Christmas Special

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Cock Riding

Christmas Special …

I couldn’t help it, it was Christmas Eve, we were in the middle of Sainsbury’s store being crushed in the hassle to buy that I just did it.

Pete looked at me, at first astonished and looking somewhat surprised – but I whispered into his ear and said I loved him, that I wanted and needed to do it, so I took the bull by the horns – or to put it more clearly – the cock in hand and squeezed, and it was simply divine.

Fortunately everybody was concentrating on their job in hand, to get what they wanted and get the hell out of there.

I carried on and smoothed him over his jeans, my fingers itching to unzip but I had gone that far and, as much as I wanted to, I did not, it felt so good and my taste buds craved for the taste of him.

For a while, stuck near the fresh fish counter -we were both immersed in our dream world and as I continued to feel and gently massage him I felt the swell come.

Then cam a voice from the other side of the counter, it was the assistant asking if she could help.

I quickly took my hand away but still felt the warmth of Pete as I replied: ” No thank you, we don’t want any fish today thanks!

“Maybe a Cod :Piece to keep you at bay!” Pete whispered Escort bayan and made me laugh so much. I don’t think the assistant saw anything but she flushed when she heard what Pete said and I gave her such a look in case she had any ideas the way she was looking at my Pete!

We eventually pushed our way through the crowd and got through the check -out, served by a nice girl called Louise who Pete started chatting up with me giving him a ‘watch it’ nudge. He chuckled with the excuse that it was Christmas, a time to be friendly with all.

“But the way she was eyeballing you she wanted more than just friendly! She wanted not just Christmas but the stocking!”

“The only stocking I want to get into is yours, baby” Pete said in his sexy style of speaking which he knew turned me on no end. I felt I wanted him so bad, “just wait till we get home” he said, “Patience is a baby.”

He always said I was so hot and had a passion like am inferno, that when it started, it started with a vengeance and no way could he hold me back.

Since I’d reached puberty I was always like that as soon as I say a guy who turned me on my hormones were afire and it was like I wanted him deep inside me, warming me to the brim.

But Bayan escort now it was Pete, only Pete I ever wanted to the brim, the touch and the feel of him, his warm long French kisses which drove me wild and the feel of his warm masculine chest pressing my breasts as his lips brushed my neck, his hands encircled me, then feeling him swell against my thigh, that so special wondrous feeling starting to throb for my fuck.

But now we’d reached the car, planted the goods into the boot and as Pete went to open the driver’s door I opened the back door, pushed him in and joined him, we were going nowhere yet, the back windows were darkened and soon Pete was gaping and I was groping, moulding my hands around his mass, feeling absolutely wonderful, the feel of growing warm cock ready for the fucking, ready for the tasting,

Now I wasted no time in stretching his boxer shorts down causing his fresh erection to pop up like a Jack in the box, presenting a wonderful vibrant head of very tempting succulent swelling in my mouth as I went for it like a hungry animal, sucking and moulding it in my mouth to excite the throb into my throat,. Tasting the earthiness of fresh grown cock to the fore, the taste salty and wonderful Escort as I teased the tip of my tongue into his p-hole, making him gasp as I went for it all the way, Pete ripping his jeans and boxers off, opening his gorgeous thighs so wide to let me go free with his all, he know how I loved that and what I wanted to do, there was no stopping now, my passion was free and I was at a point of no return, I was so hungry for it that my whole body was moving and craving for more and more cock, the feel of all of him, teasing, tasting cradling and sucking his balls too, stroking and fondling, stretching back that hard stiff cock to the full to let me really enjoy the full head until it spurted like a proverbial volcano and I tasted the honey of his white cum fill my mouth to overflowing ,and trickle down my cheek, sucking it back into my mouth as I swallowed complete.

I loved Pete so much and wanted his all, I was heaven as was the feel of his fuck which followed, I felt the warmth merge inside as I helped him gain a full and deep penetration so sweet and stiff, we rough fucked until we both expended all the had been pent up, just waiting to be shared with each together, then we’d suck each other mutually and enjoyed our special heaven, to seal it all with a very long and satisfying and very deep wet French kiss – tasting the combination of our heavenly fuck.

There can surely be nothing more intimate than that.

That was a Christmas special with Pete for sure.

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