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Husband Wants to Watch Her Pt. 03

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Five days had gone by since Shelly had made Dan masturbate for her. Nothing further had been mentioned about him doing it again or when Shelly may allow her husband the pleasure of watching her with another man.

Dan kept checking his wife’s panties daily but had found no signs that she had been with a man during that time. He had shaved his genital region as Shelly had instructed and Dan was anxious to have his wife see that he had followed her orders.

As he had been instructed by his wife, Dan had also been abstaining from masturbation. He was getting extremely horny and was hoping that Shelly would soon make him masturbate for her again.

The next time that Shelly summoned Dan she was sitting on the couch wearing her robe. Shelly instructed her husband to take off his clothes. She had another test for him to prove he was worthy of the desires he was longing for.

Dan took little time in removing his clothes for his wife. She commended him when she saw his clean shaven pubic region. Shelly told her husband “I like how that looks. It even makes your cock appear to be bigger than it is.”

Shelly handed Dan a condom. After telling her husband she would let him know when to put it on she instructed him to sit in the chair directly in front of her. Just like the previous time Shelly told Dan that he was to sit with his hands to his side and not touch himself.

Dan had no idea what his wife had in mind for him but he was already getting aroused thinking about the possibilities. He was also wondering why she had given him a condom?

Shelly and Dan had not had sex in nearly six months. He began thinking how nice it would be to have that pleasure again.

As Dan sat looking at his beautiful young wife she put her feet up on the couch, pulled up her robe, and spread her legs. Shelly was wearing no panties and gave Dan a full unobstructed view of her hairy pussy. Dan’s cock quickly became fully erect and Shelly smiled as she said “I guess you still like looking at my pussy.”

When Shelly instructed Dan to put the condom on he thought “oh my god, maybe she is going to let me have sex with her.”

Dan stretched the condom down over his erect cock. He quickly realized Shelly had something else in mind besides sex when she said “now sit back with your hands at your side while I tell you a story.”

Even though Dan had found cum in Shelly’s panties and accused her of having an affair, up to this time she still had not admitted to anything. His wife began by saying “this story I’m going to tell you is not made up in any manner. Every bit of it and every detail is true.”

Shelly said “the story begins about three months ago at a bar. A young married woman was out with her girl friends. A male co-worker friend of the women was also there. The male co-worker and the married woman had been out to lunch together on a few occasions. They had gotten to know each other well on a personal basis and the woman had found herself growing attracted to the man.”

Shelly continued “when the married woman left the bar on that particular night her male co-worker walked with her to her car where they kissed. It wasn’t just a peck, it was a very passionate kiss. As they were kissing the woman could feel the man’s cock pressing against her. It was hard and she couldn’t resist rubbing him through his pants.”

As Dan listened Shelly went on. “Even though the woman was married she knew already that she wanted to do more than rub her friend’s erection. The two got in the back seat of her car where the woman unzipped her co-workers pants and took his cock into her mouth.”

Shelly said “the woman occasionally had sucked her husband but had only swallowed one time. That was very early in their relationship. The woman remembered how much she hated it and she never did it again. On this night when she was sucking her male co-workers cock it was all very different.”

Shelly continued “when the woman felt her co-workers cock begin throbbing with excitement she knew what was about to happen. She longed to have his semen in her mouth and she wasn’t going to stop. The woman kept her lips around the head and rapidly stroked Short links the base of his cock. Suddenly her co-worker began to ejaculate and as he filled her mouth with his warm delicious cum the woman was so turned on that she reached orgasm.”

Dan had been sitting quietly listening to the story and Shelly noticed that his cock was still fully erect. It was obvious that the story was her confession and her husband did not appear to be the least bit angry by what she was telling him. Shelly commented “it looks like you are really enjoying this story. Would you like me to continue?”

When Dan agreed that he was enjoying it and would like to hear more Shelly said “while you listen to the rest of this story I want you to very slowly stroke your cock for me. And I do mean very slowly. I don’t want you to get too excited too soon.”

As Dan began to stroke his cock Shelly set the pace for him by saying slowly “up, down, up, down, up, down.”

When she had Dan slowly stroking his cock in rhythm with her, Shelly was ready to continue. With her legs still spread wide for her husband’s pleasure she said “on the very following week the married woman again went to the bar with her girlfriends and the male co-worker. Just like the prior week when they were ready to leave the bar the man walked with the woman to her car.”

Shelly said “this time they immediately got into the back seat of the woman’s car where they began to passionately kiss and make-out. After a few minutes the woman undid the man’s pants and began sucking his cock. She would have again enjoyed having him fill her mouth with cum but on that night the woman wanted something else.”

Shelly continued on by saying “the woman had purposely worn a skirt that night as she knew if would make it easier for her to do what she was wanting. The woman moved into a position over the man with her back to him and her legs straddling his. She pulled her panties aside and as she lowered herself onto his lap his thick hard cock easily slid into her sopping wet pussy.”

As Dan listened intently to the story he was having a difficult time maintaining a slow pace for stroking his cock. His excitement had become more obvious by the pre-cum that was visible in the tip of the condom.

Shelly kept on telling her story. She said “the only other cock the woman ever had inside her was her husbands. As her co-worker’s cock entered her pussy she was surprised by how much larger it was from what she was used to. She moaned loudly as the length and the girth of the cock inside her pussy had her more turned on than she’d ever been.”

Shelly told Dan “after a few minutes of rapidly riding his cock the man pulled the woman tight against him. As she felt his large thick cock filling her pussy with cum she enjoyed an intense wonderful orgasm.”

Continuing on Shelly said “as the woman began to relax and enjoy the pleasure she’d received she realized her co-worker’s cock was still hard inside her. She never had that experience before and within a few seconds he again was thrusting his thick cock deep into her pussy. Over the next five minutes she squealed with pleasure. The woman enjoyed multiple orgasms as her pussy was fucked hard and filled with a second big load of cum.”

Shelly told Dan “as the woman drove home that night she realized that she’d just had the most incredible sex of her life. After that the woman has not been able to resist the pleasure. She has enjoyed having her co-worker fill her mouth or pussy with cum every time she has the chance.”

After finishing the story Shelly instructed Dan to stand in front of her and continue to stroke his cock in the same manner as he’d been doing. As Dan stood in front of his wife she told him “now I want you to start stroking it just a little bit faster.”

Shelly again set the pace she wanted by telling Dan “up, down, up, down, up, down.”

While Dan stood there masturbating his excited cock Shelly said there was a few more things she wanted to tell him. She spread her legs wide and said “I want you to first look at my mouth and then my pussy. As you look at them I want you to think about the Short link woman in the story and realize that you are looking at her mouth and pussy. Over the past few months her mouth and pussy have enjoyed another man’s cock inside each on multiple occasions. You now know the full truth.”

Dan could hardly contain his excitement at hearing his wife’s confession and said “oh my god, that turns me on so much. Thank you for telling me all those wonderful details.”

Shelly told Dan that since he had followed her instructions so well she had a very special treat for him. She said “even though I know you prefer to masturbate I hope you won’t be disappointed to let me help you this one time.”

Shelly instructed Dan to stop stroking his cock and move closer to her. To his complete surprise his wife gripped his cock at the base. As Shelly began to stroke her husbands cock she bent over and licked the head through the condom. She then looked up at Dan and asked “are you ready for your blow-job?”

After not having any sexual contact with his wife for months Dan couldn’t believe what Shelly asked him. He quickly replied “oh my god yes!”

Shelly told her husband “there’s just one thing that I want you to do. While I’m sucking your cock I want you to think about me doing it with my lover.”

Dan watched as his wife put her lips over the head of his cock. Shelly began to suck and rapidly stroke her husband. The pleasure was so intense for Dan that he could only control himself for about thirty seconds.

As Dan ejaculated while Shelly stroked and sucked his condom encased cock she could feel her husband’s warm semen squirting into the condom. She enjoyed knowing the pleasure she was giving him was causing him to fill the condom with a large load of cum.

Shelly continued until she had drained every last drop of semen from his cock. When his wife had finished she looked at the cum filled condom on Dan’s cock and said “oh my, just look at all that cum. You must have really enjoyed that blow job.”

Shelly told Dan “before I let you take all that delicious cream into your mouth and swallow it, I want you to also know that I enjoyed giving a blow job at lunch today. The only difference is there was no condom and I swallowed.”

After instructing Dan to empty the contents of the condom into his mouth Shelly enjoyed watching her husband swallow his own cum. She smiled at him and said “I think it’s wonderful that we both got our tummies filled with delicious cum today.”

Over the next week Shelly said nothing more to Dan about anything sexual. She also had still not given him any indication of when she may involve him with the man that she had so explicitly confessed to having sex with.

Dan again was checking Shelly’s worn panties daily and finding no indication that his wife had been sexually active. She had been out one night to the bar with her friends but even after that he found no signs of semen in her underpants.

Of course Dan now knew that Shelly wasn’t just having intercourse with the other man. She was also giving him blow jobs.

Dan was frustrated at not knowing what Shelly may be doing. The semen in his wife’s panties made it obvious when she’d had intercourse but unless she told him, he didn’t know if she had sucked her lover’s cock.

A few days later Shelly went out to do some shopping. Shortly after his wife returned she approached Dan. She instructed him to remove his clothes and told him “I’m in the mood to watch you play with your cock again.”

Dan was always happy to follow her instructions for that pleasure. As he removed his clothes he asked “so what got you in the mood?”

Shelly smiled and said “sometimes shopping just makes me horny so it seemed like a good time for it.”

By the time Dan had taken off his clothes he was already slightly aroused just from knowing he was going to get to masturbate for his wife. Shelly noticed his cock sticking out and commented “it looks like you’re anxious to play with yourself for me.”

Shelly then had Dan kneel directly in front of where she was standing and put his hands behind his back. She crouched down slightly and after spreading her legs his wife said “now press your nose into the crotch of my jeans and smell my pussy.”

As Dan got nearer to Shelly’s crotch he noticed the distinct aroma of cum. By the time he pressed his nose into her crotch his cock was standing fully erect. Shelly was grinning with pleasure as she said “I’m guessing this is what you’ve been waiting to smell.”

Dan inhaled deeply and moaned “oh god yes.”

As Shelly held Dan’s head against her crotch she said “I enjoyed so much having my lover fill me with cum that I thought I would be nice and let you enjoy it too.”

After allowing Dan a moment to enjoy smelling her crotch Shelly removed her jeans. She then laid on the floor and spread her legs.

The gusset of Shelly’s panty was wet from her own juices along with her lovers cum. To increase the anticipation for the pleasure Dan desired his wife instructed him to smell her through her panty.

As Dan smelled the wet crotch of Shelly’s panty she told him to beg her for what he wanted. After a few minutes of letting Dan plead and beg to taste her lover’s cum, Shelly pulled down the front of her panty.

Inside his wife’s panty Dan could see that the gusset was covered with thick slimy semen. Shelly smiled as she told her husband “lick my panties darling.”

Shelly took great delight and pleasure in watching Dan slide his tongue through her lover’s cum. She was getting so turned on by seeing her husband licking the cum from her panty that she was anxious for him to lick her fucked pussy too.

After completely removing her panty Shelly put her legs up and back over her head. As his wife spread her vaginal lips she looked directly at Dan and said “now eat my pussy sweetheart. Eat my pussy and enjoy my lover’s cum.”

Although there was only a small amount of cum left inside Shelly’s pussy it was obvious that it had recently been fucked. At seeing his wife’s used pussy Dan got even more aroused.

As Dan slid his tongue into Shelly’s slimy slit his wife moaned with pleasure and said “oh god yes, stick your tongue in deep and eat it out good. If you’re lucky you may still be able to taste my lover’s cock on my lips too.”

Shelly enjoyed multiple orgasms while Dan ate her recently fucked cunt. She didn’t let her husband stop until she was satisfied that he had completely cleaned her of cum.

With her legs still up and back over her head, Shelly spread her butt cheeks. She instructed Dan “now show me how much you enjoyed eating my lover’s delicious cum by jerking off for me and squirting your cum on my butthole.”

Dan was so turned on from licking the cum of his wife’s lover from her pussy that he didn’t jerk his cock long. After stroking himself about a half dozen times he groaned as he shot a huge load of cum between Shelly’s spread cheeks on her puckered hole.

Shelly said “oh god yes, I love how you jerk your cock and cum for me. Now use your finger and push your cum deep into my butthole.”

After Dan had done as his wife had instructed she told him “stick your tongue in my butt darling and eat your cum from my asshole.”

As Dan pushed his tongue deep into his wife’s butthole and eagerly ate his own cum Shelly squirmed with pleasure. His wife began to rapidly massage her clit and as she brought herself to orgasm she screamed “oh yes sweetheart, eat my butt!”

Over the next ten days Shelly came home on two more occasions after having sex with her lover. Both times she again allowed Dan the pleasure of licking the cum from her panty and her pussy.

Each time Dan was also made to masturbate for Shelly. Just like the first time he was instructed to squirt his cum on her butt and after fingering it into her butthole he ate it.

Although Shelly really loved having her husband eat her lover’s cum from her pussy, she also enjoyed making Dan eat his own cum from her butt too. It gave her an overwhelming feeling of power and control.

Shelly was satisfied by Dan’s reaction and responses to the instructions she had given him during the prior few weeks. She also truly believed he was sincere in his desire to watch her with another man. It had taken some time to get comfortable with the idea but Shelly was finally ready. The next time she and her lover had sex, she planned on letting Dan watch them.

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