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Jake’s Journey Ch. 01

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The truck was parked in a quiet corner of the lot, behind the other rigs and without direct illumination from any street lamps. He turned the handle on the passenger side and, as promised, the door was unlocked. He opened the door to the cab and climbed up, shutting the door behind him. The cab of the truck was dark and warm, but stank of sweat, beer, cigar and more sweat. If he had to describe it, Jake would have said that it smelled of pure maleness. He breathed in deeply.

As arranged, he climbed through to the bed space at the rear of the cabin, took off his clothes and waited, face down on the bed, head buried in a small pile of pillows and legs spread out wide behind him. Anyone looking in would have seen the snowy peaks of his firm, youthful buttocks illuminated in the pale moonlight, the tight virgin hole between them remaining in shadow.

After a couple of minutes Jake forgot his nervousness and fell asleep, nestled in the bed and breathing deeply the pungent scents of trucker from the cabin. He was awakened by a heavy body falling on top of him, still fully clothed and a bristling beard scratching against the back of his neck. The breath stank of whisky as the man behind whispered in his ear: “So you’re the pretty one Dave’s been telling us about. We’re going to have plenty of fun with you later.”

Jake sumo web tools gulped in shock and trepidation. He had been waiting for Dave and hadn’t been expecting anyone else. What was going to happen? What had Dave set him up for? They had planned their meeting via a few Internet chats, but Jake had never met Dave, but had felt that he could trust As he opened his mouth to reply, Jake felt one hand grasp his hair and pull his head back sharply. Again, the bristles scratched his neck as the man leant in close. “Don’t worry, boy, I’ll break you in gently.”

As he said it, Jake heard the man unfasten his belt and zip and felt a hot stiffness pressing against his cheeks. The man spat into his other hand and reached to rub ball of the sticky phlegm into Jake’s toght, puckered hole.

“Please, I’m not ready, stuttered Jake.”

“You? Did I say you could speak? You will speak when I say you can and not before. Now take it like a man, I’m going to show you some serious fucking.”

As he spoke the word ‘fucking’, Jake felt an explosion of pain course through his body. As he emphasised the word, the man behind him had thrust with all his weight into Jake delicate hole, ripping into him and obliterating his innocence. Impaled fully between Jake’s cheeks, the man paused and lay on top sumowebtools of Jake, his weight bearing down heavily on him. The throbbing and pain continued, but the man was totally still.

“You feel that, boy? You took it well. That’s seven inches of hard meat you’ve got inside you – as thick as your wrist. Now, we can do this the nice way we can do it the nasty way? So what will it be?”

Jake started to answer: “The nice way. God, please the nice way…”

The man chuckled. “Ok, the nice way it is.”

Jake felt the man withdraw until just the fat mushroom head of his heavy cock was inside him.

“The nice way means I rip up that sweet ass of your in ten minutes instead of twenty minutes. Of course, That means I’ll have to be twice as fast though…”

Laughing he slammed back into Jake, his thick cock rearranging Jake’s guts.

All Jake could do was gasp and try to catch his breath as the man pummelled into him, piledriving that cock, hard, fast and deep inside him.

Strangely, as the pain built, he felt too a well of pleasure start to build from his burning hole.

The man fucked him relentlessly, powering into him from behind, pulling his hair, biting his neck and ear roughly and pausing to slap his face or buttocks, goading him to cry, but Jake didn’t cry.

After five minutes of continuous fucking driving that muscular cock ever deeper, Jake felt a change come over him like a wave. He was no longer Jake, in fact he was more animal than human. A piece of prime fuckpig, created solely to serve. He started to grunt enthusiastically – almost animal noises – as each thrust broke through deep into his guts and then he began back to push back his hips driving the stranger’s cock even deeper inside him.

Jack was overhwelmed by the sounds, smells and sensations of that tiny cabin. He knew then that this was his destiny. He existed to fuck and to fuck alone and would continue serve his anonymous and fuck-starved road warriors in their fetid cabins of their trucks.

As these thoughts flashed through his mind he felt the bristles of his lover’s three-day beard scratching deep into his neck and an urgent deep voice growling into his ear. “There’s a good lad, you’re a brave one aren’t you.”

The pace of the fucking was frenzied and wild now, even more so than before. “We’ll all have our way with you, boy, but I’m going to claim you first, to give you my seed. That’s what I paid Dave for and that’s what I’m gonna get.”

As he grunted this in Jake’s hear, he felt a huge pain in his hole as the man slammed one last time inside him and flooded his intenstines with three or four days worth of hot sperm.

The pain was immense, but Jake felt a huge sense of achievement. He was no longer a boy, he was now a man. And he was ready to serve…

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