I Want to Watch

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“I want to watch you wank,” she said.

“Whaaat?” I replied.

“You asked what I would most like to see and that’s it. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea and I want to see a man rub himself off. I want to watch from start to finish.”

My cock had suddenly become rigid inside my underpants. I’m sure my mouth was gaping open, but I was unable to make a sound.

We had probably had a bit too much to drink and we’d both got to that point where we indulged in harmless flirting – something we would never do in the office if we were sober, but my original question had been intended to ask what she would most like to see – in terms of sights around the world. But she had deliberately misinterpreted this and given her saucy reply.

“Oops! Did I just say that out loud? What must you think of me?”

I still couldn’t think of what to say.

Her eyes looked down at the table almost coyly as she said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t mean you necessarily. I meant that I’d like to see a man do it.”

Finally I spoke, with a small amount of incredulity, “You mean you’ve never seen a man…?”

I didn’t finish the sentence, so she carried on; her cheeks and upper chest seemed a little flushed.

“It’s just that, well, with my all of my boyfriends – not that I’ve had that many – when it got to the point that it was out in the open, well, they just wanted to get on with it. I mean, sure, sometimes they wanted me to wank them, but it rarely finished that way.”

She paused, seeming a little embarrassed, but then she took another deep swig of her drink and blurted out the rest of her explanation.

“Usually, they would get so excited that they just wanted to…you know, just get in me. But, sometimes they’d want me to use my mouth. God I can’t believe I’m telling you this!”

Neither could I!

I guess that I’d always quite fancied Chantal, but this was the first time that we’d ever found ourselves alone together. One of the secretaries was leaving to have a baby and so we’d all gone down to one of the local pubs to wish her goodbye. It was a Wednesday, so most people had sloped away early, leaving just the two of us. Unlike the rest, I had the next day off as I had had to work the weekend before, whereas Chantal was due back in the next day. But it was still only 8.30pm, so it wasn’t exactly late yet.

“Why didn’t you ever ask one of them to do it for you then?”

“I guess I was too embarrassed. I become very shy when it comes to sex.”

“Really?” I said, arching an eyebrow.

She gave me a playful shove – we were sitting on a padded bench behind a table on which we had our drinks. The bar was almost empty at this end of the pub and we were unobserved and it was unlikely that our conversation could be overheard.

“Stop it! You know it’s only the drink making me talk so much!”

I smiled, enjoying the momentary physical contact and her closeness. Suddenly, I found myself really attracted to Chantal.

“Well, what did your girlfriends say?”

“Like I said, I find it difficult to talk about sex usually.”

“Even when you’ve been drinking?”

“I don’t usually drink all that much – not that I’ve had that much this evening!” she blurted.

“Well, I’m happy that you’ve been able to relax enough to be able to open up.”

Chantal always dressed fairly conservatively, but at the same time her suits made her look very sexy. Just now, she had removed her jacket and laid it on the seat beside her, covering her bag. Her cream blouse looked to be made of silk and was fine enough to reveal the pretty lace bra beneath. It made me start to wonder if she wore matching panties. My cock stiffened even more.

Feeling so horny, I decided to press on, “So, this fantasy of yours; how would you envisage a man carrying out this demonstration for you?”

She cocked her head to one side and thought for a moment.

“Well, I’d be sitting in a nice comfy chair and he would be standing about two metres away.”

“OK, so what would he do? Pull his cock out and just start rubbing?”

“Oh no, I’d want him to be naked – so that I can see everything.”

“And what about you?”


“Yes. Would you be naked too?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’d be dressed. That way there would be less chance of… well, unnecessary distractions.”

“Wouldn’t you want to touch yourself while you were watching?”

Her eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment, as her mind drifted over the scenario.

“Um, well I guess maybe. I mean, it’s bound to be pretty hot, isn’t it?”

“Having a woman watch while you wank is pretty hot,” I agreed. “Almost as hot as being able to watch a woman masturbate.”

It was Chantal’s turn to display a gaping mouth. She closed it quickly with a chomping sound.

“Have you ever watched a woman do that then?”

“Oh, yes. It really is something wonderful to watch.”

I couldn’t help it when my eyes wandered to Chantal’s chest. There was probably one blouse button too many unfastened and there was the faintest glimpse görükle escort of cleavage and lace. I tore my eyes away and looked back at her face. Of course, she caught me looking, but she instantly broke eye contact and looked away. Or to be more precise she inadvertently looked downwards – towards my crotch.

“Oh! Danny!” she leaned in and hissed. “Are you… have you… is it… you’re not aroused are you?”

I had the urge to cross my hands in front of me in order to cover up, but I had an even greater urge to let her see, just to find out how she would now react.

Chantal’s face reddened again, but she looked back down at the lump in the front of my trousers.

“Um… I must say; it looks quite big. Is it?”

“I’ve never had the opportunity to compare. What do you think?”

“Usually when I’ve seen one, I’ve had my hand wrapped around it!” she giggled.

“Well, why don’t you wrap your hand around it and compare?”

I could hear the blood pulsing in my ears. Had I gone too far?

Chantal made a deep intake of breath and for a moment I thought she was going to shout or scream. But she didn’t. Instead, she quickly looked around to see if anybody was watching.

“What, here?” she whispered.

“Yeah, go on.”

She double-checked that the coast was clear and then slid her hand up my leg onto my erection. My trousers were relatively loose, which allowed her to get a good grip. To my surprise, she began to rub up and down. Within thirty seconds I was wishing we were somewhere else – somewhere private. She was that good at it.

“I can see why your boyfriends didn’t last very long before ripping off your knickers.”

She stopped rubbing, a shocked look on her face.

“Who told you that?” she demanded. “That I like having my knickers ripped off?”

Momentarily confused at my accidental discovery, I was a little nonplussed.

“Do you?” I asked.

The look on Chantal’s face showed that she now realised she had unwittingly revealed a very personal secret.

“I’m not going to answer that!”

I grinned and said, “You already have.”

Her face went a shade deeper and she wriggled in her seat.

“Please stop. You’re making me… uncomfortable.”

What I wanted just then was for Chantal to wrap her hand around my cock again, but she had retreated into a defensive shell. In my highly intoxicated state, I decided to try pushing some buttons.

“Was it always in private, or did it ever happen in a public place?”

Chantal made a sharp intake of breath. I’d noticed that she was already breathing more heavily and her breasts were rising and falling delightfully. Indeed, now I looked, I could see that her nipples were beginning to show.

“Never in public? Didn’t you ever fantasise about it?”

She didn’t speak and for a few moments I thought that she was going to shake her head, but then – to my delight – she slowly nodded.

“So… would you like it to happen… now?”

She closed her eyes and I watched as she gave another, almost imperceptible nod.

It was my turn to check that nobody was observing us, and then I slipped my hand around Chantal’s waist and tugged the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt. My fingers touched the smooth, warm flesh and she shivered. I slipped my fingers under her waistband and located the side of her panties. The band was thin, maybe only a centimetre wide and I could feel a seam. I drew the material up out of the skirt, wrapped my hand around and gave a firm tug. It took two attempts, but then the seam gave way.

Chantal gave a little, “Oh!”

I tugged her blouse out on the side nearest me and then repeated the manoeuvre, the lace band giving way at the third attempt this time. Then I slipped my hand inside the back of Chantal’s skirt, the back of my hand grazing her spine as I reached down to locate the loose end of her panties. My fingers went further than necessary so that I could feel the knuckle of my middle finger sliding into her bum cleavage.

Pulling the material free, I whispered to Chantal to lift a little and then I slowly drew the wrecked panties out of her skirt, knowing that they would be sliding across her pussy and up between her cheeks. Her eyes opened again, but then crossed as I retrieved the garment, stimulating her erogenous zones.

Chantal’s nostrils were flared and I guessed that she was probably as turned on as me. It took about thirty seconds for her to regain an element of self-control, at which point she spotted the panties in my hand. She snatched them away and quickly secreted them in her bag. For the first time in a while she spoke again.

“Oh shit! That’s was so erotic! It’s making me have all sorts of naughty thoughts!”


“Like… now I want to see your dick, so that I can properly compare it to my boyfriends'”

“OK,” I said. And then I unzipped my fly.

“Not here!” she whispered.

“Too late,” I grunted, as I pulled at the buttons securing my underpants. My cock head sprang into view immediately.

Chantal bursa sınırsız escort gasped, quickly looked to make sure nobody could see and then reached out. This time she was able wrap her hand completely round my cock and immediately resumed her rubbing. If it was good before, now, flesh on flesh, if she kept this up for very long, the pub was going to experience a new indoor fountain.

And then it all became surreal; as I watched, fascinated, Chantal suddenly bent at the waist and dropped her head into my lap. Suddenly my cock was wrapped in the soft, warm wetness of her mouth and her tongue was doing some amazing things. I’d stopped breathing and my orgasm hit at lightning speed – too fast to warn Chantal. But she continued to bob her head as I emptied my testicles and she swallowed everything I produced. When I’d finally finished spurting she sat back up, licking her lips and promptly tucked my softening cock away in my underpants and zipped my trousers up. Then she checked just to make sure that nobody had seen.

I just sat looking at her with what must have been an astounded look on my face.

“Well don’t just sit there,” she giggled. Go and get me another drink to wash it down.

So I stood up, quickly adjusted myself to ensure that my cock wasn’t too obvious and walked down to the bar. By the time I returned, Chantal had picked up a beer mat and was fanning herself with it.

As I sat down, I whispered, “That was amazing! It was possibly the most erotic thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Chantal smiled, but her voice was husky as she replied, “Well, that’s gotten you off, but what about me?”

My mouth was dry. I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t see how to do it.

“I want to repay the compliment, but I think its way too risky here.”

As if to underline my point, just then another couple walked past and sat at a table a short distance away. I could feel the heat in my face rising as I realised just how close we came to being caught in the act.

“Well, perhaps we should finish our drinks and then call it a day here.”

I was surprised at her words, considering what she had said only a few moments ago, but then she continued.

“I think I need to go back to the office. Perhaps you’d like to come with me. I think there’s something you may be able to help me with.”

Assuming that she had intended the double meaning, I asked, “Will it still be open?”

“Of course, very open,” she breathed.

We walked along the road towards our building, but just before we get there Chantal tugged on my arm and leaned over to whisper conspiratorially.

“I can’t believe how wet you’ve made my pussy. I hope that you’re not going to let me down?”

A half turn and nudge of my groin into her hip gave her an appropriate answer.

The security guard hardly even looked up as we walked past and then individually used our passes to enter the interior of the building. The cleaning staff were just on their way out, having finished for the day. We got into the lift together and as the doors closed Chantal pressed her body up against mine.

“I have never felt so horny in my life! I’m almost out of control!”

The lift doors opened at the fifth floor and we almost ran down to Chantal’s tiny office. She shut and locked the door behind us then, rather bizarrely, opened the blinds that had been closed when we entered. Then she switched off the lights. Now I understood her purpose; our building wasn’t overlooked on this side, but the night time view was spectacular and there was just enough light to see each other.

Chantal leaned back against her desk, breathing heavily, drawing her skirt up her legs. I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of her. She continued to lift the garment slowly, until I couldn’t stand the suspense any more. I pushed the skirt up to her waist and plunged my face between her already parted legs.

I could see the sheen on Chantal’s pussy. She was wetter than I’d ever seen a woman before and in the brief millisecond that it took for my lips to target her swollen clit, I noticed that her lips were puffed and parted. She gasped as my tongue rasped across the sensitive little organ. I concentrated on it, swirling my tongue around and nibbling gently with my teeth, then occasionally delving the tip down between those soft folds. Her breathing became heavier and she shuddered every now and then.

Judging the time was right, I eased two of my fingers up into Chantal’s pussy. She moaned and almost immediately began to buck against my mouth and hand. Her legs crushed against the sides of my head, effectively making me deaf, yet I could still hear her cries as she came heavily.


When Chantal finally released the pressure on my ears, I was able to back away. I stood, wanting nothing more than to penetrate her with my cock. I began to unzip my trousers, my attention centred between her legs.

“No, wait!” she panted. “I can’t take you just yet. It’s too soon. It will hurt. You’ll have to nilüfer escort give me a few minutes.”

I fought to control the impulse to ignore her pleas and just dive right in, but common sense just managed to hold me in check. She wasn’t stopping me – she just needed time to recover from her orgasm.

“Besides,” she said with a smile. “You still need to fulfil my fantasy for me.”

She stood upright, knees shaking slightly and walked around her desk. She pulled the chair out to the side of it and sat down. Then she signalled me to move across by the door and stand in front of her.

“Well, you remember what I told you that I’ve always wanted to see, don’t you?”

I nodded, my mind beginning to spin.

“Come on then, get ’em off!” she jokingly commanded. She was still panting from her previous efforts.

So, I began to strip. Slowly, piece by piece, until I stood naked, my cock harder than I had ever imagined possible, nodding with the blood pulsing through it.

Chantal had pulled her skirt back down when she sat on the chair and her legs were together, revealing nothing. But as I took hold of my shaft and gently began to stroke up and down it, she began to unbutton her blouse, raising my libido even higher.

The blouse fluttered to the floor and I found myself staring at the beautiful lace brassiere – but not for long, as she reached behind and unhooked it. Sliding the straps down and off, she kept one arm holding the cups in place, then transferred her hands to the cups. I watched, transfixed as he allowed the bra to fall slowly away, while leaving her hands in place covering her breasts.

“My nipples are sooooo hard,” she breathed. “And hot! They’re almost burning my hands.”

I moaned in appreciation, my hand movements involuntarily speeding up.

Chantal took her hands away, her chest heaving with her heavy breathing, the near-perfect orbs glowing with a sheen of sweat, the angry red nipples seemingly aimed at me.

I was getting close now and my hand was moving faster. Chantal slowly stood and began to unzip the side of her skirt – the last item of clothing hiding her complete nudity. And then she dropped it. I felt my cock surge with the ejaculate.

With an edge of excitement in her voice, Chantal challenged me, “Come on then, see if you can hit me!”

I’d said that it was a small office, but I was still a good six feet away from her, so I didn’t think it was possible. But I was wrong, the first spurt landed on her legs around her knees, the second was much higher; almost reaching her breasts. The third jet was an almost perfect shot and Chantal looked down at the come dribbling across her pussy.

“You dirty bastard!” she said with a wicked grin. “I told myself that if you managed it, then I’d let you do whatever you want with me. I hope you’ve got more where that came from so that you can use me properly?”

I’d surprised myself – especially as this was my second orgasm of the evening. Hearing Chantal’s words both excited me and filled me with dread – I had no idea if I would be capable of anything else now. But I needn’t have worried; before I’d even finished, Chantal closed the two paces between us and sank to her knees. She licked the head of my penis clean and then began sucking it back to hardness. It didn’t take very long.

My cock was hurting, feeling as though it had been stretched beyond endurance, but I was ready to enter Chantal now. I told her to get up and bend over her desk. She readily and quickly complied, looking back over her shoulder as I approached her from behind. She giggled as I nudged the head against her pussy lips. She was tight, but I kept increasing the pressure and my dick gradually sank further, until my balls were nestled against her pubic hair. I began to stroke in and out, building up a rhythm.

I kept going until I felt that Chantal was close to her orgasm, but then stopped. I wanted to prolong my enjoyment.

“Keep going, keep going, I’m nearly there!” she pleaded. But instead, I withdrew.

Chantal looked back at me with a pained look on her face. I took my pussy-soaked shaft in my hand and aimed it a little higher, then leaned back in. She gasped.

“Oh! I’ve never done that before!”

“You said that I could do whatever I want with you,” I reminded her.

“You really are a dirty bastard, aren’t you? Look, I’m scared it will hurt.”

The lubrication already smothering my cock allowed the head to pop through the sphincter quickly, but I stopped and waited for her discomfort to ease. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to rock gently and push further and further. Chantal said nothing, but seemed to have clamped her mouth shut. She was breathing forcefully through her nose.

I could feel Chantal’s anal walls relaxing and her breathing began to settle, so I started moving, it took maybe ten minutes, but eventually I was fucking her ass rapidly – and I got the impression she was beginning to enjoy it.

“Oh you dirty bugger! You’re going to make me come like this aren’t you?”

The slapping sounds of my thighs on her bum cheeks echoed around the office. I got faster and faster, but after two orgasms already I lasted a long time. I began to think I was going to pass out from the marathon effort, but then I felt Chantal responding and watched her hand slither down to play with her pussy.

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