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Hairy Kiri

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Toshiro had lived all his life in Osaka. He had a petite wife and two children. He was no past 40 and was working in a large conglomerate in marketing. He was satisfied with life but he had one big yearning. He had a fetish for bushy underarms. His wife kept her underarms shaved and her pubic bush trimmed but he never got around to telling his wife that she should allow her underarms to grow. She was always dutiful and took care of all his needs but his dream of licking and sucking a woman’s bushy underarms which he had since he was a child was unfulfilled and he wondered if he would ever get the chance to put his head and lick the bushy armpits of a hairy woman or at least see the unshaven armpits of a woman Most Japanese women who wear sleeveless dresses keep their underarms shaven and he had not yet seen the full grown bush in a woman’s underarms.

He had bought the porno magazine, which featured the bushy armpits of Madonna and had jerked off many times thinking of the hairy armpits of the pop star. How he wished his wife would allow her armpits to grow and fill up with the thick luxuriant hair, which he had seen in Madonna’s bushy armpits. He had read in books that most Europeans had bushy armpits and definitely all Italians like Madonna never shaved their underarms.

Toshiro often dreamed that he was in Venice or Milan and surrounded by a bevy of Italian beauties with bushy armpit hair, which he would always caress. While wanking he fantasized about fucking their bushy armpits and many times filling his cum in their underarms. He was looking forward to his Italian collaborators coming to Osaka and maybe ask them to share some experiences with him.

The following week. John and his wife Nikki turned up to stay at his house for the week. John was the head of the Italian operations and he hoped that he could get an invitation to attend the forthcoming annual marketing conference at Rome and he knew it was his last chance of fulfilling his childhood dreams of cuming in a woman’s hairy armpits. He just knew he had to make a favorable impression on john.

His wife Sumiko too was very excited when I told her about the imminent arrival of John and Nikki and his assistant Tom. We seldom have houseguests and she busied herself with preparations. Sumiko was dressed in a Kimono and we greeted them at the door. Nikki was a bombshell. She was dynamite. Busty and packing an hourglass figure I was dying to find out if she had long bushy hair in her hairy underarms. Would it be soft, silky and abundant or would it be coarse and dark. I hoped it would be jet-black and bushy as I felt my sizeable cock filling up my trousers. I hoped no one would look as I bowed to greet them in the traditional Japanese way my head looked down at her crotch. Was she hairy down here as well? Would her pubic bush run from her navel down to her ass crack would it grow thick and down her inner thighs. These thoughts were swimming in my mind and I was sure I had to see the nude body of the sexy Nikki. We immediately served sake and snacks and I made sure that john and Nikki had enough to drink. . Hours passed quickly, and it was time to go to bed but neither Tom nor Nikki were making any move. In my obsession with Nikki I didn’t notice that John was wooing my dear wife. Sumiko was flattered by all the attention she was receiving as John especially showered her with compliments about her good looks and gracious hospitality.

I then hatched an idea and asked Nikki if she wanted to have a bath in our large bathtub hoping that I would get a glimpse of her armpits. My excitement grew, as I was sure that her underarms would be bushy or at least I hoped they Starzbet would long luxuriant hair curling out of her armpits. She certainly had very thick eyebrows and I was sure that I could feel the pungent smell which as wafting from her armpits. I knew I was imagining all these things but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep till I could see her uncovered shoulders and her armpits.

Surprisingly John encouraged her in fact asked me to accompany Nikki to ensure that she spent at least an hour in the bath and that I should massage her neck and back as she had had a long and arduous journey, which she was not, used too. He in fact ordered me to take care of her. I couldn’t believe it as we moved to the bathroom. The sunken tub is very spacious and can hold up to five people easily and here I was almost ready to explode as this fecund woman trailed me to the bathroom. Nikki asked me to stay and I was looking a little foolish in my suit as I handed her a kimono. She did not take it and started removing her top. It was my moment of truth. Would this Italian beauty show me her bushy armpits or would I be disappointed again. Her back was towards as raised her dress over her head and as she turned around my legs began to buckle and my head started to explode. Before me stood a hirsute goddess. Thick jet-black bushy armpits spilled out of her bushy armpits.

I was ready to die or at least cum. I am sure she could have noticed the tent in front of my crotch as I took in eyeful of her armpit thatches. It was a luxuriant carpet of dark hair growing in masses in her untrimmed wild underarms. I longed to taste the armpit jungle but I had to play it cool. She then handed me some lotion as she stepped into the bath. I could see her hairy pubic nest but I hardly glanced at them raptured as I was by the raven hair in the thickest blackest armpit hair I could imagine. All the years of masturbation thinking about hairy underarms kept coming back into my mind. I had dreamt of what I would do when I saw the hairy armpits of a woman but I was not prepared for this though I had spent years rehearsing it. I knew I had to put my swollen prick into my hirsute goddess even if I were to be sacked from my job. I had to feel the armpit jungle on my exposed foreskin and I wanted to wet her armpit hair with cum before the night was out.

I moved behind Nikki, scrubbing her back with a soap-soaked towel. I soon discarded it and kneaded her back muscles gathering the courage to feel her hairy armpits. Suddenly she let out a low groan and stretched herself out on the tub and rested her arms back and asked me to rub her arms. As I felt her forearms I was only inches away from the exposed tufts of hair in her unshaven armpits.

I struggled uncomfortably and she asked to take off my clothes and join her in the tub. In a second I was stripped and she looked in amazement at my erection. “Wow” she said, “You are so huge”. I said, “I am turned on by your amazingly hairy underarms”. The words slipped out so fast that I was afraid she would take offense instead she looked at her heavy pelt in her underarms and said “we never shave our underarms, how come you are so turned on. Come here feel the hair in my armpits. I didn’t need a second invitation as for the first time I felt the long silky hair of her underarms. I marveled at the profuse growth and the blackness of her armpit forest as I lowered my head for the first time and felt the sweaty pungent aroma of her armpit forest. I took in the intoxicating rich tangy taste and it was better than in any of my dreams as I felt the long luxuriant jet-black hair in her hairy armpits.

I was ready to cum. Starzbet Giriş I couldn’t help myself as my nose dived into her armpit hedges and I started to yell as I uncontrollably came in the tub. I felt ashamed but I did not take my mouth away which as glued to her slightly wet and perspiring underarms. My cock was not so easily going to let me down. Though it had exploded it was committing hara-kiri it was still semi hard and as she touched my cock it sprang to attention.

I told Nikki that I would get some towels as I climbed out of the tub. As I opened the door I was shocked to see what was happening down.

Sumiko was on her knees and completely nude with Tom’s cock near her face, which was flushed with excitement. His monster 11-inch cock in the air. It appeared that she was jacking him off as she stared at the huge dick, which was obviously the biggest one she had ever seen. Suddenly I noticed John also standing in front of her and as she unzipped him her mouth dropped opened to see his massive tool. Tom’s large cock was now sticking straight out several inches and Sumiko then reached up and began to stoke it. After several pumps, she started to lick the large head. Tom’s eyes rolled back in pleasure as she slid her tongue down the shaft causing Tom to moan with deep pleasure. As she worked her lips and tongue up the shaft, starting at the balls, I could see pre-cum forming on the tip. She had never done this to me

My wife’s are tits are so big and John started playing with her nipples. The sight enchanted me though I wanted to go back to my hairy goddess. I wanted to fuck Nikki under her hairy armpits but the sight of my wife with the two hunks riveted me. John first got the left tit, I think because it was slightly bigger then the other one. He was holding it with two hands and licking and sucking the nipple like hell, then did the same thing for the other one, and continued with both by squeezing the big and soft tits for a while. My wife was breathing very fast not only because her nipples were sucked and her big tits were played, but also because they were exposed to a men except me for the fist time in her life.

She sat down and pulled him again to stand in front of her. She waved Tom away taking out his erect cock from her mouth and motioned to John and started to pull back and forth the foreskin to open and close the head, I saw that to have an uncircumcised cock gave her this kind of playing chance that she could not have with me. Then it was the turn of the balls, which were also twice bigger than mine, she held them, squeezed them and caressed them for a long time. Then she pulled the cock’s head out of the skin and started kissing it first. Soon she shoved it into her mouth; I saw her red lipstick on somebody else’s cock. Then she took one of his big balls into her mouth and sucked it for a while. His cock was now growing bigger as was mine. Suddenly she turned to Tom asked me to bring his cock to her so to compare them together.

She holds both their monster cocks simultaneously, she could cover John’s cock completely with one hand but half thickness of his cock was not covered. She looked at them together from front, and sides, and tasted both cocks one after another in her mouth. She started to stroke his hard cock and I could see she was enjoying it just as much as John. I knew she was reaching a magnificent orgasm She now guided Tom’s hard cock into her cunt. He was huge! He fucked her hard and long and. He came in her with a huge load.

I could it take it no longer I went back to my beloved Nikki. Her eyes were closed and her arms were tucked under her head the long Starzbet Güncel Giriş bushy hair spilling out of her unshaven armpits. I bent down and sucked her nipples for a few minutes making her very aroused and then put my hand into her armpit jungle. I was surprised to see that her bushy armpit hair was longer than my fingers and copiously filled her armpits almost 12 inches from her breasts upwards in a tufty curve. I spread her legs and looked intently at her bushy cunt! It was all red and open and there was a lot of wetness around her lips. Her huge magnificent bush was wet probably from perspiration but it could have been cum. I lifted her legs, still wide apart on either side of the bathtub and leant down and kissed her bushy cunt lips and licked her clit.

She hadn’t expected it either and she let out a little scream and came again. I could see the immense hair from her underarms and I marveled at the sight of her hirsute body. I then stepped forward as my erect dick touched Nikki’s hairy triangle but didn’t enter her yet. I rubbed my cock against her cunt lips and thick crisp hair on her mons veneris as Nikki was shuddering with passion. I then pushed at the hairy triangle at the hidden entrance at the junction of her hairy thighs and pushed my swollen dick and entered her open and hairy cunt and gradually pushed harder and soon the whole 10″ were inside her and I began pumping into her at a fast rate.

She thrashed her legs about I knew she wanted to wrap them around miss waist and pull me deep into her I continued to fuck her hard and her arms were still tucked under her head as I inhaled the exciting aroma and put my tongue into her armpit forest. The long tufty hair in her armpits was matted with water and maybe perspiration but it tasted like honey to me. The crisp hair was worth munching as I shot a huge load into her. I was still hard and I got out of the tub and went towards where her head was resting under her arms eying the heavy pelt of hair in her furry armpits. She turned her head around so that I could push my wet monster cock into her mouth as she took it into her mouth willingly and began sucking me hard.

She kept sucking but I wanted her to turn around and put it into her asshole. I wanted to feel all her orifices and culminate by fucking her armpits. She willingly and I pushed gently and although the head just entered her II didn’t push any more waiting for her hairy asshole to adjust to my exposed dong. I he pushed right into her asshole and felt the bristly hair on her asshole against my swollen dick I began to push my long cock into her and I fucked her hairy asshole with increasing speed. She screamed again and began Cumming every minute or so and I felt I was going to cum too.

I pulled myself out and put my engorged prick into the heavy pelt in her furry underarms. “I want to fuck your armpit jungle darling,” I screamed. I was past caring if John could hear as I guided my dick into the long silky hair in her exposed underarms. The hair in her armpits was so long that soon my monster dick was hidden in the immense jungle in her right armpits. She playfully clamped her hand down as my aching cock drove wildly into her untrimmed armpit forest. I knew I would soon explode but I needed to feel the hair in her other armpit too as I moved to the other side and put my wet cock into her soaking hairy armpits. Her armpit hair seemed a little thicker as it quickly disappeared from view. I was amazed at the growth in her armpits and I wondered if there could be a more hairy woman. I had truly fallen in love with this hirsute woman as I came in torrents in her bushy armpits.

Had I committed hara-kiri (or was it hairy kiri) or would my job be secure would I be able to go to Rome for my fuck feast with other hairy women. My time had come and I knew downstairs if Sumiko had pleased them enough no one could stop me from being on that trip to Rome.

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Gumdrop Ch. 00-02

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Author’s note:

This story has been inspired by the premise of another one about hucows in this website that I unfortunately cannot find anymore (if you know it, please write to me to help me provide a proper credit). While the very beginning in similar, the rest (a whole novel) is what I find a more satisfying development.

As absurd as the concept of a hucow is, I tried to take it quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow and her owner, in search of what this admittedly strange fetish means, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world. I hope that the result is an original and refreshing take on the matter. However, for these same reasons, this first submission does not contain much sexual action. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty in the next one!

Speaking of, since there has been a misunderstanding, mainly because there are flashbacks and I had no idea that college started before 18 (I’m not american), even though the narration starts when the protagonist is a minor, NO SEXUAL ACTION whatsoever happens before she (or anyone else) is of age.

All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

0. Prologue

They say that life is all about adaptation, that if one wants to achieve happiness, they have to tune their desires to whatever chance (or fate, if you are the kind of person who believes in destiny) has in store for them. In my (short) life, I learned just how tricky it is to understand the true meaning of this statement. This is the story of my quest for love, of how I had to go through the most extreme transformation of my body and lifestyle in order to be with the man I loved, only to realize that adaptation is not about changing yourself in the effort of being more compatible with your world, but rather about changing the way you look at it until you see that your world actually has got everything you desire, if you are willing to go and get it. This is the story of how I became a human cow.

1. Origin story

Superheroes always have an origin story, the single event that explains all the crazy shit they do when they don their cape or whatever. It usually also explains the new name they take, so as to make it even clearer that, whatever happened to them, it was so important and traumatic that afterwards they just were different people. Well, here is my very own origin story. When I was sixteen a tsunami (yes, a frigging tsunami) basically wiped out the city where I grew up, taking forever away from me, in one fell swoop, my parents, my (few) relatives, most of my friends and my house, while I was safe and sound abroad, for a student exchange program. I think it is pointless to even try to describe how it feels, because, unless you come from the same place as me, you just would not understand. So I suggest we fast-forward a bit.

My parents had a very close friend back in the mainland, who offered to take care of me until I became of age and was able to live on my own with the money that my folks left me. So, one day, I found myself at the door of a couple of strangers, in a part of the world in which I had never been before, completely distraught and with no idea of what to do with myself. When the social worker who accompanied me rang the bell, it was my first true love who opened: Aidan.

Of course, at the time I was not in love with him and neither I would be for the following year: I was not in a state of feeling anything positive at the moment. So, what I saw was only this handsome man, in his late thirties, white, but slightly tanned, with auburn hair, very short on the sides and a bit longer and tousled on the top of the head, a square jaw and a long straight nose. His features had this austerity about them, that clashed with the bright and cheerful expression with which his green eyes welcomed me. From the very beginning I had this feeling that in front of me there was a man capable of great sympathy and sensitivity and yet not unaccustomed to harshness. The impression was reinforced by his somewhat muscular build.

“You must be Leah!” he said and, when I nodded, he just hugged me.

He did not add anything about my parents, for he somehow knew that words could not convey what his arms could. When we separated, he just told me his name, keeping his hands on my shoulders: “My name is Aidan and from now on I will take care of you.”

He then ushered us in and introduced his wife, Penelope, a tall and slender woman in her early forties too, with olive skin and beautiful jet black hair, perfectly straight, that almost reached her waist. Her face was oval and slightly gaunt, with high cheeks. Her eyes, black, where staring at me in a welcoming expression, with just a faint hint of panic. My eyes, on the other hand, had Starzbet been drawn to her most (literally) prominent feature, only partly hidden by her blouse and pinstriped pantsuit: her breasts, perfectly round, impossibly firm, incredibly big and, I surmised, just as much fake.

Before I knew it, I found myself settling in a luxurious flat, that even had a gym room: Aidan and Penelope were clearly quite rich and, most importantly, they were really nice. At first, I had been worried and maybe a teensy bit scared because, even if Aidan had assured me that he and my father grew up together and were like brothers, I had never met him before nor my dad ever mentioned him. So the first days of my new life went by. I learned that Aidan had become rich by founding the umpteenth pharmacological start-up that developed gene therapies and later, after selling it to Big Pharma, he just kept investing his money here and there in projects he believed in, even when nobody else would, generally being right. Later I learned that this was just an example of Aidan’s far-sightedness. Penelope, on the other hand, had been a model and now was an agent for young beauties.

In the following days, by the way in which she dressed and took care of her body, I sensed that she was still clinging to her ending youth, maybe a bit too much, as those people who, instead of embracing how the very concept of beauty changes with age, delude themselves that can stay young forever if they just keep using the right cream. How could she not? Working every day with younger versions of her?

Even though both Aidan and she tried their best to make me feel at home, to the point that Penelope insisted on making me furnish my room at her expense, I felt a certain coldness on her part. At first, I thought that it was me, but hanging around the couple I realized that it was just the way she was, always slightly detached, slightly distant, even with her husband. Soon it became clear to me that their marriage was not quite working and yet was not quite failing. I, on the other hand, went through a roller coaster of emotions, my only anchor being my trauma counselor, at first, and then Aidan. Soon we started to spend a lot of time together. Penelope was always scurrying around, organizing, putting out fires and sometimes indulging her clients’ whims. Aidan, instead, had a much more flexible schedule, since it was always up to him when and how much he would work, according to the degree in which he was interested in a project.

In a way I felt that I had just become his most important one. He kept talking to me about his youth and my father’s and it turned out that he did know him, probably better than I in some respects. It was really nice, because, in a way, it was like having my dad still with me through his memories. He also convinced me to exercise more to vent all my rage and frustration. I loved jogging with him in the park and working out in our private little gym. His sinewy arms, helping me to use the equipment properly, made me feel safe, not only from hurting myself, but in a broader, warmer way. I ended up talking with him about everything, from silly things like school, to big stuff like the tragedy that had changed my life forever. Most times he did not say anything particularly deep or helpful, you should not think that he could replace my therapist, but the mere fact that he was there, for me, just listening, worked wonders for my recovery.

I did not like the company of my peers. Nobody in my school knew about my story, I just pretended that I moved from a distant city. Come to think of it, it was actually the truth. Anyhow, I was quite a loner, but the cause of that was not just the invisible wall that seemed to inevitably separate me from them. You see, it is hard to make friends when you yourself do not know who you are. How do you present yourself? How can you ask somebody to reveal themselves to you, if you cannot possibly do the same for them? There was only one thing I knew for sure: I was not going to be a victim. I would rise from the ashes like a phoenix as a new person. To mark my new beginning, I decided to change my hair color to bubblegum pink. I was living in the years that followed the explosion of gene therapies, rendered possible by a few important scientific discoveries in the previous decade. At first its applications where mostly horrible hereditary diseases. When those ran out, the technology started to be applied to more mundane issues. That is how, after a simple injection, my follicles stopped producing eumelanin, which had made my hair an ugly shade of brown that I had always hated, and replaced it with a substance found in geranium that dyed it pink and would keep doing so for the rest of my life. Changing you hair color was not unlike getting a tattoo those days. Anyhow, this is how I got the nickname “Gumdrop” from Aidan, which soon would become my new identity.

2. The farm project

In the months that followed my 18th birthday, my feelings for Starzbet Giriş Aidan became stronger and more complex. I was falling in love, but I had been so confused about everything in my life, that it happened without me even noticing. I thought that I just loved him as one loves a foster parent and dismissed my feelings with that excuse. However, as much as I managed to fool my mind, my pussy proved to be not as gullible. Our gym sessions started to become a nightmare. Just the sight of his marvelous body so shamelessly on display in his tight attire would make me wet and, immediately afterwards, terrified of being caught. Sometimes, for a fleeting moment, to my dismay, I would seriously consider slipping a hand in my shorts, now as skimpy as I could find in my wardrobe, and touching myself while his back was turned the other way. I was not the only one in trouble, though. Much to my surprise (and delight), I started to notice a suspicious swelling in his crotch whenever I was wearing something particularly sexy or scanty, but then again, I dismissed all these incidents with excuses like hormones, abstinence and so forth.

So, when one day I caught him browsing a fetish website, I assumed that he was trying to vent some of this sexual tension that was growing between us. I remember that I turned around immediately, embarrassed and a little amused. Aidan, instead, seemed perfectly at ease and explained to me that he was considering investing in the sex industry and told me that I could enter his office, unless I found the subject too embarrassing. I did not, as I was born well after the big deregulation of sex work that seemingly brought a brothel in every block and, moreover, I always prided myself on being very open-minded. Most importantly, though, I did not want to lose the chance of spending time with him while he worked. You see, he used make me privy of some of his business dealings, sometimes even asking me for advice. I loved it, because it made me truly feel as a part of his world, especially considering that I often had a better knowledge of what he was up to than his wife, with whom he rarely got into the details of his job.

One summer day, we were having breakfast together. He had this ritual of drinking a cup of a special milk that he had someone deliver everyday just for him. I was lost in thought with my fork hovering on eggs and bacon when, all of a sudden, he dropped the newspaper and asked me:

“Wanna go for a trip?”

“Sure, where are you taking me?”

“I’m visiting a property I have recently purchased.”


In his gorgeous sports car he explained to me that he was going to buy an old-timey country house with a small plot of land just a little out of town.

“I didn’t peg you for someone who relaxes in the countryside.” I commented.

“Oh, it’s not meant for me. I mean, non entirely. It is going to be a very special kind of brothel.”

“Like what?” I asked, unfazed: as I said, I was no prude.

“Well, for one its location is very important and it will also produce something. It is going to be a sort of farm. The hosts will be able to enjoy nature, clean air, fresh produce and, of course, the girls.”

I chuckled:

“You left the best for last, didn’t you?”

He smiled mischievously.

“To be honest I don’t see how the brothel thing pairs up with the rest.” I admitted.

“Well, the girls will be no ordinary prostitutes, of course. My target clientele is very specific and demanding.” he explained, and then sneered again “Oh, and also usually quite rich.”

“Come on, stop teasing!” I urged him.

“Do you know what pet play is?” he asked inquisitively.

“People who dress as pets for fetish stuff?”

“Yes, and no. It is much more than that. Those who enjoy playing the part of the pet most deeply are people who actually wish they could BE the pet. Their fantasy is to become an animal and live like one.”

“Ok, I’m beginning to see where you are headed. Is it going to be like an animal farm?”

“No, it is going to be more specialized than that. We are going to have only cowgirls, producing real milk.”

“No shit!” I cried, amazed “How?”

“Don’t tell me that you have never heard of people producing human milk for adult consumption!”

Then it dawned on me:

“Your morning milk is actually human?”

“Yep. I love it and I always wanted to have my own farm.” He confessed and then added with a smirk “I don’t know, maybe it is because I was not breastfed when I was little, but I have a thing for boobs.”

“Well, sorry to break this to you, but Penelope’s are a big giveaway.” I teased him.

“Yeah, best anniversary gift ever!”

All of a sudden my breasts seemed quite diminutive. With a fit of envy, I decided to change subject:

“So, how does it work?”

“Well, I am going to seek girls who would like to spend some time as cows, offer them a bunch of money to play the part 24/7 and let the guest farmers Starzbet Güncel Giriş fuck them as much as they please.”

“But how are they going to produce milk? Surely not gene therapy!”

“Oh, no, it has to be reversible. You implant a little capsule that, from the ones it finds in the body, produces substances that change the gene expression but not the genes themselves. Some are hormones, some are other artificial compounds. In practice, it convinces the girl’s body that she has a baby to breastfeed. Actually it enhances greatly the production of milk.”

“Wow!” I gasped in awe “And you have created all of this?”

“No, silly, there are tens of farms in the country, a flourishing community of enthusiasts, wannabe cows and all! I just want to enter the business myself.”

That, somehow, relieved me of the slight shock caused by all those sudden revelations. Aidan’s fetish was weird, but not that weird. Anyhow, I did not have much more time to process the new information, as we had just reached the destination. Maybe it was the wonderful summer day, but the landscape around the farm was idyllic. We visited the two-storied house, that had clearly recently been refurbished in a style that Aidan called “western-chic”. On the upper floor there was a kitchen that was clearly made for catering, a dining hall, a massage room and a room with a big jacuzzi. On the ground floor, there were eight bedrooms, four of which had a second door that led directly outside. They were completely empty. Aidan was to furbish them personally and turn them into themed sex dungeons.

“The hosts will get the cow they want to bone from the stables. I want to start with just two cows” explained Aidan “and then expand, maybe with ponygirls.”

“Are they going to produce milk too?” I asked.

“No, I was thinking more of having a dressage show, but that’s in the future.”

I wondered what was the point of dressage if your horse was actually a person perfectly capable of understanding every order you gave. After the main building we headed for the stables. I had expected those to look like a themed strip-club, so I was surprised when we entered a rather normal-looking barn. The right half was mostly empty, apart from a prefab office module, while on the left, at the corner, there was a small enclosure made of wood with a couple of metal gates. Its earthy floor was covered in big tufts of hay, except for a corridor running along the perimeter the wall, that ended, at the corner of the barn, in a rectangular wooden door on the wall opposite us, partially hidden by a curtain made of long plastic strips. Separating the passage from the hay, there were some short wooden poles with smaller rungs sticking out of them.

“The cows will sleep and rest there.” Aidan explained as we approached the fence “They will be fetched for milking and be able to go out to the corral from that door. The corral is going to be directly connected to the guest’s rooms.”

On the other side of the hay clumps, the perimetral corridor ended in correspondence of a smaller gate on the fencing, which allowed access to another wider corridor perpendicular to it, running along the barn wall and delimited by a tall steel fence with three openings at the same level of our heads. Just below them there was a long metal trough attached to the fence. In correspondence with each opening, there were two smaller ones a little below. I assumed that the cow had to put her arms through them to rest them while she ate.

“See this?” said Aidan, making way and pointing to a structure that stood in front of the trough, outside the fence “This is a milking posts!”

The milking post looked a little like a sloped massaging bed, you know, like those that have an opening where you can rest your face. This one, though, had another bigger opening that would expose the belly and the breasts and its perimeter, instead of being rectangular, was in the shape of a human silhouette. Moreover, the part that would correspond to the legs was missing, replaced by a structure shaped as a V that allowed the cow to rest her legs in a slightly kneeling position, stretched apart. At the junction, in correspondence with the crotch, there was a niche that hosted what seemed to me a vibrator. The cows would have some fun while they were milked! On the ground there was what I imagined was the actual milking machine, a box that hosted a big bottle, connected to two suction pumps that did definitely not look like they were meant for humans.

“Aren’t these a little big?” I asked with skepticism.

“No, it’s just for scene, you know.” Aidan assured.

After a brief inspection of the grounds, he seemed quite satisfied.

“So, what do you think?” he asked on the way back.

“That you are a weirdo!” I joked benevolently.

“I know!” he replied with a laugh.

“Anyhow, I think it’s coming out good. You say that there is a good market for human milk?” I continued, more seriously.

“Oh, yeah. I am happy that you like it, because I need a manager to run it.”

I turned to him flabbergasted:

“You want me to run it?” I squeaked.

“Yeah, I mean, I need someone trustworthy, you say you are not much interested in going to university…”

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Close Your Eyes, Mom

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I fucked my mother for the first time a couple of months ago and I would like to tell you about it while the memory is still fresh. I’m a student at an Ivy League university. I used to go to State, but after my father won the lottery, I transferred to a more expensive and far more prestigious school. Dad sold his hardware store and bought the most luxurious camper he could find. He and Mom traveled the country on an endless vacation.

I finished my first year of college and went to join my parents for the summer. We didn’t stay long in one place. As soon as they felt the first pangs of boredom, they moved to another campground. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that they had become swingers. The bumper sticker that read “Swinging Gypsies” tipped me off right away. All of the campgrounds that we went to were hotbeds of swinger activity.

Mom is a very hot babe. She’s in her early forties but doesn’t look it. She’s petite, no more than five-two and one hundred pounds. Her tits aren’t big but they are just the right size for her body. Her long, unblemished legs may be her nicest feature. Dad is a good-looking guy with a full head of dark hair and a brilliant smile. They were very successful swingers. As soon as the men got a look at my classy mother, they all wanted to fuck her.

We were at a campground in Florida when I committed the forbidden act. Within an hour of checking in, Mom and Dad hooked up with another swinging couple. I will call them Bob and Carol. That evening, we went over to their roomy camper for a cookout. Carol, a high school teacher, was as cute as could be. Dad looked at her the way a hungry bum looks at a thick steak. The horny bastard was practically drooling. Bob was looking at my mother the same way. I was very uncomfortable with the whole scene and was trying to think of an excuse to leave. On the other hand, I figured there was a possibility, however remote, that I might be included in the fun and games, even if it was just to watch.

The four swingers were drinking heavily, a vice that seemed to be part of the lifestyle. We men were drinking beer while the women drank margaritas. Mom is not a good drinker. She can handle a beer or glass of wine, but hard liquor is like poison to her. Dad kept warning her to take it easy, but she ignored him. Just about the time the sex should have started, Mom keeled over. Dad gently slapped her to try to bring her around. Carol sprinkled ice water in her face. Nothing worked. Mom was out cold. Dad and I carried her home.

After we put Mom on the bed, Dad said, “Help me get her undressed.” I assumed that he meant undressed down to her panties and bra, but he didn’t stop there. He took off her bra and her beautiful tits rolled free. They were even finer than I had imagined. “Go ahead and take her panties off, son,” Dad said. My hands trembled as I slid the little bikini down her thighs. She had a full bush on her pussy, just the way nature intended.

“Well, what do you think, son,” Dad asked. “Isn’t she a fine piece of ass? Loves to fuck, too. Can’t get enough.”

He reached down and played with her titties. “Watch this, son.” He blew on one of her nipples and it began to harden. “Go ahead and blow on the other one, son.” Her light-brown nipples were the size of silver dollars. My warm breath against the tiny nub caused it to swell like a stiff little cock.

“Go ahead and suck it, son,” Dad said in a husky voice. “Give those honeys a squeeze while you’re at it.” I turned to see him watching through the viewfinder of his expensive video camera. I put my hands on her tits and gave them a gentle squeeze. They felt as good as they looked. Then I sucked them just the way I must have sucked them as a newborn babe.

Dad stepped forward and fondled her pussy. “Look at this, son,” he said. He took her labia between his thumbs and fingers and pulled them wide apart. “That’s the hole you came out of nineteen years ago.” The opening was so tiny that it didn’t seem possible that something weighing ten pounds could come out of it.

“You want to fuck her, don’t you, son? Well go ahead and do it. I would love to see it. She’ll never know the difference, if you prefer it that way. And don’t worry about her waking up. I’ve seen her like this a few times, and, believe me, a hurricane wouldn’t wake her up.”

I fondled her furry pussy as I considered Dad’s offer. Sucking her tits and fondling her pussy probably didn’t count as incest, but fucking her certainly would. Did I dare go that far? Was I man enough?

“Go ahead, son. Did you get so much young pussy at college that you aren’t interested in some vintage stuff?”

“Dad, Starzbet I’ve never had pussy. I’m a virgin. College life isn’t as wild as you think.”

“A virgin? You’re a virgin? Well, then you have to fuck her.”

I continued fondling her but couldn’t bring myself to do more. “Do you have to be here, Dad?” I asked. “Damn right. I don’t let anybody fuck my wife unless I get to watch. All right, if you don’t want her step aside and let me have her.” Dad casually tossed his clothes aside and I saw him naked for the first time. His daily workouts had given him a superb body. A thick carpet of hair covered his chest. His cock was about the size of my own – seven inches. He handed me the camcorder and pointed at the record button, then he mounted my unconscious mother and shoved his cock into her.

“I would be fucking that other bitch right now if this one hadn’t passed out. Anytime you want to cut in, just tap me on the shoulder. And if you feel like jacking, don’t let me stop you. I kind of like the idea of you jacking off while you watch me fuck your mother.”

I pulled my aching cock out through my fly and masturbated as I watched Dad fucking Mom. If not for pornography and masturbation, I would not have had a sex life of any kind. Watching Dad fuck my comatose mother was hotter than any porno flick that I had ever seen. He fucked her so hard his belly slapped against hers. He constantly squeezed her beautiful tits with both hands like he was playing a pair of bagpipes.

I couldn’t take it any longer. By then I was convinced that Mom wouldn’t wake up. “Okay, Dad, I want to try it.” He probably hadn’t smiled a bigger smile since the day he won the lottery. He got off the bed, took the camera, and taped me stripping down. “Nice cock you’ve got there, son,” he said.

I crawled onto the bed and stared down at my beautiful mother. I’m going to put all of the blame for what I did next on the four beers I drank at the cookout. I mounted my mother and probed for her fuck-hole. “You’re a little high, son. Lower your aim.” And then I stuck the head of my cock into the very same hole that my other head had emerged from nineteen years earlier. Mom’s pussy was warm and slick. I pushed my cock in all the way and instantly shot my load. Dad knew by my clenching ass and twitching balls that I was cumming. There was no way to hide it.

“Well, that was quick,” he said. “It’s very common for virgins to ejaculate prematurely. Nothing prepares you for the feel of a warm, wet pussy around your cock. Keep fucking and you’ll probably stay hard.”

“What if I knocked her up, Dad?”

“Don’t worry about that. She’s on the pill. Now throw a good fuck into her.”

Dad was getting it all on tape. When the doorbell rang, he propped the camera up on the dresser so he wouldn’t miss anything. I continued to shamelessly fuck my unconscious mother. Then I felt a draft, and when I looked back over my shoulder, Bob was standing in the doorway gaping at the scene.

“Hot damn! Incest! I’ve always wanted to see it, and mother-fucking is my favorite variation. Hell, I just came by to see how she was, now I’m going to get the hottest show of my life. Go ahead and give it to her. Just pretend I’m not here.”

I lost some of my bone, but not so much that I had to stop. I continued practicing my thrusts. Even though I didn’t have any sexual experience, I had done considerable reading on the subject, thanks to the Internet. I had read someplace that the secret to a great fuck is variety. Every stroke should be different from every other stroke. As I pumped my cock in and out of Mom’s pussy, there seemed to be an infinite number of possibilities. Bob was soon as naked as the rest of us and was enthusiastically working his big dick. I nearly fainted when I shot a second load into Mom. Bob rushed forward to take my place but Dad intercepted him.

“Sorry, partner. Getting sloppy-seconds after my son will be the experience of a lifetime. You can have her next. Hey, look at this, you guys.” He was pointing at a bump at the top of her slit. I was pretty naïve, but I knew enough to know that it was her clitoris. “You gave her a hard-on, son,” he said with a chortle.

Without being told to do so, I picked up the camera and taped Dad getting the best sloppy-seconds of his life. As he drove his cock into her, my custard spurted out and trickled down over her ass-hole. I felt a little better about my own premature ejaculation when Dad’s balls boiled over after only a dozen thrusts.

“That was amazing!” Dad exclaimed. “Look at my cock all coated with my son’s dick-juice.”

Dad took over the camera Starzbet Giriş and taped Bob fucking Mom. I felt a little sick and wanted to leave then, but Dad talked me into laying next to them and jacking off. “It will make a really hot scene,” he said. He had let me fuck his wife, so the least I could do was give him what he wanted. I stretched out on the bed and did the one thing that I was good at – beating my meat. As Bob pulled his cock out and unloaded on Mom’s belly, my jism spurted out onto my belly.

Before Bob left, he and Dad agreed that I should participate in the sex party they were planning for the following night. I had mixed feelings about that. I certainly wanted to fuck his pretty wife, but I was undecided about letting Mom know that I had fucked her. My cock decided for me when I awoke in the morning with a powerful woody. I imagined it saying, “I’m tired of your hand. I want some more pussy.”

Bob and Carol showed up as Dad was putting the finishing touches on the charcoal fire. Carol really looked hot in a skimpy blouse tied off just below her tits. I could see her dark nipples through the almost-transparent material. She was wearing a pair of hip-huggers that barely covered her pussy. I could tell by the way she looked at me that she knew what I had done. Mom acted as though nothing had happened, so I wasn’t sure about her. If Dad hadn’t yet told her, when and how did he plan on breaking the news?

The steaks were perfect and the baked potatoes were crunchy just the way I like them, but I didn’t taste a single bite. All I could think about was what was to come. When we finished the meal, we sat around drinking the way we had the previous night. Mom prudently stuck to Pepsi.

Mom excused herself to go to the bathroom, and a few minutes later Dad asked, “What do you guys say to a little fun?” When we walked into the livingroom, Mom emerged from the bedroom wearing nothing but a smile. Damn, was she hot! When she had been prone on the bed, I couldn’t truly appreciate her beauty. She pulled my pants down, pushed me back in a chair, and sat on my lap. While she was doing that, Dad was loading a tape into the VCR.

“I’ve just got to see this,” Carol said. There was a shot of Dad’s jiggling ass as he pumped his cock into his unconscious wife’s pussy. Then I was stripping and mounting my mother. My face turned beet red when they giggled at my premature ejaculation. Then Bob was sitting next to the bed watching and jacking. I tried to get Dad to shut off the VCR before it got to the scene of me jacking off, but he refused and I’m kind of glad he did. Mom gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I’m sorry I missed out on the fun. Now you’re going to have to make up for it.”

Mom went to her knees and started sucking my cock as the others shifted their positions to get a better look. Dad had already started taping. Bob and Carol undressed slowly while paying careful attention to what Mom was doing. It was as though they were afraid to look away lest they miss something. I had never had a blow job and couldn’t believe how good it felt.

Carol was just as scrumptious as I had imagined. Her plump tits were just the right size for her body. I felt a twinge of jealousy when she sat on her husband’s lap and encouraged him to grope her. Mom’s velvety lips slid up and down my slick shaft. She constantly swished a mouthful of spit around my cock. As hot as I was, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see steam come out of her nostrils.

“Mom, I think you had better stop now. It wouldn’t be right for me to come in your mouth. Mom, please stop now. LOOK OUT, MOM! HERE IT COMES!”

The decent thing to do would have been to pull my cock out of my mother’s mouth and shoot off on my belly, but I couldn’t do it. The pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t give it up. Bob succeeded in masturbating his pretty wife to an orgasm. “THAT’S IT!” she shouted. “SHOOT YOUR LOAD IN YOUR MOTHER’S MOUTH!” She began whinnying like a mare in heat. Mom continued sucking as my cock spurted in her mouth. There was more jism than she could handle, and some spilled down her chin. Dad couldn’t have been more pleased. The spillage added a nice touch to the porno he was making. Mom smiled up at me with come dripping off her chin. “Yum-yum,” she said as she smacked her lips.

Mom took me by the hand and led me to the master bedroom. I stumbled and staggered on legs that barely functioned. She pushed me to my back, mounted me, and impaled herself on my cock. Dad, Bob and Carol watched for a few minutes until the novelty of watching a woman fuck her son wore off, then they got down to business themselves. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Carol demanded a double-penetration fuck from both of them. After setting up the camera to record all of the action, Dad greased his cock and went to his back. Carol straddled him and took his cock up her ass.

Mom fed me her tits. When she tired of having one nipple sucked, she pulled it out of my mouth and fed me the other. I was learning that being able to suck the woman’s tits was the best thing about the woman-on-top position. Next to us, Bob was on top of Dad and his wife and was pumping his cock into her pussy. The way they were moving together lead me to believe that they were not strangers to the perversion. Carol was moving back and forth between them taking their cocks on alternate strokes.

Mom said she wanted me on top of her and we somehow managed it without unhooking. It really got good then. We were all going at it so hard that I swear the whole damn camper shook. Mom had her feet squarely planted on the bed for leverage and was raising her ass to meet my thrusts. She was thrashing about too wildly for me to fuck with anything resembling finesse, so the best I could do was just ram my cock in and hope that I hit the crucial nerve that would trigger her orgasm.

Both of the women were braying like donkeys by then. I worried about the neighbors hearing us until I remembered that we were in a swinger camp. Mom and I were fucking at around three strokes per second. I couldn’t keep that pace up for long, and was a little relieved when she started to come.

“OH, MY GOD! THAT’S IT! YES..YES..YES! HE’S MAKING ME COME! MY SON IS MAKING ME COME!” That outburst was followed by a long whinny. Her pussy clamping down on my cock set me off, and I fired my buckshot against her cervix. The others had stopped fucking to watch mother and son come together.

“Nice work, son,” Dad said. “I couldn’t have done it better myself.”

“Yeah, good job,” Bob said. “Now if you’re finished with her, how about letting me try her out? Go help your father with my wife.”

I jacked my cock to keep it hard and knelt between Carol’s legs. Dad’s cock was planted up to the balls in her ass. She grabbed my cock and frantically jacked it to keep it up. “Don’t you dare go soft on me,” she hissed. It worked and she soon guided me to her fuck-hole. I shoved my cock in and discovered that she was just as tight and slick as Mom. I could feel the heat from Dad’s cock through the thin membrane separating us. Carol began to buck up against me and urge me to fuck her. I gave her what she wanted.

I felt Dad’s cock lurch six or seven times as he shot his load up her ass. He valiantly tried to continue, but his cock went soft and slipped out. Dad’s half-hard cock poking my balls was interfering with my strokes until he reached down and moved it out of my way.

“Take your father’s place in my ass,” Carol said. “Shove your cock up into the mess he made.”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Mom said. “I want to be the one to give him his first piece.”

Carol went crazy when she started to cum. She said something about me not fucking her hard enough, and, with what seemed like superhuman strength, flipped me onto my back. She posted up and down on me taking my cock deep on each stroke. Meanwhile, Dad had gone to work on her ass with his fingers. He shoved three greasy fingers deep into her ass and twisted them around. She had a very powerful orgasm and then went limp on top of me.

I had been so distracted by Carol’s orgasm that I hadn’t noticed Bob and Mom switching positions. She had mounted him and was riding him hard. She looked at me through glazed eyes and said, “Get over here and stick your bone in my ass.” I could hardly believe what was happening, and pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

My cock was slick with Carol’s sex juices so I didn’t bother to lubricate it. The way my cock slid into Mom’s ass so easily made me think that she had been sodomized plenty of times. The anal penetration triggered her orgasm, and the clenching of her sex muscles did it for Bob and I. There is no way I can describe the ecstasy I felt when I shot my load up Mom’s ass.

The five of us had almost continuous sex for a full week. Dad and the imaginative swingers wanted to see Mom and I indulge in every perversion that they could dream up. Probably the nastiest thing I did was Dad’s idea. I fucked between her big, silky-soft tits while he and Bob held her by the nipples. When I felt myself starting to cum, I said, “Close your eyes, Mom,” then I shot my load in her face. Dad slapped me on the back and said, “You’re a real man now.”

Dad got most of the action on tape. He made copies for me to take back to school. My frat buddies and I had some great jack-off parties with those tapes. They wanted to fuck my beautiful mother and they eventually did. But that’s another story.

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Close Encounter

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This was written in response to a request, by one of you, for a certain kind of story. Much of it deals with two of the characters coming to terms with desires and impulses created and/or implanted by a third character–an ET. Not a lot of sex, but a lot of foreplay and teasing, as well as a lengthy set up. Albert, I hope you like it. Comments and votes, of course, always welcome. Signed comments acknowledged. Enjoy. Jb7

Close Encounter: 3F

J. Allen Hynek, a noted Ufologist, devised a sixfold classification for UFO sightings. They are arranged in increasingly high strangeness.

Nocturnal Discs: Lights in the night sky

Daylight Discs: UFOs seen in the daytime, generally having discoidal or oval shapes.

Radar-Visual: UFO reports that seem to have radar confirmation. Though seeming to offer harder evidence of physical reality, the vagaries of radar propagation often make the ascription ambiguous.

Close Encounters of the First Kind: Visual sightings of an unidentified flying object seemingly less than 500 feet away that show an appreciable angular extension and considerable detail.

Close Encounters of the Second Kind: A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged. This can be interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronic device; animals reacting; a physiological effect such as paralysis or heat and discomfort in the witness; or some physical trace like impressions in the ground, scorching or effecting vegetation, or a chemical trace.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: UFO encounters in which an animated creature is present. These include humanoids, robots, and human who seemed to be occupants or pilots of a UFO

The UFO researcher Ted Bloecher proposed six subtypes for the close encounters of the third kind in the Hynek’s scale:

A: An entity is observed only inside the UFO.

B: An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO.

C: An entity is observed near to a UFO, but not going in or out.

D: An entity is observed. No UFOs are seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area at about the same time.

E: An entity is observed, but no UFOs are seen and no UFO activity has been reported in the area at that time.

F: No entity or UFOs are observed, but the subject experiences some kind of “intelligent communication”.

Subtypes D, E, and F may be unrelated to the UFO phenomenon.

——–(adapted from Wikipedia)

>< The Classification Committee on Contacts is still investigating whether the event described in the following transcript is an advanced Encounter of the Second Kind or an example of An Encounter of the Third Kind, type F. The sentience, once known to its family and friends as Y-a-prut, or more simply as Y, drifted lazily through the void we know as Space. A manifestation of pure energy, it needed neither sustenance nor fluid to survive. Whenever it felt its energy levels dwindling, it could simply absorb some of the electromagnetic radiation which flowed from the stars like wine from a bottomless ewer to fill the voids of Space. Y had been adrift for such a long time it could no longer recall how long ago its home system had been destroyed by the rogue solar flare which had consumed the inner planets of its star system. Its home had been a small planet, the third (or fourth, if you counted the large rock in orbit between the first and second real planets) orbiting a small to medium sized yellow sun. He was off his home world, visiting friends on the next outer planet, when he received an alarm call from his forebears that something was happening with their sun. He immediately boarded his ship and took off for home, ignoring the warnings of the interplanetary flight officials at the launch facility As soon as he was clear of the space dock, he could see the solar flare boiling off the sun and realized there was no way to rescue anyone from his planet. He was nearly home, about a third of a light-minute (11.5 M miles) away, when he saw it happening on his view screen. It looked like the sun was executing a polo pass. The flare just seemed to come through Space and slap his home planet, not only knocking it completely out of orbit, but also totally incinerating the small planet and all of the life it bore. What Y had not considered, if he was even thinking at all as he saw his home obliterated, was the ion cloud boiling off the plasma flare. In his shock and grief, he never slowed or veered from his flight path as he watched the tragedy unfold, and plowed into the cloud of charged hydrogen atoms, totally unaware the superheated ions and free electrons were disintegrating his vessel. It was not until he lost the view on his telemetry screen that he realized Starzbet what was occurring. A sense of panic began to set in, quickly replaced by rage. Yielding to an instinctive, primal impulse, Y reached to switch on his defensive system, just as the safety by-passes were destroyed by the ion storm, sending a surge of plasma-intensity electrical current through his nervous system.

Expecting to join his family, Y was surprised, when the pain abated, to find himself hurtling through space, disembodied but aware, a tiny speck of ultraviolet energy, bouncing from solid to solid across miles and millennia, resembling nothing so much as a Brownian particle in the soup of dynamic energy filling interstellar space.

With no way to estimate time, he had no idea how long he traveled before he learned to control his direction. Once he had mastered that skill, he decided to try to find his home, or its remnants, and began to search out small yellow suns, as a place to begin his quest, to see if he could find the star which had destroyed his home.

On his journey, he encountered a wide variety of life, some sentient, most not; most corporeal, more than a few, like himself, not; some open and friendly, most, not. One race, in particular, located in the Burkisian System, had a profound effect on him. The System lay a few light-months outside the influence of the Singularity comprising the mammoth black hole at the center of the galaxy.

Suffice it to say that, from that troubled race, he learned to communicate with, and control, inhabitants of the corporeal realm. He stayed with them for several trips around their star before setting off once again on the search for his home. Catching a ride on a high powered photon, he skirted the Singularity and became aware of a number of small to medium yellow stars scattered across what the Burkisians termed the Dracon sector of the galaxy. One, toward the far, outer edge, appeared to be promising.

Eighteen year old Albert Goode (pronounced Good-ee) sat on the last seat in the back of the school bus, dealing with the not very original thought that life wasn’t fair. That morning, Kelly Davis, a seventeen year old junior, had asked him to take her to the Junior Prom tomorrow night. Yeah, she was so skinny she needed stones in her pockets if there was a strong breeze, to keep from being blown away, and if she was standing sideways you could barely see her, but she had hinted that there would be no limits after the dance. The problem was he didn’t have a car, and she didn’t drive.

He’d had a car, or at least access to one, before his dad had died two years ago. But with the lousy medical insurance they’d had, his mother had had to sell almost everything they had to cover the medical and funeral expenses. And with her job, the only house they could afford was the share cropper’s house on his uncle’s farm, causing him and his sister to change schools.

He glanced across the bus at his twin, Anni. Like him, she was sitting with her back to the window, her foot on the seat, supporting a book. He shook his head and reached out with his foot and knocked hers off the seat. When she looked up with an angry frown, he just shook his head, and said, “You were flashing me.”

She put her foot back up, and pushed her skirt down between her legs. “So? It’s not like you haven’t seen my underwear before, on or off me.”

“Yeah, but the, uh, the part that covers your, uh, um, lady bits, uh, wasn’t covering them very well.”

“And you don’t like looking at…uh, lady bits, huh.” she commented, laughing.

“No, I mean, yes, I do, but you’re my sister, and I shouldn’t be looking at yours.”

“Doesn’t stop you at home, trying to look down me and Mom’s blouses, or trying to peek at us in the shower.”

“I…I..I don’t either,” he said, blushing bright red.

She smiled, knowing he actually did try to avoid doing the things she had accused him of, wondering how she had gotten such a straight-laced brother when she was constantly pre-occupied with sex lately. If her mother hadn’t reined her in, she would have run around inside the house, and out (given her druthers), in her underwear or less, just to tease him.

She knew he masturbated; she could hear him at night, but when asked directly, he’d either deny it outright, or change the topic. She had confessed to him once, recently, that hearing him at night often helped her reach her own climax; God, he had turned as red as a beet when she told him that.

She slid down slightly in her seat and surreptitiously pulled her skirt up, hoping she had revealed her panties again. His glance and turning to look away told her she had been successful. His blush and tightening of his jaw when she laughed Starzbet Giriş confirmed her success and elicited another audible chuckle,

“Here’s your driveway,” the bus driver called, interrupting her game of show and tease.

“Aww, Ms Barrett, can’t you take us to the door. It’s gotta be another half mile…” came the familiar plaint from Albert.

She sighed heavily and started her usual answer, “You know I can’t pull into a driveway that long…”

“Unless there’s a turnaround.” Anni finished for her. “He knows, Ms Barrett; Bert’s just pulling your chain. Thank you. See you Monday,” the blue-eyed brunette said as she got off the bus.

As he approached the exit, Bert flashed the driver a warm smile and said, “Thanks, Ms Barrett. Have a good weekend.”

In spite of herself, the buxom driver smiled back, thinking, “Sonny, if your sister wasn’t on this bus, I’d yank something of yours.” Immediately she chastised herself, “Edie Barrett, behave yourself. He may be old enough, but he’s still a student,” as she put the bus in gear and headed for the bus garage.

In the exchange, no one noticed the slightly purplish light which seemed to bounce off the bus into the oak tree which marked the driveway. On Y’s trip from the Burkis System, where he had learned how to enter and control a humanoid body, he had encountered a veritable river of electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio and TV signals, all streaming from a small planet revolving around a smallish yellow sun. He had absorbed and studied the information, and was familiar with the major languages of the planet, on which he had recently landed.

He had chosen to land in the area which had, roughly, the same coordinates as his family’s home on his own planet. He recognized that he was on one of the larger land masses, slightly North and East of its center.

He was surprised at the similarity. It was pleasantly warm, and mildly humid, with a steady breeze. The surrounding land was rolling and appeared to covered by a new crop of some grass related plant. If Y had had eyes to close, he could have imagined he had found home.

Anni waited for her brother to get off the bus so they could walk together up the nearly quarter mile long lane which led to their house. “Something wrong, Bert? You were quiet almost all the way home. Some one, or something buggin’ you?”

“No…yeah…not rea…Kelly Davis asked me to take her to her prom tomorrow night. And I had to say no, damn it. I don’t have a car, and she can’t drive…Fuck!”

“I’m sorry, Bro, but at least you got asked. More’n I can say,” she laughed, bumping his arm with her shoulder.

“Just further proof that the guys at school are just a bunch of dumbasses. At Horner (their previous high school) you would have been the first girl asked. Shit, if you weren’t my sister…” he stopped, blushing.

“What, Bert? What if I wasn’t your sister? C’mon, tell me,” she wheedled; “It’s just us here. I won’t tell anyone, and I won’t hold it against you, I promise. C’mon, tell me, please.”

Bert looked at her, shaking his head, and kept walking, stomping up the lane as if he was carrying a heavy load. “I… I…” He stopped and turned to face her. She caught her breath, looking at her brother. Their coloring, inherited from their mother, was similar, dark hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, normally. At the moment, the six-foot teenager’s was bright red with embarrassment.

“If you ever tell anybody, I’ll say it’s a lie, but, if you weren’t my sister, I’d ask you to be my girlfriend,” and with that, he turned and started to run toward the house.

Gobsmacked, Anni stood still, watching him run away. Y took the opportunity to drop into one of the deep wrinkles in her backpack, to think about what he had heard.

Sister–close female relation of the same generation, born of the same pair of parents; variants: half-sister – one parent in common; step sister – acquired by marriage between parent and other adult with female offspring male equivalents: brother, half brother, step brother

Girlfriend–female with whom male can expect to engage in sexual activities ranging from hand holding to variants of reproductive sex.

Question—why does being sister preclude being girlfriend? Must investigate.

Since the male sibling seemed to have the biggest problem with sister vs girlfriend status (based on what Y had observed in the bus), Y carefully insinuated himself into the teenager’s mind and began to look for clues as to why the two statuses seemed to be mutually exclusive.

Scanning the teen’s education engrammes, he found only a brief discussion on the genetic problems which ‘might’ be the result of ‘extensive’ inbreeding from an early Starzbet Güncel Giriş high school science class. Y quickly dismissed this as the cause for the attitude since not everyone had to study that course, and it seemed the prejudice predated that exposure.

The sentience looked back a couple of years, to the immediately prepubescent period. Here he discovered a lot of teasing about what his friends would do if Anni was their sister, and questions about whether or not he had ‘fucked’ her (an obscene colloquialism for engaging in sexual intercourse, his language banks translated for him). This question usually elicited feelings of anger, jealousy, arousal and shame.

The shame seemed to be tied to all things associated with any interest in the feminine body, and stemmed to an incident when he had walked in on his mother while she was changing her clothes. As soon as he had seen her in her underwear, stunned, he had frozen in place. His mother had looked up and seen him at that instant, and, surprised, mistakenly thought he had been there for some time.

Embarrassed, she had given him a gentle but strict talking to about how it wasn’t proper for him to be peeking at women and girls, especially her and his sister, while they dressed or bathed, a talk which was repeated more forcefully by his father. Feeling ashamed, he had not tried to explain or defend himself.

The sense of shame was compounded by an incident a few years earlier when he had walked in on his parents while they were still in bed. Since they were covered, Bert had not seen anything, but their reactions were enough to frighten the six year-old.

The next summer, when his family was visiting his Uncle’s farm, he and a year-older cousin were discovered by the uncle, in the barn, engaged in the activity humorously described by older children as ‘playing doctor.’ With a shout and a swat to Bert’s bare ass, the uncle ended the cousins’ game of show and tell. Later, when the adults thought the kids were asleep, he heard them discussing and laughing about it. That was the first time he heard the word incest. .

The sentience, figuratively, blinked. In spite of his exposure to several years of TV and radio broadcasts, he was unfamiliar with the term. Searching his mental data banks, the only references he found were in a legal context, indicating the word referred to an illegal activity, but there had never been any explanatory information.

He examined the word itself, conjecturing about what it meant, but not why it was wrong: in – cest—the negative connotation began with the first syllable, the negative ‘in’, and proceeded with the second syllable, the extended sibilance of the ‘c’ and ‘s’, reminiscent of the sound of the hated snake, followed by the hard stop of the ‘t’, as if the speaker were attempting to spit out a putrid taste.

However, in Albert’s cerebral library, it lay in close proximity to the word *fuck*, as well as many others which the sentience had learned on his journey, from the TV and radio signals, were considered as obscene. From this, he inferred that incest was used to refer to the act of sexual intercourse between family members not legally married to each other, and judged to be taboo and illegal.

This puzzled the traveler. On his world, it was the role of mothers and unwed sisters to properly school the young males approaching maturity in the proper techniques and methods of pleasing their mates to ensure a happy home life and healthy offspring.

In a like manner, it was the duty of the male side of the family to instruct the younger females as they neared the age of child bearing. The occasional rare progeny of such unions were welcomed as blessings upon the family.

Y decided to wait and watch, to see if he could garner more information about the ban, and to see if he could determine the nature of the relationships in the small family.

Albert had a three-stride head start before Anni was able to get her feet to move after his declaration. She took off after him and caught up to him just as he started up the steps to the porch. She ran up the steps beside him, purposely bumping his arm with her shoulder whenever she could.

He reached up, found the key on the lintel, and, In spite of his sister’s interference, he was able to get the door unlocked. When they got inside, she moved to stand in front of him, blocking his way. “I’d have said yes,” she stated and turned and ran upstairs to her room, leaving her brother as stunned as she had been.

If Y had had a head, he’d have been shaking it. “So much wasted sexual energy. Must find a way to help this sibling pair release it and enjoy this period of youthful excitability. He considered the situation an example of racial immaturity and resolved to find a way to elevate this pair, if not the family, to what he deemed a more mature and accepting level.

Based on Anni’s statement, he regarded her already as more mature and accepting of the possibility of mating with her brother, provided there were no offspring. He would have to find a way to convince the male.

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Her Rules

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Solo Male

If Tarantina wasn’t quite dressed to kill, she was certainly out to maim. In a leather skirt and fishnets, her brunette hair flowing down over her shoulders, and a silver cross nestled in the cleavage created by a low-cut black blouse and a very pushy bra, she’d had guys’ tongues hanging out most of the evening. I hadn’t said where we were heading, just to meet me in the West End and dress sexily. We’d started at a private members club, then jumped a cab. She never needed a second invitation to get her glad rags on, but judging by the expression on her face as our cab stopped outside what was clearly a swingers’ club, she was a little piqued at not being given more of a heads-up.

‘The girls are wearing BDSM gear,’ she protested as a I paid the driver. We were both ogling the other guests who were arriving and joining the short line to get into the invitation-only event.

‘I didn’t want to spoil the surprise,’ I said. ‘After all, this is your fantasy.’

She kissed me hard – my thanks – then said, ‘You bastard.’

At the door we handed over our IDs and completed our registration as a couple. It was a first time for both of us at the club and they had a strict couples-only policy. Other first-time visitors to a club like this might be daunted by what they were about to see or be asked to do, but we were worried for another reason. Declaring ourselves as a couple made a record of what had up until then stayed a very private secret. No-one knew about our affair, not even our closest friends. We hid our tracks. Never visited the same place twice. And we certainly didn’t declare ourselves to be a couple. I hoped this club held its data securely. The idea of it being hacked and the information published on the web wasn’t an idle concern.

We took a deep breath and headed inside. Tarantina gripped my arm. I knew it wasn’t from trepidation any longer, but from the sexual energy that would be charging through her body just as it was mine. I glanced over; her eyes had gone wide. There were beautiful people everywhere, all dressed to thrill, and the idea that some of these gorgeous bodies might want to have sex with us was simply overwhelming.

‘There’s a dungeon downstairs, apparently,’ I told her, ‘and a dark room, plus lots of side rooms where we can do it ourselves or join in.’

I expected her to tell me where she wanted to visit first, but instead she turned to me. ‘We need rules,’ she said firmly.


It seemed fair enough. She hadn’t been expecting this and I had to congratulate her on even venturing inside. I could imagine what the response would have been if either of us had tried the same trick on either of our other halves. It would have made for a frosty trip back to the suburbs, maybe even a swift visit to the lawyer’s office.

‘You can look,’ she said. ‘And you can touch. But no fucking.’

I nodded. I was just happy to be there. ‘Same goes for you?’

‘Of course. I don’t want to fuck a man I’ve never met.’

It was the difference between the sexes, I knew, and didn’t question it. I’d even anticipated this. We’d had conversations previously about inviting someone to join in one of our hotel romps, and agreed that we didn’t want to share each other with anyone else. But she’d also told me about a fantasy of having a few men at once. Contradiction, thy name is woman. There was only one way to deal with it: find a place where she could explore safely. I’d gently steer us downstairs, and then maybe suggest the dark room.

We came across an open area with sofas. It was still early and there was no full nudity yet,. People kissed and fondled. A few women had their tits out. One guy was getting his cock stroked through his jeans. I grabbed Tarantina around the waist from behind and pulled her to me, so she could feel my erection pressing into her cheeks.

‘Someone’s enjoying the show,’ she said.

I kissed her neck and played with her breasts, tweaking her nipples hard.

We walked to get a drink and noticed a couple standing near the fridges watching us. They were about our age. He had a strong, angular features – a Mediterranean look Bycasino – and she wore a sharp blonde bob that could have been a wig. Both were slim and a had a confident air. Something told me they weren’t first-timers, far from it.

‘It’s quiet tonight,’ the man said, as we opened our drinks.

‘We wouldn’t know,’ I said, ‘it’s our first time.’

His eyes it up, as I’d hoped they would. ‘Two virgins. You will enjoy it.’ He spoke with an accent, but I wasn’t sure where from.

‘What would you recommend first?’

‘Depends what you like.’

I knew this would prompt Tarantina into action. Meekly following along wasn’t her style. As I was about to answer the question, she pushed me to one side. ‘Who says we’re following your fantasies?’

The other woman laughed and said, ‘What are your names?’ Her accent was stronger than her partner’s. German, I guessed. Maybe Danish.

Tarantina and I looked at each other quickly reading each others’ minds. Should we give our real names?

‘Tina,’ she said quickly. Nice one.

“I’m Seb,’ I said.

‘He is Jusi,’ she said, ‘and I’m Meta.’

Her lips, I noticed as she spoke, were round, full, and highly glossed. There was a hint of something fluorescent in her lipstick too, because every time an ultra-violet strobe swept the room, it gave her mouth a purple glow. I couldn’t help but wonder if Meta might be tempted to leave some ultra-violet marks on my cock at some point, but then it occurred to me it might not be allowed. Was oral sex touching, or fucking? Our hasty agreement hadn’t been comprehensive.

‘So tell us your fantasies,’ Meta said. It was addressed to both of us, but I could see her checking out Tina. She was hoping my lover had a desire to explore the feminine side.

‘That’s what we’re here to discover,’ I said. ‘I’ve fantasised about pretty much everything.’

‘Why don’t you try a room first,’ Jusi said. ‘That’s what most people are here for. We can show you if you want.’

Tina nodded and I was happy to go along. They led us down a flight of stairs. I caught sight of another floor below, and guessed that’s where the dungeon might be. We turned a corner, went through a doorway, and there before us were a couple on a chaise longue, naked except for their bondage gear. The man wore a spiked collar around his neck, and the woman held him on a chain, pulling his face between her legs. He was eating her pussy for all he was worth, but she wanted more, flicking a leather switch across his back and ass every time he slowed down.

I felt an instant desire to touch Tina the same way and my hand swept across her leather skirt, but it was too long and tight fitting to reach her pussy.

‘You should have told me where we were going,’ she said, ‘I would have worn something with easier access.’ We kissed and I reached for her breasts instead. She moaned and felt for my cock, which was pressing painfully against my trouser fronts. My first instinct was to find a room of our own.

‘Would you like to see another?’ Meta said. ‘There are some you can join.’

We went on a tour through the private rooms. There were couples fucking, in pairs and in groups, plus single sex couples of both genders, and one room where people were rotating in and an out, like a tag-team mini-orgy.

All through our visiting, Tina seemed happy to stay and watch. We kissed and felt each other a few times. I’d even had to loosen the waist of her skirt at one point to get my hand down to her clit, which couldn’t last another second without being touched. But when I’d tried to go further and remove it, with the intention of heading for one of the beds, and with the hope that Jusi and Meta might follow us, she pulled my hand out and pushed my fingers to my mouth, while she refastened the zip.

It was then that I realised what she wanted – and just as importantly what she didn’t want. She knew that if we headed for the bed that the other couple would follow. She didn’t want a swap. That had never been her fantasy.

I led us back out and down the stairs toward the dungeon, ditching the Danes in the Bycasino giriş process. Various people were hooked up in various contraptions, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. The club had a strict couples-only or single-female policy, because otherwise it would be overrun by predatory young men looking for an easy shag. But that meant a relatively equal ratio, and most of the guys were occupied.

Eventually I spotted a pair of hardbody young men sitting next to a drinks station, chatting between themselves happily enough, but I wondered if maybe they needed a distraction.

Suggesting another drink, I led us over. We got the drinks and asked if we could join. They took one look at Tina and agreed. She took the opportunity to squeeze herself between them on the sofa. I think she’d twigged my plan, even then.

‘Aren’t you guys a little bored over here?’ I asked them. ‘I mean, there’s so much to watch.’

‘We’re waiting for our wives,’ one of them said. ‘They’ve gone off together somewhere.’

‘Probably dyking it up,’ the other one said. ‘They’re into each other.’

‘Don’t you want to watch?’ I said.

‘If they want to put on a show, yeah,’ the first one said. ‘But they disappeared. We’re not going follow them around.’

‘Why don’t you do the same?’ Tina said to them. ‘Get into each other while they’re gone?’

The two men laughed nervously.

‘Did they tell you to behave yourselves while they were away?’ she said.

‘No it’s not that, but…’

‘But what?’ she said.

Throughout most of the conversation my eyes had been on the St Andrews cross, which I’d read was the highlight of the dungeon and didn’t disappoint. A woman wearing only a leather bodice was strapped to it, her legs spread by the apparatus, while a masked man applied various gels to her holes and penetrated them with a variety of toys. She was shrieking with pleasure, and sometimes surprise, and it was impossible not to watch.

Noticing a pause in the conversation, I turned back to Tina, and received the shock of my life. One of the two guys had his tongue down her throat while he was unbuttoning her shirt, and the other had his hand inside her leather skirt. She saw me and giggled naughtily, then beckoned me to her. When I was close enough she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer. It only took a few seconds before my cock, which had been desperate to be freed for what seemed an eternity, leapt out of its confines.

Tina brought me to her mouth and began swirling her tongue, just like I’d taught her during our last session together. Her bra soon came off and the guy she’d been kissing began sucking hard at her nipples. Her skirt was up around her waist and I could see a hand fighting to get down the front of her panties.

We were in a fairly open area of the club and I wasn’t even sure if we were supposed to be doing it here.

‘Do we need to get a room?’ I said, to no-one in particular.

‘There are no rules here, mate,’ said the man with his hand in Tina’s pants.

I’d thought that the sight of another man pleasuring my lover would raise terrible feelings of jealousy in me. And while I can’t say they were entirely absent, the expression of sheer pleasure on Tina’s face went some way to alleviating it. It excited me to see her so lost in sensation.

The head of my cock was building up a good rhythm sliding in and out of her mouth, and Tina now had both of the other two guys’ cocks out too. She was wanking them with both hands, rather expertly if I may say, and I wondered if she’d ever pleasured three men simultaneously before. Her panties had been pulled off and I could see two fingers sliding in and out of her gorgeous pussy with its tiny landing strip of hair.

Tina took me out of her mouth and said, ‘Fuck me now.’

The two guys obligingly moved aside as I placed my hips between hers. But before I could enter her, she said to the other guys, ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

She had each of them stand beside her and took their cocks in each hand, then made sure they were positioned so that she could suck them Bycasino güncel giriş in turn.

I took that as my cue to enter her, and I’d never felt her pussy hotter or wetter. She thrust her hips forward to meet mine, grinding her clit into my pubes.

It didn’t take long before all four of us were cumming. Tina was first, letting out one of the low, loud yells that seemed to start in the depths of her being and had shaken the walls of many of London’s finer hotels. That set me off. I pulled out and shot my load over her belly, and the two guys added theirs to mine, showering her tits.

We all laughed once we were done, as I don’t think any of us had expected it, but what came as an even bigger surprise was the sound of hand clapping behind us. We looked up and there were the two guys’ wives, who’d been watching the whole thing.

‘Seems you found some new friends,’ one of the girls said.

‘I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your men,’ Tina said to them.

‘No, we were having fun watching,’ said the other wife.

They were both gorgeous. In their thirties, with very firm bodies, they were both wearing matching corsets and bras.

‘In fact, we were coming to get the guys to join us in a room. And seeing as you’re friends already…’

They showed us where there were some showers, and we got to know each other better, laughing as we soaped up. Afterward, as we followed them to one of the private rooms, one of the wives turned to us. ‘We’re going to put on a show, it’ll give you boys a little time to recover.’

As soon as we were in the room, the two girls got to work on each other. They’d been saving it for the husbands I guessed, as they were as greedy as we’d been earlier. I was getting hard again, which wasn’t lost on Tina, because it was her hands on me that had started it. I returned the favour and slid my fingers across her clit as we watched the girls take it in turned to go down on each other.

One of the two wives set the other on her knees and turned her around so that her pussy and ass were on show to us. She then put two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. Her friend squealed in pleasure. The two guys couldn’t hold themselves back any longer. They dived straight in. One got behind the girl on her knees and went straight inside. The other lifted his woman onto the bed, and sat her on top of him, where she sank straight down with a cry of delight. We watched, loving the show, and then laughed with surprise as the couples switched partners in a flash. I’d still not worked out who was with whom, and at this point it had ceased mattering to them.

‘Do you want to fuck them?’ Tina said in my ear.

‘No, I want to fuck you.’

‘Well hurry up then.’

We climbed onto the one space left on the bed and began fucking doggy style. The other couples saw us and hands reached across in playful camaraderie. Tina and I stayed together, but as the couples switched again and positions changed, we touched them and allowed ourselves to be touched. I felt pussies, cocks, tits, asses… I was reminded of Woody’s Allen’s gag about wanting to be reincarnated as Warren Beatty’s fingertips, but after tonight I reckoned there would be a number of people who’d be happy to come back as mine…

Tina and I came together, then lay watching as our new friends went off and other couples took their places. It was mesmerising to watch such a parade of sex – like a having your own private porn channel, in real life and close up.

Tina was staying at a friend’s house that night and she didn’t want to be back too late. We gathered our belongings and as we were leaving we passed a room where I spotted Jusi and Meta taking part in what I can only describe as a full-on orgy. Jusi had his dick deep in a stunning Afro-Caribbean woman, and Jusi was being DP’d by two guys, in a room full of many other pulsating bodies.

I was clearly transfixed, as I felt a tug on my arm. ‘We’ll come back again.’

She pulled me into a cab and our tongues stayed firmly entwined all the way to her friends’ place.

As she was getting out, she said, ‘Thank you for making my fantasy come true. Next time can be your rules.’

I instantly wished she hadn’t said it. At least not then. Riding home in a cab by myself with a throbbing erection and no way of relieving it…

I guess there are worse ways to end a Saturday night.

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Claiming Her Ch. 05

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Two hours and three glasses of champagne later, Millie swayed. Aiden wondered if she had simply underestimated the effects of what four glasses would do to her. He watched as she took a few deep breaths and rose. And swayed so much she had to sit down again. She was a tiny little thing and surely inexperienced at drinking. Normally Aiden liked inexperienced drunk girls but perhaps he should go aid her. Save her the embarrassment in front of all their family members. Put her to bed. Yet Madeleine was being quite naughty on his ear. Telling him exactly what she wanted to do to his cock and who would he be turning down a good cock-sucking?

Still, he watched Amelia. Even while Madeleine pressed her lips on his dick and nipped. They were in the darkness of the patio. Too cold for guests to want to be outside. He could see Millie as she rose again, this time with great caution. There she was upright, inching along the edge of the sofa, seeking support from walls, eventually leaving his sight.

Aiden looked down and groaned. His cock was getting sucked by the prettiest young blond at the party. He shouldn’t be so distracted but he could no longer see Millie. He could no longer Bycasino keep watch of her. How she irked him, such a dumb little girl. His cock was half way down Madeleine’s throat when he pulled away. He yanked her up to her feet and firmly bent her over. Keeping her in place as he slammed his dick in her. The little slut wasn’t even wearing panties. She wanted to get fucked badly and that was just what he’d do. He pumped her fast and hard. Her moans getting louder as her hole got tighter. Once she came, he put his wet cock away and went inside. Leaving her to catch her breath while her pussy still pulsed from her orgasm.

His cock was still hard in his pants since he himself hadn’t cum which was making it rather difficult for him to walk fast by the crowd. He spotted her. Or most specifically her smile, a smile so full of perfection that he could never overlook it and feel happy in its radiance. But his happiness soon faded when he heard the conversation she was having with the bartender.

“No way your penis is fourteen inches,” she said.

Such poppycock. The bartender spoke but inaudibly to Aiden’s ears. Millie was being just a little too loud, her mannerisms Bycasino giriş changing under the influence of champagne. And the smile that made his heart skitter preserved but she stopped well short of . . . Something. He knew Amelia, the bartender told her something that left her suspicious.

She frowned. “It only gets that big once it’s inside me?”

“Yes. You must bounce on it many times and eventually it will start getting bigger and bigger,” he said. “Would you like to see for yourself?”

It came back again, her smile. And with the return of her smile, his anger followed. No doubt she was fascinated by these lies. Without warning his fingers clamped around her arm and marched her mercilessly upstairs, then gave her a shove that sent her stumbling to the middle of her bedroom.

So she’d been very pleased with the proposal of having a dick grow while she bounced on it? Horny drunk. He should cram his cock deep inside her right now. It’d go in easily with it still being all wet from Madeleine’s juices. Would she continue smiling after she learned that? That he’d fucked another girl silly and now he’d be fucking her. Perhaps he should Bycasino güncel giriş put his question to the test. Quickly, he pushed his pants down to his ankles and revealed his wet and rock hard erection. He yanked her up and tossed her on the mattress, pulling on her panties as she tried to get herself comfortable, and that’s when he saw it. A sleepy smile. Had he been any other kind of man, he’d have put her panties back on, tucked her, and left. But Aiden wasn’t a kind man. In his mind, Millie should be taught a lesson.

“Amelia.” She looked up sleepily at the sound of her name. “Do you still want to see if it will grow more once it’s inside you?”

But he didn’t even really give her a chance to reply. Already he was roughly rubbing his cock against her tiny hole. It wasn’t wet yet but Madeleine’s juices made it so. God he wanted to cram it in her. It’d be acceptable right now. She was drunkenly sleeping there with her legs wide open. Moaning softly whenever he was nice enough to rub her little clit. Her pussy was so wet now she was soaking the bed but it was too tight for his cock to even accidentally slide inside. So he tried to force it. But just as he was trying to push his dick head into her small opening, there came a knock on the door.

Quickly, Aiden pulled up his pants, hiding his erection as best he could. Tucked Millie in and made his way to the door but not before grabbing her spare set of panties from her night bag.

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Meaningful, Meaningless Sex

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“So, who’s it gonna be – Mike or Dave?” Ellie wanted to know.

I peered closer at my reflection in the mirror, pretending to perfect my lipstick. They were the only two guys who’d shown any interest. Nice enough – but I hadn’t felt any chemistry.

Ellie, on the other hand, had been spoiled for choice. As soon as we’d taken our places down by the pool, the good-looking guys had flocked to her. I’d hoped they’d flock to me too – that we’d play the field as a double act – but I was simply eclipsed. Ellie turned every head – a tall, willowy blonde with big breasts and a bubbly confident laugh. They scarcely noticed the flat-chested brunette next to her.

“And what about you?” I asked, ignoring her question. “You’re going with Jordan?”

She nodded – unembarrassed, supremely confident. “Yeah, he’s totally my type.”

Jordan certainly was Ellie’s type. She had a ‘thing’ for hyper-muscled jocks – and he was certainly one of those. She’d lost her virginity to the school rugby captain and then, after he’d moved on to his next conquest, had sought her revenge by sleeping with the rest of the squad. (Not that Josh Stevenson had cared, or even noticed.)

“So, come on Lucy – Mike or Dave? Who’s it gonna be?” Ellie looked at me pointedly.

I pushed nervously at my hair, trying to inject some life into the mousy brown strands, hoping I could think of a way to change the subject. But Ellie wasn’t going to let it go.

“I… I… I… dunno,” I stammered, my face flushing bright red. “I mean… I’m just not feeling it with either of them.”

Ellie rolled her eyes.

“Oh, come on!” she sighed despairingly. “Don’t tell me you’re chickening out. Just get yourself drunk, get into bed with one of them – it’ll be over before you know it. Then you won’t be the only virgin at university!”

“But I just don’t want a one-night stand,” I wailed. “I want something meaningful – even if we are only here for a week.”

“But that’s the whole point of a holiday romance,” she growled in exasperation. “It’s meaningless – meaningless sex! You won’t even remember the guy’s name once you’re back home.”

“But I don’t want that,” I complained. “I’ve still gotta like the guy – I want, I want…” I struggled for the words, “…meaningful, meaningless sex.”

Even I knew how ridiculous that sounded. Ellie gave a snort of derision and headed out the door. I followed behind as we clattered our way down the stairs in our heels. The boys would be ready – we’d have kept them waiting.

In truth, Ellie’s attitude was understandable. Despite the closeness of our friendship, we’d had very different degrees of success with the opposite sex. She’d had two steady boyfriends in the past two years and had played the rest of the field pretty comprehensively; I’d simply watched on – part-horrified, part-jealous. That was something I bitterly regretted now – all the cool guys had lost interest and the nice boys were well settled – it was only the creeps that remained.

We reached the lobby. There were about a dozen guys waiting – all British, mostly university students on vacation, although I suspected a few were older than they claimed. All were wearing white shirts, their hair spiked with gel. The room reeked of cheap aftershave, which barely covered the heavy stench of testosterone. The sharks were assembled, ready for the hunt.

Dave made a beeline for me, getting in early to stake his claim – sending the signal to Mike and anyone else who might try their luck with me. He danced around me as we walked to the first bar, trying rather too hard to keep my attention – it was all a bit suffocating. The smell of desperation is so off-putting.

I knew the Strip would be big – bigger than anything I’d seen before – but, even so, the intensity still overwhelmed me. That combination of alcohol, summer heat and being a thousand miles from home, brought out the very worst in everyone. It was louder, brighter, bassier than anything I’d imagined – and not in a good way.

I made the mistake of accepting a drink from Dave at the first place we got to. That was foolish – for the rest of the night he acted as if we were engaged – fawning over me, holding his hand around my waist, trying desperately to kiss me, becoming ever more animated as I tried to show my disinterest. I’d seen Ellie accept drinks from ‘no-hopers’, only to dismiss them with a casual flick of the hand and a look of distain. How I wished I could pull off the same trick.

Dave remained in orbit around me all evening. We did dance, but I had to push his hands away a couple of times, when they got too low or too high. We sat on the side lines, watching through the melee of bodies as Ellie and Jordan shoved their tongues down each other’s throats. Mike had quickly found someone else – I felt a mild sense of regret – maybe I could have imagined getting into bed with him by the end of the week. But judging by the way he and his squeeze were grinding together, I knew he wasn’t the guy for me.

Dave and I left with Ellie Bycasino and Jordan around two in the morning, just as the partying was hitting its stride. It was inevitable that she’d invite Jordan back – she hoped that would push me into going with Dave, but I was exhausted – and my feet were killing me. Sex was the last thing on my mind; any interest in ‘my guy’ was long gone. I let him kiss my cheek as we said goodnight and watched him die inside when I failed to return the favour. I felt cruel and exploitative – but I wasn’t going to rush into anything – and certainly not his bed.

I slept fitfully – the lumpy couch made sure of that. I’d let Ellie and Jordan have the twin bedroom – and from the grunts and shrieks that penetrated the paper-thin walls of our self-catering apartment, they’d made full use of their ‘privacy’. No sooner had they left off, than other couples around us started up. Everyone was doing it – except me.

By half seven, the sun was streaming through the sliding glass doors that led out to our balcony. There’d be no chance of getting more shut eye. I was going to have to amuse myself until Ellie surfaced – maybe that wouldn’t be till lunchtime.

I dragged myself over to the kitchenette, filled a glass with water and carried it out to the balcony. Beneath me, the pool area was deserted – bar a solitary maintenance guy poking around in one of drains. I toyed with the idea of going down for an early sunbathe, but decided on balance I’d feel a little exposed without my schoolfriend for backup.

Restlessly, I wandered back into the sitting room, trying to work out what to with my morning. I spied my sketch pad, half-buried in my suitcase. Yes, that was it – I’d take a walk up on top of the cliffs and do some drawing. I’d planned to do some anyway, to reassure my parents that I wasn’t going to spend all my time getting drunk and getting laid. But now, I had a couple of hours to produce something half-decent. With any luck, an hour’s walk would tire me out and I’d come back and sleep some more.

I found a set of steep, uneven steps that took me up the hill behind the hotel towards the headland. As I climbed, I felt myself relax. Perhaps that was my problem – I’d been on edge since I got on the plane. The pressure I’d placed on myself to lose my virginity was destroying my sense of fun. Not that I was regretting coming to Spain – the cosy rented cottage in Cornwall with Mum and Dad had never appealed. This was my first holiday without my parents and I was determined to make the most of it.

Dad hadn’t wanted me to go on vacation with Ellie – we’d argued about it several times. He’d wanted us to have a last family holiday together, so he could keep his eye on me for a few months longer, until I went off to university. But I’d insisted, put my foot down. It was my money – I’d earned it – and I was going to decide how to spend it.

The one part of the plan I’d given quarter on, was the choice of hotel. Dad had made sure that we were as far away from the Strip, with its bars and clubs, as possible. We had a self-catering apartment with a twin bedroom in a complex with its own pool and private beach. It was expensive, but everything we needed was on site – no need to venture into the horrors of the town.

Perhaps I shouldn’t blame my parents. I was the youngest of four and the only girl – it was natural they’d be a little more protective of me. Growing up, I’d always had the earliest bedtime, the earliest curfew of any of my friends. And I’d always played the baby of the family. When my schoolmates were getting their first boyfriends, I’d stayed aloof, wanting to take my time choosing, wanting to make my suitors work for my hand. That was something I deeply regretted now – I’d missed the boat back home.

My virgin status had gnawed at me – for at least the past year. I was torn between the high moral values instilled in my upbringing and the rawest urges of my teenage body. That’s why we’d agreed – Ellie and I – we were going away to get the deed done, away from watchful eyes and sharpened noses. This was where I’d cast off the shackles of childhood with my first kiss and more.

Up on the clifftop I walked for maybe twenty minutes, until the resort town had disappeared from view behind me. Open fields stretched out – a few goats and sheep were grazing on the sunburnt gorse. To my right there was a steep drop to the sea.

I settled down against a rock, looking out over the bay beneath me. There was not a soul to be seen. I spotted a small island, maybe half a mile away – that would be as good as any subject. I took a few photos with my phone, messaged them to my parents, then pulled out my pad and began to draw.

A little while later I was weighing up whether I should go back, or if I should find a new place to sit and sketch some more. I’d been enjoying the quiet solitude of the morning, compared to the heaving shark pit the previous night. I’d made a couple of rough drawings, one of which was turning into something a little Bycasino giriş more ‘finished’. The hotel would be properly waking up now – if I didn’t get back to the room soon, I’d risk bumping into Dave on the stairs.

I turned to pack my pencils away in my rucksack. Standing a few metres behind me, ears pricked, watching me intensely, was a dog. I hadn’t heard him approach – how long had he been there?

I hesitated. I’d heard all sorts of horror stories about rabies in feral animals, but he seemed friendly enough and well cared for. I wanted to reach out and stroke him, but I didn’t want to take the risk.

The dog came towards me slowly. He was a beautiful colour – a light fawn. I didn’t recognise the breed; his fur was a little darker than a golden retriever’s, but he had those same intelligent eyes as a border collie. I stayed still as he sniffed at me, hoping I wouldn’t provoke a bite.

Suddenly, there was a shout behind him. He scampered away and I looked up. A young lad with dark, curly hair was walking towards me, carrying a bag of animal feed on his shoulder. He called out a volley of incomprehensible Spanish – doubtless telling me off for trespassing. My blank expression told him I didn’t understand.

“English?” he asked as he got closer to me.

“Si,” I nodded. I only knew about ten words in total – ignorant Brit abroad.

He swung the sack down from his shoulder. He drew breath and was about to speak again, when he noticed the sketch pad on my lap.

“You draw?” he asked. He was obviously Spanish, but his accent wasn’t too thick.

“Er, yeah,” I replied, a little hesitantly.

“Can I see?” he asked.

He was behind me now, looking over my shoulder.

I tilted the sketch pad for him.

“It’s very good,” he said quietly.

I started to get up.

“It’s OK,” he said. “You can stay.”

“No, it’s alright,” I replied. “I need to get back to the hotel.”

I turned to face him, getting my first proper look at him.

My heart skipped a beat.

He was handsome – gorgeous in fact – tall, but not too tall, with curly, jet-black hair that just reached in front of his dark eyes. His shoulders were broad and his bare arms were strong and muscular. He the very epitome of a young, sexy Spanish lad.

I felt myself beginning to blush. I reckoned he was about the same age as me – maybe eighteen or nineteen. He was soooo good looking!

The dog, who’d been by his side came forwards, sniffing at my leg. I crouched down and stroked him.

“He’s very friendly,” I observed.

“Yes,” the lad said slowly. “With people he does not know, he is sometimes…” he hesitated, trying to find the right word, “circumspect.”

“He’s a beautiful colour,” I observed.

The lad nodded but said nothing.

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Paco,” he replied.

“That’s a nice name,” I smiled.

I stood and pointed to my chest.

“Lucy,” I said.

“My name is Nicolás,” he replied. “Nicolás,” he said again, in case I hadn’t heard him properly.

There was an awkward pause as the two of us looked at each other. My heart was beating a little bit faster.

“I ought to go,” I said shyly. “I need to get back to the hotel.”

“You can come to draw when you want,” Nicolás said quickly, extending his hand as if to dissuade me from leaving.

I’d been so mesmerised by his eyes, I’d scarcely notice his voice – a wonderful deep bass that sent shivers running through me.

I smiled. I fully intended to return.

I said goodbye, reached down and slung the rucksack over my shoulder. I picked up my sketch pad and began to walk back in the direction of the resort.

As I reached the top of the first set of steps, I turned and looked back for a few seconds. Nicolás, surrounded by jostling sheep, was pouring the contents of the sack into a metal feeder. He’d taken off his shirt and I could see the muscles of his chest gleaming in the sunshine. I watched him, feeling the heat in my core beginning to rise. Was this the guy I’d been looking for?

I hesitated – part of me wanted to go back, to talk to him some more. But I couldn’t – he’d think me a right idiot if he did. I wouldn’t know what to say – I’d just stand there dumb-struck by his beauty, as he looked at me expectantly. I watched as he called Paco to him and the two of them started to walk towards the other side of the field. Was I imagining it – did he really glance back at me before he disappeared?

Giddy with excitement and lost in my fantasies, I started to descend – moving a little too quickly over the uneven steps. Half-way down, I missed my footing and fell, twisting my leg and toppling backwards, sliding down the loose gravel. There was a painful bump as I reached the bottom.

I cried out in pain.

I brushed the grit from my hands – my palms were a little grazed, but it was my foot that was hurting the most. I tried to stand. My ankle was killing me – I couldn’t put any weight on it.

I Bycasino güncel giriş sank down again onto the slope beside the bottom step, cursing my carelessness. How was I going to make it back to the hotel? I’d have to call Ellie to come rescue me. The rest of my holiday was ruined now – no walking, no clubbing – maybe not even the pool. I’d have to sit it out, while Ellie had all the fun – watching from the side lines again.

I took some deep breaths, hoping to out-think the pain, hoping I’d be OK to walk if I waited a few minutes. I sank my head into my hands in despair.

Suddenly, above and behind me, I heard the sound of running paws and the jangling of a collar – it was Paco, coming down the steps – coming to rescue me! My heart leapt.

He stood in front of me, cocking his head a little. Was I alright?

“Nicolás – fetch Nicolás,” I groaned.

He gave three short barks, then disappeared like a shot.

I didn’t really expect him to come back, much less to be able to summon his master. But a minute later, I heard a young man’s voice, calling from the top of the slope.

“Lucy! You are OK?”

He’d remembered my name!

“I fell,” I shouted back. “I’ve hurt my foot.”

He hurried down the steps, his faithful dog by his side, and crouched down in front of me.

“Let me see,” he said calmly. That voice – so soft, so caring.

I lifted my leg out towards him. He untied my laces and removed my shoe, then gently held my heel as he probed my ankle with his fingers. His touch was cool and reassuring.

“You have sprained it,” he said.

I looked at him in amazement, forgetting the pain for a second. How did a simple Spanish farm boy know a word like ‘sprain’? Who was this Nicolás?

“I will carry you to my house,” he continued, oblivious to my surprise, “and I will put the ice and a bandage on it. Then I will drive you to your hotel.”

“T-t-thank you,” I managed to stutter, caught completely off-guard by his confidence and generosity.

Before I knew it, he’d lifted me onto his back and was carrying me up the steps, past the cliff top where I’d been sketching. Paco walked steadily at his side, keeping his eyes on the way ahead.

A few minutes later, we were descending the slope at the other end of the field, turning towards a small farmhouse. It was a picture-postcard view – a modest two-storey building, built in an ‘L’ shape, with walls painted yellow and a tiled terracotta roof. We were approaching from the rear of the property, where a covered half-courtyard looked out over a small cove.

Nicolás pushed open the gate and carried me up the path between the ranks of olive trees in the small garden. We reached the back door and he lowered me slowly to the ground. He turned around.

“Can you sit there?” he asked with a reassuring smile. “I will bring the ice.”

I nodded and hobbled a few steps to a sun lounger. My ankle wasn’t throbbing quite so much, but putting my full weight on it definitely was painful. I lowered myself gingerly and swung my leg around so that my injured foot was supported. Nicolás unlocked the back door to the house and went inside. I could see a kitchen with a tiled floor through the open doorway.

There was the sound of slurping beside me. I looked down – Paco was drinking rapidly from a bowl of water. His thirst quenched, he walked slowly towards me and I reached forwards to stroke his head.

“Thank you, Paco,” I whispered.

“He likes you,” said a voice from the doorway. It was Nicolás, returning with towel, a roll of bandages and a bag of ice. “It is strange,” he continued, “usually he is circumspect with people he does not know.”

I smiled. His English was good, but strangely formal, as if he’d learnt it from a 1950s textbook. He placed the ice on my ankle and covered it with the towel.

“I will leave it for ten minutes,” he explained. “It will help to reduce the swelling.”

And with that he disappeared again. Paco lay down on the floor watching me, ready to spring to my aid, should I need it. I settled against the back of the sun lounger and looked down towards the sea. The pain was lessening already – the ice was definitely helping.

The cove was small, maybe a dozen metres across at most, with a narrow beach that ran along the shoreline. To the right, the golden sand gave way to the rocks that rose up to become the cliffs where I’d sat earlier. To the left there was a short wooden jetty to which a red motorboat was tied.

I looked up, Nicolás was returning with a glass of water for me.

“This is such a beautiful place,” I said quietly. “You’re so lucky to live here.”

He smiled and set the glass down beside me, then handed me a packet of ibuprofen.

“Are you feeling better?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yes, thank you,” I replied meekly.

“I am going to remove the ice and put a bandage around your ankle,” he continued.

I offered my foot and Nicolás proceeded to bind it tightly with the bandage, with deft, confident movements.

‘Where had he learnt to do that?’ I wondered.

“I am going to feed the other sheep,” he said calmly once he was finished. “Paco will stay here. If you need me, he will find me. When I return, I will drive you to your hotel.”

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My Aerobics Instructor Ch. 04

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Recap of Part 3

After her incredibly wild evening of passion with Sherry’s eighteen year old daughter Michelle and her eighteen year old friend Reagan, Diane learns that Sherry not only knew that the girls were going to seduce her, but also approved of it and wished she could have been there to participate. Terrified, Diane frantically fled to the home of her ex-husband Gerald and his lover Frank. Then over the next few days, Diane watched helplessly as her life fell completely apart when Sherry sent out a videotaped recording, to just about everyone that Diane knew, of Diane’s sexual encounter with the two young vixens. Within days, Diane lost her job, her home, her car and the love of her children. With nothing left for her there and fearing for her physical safety, Diane left Detroit and moved to Seattle, where her sister lives to start a new life. There she met a gentle and beautiful young girl from India named Nanja. Diane and Nanja developed a very special bond and the two of them ultimately spent New Year’s Eve in the most ritualistic and spiritually liberating sexual encounter of Diane’s life. As the New Year dawns, Nanja seemingly vanishes without a trace; but Diane realizes that Nanja was nothing short of divinity, and that their encounter has given her complete liberation from her past and given her rebirth in the world. Free to live and love again, Diane gets back to her apartment, where she has just received a phone call from her ex-husband.


“Sherry and Michelle are dead.” Gerald said after a deep exhale.

As the words registered, my heart skipped several beats, my stomach leapt into my throat and I was suddenly gasping for air. At the onset, my hand slapped over my mouth, and my eyes, perhaps only out of natural reflex, immediately welled with tears. After all I been through because of those two, crying over the news of their passing was the last thing I ever expected to do.

“Oh my God. Oh my God!” I gasped into the phone. “What happened?”

Gerald went on to tell me that Sherry and Michelle’s bodies had been found in Sherry’s office at the health club three days after Christmas. I suddenly felt violently ill as the tears were streaming down my cheeks. For an instant, I couldn’t believe how emotional and undone I was feeling about this. Gerald went on with even more shocking details: Sherry was found completely naked, lying over her desk on her stomach. There appeared to be no signs of blunt or forced trauma anywhere; but there where several fresh bite marks, hickeys and deep fingernail scratches all over her back, neck and abdomen. Michelle was found completely clothed, lying on the floor beside the desk with her skull cracked open and blood all over the floor.

“Oh dear God!” I gasped. “It was a crime of passion, wasn’t it?”

“Pretty much.” Gerald replied.

He went on to say that as the police searched the scene, they discovered the surveillance camera monitoring the office; the same surveillance camera that had recorded my wild night with Michelle and Reagan last March. Anyway, they soon discovered that the whole incident had been recorded. So when the police viewed the tape, they observed Sherry bent over her desk, being penetrated in the vagina with a strap-on worn by what appeared to be a young Latino woman in her late teens to early twenties.

“Reagan!” I shouted.

“Yeah.” Gerald said solemnly.

And besides fucking her with a strap-on, Reagan had also wrapped a belt around Sherry’s neck, holding and pulling it tightly backward like the reigns on a horse. Apparently certain people had a fetish for wanting to be strangled during sex; the theory being that cutting off oxygen to the brain greatly intensified their orgasm. Now I was really feeling nauseas! I got up off the couch, opened the balcony door and stepped out into the crisp evening air. The breeze off Puget Sound was refreshing and the sky beyond the Olympic Mountains was purple and soft from what was left of the sunset. The lights of downtown Seattle twinkled like stars, the sky above was clear and the moon was bright. I took a couple of deep, cleansing breaths as I watched the elevators going up and down the Space Needle; all the while listening to Gerald as he continued the bone chilling tale. Apparently, from what the video showed; once Sherry collapsed and Reagan realized she was dead, she frantically made a telephone call from the phone on the desk as she hurriedly got dressed. Then about fifteen minutes later, a young Caucasian woman; also in her late teens or early twenties, with strawberry blonde hair arrived.

“Michelle.” I said.

“Uh-huh.” Gerald replied.

Reagan and Michelle began to argue, shouting at each other initially, but it quickly escalated into a physical altercation. They struggled with each other roughly all over the room, then suddenly they tripped; and as they fell, Michelle’s head violently struck a corner of Sherry’s desk. My mind quickly flashed back to that wild night in March and I clearly remembered how thick, hard and unforgiving Sherry’s desktop was. The coroner determined, Gerald went on, that most likely Michelle was killed instantly. After which, Reagan Bycasino immediately jumped up and frantically fled the scene. I flopped down on my back on one of the reclining sun chairs on the balcony, laying my arm over my eyes. By now my mind was seizing with overload as it tried to process this horrible chain of events. But unfortunately, the chain hadn’t run out of links yet.

“What’s happened to Reagan? I asked. “Has she been arrested?”

Gerald was silent for what seemed like an eternity. I could hear him clear his throat and take a few deep breaths. I could also hear Frank’s voice whispering something to him. Gerald, just like me, had known Michelle since the day she was born and known Reagan since Whitney first brought her home after school when she was in the fourth grade. He was always especially fond of Reagan because she loved sports so much, just like him.

“Reagan’s dead, too.” He finally managed to spit out.

As his words passed from the phone into my ear, the whole world around me seemed to come to a halt; the ferries crossing the sound, the elevators going up the Space Needle, even the plane flying over my apartment building seemed to freeze in time. Suddenly I sprang up into a seated position as I felt my stomach convulse and my heart stop. I half expected to seem my stomach fly out of my mouth.

“What?” I gagged on my saliva.

Gerald again took another long moment to collect his thoughts, and his emotions, then proceeded to finish the story. Once the authorities identified Reagan, they immediately dispatched arresting officers to her house. However by the time they arrived, they found Reagan face down on her bedroom floor. The autopsy revealed that she had taken a massive amount of assorted prescription pills. By this time, I just couldn’t take anymore. I told Gerald as much, and he said he would email me the newspaper story for me to look at when I felt up to it. I clicked off the cordless phone, threw it back into the living room, lay back on the sun chair, balled up in the fetal position and sobbed. I wanted Nanja. When I woke up it was still dark and I was shaking like a leaf in the freezing cold of the night. I went inside and saw the message light blinking on the answering machine. It was the pizza delivery kid telling me that he pounded on my door for nearly half an hour but nobody ever answered. I checked my watch and it was just after eleven o’clock.

I took a long hot shower, all the while with images of Sherry, Michelle and Reagan racing through my memory. Then I began to wonder if it had all been a dream. I got out of the shower and put on my night shirt. I was just about to phone Gerald to confirm whether he actually called with such a story or if it all had just been a dream, when I suddenly realized that Detroit was three hours ahead of Seattle and that it was nearly two-thirty in the morning there. I turned on my laptop computer and logged in to check my email. An email from Gerald marked urgent, containing a large attachment sent just three hours ago confirmed that it wasn’t a dream; Sherry, Michelle and Reagan were all dead and I had the front page of the Detroit Newspaper staring me in the face to prove it. As I read the attachment of the newspaper story, I suddenly realized that this was the first time since that night last March that I’d actually seen Sherry, Michelle and Reagan; recent photos of all of them were on the newspaper page with the story. I once again found tears in my eyes as I stared at the pictures of Michelle and Reagan. They both looked so beautiful in their cap and gown graduate photos with sparkling smiles beaming at the camera. Sherry’s photo too was quite captivating; sitting cross legged on one of the workout stations in the club.

It was just about one o’clock in the morning when I finally shut off my computer and crawled into bed. I lay awake for a long while as my mind continued to spin. I tossed and turned for a good hour before I finally started to feel sleepy. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, a strange feeling came over me. It was one I didn’t expect: Loss. I sat up suddenly and flipped on the lamp beside my bed as if I were about to argue with whomever brought that thought into my head. After all the suffering, humiliation and turmoil being involved with those three had caused me, how could I possibly feel loss over their deaths? With anger bubbling up inside me like lava, I suddenly heard Nanja’s gentle voice whispering deep in my soul. She was telling me that I should feel loss; that regardless of how things had turned out, Sherry, Michelle and Reagan had all played a vital role in creating the woman that I am today. They altered the course of my life forever; and in doing so, perhaps in a very unique and remote way, they saved my life. And whether I realized it or not, I loved them all very deeply. Because for brief moments in time, I was an intimate part of each of them and they each were an intimate part of me. And despite the obvious twisted mentalities, how could they have brought so much unbridled passion into our sex encounters if they didn’t have equally passionate love, or at least lust, for me in their heart Bycasino giriş and souls? With these thoughts passing through my soul, echoed through the gentle voice of dear Nanja, I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I awoke for the first time since that fateful March night, with Sherry, Michelle and Reagan holding warm and special places in my heart and memory.

I spent the morning at the library debating on whether or not I should fly back to Detroit for the funeral. I spoke to Gerald on my lunch hour and he told me that he didn’t think it was too good of an idea. He had called Whitney to give her the news and she was coming home for the funeral herself. What he told me next sent my stomach into somersaults and my heart into furious pounding: Whitney had, for the first time in nearly a year asked about, and even expressed concern for me. He told me that she wanted to know if I was okay and that if the police in anyway suspected me of some involvement. I now understood why he didn’t think I should come back; Whitney was beginning to come around to possibly wanting me back in her life. I was floating on air for the rest of the afternoon.

Late in February, I was at work at the library one afternoon; returning books to the shelves and thinking about Whitney. Though Gerald had told me that she was possibly warming back up to me, I had still never heard from her. My forty-fifth birthday had come and gone in mid January, and I had gotten cards and calls from Junior and Monica, but still nothing from Whitney. I guess I had let my expectations get too high and now I was feeling very let down. As I turned to place an armful of books back on the shelf, I bumped into a stunning woman thumbing through a series of medical encyclopedias. The books toppled out of my arms and on to the floor. I apologized profusely for bumping her and then squatted down to pick up the books I’d dropped. As I was gathering them up, the woman squatted down in front of me, picked up a book that was just out of my reach and slipped it into my hand. Our fingers brushed against one another and there was a powerful spark. When I looked up, I was captivated by a beautiful pair of sparkling green eyes and breathing in the delicious scent of Cocao Chanel perfume.

“You okay, Diane?” She said in a deep, sensual voice.

I could only smile and nod for I was so entranced by her that I momentarily forgot how to talk. I could feel my cheeks flushing and felt an erotic tingling sensation crawl up my spinal cord. She parted her luscious, ruby lips and displayed a sparkling white smile back at me. We stood and she helped me put the books back on the cart. I thanked her for all her help and then it suddenly dawned on me: She’d called me by my name.

“Excuse me, but did you just call me Diane?” I asked.

“Yes.” She answered with a smile. “That’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Yes. But, how’d you know.” I asked incredulously.

Her long, sleek arm reached out and her finger gently tapped on the right side of my chest above my breast. I felt another spark along with a sudden flash of heat in my pussy.

“Says so on your name tag.” She said.

I felt my face flush again and I could almost see the reflective glow in her sunglasses that were perched up in her shiny auburn hair just above her forehead.

“But that’s not how I knew.” She continued. “We’ve met before.”

Now I was really confused. How could I possibly have met this incarnation of the goddess Aphrodite herself and not remembered it?

“Don’t you remember?” She asked. “My husband and I came over to Pamela’s house for Christmas Dinner and you were there. You’re her younger sister, right?”

“Oh my God! Doctor Kenmore?” I asked.

“Kathleen, please.” She said.

Kathleen smiled sweetly as she held out her hand. Now it all came back. Kathleen’s husband was one of the founding partners in James’s law firm and Kathleen was Pamela’s partner in their medical practice. They had come to dinner on Christmas Day and I remembered now not really noticing Kathleen because I was too busy getting pissed off watching her husband Troy flirt with Tiffany; and even worse, Tiffany seeming to enjoy it. But how could I have not noticed Kathleen? For a woman that had just celebrated her fiftieth birthday, Kathleen was heart stopping gorgeous. She stood nearly six feet tall; a good three inches taller than me, with bright and shiny auburn hair that draped down just passed the tops of her shoulders. Her skin was pure and perfect porcelain without the slightest imperfection or even the hint of a wrinkle. Kathleen donned a bright white designer pants suit that accentuated her sumptuously round and firm hips, thighs and ass. Her long legs had a full set of wonderfully defined curves and her perky all-natural 36 D-cup tits seemed to be calling by name. As I shook her hand I felt another spark and I could have sworn that I saw her nipples harden through her suit. She felt it too.

Kathleen walked with me as I made my rounds returning books to the shelves then asked if I’d like to join her for a cup of coffee. We were soon on the observation deck of the Space Needle watching Bycasino güncel giriş the sunset over the Olympic Mountains. February is a light tourist month, so the observation deck crowd was light. We sat at a table near the window and Kathleen slipped off the jacket of her suit, hung it over the back of the stool and sat down. I nearly gasped as I sucked in a shocked breath when I beheld her without her jacket. Her sleeveless pullover was low cut and clung tightly to her slender torso and the fabric was straining hard against the pressure of her beautiful tits. We both reached for the cream at the same time and our hands touched again. I immediately saw her nipples harden and peep out at me through her shirt and bra. My nipples got hard too. After our coffee, Kathleen invited me to dinner at the Sky City restaurant; the revolving floor fine dining spot at the top of the Seattle Space Needle, which was now one level below us. During dinner my eyes kept finding their way to the wedding ring on Kathleen’s left hand and I was constantly filling with guilt. Here I was having a romantic dinner at one of the most sought after restaurants in the world with a married woman. Of course, Kathleen probably didn’t realize that this was a romantic dinner. Or did she? About half way through dinner, Kathleen got a page and had to go immediately to the hospital. We rode down the elevator and waited for the valet to retrieve our cars. When they pulled up Kathleen’s BMW, we shook hands and she very gently kissed me on the hand like a southern gentlemen of old. I felt my body tremble with excitement and my nipples harden instantly. Kathleen hopped into her car, said she’d call me tomorrow and drove off.

I drove home with millions of questions racing through my head. Did Kathleen know I was a lesbian? Was she interested in me? What about her husband? What would Pamela say? I didn’t have the answer to any of them, I only knew that I was definitely infatuated and couldn’t get the beautiful doctor out of my mind. I felt knots deep in my stomach and my heart raced the entire drive home. It was still racing as I walked in the door. I think I was falling in love. I took a long shower and went absolutely crazy on myself as I fantasized about Kathleen. By ten-thirty, I was in my nightshirt and crawling into bed to watch David Letterman. As I reached for the TV remote, the phone rang. Since I was already reaching for the remote without looking, I just snapped up the phone instead and didn’t even bother to look at the caller ID.

“Hello.” I chirped into the phone.

“I know I’m a little late, but Happy Birthday, Mom.”

It was Whitney.

My heart went from zero to a million instantly as my stomach leapt into my throat and my mind raced for something to say.

“Hi, baby.” I heard myself say.

Whitney and I talked for nearly three hours about everything and anything. It had been almost a year since we had last spoken when she told me that she hated me and that as far as she was concerned, her mother was dead. We both went through brief moments of sobbing uncontrollably to laughing hysterically back too more uncontrollable sobbing. Finally, Whitney told me that she loved me and missed me so much. Michelle and Reagan’s deaths had really opened her eyes, and based on the facts of the situation, she realized how sick they were. It scared her to think that she had once been friends with them. Then after some professional therapy, as well as talking to her father, Frank and her siblings, she finally came to the conclusion that despite all else, I was her mother and that she couldn’t live without me. We talked about my step over into lesbianism, and she confessed that what had really set her off was not the fact that I had sex with Michelle and Reagan; it was the fact that she had too. Whitney had thought for a long time that she had lesbian tendencies and it scared her to death. It repulsed her; and now the fact that her mother had turned that direction horrified her. But now she was becoming more comfortable with it and realized that it didn’t make her any less of a human if she loved women instead of men. As I listened to her cry, I wished with everything I had that I could hold her. We finished our call, and as she hung up, she called me “Mommy.” I hung up the phone in tears and curled up under the covers. In one day I had been reunited with my baby girl and possibly met the woman of my dreams.

Kathleen and I began spending a lot of time together; but it was more like high school friends going to the mall than dating. Which from Kathleen’s point of view was all it should be; and for me too, because I really began to like Kathleen as a friend. In truth, I really didn’t have any friends in Seattle. It was very nice and I soon realized that Kathleen was becoming one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Then around Memorial Day, Kathleen called one evening and invited me to her son’s wedding in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. At first, I was very reluctant, although a week on Maui sounded absolutely divine; but the bottom line was, I didn’t know her son at all. She said a lot of people come to a wedding where the bride and groom haven’t got the slightest clue who they are; and their family, for God’s sake. Kathleen went on to say that I was one of the best friend’s she’d ever had and wanted me to be there with her. I was so moved that I nearly began to cry. Besides, Pamela and James were coming too. So, she twisted my arm.

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