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Under the Gaze of the Sirens 01: My Girlfriend Thinks You’re Gay

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“My girlfriend thinks you’re gay.”

“What?!! What did you just say?” Bobby said incredulously to his friend Carl.

“You heard me,”….”Sarah thinks you are gay,” Carl smirked.

“Well she’s wrong,” Bobby replied.

“We’ll see,” Carl continued.

Bobby sat there and stewed inside as the two boys sat on the couch watching the game.

“When she comes home we’ll ask her,” Carl chimed in after a few minutes of silence.

“No! Lets not. I’m sure you’re just making this up,” Bobby pleaded.

“OK. When she gets home we’ll see if she brings it up,” Carl conceded.

Bobby still lived at home while his longtime friend Carl lived in a small apartment with his girlfriend Sarah. A few beers later after the game was over Sarah came home from shopping. Leaving her bags by the door she sat on the couch between Carl and Bobby. After some small talk Sarah smiled at Carl and then smirked at Bobby. Whispering something in Carl’s ear he responded with glee:

“Go for it!” Carl grinned.

Turning to Bobby she whispered something in his ear too. Bobby could not believe what she just said to him. Sarah was a hottie. Slim, long brunette hair, perfect tiny little ass that looked good in tight jeans like she was now wearing. Her breasts were fairly small but fine and firm and always enticing in the tight tops she wore. Bobby was envious of Carl being with Sarah, not that he would ever be so lucky. Trying to process what she had said to him he was in a daze. Her voice was sultry as her words stunned him, aroused him, embarrassed him, humiliated him, haunted his soul:

“If you put on a pair of my panties, I’ll show you my titties,” rattled inside his head.

Bobby still could not believe what she just said.

“Come on let’s go,” she said getting up pulling Bobby by the hand.

Looking sheepishly at her and then at Carl he followed her into the bedroom. Standing in a daze Bobby watched as she rummaged through her pantie drawer. Sarah produced a pair of silky pink bikini panties. They were bright pink with tiny white polka dots, white lace trim and a pretty pink bow in front. She held them up with both hands showing him:

“See! Aren’t they pretty! You will look lovely in them,” Sarah beamed.

Bobby looked scared though inside he was bursting with excitement.

“Come on, off with your clothes,” Sarah chided. Bobby was hesitant.

“Here I’ll start,” she said peeling off her tight fitting tee shirt revealing a stunning light pink demi-bra holding her firm little titties in place. Bobby would have put on her panties just to see her like this in her bra and jeans, let alone her naked titties.

Kicking off his shoes and pulling down his pants Bobby soon stood there in only his tee shirt.

“Everything off Hun, lets see,” she implored.

Taking off his shirt he stood there naked to her, his little penis shriveled and scared. Sarah opened up the panties for Bobby to step into. Pulling them into place Bobby’s penis sprouted and began to tent significantly in the silky pink undergarment.

“Very cute,” Sarah remarked as she admired the scared boy in her pink panties. “OK, now to keep my promise,” she said as she unsnapped her bra. In amazement Bobby stared at her magnificent little titties. His penis grew hard.

“Let’s put this on too,” Sarah said as she lifted the bra to put on Bobby.

Sarah smelled divine and Bobby was floating as she fitted his arms through the straps and snapped the bra into place brushing into him several times with her naked titties. Bobby was shaking with excitement, he had never been this aroused in his entire life. The panties felt scintillating and wearing Sarah’s bra was an experience beyond belief, especially getting to look at her naked titties at the same time.

“You look fabulous! Let’s go even farther and I’ll do your makeup,” Sarah exclaimed.

Sarah had Bobby shave his face (though at 19 and being a skinny boy shorter than her 5’7″ he barely needed to shave) and then started with foundation and soon did his eyebrows, eyes and finished with his lips, making them a luscious glossy pink. She brushed out his wavy hair and with a curling iron and styling gel his appearance was that of a tantalizing sexy girl.

“Let’s find some shoes for you,” Sarah went on as she began rummaging through her closet. Finding a a pair of strappy black patent leather high heel sandals she went on:

“These should fit. But ‘know what? Let’s paint your toes first, you’ll just love it!” she exclaimed, radiant in her quest to lead Bobby to femininity.

Bobby loved all the attention he was getting. He loved the way the panties and bra felt & looked on him, he loved being made up like a girl, he loved feeling feminine. And yes while he loved looking at Sarah’s lovely naked titties as she put bright pink nail polish on his toenails he was feeling more than a little gay. She pulled out a blow dryer to speed up the drying and when the nail polish was set she helped him bomonti escort into the high heels.

“Wow!” she said as he stood up wobbly in the petite strappy heels. “Lets see you walk,” she went on.

Taking one of his hands she led him around the room and then let go, letting him walk on his own. “Bobbi” was smitten. It all happened so fast. Here he was in panties and a bra walking around in high heels toes painted pink and face and hair made up into a sweet feminine girl. Except for the penis tenting in the pink panties he was wearing you would have no doubts he was a girl.

“I have to pee,” Bobbi whispered to Sarah as he went into the bathroom. Being too wobbly to stand and pee like a boy, he pulled the panties down, sat down and tried to wish away his erection so he could pee. Finally it subsided enough so he could relieve himself from the beers he had with Carl.

“Don’t forget to wipe, to keep your panties clean,” Sarah commented as she sat on the bed.

Bobbi wiped and pulled up his panties. His penis sprang to life again as he glanced in the mirror seeing what a pretty, sexy girl he had become. The high heels were intoxicating and he felt so very feminine. He loved girls and their beauty but he also really loved what was happening to him, how feminine he felt and looked, he had never been more aroused. Maybe he was gay, he thought, this just feels so good.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” Sarah inquired.

“No! Come on Sarah,” he lied.

Bobby’s friend Pete had an older brother Mark who caught Bobby and Pete looking at Mark’s stash of girlie magazines and forced the two younger boys take turns sucking his big cock. Mark secretly coaxed Bobby to come over when he was alone to suck his cock. Over the span of a year and a half Bobby had sucked Mark’s cock dozens of times. On several occasions Mark would throw Bobby a pair of his sister’s panties to put on while he sucked Mark’s cock. Bobbi did not want to admit to himself he might be gay but secretly sucking cocking was so exciting he could not stop. After Mark went to college Bobby slid into a deep funk. He wanted a girlfriend but he also wanted a cock to suck, he had neither.

“I’m pretty sure Carl would love it if you would,” she said matter of factly.

Just then Carl was standing at the doorway.

“Well, well, well! What do we have here?” Carl exclaimed.

“Isn’t she cute!” Sarah chimed in.

“Man I gotta pee,” Carl said as he barreled into the bathroom needing relief from the afternoon’s beer drinking. Sarah and Bobbi could hear the loud stream splash into the toilet.

Carl ambled back in the bedroom with a wide grin on his face, his pants unzipped, his long half hard cock exposed. Without a word he stood before Bobbi in anticipation.

“You can do this,” Sarah whispered in Bobbi’s ear as she gently pushed him by the shoulder to his knees.

Acting as if he was uncertain about doing this he reached both hands onto Carl’s cock and looked sheepishly up at Sarah. Bobbi looked sexy, amazing. Carl shuddered to Bobbi’s touch on his penis and his cock grew hard as Bobbi played with it. Sarah looked stunning too, topless in jeans her pert little titties proudly on display for the two boys. She gently pushed Bobbi’s head into Carl’s now massively hard cock. Without any hesitation Bobbi’s mouth hungrily engulfed his best friend’s cock under the delighted gaze of Sarah. Any pretense that Bobbi was hesitant, afraid or new to sucking cock vanished as Sarah and Carl marveled at the eagerness with which Bobbi devoured Carl’s cock. Someone that eager, that enthusiastic, that cock hungry was no stranger to sucking cock. Carl let out a low moan as Bobbi sucked on his cock. Sarah kissed him as he reached for her titties. The stimulation of kissing his girlfriend and playing with her luscious little titties while his friend Bobby, now “Bobbi” dressed as a girl, sucking on his cock was wildly exciting. This whole scene was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him and to Bobbi too.

Bobbi didn’t care about anything else right now just about the big hard cock in his mouth. He finally had another cock to suck and it felt good. Really, really good. He was happy Sarah led him on this path, happy to suck cock again, amazed that he was made feminine and coaxed into being gay under the gaze of such a hottie. His own much smaller cock was hard as steel peeking out of the pink panties. He worked Carl’s cock with loving attention removing it at times to pull on its length and admire it, kiss it, sniff it as he pressed his face into it then licked the big hairy balls as he jacked on it before wholeheartedly re-engulfing it in his mouth and piston-ing it hungrily in and out with unabashed gayness and devotion. Yeah Sarah was right, he was gay. So what? This was hot, this is what he longed for, for such a long time. The secret was out, now he could enjoy being himself. Sarah made it better by dolling him up. Being gay and feminine cihangir escort made it hotter. Bobbi had no idea it could be this good. It was intoxicating to feel so femme and to act so gay. Just having Sarah in the room topless and her pretty little titties showing while he sucked Carl’s cock made him feel oh so feminine. Sarah, having put him in her panties, her bra, putting makeup on him, then stockings and high heels was a fantasy he never dared dream, now it was a reality.

Carl was close. Bobbi looked adorable with Carl’s cock in his mouth, the make-up job by Sarah heightening his femininity though the lipstick had long since been slobbered off all over his hard cock. He watched with Sarah as Bobbi devoured his cock. “This is so hot” she whispered over and over in his ear. Sarah loved sucking cock but for Carl this was amazing having his newly outed gay friend suck his cock while his girlfriend watched. There is something so utterly decadent having another guy suck your cock, much different than when a girl sucks your cock. Guys love having their cocks sucked and the forbidden fruit of having another guy suck you off makes it all the sweeter. At this point Carl did not care. He just wanted to cum. In that pre-orgasmic state of heightened anticipation, heightened stimulation, heightened arousal the mind wanders, the mind races, the thoughts of past sex, future sex, to ‘right now what is happening is so fucking hot I don’t care how gay it is I love it sex’ triggers the latch that opens the gates so horses can stampede free.

In one loud moan, it happened. Uncontrollably Carl humped his cock in jagged thrusts in to Bobbi’s mouth. Then as the river of cum began to flow he just stood there allowing Bobbi to service his cock to completion as he and Sarah watched in amazement. The way that Bobbi hungrily sucked his cock off start to finish taking every gob of jizz that spasm-ed from him demonstrated what a proficient little cocksucker Bobbi truly was. Carl’s moans of pleasure continued as Bobbi’s attentiveness with his mouth on Carl’s cock continued and Carl grabbed another handful of titty kissing Sarah forcefully.

“Wow!” burst out as Carl broke the kiss and Bobbi had finally pulled his face away from Carl’s cock. “Who knew you were such a good little cocksucker?”

“I knew,” Sarah beamed.

At this point only Carl had cum; Bobbi stood up with his little penis hard in the pink panties and Sarah now removing her jeans and sandals. She had on the matching pink panties to the bra Bobbi was wearing and flung herself on the bed. In agitated thrusts she rubbed her pussy through the panties and Carl removed his clothes and joined her on the bed kissing her neck and playing with her lovely little titties. Sarah motioned Bobbi next to her by the bed and reached with her free hand for Bobbi’s hard penis. As she fondled the boy’s penis protruding from her cute panties that she made him wear Bobbi humped his hard penis into her soft feminine hand. This went on for a few moments as she then pulled Bobbi by the cock on the bed up over her titties. Bobbi began to hump his excited penis onto the soft flesh of her pretty titties. In a playful fit she grabbed one of Carl’s hands and placed it on Bobbi’s penis and pulled it back and forth indicating for him to jack off the other boy. Carl obliged and reached for Bobbi’s cock. For Bobbi all the stimulation of being turned femme and then sucking off Carl in front of Sarah made the feeling of Carl’s manly hand on his penis as it brushed against Sarah’s soft titties too much. In excited spurts Bobbi’s penis began to ejaculate huge gobs of cum all over Sarah’s pretty little titties and Carl’s hand as she continued to rub her pussy through her panties. He humped his penis feverishly into Carl’s hand as the last dribbles of cum speckled Sarah’s awesome titties.

Sarah was flummoxed. Her pussy ached. She had brought on this whole crazy sex scene. Her titties were splattered with cum.

“OK boys, lick,” she said looking at Bobbi, then at Carl with a devilish grin.

She continued rubbing her swollen pussy as she watched in amazement as the boys tentatively leaned their faces to Sarah’s cum soaked titties. Bobbi need no encouragement and began licking his own cum off her pretty little tittes not believing how fortunate the day had become and how sweet her little titties tasted cum or no cum. Carl needed a little coaxing as Sarah guided his face to her free breast and he began to tentatively lick her beautiful cum coated titty. Being coaxed into tasting another boy’s cum was kinky, erotic and exciting, especially with guidance and approval of Sarah. She wanted to see the boys kiss each other but did not want to press things. Carl’s cock was getting hard again. He could fuck Sarah three times in one day, on occasion four times, so a 20 year old boy getting hard again was a pretty common thing, especially after the erotic sex play with Bobbi, Carl was so hard again his cock ached. Sarah peeled kurtuluş escort off her panties and jacked and fondled Carl’s throbbing, glistening cock. Without delay she pulled it inside of her and they began to fuck. Bobbi watched in rapt amazement as they fucked with Sarah holding in her hand the panties she had just removed. In a playful fit she lifted the pink panties up to Bobbi’s face.

Bobbi needed no encouragement as he eagerly snatched the panties and held them to his nose. Inhaling deeply, the scent of pussy was intoxicating and his head spun as Carl continued to pound his cock into Sarah. She was grinning at this even through her enjoyment of getting fucked. As was her mischievous nature she snatched the panties away from Bobbi and put the sweet smelling cotton panel up to Carl’s nose. Not needing anymore stimulation but readily accepting the kinkiness of sniffing her panties as they fucked this only drove him to be uncontrollably tribal in his thrusts. With all that had gone on with Sarah and Bobbi the lovely scent of the panties and the kinkiness of it all proved to be too much. In loud moans Carl’s cock spasm-ed many ejaculations of cum up into his sweetie. Sarah was close too, begging him on but he was spent. After sliding off of her Carl reclined on the bed trying to register all that had happened as Sarah whispered into Bobbi’s ear.

Needing no prodding he licked Carl’s cum coated cock clean as Sarah smirked a little more to herself. She then guided Bobbi’s face between her legs to seal the deal. Her pussy sopping with cum, Bobbi began lapping at it as would a kitten to a bowl of milk. Though very inexperienced at licking pussy it was never the less perhaps the most erotic thing he had ever done and the dual pleasure of tasting cum and pussy at the same time was something he would cherish forever. Sarah moaned encouragement saying “oh yes” when he hit the right spot and “don’t fucking stop” as she egged him on holding his head in place as Carl watched in his own sex shrouded gaze. Sarah bucked up and down and her breathing got heavy. In one low exasperated moan she stiffened then went limp.

Bobbi came up for air his face flush with the wonderful scent of pussy and the tangy, pungent taste of Carl’s cum on his lips. He had never experienced a more wonderful sexual outing as what he had just done with Carl and Sarah. Still in Sarah’s bra, panties, high heels and make up he was hard again as the silky pink panties tented his little penis. Bobbi was so horny and worked up by this sexual awakening it was as if he was possessed. On his knees he began masturbating in front of the reclining Sarah and Carl, both naked and spent. Long past caring what they may think of him his gayness now revealed and reveling in his homosexual leanings Bobbi picked up the wonderful soiled panties and drank in the scent as he jacked off in front of the other two. Furiously he jacked on his penis and after several long minutes of masturbating and sniffing Sarah’s panties excited spurts of cum flew out all over both Carl and Sarah as they grinned bemusedly. ………..

“So what made you think Bobby was gay?” Carl asked as he lay in bed with Sarah that night.

“It wasn’t too hard,” Sarah replied as she stroked Carl’s hardening cock. “Shelly’s brother has been gay forever and he told me everything.”

“Everything about being gay?” Carl inquired.

“Brandon told me everything about gay guys and guys that are gay or should be gay but don’t really know it or show it. Things like ‘alpha’ guys, beta guys, tops and bottoms,” Sarah went on. Just talking about this and what happened earlier in the day made Carl’s cock harder than ever with Sarah still gently stroking it.

“And?” Carl managed as his hard cock was clouding his thinking.

“Well you know. An alpha male as the aggressor, the top and more masculine and the beta being the bottom more submissive and more feminine,” Sarah explained. “Brandon says every guy has had a gay experience with another at least once in his life even if he’s totally straight. Also said most guys would have sex with another guy as long as no one else would find out, fascinating really,” as she grinned at Carl as if to see if he was flinching at this statement.

“But what made you think Bobby was gay?” as if to redirect the previous statements from Sarah.

“Oh just a premonition. When was the last time Bobby had a girlfriend? Brandon said guys that are timid around girls are more likely to be gay,” she continued. “What about you, did you think Bobby was gay?”

“Never really thought about it, he’s just my friend,” Carl mused.

“Ever had sex with another boy before today?” Sarah pried.

“Sarah! Why do you ask that? Yes, most boys jack off together at some point growing up, a brother or friend. Doesn’t mean you’re gay,” Carl replied. “I’m not gay. Look at all the sex we have. You started it today.”

“But you enjoyed it,” she quizzed as Carl placed his hand over hers to hasten the pace of her jacking on his cock.

“Fuck yes it was hot! You liked it too. I can’t explain why I like sex even if it’s kinky and bi. Not sure now what to do now that I had sex with my best friend, kind of changes things doesn’t it?” he said as he urged her on as she played with his cock. “I’m about ready to blow.”

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