Jack’s Needs and Urges Ch. 01

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Jack had been taking out Jo’s daughter Kay for eight months. It was a relationship of convenience, Jack was in his second year at University, he was studying law and was doing very well. Jack was a wealthy young man, thanks to May, his mum, who had inherited a substantial business which had been in her family for three generations.

Jack lived with his mum, she doted on him, he drove a Golf Convertible and ate in the best restaurants. Jack’s father was a Tanker Captain and spent a long time at sea. Jack knew that he hardly spent any time at home.

Jack’s friend John, they had been to school together. John had left school and done a hairdressing course which he had just finished. His mum Sue had three hairdressing salons, Sue was happy that John had done this course as he could now help her in her business.

Kay was four years older than Jack, she was like her mother, a beautiful woman. Kay was Jack’s friend John’s cousin; Kay’s mother Jo and John’s mother Sue were sisters. Kay used Jack for the lovely places that he took her to, Jack used Kay for the hot sex that he had with her. Kay loved it in every hole, Jack soon realised that Kay was only interested in herself.

Kay had an Aunt and Uncle living in California. She told Jack four weeks before she went, that she was going, there was also a strong possibility that she would get a teaching job in America. Jack had then realised that there would be no future with Kay.

Jo was the Practice Manageress of a Doctors surgery with seven doctors, it was an excellent position. Three weeks before Kay left Jo was on a weekend conference, this meant that they had a bed for the weekend. May had a Penthouse down the coast with fantastic sea views which they used a lot, but that was a forty-minute drive away.

Kay had invited Val, the headmistress of the school she was working in out for a meal to say thanks for all she had done for her. In reality, it was Jack that paid for the meal and wine. The only good thing about it was that Jack was attracted to Val. Over dinner, Jack and Val were flirting a lot. Kay didn’t realise what was happening.

Kay’s phone rang, and she took it outside to answer it. Val whispered, “Let her go to America, you are better off without her.”

Jack replied, “Thanks Val, I am aware of that, I have enjoyed chatting with you. I think that I will drop Kay home first, are you comfortable with that?”

Val took Jack’s hand and squeezed it antep escort bayan then said, “I’m very comfortable with that, I also have some nice Chablis in the fridge.”

Kay came back, she said, “I can’t see you on Thursday night, in fact, I’m running out of nights, I’ll have to look at my diary to see when I can fit you in.”

Jack didn’t say a word; he saw that Val had given him a wink and a big smile. Jack was now admiring Val’s voluptuous body; she was tall and dignified with massive tits. Jack asked for the bill then they left. Kay was just gabbling on, saying nothing meaningful. They arrived at Jo’s house, “I hope it goes well for you in America, and you find what you’re looking for, I’d better get Val home now.”

Kay got out of the car, she didn’t say a word, she slammed the door. Jack drove off but stopped three hundred yards down the road to let Val into the front passenger seat, Jack said, “When we picked you up, Kay should have shown you some respect and appreciation for what you have done for her, I didn’t like that she didn’t let you sit in the front seat.”

Val said, “I’m so happy that you saw through her, she is one of the most self-centred people that I’ve ever met, her mother is a charming lady, you’re intelligent, I can’t work out what you saw in her, what did you see in her?”

Jack smiled, then said, “She was a good fuck.”

Val grinned then said, “I doubt that tonight, you will know what a great fuck is like.”

They arrived at Val’s apartment; Jack was impressed with the Antiques that Val had. Val got the Chablis, two glasses and a wine cooler. Val said, “Forget about Kay, you’re far to nice for her. Let’s have some wine, to be honest, I’m a little nervous, I was widowed six years ago, and I haven’t been in a relationship. My husband was eight years older than me. In the last five years of his life, he wasn’t sexually active. Your studying Law, I believe?”

Jack answered after topping up their glasses, “Yes, I am, you surprise me, Val, you’re a beautiful woman, do you enjoy sex?”

Val answered, “I fucking love sex, I need sex, I haven’t met the right man, I’m very picky, there must be chemistry. I’m also lucky to have Bob, he satisfies me regularly.”

Jack said, “Bob?”

Val grinned then said, “Battery Operated Boyfriend.”

Jack took her in his arms, they kissed, their tongues were exploring each other’s mouth. araban escort bayan Their hands were also investigating, they caressed and touched for several minutes then Val said, “We would be far more comfortable in bed, can you stay the night?”

Val led him into her bedroom, Jack said, “I would love to.”

Within a minute they were both naked, Val said when she saw Jack’s massive cock, “Now I know that Kay is not right, she will never find another cock like that, and that’s for sure.”

Val’s tongue was teasing the bulbous tip of Jack’s massive cock then he felt the warmth of her mouth taking the full length of his cock, her lips were now wrapped around the base of his cock. Val’s blue eyes were looking straight into Jacks eyes as she deep throated him, Jack’s precum was now tickling the back of Val’s throat.

Val said, “You’re really hard now, it feels so fucking nice.”

Val then got into the missionary position with her legs spread wide open. Jack looked at the beautiful sight of Val’s flat, smooth, swollen and glistening pussy. Val said, “Jack, it’s all yours.”

Jack guided his cock to the middle of her long sex slit then watched his cock slide up her until his balls were hitting the cheeks of her ass, Val said, “I’ve never been filled like this before, it feels fantastic.”

Jack was now holding her legs in a v-position at the ankles. Every minute he was picking up speed as he thrust into her, Val’s strong cunt muscles were gripping his cock at the base and tip of each prod of his cock. Val’s massive tits were bouncing everywhere, one of her hands was playing with her clit, the other was playing with her tits.

A couple of minutes later Val changed her position, she got on to all fours and moved into a doggy style position. Jack then spread her ass cheeks and kissed and tongued her ass hole.

Jack then slid inside her pussy doggy style, he started to pound her hard, he was now going in so deep, Val loved it. Jack began to massage Val’s ass with his thumb, she was taking the full length of his thumb, Val said, “I’m going to cum, fuck me, baby, go deep and fuck me.”

A stream of cunt juice was now coming out of her hot pussy. Jack was happy that he had made her cum, he just kept pounding her then he exploded inside her. Val said, “You’re incredible, that was amazing, I want to see more of you, Jack.”

Jack replied, “I want to gaziantep arap escort bayan see more of you too, you are a great ride, I don’t have that much experience, I now know what a great fuck is, Kay is a third-rate fuck.”

Val answered, “Thanks for the compliment, you are something else, I think that I’ll be able to look after all your sexual needs urges until you find an alternative for Kay. She is quite immature for her age, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been cheating on you. At school, she was always on her smartphone.”

Jack looked at Val’s enormous tits, then her inviting sex slit, he felt his cock harden. Val was aware that he was getting aroused before she went down on him, Val said, “Darling, let me make your big boy hard, then I want you to lie down and let me go on top of you, I want to do so many things with you.”

Val then went down on him, her tongue teasing his enormous cock. Then the warmth of the inside of her mouth as she wrapped her lips around his erect cock. Val’s head was now bobbing up and down in a determined way.

Val was enjoying what she was doing to Jack’s cock, one-minute deep throating him, then teasing his cock and balls with her tongue. Then Val squatted over Jack, teasing her hard clit with the bulbous tip of his cock. Val then centred the crown of his cock in the middle of her sex slit, she pushed down, Jack’s cock vanished inside her hungry pussy. As Val started to ride Jack, Val said, “It feels so good, you’re stimulating my cervix, baby, I want to feel you squirt inside me.”

Val soon had a powerful rhythm going, she was in complete control, gripping his cock at the base and tip of his cock on each downward thrust. Jack was rubbing her huge clit as Val was riding him. Val’s massive tits were wobbling seductively as Val went up and down on him. Val was holding eye contact with Jack as she sexily moved up and down. She then started to lick and suck her nipples, bringing one of her massive breasts to her mouth, sucking and licking on it then doing the same with the other.

Val started to go harder and faster, still keeping Jack in her eyes, this was arousing Jack, Jack could feel her cunt juice dripping onto his balls. They both climaxed within seconds of each other, Val was gripping Jack’s cock at the base, holding him inside her, she had powerful cunt muscles. Val leaned forward and kissed Jack for several minutes then said, “That was unbelievable, I felt your hot cum hitting my cervix, it felt wonderful. I’m so happy that you came home with me tonight, I am also happy that you have seen through Kay, you were wasting your time with her. There’s a lot of mature women out there that would love a twenty-year-old lover, every one of them would love the pleasure and gratification that your magnificent cock can give them.”

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Indian Aunt Ch. 02

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As Meera jogged back towards the house (her every morning ritual) she saw her son Raj running out towards his motorcycle, he was again going to be late for school she thought as she waved him goodbye.

Despite the jogging her mind kept drifting back to yesterday’s event’s, as it was still sinking into her what an whore she’d been but also how happy she felt being one.

Entering the house she headed straight to the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator. As she was sipping on the water, Spank and a squeeze she turned around to see who had dared to spank and squeeze her thin yoga pants clad ass so hard that she almost dropped the water bottle, only to see the old part time cook now staring down the cleavage which was visible in her sweaty and revealing sports bra.

If this had happened 24 hours ago she probably would have slapped him thinking how dare he, but things were different now, she saw the wicked smile on his face and figured that asshole Ramu (Sid’s cook) must have told all the servants in the neighbourhood about yesterday.

“Yeh kya kar rahe Ho Shyam?” (what do you think you are doing Shyam)? Is all Meera could ask, without realising she was checking out this 50 year old man. She didn’t mind what she saw, he was rugged looking and dark 6 feet tall, broad shoulders with a slight paunch.

With him still staring at her boobs Shyam said, “lund hi chahiye tha, woh toh ghar pe mil sakta hai randi.”(if all you wanted was a dick, you can have that at home slut). With a sly smile on his face as he whipped out his semi hard dick.

Meera couldn’t believe that just a couple of days ago while she was checking out Shyam she felt disgusted by her actions and here she was checking out his massive semi hard cock thinking how much bigger it would get. Also no one had dared called her a slut on her face let alone a servant, but here she was getting turned on by it.

She was just about to grab his cock when the bell rang, as she walked towards the door to see who it was she smiled to herself thinking, saved by the bell.

Sid at the door, “good morning aunty, just saw you jogging back home thought we could have a cup of coffee together.” He said with a sly smile.

“Definitely Sid, no school?” Meera said with a wink, while giving him a hug as he walked through the door.

As Meera turned around she could sense Sid checking her out, but was surprisingly disappointed when he didn’t even tap her inviting ass forget spanking or squeezing it. Specially after yesterday.

As they sat down she called for Shyam to get them 2 cups of coffee.

Shyam came out with the coffee, “Sid Bhaiya kaise ho .” (How are you doing Sid). He said as he served him the coffee.

“Sab theek, tum kaise ho?” (All good, how are you)? Inquired Sid.

Before Shyam could answer an inquisitive Meera asked Sid, “how do you know him?”

“Oh he’s Ramu’s dad.” Replied Sid and then carried on to say, “he lives with his son and nephew Chotu in the quarter’s behind my house, they’ve all been working around this area for some time now.”

Immediately Meera started thinking if Ramu has told Shyam about her sexcapade, then the 18 year old Chotu the sweeper would definitely know too, as they all lived together. And if that’s true then there was no way he hasn’t already bragged about it to everyone he knows around this area.

Suddenly she felt a sinking feeling, thinking she might have taken things a bit too far yesterday in her horny ness. She really didn’t want all the servants in this area thinking she was an easy target.

Sid noticed the sudden change in her expression and asked, “what’s wrong aunty, you okay?”

“Oh, Sid I think I’ve fucked up by letting Ramu fuck me.” Meera paused took a deep breath, surprised at herself how comfortable she was with Sid to tell him what she felt, then carrying on, “I’m worried he’s bragging about it to everyone.”

“Why do you say that aunty?” Sid asked.

She told him what had transpired between Shyam and her just before he rang the bell.

Sid getting excited asked her, “so if I hadn’t turned up what would you have done?”

Sliding close to him Meera whispered in his ears, “I was just about to grab his cock Sid.” In a very sultry tone.

“You truly are a slut!” Said a smiling and turned on Sid.

He then shouted for Shyam.

“Ki kis ko pata hai memsahib ke baare mein?” (Who all know about madam)? Sid asked Shyam as soon as he walked in.

“Sirf hum teen saab.”(Just the 3 of us sir). Then looking at Meera he said, “ghabrahiye mat hum kisse ko bhi nahi bataye ge.”(don’t worry your secret is safe with us).

As Meera sighed a breath of relief she noticed how lustfully they both were staring at her, as she looked at Sid and said, “so what now Sid?” Hoping he’ll grab her, kiss her, take her into the bedroom, do something.

But Sid had something else in mind seeing a tall, dark, big built Shyam and a fair, petite Meera reminded him of all the interracial Antalya travesti porn he loved to watch and he told Meera, “I think you should carry on doing whatever you were planning to with Shyam.” Giving her a light playful slap on her face. “I want to see the slut you truly are aunty.”

“Won’t you be joining in Sid?” She asked sounding really turned on. Surprising herself how comfortable she felt, ready to fuck another servant in front of Sid and how she hoped he’d join in again.

Sid then slapping her face again this time hard enough to sting her said, “only if you’re slutty enough bitch.” Then squeezing her cheeks together making her pouty lips even poutier, “do your job slut.” He demanded.

Meera couldn’t believe how turned on she had gotten, getting slapped around and how she wanted to submit to her sons best friends every order like his personal slut, she’d never felt like this before.

Shyam during this time had made himself comfortable on the sofa opposite them and hadn’t taken his eyes of Meera’s breasts even for a second. He was surprised and turned on to see that she didn’t mind being treated like trash. He’d always fantasied about treating a rich sophisticated good looking lady like a whore.

As Meera got up to walk towards Shyam , Sid shouted, “take of your clothes first.”

Obeying she took of her sports bra first exposing her pointy pink nipples and her 36c breasts that still defied gravity. Then sliding her yoga pants and panties of together she stepped out of them. Exposing her perfectly sculpted round ass to Sid and her shaved pussy to Shyam as they both enjoyed their respective views.

As she took her first step butt naked towards Shyam she heard Sid in a loud voice almost scolding her, “who allowed you to walk bitch.” Then spanking her ass really hard, “bitches don’t walk.”

She got down on all fours and as she made her way crawling towards Shyam, she could feel her pussy getting soaking wet in fact her thighs were making squishy noises with all the pussy juice dripping out of her soaking cunt. She’d never been so turned on and was loving being treated like a whore.

By the time she reached the edge of the sofa, Shyam had slid of his trousers and underwear exposing his semi hard monster of a black cock.

Even Sid was impressed by that thing thinking how well it fitted his interracial fantasy.

Meera still on her knees took Shyam’s cock in her hands and while stroking it put her mouth around its head stretching her lips to the maximum.

She then let her one hand slip of his cock and started messaging his balls, as his cock started to grow even bigger and getting harder with every stroke and suck.

All this while Shyam was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

Fully erect Shyam was 9 inches long and as thick as Meera’s wrists and she’d thought she’d hit the jackpot with Sid’s monster yesterday.

He then took his cock out her mouth and started cock slapping her face really hard with his monster, shouting “kuttiya yeh leh.” (Take that Bitch).

Shyam had always wanted to do that to a pretty face. Then he proceeded to shove his cock back in her waiting mouth.

As her mouth got used to the size she started swallowing his cock till it hit the back of her throat. Every time her head bobbed up and down his shaft, Shyam would push her head down a little further. He loved seeing her mouth stretching to its limit while she kept staring it him with her big brown eyes.

Sid on the other hand was hard as hell seeing her perfectly round ass pointed towards him, with her thin arched back and her head bobbing up and down.

Sid had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he’d ever end up having a threesome with any woman and a servant, let alone a second time in a row. She was as slutty as they come he thought and was loving the fact how submissive she was.

As he walked up to her stripping of his clothes, he got down on his knees behind her and without warning proceeded to penetrate her pussy from behind while spanking her ass with one hand.

As Meera felt his thick cock slide into her tight wet pussy, she tightened her pussy further and shoved her ass back towards him.

“You really want it bad don’t you slut.” Groaned Sid spanking her ass hard.

“Hmmm,” said Meera pushing her ass back again with every stroke of his while she kept sucking on Shyam’s cock.

Soon all three had found a rhythm and to Meera’s surprise she found herself taking more and more of Shyam massive cock into her mouth, she had never deep throated a cock in her life as she’d always end up gagging but here she was, mouth stretched wide with her throat opening up as she felt his cock slip in and out of her throat.

Shyam loved the feeling of being deep down her throat as he shut his eyes and laid his head back.

Sid could tell what was happening but wanted a better view.

Sid then pulling out of her, pulled her of Shyam’s cock too, turning her around İstanbul travesti made her lie down on the sofa on her back with her head hanging off the corner of the sofa upside down.

As he went on his knees in front of her to fuck her, he looked at Shyam and said, “ab iski mooh ki leh.” (Now fuck her face).

They both didn’t waste anytime penetrating her simultaneously.

With Meera’s neck stretching of the sofa she actually found it easier to deep throat him, as she felt him go all the way down her throat till his ball’s slapped her eyes and nose.

Both Sid and Shyam were surprised to see how easily she took it all the way in as they saw her throat bulging with Shyam’s monster cock. They both had never seen a sight like that.

“Fuck Aunty, you really are something else!” Grunted Sid as he picked up pace and started fucking her as hard as he could.

Meera while getting pounded like a bitch couldn’t even moan with Shyam’s monster slipping up and down her throat till she ended up gagging on it.

Shyam on the other hand didn’t care and was going in and out of her with ease, despite her gagging on and of, as her nose and eyes got covered by her spit.

After 10 minutes of this Sid wanted to exchange places with Shyam and coming out of her said, ” tooh iski phudi ke mazey leh.” (now enjoy her pussy).

As they both pulled out of her she gave a loud moan while fingering her clit and started shaking like crazy, as her pussy squirted all over the sofa. She’d never felt an orgasm like that before, she’d always had an extremely wet pussy when horny but had never squirted in her life.

As soon as she calmed down from her orgasm, Shyam being an ass man wanted to fuck her doggie style and he turned her around lining himself behind her. Sid came and kneeled in front of her, she had both her hands on the sofa, with her right knee bent on the sofa and the left leg straight on the ground ready to be spit roasted.

She knew that she was nothing but a couple of holes for them to use, but was loving every second of it.

She couldn’t wait to feel Shyam’s monster in her pussy when the door bell rang again.

As a naked Shyam started to walk towards the door Meera tried to get up and cover herself when Sid held her hand and said, “where the fuck do you think you are going, you stay the way you are.” And he shoved his cock in her mouth.

Meera was on all fours on the sofa getting her face fucked by Sid when in walked Shyam’s son Ramu(who she had fucked yesterday with Sid) and Chotu his nephew who was also Meera’s part time house cleaner.

Meera felt a little ashamed and a little naughty at the same time thinking about how she looked in front of the two young fellows but Shyam wasted no time and before she knew it she felt his massive hands holding her hips as his monster cock penetrated her pussy.

Meera gave out a loud scream as Shyam shoved his cock into her soaking wet pussy, all the way with brute force and started jackhammering her immediately.

Her mouth let go of Sid’s cock while she screamed but was sucking him again as soon as she got used to Shyam’s size.

Sid could feel his cock going down her throat and his balls banging her chin with every thrust, while he saw Shyam opposite him staring at her jiggling ass and arched back as he kept pounding her harder and faster.

Five minutes of them fucking her from both ends with Meera moaning nonstop “aaaaaahhhhhh”,”aaaaaahhhhhhhh”, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh”, despite Sid’s cock down her throat.

Then they heard Chotu, “Bhaiya hamara turn kub ayega?” (Big brother when will our turn come)? While looking at Sid.

Fuck Meera thought, she’d forgotten about them completely, then it suddenly hit her were they going to gangbang or take her two at a time. Both the prospects only made her feel hornier and sluttier, she then realised that she was up for anything they’d throw at her, surprising herself in the process.

Sid then pulled Meera by her hair of his cock and as she looked up at him he asked, “do you want them to join in too bitch?”

With Meera still moaning with Shyam fucking her relentlessly, she managed to say, “what…ever you…want…Sid.” In the most submissive way in between her seductive moans.

Shyam in the meantime had reached his end as he took his cock out of her pussy and started to spray wad after wad of cum all over her ass cheeks and arched back.

Between Meera’s moaning and talk and now seeing cum all over her withering back, it was all Sid could take as he shoved his cock back in Meera’s mouth and started to cum immediately.

Grunting loud he demanded, “swallow every drop cunt.” Grunting loudly again he continued, “don’t you dare waist a fucking drop.”

Meera hadn’t stopped cumming from Shyam’s pounding, as she started to swallow the stream of cum flowing into her mouth, “glug…glug…glug…glug,” not only did she not waist a drop but made sure to lick Sid’s cock absolutely clean.


By İzmir travesti now Chotu and Ramu had stripped naked holding their hard cocks leching at her like to horny 18 year olds (which they were) would.

They both didn’t have the guts too approach her without a signal from either Sid or her, despite Ramu fucking her yesterday.

Meera on the other hand sat back on the sofa rubbing the cum on her ass and back onto the sofa as she got her breath back.

Meera then looking at Sid, who was standing next to the sofa, asked, “what would you like me to do with these boys?” Winking and smiling at him as she spoke with deep breaths in the middle.

Was she asking for instructions or permission, before Sid could decipher, Meera had gotten up and as she walked towards the two boys she said, “Sid I think I’ll let them do whatever they want to with me, what say?” As she saw both these young guys with hairless dark and zero fat chiseled bodies, with cocks so hard and straight you could hang a wet towel to dry.

Sid didn’t say a word and sat back on the sofa, thinking god knows what these two horny, pervy teens would do with her.

Meera standing in front of the two boys grabbed both their cocks in each hand and went on her toes bent forward towards them and whispered, “mujhe apni randi samjho, aur jo karna hai karo.”(think of me as your slut and do as you please).

Meera couldn’t believe she just said what she said, she hadn’t given Chotu her house cleaner a second look in the past weeks she’d been here, and now she was ready to be used by him and his cousin together.

Sid just hearing Meera talk like that was getting turned on again and Shyam the old cook just sat on the opposite side of the living room smoking a bidi (local cigarette) and watching them.

Ramu hadn’t stopped thinking about her since after fucking her yesterday and Chotu had been checking out her lingerie draw every chance he got imagining her in those skimpy thongs and lacy bras, and here she was naked holding their cocks and asking them to treat her like a slut.

They both literally pounced on her, standing on each side of her kissing her all over her face and neck and their hands grabbing and feeling her whole body, from her firm ass to her boobs.

Meera was loving the feel of 4 hands and 2 faces all over her as she kept stroking both their cocks and playing with their balls.

Soon the two of them were sucking on each of her boobs, Ramu with one hand started playing with her clit as she felt Chotu’s two fingers penetrating her dripping pussy, with both their other hands squeezing her ass.

The sensation of getting both her boobs sucked, with one hand playing with her clit as the other fingered her and feeling both her ass cheeks being squeezed and spanked all together.

Meera had never felt anything like this and couldn’t believe these two kids could give her so much pleasure as she started to shake and scream “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaa…fuck,” uncontrollably having one of the best orgasms she’d experienced.

They both didn’t let go and kept sucking, fingering and squeezing her till her orgasm didn’t subside.

Meera wanting to collapse on her knees after the orgasm, thought she’d give them both a thank you blowjob, but the boys had other plans.

Instead Chotu went down on his knees in front of her and started kissing her flat stomach and soon was licking her leaking pussy, “slurp…slurp…slurp.” As he started playing with her clit with his thumb.

Ramu now standing behind her started kissing her from behind her earlobe’s all the way down her arched spine till he reached her ass.

Meera just rolled her eyes back biting her lower lips moaning softly, standing with her legs spread holding onto both their heads as she felt Chotu start to finger her pussy again and licking her clit while Ramu spreading her ass cheeks with both his hands started rimming her asshole with his tongue.

What were these boys doing to her? Where had they learned to do these things? What porn were they watching or erotica they reading? Thinking of all this Meera started to orgasm again.

Screaming, moaning, shuddering holding on to their heads for dear life, she couldn’t believe she just had the most amazing back to back orgasms.

As she let go of their heads Chotu and Ramu both stood up as Chotu started kissing her lips while Ramu started kissing the back her neck and shoulders still standing behind her.

Meera could taste her pussy juices as Chotu kissed her and could feel both their hard dicks poking her back and stomach.

Chotu suddenly lifted her of the ground as Meera wrapped her legs around his waist and hands around his broad shoulders, he penetrated her pussy.

Ramu lined himself behind her and started to penetrate her ass hole.

Meera had only been butt fucked once in her life before and hadn’t really enjoyed it, here she was getting double penetrated!

Surprised herself how easily she could take both of them together and within seconds she was enjoying it.

Soon she was moaning with Ramu and Chotu finding their rhythm fucking her with Chotu holding onto her ass and Ramu her waist as they kept rocking a sandwiched Meera up and down their poles.

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Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 12

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Heidi Tate was frightened to go to bed. Every time she did, the man who was terrorizing her called with his obscene comments. But, exhausted, she finally slid between the sheets and turned off her lights. Unable to sleep, she laid there, waiting for the phone to ring. After a while, when it didn’t ring, she finally drifted off to sleep.

The trilling bell of her phone’s electronic bell awakened her a little later. Trembling, she reached for the phone and picked it up. “He…hello?” she said.

“Slut!!! Evil woman!!!” the caller screamed. “You have to pay!!! Vengeance is mine!!! You will…”

Heidi slammed the phone down. Then, as soon as she could get her trembling under control, she followed the phone company’s instructions. When that was done, she called the police.

Three beeps came over the radio in Tim Jackman’s cruiser. He listened carefully. The beeps meant a “hot shot” call was coming. “Adam forty, X-ray twenty-five, and Sam-five,” the dispatcher said. “Respond to the pay phone at the Minute Man Quick Store, possible code 51. Responding units, the call is Code 2.”

Tim pressed down on the cruiser’s accelerator, his heart pounding. All three patrol units in the sector were being sent to the store. A “Code 51” was a person making obscene phone calls. Tim had little hope they’d catch the man, but just the same, he drove as fast as he could and arrived at the store before the other responding units. He saw the pay phone when he wheeled his cruiser into the parking lot. There was no one there.

Sergeant Dawson and the two officers in the other patrol car arrived shortly after Tim did. While the officers Mackey and Jones went into the store to interview the clerk, Tim helped Sergeant Dawson dust the phone for fingerprints.

“This is probably a major waste of time,” the sergeant said, “but we better do it. Probably only thirty or forty people a day use the damn phone.”

Jones and Mackey came out of the store. “Clerk says he didn’t see a thing,” Jones said. “You ask me, I think he was asleep.”

“We have officers at the location the call was made from, ma’am,” the police dispatcher told Heidi.

“Did they catch him?” she asked, her heart pounding.

“No, ma’am,” the dispatcher said. “They’re going to try to get fingerprints from the phone, though. Maybe that will help.”

“I hope so,” Heidi said. “I want the animal Ankara travesti who’s doing this to me caught!”

“I know you do, ma’am,” the dispatcher said. “So do we. Look, we’ll have a detective stop by tomorrow and let you know what we found out.”

“All right,” Heidi said. “Thank you.” She put down the phone, laid back down, and again tried to get to sleep. She was frightened, but even more, she was angry. Who hated her enough to do this to her? And why?

She’d just gotten to sleep when a loud roar, followed by the sound of breaking glass awakened her. Stunned, she sat up in bed. A second roar sounded and her bedroom window exploded inward. Fortunately, her bed was placed in a position which allowed the shattered glass to fall harmlessly onto the floor next to it. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she reached for the phone and pressed 9-1-1.

Again, three beeps sounded over the police radio. “Any available unit in the East Sector,” the dispatcher said, “report of shots fired at a home, 1852 Johnson Street, units responding, your call is Code 3.”

Sergeant Dawson was in the middle of dusting the pay phone for fingerprints. “You guys get over there!” he yelled to the three officers with him. “I’ll back you up soon as I can.”

Tim recognized Heidi’s address the minute the dispatcher gave it, and was already opening the door of his cruiser when the sergeant ordered them to leave. Before officers Jones and Mackey could get in their cruiser, he was already headed out of the parking lot, his tires and siren screaming, the blue lights on the roof flashing. “X-ray twenty-five to dispatch,” he yelled into the microphone, “I’m handling that shooting call.”

“Adam forty responding with X-ray 25,” Mackey yelled into his microphone over the sound of the cruiser’s siren.

“X-ray twenty-five,” the dispatcher said, “Do you want me to respond an ambulance?”

“I hope not!” Tim thought as he squealed around a corner and onto Johnson Street. “God! I hope not!” “Hold Rescue,” he told the dispatcher. “I’m off on the scene.”

“Adam forty to dispatch, we’re off at that location, too,” the radio said.

Tim came out of his cruiser, holding his pistol in his hand. Even though he wanted to run to the house to see if Heidi was all right, he stayed behind the car until Jones and Mackey were out of their cruiser.

“Jackman, Konya travesti go around the house on the right,” Jones, the senior officer in the other car yelled. “Mackey, you go around the left side.” He pressed the “talk” button on the microphone attached to his lapel. “Adam forty to dispatch, can you get me a K-9 unit over here?”

“Copy, Adam forty,” the dispatcher said. “Right away. David twelve, respond to East Sector, 1852 Johnson,” the dispatcher said, “Back up Adam forty and X-ray twenty-five on a shots fired call. David-twelve, your call is code three.”

“David twelve is rolling,” came the reply. “ETA five to ten.”

Heidi lay in her bed, listening to the sounds of sirens approaching her house. Finally, when she heard the police cars stop in front of her house, she got out of her bed on the side away from the broken glass, made her way to her closet, and slipped on a fluffy bathrobe. She heard the policemen talking to each other, and the crackle of their radios. For the time being, anyhow, she was safe. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she went downstairs. The policemen would likely want to talk with her.

Gun in one hand and flashlight in the other, Tim made his way around Heidi’s house. He was more familiar with it than was officer Mackey who, shotgun in hand, was making his way around the other side.

They met at the rear of the house. “You see anything, Tim?” Mackey asked.

“Nothing,” Tim replied.

“Asshole is probably long gone,” Mackey said. He played his flashlight over the house. “Son-of-a-bitch!” he exclaimed. “Look at that.”

“Home of the whore!” was spray-painted on the back wall of the house in bright red letters. Right next to it were the words “Die Bitch!”

“This fucker’s serious!” Mackey exclaimed.

Tim played his light upward, and could see the broken windows and pockmarks in the siding where pellets from a shotgun had hit the building. “Looks like he was using a shotgun,” he said. “I’d guess buckshot.” He pressed the “talk” button on his radio. “X-ray twenty-five to Adam-forty, all clear back here,” he said.

“Copy that, X-ray twenty-five,” came the reply. “I’m going to talk with the complainant.”

“Sam five to dispatch, I’m off at 1852 Johnson,” Sergeant Dawson’s voice said. “Get some detectives out here, now.”

“Copy, Sam five,” dispatch responded. İzmir travesti “Right away.”

Tim went back to his cruiser while Sergeant Dawson and Patrolman Jones went inside to interview Heidi. He found that he didn’t want Heidi to know he was there, and wasn’t sure why.

A few minutes later, the K-9 officer, Pete Loomis, showed up, with his dog, Buddy. Tim joined Loomis and Mackey and did a complete sweep of the yard. As he expected, they didn’t find anything. The shooter was long gone.

The officers gathered at Sergeant Dawson’s car a little later. “OK,” he said. “I guess we got to figure this asshole’s serious about hurting this lady. She doesn’t know why, and hasn’t any idea who, but we’ll let the dicks try and figure that out.”

“We know the shooter had his car parked in the alley,” Loomis said. “Buddy tracked him that far.”

“Yeah, we’re going to have to patrol the damn alley more,” Dawson said. “Damn! The son-of-a bitch suckered us! Made a call from the damn store, then came over here when we were there.”

“Coulda been worse, sarge,” Mackey said. “Nobody got hurt.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” the sergeant said.

“Sarge,” Jones said.

“What?” Dawson glowered at him.

“I was wondering, could you put Mackey and me back in Central Sector?” the officer said. “Working up here’s too damn dangerous. At least the assholes downtown don’t shoot at us. I don’t mind gettin’ punched and kicked, but this shooting shit could get a guy killed.”

“Get bent, Jones,” the sergeant said.

Two detectives arrived, one male, one female. Sergeant Dawson briefed them about what had happened.

“We’ll take it from here,” the female detective said. “You guys can take off if you want.”

“OK, guys,” Sergeant Dawson said, “let’s get going. I’m headed back to the station. You guys hang around the neighborhood. Don’t leave until the next shift’s in place.”

Tim told Mackey and Jones he’d stay on patrol until the day shift unit was in the sector. That meant they could go in at the normal time, so neither man objected. He spent most of the night cruising around the block where Heidi lived, and only left when the day shift car arrived.

Dead tired, he walked up the walk to his apartment and met Carol Ann coming out her unit. “Want some company?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, Carol Ann,” Tim said, surprising himself. “I had a bad night. All I want is to get to bed.”

The pretty apartment manger frowned. “You sure?” she asked.

Tim shook his head. “Sorry,” he said. “I am sure.”

Ten minutes later he was in bed, but he couldn’t sleep. Who wanted to hurt Heidi? And why?

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Harleigh House Ch. 01

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Rose had been working at his house for three weeks before she ever saw him.

She’d gotten warnings from his estate manage, Lynnette, about how to conduct herself. “Ryan’s very laid-back,” Lynnette said, disapproval ringing from her tone. “It’s up to you to behave professionally.”

She had already long since gleaned that Lynnette wanted the Harleighs to behave in a much more upper-crust manner than they—well, than Ryan—generally did. At least Ryan’s wife, Jillian, with whom Lynnette spent her days in endless consultations about the cleaning solutions with which their submerged basketball court’s floor ought to be treated and which lampshades best complemented the faux finish in the second guest suite—at least Jillian had the sense to consult the best interior designers and spend more on what she wore in the course of any given day than Rose spent on rent in a year. On the other hand, Ryan’s only lifestyle acknowledgement of the obscene wealth his engineering firm had made him was the Maybach Landaulet he drove. It was, Rose thought as she walked past it in the garage each morning, quite the spectacular acknowledgement.

The “house” was Ryan’s other concession to his wealth. The newly-built 40,000 square foot property was home to a lodge-sized great room, three parlors, sixteen bedrooms, a submerged bowling alley, hockey rink, and basketball court, full, his darkrooms, her hobby rooms, and as many bathrooms as the whole apartment building Rose lived in.

For Rose, working at Ryan and Jillian Harleigh’s house was an exercise in facial muscle management; a typical day was a roller coaster between class rage and firmly squelched eye rolling. On the day that Rose first saw Ryan, the reigning crisis was Jillian’s shower steamer; she was in a tizzy because her old one had created steam in “like, twenty seconds” and the new one took three endless minutes. “I have sinus issues!” she told Lynnette, waving her Cozumel-tanned and gym-toned arms. “I thought you were going to take care of this!”

“I’ve told the builder this is completely unacceptable,” Lynnette said soothingly. “I’m sending Rose up with the instruction manual to see if there’s something that can be adjusted. One of the builders will meet her up there.”

“Thank God,” Jillian blew out an exasperated breath.

“While I have you here, let’s clarify some of the landscaping procedures we talked about,” Lynnette segued smoothly, nodding at Rose to head upstairs with said manual.

So what else could she, a graduate student in the social sciences on summer vacation—what could Rose Telfair do but go upstairs and try to fumble her way through improving the functioning of a commercial-grade steam producer?

She was sitting on the floor of the shower, the manual open in front of her, intent on understanding the automatic water-feeding mechanism, when Ryan Harleigh walked in. She took him in an instant, his muscular frame, his air of unfazeability, his sharp green gaze.

“Oh, thank God you’re here,” she said, assuming he must be one of the contractors, sent up to deal with this latest “rich girl” problem that had been shunted off on her. “I have no idea how this shower works.”

“What’s the issue?” he said easily, lowering himself down beside Rose.

She sighed. “Jillian’s not happy with how quickly it produces steam.”

He raised a brow. “Jillian’s not happy, huh? What a surprise.” That he was aware of Jillian’s attitude didn’t surprise Rose—Jillian had gotten on the bad side of most of the people working there—but that he was so cavalier about it distinguished him.

He picked up the manual, glanced at the model for a moment, and then got on his knees to pull the cover off the steamer in the shower wall.

“You… you’re sure you can put that back together, right?” Rose was nervous as she watched him pull tubes out and examine them before tossing them carelessly aside.

He looked at her, surprised, and then seemed to have a realization as a smile flitted around his mouth. “What do you think the missus will do to me if I can’t?” he drawled.

Rose smiled thinly. “Well, she fired one of the housekeepers last week for failing to disinfect her feet after she came in from sweeping the patio, so…”

“She what?”

Rose shrugged. “She’s used to everything being easy,” she explained what she’d gleaned through inference in her first days on the job, “so she invents problems and adversaries to have something to think about.”

His eyes narrowed, and skimmed over her black hair, her flat stomach and flashy curves appraisingly, and Rose was suddenly very, very aware of her own body, of her breasts, of his physicality, his maleness. “Who are you?” he asked abruptly. “And how did you figure out—”

“Ryan!” They heard Jillian’s voice from the foyer balcony.

He stood up slowly as she walked in.

“Ryan.” She put her hands on her hips as she saw what he was doing. “How many times do I have to ask you to let professionals fix our appliances?”

He Ankara travesti laughed at Jillian openly, something Rose could never have imagined anyone doing before that moment, and with that sight came the shock of revelation.

He’s Ryan Harleigh and he owns this lot.

Presently, Ryan Harleigh was looking at his wife mockingly. “Maybe if you ask enough times, all my engineering degrees will stop existing.”

She made a face at him. And then turned to Rose for support. “I swear to God, Rose, the first time I met him, we were at a party at Reynard du Plein’s and he—at the du Plein’s!—took apart the light fixtures because the bulbs kept flickering. It’s some kind of disease.”

Rose, who had not the first idea of who or what Reynard du Plein was, saw the genuine irritation in Jillian’s eyes, shrugged her shoulders in what she hoped passed for tacit agreement. She shot Ryan a look of apology at the same time. Ryan noticed, and he narrowed his eyes at her.

“I’ll fix the steamer for you,” Ryan told Jillian calmly. “And she—Rose, right?—will help. Get the manual, will you?”

Jillian rolled her eyes and stormed off. Rose did as he requested, and hoped he hadn’t dragged her onto the wrong side of her summer job. She needed this job if she was going to make enough money to fund her research in Strasbourg, which, aside from getting some reading done in the evenings, was her whole goal for the summer.

But that fear dissipated quickly when Rose saw him flex his broad shoulders and squeeze his eyes shut as his wife walked out of the room. “‘Welcome home, Ryan,'” he muttered. “‘How was your trip?'”

“How was your trip?” He’d just come back from a business trip to Paris, Rose knew.

He looked at her, now. “C’est en forgeant qu’on devient forgeron,” he said acerbically. “Which means—”

“The blacksmith is created through—actually smithing.” Rose was quiet a moment, just looking at him as he studied the parts in his hands intently.

“Exactly,” he muttered. “The trip was good. I’m—getting back to basics.”

He turned back to the open steamer in front of him, obviously not intending to say any more, as Rose settled back into the corner, manual open in her hands, and watched his hands move over the machine.

Even then, she was imagining those hands on her body.


She watched him whenever she could over the next two weeks, and there were moments when she believed he, twelve years older than her, a thousand times more successful, and the very definition of “out of her league”—was watching her, too.

He was, and couldn’t help himself. But he was discreet enough that Rose was the only one who could have noticed, intent as she was on his every movement. He would linger just a little too long in a doorway, or walk needlessly close to her as he passed by.

She was fascinated by him, by his easy way with the various crews at work on finishing the house he was trying to live in, the calm way he commanded respect, his habit of pitching in with the day laborers. He was a man who had more respect for hard work than money, and because of that, all of the workers seemed to genuinely respect him.

She had a crush. She knew it, and knew it was hopeless. Rose felt ridiculous as she took extra care on her eyeliner each morning on the off-chance he might be working from home, or get home before she left for the day. But knowing it was hopeless didn’t stop her from lying awake at night, getting hot for him—didn’t stop her from dressing with him in mind—from weaving elaborate fantasies about him as she worked, fantasies about his mouth on her body, his body inside her.

One morning, he was leaving through the garage as she was coming in. He stopped short when he saw her. “Rose.” He cleared his throat. “How are you this morning?”

“Fine. I’m—fine.” The two of them stood there, not moving, alone in the space around them for the first time since he’d fixed the steamer. She was transfixed. He was struggling not to be, and she tore his gaze from his mouth, his throat, to see him fingering his wedding ring idly. His mouth twisted and he tore his gaze away. “Right. Well—watch out for my wife this morning. She’s in a bit of a mood.”

“More troubles with the staff?” Jillian’s fights with housekeeping were legendary.

“No, no. With me this time.” He scowled. “I’m not dragging you into this. I just—be kind to her, this morning. And tread lightly.”

“OK.” Rose paused. “Are you—OK?”

He didn’t look at her, just lowered himself into his car. “Have a good day,” he said, in a tone meant to dismiss her.

“You, too.”

He stared at her in his rearview mirror as he pulled out of the garage. Her breasts did obscene things to that blouse, he thought, and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to will away the image.

But it, and others—her thighs, her shoulders, her eyes—persisted. It got worse at night.


There came, as there always comes, an evening—a Konya travesti moment—when everything seemingly changes all at once, even if it’s really the culmination of weeks of pressure being suddenly released.

Jillian was away for a few days at their summer house up the coast, and Lynnette left early to negotiate with some restoration experts about Jillian’s mother’s antique chaises, and Rose was stuck waiting to do payroll and hand out checks for all the contractors. When the last of them left, she gave into her temptation. She didn’t think about it, or name it. She only knew she wanted to see him. Whole days had gone by without her hearing his voice, or seeing him more than peripherally, and it was eating her up.

She went to his office and lightly knocked on the half-ajar door

“I’m about to head out for the day,” she told him, savoring the sight of him, an open textbook in his hands, his feet propped up on his computer tower, “and I was wondering if you needed anything…?”

She honestly didn’t mean the question to be suggestive, and blushed as he swung his feet to the floor and said teasingly, “You shouldn’t say thing like that to a man if you don’t mean them, Rose.” He set the book down and let his eyes drink in the sight of her. “Come in and sit down a minute and talk to me about why someone like you is doing this job.”

So she told him—about her parents and sisters, about her undergraduate degree and current graduate work, about her reasons for taking this job in the ‘burbs and her summer sublet in the city.

“A good neighborhood to be young and single,” he said easily. “I lived there myself when I was your age.” That would have been a decade back, they were both thinking. Not so long, Rose considered, but Ryan was thinking, A lifetime ago.

“How long have you and Jillian been married?” Rose asked bravely.

“Six years.” He met her eyes and smiled, though it looked a little forced, to Rose—though she told herself fiercely to stop seeing only what she wanted to see. “It’ll be seven in September.”

“I noticed there’s a nursery in the floor plan… are you guys thinking about having kids?”

His eyes shadowed. “Jillian can’t have children,” he said shortly. “But she’s… we’re thinking about adopting.”

“Oh, well…. that’s—that’s good. More people should—”

He put her out of her misery by getting to his feet and coming around the desk. “How’d you get that bruise?” he asked, indicating her right arm.

“You know those giraffe statues? The ones that used to be in your living room. At the old house.”

He grinned. “Those giraffes and I go way back.”

“Well, Jillian wanted them in the third guest suite—so I was moving them up, and I bumped one on my arm, that’s all.” His eyes seemed fixed on that bruise. “I bruise easily, don’t worry. And with all the heavy things that need moving around here—”

“We’ll get you some liniment,” he said briskly. “And from now on, get one of the men to lift for you—”

“I don’t need a man–“

His brows shot up. “Don’t you?” he asked, and the question hung in the air. Both of them lived, for a moment, in the meaning of those words—she, with confusion about his intentions—he, with the need to make up his mind about them—both of them sensing that, once he had, there would be no uncrossing the line.

In the next instant, hesitation gone, he lowered his mouth—first to her arm, to the bruise, to kiss it very, very gently. She never thought about pulling away. She was trembling, which she must have felt as he firmly grabbed her hands and lowered his lips to hers.

There, he was only gentle for a moment. It quickly became fierce—rapacious—and wet. When he let go of her hands, it was to grab her hips and pull her against him. When he let go of her hands, they went straight to his neck, to his hair, to pull him down into her.

He lifted his mouth, and his breathing was heavier. “Rose,” he said quietly, “I… want… you. Now.”

It was a moment straight from one of her fantasies. It was also a moment of reckoning, a moment when he made it clear that he intended to fuck her, right there, that night, and in which he dredged up his old sense of honor and gave her an opportunity to refuse. She looked up at him, her eyes clear, his gleaming down at hers.

She didn’t refuse, of course. Her heart was racing, every sensitive point of her body—nipples, clit—throbbing… her brain felt like it was on fire. For him. And she had never felt anything like it.

“How much?” she asked impishly.

He grabbed one of her hands in his and pulled it between their bodies onto his cock, already hardening. “This much,” he said, answering need with like need. He pulled her back into a kiss with a low moan, this time sliding a leg between hers, a leg which, as his kiss grew more passionate, she quickly clamped her legs around, riding his thigh, grinding it against her wet, aching pussy.

His hands stroked lightly over her whole body, possessing İzmir travesti some innate quality which made him confident he was welcome and would please her. He never seemed to have any doubts about her pleasure. And consequently, she followed his lead. When he backed her against the wide ledge along the wall-length window, she complained only when his mouth lifted from hers. By then, he was kissing his way down her body… biting his way down her torso, licking the sensitive skin above her belly button as he impatiently pushed her blouse to the sides. When he, on his knees in front of her, reached the waist of her skirt, he paused.

“I’ve imagined you—this—so many times,” Ryan said, “I just want to take a moment….” He savored his anticipation, lowering his face onto Rose’s skirt and breathing deeply the muted scent of her pitched arousal.

Then, without looking up at her again, he raised the hem of her skirt very, very slowly, revealing her pale thighs an inch at a time, raising it until the whole of it was bunched around her waist and he had an uninterrupted view of her underwear, which was trimmed with lace and covered in tiny umbrellas.

He smiled against the crotch of them. “You need these,” he danced his fingers softly over the umbrellas, “because it’s very, very wet down here.”

She groaned at the double entendre, but it quickly turned into another moan as he laughed softly and said, “Forgive me,” and then shoved her underwear to the side and thrust his tongue into the heat.

“I—forgive you,” she managed, and was rewarded with a chuckled against her sensitive clit.

His tongue was long and strong and playful. It danced tantalizing circles around her clit that left her gasping and grasping at his hair, and then he pressed it hard in her center, barely entering her, working her hard and leaving her clutching the window ledge and bucking into his chin.

“Ryan. Ryan.” His name was a mantra.

“Tell me what you’re feeling, honey. Tell me what you want.”

“I’m—oh, God, mmm, I—I—oh, God… it hurts.” He lifted his mouth immediately, his eyes flashing fear that he’d inadvertently hurt her, but she clutched his hair and pulled him back to her. “I want—more.”

He heaved out his breath, suddenly seeming like a relieved teenage boy, and reached up and used his thumbs to pull her lips apart around her clit, exposing its greediness. “You want to come?” he asked, his lips around it.

He didn’t seem like a boy, now.

“Yes, please.” She struggled to prevent her desperation from reaching her tone—but he heard it, and answered it.

He sucked her clit hard into his mouth and she screamed—and shattered, bucking against him wildly as though trying to struggle free when that was the last thing she wanted. She wanted his tongue, his mouth, his body, his passion. Again and again.

He tongued her softly as she came down, and then, licking his lips to clean her from them, to swallow her taste, he stood up and kissed her. “All you had to do was ask,” he whispered, and her cunt clenched hard, and she kept trembling.

As Rose recovered, Ryan reached for his belt, unbuckled it, and then pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal a thick, heavy cock dripping a bit of precum. She wanted to reach down and touch herself, just looking at it. She met his eyes uncertainly as he, his eyes fixed on her face, slowly lowered himself onto the chair behind him, rested his arms on its arms.

She was damp with perspiration and her own come, her skirt around her waist, her long brown hair tumbling around her, her blouse unbuttoned, her panties failing to shield her, open to his gaze on the window ledge.

“What do you want?” she whispered, and he almost moaned at the question alone. It had been so long since anyone had asked it; Jillian thought she already knew the answers, and anyway, she imposed so many rules about where he could touch her, and how, and when, that he’d long since given up thinking, in bed with his wife, about what he really wanted.

And he had never cheated on his wife before, despite—everything. But Rose, with her perfect skin, her intelligent eyes and her fine humor, her huge, beautiful breasts that had been driving him mad—she’d quickly become an obsession, and changed all his rules.

He wanted her to suck him, and fuck him, and dig her nails into his back and moan for him, plead for him, work to please him, fall apart for him, and thank him for pleasing her. It was primitive, and Ryan couldn’t have articulated it, and wouldn’t have even if he could have. He was too private a man, too wary to expose his need.

So he didn’t tell her any of that.

She was watching him now, mesmerized, as his hand lowered to his cock and began to stroke it before her transfixed gaze. She licked her lips nervously. “What I want,” he said evenly, “is for you to follow your instincts and do with this,” he pulled on his long, straining cock for emphasis, “exactly what you want.” And he meant it as he said it.

She let out a shuddering breath and, on shaky legs, got to her feet, readjusting her skirt and pulling off her panties and discarding them. She walked between his knees and stood there for a moment, watching him pull on his cock, licking those lips again and again.

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Home Early

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This is another of my life stories, names are changed for obvious reasons, as I remember it many years ago. I was 48 and my 18 year old son lived at home with me as it was his last year of high school.

Normally, I work an 8 am to 5 pm office job and visit clients periodically. I get home about 6 pm. My son, Steve, played football until he broke his arm so now he gets home about 3:30 pm, prepares dinner and does his homework. He has lots of friends in the neighborhood near his age and they visit our house often. The only rule is that the girls cannot come by until I am home. Just keeping him out of trouble and college in his future.

Anyway, one day, after visiting a client at his place of business, I decided to go home early instead of back to the office where I would just have to turn around and leave in 20 minutes and fight traffic. I arrived home about 3:45 pm, pulled into the back driveway, enter the house through the garage and headed for my room. Going through the den, I saw clothes on the floor, Steve’s and a girl’s.

I’m not dumb; I knew what was going on. I quietly walked down the hall and peeked into Steve’s room (the door was open). WOW!!! On his bed was Steve and two girls, both neighborhood girls. One, Marie – 18, lived across the street and the other, Dana – 19, lived at the end of the block. Maria is a beautiful Hispanic girl with olive skin and dark black hair past her shoulders, small breasts, and long legs and big kissable lips. Dana is a reddish brown haired Scottish girl with very white skin. She is shorter than Maria but has larger breasts and a fine figure. Both are good lookers. All were naked!

Steve had his cock sliding in and out of Maria while Dana was kissing Maria’s tits. It was a wonderful sight. Steve was over Maria on his hands and knees doing what looked like push-ups while his cock slid all the way to his balls into her and then he would push up and leave just the tip of it in her cunt. His cock was coated with her juices and seemed to sparkle. Maria’s cunt was covered with trimmed black hair also wet from their fucking. Her far leg was raised and the closer one was flat on the bed. At the time I couldn’t see her breasts well because of Dana.

Dana was standing on the floor next to the bed leaning over with her ass pointed toward me while she sucked Maria’s tits. From my position, it looked like she was clean shaven and I could see her cunt with it’s swollen lips. I was sure enjoying the sight when Sam looked over toward the door and saw me.

“Dad”, he said, and everyone look my way.

Everyone tried to cover themselves with a pillow or part of the bed sheet.

Steve said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were going to be home so early. We were uuh” and he left off any further explanation.

Maria and Dana just looked scared and were quiet. I was silently enjoying the situation and sight.

Then Maria said, “Mr. B, we are so sorry.”

I said, “For what?”

That kind of surprised her and she paused for thought.

I continued, “There is nothing wrong with enjoying your sexuality as long as you are being safe. In fact, seeing all of you naked, it is making me horny.”

Dana said, “You’re kidding aren’t you?” I replied, “No, both you girls are beautiful women with beautiful bodies and believe me, I am getting horny.”

Dana Ankara travesti said, “If that’s true, show us.”

So I did. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled my zipper down, and lowered my pants and shorts. My cock stood to attention. Dana smiled and said how nice it looked.

My son said, “Dad!”

I just smiled at them all.

Maria asked if I wanted to join them. Of course I did. I removed my shirt and shoes and socks and walked over to the bed. I kissed both girls and rubbed my son’s head, the one on his shoulders. Not his favorite thing for me to do, but I told him that he sure knew how to pick beautiful girls and ones who obviously enjoyed their sexuality. I told him to continue with Maria and I would pleasure Dana for awhile.

I took the pillow from Dana so as to see all of her and tell her how delicious she looked. I sat beside her and leaned over and holding her cheeks in my hands, kissed her lips. Our lips parted and we both began probing with our tongues. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue was sensuous as ours touched and explored. My hands moved from her face and down her body caressing her breasts. She was warm and her breasts firm (probably 36C). I cupped them and surrounded them with my fingers with the palm of my hand on her nipples. I could feel them harden against my palm.

I broke our kiss and gave her several quick kisses before lowering my head and kissed the tops of each breast in turn. Now her nipples were really hard. I removed my hand and looked. They were at least a half inch long, a light brown against white breasts. She must have not done much sun tanning for her body was nowhere tan, just a beautiful whiteness.

As I continued kissing those wonderful breasts, her hand began roaming over my body, my chest, my nipples, then my stomach and my ass. And it felt great! I held one of Dana’s breasts in my hands and kissed it top, bottom, side, and in-between. She felt so warm and smelled so sweet. Then I repeated the kissing on the other breast pausing in-between again. We took our time and enjoyed touching one another. She had wrapped her hand around my cock and was slowly stroking it.

Now I paused and sat back to just look again at Dana. WOW, Damn WOW! I looked at all of her, her round face, brown eyes, small nose, and reddish brown hair. Then I gazed at her shoulders and breasts, seeing again their perfect shape and pointed nipples. More than a handful each, soft and white with little bumps on her light brown areolas. If I could read brail, they would have said, “Kiss here.” Each stood straight out from her body, no sag, perfectly shaped. Now I lowered my gaze to her belly and her cute inny button with a silver stud in it [I would kiss it later.] and then to her sexy pussy which she had completely shaved. The outer lips were puffy and pale. Her inner lips slightly extended out so that I could see them and she had the largest clit I had ever seen, like a tiny prick. She watched as I looked and she spread her legs more so that could get a better look.

“You like what you see”, She asked.

“Beautiful”, I said.

She smiled.

The she looked at my standing prick and reached over and again put her hand around it. It jumped and she laughed and said how anxious it must be and began slowly stroking it. I am not İstanbul travesti overly long (6-1/2 inches), but it is fat (her fingers didn’t quite touch as she held it. I told her to be careful; it had not been used in quite a while.

A big grin came on her face and she said, “I will eliminate that.”

Then we were distracted as the bed began to bounce and we looked over and saw my son again over Maria, pounding away into her. Her arms were around his waist and she pulled him into her with each stroke. Dana and I watched. She and I both enjoying the sight of their love making. Dana leaned over and put her hand just above where Steve’s cock was entering Maria’s cunt so she could feel both of them at once. I leaned over and played with Maria’s small nipples and tits and then began kissing the one closest while nipple twisting the other one. Maria was purring like a satisfied cat. She love the attention and caressing and fucking. Her breathing became harder and she began to shake as she orgasm began. She pulled Steve down into her and bucked up. Then Steve exploded in her several times. Dana encircled his cock with her fingers as he shot his sperm into Maria.

When Steve pulled out of Maria, Dana took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him, licking all his sperm and Maria’s cum off cock. Then she dove over Maria and licked all the juices flowing out of Maria’s cunt. She licked and licked and Maria began having another orgasm and Dana licked harder. I never saw a woman love cum so much.

I saw that Steve hadn’t worn a condom and suggested that we get some, but he told me that both girls were on the pill and that they were all disease free [I am also by the way], so we did not have to worry.

When Dana finished cleaning Maria’s cunt, she said that it was now her turn to be pleasured and that she wanted me to be the one to fuck her. I told her I would love to do it but that first I wanted to taste her sweet pussy. She lay back on the bed, opened her legs and told me to take my time. I knelt between those white legs and began kissing those pouting lips of her pussy as though they were her mouth lips. She raised her hips and begged me to lick her clit. I began licking her slit bottom to top until I found that protruding clit and swirled my tongue around it. It must have been a half inch long outside its hood. Then she really started bumping on the bed. I put my lips around it and sucked it; I licked it; I pressed it with my tongue. Dana was going wild. She pressed my head harder into her with her hands. I licked harder. I licked farther down into her cunt and tongue fucked her. Her cum started flowing. I drank it with vigor. She tasted so good! Then she told me to suck her clit some more and I did. Again, she went wild and came at least twice more.

The Dana pulled my head up and said, “Fuck me, fuck me now.”

I needed no further enticement. I and my member were ready. I got up over her and she reached down and guided me into her wet cunt. She was warm, wet, soft. I slid in with ease all the way to my balls. It was definitely nor her first time. But her cunt was tight against my cock and it squeezed me tight. I held it deep in her for over a minute and then slowly drew it out until only the tip was in and then slowly entered her again, repeating this again and again.

I could see İzmir travesti Steve and Maria watching us, but did not pay much attention to them. Each time I lowered into Dana, I kissed her lips or her tits. She matched me stroke for stroke. Squeezing my cock each time I was deep inside her and wiggling her ass as I withdrew. With one hand I reached down between us and put my finger on her clit. She jumped and began raising her hips and fucking me from below. Ten or twelve more strokes and she began cuming hard. I felt her juices flowing over my cock and balls. It seemed to go on forever and then I could hold no longer and shot my cum into her wet cunt. We were spent and I lay on her for a minute. Then I rolled off her and quick as a wink, she was sucking and licking my cock to get all the cum she could.

I watched and enjoyed and then saw Maria get behind Dana and lick my and Dana’s cum out of her cunt. Everyone was happy and satisfied. The two girls sat back on the bed and looked at Steve and me. They asked us to stand together so they could compare out pricks. We did as asked. Steve is longer than I am; I am larger in circumference. Steve’s cock is also curved and mine straight. After they had fun comparing us they asked us to sit down on the bed in front of them. We faced them with our legs spread and they faced us with their legs spread.

First, I moved my foot between Maria’s legs and touched her pussy with my big toe. Then Maria touched my balls with her toe. Steve and Dana began doing the same thing. Maria said to Dana that she bet she could get me hard before Dana could get Steve hard. So the contest was on. They both put both their feet on our cocks and began stroking us. Maria and I lost. Steve got hard within a minute. I took longer since I am older and had just shot my wad. Sam’s cock stood up over his belly button; mine just below. We were horny and so were they.

Now I recommended that they should each get on their knees and raise their asses up and we would fuck them from behind and see which of them could cum first. They didn’t waste a second; they were up and bent over the pillows. Steve and I got behind them, counted to three, and began fucking them. Steve took Dana and I took Maria. With each stroke Maria shoved hard onto me. I thought she was going to take both my shaft and balls into her. I saw Steve doing the same to Dana. Our cocks were wet and shinny with their and our earlier cum. Within a few minutes Maria began moaning and a flood of cum began dripping from her cunt. It so excited me, I shot my cum into her. We had won, but only by seconds. Dana was cuming; Steve was cuming.

We both pulled out at the same time and Dana said, “lick us clean.”

Steve and I began to do so. Maria was as sweet as Dana. Her cunt hairs were dripping wet, but I enjoyed licking those cunt hair. I especially like licking her cunt lips and slit clean of our cum. Both girls were satisfied as were we.

For the next several hours, until the girls had to go home, we sat around naked and talked about sex, what was fun, and how they liked doing it with a father/son combination and that we must do it again. Then Dana told me that her mother, who was divorced, had not had a man in almost a year and maybe I would take her out to dinner and then make love to her. I said I would, but that is another story. We all did meet again several time until they all went off to college a few months later.

There has been no other fucking time that was as much pleasure as when we four got together except maybe the one time Dana and her mother had me together on night several months later.

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Houseboat Log Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: The Bridge Club Cums Aboard

As you know from the earlier chapters, I had recently met two lovely mature women Ellie and Susan, and enjoyed exploring their inner selves on my houseboat on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My name is Paul Johnson. I am the Captain and owner of the aptly christened Wet N Wild, a luxury houseboat docked in a marina on the vast Tampa Bay.

Relaxing on the boat after a morning of woodworking, and quaffing a cold one around 1 PM Friday afternoon, I got a call from Eleanor, the tall, sensual redhead who lives on Siesta Key. Ellie asked me to drop by later that afternoon for an impromptu cocktail party with a few of her close friends that she wanted me to meet. After a brief nap to recharge, I showered, shaved, dressed, and headed for her condominium complex.

Ringing the door bell, I was greeted with a hug and kiss by my hostess, Ellie. She lightly ground her pelvis into mine to let me know she was looking forward to some sexy flirting during the evening. As I entered her tastefully appointed apartment overlooking the Gulf, I was surprised to see three other very attractive women in their 50’s to 60’s looking to me expectantly with smiles on their faces. Ellie introduced me to Barbara, a cute pixie of a blonde with an hour glass figure, then Donna, a platinum blonde with a deep tan and a huge bust flowing from her low cut tank top, and last, but not least Birchenal, an exotic dark haired beauty, tall, slender, with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Paul, this is my bridge club” Ellie explained. “We play every Friday afternoon for a few hours, have a drink or two and snacks, then head to the club where you met me a few weeks ago to drink and socialize. I casually mentioned that we had gone out together to the girls and they asked to meet you.”

Burchenal laughed, “Ellie, you were more than casual in describing Paul to us! Ha, Ha.

Paul, she described you as tall, handsome, funny, and an oral fiend as well as having a great cock!”

I blushed crimson at Birchenal’s crude, but exciting description. While I enjoy a quiet confidence about my abilities in amour, I don’t kiss and tell, nor do I brag. I looked over to Ellie and could see she was blushing too, with a tell tale smile lighting up her face.

Ellie said, “The girls and I are great friends and confide in each other, I hope that doesn’t bother you, Paul. We are all divorced, horny, intelligent women who would love to find better relationships than we have had in the past. I was lucky to meet you and wanted to share my luck with the other girls.”

My mouth hung open on those words. Was Ellie inviting the other three to join in the fun? I added to her description of her friends, “And you are all incredibly beautiful as well!”

Birchenal glided sensually to me, threw her long arms around my neck, looked into my eyes and said to me no more than three inches from my lips, “We all appreciate a man of your talents and discretion, Paul.” Then she kissed me with her full lips, opening them to let her tongue dance with mine. My cock immediately tented my slacks and pushed into her cargo shorts. I knew she could feel my arousal. This was such a surprise to me, expecting a casual cocktail party not realizing the party was to be my cock and their tails. I looked over to Ellie to get her approval. Ellie’s eyes were sparkling with lust and humor as she saw my predicament. She gave me a little nod assenting to me and the bridge club to proceed. I put my arms around Birchenal, pulling her into me tighter so she could measure me with her groin. Donna and Barbara, not to be outdone, both took turns giving me a lusty kiss and hug too, each giving my cock a sensual Ankara travesti grope as I fitted their ass cheeks to my big hands.

I walked over to Ellie, pushed her down on her couch and told her I owed her one for introducing and sharing me with these other three MILF’s. I knelt between her knees and whispered, “shall we show the girls what they have to look forward to?” This gave her the option to decline until we were in a more private setting, but I wanted to find out if she got off on being watched by her friends. Birchenal called out to Ellie to go with the flow. I unbuttoned her cargo shorts, pulled them down her long legs and started kissing up her soft thighs. Ellie sank back into the couch, lifting her ass to let me take her shorts off her. I then kissed her stomach and her pubic area, I pulled her thong aside and licked her labia slowly, and eliciting groans from Ellie and her friends. They were encouraging us, calling out to me to eat her juicy pussy and for her to cum all over my face. As I inserted two fingers into her love canal slowly, she started to buck and thrash with each stroke of my fingers. Ellie moaned to me to go deeper and harder, and I did. I fastened my lips on her clit and tweaked it with my tongue fast as I sucked it into my mouth. She thrashed until she came loudly.

Ellie pulled her shorts up and brought me a tall cold brew and explained that the ladies all wanted to take a turn with me on the Wet n Wild at my convenience, but that she wished we could continue to get to know each other as she was very interested in making our relationship grow deeper and more rewarding for both of us. Well, who was I to deny this lovely long limbed redhead with gorgeous green eyes!! If you haven’t read the earlier parts, Ellie is an elegant Jewish divorcee’ from New York gorgeous long legs, an ample 36D -26-35 figure, pale soft skin, and a sensual look to her that belies a smoldering sexual goddess.

We enjoyed the sunset as a group, drinking and laughing at my earlier discomfort with not understanding the situation. We headed to the piano bar where Ellie and I met the first time and enjoyed the music and a slow dance or two with each of these incredible women, I was the envy of the male lounge lizards that night. Two of the girls decided to hook up with guys they met that night. Ellie and Birchenal and I headed back to the Wet N Wild for a nightcap and to see what kind of naughty we could conjure up together.

We settled on board and I put some mood music on, this time settling for an old Isaac Hayes album that we danced to the girls sandwiching me to the sensual lyrics and beat of “Shaft”. The irony of this music was not lost on us. Since Ellie had already sampled my oral skills at her place, Birchenal decided it was her turn. She slid out of her shorts as she was dancing and threw her top over her head. Dressed now only in her panties and bra, she backed into me grinding her ass into my cock as we danced. I reached around in front of her and unlatched her bra, removing it, then slid her thong down her legs. She stepped out of it, then turned to me and whispered into my ear, “Lick me, Paul, do me, I am so hot for your tongue!”

I pushed Birchenal back into a leather overstuffed chair and lifted her legs onto my shoulder sliding her ass to the edge and lifting her moist pussy to my face. As I got into tonguing her slit, Ellie, now sans clothes herself, and not to be left out, climbed onto the chair and, using the overstuffed arms of the chair balanced above Birchenal’s face. She lowered herself onto her lips and yelped as Birchenal started to dart her tongue up into her hot pussy like a small cock piercing her wet vagina.

I let İstanbul travesti my tongue slide slowly over her clit, sucking lightly, tweaking it with the tip of my tongue, as my fingers found her g spot. I could tell this woman was close, she was humping my face with short sharp pelvic thrusts that threatened to punish my face.

Her dense pubic thatch of hair matched the color of her long brown tresses. Her pussy was hot and flowing just like I like it. I savored her taste, feeling her start to tense her stomach and leg muscles and close in her thighs around my ears. Birchenal screamed out her pleasure as she came,. “Ohhhhh, suck it hard dammit, I’m cummmmminnnnggggg.” She shot her nectar into my mouth, overwhelming me with a strong hard piss like surge. It wasn’t piss, but it flowed like it, down my face and all over my chest. At the same time she lost contact with Ellie as she thrashed wildly underneath her. Ellie thrust her ass back at me as I stood up and I quickly inserted my rock hard cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh Goddddddddddd,” she screamed as I bottomed out quickly in her hot canal. I was over the top at this point, just fucking into this woman from behind in a fast hard pace, just wanting to unload in her. I grasped her hips in my big hands, held her steady and fucked her hard. As Birchenal woke from her orgasmic stupor she reached up and fondled my balls as we rocked above her. She stuck a finger in my ass and that was all it took to send my rockets shooting into Ellie. I cum buckets, and as Ellie started to howl in her own orgasm, the cum spewed out of her hot pussy and dripped all over Birchenal’s face. I drove slowly back and forth in Ellie until my cock got too sensitive, pulled out and backed off the chair to survey what I had wrought with these two fabulous women.

Birchenal was smiling up at me, cum glistening from her cheeks and breasts. Ellie was rocking back and forth still savoring her last orgasm, sweat glistening from her whole body and cum still streaking down her thighs.

I cleaned up and relieved myself in the bathroom and when I returned I looked over at the two women. They were lightly touching, moving inevitably into a sixty nine embrace, casually licking and sucking each other to delightful climaxes. They happily looked over at me after relaxing and I winked my enjoyment in watching as they kissed and fondled each other after their orgasms.

The two women were in a state, the sudden sexual tryst affecting both of them in different ways. I thought it appropriate to invite them to come aboard the Wet n Wild individually or in groups in the future to enjoy the ambience of an erotic day or two on the Gulf. I smiled as I returned and we had a very nice glass of cognac and talked about the opportunities ahead. As Birchenal left I made sure to give her individual attention with my hands and a long lingering kiss after walking her to her car. I felt good about staying with Ellie for the night, believing in coming home with the girl you bring to the dance!

Even though it was only our third time together, we were settling into a good relationship, both sensually and spiritually. I felt like we would always be great friends, and hopefully more someday. I enjoyed a nice slow one on one with Ellie, getting into her again after a few hours rest. This time I took more time licking her ass, probing it with my finger and popping the head of my cock into her nether region with the aid of some lubricant.. She was tight and I worked it so that she had little discomfort before pulling out. My thought was to prepare her a little at a time, so that she anticipates more the next time. I don’t believe in butt plugs when a little tender İzmir travesti loving applied to a woman’s ass is so much more pleasurable. She enjoyed everything we did, and it fired her passions as well. We slept well after I deposited a load in her tight bubble butt. . I wrapped her in my arms and we spooned to sleep. She felt my warm cock against her ass all night.

The next morning Ellie and I woke together and cuddled. I slipped my cock in her very hot moist pussy, and slow fucked her to a great morning orgasm, rubbing her ass the whole time. She liked me kissing her neck and shoulders from behind, kneading her nipples while I sawed in and out of her sweet pussy. I could feel her body shake and squeeze my cock as she came. I continued to hold her and kiss her until we both decided it was time to get up and get going. I left her with a kiss and a promise to call her soon.

When I got back to the boat, I showered, shaved and changed. After a great turkey and avocado wrap, I started to check my email and drink a cup of coffee. On my email was a note from Susan, my interior decorator, outlining her plan and the costs to implement them. She had a good eye and listened well to my requirements, so I emailed her back to go ahead with her ideas. Susan offered to take me to a great jazz club that night and seal the deal. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse. She had in mind me sealing her deal with my cock I was certain. We danced and flirted with each other all night, our passions arising slowly, steadily until I whispered in her ear that I was either going to fuck her silly in the bathroom or back at the Wet n Wild, so take her pick. Susan knew what she wanted and told me to grab the check while she freshened her lipstick.

I drove us to the dock and we walked out onto the deck, hand in hand. She turned to me and said,

“It’s a perfect night, Paul, why don’t we do make love up here on a few cushions.” To seal the deal, she dropped a cushion to the deck from a deck lounger, knelt and proceeded to unzip my trousers and sucked my cock out of them and into her pretty mouth. Susan was a go getter type, a woman to be appreciated. She had me in her control and she knew it once she got my cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked and played with her tiny hands. She brought me to the brink several times, backing off when she felt my cock swell. We established a gentle rocking motion that matched the tiny roll of the boat. The breeze was cool, the moon bright, the sounds of the sea were all around us.

Having cum once this morning, I wasn’t having any trouble maintaining a good steady rhythm without cumming too quickly. She seemed to have a passion for a good long suck session, maybe even a cock slut. I feel like I can truly appreciate a woman of taste like that!

I found my rhythm and felt the cum rise in my balls and pulled out and sprayed her face and her cute breasts forcefully. I could see by the look in Susan’s eye and her licking the cum off her breasts and cheeks that she was a cum slut and I found out later upon inquiry that she was! What a treat I had lucked into. I truly appreciate a woman who enjoys oral sex, giving and receiving as much as I do. She was so close to orgasm herself, that a few sucks on her clit was all it took to have her hips bucking into me wildly, pussy juices squirting everywhere. I thought to myself, “Self, you have found heaven on earth.”

Susan lay back panting, and told me she wanted to be my cum queen. She promised to save her pussy for me if I would give her a cum bath when she needed it. I told her that sounded good as I didn’t want her playing the field and me worrying about her health and by linkage to my health. I told her I would limit myself to a few women whom I knew were safe, older mature women like her. We both wanted a no strings relationship with each other, but wanted to enjoy the sex whenever we had the opportunity.

Sound complicated? Well I was willing to work on refining the agreement, lol.

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Her Name Was Ann

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Okie-doke. Here is another one of my true stories about past loves or sexual experiences. I still get private e-mails from readers who doubt what I say is true. That’s okay. I know they are true and it’s somewhat therapeutic for me to write these things here in this forum. My wife and I have talked at length about my wide and wild sexual past and she knows that while I did have a lot of fun, I do have a great many regrets as I toyed with many a young ladies feelings just to quench my own sexual thirst. Writing about them seems to help my guilty conscious.

But not all of my sexual conquests or “counting coup” as I called it, simply dealt with getting my ashes hauled. I actually had feelings for some of the women I have had in my life. This story about Ann Christopher (last name changed) is one of those women with whom I did have feelings, and probably still do to some extent.

As with my other stories, if you are looking for hardcore porn you’ve come to the wrong writer/story. Yep, sex is here, but it’s not every other word.

I hope to hear from you all. Please vote honestly and feel free to leave public comments and/or send private emails. I answer all who leave a return address. Enjoy!

One of my all-time favorite movie lines comes from the John Wayne movie, “The Cowboys”. The great black actor, Roscoe Browne (what a wonderful voice he had) and actor A. Martinez were visiting a wagon that had some “soiled doves” bathing and doing laundry. The madam, actress Colleen Dewhurst, asked Martinez’s character if he would like to spend a dollar and get laid. To make a long story short, it was determined both men would pass. But Ms. Dewhurst said to the young man (Martinez) that “the first time ought to be in the back of a carriage with someone you think you love”. Oh, she was a sexy woman and her gravelly voice sent chills down my back the first time I heard her. Her portrayal of the older madam was the epitome of why I like older women.

The madam in that movie was right. The first time you have sex ought to be with someone you are in love with, or at least think you love. Good or bad, a young man or woman’s first experience in intercourse should be fun, romantic and unforgettable. And if it occurs in the backseat of a car or carriage, that’s fine too.

I had got my driver’s license in 1971 and immediately set about exploring the regions of various girls’ bodies in the back seat of my white four-door 1964 Chevrolet Impala. Try as I might, I had no luck in losing my male cherry in the back seat of my “carriage”. Then I started dating Krena. She was the same age as me but was a grade behind. Krena was buxom and full-figured. I never liked skinny girls/women and Krena was pretty much how I liked them. Some use the term “full-figured” while others say “corn-fed”. I like “Rubenesque”; still curvy with lots of cushion and no chance of getting cut by a thigh bone.

Krena and I played around a lot in the backseat of my old Chevy. She agreed we would have sex but she did not want to do it in the backseat of a car. She had already lost her virginity and it had happened in a car and she did not want to do it that way again. She wanted to “do it” in a real bed. Well, that was okay by me!

Krena and I “did it” only one time, in her bedroom in the middle of the day while skipping high school. We snuck off the school grounds in my car during lunch and drove to her house. I’m not sure the car had stopped moving before I was out and in her house heading to her bedroom. I may have even banged my erection on the steering wheel as I jumped out. Man, I was cocked and ready!

I remember Krena and I giggling as we stripped out of our clothes and hopped into her bed, crawling under the covers and snuggling as we kissed and stroked each other. I crawled on top of her and started stabbing my cock into her. The trouble was I wasn’t hitting her pussy! I was so excited (and inexperienced) I was trying to drill my own hole into her pubic region. Gawd but I was a klutz! Krena reached down and grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. I could feel the warm wetness as my sensitive cockhead felt the softness of her vulva lips. As the rapture of that feeling ran up the shaft of my cock and down my spine, I entered her pussy, sinking to the bottom with little resistance. And I came. Yep, right then on my first stroke into a warm pussy I came. Oh the shame! Oh the embarrassment! Oh the humanity!

I didn’t know what to do. So I pulled out, jumped off of her and out of the bed. I stood there staring down at her in disbelief. And Krena did the only thing a girl could do in this kind of situation, cry. Crap….now what do I do.

What I did was I got dressed and left. Oh, I tried to comfort her but I sucked at it. So I made my excuses and left. My first time had been a disaster and I wanted to run away and hide, maybe become a hermit and never show my face to the public again. As I was driving back to school, I knew everyone was looking at me, pointing Ankara travesti a finger and laughing. Instead of going to school I went home and went to bed, telling my mom I was sick.

I’m sure my story is not all that uncommon among men. I’m just able to admit that my first time was not my moment of shining sexual glory. I told an older friend of my experience and he gave me some sage advice I have lived by since; learn sexual restraint techniques and always put the pleasure of the woman before your own. Once I learned this, my sexual experiences improved 1000%!

Shortly after this I began my relationship with Shirley East, an older black woman I worked with at the airport (see my other story “Her Name was Shirley”). While we never fucked or made love, we had a wonderful time together for about three months and she taught me many things on how to please a woman out of the bedroom. You know, give flowers, kind words, compliments, things a gentleman should do for his lady. I am forever grateful for her guidance as it benefitted me many, many times over the past 40 years. Even though we never had sex, she helped me advance my sexual skills none-the-less.

In 1976, I met another older woman named Ann. She was white, 43 years old and a widow. She had short black hair with sparse streaks of silver, cut in a “Page Boy” or “Dorothy Hamill” style, brown eyes and a very pretty oval face. She was somewhat elegant without being snooty, and had a refined demeanor. Body wise she was about average; nothing spectacular, other than her height as she was 5’11”. Her father had been a state law enforcement officer and she had an 8×10 photograph of him shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy when he was still a US Senator and came to Oklahoma for a visit in 1960 while campaigning for the presidency. She would later give that photograph to me and I have it to this day.

Ann and I met at a local gathering for tall people. It was an informal club called the “Tip-Toppers” and was for men over 6’2″ (I’m almost 6’4″) and ladies over 5’10”. They met once a month at various restaurants around the city. I had been invited by a friend to join and I thought “What the heck. I have to eat”.

It was my first time at the meeting and Ann’s second or third and we sat next to each other during the meal. We hit it off immediately and soon it was as if we were there alone on a date and everyone else around us was mere noise makers in a busy restaurant. I’m a “toucher” and while talking or laughing I will reach out and briefly touch a shoulder or a hand. At one point, I had said something funny and as we both laughed I put my hand on top of hers. But before I could remove it, her other hand came and rested on top of mine. As our laughter died down to smiles, our eyes locked. I can still see the twinkle of joy that shone in her eyes as the warmth of her hand on mine warmed my soul. We connected at that moment. We had a wonderful hour or so together at the dinner and it seemed like we had known each other all our lives.

As the club meeting began to break up, Ann and I lingered for a bit at the table, much to the waiter’s chagrin, I’m sure. We obviously did not want the fun evening to end.

“I like you Rick. You’re a very funny and interesting guy. It’s a shame I’m old enough to be your mother”, Ann said as she lightly rubbed the top of my hand.

“Well, I like you too, Ann, and I think you are an absolute peach. And listen, age means nothing to me. If someone makes you happy, then go with it. Life is way too short to discriminate over something so trivial”.

“Peach” is a word I use a lot. I like it. Most women seem to like being called “peach”. I don’t know why. And what I said was true, she was a peach and life was/is too short to get all hung up on race, or creed or religion or whatever.

To cut to the chase, Ann invited me to her apartment for tea (I am not a coffee drinker) so I followed her in my ’55 Chevy (the old ’64 was by then long gone). I was looking forward to the possibilities of a pleasurable evening with Ann, both mentally and physically.

Ann had a two bedroom bungalow apartment that was beautifully decorated in earth tone colors with plush furnishings and soft accent pillows. Several candles were scattered throughout the living room and she asked me to light them while she prepared the hot water for our tea.

As I lit the candles, I noticed some record albums she had laid out by her Marantz stereo.

“Oh! You like Herbie Mann?” I asked as I rifled through the small stack of records. Herbie Mann was a jazz flautist that I greatly enjoyed then and still do today.

Ann came around the corner to where I was standing, turning off the lights leaving only the warm glow of the flickering candles.

“I certainly do. Do you like him too?”

“Very much so. I think I have all of his albums except for the ones he did in the 50’s. His “Memphis Underground” is probably my favorite.”

“Well then, look on the shelf Konya travesti and you will find it. Let’s put it on, and enjoy his music, shall we?”

I reached over to the shelf and found the album in quick order and placed it on the stereo turntable as she returned to the kitchen. I stacked five other jazz records on top so we would have a continuous soundtrack going for a while. Moments later, the smooth sounds of Mann’s jazz flute began to fill the apartment’s airspace. I’m telling you, the Marantz stereo system of the mid-1970’s had a great sound to it and looked great as well. The provocative sounds of Herbie Mann and the lit candles began to set the mood for the evening.

I sat down on her plush, pillow enhanced sofa and began to take in my surroundings and the possibilities of the evening. I was amazed at how two hours ago I did not know this woman from Eve in the Garden of Eden and now here I was, alone with her in her apartment and in my mind, obviously headed for an evening of sexual delights.

Ann soon joined me carrying a tray with a china teapot, cups and saucers, sugar and tea bags. The cups and saucers matched the tea pot and had Chinese characters on them with dragons. They matched the wall decoration motif in the living room as she had several items with Chinese dragons hanging on the wall in frames or as tapestries. I made a comment about it and she admitted she had always found oriental art and dragons very appealing.

We sat and drank our tea and made small talk as we enjoyed each other’s company. It was amazing all the things we discovered that we had in common. After a pause in our conversation, Ann sat her tea down and again placed her hand on mine.

“Rick, I want you to understand that I don’t bring strange men home with me as a rule. And while you and I do share a great deal of commonality, you are still, basically a stranger to me and I do not want you to think I’m some old lady out cruising the streets looking for love.”

“Ann, I am thinking no such thing. I am enraptured with you and can think of nowhere else I’d rather be at this moment but where I am, in the company of a charming and absolutely beautiful lady.”

Ann leaned towards me and placed her hand on my face, lightly running her fingers over my smooth cheek.

“You are so sweet. But this is all still bothering me and there is the age difference. You’re only 22. I’m very concerned abo….”

I raised my hand and placed a finger to her lips to shush her. As I did she stopped talking and looked me straight in the eyes. I could see her eyes were smoldering with a fire that wanted to be either stoked or put out. My next move was obvious as I did not want that fire to go out at all. I leaned into her and replaced my fingers with my lips.

Kissing has always been my specialty and something I greatly enjoy doing, especially the soft, tender romantic kiss. I was very good at it before I hooked up with Shirley East, the lady from my story, “Her Name Was Shirley”. I was blessed with a natural style of kissing that pleases women and leaves them longing for my lips. But Shirley helped me to develop my kissing style into a pleasurable art to include what a man should do with his hands while kissing a woman for the first time and it’s not grabbing her breast or ass, but ever so lightly caressing her cheek or hair. Jokingly I referred to my kissing as giving the “blue plate special”. A great many women fell for me simply because of my kissing ability. There were even women who were not all that fond of me personally who still enjoyed my kisses. Ann was no exception.

As my lips touched Ann’s for the first time, I brought my hand up to her cheek and ran my fingers just enough into her hair by her ear to allow my palm to rest on her face as my thumb oh so slightly moved across her cheekbone. My kiss was light and brief and I pulled back a few inches to look into her eyes. Softly, almost a whisper, I said to her my feelings about what she had tried to say before I had cut her off.

“I told you earlier, age does not matter to me nor should it you. Especially now”.

I leaned in again and this time really kissed her. I could feel her body yield to mine and move in closer as her arms went around my neck. She turned her head slightly to the side so I could make better, more sensuous contact with her lips. The kiss this time was the “Full Monte” if you will. It was the kiss of lovers.

I lightly tickled Ann’s mouth with my tongue, letting her know I wanted entrance. Her lips parted and as my tongue probed the moist recesses of her mouth I found her tongue coming to meet mine. Our tongues danced together and I yielded my advance to allow hers to move into my mouth. Once it was there I closed my lips around it and sucked it in further, feeding on it as if it was a nipple.

Ann groaned as I sucked on her tongue. I would later find out this was a first for her and she really liked it. From that moment on, we did not kiss passionately İzmir travesti without her tongue being sucked on by me. She also would suck on my tongue, which I also greatly enjoy.

As various records played, Ann and I enjoyed each other on the sofa. We kissed and panted for at least 10, maybe 15 minutes. Then Ann gently pushed away and held me at arm’s length.

“Would you like to see my bedroom?”

I stood up and held out my hand to Ann.

“Yes ma’am. I surely would”.

Ann took my hand as I helped her up. But before we took one step, I reached down and scooped her up in my arms. Ann giggled.

“My, my. Aren’t you the strong one and so gallant!” she exclaimed.

It was obvious where her bedroom would be since she lived in an apartment so I headed from the living room to the bedroom. When I arrived at the side of her king size bed, I gently laid her down with her head on the pillows. I then moved over her to the other side and lay down with her. Immediately we began to kiss again. Ann made the first move to shed our clothing by unbuttoning my shirt and un-tucking it from my jeans as we kissed. I continued to run my fingers through her hair and caress her face and arms as we kissed. Once she had opened my shirt completely, she ran her hands over my smooth chest and played with my left nipple. As she did so, I began to kick off my boots.

Ann moved on to my belt buckle but had some difficulty with it. It was a large first place bull-riding buckle I had won at a local rodeo back in 1972, the only one I ever won. I reached down and un-did it for her. Ann then unzipped my jeans and reached in for my cock. Oh, it was hard, rock hard. But there was no way she could pull it out without breaking it in half! Remember, this was in 1976 (but before that stupid “Urban Cowboy” movie—gawd I hated that flick!) and the cowboys wore their jeans very, very tight.

I raised my ass up off the bed as I reached down and peeled my jeans and low-rise briefs off. I also took off my socks as I looked back over my shoulder at Ann. She was now undressing as well. I remember thinking to myself, “Hell Slick. You haven’t even touched her body other than kissing and here she is taking her own clothes off!”

After I had removed my socks, I leaned back and watched Ann. She had got off the bed and stood at the side of it as she removed her dress, slip, bra and panties.

“Not bad for an old lady I guess” she mumbled.

“Nope, not bad at all. Come here”, I said in a sultry but commanding voice.

Ann crawled back into the bed and as our lips met again, my hands immediately reached out to cup her breasts. Her nipples were rigid and pointed at least a half an inch from her pink areoles. She had about 34 B size breasts and while I have always been a big breast man, hers were simply exquisite with very little sag or stretch marks. Hard to belief she had given birth to three kids from the looks of her natural perky breasts and fairly smooth tummy.

For the next hour, Ann and I explored each other’s bodies. We sucked and licked each other’s breasts, 69’ed and briefly fucked with her on top. While sucking her clit I gave her a wonderful orgasm that had her pulling my hair as she screamed out her pleasure and ground my face harder into her pussy. After that hour, we took a brief break and I went to the stereo to replay the records as they had finished. I returned to the bed and to Ann as Herbie Mann’s “Memphis Underground” began to play again. I remember Ann watching as I walked back to her and commenting about how hard my cock was. I responded as I crawled in next to her that it was “so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it” which brought a hardy round of laughter from her.

As the laughter began to abate, I moved on top of Ann. My cock was aching to return to her hot pussy. Now, I’ve been with a few women in my life whose pussy didn’t feel that great. But Ann’s was not one of those; her pussy was absolutely marvelous. Sure it was a little loose after doing childbirth three times but it felt just fine!

I let my cockhead run along her pussy slit and lightly dance on her clitoris hood. She jerked and smiled, moaning her pleasure at the sensation it gave her. I had to do it a couple more times to watch and listen to her mewl. I then ran it down to the opening and sunk it back into her wet love canal. As my pubic hair meshed with hers, I was in Nirvana. Hot damn but that felt good! There is nothing better than the feel of a warm pussy around your cock when one is engaged in a romantic interlude.

My skills at lovemaking had increased significantly by this point in my life and I was very excited at the chance to make love to this woman. I did not want to fuck her; I wanted to make love to her. Guys, there IS a difference in the two. I’ve fucked a lot of women, but I have not made love to all of them. Ann was different. This was a lady who deserved respect and my best gentlemanly behavior. I was not going to fuck her; I was going to love her.

I began to move in and out of Ann’s pussy; pausing ever so often to bury myself in as far as my six inches would allow and grind our pubic bones together. Ann (like most woman) really liked that as is would rub her clitty against me giving her more pleasure.

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Going on Thirty

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“We’re starting our tenth year of teaching. Is that crazy or what?” Freddy said.

“More ‘crazy’ than ‘or what,” his friend and colleague, Dan, replied. “Just think. Only 30 more to go until until full retirement, right?”

“Gee, thanks. I had no idea this was one of those ‘until death do us part’ kind of things.”

His friend laughed then said, “It’s actually a pretty sweet gig. We only work 180 days a year, get ten weeks off in the summer and a week or two for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. What’s not to like?”

“Yeah, no argument there. And we are surrounded by all kinds of hot pieces of ass, you know what I’m sayin’?”

He made a disgusting motion with his hips, and when his friend-since-college didn’t even smile, he said, “Come on, man. There are some freakin’ babes in high school, Danny Boy. Are you tellin’ me you’ve never once—not even one time—thought about, you know, hittin’ that?”

“Freddy? You’re a pig and getting worse every day.”

“Dude, I’m serious, so be honest. You’ve never, ever thought, ‘Hmmm. If I could get away with it, I’d’…”

He’d tried singing the Bow Chicka Bow Bow song and Dan finally laughed.

“Stick to teaching history, okay. Your improv sucks.”

“Okay, fine, but you still haven’t answered my question. Have you ever once thought…”

“No. Never. Not even once, okay?” Dan said getting rather annoyed.

“Not even Jami Anderson? Come on, man! She was so hot she could have spontaneously combusted at any moment just standing there. Not even her?”

“No, Freddy. Not even her. She was a beautiful girl, but she’s not my type. For that matter, no high school girl is my type and let me assure you, they’re not yours, either. Got it?”

Freddy was Frederick J. Thomas, Daniel Snyder’s onetime roommate as undergrads at the University of Washington where they’d both majored in secondary education.

“Not your type. Yeah, sure. Okay. So…do you even have a type? I mean, you no-shit have all kinds of hot female students crushing on you every year while their moms and other teachers are constantly hitting on you, too. Some of us would be happy to have just one out of three, and here you are with unlimited options yet I almost never see you going out. What’s up with that?”

Dan laughed then said, “It’s not even close to constantly, my friend.”

Freddy snorted then said, “Yeah, I guess that’s true. I mean, I have to admit I’ve never seen a woman hitting on you when you’re sleeping or…droppin’ a deuce.”

Freddy paused then before Dan could chide him for being crass again then said, “Hell, I’d be happy to have anyone crushing on me. Student, mom…Ms. Emerson.”

Dan smiled at the mention of Sarah Emerson, who was by far the best-looking female on staff. In fact, she was in a league of her own. Then again, people often said the same thing about Dan Snyder, and more than a few people thought they’d make the perfect couple and produce beautiful, perfect little babies. There was just one problem. Dan wasn’t attracted to her in spite of her beauty.

Freddy finished his thought by saying, “Dude, do you know how long it’s been since I got any puss…”

This time he stopped talking and sang it and did the hip thing. “Bow Chicka Bow Bow?”

“Freddy, Freddy, Freddy. What am I gonna do with you?” Dan said as she just shook his head.

Freddy started to answer so Dan cut him off.

“Don’t say, ‘Help me get laid, bro,’ again—please. Tell you what. Let’s go get you some beer so I don’t have to listen to your nonsense anymore, okay?”

“Yeah! Now you’re talkin’, my man! First round’s on you!”

“Just remember, some of us have to teach school tomorrow and go to school so don’t expect me to get hammered with you.”

“I don’t get it, man. A master’s cost a ton of money and it’s worth what? Two grand a year before taxes? You might break even before you retire,” Freddy said in his typical cynical way.

“I like math. What can I say? And yeah, I’ll more than break even in the long run. In fact, I’ll be graduating just before Christmas so put that on your calendar.”

“Yes! Another excuse to drink!” Freddy proclaimed.

Dan grabbed his keys knowing he’d have maybe two glasses of draught beer while his friend would have—two pitchers—or more.

Before he let he go of the question in favor of beer, Freddy asked the same thing one more time on their way to their favorite watering hole.

“Seriously, man, what is your type? You rarely date and you never hook up. If I looked like you, I be gettin’ laid seven days a week and twice on Sunday.”

“No, you’d be in jail for a very long time,” Dan said only half joking.

“You know what, Danster? If I didn’t know better I’d think you were a little light in the loafers. You know what I’m sayin’?”

Dan did know. In fact, he knew all too well. He’d been called ‘faggot’ and ‘boy toy’ along with many other pejorative things, many times over the years. He was absolutely, 100% straight, but took no offense at being called gay because Ankara travesti he knew people didn’t choose their orientation any more than they chose to be right or left handed. It just happened.

He fully understood the reasons why some thought he really was ‘light in the loafers.’ He took great pride in the way he looked, and dressed in what many called a ‘preppy’ kind of way. His thick, dark hair was always neatly trimmed and nicely styled. He was habitually smooth-shaven, and wore very dressy, button-down shirts and/or sweaters which were always carefully paired with the right pants, belt, shoes and socks. He even got his nails professionally done once a month or so. So, yeah. The criticism was based on a crude stereotype, but if the loafers fit…

Beyond that, he really was incredibly handsome, and Freddy was right. Every year Mr. Snyder had a new crop of groupies who batted their eyes at him while many openly flirted. He was religiously friendly with all of them, but every girl understood that Mr. Daniel Snyder drew a no-kidding ‘line in the sand’ when it came to anything beyond friendliness. He was never mean or rude, but he made sure whoever tried crossing that line got firmly set back behind it.

Lastly, he was highly respected as one of the best teachers in the entire school. He taught one trigonometry class to sophomores as well as freshman geometry, but calculus and especially AP calculus, was his specialty.

He had this uncanny ability to explain complex topics in easy, understandable ways and he would use multiple approaches to explain something until everyone got it. In those rare cases where an individual student just couldn’t get it, he would tutor them after school for as long as it took. Seeing the light finally come on was one of the things he most enjoyed about teaching.

At 32, he really didn’t date too often, and that was just fine with him, because he really did have a type—both physically and intellectually. If the woman didn’t fit his type in both areas, he wasn’t interested no matter how beautiful she might be. To wit, one Sarah Emerson. In those rare cases where he saw someone who met his external requirements, he immediately showed an interest in her in order to see if she was his type intellectually.

Physically, thin was in. A woman almost couldn’t be too thin. Very small breasts were a must, and soft, full, bee-stung lips were hugely important, as well. Beautiful, open eyes, high cheekbones, and long, soft, silky hair were equally necessary, but all that was for naught unless she also dressed in way that, as with him, said, “I take great pride in my appearance.”

If that was perceived as overly picky or even snobbish there was nothing he could do about it. He liked what he liked and after nearly two decades of liking the same thing, it seemed hugely unlikely that would ever change.

The intellectual side of his ideal woman included intelligence, which was very important, but it was much more than that. She also had to have a certain kind of ‘unstated sophistication’ about her but she couldn’t be pretentious. He looked for those things plus maturity, politeness, sweetness, and if she was maybe a bit on the shy side that was a huge plus. Confidence was fine but arrogance or being loudly-opinionated were deal breakers.

Dan was a logical, linear thinker so he knew that putting those kinds of limitations on ‘the playing field’ severely reduced the odds of ever finding a wife. Then again, he intended to marry once and for life and firmly believed that it was more than worth the wait to find the ideal woman.

So yes, he had a type, but he wasn’t about to get into it with Freddy. Not now, not ever.

“How about we talk about you, Frederico,” Dan said turning it back around on you. “I know your type is someone with breasts and a vagina, but don’t you want to meet someone and settle down?”

For a brief moment, his normally-gregarious friend got serious.

“Yeah, of course I would. But I’m the Oscar to your Felix,” he said using The Odd Couple analogy. “I’m…slovenly. Unsophisticated. Undisciplined. I’m a video game junky. I like beer—a lot. And let’s face it. I look a lot more like Jack Klugman than Brad Pitt.”

“Brad Pitt’s in his 50’s, my friend,” Dan said trying to help his friend out.

“Yeah. No shit. And yet he still looks better than me.”

Freddy rarely got down, but Dan knew he was right. He’d be a hard sell to any decent woman who didn’t bring a whole lot of her own baggage with her. It was very likely Freddy would never get married or if he did, the relationship would be highly dysfunctional. He hated to think that way, but it was hard to imagine Fred Thomas ever snagging a nice-looking, normal kind of woman.

Four hours and four pitchers later, Dan helped his friend stagger out to the car.

“You’re a good man, Danny Boy,” Freddy said, his speech heavily slurred. “Hell, if I was a chick, I’d be in love with you, too.”

“Uh-huh. Let’s get you home, good buddy. Tomorrow is our first day Konya travesti back. Thank God it’s a planning day without students,” Dan said as he helped Freddy fall into the back seat.

In spite of a horrendous hangover, Freddy slogged through day one, and by the day after Labor Day, the first day of school and three working days later, both teachers were ready for their students.

The first day was always devoted to administrative details. Lockers had to be assigned, books had to be issued, class rules, grades, homework, and other expectations had to be discussed, and teachers needed time to learn new names and faces. Having taught math there for ten years, Dan knew most of the students from the previous years, but there were always a few new faces, and Dan genuinely enjoyed getting to know them and hearing their stories about where they’d grown up, gone to school, etc.

As always, there were numerous young co-eds saying, “Hi, Mr. Snyder!” much too enthusiastically. Their male counterparts all noticed and inevitably, one or two would have to say something.

“Yo, Meghan. You better roll that tongue of yours up before you trip on it!”

The comment would be followed by raucous laughter from the other boys, a snide comment from the girl, and even snider comments from other girls who hoped to win their teacher’s favor.

“Eeew! Give it a rest already, Meghan! Mr. Snyder is like WAY out of your league, bitch!”

That girl would then look adoringly at her handsome teacher for any sign of his favor. None ever came, and his corrections were always gentle and kind which included something along the lines of, “Please find a more appropriate way to address your classmates.”

He scanned his class rosters one more time after the final bell and noted he had students missing from each of his five classes. In most cases, their friends let Mr. Snyder know when the absent student would be back from an extended vacation or the like. That left just two students unaccounted for, and in both cases he wasn’t familiar with the names. Connor Lane didn’t show for his 1st-period trigonometry class nor had Kimber Clymer for his 5th-period AP Calculus class. In order to be placed in an AP class, an administrator or guidance counselor would have to have reviewed her records so, in spite of his very strong desire to avoid her, Dan gave the senior-class guidance counsellor, Tammi Simmons, a call.

“Daniel! What a pleasant surprise. How may I help you on this first day of class? I…do make house calls, you know.”

She’d shamelessly flirted with him since being hired during the last two months of the previous school year, and she wasn’t slowing down.

“Kimber Clymer didn’t show up today. Did you by any chance place her in my 5th-period class and if so, do you have idea where she might be?”

“I did and yes I do,” she told him. “Bright girl. Straight-A student and AP classes in math and science the past two years at her previous school in California. She’s finishing up a paid internship with a pharmaceutical company in downtown Seattle and should be here tomorrow.”

Without being asked, Tammi offered some personal observations.

“She struck me as being rather atypical for an 18-year old, but not in a bad way. I can’t really put my finger on it but she seemed…I don’t know…more like a peer than a student, if that makes any sense. Nice kid. Very tiny, too. Not short just…I don’t know…whippet thin but also pretty in an emaciated kind of way. You’ll see.”

She finally took a breath then asked, “Can I do anything else, anything at all, for my favorite teacher today or…tonight?”

Dan chuckled and told her thanks and ‘no thanks’ in the kindest possible way. She let him know if he changed his mind he could drop by her place, unannounced, anytime with emphasis on the ‘any’ part as she reminded him yet again where she lived.

He hung up the phone just in time to see Freddy show up, who closed the door then said excitedly, “Dude, I have the hottest chick ever in my 3rd-period class!”

Dan raised an eyebrow but didn’t take the bait.

“She is freakin’ smokin’ and sat right up front wearing this really short skirt and tight…”

“Freddy?” Dan said giving him the eye.

“Okay, okay. But you gotta check her out, Danny Boy. Jesus, this girl is hot!”

“Jesus isn’t into girls, my man. At least not as far as I’ve ever been told,” he said with a smile.

“Buzz kill,” Freddy said quietly.

They talked about their first day for a few minutes then got ready to leave but were in no hurry as there was no sense even trying to go home until the busses cleared out.

Dan didn’t give his conversation with Tammi a second thought until the following day just before the start of fifth period. Several girls were talking rather animatedly about ‘the new girl’ so Dan casually eavesdropped as his students filed into the classroom.

“Have you seen this bitch?” one of them said to the other two.

“No, but I’ve heard she dresses like some kind İzmir travesti of…secretary or something,” the second one replied.

“Yeah! She dresses like she’s thirty or something. I mean, come on, right? Who wants to look like they’re old, anywayz?”

Dan knew better than to get involved, but that comment amused him so he said, “God forbid someone might look like they’re thirty. Talk about ancient!”

All three of them immediately went into apology mode once they realized their thirty-something hottie/teacher was listening. The near-swooning over Mr. Snyder who’d spoken to them began just as quickly.

“No! Thirty isn’t like old old, My. Snyder. Sometimes a guy who’s like thirty can be like…really hot!”

The other two chimed in with equally vacuous responses like, “Yeah! Totally!”

One of them said, “We didn’t mean you, Mr. Snyder. It’s just not cool for someone our age to want to look like…”

“Someone my age?” he said with a smile.

“No! I mean like…” the first girl said trying to get out of the hole she finally realized she’d just dug.

“It’s okay, ladies. I get it. But high school is the place where everyone is trying to figure out who they are. That’s why we have jocks and nerds and goths and…”

He kind of nodded at himself then said, “And…preppies. Right?”

The three of them were red-faced but still smiling adoringly.

“She’s probably doing the same thing so maybe cut her a little slack?” he suggested as nicely as possible.

They all nodded just as the bell rang and Dan noted there was still no Kimber Clymer. He finished taking attendance on his desktop and submitted it using the school’s app just as there was a knock on his door.

He glanced over and saw Tammi Simmons smiling at him as he reluctantly stood up to open the door which had to remain locked during class since Columbine.

“Ms. Simmons. What a pleasant surprise,” he said dryly as he let her in.

He turned away and didn’t see the other person with her but knew something was up when one of his female students made a face and another said loudly enough to be heard, “Oh..my…God. You’ve got to be kidding.”

Dan turned around and when he saw the younger girl with Tammi, he did a double take that was so obvious he felt a bit embarrassed.

“Mr. Snyder? This is Kimber Clymer, the um…unique student we were discussing when you called me after school yesterday.”

The way Ms. Simmons was smiling was so over the top the same girl said, “Geez. Give it a rest, woman.”

Tammi shot her a snide look then continued talking.

“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…this is your missing AP student. Kimber, this is Mr. Snyder, our best math teacher.”

The same girl said, “Oh my freakin’ God! Someone needs to get real! Like she’s got a shot with Mr. Hottie Pants.”

The class erupted in laughter but Dan hadn’t taken his eyes off of the new student yet. He was trying not to stare, but it was a losing battle. It was as if the universe had read his mind and ginned up the physical personification of every single thing he fantasized about in a woman and hand-delivered her to his classroom here on earth.

She was undoubtedly a size zero with the most lithe-but-beautiful body he’d ever seen. She was tall for a girl and he guessed her to be at least 5’8″ but in the four-inch heels she was wearing, she was nearly as tall as he was. She was holding a white binder across her chest but it was obvious she was no bigger than an A cup—if that.

Her smile was angelic, revealing a set of perfectly straight, very white teeth set behind two very soft, puffy lips coated in shiny lip gloss. Just above was a nose he found to be equally as perfect as her smile and flanked by very high cheekbones and the most gorgeous blue, almond-shaped eyes he’d could ever remember seeing.

She wore her very dark hair parted to one side and fell to just below her shoulders in a cascade of silky smoothness. He couldn’t be sure, but it seemed that the only other makeup she wore was some mascara which gave body to her naturally-long, full eyelashes and made her gorgeous eyes absolutely pop.

Lastly, she was wearing a floral-print dress that fell to just above her knees along with a matching shrug that gave a very sophisticated, model-like appearance. Or perhaps that of a well-paid executive assistant at a successful law firm.

“Mr. Snyder?” Dan heard as he realized Tammi was calling his name for the third time.

“Yes. Ms. Simmons. Right.”

He’d nearly fully recovered and broke his stare before looking back and saying, “Ms. Clymer? It’s a pleasure to meet you. Feel free to take any open seat. This is a small class so you have plenty of options.”

The girl who’d been making the snide remarks put her feet on the open seat next to her as Kimber approached.

“The coffee pot’s in back, bitch. You might want to sit next to it so you can perform your duties when asked.”

Kimber smiled politely but didn’t respond. She took an open seat two rows further back then sat down, opened the white binder, and removed a pencil.

Dan noticed she was smiling at him and that he was still staring. He again quickly broke eye contact then thanked Ms. Simmons for personally bringing Kimber to his room.

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Miranda Parkes sang along with the car radio as she made a right turn onto Jefferson Avenue and then a quick left over to Madison Street. The song had been popular back in her high school days and brought back happy memories to the forty-eight year old. Then again, she really didn’t need anything to feel good right now, not after leaving the doctor’s office and her yearly physical a half hour before with a clean bill of health. In her happy state and with lunchtime so near, Miranda decided to stop by her older sister’s house and see if she’d like to go out for lunch.

It wasn’t often that the two of them got to do that anymore. At least not since Miranda had gone back to work a few years back to help with the kids’ college costs. Now, with both her son and daughter out on their own, the salt and pepper haired woman found that she liked it too much to quit. Working at the Office Barn might not have been her dream job, but it beat sitting at home in a now empty house and watching the soaps.

Work wasn’t something that her sister, Alice, had ever had to concern herself with. While Miranda’s husband, Ralph, was successful enough as the manager of a local electronics store, Peter Moore, whom Alice had married right out of college, owned a string of dry cleaning stores that made the two of them much more than comfortable. That Peter had been twelve years older than Alice or that their marriage had been childless hadn’t seemed to matter.

A last turn down Washington Place brought Miranda to Alice’s house, a nice Colonial at the end of the street. As she pulled in front, Miranda was disappointed to see that neither of their cars were in the driveway. She then remembered Alice saying something about planning to take her car in for service this week and it looked like this was the day. So much for going out for lunch.

“Well, maybe another day,” Miranda said to herself as she adjusted her glasses and glanced back over her shoulder to check traffic before pulling out.

She had just put the car in gear and was about to release the brake when she remembered that she was still carrying some papers from the family lawyer in her purse that Alice had asked her to pick up for her. She had been carrying them for two weeks, forgetting to give them to her twice.

“Maybe I’ll just leave them here before I forget them a third time,” she thought as she put the car back into park and turned off the engine.

Walking up to the front door, Miranda decided not to leave the envelope in the mailbox since, after all, the information was personal and not something that Alice might want someone else reading. Searching through her bag once more, she quickly came up with the emergency keys that both sisters carried.

After letting herself in through the kitchen door, Miranda put the envelope on the counter where Alice was sure to see it and scribbled a short note across it. Just enough to say she stopped by and was sorry she missed her.

Miranda was about to go when she thought she heard a noise from the living room. At first, she was sure it was her imagination, but after hearing it a second time, she was almost sure that someone else was in the house. Not wanting to panic, although part of her wanted to do just that, the short haired woman decided to take a moment to peek into the living room through the louver doors over the counter.

If Miranda had seen a gang of thieves stealing away everything her sister owned, it wouldn’t have startled her as much as the image that appeared when she moved the small door open a half inch. Despite the absence of any cars in the driveway, her sister was indeed home. The problem was, she wasn’t alone.

As hard as it was for Miranda to believe, her dear older sister was half naked and on her knees in front of the couch. Her large breasts, of which Miranda had always been envious of, now hung free as her dress was down around her waist and her bra was clearly visible on the carpeted floor. The fifty-two year old’s appearance wasn’t half as shocking as the fact that she was performing oral sex on a man definitely not her husband.

The young man sitting on the couch, his eyes closed as he tilted his head back and enjoyed Alice’s attentions, couldn’t have been more than twenty-one at most. Shirtless himself, with his jeans pulled halfway down his legs, the black haired youth had a quite impressive physique. Along with a well defined chest and arms, Miranda also noticed a rather large tattoo of a panther on his left bicep.

Morality and everything else aside for a moment, Miranda found it unbelievable that such a hot young man would even look twice at her sister, much less engage in sexual acts with her. After all, the honest truth was that when you got down to it, Alice Moore looked like just what she was – a middle aged woman. Oh she was still attractive for her age, especially since unlike “little sister”, Alice refused to let her own short hair show even the smallest traces of gray, but she hardly had the sort of body that men lusted after.

Miranda didn’t have Ankara travesti much time to ponder the question as the encounter she was witnessing suddenly became even more intense. Alice lifted her head off the young man’s cock, of which even from her limited vantage point, Miranda could see was quite impressive, and stood all the way up. Then, after pulling her dress all the way off, followed by her panties, Alice climbed onto him, taking hold of his cock and guiding it into her.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Miranda heard Alice cry out a few moments later as she began to ride his manhood with an ever increasing fury, “give me that beautiful cock, fill me up with it! Fuck me hard and make momma come!”

Finally it all became too much for Miranda and she realized that she had to get out of there. Closing the swinging door as quietly as she could, Miranda quickly crossed the kitchen and fled out the side door, locking it behind her. It wasn’t until she was safely back in her car that she realized that in her dash, she had still retained enough clarity of mind to have retrieved the envelope on her way out.

“Thank God for that,” Miranda said to herself thankfully as she pulled the car away as quickly as she could. The last thing she wanted right now was for Alice to know she had ever stopped by this morning and seen what had been going on in her living room. Not until she could decide what, if anything, she should say about the whole matter.


That was a question that preyed on her mind for the rest of the week. One that caused her to avoid two of her sister’s calls, telling Ralph that she would call her back later, which she never did. How could she when she still didn’t know what to say?

By late Saturday morning, the matter finally came to a head. Ralph had announced that Peter had just called and asked if he wanted to go to the baseball game with him. Evidently, one of his friends who were originally supposed to go had canceled at the last minute. Seeing as Peter had season tickets right behind the first base line, Ralph was hardly going to say no.

“Why don’t I go with you?” Miranda suggested.

“To the game?” Ralph asked, thinking that Miranda didn’t realize that the other seats were already spoken for.

“No, just to see my sister,” she clarified, “I’ll drive myself back home and Peter can drop you off after the game.”

“Well, okay,” Ralph said, not really wanting to give up the car but not wanting to start a disagreement that might ruin his going to the game either. “But I have to leave now if we want to get to the stadium to watch batting practice.”

“No problem,” Miranda smiled, knowing full well that he was hoping that she would say that she needed some time to change before going and then change her mind. “Let me just get the papers that Alice wanted me to drop off and I’ll be ready to go.”

Taking the new envelope she had transferred the papers into from the buffet in the dining room, Miranda dropped it into her purse and met her husband at the door. Bringing over the papers would be a good excuse for her unexpected visit, especially since she still didn’t know what to do about what she’d seen.


“I’m so glad you decided to stop by,” Alice was saying as she poured her younger sister a cup of tea as they sat in her living room. “I was almost beginning to think you were avoiding me for some reason, that I might’ve done something to make you mad.”

“No, I’ve just been busy these past few days,” Miranda lied, hoping that for once, Alice didn’t see through her deception.

“Really, with what?” Alice asked, pouring herself a cup before taking a seat on the couch.

Miranda let out a soft breath, thinking that Alice was sitting in just about the same spot where that young man had been the other morning. A memory that reminded her of the envelope in her purse.

“Oh, I have those papers you asked me to pick up from the lawyer’s office,” Miranda said, thinking that changing the subject would be a good idea.

“I asked you to pick those up almost a month ago,” Alice commented as she took a sip of tea.

“Well I did, I just kept forgetting to give them to you,” Miranda replied, her defensive nature where her sister was concerned kicking in automatically.

“Well I’m glad they’re not something important,” Alice countered, “not the way you forget things.”

Falling into a pattern that had lasted a lifetime, Miranda got even more defensive and before she knew what she was saying, let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

“I’ll have you know I came by the other day to drop them off but…” she started to say then stopped in mid-sentence, too late to undo the damage.

“But what?” Alice asked.

“But you were occupied.”

“I don’t understand,” Alice replied.

“Do I have to say it?” Miranda asked.

“If you want me to know what you’re talking about, that might be helpful,” Alice smiled.

“You were having sex on that very couch with a boy half your age,” Miranda blurted out, having Konya travesti to almost force the words out of her mouth.

“A boy half my age?” Alice asked, as if she didn’t know what her sister was talking about.

“Dark hair, very nice body, large tattoo of an panther on his arm,” Miranda went on, “I’m sure you must remember him.”

“Oh, you’re talking about Carl,” Alice finally said, her tone not showing the least bit of embarrassment in having been caught. “Such a nice young man, his father owns Martin’s Garage where we get our cars done. He was nice enough to drive me home after I dropped off the Beemer. So you’re talking about Wednesday morning.”

Miranda suddenly found herself wondering if she’s come by on Tuesday or Thursday, would she have found someone else on that couch with Alice. From what her sister was saying, Miranda got the impression that she just might have.

“Just how many men are you involved with? Miranda found herself asking.

“Well I’m not actually sure you can call it involved,” Alice said, still slipping her tea as if they were discussing the chance for rain tomorrow.

“What would you call it, exactly?” a stunned Miranda asked.

“Hmmm,” Alice pondered for a few seconds as she considered the question. “Fucking I guess, just having a good time.”


“Don’t looked so shocked, little sister,” Alice said calmly as she put her cup down on the coffee table. “It’s not like it was the first time I’ve done it.”

“How many…” Miranda started to say, now unable to get out the words. “How long…”

“I’d probably have to say at least six years,” Alice said, choosing to answer the second question first. “As far as an actual number, I really never kept count.”

“I can’t believe this!” Miranda exclaimed. “You’ve been married to Peter for over thirty years and …”

“… and we haven’t been sleeping together for the last fifteen of them,” Alice completed the sentence.

“Does he know?” Miranda continued.

“I’ve never asked him,” Alice answered, “and to be honest, I really doubt he would care.”

“How can you say that?”

“He’s the one who stopped wanting to have sex, not me,” Alice said.

“Did he ever say why?”

“No.” Alice simply said.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your husband lose interest in sex,” Miranda said.

“Can’t you?” Alice asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Wasn’t it only a few months ago that you told me that it had seemed like ages since you and Ralph had done it,” Alice said. “Has that changed since then?”

“No, but …”

“But nothing,” Alice interrupted, “when was the last time you and he got all hot and sweaty?”

The question gave Miranda pause as she took a few very long moments to consider the question. The forty-eight year old started to count backwards and felt a shudder when weeks quickly turned to months and then to almost two years. And the time before that hadn’t been even close either.

“Exactly.” Alice said as the silent look on her younger sister’s face confirmed her belief.

“Ralph is a very busy man, what with the store and all and…” Miranda tried to explain, but realized that she wasn’t even convincing herself.

“It does have a way of sneaking up on you, doesn’t it?”

“I guess so.” Miranda admitted.

Miranda sat silent for a few long moments, not exactly sure what to say next. She couldn’t believe how casual Alice was about all of this, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Can I ask you a question, Alice,” Miranda said when she regained her composure. “It’s kind of personal.”

“Sure why not,” Alice replied.

“Putting aside the right or wrong of what you’re doing,” Miranda framed her question, “are all the men you’re with like Carl? I mean are they all …”

“Young and hung?” Alice interrupted.

“Well, that’s not exactly how I was going to say it, but I mean that he was so young and good looking, and …”

“… and I’m an old lady who could easily be his mother, if not his grandmother.” Alice said, again finishing her sister’s thought.

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Oh yes you did,” Alice smiled, “and I agree with you. I’ll be the first one to say it. But what you have to realize is that I’m not trying to date them, just play with them a little. Put yourself in their place. Given the chance that a woman, even one old enough to be their mother, is offering them a blow job or a quick fuck, with no strings attached, how many horny young men are going to pass that up. Oh they might never admit to anyone that they fucked some old broad, but they sure as hell enjoyed it while they were at it. In fact, even I was surprised at how many of them really got off on the fact that I was so much older.”

It a strange sort of way, Alice made sense. Even Miranda had to admit that.

“What’s it like?” Miranda surprised herself by asking, the inflection in her voice leaving no doubt as to what the meaning of “it” was.

“Exciting,” İzmir travesti Alice broadly smiled, the single word carrying a world of meaning.


All the rest of the day, and during a semi-sleepless night, Miranda’s conversation with her sister repeated in her head. Never would she have imagined that Alice would be one of those women who took lovers on the side, or that she could be so unabashed about it all. Before afternoon tea had been over, Alice had even mentioned the names of a half dozen young men that she’d had sex with. The most shocking of which had been Doug Maguire, who Miranda remembered as having gone to high school with her son.

“Don’t let the fact that Doug could afford to lose twenty or so pounds fool you,” Alice had said in reference to the portly convenience store clerk, “that boy has a tongue made of gold.”

Also very much on Miranda’s mind as she greeted the early morning sun, was the realization of how empty her own sex life had become without her even realizing it. That at least, she told herself she could do something about, and the sooner the better.

Waking up a half hour before she and Ralph normally got up on a Sunday morning, Miranda put her plan into action. Carefully. she slipped out of bed, making sure that she didn’t wake her husband. Stepping away from the bed, she slipped off her nightshirt and the simple white panties she wore beneath it.

Taking a moment to look at herself in the mirrored sliding doors of their bedroom’s built in closet, Miranda decided that she wasn’t all that displeased with the body of the woman looking back at her.

True, she was on the short side of fifty, and definitely didn’t have the same physique she did when she’d gotten married, but all in all, the one she did have wasn’t half bad. She’d managed to avoid the heavy weight gain that so many of her contemporaries had fallen victim to, currently weighting only a dozen pounds more than she did in her twenties. Even her breasts had held up pretty well, despite the years and two pregnancies. Sure there were a few lines on her face, but just enough to give her character as her mother used to say.

Turning back to the bed, Miranda lifted the light sheet that had covered her and Ralph and climbed under it. Making a tent with her body, she worked her way to the side her husband slept on and took a moment to look at his body.

It would’ve been nice to have been able to say that Ralph had hardly changed too, but that wouldn’t have been the truth. Too many weekends of watching the game in front of the television with the only exercise being walking out to the kitchen to get another beer had taken their toll. Still, she hadn’t married him only for his looks.

As was his habit, dating even back to the days before they’d been married, Ralph wore jockey shorts to bed and little else. From the way the folds of his underwear rested, Miranda could see the outline of his cock. That was one thing that hadn’t changed over all the years. The man still had one impressive piece of equipment. Reaching out with her index finger, she softly traced the outline of his manhood.

Back when they’d first gotten married, before the kids and all the responsibilities, their sex life had been akin to that of a couple of rabbits. There wasn’t a room in the house that they hadn’t screwed in, at any time of the day. Feeling his cock stir in response to her touch, Miranda was reminded of one of the games they used to play.

Early on in their relationship, they had established a tradition of sorts in which Miranda would wake him up on Sunday by performing oral sex on him. Ralph used to say he loved that even more than intercourse. One thing would inevitably lead to another and it would be a couple of hours before they’d make it out of bed. Miranda had decided that it was time to revive that tradition.

Reaching down into his shorts, Miranda closed her fingers around his cock and carefully lifted it free. It wasn’t half as fun, she remembered, if Ralph woke up too soon. Gently giving it a few slow pumps to restore some of its firmness, Miranda leaned down and slid the head of his cock into her mouth.

The taste of his manhood brought back pleasant memories, making her wonder why they have ever stopped doing things like this. Feeling his body respond to the wet embrace of her mouth, she ran her tongue up and down his length. Aside from the mostly gray hairs that now surrounded it, Ralph’s cock had changed little over the years. Which was to say it didn’t take much to get it quite hard.

Her head rose up and down as she began to suck him in earnest. One hand cradled his balls, massaging them as the other pumped him into her mouth. She’d gone on for a few minutes when she felt Ralph began to stir. If she were lucky, she thought as she redoubled her efforts, she would be able to make him come just as he was waking up. He was always loved it when she did that.

“Mmmmmm,” Miranda heard Ralph moan in his sleep as she continued to suck him enthusiastically.

With one hand still wrapped on the base of Ralph’s cock, Miranda brought her other one down between her own legs and began to massage herself. Deft fingers quickly made their way to a familiar spot and Miranda began to share in the pleasures she was bringing her husband.

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Fucking my Daughter’s Boyfriend Ch. 02

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It was midway through my daughter Cathy’s senior year of high school. I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, and Cathy was in her room with Kent, her boyfriend, studying. A typical suburban scene.

After wiping down the counters, I went upstairs to Cathy’s room. I know that Cathy and Kent fool around a bit, and being the conscientious mother I am, I knocked on the door. I certainly wouldn’t want to embarrass my daughter by walking in on any hanky-panky!

I listened for any sounds of them jumping off the bed, rushing to put clothes back on, or anything like that, but all I heard was Cathy saying “Come in.”

I walked in and sure enough, they were really studying, Cathy on the bed and Kent at her desk. “Hi kids, I just wanted to know if you needed anything before I turn in.”

“No thanks,” said Cathy, echoed by Kent’s “No ma’am.”

“I just have a couple more chores to do, and then I’m going to bed,” I said. “Don’t stay up too late!” I turned towards the door, but turned back. “Actually, I just had a thought! Kent, could you help me get something off the top shelf in the garage?”

“Mom, we’re studying!” said Cathy.

“Selfish bitch!” is what I thought, but I said “This will only take about ten minutes, honey. Just to get a can of paint down so I can write down what kind it is, then to put it back up.”

“Sure, Mrs. Anderson,” said Kent, jumping up. “I don’t mind.”

Kent followed me down to the garage. I held the door for him, then closed and locked it. I heard his zipper, and then his belt buckle hit the garage floor. I bent over the car and pulled my slacks and panties down. My hands were shaking. I felt Kent’s huge cock poking at me, trying to find my slit. I reached between my legs and grabbed it. Kent was rock hard. My hand barely fit around it. It was one of the biggest cocks I had ever had, and I have had a lot of big cocks.

I guided the head to my hot canal. I had been wet ever since Kent had come by to visit my daughter. He pushed it in, so far in! It was so good, I would have screamed, but Cathy was right upstairs, so I whimpered and grunted while Kent drove his huge monster in and out of me. He pumped without stopping for about five minutes, and then arched his back as he shot spurt after spurt of hot come deep inside me.

If Kent had one flaw, it was that he was too quick to come. The first round, anyway! There were advantages and disadvantages to sleeping with an 18 year old, but the fact that he could usually do it two or three times in a row, with a little encouragement, was a big plus.

Of course, it was also a little problem that Kent was dating my daughter, but I could definitely see the advantages in that, too. First of all, Kent’s dick was too big for Cathy, and the poor girl couldn’t even give him a blow job. A dick like that wouldn’t go underused for long, and I liked to think that I was even doing Cathy a favor. If it wasn’t for me, Kent would soon have gone off to greener pastures. As it was, all three of us got what we wanted. Kent got sex as often as we could get a little privacy, I got the huge cock I liked, and Cathy got to keep her boyfriend, none the wiser. Or so I thought.

Kent and I straightened ourselves out a bit in the hall mirror, and then went back upstairs. As Kent opened the door to Cathy’s room, I called out to the kids “Good night, you two! Don’t stay up too late! Thanks again, Kent,” I added.

“No problem, Mrs. Anderson,” said Kent. I shut the door a little quickly, as I just that moment felt a big glob of Kent’s semen ooze out of me. It would have stained my slacks if I had given it a chance! I hurried to my room, peeled off my clothes, and jumped into the shower. I was wearing red lacy panties, and they were absolutely full of Kent’s come. “It’s a good thing Cathy never does the laundry,” I thought to myself, as I soaped up.

I did my best to make Kent forget he was fucking a gal old enough to be his mom. Big boobs and a deep throat went a long way to help him forget, but I tried to wear sexy underwear and stay clean shaven for him. Not that he noticed much this time!

It was a few days later that my problems started. Cathy began to mope around the house. She became more and pouty and unhappy. Even worse, Kent wasn’t coming around. I began to worry. What if they had broken up?

I confronted Cathy. “Honey, tell mommy what’s going on.” It took a while for me to get anything out of her, but it finally came out, with tears and sobs. Apparently. that last night Kent stayed over, Kent and Cathy had fooled around. Kent’s cock was too big for Cathy to get it in her mouth, but it seems Ankara travesti that Cathy licked it, and tasted something on it she didn’t recognize. It took her a few days to realize that what she had tasted was pussy.

Cathy held me and cried. “Honest, mom, when I realized that I had been licking some fucking bitch’s pussy juice off Kent’s cock, I almost threw up.”

“”How would you have felt if you knew you had been licking your own mother’s pussy juice,” I thought to myself. If she and Kent had started fooling around a few minutes earlier, that pussy juice would still have been wet. That was so wrong. “Poor baby!” I said. “But are you actually sure that is what it was? Maybe he was working out, and the sweat…”

“No, that’s what I thought at first, but the more I thought about it, the more sure I was. I can’t believe that stuff came out of some gross snatch and there I was, licking it up like a stupid puppy.”

“Shh,” I said, as I smoothed her hair. “What did Kent say about it?

“I haven’t spoken to him about it. I don’t ever want to see him again. I’m sure he knows why.”

I used all my powers of persuasion to convince Cathy to get back together with Kent, to not tell him what she had discovered, and to act as if nothing had happened. “You told me that Kent has a really big dick, and you two were unable to have vaginal intercourse. You can’t expect an 18 year old guy to go without forever. The good news is that Kent really loves you. He wants to be with you, even without the sex! You can’t blame him for slipping up once, sleeping with some girl he doesn’t love just for relief!”

“But mom, I get him off with my hand all the time!”

“Oh honey, that’s not good enough for a man. You know he has to have the real thing. I think it was good that he met someone who could deal with his size.”

“Yeah, probably some fucking slut with a huge gaping pussy. Do you think he came on to her, or she came on to him?”

“I can’t really imagine Kent ever looking twice at a girl besides you. She might have… talked him into it.”

“Yeah, ‘talked him into it.’ She probably heard he had a big dick and threw herself at him. She was probably so wet that he could smell her dirty hole, and it was hard to resist. Do you think she just grabbed his dick through his pants and started rubbing it? Fucking horny slut.”

Actually, some of this was uncomfortably close to the truth. I wanted to defend myself, but I couldn’t really. “Well, she might have been lonely.”

“Lonely my ass. She’s probably one of those girls in the back rooms at the frat houses, spreading her legs for any moron with a dick. Or one of those girls who gets drunk in a bar and sucks off five guys in the bathroom. I bet she has big boobs that she shakes at the boys to try to get them to stick their cocks in her. Fucking loose slut!”

This got me a little angry. I was certainly not a loose slut like that, although I had normal desires. I could have been one of those women sucking cock in the bathroom, but I wasn’t, for who? For Cathy! For her sake I had to be respectable, so at least she shouldn’t begrudge me her boyfriend’s cock once in a while, especially since she was hardly using it.

Still, being a mother means not always saying what you want, so I had to go along with Cathy. “Sure, honey, some back room slut that all the boys have had. Kent would never date her in a million years. Some baseball groupie that the whole team probably fucked. He couldn’t get out of it. You know how boys are.”

I have to admit I was making myself a little horny. Imagine a whole baseball team of boys with cocks like Kent’s! But Cathy was comforted. We cuddled a bit, and I suggested that she not even say anything to Kent. She agreed, and went to bed.

Things went back to normal after that, with Kent and I being even more careful not to be discovered. Because of that, we were fucking less than we had been, which is probably partly why we got into trouble at the party.

Cathy wanted to have a party for graduation, and I was certainly willing to help host. She and I made plenty of munchies which we supplemented with big bowls of chips and pretzels around the house. I made sure there were all kinds of pop and plenty of ice. Kids began arriving shortly before sunset, and soon the house was dark and noisy, with kids dancing in every room.

I noticed Kent trying to catch my eye, but I made sure he did not. The last thing we needed was to have some friend of Cathy’s catch us fucking in an upstairs bedroom! I was pretty damn horny, having gone about two weeks without Kent’s Konya travesti cock up me, but I wanted Cathy to enjoy her party.

When the party was really in full swing, I ran up to my bathroom for a quick pee. When I came out, Kent was at the door. He pushed his way in and closed the door behind him, giving me a deep kiss that sent sparks all through me. But I pushed him away, saying “Kent, we can’t now. All of Cathy’s friends are here!”

“Please Mrs. Anderson,” he said, “I’m so horny now, and you look so hot!” I was just wearing a black top and dark green slacks.

“Kent, you should be hanging out with Cathy!”

“Just a quick one, Mrs. Anderson, you see how hot for you I am.” He took my hand and put it on his dick, which was completely hard and about to break out of his pants.

“Kent, we shouldn’t,” I said, but I was stroking his cock and trying to think of a reason why we shouldn’t, just a quickie.

“Ohh, Mrs. Anderson!” I made a quick decision, locked the bathroom door, and unbuttoned my top. I squeezed some hand cream between my boobs and kneeled on the floor, keeping my bra on. By bending his knees, Kent could stick his huge monster between my boobs. My bra kept them pushed together. Kent moaned and groaned, and I loved seeing that huge head come up between my boobs. Kent began to tremble, so I I got my mouth around his big firm cockhead, and he unloaded spurt after spurt of come into my mouth.

Kent pulled his cock out from between my boobs, and I made sure to wipe all the hand cream off before giving it an affectionate kiss and putting it back in his pants. Kent slipped out, while I buttoned up my shirt and fixed my lipstick.

That should have been the end of it, but soon after I got back to the party, I sensed a strange vibe going through the house. I didn’t know what it was, but people were whispering, the dancing stopped, and soon afterwards, the music stopped as well.

People began to leave, early, it seemed to me. I said goodnight to the ones I knew, and told them there was no reason to go yet, but they just muttered they had to go. Many of them left without meeting my eye, while others stared at me strangely. The only thing I could think of was that Kent had given us away.

When everyone was gone, Cathy snapped on the lights. “Thanks Mom,” she said. “Thanks for ruining my party and making me a laughingstock.” My eyes told her that I didn’t know what she was talking about. “Go look in a mirror,” she said, then went to her room and slammed the door. I went and looked in a mirror, and I was mortified.

In my hair, on the right side of my head, was a huge gob of semen. There was more that had dripped on my blouse. “Shit!” I thought. “That son of a bitch! Didn’t he know he came before I got him in my mouth?”

I wiped my hair with a towel and threw the towel in the laundry. Then I went and tapped on Cathy’s door. “Honey?” There was no answer, so eventually I went to bed.

The next day Cathy was icy. There was no way I could deny that one of the boys at the party had come on me. My only hope was that she wouldn’t guess it was her own boyfriend. So I was kind of glad when she asked me who my new “boyfriend” was, making the quotation marks with her fingers. I was glad because it meant she didn’t suspect, and I was free to choose to place the blame on anyone I pleased. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really think of anyone appropriate who was at the party. I remembered there were a few black guys there, so I told her it was one of them.

“Great,” she said. “My mother is such a big slut she doesn’t even bother to ask my friends names before she fucks them. For your information, since Charles is gay, it must have been Ray you spread your legs for.”

She got up and flounced out of the room, but before she was gone, I said “For your information, I didn’t fuck him, I only gave him a blowjob!” She ignored me. I really had to think what a good mother I was to Cathy. I could have said that I gave him a titjob, but that might have made her feel bad about her breasts, so I changed it to blowjob at the last minute. You see how I was concerned about her while she was treating me like shit!

I figured everything would calm down after awhile. Cathy was more or less ignoring me, which was fine. Worse was that Kent wasn’t coming by. I guess he was laying low so as not to be a suspect, which was probably smart. Still, I had gotten used to my fairly regular sessions with him, and I was missing the sex big time.

About a week and a half after the party, I was alone tanning by the pool. Cathy was off somewhere. The doorbell İzmir travesti rang, and I had the sudden thought that it might be Kent. I rushed to the door and opened it. I was disappointed to see a stranger there, a young black man. “Mrs. Anderson,” he said.


“I’m Raymond. Cathy’s friend. Can I come in?” Then I recognized him, from the party.

“Oh yes,” I said, “but Cathy’s not here now.”

“I know,” he said, “I wanted to talk to you.” Suddenly I remembered that I had told Cathy that I had sucked this young man’s cock. But surely Cathy wouldn’t have told anyone about that! She did, the little bitch.

Raymond came in and sat down on the couch. “You see, there is a rumor going around that you and I got, uh, somewhat intimate at the party last week. Now you know and I know that’s not true. Still, the way you looked at the end, I would guess you were intimate with someone. Now, I may be wrong, but was thinking that you might have told Cathy you hooked up with me, because you didn’t want her knowing who you did hook up with. Am I right?”

He was exactly right, but I didn’t say anything. “Now, I hate to let a misapprehension like that continue, and it has been bothering me. But I figured out something that would make me feel better. If you and I were intimate, I wouldn’ have to feel bad about people having the wrong impression about me, if you see what I mean.”

It dawned on me that this twerp was trying to get a blowjob out of me! “Sorry Raymond,” I said icily, “but you will have to go on letting people ‘misapprehend’.”

“No, I won’t do that, Mrs. Anderson. I’ll just have to tell the guys at school and Cathy that it wasn’t me you were fooling around with.” I was thinking furiously, but I had nothing to say. “Do you want me to do that?”

I had no answer, but he suddenly stood up as if to go, and I said “No.”

“That’s what I thought,” he said. He sat back down on the couch. “It’s not like you’re too proud to fuck a high school student, right?” He put his hand on my boob and started rubbing lightly. “It’s not like you’re the kind of woman who wouldn’t fuck someone you just met at a party, right? In fact, I think you are probably a major horny slut.” He put my hand against his pants and I felt his hard cock. It wasn’t as big as Kent’s, but it was bigger than average. I made up my mind.

I stood up. “Raymond, blackmail will get you sent to jail. I am not, as you put it, a ‘major horny slut,’ but I will give you a blowjob if you will forget about this whole thing and go away.”

“That would be a good start,” he grinned. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down. He had a really goodlooking cock, although not as big as I would have liked. I pulled off my bathing suit top. What the hell, give him a little show! I kneeled down and took his cock in my hand. It was darker than the rest of him, and uncircumcised, but because it was hard the foreskin was not in the way. I took a good lick. Mmmm, it was good! I plunged my head down on it and started sucking with all my might.

Licking and bobbing, I interspersed focussing on the head with some deep throat work. Let this be a blowjob he will never forget! After about five or ten minutes, he pushed my head off his cock. I whimpered in disappointment. “Time to take off the rest of that swimsuit,” Raymond said. “I want to see that pussy I’ve been smelling.”

I didn’t realize that I had been rubbing myself while I was sucking his cock, and my pussy was soaking. “You want me to put it in?” he asked. I bit my lip and nodded. “Get those panties off girl, don’t waste my time!” he said.

I took my pants off and kneeled on the couch. He gave my ass a little smack as he stood behind me. “Damn, that shit is wet, girl!” he laughed. He was making me mad, but I wanted his cock, and he lost no time in putting it in. I don’t think he was a virgin, he started to really bang away at me. Maybe it was because it had been so long since Kent was around, but I was so into it, it felt so good. I was panting “Yes! Yes!,” and rubbing my clit with one hand. I came hard, squeezing his cock with my vaginal muscles, and that sent him over the edge. He grunted and shot blast after blast of hot come in me.

He pulled out and sat on the couch next to me. “That was real nice, Mrs. Anderson,” he said. I look forward to seeing you again soon.” He put on his clothes and walked out, leaving me exhausted on the couch. I was kind of squatting on the edge of the couch, just exhausted. I could feel his come dripping out of me. Suddenly, I heard the key in the lock. Shit! Cathy! I grabbed my bathing suit, swiped at the rug to clean any come that had dripped there, and ran up the stairs.

I don’t think she saw me, running up the stairs naked with my suit in my hand and come running down my legs. It did occur to me how my life had changed. Little did I know how much change was yet to come.

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Getting To Touch His First Crush

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I am taking a night class at the local college. My boss told me I had to take it or he would have to let me go. I hated the idea at first but when I found out who the teacher was going to be that all went away. Sarah lived just a couple of doors down when I was younger. She was friends with my older sister Jill, so I would get a chance to see her when she came to hang out with her. She was the first girl I remember being aroused by, but as far I could tell she never paid attention to me. The crush did not last long because she moved away when I was fifteen years old. It has been about eight years since I last set eyes on her.

When Sarah walked in the classroom I noticed that she has aged very well. Sarah is now 34 years old, her hair is much shorter than I remember but it looked very nice on her. She has put on a little weight but I must admit I like that. I like the look and the feel of curves on a woman. I watched Sarah the whole time she talked to the class and I am not sure I remember a thing she said. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Sarah had on a tight blue sweater that hugged the curves Ankara travesti of her full breasts very nicely, a black skirt that was just above her knees and black stockings and heels that made her legs look very shapely.

I wondered if she would even remember me. She did not act like she had any idea who I was. I must admit I was a little bummed out. Class had ended and I was about to walk out when I heard someone call my name. I looked over and Sarah had a big smile on her face and called me over. Sarah gave me a big hug. The smell of her perfume drove me wild. I felt large breasts press against me and I was in heaven. I am not sure if she felt the bulge in my pants growing but I have not been that turned on in a long time.

We talked for what seemed like hours. I found out she is recently divorced with two kids and is working two jobs to pay the bills. I asked if she is dating anyone but she told me she does not have the time for a relationship right now. I think she knew I was interested in her. I would even say that she was teasing me a bit. It was getting late and I guess it Konya travesti was time to walk her out to her car. I gave her a hug and she got in her suv. I was thinking the night was going to end like that but she put down her window and asked what I had planned for that night.

I went over to her suv and leaned on her door. As we talked some more I could smell her perfume. I was once again turned on like I could not believe. As we talked my eyes kept going to her legs and black stockings that looked so good. When Sarah got in her skirt must have lifted some because I was seeing a lot more leg than I saw before. My eyes were on Sarah’s legs when I felt her hand grab mine. I looked in her eyes as she guided by hand down to her leg. She had a big smile on her face when she told me that she could tell I wanted to touch her. My fingers softly touched her silky stockings. Sarah let out a soft moan and said she loves the feel if my fingers on her.

My hand now slid between her thighs. Sarah’s head fell back and her legs opened to let my fingers in. I slid my hand up a little higher and found İzmir travesti the bare skin at the top of her stockings. I rubbed the soft skin and now smelled the aroma of her perfume mixed with her sweet smell of her rapidly moistening pussy. She was letting out soft moans and it only took one from Sarah’s sexy full lips, “higher”. My fingers slid up and onto her damp panties. She slid down in her seat and opened her legs as far as she could. I could see her lacy black thong and could feel the soft lace that covered her shaved pussy. Not a word was spoken but I knew I needed to feel her swollen pussy in my fingers so I slid the thong to the side and my fingers slid easily in her. Her back arched and she came as I slid two fingers in and out of her. I could feel the warm wet liquid cover my fingers and I loved it. The feel of her, the smell from her sex and the fact that I just made my crush cum was more than I could handle and I came in my pants. She grabbed my hand and told me she cannot take it anymore. Her pussy was very sensitive after she came.

I looked in her eyes and told her it was a fantasy come true. Sarah told me that she love the way I looked at her and that she just to have me touch her. I leaned in the window and gave her a long soft kiss. I told her that I would love to touch her any time she wants. I am hoping that I get that chance very soon.

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Frank: The Woman On The Corner

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(A ‘Frank’, elderly ladies man story)

For four years almost every time I traves the side streets to gain entry to the main road there is a plump lady who waves to me. Her house is on the corner and she is either sitting on her porch, feeding the birds or hand watering her garden, from early in the morning to mid afternoon. Always the same smile and wave, if she was elderly I could accept this as being normal, but this lady is in her late thirties early forties and not the type of activity one expects at her age.

Always the same print dress, and wearing thongs. I have never seen a car parked in her driveway or seen her actually speak to anyone. She was a pleasant looking lady, so there had to be some story attached and I suddenly made up my mind I was going to find out.

So to-day I slowed down as I got to her house she waved and I stopped. I waved her over and she came to the passenger’s window.

“For years now I have been passing and you always wave, I think that is such a friendly gesture and I just wanted to tell you.”

“I only wish more of our neighbours would even wave back, but I notice people around here very much keep to themselves.”

“Yes, I agree with you there, I notice you never have any visitors, I never see any cars parked in your driveway, surely you have some friends?”

“I have my birds and plants. If I have them I’m happy.”

“Maybe I can call round and see you some day, I hate to see people lonely.”

“Won’t your wife mind, you are married aren’t you?”

“Sorry was, we separated on mutual terms just before you bought this house, I knew the old lady who had it before you. It was her that planted the soldiers, well that is what I call them, there used to be small trees in those beds with the soldier flowers a carpet at the base. I was sorry she passed away.”

“I too was married, I killed my last husband. I thought I’d better tell you, for you are sure to find out. I was in prison before I came here. My mother bought this house for me. She comes to see me at times but she comes by bus that is why you never see any cars outside. I suppose you want to call off the offer of coming round, now you know I am a killer, which is what the courts call me. I did eight long years for that bastard, I am glad he is dead,” she said and was about to turn away.

“Look Frank is my name and I still mean it. Want me to call round?”

“Violet, nice to meet you Frank, you can call round any time. As you know I’m always at home,” she said giving me a wave as I moved away.

God she sounded a real hard woman, I wonder if she really was as hard as she made out. I noticed she had no make-up on and her skin looked really fresh and smooth. But God her dress sense held a lot to be expected. But a murderer, I wonder how many of the neighbours knew that. I wish I could have gotten her surname I would have checked her story out.

All day at work she kept coming to mind and the fact she killed her husband, but she did give me a clue. She said she served eight years and she has been in the house for four. So all I have to do is look for a woman named Violet who killed her husband at least twelve years ago.

That year there was only six and sure as hell there was Violet Martindale at the top. It wasn’t as bad as I first imagined, she had killed her husband in self defence when he was attacking her after returning from the pub. This seemed to be a hobby of James Martindale, using his wife Violet as a punch bag. She said in her defence that he attacked her and she grabbed a knife and drove it through his heart after taunting her to do it. The prosecution put up a case that she had told a friend she was going to kill him and lay in wait until he came home, then she stabbed him. They admitted that it was a documented fact that the police had been called out many times over her husband James kicking shit out of her. Anyway she was given eight years without parole.

I think I would have done the same if I was her. Some women have to put up with a lot with these types of men, who won’t say boo to a man, but act tough with women.

Now I know the recorded facts, I made up my mind I would call on her. At least show her someone cares and try and make her feel welcome.

That evening after I had my meal, I drove round and parked in her driveway. At least I was going to be open about it, as I am sure someone in the street will have taken note who was visiting Violet, but then maybe like I had, they had no idea what her name was.

After numerous bolts could be heard shooting she opened the door, but I could see two chains only allowing the door to be opened slightly.

“Oh it’s you Frank, so you decided to call anyway. Please wait,” she said and the door closed again.

Seconds later she held it open for me to enter. Her furnishings may have been spartan but they were clean and neat, everything sparkled.

“Since I said I would call, I thought I would just as well start this evening, I hope Ankara travesti I didn’t catch you off guard or take you from something important,” I said, knowing women like to watch soapies.

“No I was just watching some rubbish on TV. It’s not as nice as speaking with someone though. Can I get you a tea or coffee, sorry I have no alcoholic drinks,” she said, now a fit flustered.

“What ever you are having, white with one sugar,” I replied.

“Won’t be a minute, please take a seat.”

She disappeared through the door, I heard cups and saucers coming together then her footsteps receding, then a door close. Two minutes later the door open and then, “Just coming.”

Then she came into the room carrying two cups which contained coffee. She had changed out of the dress she always seemed to wear and was dressed in a slim fitting light woollen dress, which really emphasised her bust and hips.

“My I really like your dress, it changes you completely Violet, very nice indeed,” I remarked.

You would think I had granted her, her greatest wish, she just beamed and a real happy smile came onto her already smiling face, “Thank you, Frank for the complement.”

We started talking on many subjects I avoided any mention of her past. This talking was just establishing common ground. At least we had one thing in common, we both loved playing Cribbage. So out came the board and a pack of cards and we spent the next two hours playing.

During the conversation she was surprised to learn that the woman she saw in my vehicle from time to time was my ex-wife. She couldn’t understand that we were still friends and she often called to see if I was alright and we even went out together.

“Why did you divorce her then?” Violet asked.

“We were just not compatible, we are still very good friends though.”

“I just can’t understand it, all the women who I have met hate their ex-husbands. Usually they beat them or womanised, but the one thing that was common throughout they were miss-treated.”

“Violet I have never hit a woman and I doubt I ever will. I see no reason why force is needed to make a point, and that is on both sides. A woman who throws a tantrum and throws things around, has lost it. The man and woman should keep calm, sit down and talk it over, just like my ex and I done. If they can’t resolve the problem then walk away, no need for yelling and shouting that gets you anywhere, except a headache.”

“Heaven’s abide, you are a real cool one, but I see your point.”

As I left I could see her hesitate about kissing me good-bye but I put out my hand and thanked her when she shook my hand.

“Can you come round to-morrow afternoon, or do you work Saturdays?”

“Yea Violet that would be nice.”

“My mum is coming round and I would like you to meet her. Also I would like to see you myself,” she said still holding onto my hand. I just pulled her towards me and kissed her on the cheek.

“I want to see you again too,” I said and then left. I don’t know why but I was expecting a murderer to appear different, but she wasn’t any different from anyone else. In fact I found her quite nice. The only thing she had was a distorted outlook on male-female relationships. She thinks all women get hit by their male partners.

She never said what time to call round, I didn’t have her telephone number and I could see no Martindale listed, well not in this area. At four I called at her home and she let me in, this time dressed in a different dress, also she was wearing make-up. I got a smile and a quick peck on the cheek as we moved into her lounge area.

Sitting on the edge of an easy chair with her hands interlocked was an older version of Violet. Her dress must have been long for it covered her shoes as she sat and came up to her neck the sleeves were three-quarter length. Around her neck were two gold chains, one with a large crucifix and the other with a tear-drop pearl suspended in a gold circle with shinny stones glistening. Her makeup was heavy and her lips were really well coated with lipstick. It was no amateurish affair but well done with her eyebrows plucked evenly and coloured in. Her hair with just a touch of grey was wavy and shoulder length. In fact a very nice looking woman, sitting all prim and proper like.

“So you are Frank, Violet has been telling me about you. All good I may tell you too,” she said with a very pleasant purring voice.

“Frank my mother Hazel, as you can hear I told her that you came round last night to see me.”

“My Violet isn’t a bad woman Frank, she just needs another chance. She wouldn’t have got it where I live and she wanted to live on her own, so I bought her this home here with some money I won anyway. She has been through more in her life than she deserves. Now I have to leave to catch my bus, I don’t like being out after dark.”

“Don’t go just yet, I’ll drive you home, if you will let me,” I volunteered.

“Will you, that would Konya travesti be wonderful, but I have to be back before The Bill comes on, I don’t miss an episode.”

She told me where she lived and I worked out I could get her there in half an hour easy. So the three of us chatted and drank numerous cups of coffee until seven.

“I would like to go now, it’s been wonderful seeing someone making friends with Violet, thank you Frank,” Hazel said as she stood up.

“Frank, I would like you to stay and have supper with me. I’ll prepare it whilst you take mum home,” Violet asked.

“See, she’s getting clucky Frank,” Hazel said smiling.

I took Hazel home and made sure she was in her home safely and as I left she gave me a kiss full on the lips. “Be nice to her Frank, She needs a break.” I gave her a kiss back and she put her arms around my neck and pressed her mouth hard against mine and I tasted her lipstick and smelt her perfume and got as hard as a rock. God she was an old woman and here was I necking her just inside her front door. Not only had that she asked me to be nice to her daughter, but kissing me with passion.

“Hazel, I will be nice to Violet, I have no intention of doing anything else,” I said as our cheeks were close.

“Come and see me sometime, I like you too. No need Violet knowing anything about it,” she said with her body pressed hard against me.

I drove back to Violets really amazed at what had happened and wondering just how I was going to handle this. I truly liked Violet and would like our relationship to become deeper, but could I deceive her and call on her mother as well. I had never been in this situation before. It sounded great but when one really looked at it, it was like walking in a mine-field, one wrong word could ruin everything.

When I got back to Violets she sensed there was something wrong and asked me, “Did my mother try it on with you?” I was shocked by the way she came straight out with it.

“As a matter of fact she did and I was wondering how to handle it. I truly want our relationship to get deeper and this threw a spanner right into the works,” I said looking at her.

She just stood there and smiled, “At least you told me straight out. I know my mother Frank. If you hadn’t mentioned anything or denied it, I’m sorry our friendship would be over. So thank you for being honest with me,” she said coming over and just put her lips gently against mine and walked away back into the kitchen.

I walked behind her, “What the hell am I to do Violet, God she is your mother?” I said.

“I leave that to you Frank, I hardly know you, maybe you are turned on by older women,” she said but I knew she was crying.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her around, “No way Violet, I told you didn’t I, so don’t go thinking weird things. I really like you, I told you that earlier.”

She threw her arms around my neck, “I’m a good bit older than you Frank but I feel you are just what I need. I don’t seem to have mixed with normal people and I need someone to show me how I should live that way. Teach me Frank, just be my friend.”

“Just a friend Violet? Maybe a bit more than that, someday,” I asked.

“Yes, there could be possibilities but I’m not jumping into any relationship without really getting to know the man, never again.”

“Fair enough, so we will be friends then, I would like to take you out to-morrow night, want to go, maybe a drive, or a movie?”

“Take me to a movie, a romantic one and hold my hand. You know I have never been to a movie and held a man’s hand. Usually I’m fending off their groping, which spoils the whole movie.”

“I’ll promise not to grope then during the movie, maybe afterwards,” I added.

“I’d be thinking you were queer if you didn’t at least try,” she came back.

I left after the meal and headed straight for Hazel’s house. She gave a big smile when she opened the door when she saw me standing there on her porch.

“I hoped you would come round. I suppose you told her I had chatted you up.”

“Yea, she seemed to accept it as inevitable.”

“That’s OK we arranged it to see if you would tell her, but for heavens sake, don’t say you came back or we both will be in her bad books. Now where were we when you left? I think I had my arms like this, she said putting them around my neck. “Or was this about to happen,” she took one arm away took my hand and placed it up tight against her panty clad mons under her dress. “Would that be about right Frank,” she said.

I played along with her, “Yes that could be about right, but woman, I thought you would have taken off your panties before now,” I said.

“I knew there was something I had to do,” she said hitching up the sides of her dress and then pulling down her panties. Now I had my hand on her naked mons and a finger buried into her slit. “Yes that’s right, not bad for an old girl am I Frank?”

“You can say that again, though İzmir travesti I’ve never been with an old woman before.”

“Frank we fuck the same as a young woman, now let’s see what you have,” she said now rubbing her hand up my hard cock. “Holy Christ what have you in your trousers Frank, surely this isn’t all you, it can’t be.”

“Sorry, Hazel it is all ten inches of it.”

“Heaven’s don’t be sorry son that’s a blessing for me. You and Violet haven’t, have you?”

“No we haven’t.”

“God when she finds out she will be some happy woman.”

“Hazel, I want my relationship with Violet to continue. I don’t want you messing it up. I know you are concerned about her, but so am I. Say or do anything to upset that relationship and you and I are finished. This is one time you have to say nothing to Violet, you act just as my future mother-in-law would and be good friends.”

“I didn’t realise you felt that way about her. I will say nothing, but you will visit me won’t you?”

“No longer coming home by bus I’ll bring you home, then we take it from there. You can tape your program and watch it later for if I leave later I can stay here. If you come home early like to-night then I will go back to Violet.”

“Wow, every Saturday night will just do me real fine Frank. You can stay all night if you want.”

“I’ll do that Hazel, but you won’t be walking far on Sundays.”

“I’ll get to church even if I have to crawl to give thanks for a big cock at long last.”

“Why at long last?”

“I’ve always dreamed of meeting a man with a big cock, oh what a way to go”

“I don’t want to stand here and get a knee-trembler, let’s go to your bed and do it right.”

“Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for hall-way antics. I nice bed and two naked bodies is the only way to go. Come on Frank don’t hang about,” she said grabbing my hand and into her bedroom where her long dress just seemed to fly over her head and land on the chair, the only thing she had on under that article was her bra which went in the same direction. I only had a glimpse as she got under the bedding but her breasts were definitely not saggy as I have seen in some photographs of old women.

She took my cock easier than any woman I had been with. In fact my size was one of the reasons my marriage broke up. Terry said it was far too big for her and it gave her pain every time we fucked, so that stopped very early into our marriage. Now I had a woman who relishes my cock and hasn’t stopped laying praise on how it feels.

“Frank no way am I going to do anything which will stop me enjoying such a lovely cock.”

She was lying beneath me with her legs high and wide, she was holding onto the back of her knees raising her hips in order that I could get maximum penetration. It seemed impossible that a cock three inches wide would have ever gone into her cunt but glancing down I saw it completely in to the end. And what a feeling it was, so warm and moist as I moved in and out of that love passage.

I couldn’t help but take a breast in each hand and work the nipples with my thumbs. Hazel had her head thrown back and her mouth open as I plunged deep into her body, bringing sighs and grunts from her mouth. Then I spent my load into her and she lowered her head and opened her eyes.

“Frank! Frank you have done wonders for me tonight; I was on cloud nine that was for sure. Oh this will make my Violet happy; I know it will, she is just like me so I know.”

Half an hour later she was sitting over my hips with my cock buried up inside of her, never have I had a woman who was so enthralled with my cock. It was like a God to her, the way she talked to it when I was flaccid and now it wasn’t me she was talking to but my cock. I was just the bit attached to it.

She went to early mass with her cunt filled with my spunk; it must have been really full for we had fucked four times. The last fuck had been ten minutes before she left the house to walk the one hundred yards to her chapel.

I left for home at the same time and went straight to bed completely pole-axed. Sleep wasn’t to be mine, at ten o’clock I was wakened by a loud banging on my door. When I got there Violet was standing on my porch.

“I’m sorry for waking you, but I just had to see you,” she said.

“Can I just have a quick shower and I will be right with you, Can you make us a coffee, you will find everything in the kitchen.”

I quickly had a shave and a shower and returned still dressed in my dressing gown, now a lot fresher. I noticed that Violet was dressed in the dress she changed into the first night I called round.

“I see you are wearing the dress I like, you really look gorgeous Violet.”

“I hope what I’m going to say won’t make you feel bad about me. Take me to bed Frank. I want you too make love to me. Now, not later but now, I realise that I have loved you for a long time even though we never talked I kept a lookout for you and made sure I was outside as you passed.”

“Well Violet I’m ready for bed, you had better get out of those clothes, but make sure you don’t damage that dress, for it’s my favourite.”

Now I know all about the lady who lives on the corner.

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