘coitus’, ‘mate’, or ‘intercourse’. You know what he wants to do to me. Ask me in specific, explicit terms to let your boss do to me whatever you did to his daughter.”

He went pale, but did as directed. “Abigail, my precious, darling, virgin daughter, will you please go to Bob Kingsley’s hotel room and…and…let him put his, um…penis into your mouth and vagina?”

“You really did it,” Abigail marveled. “You really just asked your own daughter to fuck a man she barely knows just to save your job. I thought that if you actually had to say the words, you wouldn’t be able to go through with it. But no. You really want me to do this.

“So I will. Yes, Daddy! I’ll whore for you. But you’re paying my rent and utilities for a full year. And I want to meet Brenda. She and I are about to have a lot in common. I’ll be able to tell her what her father’s dick tastes like and she can tell me if my Daddy made her come.”

“When does your boss want to have me? You said he’s getting a hotel room. What night? Which hotel?”

Her father glanced toward the kitchen. “He’s at the Oliver. It’s the penthouse. I put the keycard on your counter.”

“Tonight? Oh, that’s just perfect.”

Abigail got out her phone and made a call. Staring into her father’s eyes, she said, “Hey, Brian? I’ve got to cancel for tonight. My Dad needs me to fuck somebody. I’m really sorry. But hey! If you want to bang Kim or Janice, I’m okay with that. Or, even better, go Anadolu Yakası Escort to the Body Shop on Industry Road. The dancers there are totally nude and I hear they’ll fuck for $300. Yes, I’m serious. If you ever want to date me again, you’ll show me a receipt and a souvenir from the strip club.” Abigail disconnected and walked out the door, scooping up the keycard as she left.


Abigail normally took the bus or Uber, but she found her father’s car in the parking lot and took that. She occasionally borrowed it, so she had her own key. She drove to the Oliver, fuming, but determined.

Once she arrived, and entered, hotel security watched her suspiciously, but she had a keycard that let her into the elevator, so they could do nothing. A slot in the elevator read the card and took her straight up to the top floor. When the doors opened, she was in the penthouse itself.

It took up the entire tenth floor. Abigail’s entire apartment could fit in this living room. Three times. And the outside wall was entirely glass, with a wraparound walkway balcony wider than the length of her car and a fabulous view of the city. Standing out there, looking at the view was a man in a bathrobe.

Abigail found an open door and went out to stand near him. “Pussy delivery,” she said. “Abigail Franklin, reporting for duty.”

Bob Kingsley turned to face her. “I love that sassy attitude. When you were little, and your dad brought you to the company picnics, you were an irritating little brat. But now you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman and that bitchiness is very attractive.”

Abigail studied him. Mid-fifties. Tall. Too skinny. Responsible, handsome face, full head of hair, a little grey at the sides. “I remember those picnics. You’re right. I was a brat. I’m surprised you’ve kept track of me all these years.”

“I didn’t. But you’ve been doing the weather on Channel 9’s evening news. When my daughter told me that the pretty girl I was ogling was Joe Franklin’s girl, I started dreaming and scheming. When I learned what was happening between Joe and Brenda, I saw an opportunity. I let it override my paternal anger.”

“I’m here to save my dad’s job. What do I need to do?”

He waved that away. “Joe’s job is safe. It was never in danger. He jumped to a conclusion. I confessed my attraction to you and he offered a trade. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that, but I couldn’t refuse. At the very least, I hoped I’d get an introduction.”

“But let’s talk about you. That weather job doesn’t pay much. I checked.”

Abigail shrugged. “They wanted a pretty face and a figure that looked good in a tight dress. Eye candy, not education or experience. Eye candy grabs viewers, but there are a lot of pretty girls. They don’t have to pay much to get applicants.”

“What would you say to an arrangement?”

She narrowed her eyes. “Be specific. Speak plain. I won’t be offended. We’ll have things clear between us and I’ll have more respect for you.”

“I wish to hire you as a courtesan.”

“Like a mistress?” Abigail asked.

Kingsley shook his head. “A mistress is like an extra wife. There is affection between the parties. I’m talking a business arrangement. I provide you with an income, and you make yourself sexually available.”

“An exclusive whore in your own private brothel?”

“Better than that. I would not expect you to be on call 24/7. We’ll set a day, say Tuesday for example. If we pick Tuesday, you will save your Tuesdays for me. A meal would be nice. A cocktail would be nice. But sex would be the goal. If I want to see you on any other day, other than Tuesday, I’ll call to see if you’re free, and you can say No.”


“Never. I’ll pay for full medical coverage and I expect you to keep yourself clean.”

“What if I have a boyfriend?” Abigail asked.

“Your private life is your own, but I would appreciate it if you use condoms in other relationships.”

She was silent, thinking it over. Sensing agreement, Kingsley pressed his advantage. “Shall we nail down length of service and amount of money?”

“No,” Abigail decided, shaking her head.

“You’re refusing?” he asked in surprise.

“Not at all. You’ve got me pegged pretty good. I took a job where I get paid to be pretty. I’m already a whore. This is an attractive offer. But let’s save the details for another time. I’ll give you my phone number and we can set up an appointment. But I already have a client tonight. My father. He hired me to fuck his boss. Let’s do that first. If I decide I like it, then we can discuss terms for our own arrangement.”

“You don’t expect anything from me for tonight?”

“I came to save my dad’s job. You said it’s safe. So tonight is paid for. If you want to tip me, I won’t say no. And you could do me a favour if you were willing. We could consider that the tip, if you’d like.”

“What’s the favour?”

“I had to cancel a date tonight,” Abigail Avrupa Yakası Escort explained. “I told him to go to a strip club and get laid. But it has occurred to me that he may not have the money. If you could send a driver to 927 Elmore Avenue, take Brian Whittaker to the Body Shop, and cover his entertainment there, I would be very appreciative.”

“Done,” Kingsley said. He made a quick call and Abigail called Brian to let him know a driver was on his way.

Satisfied, Abigail told Kingsley to sit on one of the balcony sofas, facing the city. A glass half-wall was at the edge, preventing people from accidentally stepping off into eternity, but allowing an unobstructed view. You could stand and look over it or sit and look through it.

Abigail stood facing Kingsley. If Mr. Kingsley was infatuated with a weather girl, she would play to that. “Tonight,” she said, “Our skies are clear. A few scattered clouds in the east and a few pieces of clothing on our weather girl. But we can expect these to disappear fairly quickly. The forecast is for total nudity by 8:30 pm.”

She removed her shirt and held it out to her right. “If you look out toward the Fremont Hills area, you will see a red t-shirt. This broadcast, by the way, is sponsored by the rock group, ‘Army Ants’, whose logo you can see on the t-shirt.”

Abigail dropped the shirt to the deck and removed her jeans. “Looking out toward the ocean, you will see a pair of denim pants, brought to us tonight by Levi Brand.”

She had never done anything like this, strip for a man she barely knew, and outside, to boot. She was motivated by a fierce anger with her father for making this trade, with a little left over for Bob Kingsley for accepting. For the gesture to mean anything, she had to go all out. Abigail fully intended to tell her father, in great detail, everything she did here tonight, including her probable acceptance of the courtesan offer. But to her own surprise, she was enjoying the performance.

“Dangling over Beacon Boulevard, you might see a grey bra from Wal-Mart. Oops, there it goes, perhaps to surprise some cabdriver or schoolteacher when it hits the windshield.”

Abigail stood there, topless, for a long moment, letting Kingsley look all he wanted. Abandoning the game, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them down to her thighs, then letting them drop.

She had intended to go the beach with Brian this night. Her new bikini was tissue-thin and made her pubic hair obvious. So she’d shaved smooth and bare. Anybody with sharp eyes might have glimpsed camel toe in the moonlight had her plans not been hijacked by her father. Instead, it was Bob Kingsley who benefited.

Kingsley opened his robe to expose his jutting cock. Abigail looked at it and nodded. Crouching down and digging in the pocket of her discarded pants, she pulled out her phone. “I promised my Dad I’d let you put your penis in my mouth and vagina. Do you mind if I take a picture and sent it to him for proof?” Amused, he agreed.

Abigail knelt on the deck and took Kingsley’s cock in her mouth. She took several selfies. She looked at the camera, she looked at Kingsley, she kissed the tip, she took him deep, snapping photos of each new pose. Abigail was taking the pictures to get back at her father, but she found she was enjoying it.

And the pictures were making her wet. Just looking them was having an effect on her. Abigail had never been much for porn, but seeing her own face sucking a cock like it were a candy cane, was the most erotic thing she’d ever earn.

She started posing, rather than simply taking pics for proof. She took pictures of her tongue pressed to the shaft of Kingsley’s dick, licking his balls, kissing every part of his cock, and with the head in her mouth and her hand wrapped around him.

“Listen,” she finally said, “I’m just playing around here. You let me know if you want to get down to it.”

“I am very much enjoying what you’re doing,” he said breathlessly.

Abigail grinned. “Oh, I know that. You’re hard as a rock and you’ve got a girl’s mouth on you. Of course you’re enjoying it. But sooner or later, you’ll want to come. Just tell me when. Did you want to come in my mouth or pussy, by the way? Both would be fine, I suppose, but, well you know.”

“I do? What do I know?”

Abigail blushed, feeling silly for doing so. She’d stripped naked on the balcony, discussed terms of becoming a whore, and sucked a man’s cock. But it was only now that she got embarrassed.

“You’re, um, older,” she said. “Older man can’t always, you know, get it up twice. I’m yours for the night, as many times as you want me. But if once is the limit, I thought maybe I should ask where you wanted to finish.”

“Very considerate of you,” Kingsley said. “I think I can manage a couple of good ones. Where would you like me to come?”

“Oh, it makes no difference to me. I’m good either way.”

“But I’m curious. Where do you like a guy to come?”

Abigail snapped a picture of herself with her tongue İstanbul Escort on Kingsley’s balls and the head of his cock resting on her nose. Then she answered, “Well, that’s complicated. For one thing, I’ve only been with two guys. So I don’t have a whole lot of experience to develop a real preference. But, in general, I think in is better than out. Like if you want to come on my face, I’m good with that because I’d love to take some pictures of my face covered with cum. But mostly, it’s too sticky and messy. So it’s better if it goes inside. Pussy or mouth, either one, unless I’m worried about getting pregnant. But I’m on birth control, so no problem. Anywhere you want.”

“Anywhere?” Kingsley asked. “You’ve got a fine ass. Any chance that’s available?”

Abigail blushed again. “I don’t know. I don’t understand the appeal. I mean, really. I’m a girl. I’m female. I’ve got a genuine pussy, especially designed to get filled with a dick. Unless he’s gay, why would any man want to stick his penis in an asshole?”

Kingsley laughed. “It’s a good question. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a dominance thing. Conquest. Maybe a guy likes the satisfaction of knowing he’s fucked her in every hole she’s got.”

“All right. I can see that, I guess. You want to put in my ears and nostrils too?”

“I’ll pass. But I am interested in putting it in your ass.”

“Not tonight, okay?” Abigail decided. “I promised my dad you could fuck me and get a blowjob. If I agree to be your courtesan, we can talk about my ass.”

“So it’s possible?”

“It’s even probable. Just not tonight.”

“That’s fair. Can I fuck you now?” Kingsley was ready.

“Of course. I’m actually really wet down there. Where do you want me?”

“At the edge. Against the railing. Do you want to take your pictures first?”

“Yes, please,” Abigail nodded.

She straddled his lap and lowered herself over him. She took pictures of Kingsley’s cock poking up at her pussy, less than an inch away. Going lower, until the head was nudging at her entrance, she took another dozen. Then she switched to video and sank down on him, capturing his penetration of her.

Abigail lay on the sofa and handed the phone to Kingsley. “Get my face and pussy in the frame as you stick it in. So he can clearly see it’s me getting fucked.” Kingsley had to lean back to get the shot, but he managed it.

“Beautiful,” she approved, taking the camera back. She settled down on him, taking him deep, but barely aware of it as she looked at the pictures. “I’ve got enough now. I’ll send these to my Dad and put the phone away. Do you want copies? I can add your e-mail.”

“I would love copies.” He gave her the address.

“Done then. It will send them automatically, five at a time, HD quality. Do you want me at the edge now?”

Kingsley let her stand up and had her lean on the glass half wall, looking out at the city. Abigail had never tried rear-entry sex. She had refused Brian when he asked. It seemed distasteful to her. Impersonal. She wasn’t a dog. She didn’t want to get fucked like a dog. If a man didn’t want to look in her face, she didn’t want him inside her.

But with Kingsley, none of that mattered. The whole thing was impersonal. A favour for her father. A financial arrangement that would pay her rent for twelve months and get Brian off so she wouldn’t feel guilty. It might even be considered a job interview for the position of courtesan. She didn’t need to see his face.

Abigail looked at the glimmering lights of the city and Kingsley put his hands on her ass. She felt his cock poking at her, searching for her opening, then the knuckles of his right hand on her butt as he took himself in hand and guided his cock to her pussy.

For a moment, Abigail feared he would try to shove it in her butt. He was perfectly positioned to do so. She decided not to stop him if he did, but the whole courtesan thing would be off the table. To her relief, he didn’t attempt it.

Kingsley’s cock slid easily inside her. He’d already been there, of course, but Abigail had barely paid attention as she took her pictures. Now, she was very, very aware of his flesh occupying hers.

She was amazed to discover that she loved rear entry. It seemed deeper, for one thing. He was all the way in. The hair of his balls tickled her clit. And the position made her feel so incredibly female.

A dick entering her pussy always made her feel like a girl, of course. Only a girl had this special, built-in penis haven. Sitting on a man, riding him cowgirl-style was wonderful, though it made her thighs ache. And feeling a man’s crushing weight nailing her to the mattress was certainly a very female experience.

A gay man could probably fuck another man’s ass in missionary position, she assumed, but there would be the preliminary swordfight as the two cocks maneuvered for position, trying to get out of each other’s way. And both men would always be aware that the guy on the bottom, with the dick in his bottom, can always switch positions. Whose dick is inside whose ass can be alternated at any time.

But a girl under a guy understands the opposite. Without artificial equipment, she can never lie on top of a man and fill his body with hers. Receiving a penis into herself in such an inherently passive and submissive position really makes a girl feel feminine.

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The Supermarket

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I first noticed you in the supermarket. You were bending over the vegetable display looking at some cucumbers. The shiny black material of your shorts stretched over the globes of your ass, and your breasts pushed against the white material of your blouse as you straightened up. You caught me staring at you and smiled to let me know it was alright. I blushed and smiled back, knowing in my mind that I had to have you.

I pushed the cart around the store but couldn’t concentrate on shopping. I could only think about the effect your ass and tits had on my cock. It was instant erection. I had to re-arrange my dick several times and still could not hide its hardness. I followed you around the store, filling my eyes with your beauty. Your breasts swelled up under your blouse as you reached for items on the shelves, your ass wiggling as you pushed the cart around the store.

I followed you to the checkout counter and stood behind you as you unloaded your cart. Your movements were magical, surreal and very sexual. I could no longer hide the swelling in my pants and your eyes wandered towards my hard cock and you smiled at me again. I watched you finish your checkout and leave the store. I was in a hurry to get myself checked out so I could see you one more time and I raced outside the store to look for you. I saw you bending over the trunk of your car, your ass once again the focal point of my stares. You looked up at me and smiled once more as you got into your car, motioning for me to follow.

We drove through town for a few miles and finally down a tree lined street. You pulled to the side of the road and leaned out of your window, asking me to park and ride with you. I entered your car, my cock a raging, Şişli escort bayan throbbing piece of flesh looking for release. You reached over and touched it through my pants saying “Be patient, your time will come”.

You pulled into a drive and opened the garage door, driving in and quickly shutting the door. I jumped out of the car and ran to your side so I could open the door for you, and watch you as your legs slide across the seat and out of the car. I helped you with the groceries, all the time staring at your tits and ass, lusting, wanting, and needing to be in you.

We entered the house and dumped the groceries on the kitchen floor. There was no disguising our sexual desire for each other. You walked towards me, fell to your knees and unzipped my pants, reaching for my hard cock. Holding it in your hands, you rubbed the head over your lips slowly, licking up all the pre-cum that you could. Then you gently licked the head with your tongue before you pulled its entire length into your mouth and down your throat, sucking eagerly and with passion. I thrust my hips towards your face to meet your movements and we played a symphony, a sweet duet of lust.

I was out of control with desire. I reached down and pulled you to your feet, my mouth touching your lips, our tongues dueling with desire. I tasted your sweetness mixed with mine and never wanted the kiss to end. I reached towards you and unbuttoned your blouse, letting it fall to the ground. Your lacy white bra was next, exposing your beautiful tits, the dark brown of your nipples reaching towards me with desire. I pinched the nipples between my fingers, rolling them into hard tips waiting to be sucked into my mouth.

I lowered Escort Sultangazi my lips to your tits, sucking on your nipples like they were tiny cocks, up and down, in and out. They grew even harder than before under my ministrations and your moans of pleasure let me know you wanted me also. I returned to your lips, your hard, hot nipples burning a hole into my hairy chest. Our tongues met once again, twisting, turning, licking and sucking. My hand dropped to the waist of your shorts and I released the button and zipper. I guided my hand to your lacy panties and slipped it under the elastic and onto your hot pussy. Your clit was on fire, hard and hot with desire. My fingers traced the outline of your swollen lips before plunging into the wetness of your pussy, exploring the velvet softness of your pussy. Your muscles tightened around my fingers as I moved them deeper and deeper inside of you, gripping them so hard that I moaned in pleasure.

I dropped to the floor, replacing my fingers with my tongue, eager to capture all your juices before they left your pussy. My tongue probed deeper, seeking to reach all of your insides, not missing a spot. I sucked your hard clit between my lips, gently, firmly then gently again. Your juices were pouring from your hot pussy and onto my chin, dripping onto my chest where it sparkled like jewels. I turned you around and leaned you over the counter, spreading your legs slightly so I could have access to your pussy with my tongue. I licked between your legs to your pussy and back again to your cute little ass, licking around the hole before thrusting my tongue inside of you.

I reached around you and rubbed your clit with my fingers, stroking the Taksim escort hard button in harmony with my tongue. Each probe of my tongue in your ass caused your body to move forward, each time my fingers find your clit your body moves back. We establish a rhythm between us, a dance of passion and heat. I rise from my knees and grab your tits from behind, teasing the soft globes and hard nipples between my fingers. Your hand reaches behind you and guides my hard dick in to your wet pussy, where your muscles immediately tighten around my throbbing flesh.

I thrust harder and harder, trying to extinguish the fire burning inside of you. I have found heaven inside your pussy and want to release my thick cum inside of you. But you have other ideas for me. You rub your pussy and wet your fingers with the juices. Reaching behind you, you rub the juices into your ass, then take my cock into your hand and withdraw it from your pussy. You rub the head of my rock hard cock around your ass, and with one thrust backwards, you force my dick into your ass. It is so different inside your ass. Your pussy is wet and smooth, like velvet. Your ass is very tight and hot, so hot my dick feels the burning.

As I thrust inside your ass, one hand finds your nipple and one hand your clit. I rub and stroke and thrust, three different and unique feelings cumming together as one. My cock explodes inside your ass, shooting thick, hot, creamy streams of cum deep inside your ass. As I continue to thrust in and out, my cum flows from inside your ass and runs down your legs. You catch my dripping cum in your fingers and rub it onto your clit and nipples. You turn and offer your cum covered nipples to me and I suck them deep into my mouth, licking them clean.

Then I move my lips to yours, my tongue meeting yours in a sensual dance of lust. We taste that which is us, together as one. Satisfied, exhausted, we sink to the floor in each others arms, knowing what we just experienced was heaven on earth.

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The Start Of The Affair

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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Jess knew Sam from work. Every Wednesday he would be there to have a meeting with the MD and she would always be on reception to greet him. They had known each other in this manner for 2 years now. They’d always gotten on well and seemed to have plenty in common. Jess was engaged to Michael, a simple man with simple tastes. He liked football, cricket and beer – but he was kind and generous. Jess and Michaels 12 year relationship, which started at university, was a comfortable one. It wasn’t exciting or sexy but it was stable. Lately Jess, who was now in her mid 30s, was starting to wonder if there was more to life than the 9-5 job and a curry on Fridays.

Wednesdays were Jess’ favourite day; she wore matching lace underwear and always wore her best perfume. At first it was a subconscious effort but later it was a necessity, she had to do it, she did it for Sam. Sam was in a relationship with Sarah who had no distinguishing features or personality traits but adored Sam and would do anything for him. He had always associated this with the sort of love he’d always wanted but maybe there was something more exciting in life, something more carefree. On Wednesdays he would kiss Sarah goodbye and drive with a little too much skip in his step to 100 South Street, where Jess, sexy Jess would be working on reception.

Jess had caught his eye the first day he’d landed the contract at Winston Brothers, she had the prettiest smile he’d ever seen and was always so friendly. He could tell she was self conscious though based on the clothes she wore, she clearly had a really hot body but covered it up and he couldn’t understand why.

One day, after his morning meeting with the boss, Sam asked Jess out to lunch.

“How about I take you to the Turkish place down the road and we can try it out for the sake of comparison.” Was his offer. Previously they would have had heated debates about the best Turkish restaurant or the best type of food or the best band. Their often intense but friendly debates were how they had gotten to know each other. Today was the first time they would be socialising outside of the office.

They arrived at the cafe and took a table in the corner. The table was tiny and they had to squeeze around various other people in suits on their fast business lunches. The smell coming from the kitchen was delicious but to Jess’ surprise her stomach was doing flips. She couldn’t understand it, it was just lunch, why was it exciting to her?

They sat down and ordered a mix grill to share with two beers. The beers were cold and clean tasting, Jess almost finished hers before the food arrived. Up until then she was trying to keep her ankles respectfully under her chair but she was getting uncomfortable so she put her feet out in front of her. Instead of giving her room Sam just put his legs either side of hers and let them rest on her. To the outside world it would’ve looked perfectly natural but to her it was an exceptionally intimate act. He squeezed her legs gently with his for a moment and her pulse raced as she feebly tried to eat the food in front of her.

The conversation was easy going and natural and they spoke constantly; of work at first then of topical subjects and music, theatre and of course food.

“Not hungry?” He asked as he had noticed her playing with the food on the plate.

“Um, I’m full actually, I think the beer filled me up, all those bubbles!” She replied, in truth her stomach wouldn’t let her eat. She felt 15 again with new hormones raging through her body. He had noticed her become a little flustered when he had put his legs around hers and was taking some pleasure in watching her trying to hide it. He enjoyed the feeling of touching her, even if it was in this small way. He didn’t have any agenda asking her out for lunch, not at first anyway; he enjoyed her company and thought it would be nice to get to know her better but sitting here opposite her, watching her play with her hair and hearing that amazing laugh, he had been getting strangely turned on. At one point she had smoothed her skirt over her knees and had lightly touched his leg. He pretended not to notice but enjoyed the feeling immensely. Was he imagining it or did she intend on touching him? She gave him a look with a sideward smile. They finished their food and paid at the till, splitting the bill.

Outside the café she started to automatically walk in the direction of the office.

“Actually,” Sam said, “My car is this way and I’m going to another meeting this afternoon.”

She turned back.

“Oh, ok then, lunch was really nice, thanks.” Jess replied, smiling.

“Yes, it was.” He said returning the grin, “Listen, can I have your mobile number? Just in case a work thing comes up or something.” He had already been getting his mobile from his pocket. She was thrilled by this and knew there was no work thing that meant he would need to contact her so it was obviously a personal request. They exchanged numbers and just before they Pendik Escort went their separate ways, he leaned in and kissed her on her cheek with one hand on her waist. She smelt his aftershave and her stomach did another little flip. He lingered there a second longer then was necessary and at that moment they both felt a spark.

He walked towards town and she turned and walked towards the office, looking back once to catch a glimpse of that fine behind of his.

By the time she had arrived back to the office she’d received a text from him,

‘I really did enjoy lunch, we should go out again sometime. S’

A thrill rippled through her as she read the text back. Then she told herself to stop these silly thoughts. It was just lunch, with a friend, that’s it!

“Oh boy, I’m in trouble!” Sam said to himself as he sat in his car. The smell of her sweet perfume still lingered and his semi erect cock was resting like an anvil on his leg. The guilt kicked in now, and he thought of Sarah at home. “It was just lunch, with a friend.” He told himself, “Who I’d really like to fuck.” Oh, boy was he in trouble!

As they walked, they were intimately aware of each other, feeling the heat from the other without actually touching. Today was different to all the other days they had walked together from work, Sam to go to his car, Jess to get the bus home. Since their first lunch they had started to spend more time outside of the office together; mostly drinks with their colleagues but often just the two of them walking to their respective transport. Jess gestured to the cash point with a nervous grin and Sam stood a couple of feet back while she took her money out. Her mind was reeling; she desperately wanted to kiss him, to feel his mouth on hers and to have him do all those things to her that she had fantasised about in the shower.

Jess knew it was wrong, all of this; the sexually charged text conversations they had been divulging in recently and of course that stolen kiss at the Christmas party. She needed to make some distance between them, for all their sakes. That text exchange over the weekend had been playing on her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking about Sam, and couldn’t wait to see him on Wednesday for their walk from work. She felt an ounce of disgust in herself as she had remembered sitting next to Michael on the sofa while re-reading the texts from Sam and becoming increasingly turned on from it. She knew nothing more would happen between them, they’d both said that, but she still felt a twinge between her legs when he arrived that morning.

Sam stood on the street checking out Jess’ arse, he was thinking about what he could do to an arse like that and shivered with the thought of having his hands on it, biting it. The texts from the weekend had been going through his mind too. Sam hadn’t done anything with another woman since he’d been with Sarah and found this whole situation really exciting but even though he was playing cool around Jess, the texts had been getting to him. She said the naughtiest things in writing and he found it hard to associate this with the same person he knew in real life, he felt the urge to put the two together. One particular text came to mind and he realised he was getting even more turned on.

Jess was just about to turn around and tell Sam that the erotic texts should stop, that they should just stay friends when she felt his warm breath on her neck and his hands on her waist. She quickly turned around to face him and he kissed her with a tender yet fiery embrace. She shuddered with excitement and moved her body closer into his and kissed him harder. Their mouths enveloped as they hungrily bit into each other, their tongues feeling and exploring, their bodies pressed together, hands clinging.

Jess pulled away a few seconds later; they were still holding each other and both breathed heavily. What was she just about to say? Her mind was foggy for a moment until she remembered.

“We um, we shouldn’t do this.” She protested, her whole body quivering. She didn’t want to be saying those words; she hadn’t felt passion like that in a long time.

“No, we probably shouldn’t, sorry.” He replied. Neither moved.

“I mean, you’ve got Sarah.” Jess said, “And I’m with Michael, it would hurt so many people if we continued with this.” As she finally broke away from his arms.

“Yes, yes it will.” Sam said with the memory of Sarah at home. He didn’t want it to be true, but he knew it was. He took her by the hand and kissed it. As he did so, she looked at him, him at her.

“It would really be wrong though, wouldn’t it?” She said, not very convincingly.

“Wrong and… dangerous.” Sam managed in reply.

This word seemed to ignite a flame inside them both, the riskiness of it all turned them both on. Another second later he couldn’t help himself, his body was taking over.

Sam led Jess around the corner into a shadowed ally, they walked hurriedly for a few paces Kurtköy Escort until he stopped and pushed her against the cool brick wall. At first she protested but then gave into him. He immediately kissed her and moved one hand under her T-shirt and onto her back; the other held the back of her neck, roughly pulling her face towards his. Her skin felt so soft and supple. They both gasped for air as they kissed, as if the lust was too great and it was taking the wind out of them. He pulled her long leg up to his side and slid his hand onto her arse. He pushed his already hard cock into her crotch and she moaned with the pressure she could feel between her legs – she could feel how hard he was for her. He kissed her neck and it drove her wild, making her bite her lip to stop her from shouting out.

Sam found her breasts under her T-shirt, her perfectly formed breasts trapped under a layer of tantalising lace. He could feel her pert nipple under the material and he pinched it lightly. She gave another moan and bit his earlobe in response as she moved her hand towards his throbbing, hard cock. A small rush of thrill went through her as she imagined him pushing inside her. Jess was aching for him and was getting wet with anticipation. Sam wanted to be inside her, to taste her, to make her scream. As if on cue, an older couple walked past them on the otherwise deserted road and gave a ‘tut’ of disapproval. This broke the spell.

It took them a few minutes to compose themselves and they straightened their clothes. Jess knew if they stopped now they hadn’t done anything really wrong and they could still carry on as if nothing had happened. Lust is addictive she told herself and even though it would be amazing to have him, it would certainly change things for them forever.

Just as these thoughts were going through her head and as if he had read her mind Sam spoke first. “How about I give you a ride home today?” He said.

“Michael will be there.” Jess said quietly.

“Well, I’ll drop you around the corner from your flat then, if that’s better.”

Even though she thought the same she couldn’t hide her disappointment. Sam tried to hide his grin; he’ll give her a lift home but he had other plans for her first.

“I’m not parked in the usual spot; I’m in the multi-storey today.” Sam said as he led Jess to his car. He couldn’t believe he was doing this but his body was screaming at him to do it, it was just his mind he needed to quieten. He had been thinking about sleeping with Jess ever since that first lunch together and since that kiss at the Christmas Party he wanted her even more, it had made it real. Sure, he’d tried to tell himself it wasn’t right and it wasn’t, but he didn’t know what to do anymore. He was feeling hard done by at home and he and Sarah hadn’t had sex in months.

They reached the multi-storey car park on the edge of town, the sun was dipping below the horizon and there was an orange glow as the final beams of the early October sun set. It was a mild evening.

“Second floor.” He said pointing to the stairs. He watched her walk up the stairs in front of him, getting an eyeful of her luscious buttocks and thighs. They were perfectly formed, with just the right amount of movement but also toned. He could tell she was wearing French knickers and wondered if they were lacy to match the bra. He couldn’t wait to take them off her.

Jess walked out into the car park level. “There are no cars.” She remarked, not turning around. This time he didn’t give it a second thought as he grabbed her from behind and put his hand on her stomach, slowly moving it down he rubbed her over her skirt and at the same time roughly massaged her breasts. This time she didn’t object. She threw her head back and let herself go.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He whispered in her ear.

“Uh, I; someone might come in.” She said, taking some thrill in this thought herself.

“I don’t care, I just want you.” He said.

“I want you to; lick me.” She said with just a little hesitation.

Sam pushed her against the wall once more and kissed her full on the mouth. He held her arms above her head and relished in her futile attempts to release herself. Jess was fully enjoying being restrained, at this point he could’ve done anything to her and she wouldn’t have objected.

“I want to make you scream.” He said in her ear, and this made her tingle with anticipation. He got onto his knees in front of her, running his hands down her body as he went. He helped her out of those lacy French knickers with a knowing grin.

Sam teased her just a little as he rubbed his hands up her smooth legs and kissed the top of her thighs. She moaned as he teased her, she wanted to feel his tongue and pleaded with him to do it, to lick her. Her hands went to the side of his head, pushing him ever so gently to what she wanted him to do.

He didn’t keep her waiting for long; he buried his head between her legs and having found Maltepe Escort her clit, flicked it and massaged it with his tongue. Her knees almost buckled.

“Oh God, that’s it!” Jess exclaimed, barely able to hold herself up. He lifted her right leg and put it onto his shoulder as he slid two fingers inside her and curled them to meet his mouth. He kept moving in the same rhythm, licking her clit while pushing his fingers inside her. She was repeating his name and her hands grasped at his hair as she contorted and arched.

Jess went quiet for just a second before her thighs tensed and he felt the ripples go through her pussy as she climaxed. She cried out as the waves of orgasm wracked through her body. She had been pushing on the back of his head but now she put her arms above her head with her head thrown back, her mind was numb with the pleasure washing over her.

As the orgasm subsided, she panted and rested her cheek against the wall. He stood up and pulled her towards him.

“Christ; that was amazing.” She breathed into his ear.

“Thanks, I loved hearing you scream like that, I could do it to you all day.” Replied Sam, and he meant it. He couldn’t understand it when other guys refused to go down on a girl when it turned him on so much; to hear her make noises like that from what he did with his mouth.

They stayed there a few seconds more, while she recovered from what had just happened. “Now, I want you inside me.” She said to him as she rubbed him over his trousers. She was so wet for him, so ready for him. She undid his belt and reached inside his underwear for the treat that was waiting for her. She gently massaged the head and his breathing became shallow.

“Do you want to be inside me, Sam?” Jess asked softly between kisses, gently easing her hands into his trousers further and caressing him tenderly between her hands. She could feel that he was rock hard by this point and he felt as big as she had imagined. Sam could only manage a mumbled affirmative response. He felt in his back pocket for a condom and put into her hand; however, instead of putting it on straight away she held onto it. She felt a tingly thrill at being a tease and at this moment he was putty in her hands and she felt completely empowered.

“I want you inside my mouth first.” Jess said to him with a grin as she crouched down in front of him. There was nothing telling her to stop now, all she could think about in this instance was being with Sam. When she was level with his crotch, she kissed the sides of his cock while stroking it with her hand. She put just the tip into her mouth and wrapped her warm soft lips around it, sucking it like a delicious lollypop.

“Oh, that feels good!” Sam exclaimed, as his breathing quickened and his hands gently pushed her hair back from her face. His hands finally rested on the back of her head giving the slightest of pushes. As she teased the base with one hand, she cupped and massaged his balls with the other for a few moments before putting his length deep into her mouth. He grunted as he felt her warm mouth envelope him and her tongue massaged around the tip. She put one hand between his legs and grabbed his arse, pulling him towards her as if she couldn’t not get enough of him. He had to put his hands on the wall to steady himself.

Just then, as he was nearing the point of coming, she stopped and raised up to face him. She retrieved the condom and put it on him with some skill. Jess breathed heavily as he pushed her legs apart with his, then as if he had changed his mind he quickly turned her around so she was facing the wall. Jess gave a surprised yelp as he grabbed her at her hips and bent her over in front of him, pulling her skirt onto her back. She held herself up with her hands on the wall. He guided himself into her wet pussy, just the tip at first but then he pushed deep inside her. She gasped at the sudden rush as he thrust inside her repeatedly.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” She cried out. “Fuck me Sam!” Her explicit words took her by surprise.

“You feel so good, you’re so tight.” He stammered.

Jess arched her back so that he could drive deeper inside, she felt like she would be split in two and screamed out again as she felt the thrusts hammer through her pelvis.

“I’m; going to; come.” He gasped as he massaged her round perfect arse.

It took just a couple more thrusts before he felt the pressure in his balls build up and then the release as his orgasm pulsed through him. He let out a moan of satisfaction and a pant as his head spun, feeling dizzy for a moment.

“That was; great.” He managed to say, eventually.

He carefully pulled away and she retrieved her knickers that were flung across the floor.

“Jess,” he said as he did up his trousers, tucking in his shirt, “as good as this was, and it was really good, this can’t happen again you know, this needs to be a onetime event.”

It stung a little that he was saying this to her, when it was her idea all along to not do it at all. He still gave her a lift home and before getting out of the car, she turned to him and thanked him for the lift. Despite her boldness in the car park, she still blushed at the fresh memory and looked down at her hands with an embarrassed grin.

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The Table by the Window

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“You’re in my seat.”

Sarah looked up from her coffee, blinking in surprise. It took her a moment to pinpoint exactly where the statement had come from. The coffeehouse was packed with students studying for finals, something she normally would have anticipated. She’d lived in the small college town long enough to know when classes began and ended, and when exams were. But the latest work drama had wiped everything from her mind, except the overwhelming urge to do bodily harm.

Instead of giving in to that urge, she’d left work early, headed to the coffeehouse near her apartment. And now instead of being able to enjoy her one true guilty pleasure, a tall café au lait, she was being bothered by some random guy. Just great.

“I beg your pardon?” It was the only thing that came to her mind, or the only polite thing. It seemed a bit of overkill to tell him to go fuck himself from the one simple sentence he’d uttered.

“I said, you’re in my seat. I always have the table by the window, it’s where I do my work. It’s part of the structure. And you’re screwing it up.”

Sarah blinked again, taking a long moment both to compose a retort, and to look him over. He was good enough looking, if you went for the dark, brooding poet thing. His hair was black, long enough to touch his shoulders, and he shook it back with a casualness that told her it was habit. The blue of his eyes was a dark color that made Sarah think of ocean depths, and the look in them was distinctly unhappy. Actually, to be completely honest, it was edging towards pissed.

His clothes went with his overall darkness, dark shirt, dark jeans. Everything dark. They fit his frame well, outlining the tall lankiness without making him seem painfully skinny. Sarah wasn’t surprised to see motorcycle boots on his feet, or a messenger bag slung over one shoulder.

Probably a Lit major. Takes self torture to a new level. “Last time I checked, nobody had bought this table. Sorry, but you’ll have to find another place to work today.” Sarah turned her attention back to the window. Not that there was anything going on outside, but it would serve better to get the point across. She wasn’t moving. She’d spent her entire day catering to the whims of assholes. She’d be damned if some college kid pushed her around.

She jumped when something thudded on the table, her eyes jerking away from the window. Her mouth fell open when she saw his messenger bag on the scarred wood surface, and only watched as he pulled out the chair across from her and dropped his considerable height into it. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m sitting down. There’s an open chair, I’m using it.” His mouth, which Sarah noticed was wide and lush, curved up in a mocking smile. “If you don’t like it, you can always find another table.”

Sarah tapped her nails against the table, a fast rhythm that matched the pace of her heart. She couldn’t very well yell at him to leave–he wasn’t exactly harassing her. In fact, now that he was sitting, he was pulling a laptop out of his bag, for all intents and purposes about to do whatever work he’d come to do. But she wasn’t moving. She wasn’t.

“It’s called compromise, kitten. Something they teach you at that fancy school down the street.” His lips quirked again, but his eyes were focused on his computer screen. “Or they should, for the price of a semester there.”

“What, Mommy and Daddy cut you off? You have to finish paying for your own piece of paper meaning nothing?” Sarah turned her attention back to the sidewalk, for lack of anything else to do. She kept her voice purposefully casual. She knew from experience the more casual the tone of voice, the worse the insult.

“Kitten, I haven’t seen the inside of a school for ten years. And you’re one to talk, when I’m betting that Daddy bought everything you’re wearing.”

“Considering the fact that he ran off with my babysitter about fifteen years ago, I’d say you lost that bet.” Sarah took a slow sip of coffee, finding herself enjoying their sparring. His wit was quicker than that of most of the people she knew. It didn’t make her feel like she was kicking a puppy. “Does that mean that you’ll leave me alone now?”

“No, but I will apologize.”

“Don’t bother. I’m sure you’d wind up choking on it, and I have no desire to perform anything life-saving on you.” Sarah slit her eyes toward him, biting her tongue when she saw the grin spread across his face. “Although you would have to leave the table then, wouldn’t you?”

“So would you, so we’d both lose. No point in playing a game if there’s no winner.” Sarah listened to the steady clack of keys for a long while, the sound oddly soothing compared to the background noise of study groups and the espresso machine. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you care?”

“I’d prefer to know a woman’s name before I sleep with her, but if you’re shy, I’ll let it go.”

Sarah bobbled her coffee cup, her gaze jerking away from the window to meet his smirk. “I beg your pardon?”

“That’s İstanbul Escort what started it, you know. That slightly snooty phrase and tone, even though you look like you’d jump if someone said ‘boo’ too loudly.” He tapped a few more keys before closing the laptop and sliding it into bag on the table. “And then you got more interesting the bitchier you got. It’s not your usual thing, I can tell. But you like it.”

“Anything else you can tell?” Sarah tried for icy, not surprised that she failed. Rude, she could handle. She’d been a secretary for the head partner at Brown and Baker for the past seven years. She’d been treated with as little regard as the carpet for all seven of them. Actually, Mr. Brown treated his carpet better than her–it was an antique.

“You’ll look better out of those clothes than you do in them.” His blue eyes were appraising as they swept over what they could see of her. “Not a good color for you, or a good cut. I sincerely hope they’re not as expensive as they look, otherwise you should go back and bitchslap the salesperson.”

“And we’re done here. Enjoy your table.” Sarah pulled her purse strap over her shoulder, lifting her chin slightly. Before she could stand, he’d reached his arm over the table, clamping down on her forearm, effectively cutting off her escape.

“I wonder if you see what I see. How big and innocent your eyes are, or how the color makes me think about licking melted chocolate off you. Or if you pay attention to how soft your hair is, all those blonde curls tumbling around such slim shoulders. Or if you notice how often you pull at that amazing lower lip with your teeth.” His hand turned her arm over, his fingers running up and down the bare skin of her forearm. She tried to tell herself that the shivers the feeling gave her came from annoyance, and nothing else. “Kitten, you could make a man beg without even trying.”

“Wrong girl. I’d like to leave now.”

“No, you don’t. You think that you should leave. But you’re curious. You want to know what it’s like to go to bed with a stranger, in the middle of the afternoon. Someone you don’t even particularly like.” Her hand was limp in his as he pulled it across the table, raising her fingers to his lips. Her breath caught when he nipped at the tips, then pulled her longest finger into his mouth, sucking on the tips before letting it slide out. He rubbed it over his lips, his eyes locked with hers.

“Trust me, kitten. Sometimes the best sex is with someone you can’t stand.”

Sarah swallowed hard, once, then twice. She couldn’t seem to get her mouth to work. When it did, she really was going to tell him to go fuck himself. She didn’t care how rude it was. She wet her lips, noticing how his eyes followed the movement of her tongue. She was going to say it.

“If I tell you my name, will you tell me yours?”

Sarah slapped her free hand over her mouth, not caring that he shook his head and chuckled at her reaction to her own question. She hadn’t meant to say that. She hadn’t. And as soon as he let go of her hand, she was leaving. She nearly bit her tongue when he shifted her hand in his, giving her thumb the same treatment as her middle finger. Only this time it was longer, undeniably sexual.

And she couldn’t deny that she felt a tugging deep in the center of her body.

“Abel. My name is Abel.”

Sarah let the hand covering her mouth drop, twisting the fabric of her skirt nervously. “Sarah.”

“Sarah.” Abel stood, keeping her hand in his, slinging the messenger bag over one shoulder. “Come on. The sooner you’re out of that horrible suit, the better.”

Sarah let him lead her out of the coffee shop, absolutely certain that everyone knew what they were going to do. Logically, she knew that nobody cared. Nobody was even looking in their direction. And yet to her it felt like everyone was watching.

He didn’t tell her where they were headed, and she was too nervous to ask. Considering the fact that they were walking, it couldn’t be too far, and she had the crazy thought about what a coincidence it would be if they lived in the same apartment complex. But when they got to the end of the block, instead of turning right back towards the quiet, well established neighborhood she lived in, they turned left, towards the converted warehouses and alleys of art galleries. Sarah jerked her head up at the first rumble of thunder, and felt Abel tug harder at her hand.

“I don’t think you’ll melt in the rain, kitten, but I’d rather not take my chances.” He began to walk just a little bit faster, but it was enough that Sarah had to almost double-time to keep up with him. She stumbled once, then twice, her heels unsteady on the cobblestones. Abel glanced back over his shoulder at her and shook his head, slowing his pace. “If you can’t walk in them, you shouldn’t wear them.”

“I don’t normally do sprints in them. I work in an office. I have to wear heels, it’s part of the dress code.”

“You need a new job. Something that Escort Bayan makes you let your hair down.” Abel stopped in front of a door, pulling a loaded key ring out of his pocket. Flipping through the mass, he stopped, jamming the chosen one in the lock. Holding the door open for her, he gestured her up the narrow flight of stairs. Sarah used the wall to steady herself, trying not to think about him behind her, no doubt watching her ass. When she reached the landing, she moved to the side, watching as he flipped to another key.

He pushed the door open, and she thought to herself,This is it. If I go inside, I’ll know exactly what I’m getting into. I can’t even pretend that I didn’t know what was going to happen.She took a step forward, still not sure whether she was going inside or back down the stairs. And then he lifted an eyebrow and smirked, and she made her mind up.

Her first thought when she walked into his home was that it was huge. It was easily double the size of hers, and she’d always thought she’d lived in a relatively nice apartment. Her second thought was how could anyone live with all that openness. There was no separation between rooms, only glass brick and metal trifold screens and exposed piping and brick walls. Sarah laid her purse over the back of the low slung sofa, twisting her hands nervously together. She started to turn around, intent on telling him that she liked his place.

Instead, she felt his hands on her upper arms, turning and pressing her against the hard brick wall. When she would have squealed or shrieked, his mouth came down rough and fast on hers, cutting off all sound and thought. His tongue swept inside, rubbing smoothly against hers, coaxing a response out of her. When she was breathless and trembling ever so slightly, he pulled back. It was difficult to open her eyes, and when she did she found him staring at her, the blue of his eyes even darker. She was stunned to find him breathing as heavily as she was, and she whimpered out a breath when he lifted a hand to rub his thumb over her lower lip.

“Time to get you out of those clothes, kitten.”

She wasn’t sure exactly how it happened, but suddenly there were two sets of hands working the buttons to her suit jacket, and she bit back a hysterical giggle when they tangled together. Abel cursed, and grabbed the two sides of the jacket, yanking them apart, sending buttons flying. Sarah opened her mouth to complain, but was cut off by another rough kiss, this one with just a hint of violence to it. By the time he let her up for air, the jacket was on the floor, and the zipper of her skirt was being slid down.

“Well, well, well. Look what the kitten was hiding under the spinster clothes.”

Sarah trembled, leaning against the wall for support as Abel knelt, running his hands up the outsides of her legs. The heels were black as the office dress code demanded, but they were three inch stilettos, one of Sarah’s few vanities. And the legs Abel was exploring were covered in hose–or more appropriately, stockings, ending high on her thighs and clipped to decidedly risqué underwear.

Abel leaned closer, running his tongue over the top seam of the stocking. The muscle in Sarah’s thigh jerked slightly, and Abel chuckled against her skin. His hands slid up to grasp her hips, pressing them more firmly against the wall. He nudged her legs apart, turning his face to press against the front of the burlesque styled panties. Lifting his eyes to Sarah’s, he ran his tongue over the garment, nibbling slightly, watching her eyes dilate, her lips parted slightly. When she bit her lower lip between her teeth, he sucked hard through the fabric, feeling her hips push against his hands.

One hand slid up and over her middle, pressing slightly. The other slid down and over her thigh, pulling the underwear to the side. Before Sarah could process the change, Abel surged forward, sweeping his tongue over her clit while sliding two curved fingers into her pussy, pressing hard.

Sarah would have sworn she saw stars, she came so hard and so fast. And before she had even an instant to recover, he leaned just a little bit more into her, sucking her clit into his mouth, biting ever so slightly, his fingers rotating the barest of inches. And she came again, hard enough to take her breath away and leave her more than a little weak kneed.

Abel murmured, more to himself than to her, which was good, because she didn’t have the brain cells required for conversation. Somehow, her hands came up to fist in his hair, and she pressed his mouth tighter to her. She didn’t know if he lifted her leg, or if she did, but she was vaguely aware of her left knee resting on his shoulder, and the feel of his hair against her upper thigh. When he bit hard on her clit, and she felt her pussy clench around his fingers a third time, her chin dropped forward to rest on her chest, her heart pounding frantically.

Abel eased back slightly, and through the veil of her hair she saw him lick his lips. And Eskort then turn his face to lick the juices from her thigh, his tongue rough through the sheer stocking. “You’re drenched, kitten. You’re a rainmaker.”

“A what?” Sarah rasped out, lifting her head, shaking the hair out of her face. Her stomach muscles jumped and trembled when he pressed his face to her middle, his tongue swirling around her belly button.

“A rainmaker. You squirted when you came.” Abel pushed to a standing position, trapping her against the wall. Except now she didn’t feel trapped, not really. His mouth, when it ravaged hers, was sweet and salty, and she knew she was tasting herself. “Hidden talents, kitten. Let’s see what else you’re hiding.”

Her arms came up to wrap around his neck, and she pressed herself up into his mouth. And then they were circling, their hands pulling at his clothes, the camisole she was still somehow wearing. She felt her knees press against something soft, and he gave her a slight push, and she fell backwards onto the bed. She crawled backwards until the reached the center of the bed, propping herself up on her elbows, shaking her hair back.

He stood at the foot of the bed, and without the clothes to distract, she could appreciate the lean muscles and long lines. She was both fascinated and frightened by the tribal tattoo that ran over his right hip, and the one that crept over his left shoulder. Her gaze lowered, and her eyes widened. She bit her lower lip again, this time in hesitation.

“You’re a little, um. You’re a little–.”

“Don’t worry, kitten. Nature has a way of making things fit, I promise.” His smirk this time was only half-hearted, and he leaned forward, pressing his hands into the mattress. “Undo the front clasp of your bra.”

Sarah sat up, not surprised to find her hands trembling. There was something about the way he said things, with such absolute authority, that made it impossible to not do them. It took her three tries, but his appreciative sigh when the clasp opened and her breasts spilled free was worth it. The mattress dipped slightly as he crawled more fully on the bed, and she concentrated on the look of hunger on his face. When she would have laid back, his hand at her back kept her sitting up.

His head dipped down, his tongue sliding over the top of her right breast, and then her left. She couldn’t help arching her torso when his mouth slid lower, latching onto her nipple. He sucked and nibbled, bit gently, until her head fell back on a throaty moan. He licked a path to her other breast, laving the nipple before sucking it into his mouth. The steady, rhythmic pull set up a pulse low in her belly, one that sped up when his free hand glided down her side, pushed against her pussy, then slid three fingers in.

She gasped, partially in pain, and he raised his head from her breast to capture her mouth. His tongue stroked in and out in pace with his fingers, and she couldn’t help bringing her arms to wind around his neck. Power, heady and rare, surged through her at the groan he let out when she sucked his tongue deep in her mouth.

Her hips rolled slowly and slightly in counterpoint to the shallow thrusts of his fingers. She could feel herself building again, this one taking much, much longer than any of those before. When her breath began to come in shallow pants, he tore his mouth from hers, pulling his fingers out at the same time. The hand at her back slid up to fist in the hair at the nape of her neck, holding her head still. Through heavy eyes, she watched him raise his other hand to her mouth, his fingers glistening with her juices.

Without any thought, her lips parted, her tongue slid out. And licked the tips of one, and then the next, and then the next. When he groaned again, longer and louder this time, she nipped at the pads of his fingers with her teeth, an act eerily similar to his actions earlier in the afternoon.

His hand slid out of her hair, and he gave her a gentle shove, letting her fall back on the mattress. Her arms landed over her head, almost as if by design. His hands shook slightly as he pushed her bra the rest of the way off, yanked the soaked underwear down and threw it aside. His fingers ran up the sheer stockings, over hard nipples, until they pressed her wrists into the mattress. He inched his hips forward, felt the wet heat of her on the head of his cock.

Abel lifted his eyes to Sarah’s. “Do you trust me, kitten?”

Sarah wet her lips, started to nod her head, then managed to find her voice. “Yes.”

Abel nodded, pushing his hips forward, driving his cock deep into her. When she gasped, her upper body coming off the bed, he pressed tighter against her wrists. He drew back slightly, then thrust deeper. She was dripping wet, and still tighter than anything he could ever have imagined. Another back and forward movement of his hips, and he was sheathed fully inside her. Lowering his face to hers, his kiss this time was gentle, and he tasted the salt from tears.

“Are you alright?”

“I said you were too big.”

“Give it a minute, kitten. Well, a little more than that.” He kissed her again, slow and deep, without any of the roughness of before. He felt her relax, ever so slightly. “Do you still trust me?”

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