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Humiliated at Airport Security

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Jenna was standing in line to go through security at an airport. She was very excited; she was working through college and had finally saved up enough money for a trip home to see her family and boyfriend. It was a very long line, new security measures had backed the process up so much that there were people winding all the way back to the door. Jenna was not worried though, she was so excited that she arrived at the airport four hours early. She was passing time by talking with a guy from her math class who was right behind her. There were a lot of people from her school in line, all trying to get home.

When Jenna finally got to the head of the line she took off her shoes and belt as instructed and walked through the metal detector. A red light and a beep sounded as she walked through. The security person on the other side, a tall, thin, flat, strict looking woman, named Iris, came up to her and asked her if she had anything in her pockets.

Jenna replied “just my ID, boarding pass and some cash.”

The security woman looked even more annoyed as she instructed Jenna to spread her arms and legs so the she could use the wand on her. Jenna did as she was told; the wand went off three times, once over each of her breasts and once over her crotch.

Jenna blushed; she immediately knew what the issue was. She had just recently gotten three new piercings as a surprise for her boyfriend.

Jenna leaned in and whispered nervously to the Iris “um, I think my, uh, pier-piercings are setting that th-thing off.”

The woman suddenly looked less annoyed, she even smiled a little. She motioned two other security personnel over, a large unhappy looking woman, named Marge and a skinny guy with a big smile on his face who looked to be barely out of high school, named Dan.

Iris then said to Jenna in a pleasant but instructing voice “We are going to have to process you, since we cannot be sure the piercings are the only thing setting our machine off. Please spread your arms and legs again, I will need to give you a full pat down.”

Jenna did as she was told; the “pat down” was very thorough and made her feel very uncomfortable.

Iris rubbed her hands firmly all over Jenna’s body. She paid most attention to a couple areas though. She pressed her hand firmly into Jenna’s crotch, and then Iris moved up and rubbed Jenna’s young firm breasts.

When this was over Jenna breathed a sigh of relief and said “m-may I go through now?”

Iris replied “sorry, not just yet we have procedure we must follow to ensure nothing unauthorized gets through.”

Dan the male security officer then brought a plastic bin over to Jenna as Iris said, with a sinister look “please remove your blouse and slacks and place them in the bin for inspection.”

Jenna gaped at her for a moment and finally replied “I cannot do that, there are hundreds of people here and I will be left in my undies!”

“Ma’am we must follow procedure or we cannot let you fly today” said Iris.

Jenna was very worried, if she refused she would miss her flight and it would take her another year to save up the money for another trip. Finally she replied “Ok, I’ll do it, but isn’t there a private room we can do this in?”

The security woman replied “No, that was deemed unsafe for security personnel, being confined with a possible dangerous individual. Now we do it right here!”

“So now I am expected to strip down to my undies in front of everyone!?” Said Jenna, motioning to the hundreds of people, from children to elderly, waiting in line.

Iris, looking very judgmental, replied “Well ma’am, you are the one who showed up to the airport with metal under your clothes. No one is forcing you to do this; you just cannot fly with us if you are not willing to comply with our rules.”

Turning bright red and shaking a little Jenna began unbuttoning her blouse in in full view of everyone around. She kept her eyes on her hands to stop from thinking about all the people watching her strip in the middle of the airport. The crowd was full of murmurs, and curious questions. Once her blouse was unbuttoned and she was pulling it off she began to hear laughter, and shocked expressions mixed in with increased murmuring. She felt the fear and humiliation building and it was making her shiver.

Jenna got her shirt off, placed it in the bin and started to unbutton her pants when she noticed the first flash, and then another, and another. She looked around to see phones and cameras all over pointing at her! Jenna stopped and snapped nervously at Iris almost in tears “can’t you do something about them taking pictures!?”

Iris responded with a wicked grin “We have no right to take özbek escort their cameras and phones away. THEY didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jenna began shaking even more and she felt the tears building in her eyes. She let out a little whimper as she slipped her pants off and put them in the bin with her blouse.

The crowd was alive with shocked women and cheering men!

Jenna was five foot six inches tall, had a slim waist, perky 34D breasts and perfectly round ass. She was wearing a lacy push up bra that barely covered her nipples, and boy shorts that only covered the top half of her ass before disappearing between her cheeks.

It was like a bad dream, standing there in front of countless people in just her bra and panties! Jenna watched with worry as the Marge picked up the bin and took it around a corner and out of sight.

Jenna cried out in fear “Where is she taking my clothes?!”

“Don’t worry you will get them back after you and your clothes have been cleared” replied Iris.

“Am I not cleared yet? What more do you want from me?” At this Dan snickered as he placed another bin in front of her.

Jenna stared at it wide eyed with fear as she stammered out “y-you c-cannot expect me t-to…” But she was cut off before she could finish.

“Now remove your undergarments and place them in the bin.” Instructed Iris with an unpleasant smile on her face.

“N-No, please don’t make me do that in front of all these people!” begged Jenna with despair in her voice and tears forming in her eyes.

“It’s either that or we turn you away and confiscate the clothes we already have” answered Iris with a sneer.

Jenna looked hopelessly around at all the people. The women were either shocked or amused; they were either laughing and pointing or covering their mouth with shock. The men were all entertained; they were cheering, laughing or shouting crude comments. Children were peeking around mother’s hands to get a look at the half naked lady and point in amazement. All around people were taking pictures or videos with cameras and cell phones alike. She even saw her classmates laughing and recording her humiliation!

Finally she decided she didn’t have much of a choice. Blinking away her tears as beat she could and starting with her bra, she undid the hooks in the back. She covered her breasts as best she could with one arm as she slipped off the bra and threw it in the bin with the other. With her free hand she slid her panties down her ass. The crowd of people was going crazy! She picked up her panties with her toes, to keep from bending over, and put them in the bin with her bra covering her crotch with her hand.

The Marge came back and took her underwear away, down the same hall as the rest of her clothes.

Jenna watched as her last articles of clothing were taken out of sight, completely inaccessible to her. Suddenly Jenna realized the full weight of her situation; she was completely naked in front of hundreds of people with no way of getting her clothes until she satisfied the demands of this evil security woman. She was shaking so much and breathing so fast she thought she would pass out from humiliation. She had never been so embarrassed in her life!

“I have d-done everything you ask-asked, that other w-woman has loo-looked at all m-my clothes, can I p-please have them b-back now?” Stammered Jenna, she could barely speak from humiliation.

“Your clothes are being cleared right now. Before you can go get them I must clear your body. Now let me inspect those piercings, arms behind your head and legs spread out!” Said Iris as she snapped on a pair of latex gloves.

Jenna started to protest, but realized she had no choice. If she refused now security would confiscate her clothes and deny her access to her flight. She let out a small sob, blinking wildly, trying to hold back her tears. Slowly she placed her hands behind her head, while inching her feet apart, exposing herself to everyone.

Her breasts were round and perky, the cool temperature in the airport had given her little goose bumps and her pierced nipples were hard and pointing. Her crotch was shaved and her pierced clitoris was clearly visible.

Camera flashes were going off everywhere and video cameras were recording every inch of her exposed body.

Jenna turned the most violent shade of red, vainly trying to hide her face and pleaded with Iris, “I am b-begging you, you c-can see I am not dan-dangerous to anyone! Can we p-please go somewhere away f-from all these pe-people?”

“Ma’am I have no way of knowing whether or not you are dangerous just by looking at you. Besides your humiliation mecidiyeköy escort is teaching so many people what they can expect if they do not come to the airport prepared.” As Iris said this she moved closer to Jenna eying her naked body. “Now let’s get your body cleared shall we, so that we can stop holding up all these people? First off let’s make sure these perky breasts are not prosthetics meant to hide dangerous objects.” Said Iris squeezing Jenna’s tits and then pulling her nipples hard “to make sure they’re real” she said.

Jenna cried out, a single tear rolling down her cheek, as her nipples were squeezed and pulled.

The people watching gasped and laughed at Jenna’s discomfort.

Next Iris thrust her hand between Jenna’s legs and said “now let’s make sure you don’t have anything hidden down here.” As she rubbed her fingers around Jenna’s exposed pussy she squirmed and whimpered in humiliation. Jenna began squeezing her legs closed little by little.

Iris finally said “this is not working; I need to be able to see what I am doing!”

She stood up, turned behind Jenna and pushed her shoulders forward, bending Jenna over a desk. She then yanked Jenna’s legs wide for a better view. This also gave everyone there a clear view of her tight little pussy.

The men really enjoyed this, and the women were shocked! Jenna was so embarrassed, she couldn’t even think strait. She just buried her face in her hands and tried to drown out the horrible sounds from the crowd. She kept hoping she would wake up and this would all be a dream.

Iris knelt down real low, and to one side behind Jenna, so the crowd of people could get a good view. She used her fingers to spread Jenna’s pussy lips wide so that she, and everyone else could get a good look at Jenna’s piercing, and much more. While spreading her lips with one hand Iris tugged on the piercing with the other saying “aren’t you glad you chose to wear these today?”

Jenna just cried out a little and flinched from the rough handling of her clit piercing.

Then, without warning Iris shoved two fingers deep into Jenna’s pussy and said, “Have to make sure you haven’t hidden anything in this tight little hole.”

Jenna gasped and squeezed her eyes shut at the feeling of the fingers thrusting into her. Her breathing increased and she whimpered slightly as Iris’s fingers probed her quivering pussy. She risked a peak back at the crowd from under her arm and saw a state of panic. People were going wild; some women were now covering their faces or running away, one woman even passed out in line! But what shocked her most was a crowd of girls from her school all laughing pointing, standing behind a high quality camera on a tripod, the kind that can zoom in so close they could probably see, in great detail the fingers shoved deep inside of her. She quickly looked away planting her face in the table again!

After about a couple minutes, Iris pulled her fingers out and said “Well I don’t think you have hidden anything in there.”

Jenna sighed in relief wiping tears from her cheeks.

Iris spread Jenna’s ass cheeks wide with her hands, exposing her anus for all to see. After making sure everyone had time to get a good look and take pictures she took her, still slippery, two fingers and quickly shoved them into Jenna’s rear as she said, “we have to check everywhere to make sure you are not transporting anything inside you.”

Jenna’s body jerked as she cried out from the feeling of Iris shoving her fingers inside her anus. Tears streaked down her eyes as fingers curled and squirmed inside her ass as hundreds of people watched her humiliation.

Just as it seemed she was about to pull her fingers out Jenna heard a yell from one of the girls in her class “check her anus good! That ass is way to round for a white girl!”

Another girl added “yeah, get in there deep! She must have stuffed it with something!”

Jenna was shocked! How could they be so cruel? Her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of the security woman driving her fingers in as deep as she could get them in her anus.

As Iris searched Jenna’s ass she said “we must take any threats seriously, those girls might know something we don’t!”

Iris bent and twisted her fingers around inside of Jenna’s anus, searching her thoroughly. The group of girls who made the comments were hysterical with laughter, watching the security woman probe poor Jenna’s anus mercilessly!

After completely abusing Jenna’s anus in front of everyone Iris finally pulled her fingers out and said, “turns out there wasn’t anything in their after all. Stay right there we are almost done now.”

Jenna azeri escort shuddered at the feeling of Iris’s fingers sliding out her ass. She was so grateful this ordeal was almost over!

Iris got down again, cleaned up Jenna with a paper towel and took a couple of close up pictures of Jenna’s clit piercing and a couple pictures of her bent over the desk, then said “stand up straight, put your hands behind your head and spread your legs for me again for one more minute.”

Jenna closes her eyes and did what she was told, thinking to herself ‘this is almost over, this is almost over, and the worst is behind me.’

Iris then took a close-up photo of both breasts and her clit again; finally she took pictures of Jenna from a few different angles and said “you may relax now. Do you know what we will use the pictures I took for?”

Jenna stood there covering herself up as best she could with her hands. Her cheeks were wet with tears and mascara. She answered in a weak and shaky voice “I-I don’t know, c-can I please jus-just have my clothes back now?”

Iris replied “Almost, we are going to make posters of these pictures with advice on what not to wear to the airport and what happens if you do. Then we will post them all over the airport, at travel agents, and on our website to educate future travelers.”

“W-what?! You can’t do that!” cried Jenna.

“Yes we can! When you purchased your tickets you agreed to our terms. In those terms, if you read them, you would have seen that you agreed to allow us to take photos of you at any phase of your travel and use them however we wish.” Said Iris with a cruel but short laugh.

Jenna imagined all the people who would see these humiliating posters: strangers, classmates, friends, family. She didn’t know if she would ever go to another airport again. She sobbed a little as tears rolled down her face again and said in a completely defeated voice “please, I beg you just let me have my clothes!”

Iris smiled wide and said “Your clothes and all of your things have been sent to your gate, I must give you these clearance tags to allow you to pass and you can collect them there.”

Iris reached into a drawer and pulled out three green streamers with metal clover clamps on them and the word CLEARED spelled out. She clamped a streamer to each of Jenna’s nipples and one to her clit just behind the piercings.

Jenna gasped and whined as the clamps bit down on her nipples and put pressure on her nipple piercings. She cried out and jerked in pain as the clamp crushed down on her clitoris. Iris pulled out another streamer, this one with a large black plug on the end and a much longer streamer. She moved behind Jenna and pushed the plug against Jenna’s anus. It would not go in at first but Iris pushed and twisted the plug until Jenna’s tight hole finally swallowed up the large bulbous plug.

Jenna moaned and sobbed as Iris was working the plug into her ass and as her ass eventually accepted the widest part of the plug Jenna let out a small scream. The probe slid deep into Jenna’s anus, making her feel very full and pushing against her bladder. Jenna had tears streaming down her cheeks, she was shivering with cold and humiliation and she felt like her legs were going to crumple from underneath her.

The crowd was delighted by her appearance, those who stayed. A large amount of women left from embarrassment or fear.

Iris laughed and said “well you are finally cleared and all you can do is stand there!?”

Jenna responded through her sobs “I-I cannot w-walk all the-the w-way across the air-airport like th-this!”

Iris smiled and said “I would not suggest you walk, because if you are not at your gate in a few minutes your things will be loaded into cargo and you will have to fly to your destination as you are and pick up your things at the baggage claim when you arrive. Oh and if you tamper with any of your streamers or the attachments you will not be authorized to retrieve your belongings.”

Jenna just stared in disbelief! How could this be happening to her! Would it ever end! But her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Run Jenna!” yelled one of her classmates as he laughed and pointed his video camera at her.

She jumped a little, whined and took off running. As she ran she could feel the large plug inside her ass moving around inside her occasionally sending an aching feeling through her colon. Her breasts bounced beautifully as the clamps yanked at her tender nipples painfully. The clamp between her legs pulled and bounced between her legs torturing her throbbing clitoris with every stride! The CLEARED streamers trailed from her nipples, clit and anus. All around her women gasped, men cheered, and kids laughed. Some applauded, some took pictures or videos and the occasional few slapped her ass as she ran past. All the while Jenna prayed feverishly that she made it to the gate on time, for on the arrival side her family would be waiting!

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