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Lori’s Submission

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“Sergeant Lori Parker?”

I snap forward in my seat. The voice is the first sound I’ve heard while sitting alone in the waiting room.

Fidgeting with a sealed folder in my hands, I look up at the nurse standing over me. She’s an older woman with graying hair and a sour demeanor. I can practically feel her gaze burning holes into my skull – she’s scrutinizing me from the top of from my ear-length black hair, all the way down to my combat boots.

“Yes ma’am,” I respond, not sure what to expect.

“Stand up when you talk to me!” the nurse snaps.

“Y-yes ma’am!” I stutter, leaping out of my chair clumsily, almost dropping the folder.

She snatches the folder out of my hands and glares at me for a moment before speaking again.

“Follow me.”

She leads me out the door into a dark, seemingly endless hallway. The place looks deserted, probably because it’s a Saturday – just makes everything that much creepier. I follow her into another room filled with people. I see some technicians setting up machines around an examination table. I recognize one of them – Samantha cross, a pretty woman in her mid-twenties. I look at her, but she doesn’t look back.

I wonder why Sam didn’t acknowledge me. She’s always been kind to me. Even when we first met – I had been taking some night classes at the state university, and it was some pretty grueling shit. I could barely even keep my eyes open – maybe that’s why one evening I walked straight into Dr. Sam, knocking her papers everywhere . I stooped down on a knee to help her pick them up, begging for her forgiveness. But she said not to worry about it and introduced herself. She always remembered me after that.

Did she have something to do with me being selected for this test today? When I insisted that I be chosen for this assignment instead of that other female soldier in my unit – was Sam the one who backed me up?

An older woman in a lab coat smiles and extends her hand to me.

“Hello Lori, I’m Dr. Manyard,” she says to me. “How are you feeling?”

“Uh, I’m doing okay,” I answer, feeling my nervousness subside a little at her warm greeting.

“Do you know what is happening today?” the doctor asks.

“Yes… I think so,” I nod. I had been briefed before I came here, but still feel confused and uncertain. The nurse hands the doctor my folder.

“We are testing a new interrogation technique that I devised from my research here,” Dr. Manyard explains. “Completely humane, no torture, but 100% effective. I’m hoping that I have found a method for the military to gather information from prisoners without any ethical dilemma or chance of error.”

I nod anxiously.

“Do you remember the pin code you were given?” Dr. Manyard asks.

“Yes ma’am,” I answer.

“Alright, the goal of the interrogation will be to get you to surrender the pin code,” the doctor says. “We have no way of knowing what the correct answer is until the exercise is over and we believe we have the truth.”

I look at her, dread rising up in me.

“If you successfully withhold the code or fool us with a false code, you win,” she continues. “If we get the correct code… we win.”

I gulp.

“Also remember, as I’m sure your commanding officer told you – there is no backing out. You’ve signed the consent forms and the nondisclosure agreement. You have to go through with this up until I say its over.”

Dr. Manyard sees me trembling, and puts her hand on my arm reassuringly.

“Are you nervous?” she asks.

“Yes ma’am,” I stutter.

“Don’t worry, you’re not being graded,” she says. “Just use your training, and act like you would if you were really taken prisoner.”

I remember being offered this assignment. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, really. I have always been the best soldier and the best squad leader in my platoon – I always knew the others are jealous of me, especially the girls. One of the junior soldiers in my squad, Corporal Tasha Lewis, never could get over the fact that I was put in charge of her. But I am the most squared away female troop out of the whole lot of them, especially Lewis. That dumb bitch got a DUI while on leave – and she has the nerve to complain I got promoted before her?

It all started when I began taking classes at the state college. Normally its pretty hard to take classes and work in the Army, but the company commander, Capt. Williams, gave me some leeway with my work hours so I would be able to get to class on time. I’m sure that made the others jealous. Lewis always scowled when she had to work late mopping the building while I got to change out of my uniform and go to class.

A few weeks later Lewis let slip that she had been chosen for an assignment as a testee in a new interrogation program. She said it was similar to the Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape (SERE) course, only even more prestigious, and a guaranteed career move.

I couldn’t let her have this victory over me. I decided right there that I would be chosen for this, not her. I went straight to Capt. Williams and told him I Escort Bayan was a much stronger candidate than Lewis – I made extra sure to remind him of her DUI record. He seemed hesitant, but told me Samantha Cross was a representative for the group conducting the interrogation program.

I found Sam at school and asked her about the program. She told me that the doctor was gunning for a contract for the military, and needed volunteers – dedicated volunteers. Of course I was interested, and Sam promised she would mention me to her boss, and suggest to Capt. Williams that Lewis be replaced with me.

Just a few days later the captain called me into his office and told me I had been accepted.

Capt. Williams had warned me that once I had been chosen, there was no turning back. My participation to the end of the program was absolutely mandatory, and if I tried to get out I would face disciplinary action. He asked me to rethink the wisdom of volunteering.

Despite the warning, I remember how confidence I was when I volunteered. I remember how bold and brave I knew I was going to be when I went into this.

The best part of getting this assignment was seeing Lewis turn red with frustration when she found out I replaced her. God, that was such a glorious moment!

I feel better now, and ready for the challenge ahead of me. Whatever they throw at me, I can handle it!

“Now, are you ready to begin?” Dr. Manyard asks.

“Yes ma’am,” I answer.

“Good,” she says. “You have been captured, and are unable to escape or fight back. All you can do is stand firm and not crack under our procedure.”

The door opens and several more people walk in. My heart skips a beat – they’re soldiers – my commanding officer Capt. Williams, a gray haired full-bird colonel I don’t recognize… behind him, a dark-skinned girl with piercing eyes walks in.

It’s Lewis!

Got to keep my cool… I wasn’t expecting them to be watching me, but that doesn’t change anything. Though I cannot for the life of me understand why that bitch Lewis has to be here too – I was chosen for this! Not her!

The nurse approaches me, I step back reflexively – I can’t help but be scared of her.

“The test begins… now!” Dr. Manyard says.

A timer perched on the counter beeps as the doctor activates it, and walks back towards her equipment. Out of the corner of my eye I see two of the technicians setting up a camera on a tripod.

The shit is about to hit the fan, so to speak. I’m ready for it.

“Approach the table!” the nurse commands me.

Two male technicians come up behind me, but its not them I’m afraid of. I timidly step toward the nurse, stopping about a foot from the metal examination table. I shudder – it looks so cold and clinical.


Its okay, I knew they would probably do embarrassing stuff to me. At least they’re not sugar-coating things. God knows terrorists aren’t polite and sensitive to their captives!

I unzip my uniform jacket and neatly fold it.

Suddenly the nurse bats the jacket out of my hands and grabs me by the hair.

“Hurry the fuck up and strip!” she snarls in my face.

My eyes widen with fear and I hastily tear off my boots and trousers, tossing them to the floor in a disorderly pile. I’m in my underwear and t-shirt now. I look up at the nurse hopefully. She’s still glaring at me – she wants me to keep undressing? I glance at Sam too, she’s watching, but doesn’t say anything.

The soldiers are unmoved too, but Lewis has a smug grin on her face. Fuck that bitch. It should be her being forced to strip, not me. No, I can’t think like that. I have to keep my eyes on the finish line. Once I have this test under my belt, I’ll be on top of the world.

Okay… I take a deep breath and take off my shirt.

All I have left is my panties and sports bra. I look up at the nurse again, praying that’s all she wants.

“Naked, bitch!”

Ah fuck.

I hesitate. When I volunteered for this I didn’t think there would be nudity involved.

Thwack! My cheek smarts when the nurse slaps me across the face.

She takes me by my hair again and pulls me close. I can’t hide the pure fear in my eyes as she hisses at me.

“Look cunt, you have a choice. You can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Your call.”

She pushes me away. I desperately want someone to intervene, but no one does. I guess its all part of the test.

Like Capt. Williams had warned me, there’s no turning back. Shit.

Terrified, I pull the sports bra over my head. My small pink nipples immediately perk up as the cool air hits them. Trying my best to block out all of the watching people, I slide my panties down to my ankles, and throw them into the clothing pile. Thank God I shaved yesterday, at least my pubic hair is neatly trimmed into a neat little strip. But I definitely wasn’t planning on anyone seeing it!

“Hands up,” the nurse barks at me.

I obey, placing my hands behind my head. God, my nipples are rock hard – I’m not sure if its because it’s cold in here or I’m just scared. I shake as the nurse puts her cold hand on my chest and rips away my dog tags. We make eye contact for a moment – I try my best to hide how afraid I am of her, but I quickly turn my gaze back down on the floor.

I shiver as the nurse puts her cold gloved hand on my chest and rips away my dog tags. I’m stark naked, all I have left is my belly button ring. Lewis looks at it and smirks. Piercings like that are generally frowned upon in the military, but who was going to see it? But now, it is the last shred of my identity that hasn’t been torn away from me.

“We’re going to talk about that piercing later,” Capt. Williams says sternly.

“Y-yes sir,” I mumble, blushing with embarrassment.

Sam touches my shoulder with a quick look of sympathy.

“Sam…” I whisper.

“Shut up,” she says, turning me around.

I fight back tears as Sam zip-ties my wrists behind my back. I feel more vulnerable than ever. Sam forces me to sit down on the table. She circles around behind me and grabs my arms, pinning me in place.

The nurse brings over a handful of red pills and a cup of water. She sets the water down on the table.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” she says.

As I open up the nurse grabs me by the cheeks and places the pills on my tongue.

“Put your tongue in but keep your mouth open.”

She puts the cup to my lips.

“Drink and swallow.”

I feel the large pills go down my throat as I gulp down the water.

“What are those?” Capt. Williams asks.

“A powerful aphrodisiac,” Dr. Manyard answers. “You should start noticing a change in a few minutes.

An aphrodisiac? What the hell? What are they going to do to me? I’m starting to get really scared now.

“Now relax,” Dr. Manyard says, approaching me with a stethoscope.

My mind keeps going back to the pills. Is there really such a thing?

“Breathe in,” the doctor commands. “Now out.”

I comply, too scared by now to even think of being uncooperative. Dr. Manyard listens to my breathing intently, moving the stethoscope to various places on my chest and stomach.

My breaths are getting ragged. Maybe I’m just nervous, but also… a bit excited too.There’s a building tension in my core. What is that? Is it the pills taking effect?

Satisfied, she puts the tool down and starts prodding me with her gloved hands. I keep my head up and my shoulders back, looking at her defiantly. But on the inside, I’m getting agitated. What the hell is happening to me?

I tremble as Dr. Manyard examines my breasts, gently cupping and prodding them, making the tension in me flare up even more. There’s warm moistness building between my closed thighs.

Jesus, is this turning me on a little?

She tweaks my nipples. I don’t make a sound but the doctor catches the fleeting pleasure in my face.

“The prisoner is responsive to nipple stimulation,” she says.

Nipple stimulation? What the hell does that have to do with anything? To my relief she moves on from my breasts, but a tiny piece of me wishes she didn’t stop. I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but I am.

Dr. Manyard dips her finger into my belly button and examines my piercing. I sputter a little – it tickles! She looks at me strangely for a moment, then lightly runs her hands down my ribs. I squirm, trying to hold back the giggles. Her eyes furrough and she tickles my tummy with her fingertips. I squeal and try to pull away, but the nurse grips my arms tighter.

“The prisoner is ticklish,” she says.

That was embarrassing. I feel like a school girl.

Dr. Manyard opens my legs and starts poking and prodding my lower stomach. As she moves down, her touch gets lighter and gentler. Her fingertips graze over my small patch of pubic hair, sending a tingle up my spine.

I sneak a glance at the other people in the room. Their expressions are blank… except for Lewis of course, who looks like she’s having the time of her life.

No one thinks this is strange?

As the doctor’s strokes get softer my breathing gets heavier. Each time her fingertips graze my skin I feel the moist tension rising up between my legs.

I can’t believe it. Is this really turning me on? No… I’m just getting flustered. That must be it.

Without warning Dr. Manyard’s hand brushes over my pussy. – I barely keep my composure as spasms of arousal shoot into me.

“Mmmmmfff!” I stifle a gasp.

“The prisoner experiences moderate sexual pleasure to vaginal stimulation and is vocalizing” the doctor says.

I flush with embarrassment. Really? She thinks I’m enjoying this? This is fucking bullshit! But what if I am enjoying it a little? No, no, it can’t be. Okay just breathe. I just need to pull myself together.

Dr. Manyard puts her stethoscope back on my chest.

“Ms. Cross, continue to stimulate the prisoner while I monitor her,” she says to Sam.

My hair stands up on end as I feel Sam’s breath on my neck. She reaches around and cups one of my breasts, tracing ever-tightening circles around my nipples. I feel Sam’s gloved fingers glide up in between my pussy lips, further inflaming my building desire. She finds my clit and starts gently massaging it, sending ripples of ecstasy down my body. I try my best to resist, but I can’t take it anymore.

“Oh… Oh God… Oh fuck! Oooooohhh…” I moan.

Dr. Manyard keeps measuring my breathing with the stethoscope as Sam slides her fingers into my soaked pussy lips.

“Doctor, look at this,” Sam says.

Dr. Manyard leans over and gently opens my drenched lips.

“Oh God… oh…” I gasp.

“Hmm, I figured as much,” Dr. Manyard says.

“I think she is getting excited too quickly,” Sam says, putting her hands back on my arms.

“I agree,” the doctor replies. “I am going to induce an orgasm.”

What? I can’t even believe my ears. She can’t be seriously.

Dr. Manyard reaches between my legs and vigorously strokes my clit. Spikes of pleasure shoot up my stomach. I try to stay composed, but I quickly melt into Sam’s arms, moaning uncontrollably. I look into the doctor’s eyes, but she is showing no emotion whatsoever. She just waits for my body to surrender to her, and and strokes my clit even faster.

As I get close to the edge, I beg for mercy.

“Oh… please… ma’am, please!” I gasp. “Please don’t… Oh, Oohh!… please… ooohhhh!… I beg you…

The doctor ignores my pleas and keeps massaging my pussy. I hear my moans get louder with each stroke. I realize I’m about to come any second. I try to break free but Sam tightens her grip. I’m completely helpless, all I can do is look into Dr. Manyard’s eyes as she forces me over the edge.

“Oh! Oh! O-oh! Ooooooh! Oh God! God!, Oh God Oh God Oh God! Oh Goooooooood…”

My orgasm washes over me like a tidal wave.

Sam tenderly lays me down on the table. As the overwhelming pleasure subsides… I feel shame. The most terrible, horrible shame of my life.

I spent days mentally preparing myself for this – out of all the problems I imagined I never thought getting horny would be one of them! Out of all of my training about combat, and the possibility of falling into enemy hands, I was taught I might be beaten, tortured, or even raped… but never, ever, did I think I would be forced to have an orgasm!

Dr. Manyard turns to the colonel.

“I just induced an orgasm on the prisoner,” she says. “Now she will be relaxed enough for us to start the interrogation procedure.”

It’s strange and awful hearing these people talking about me like a lab rat, a test subject, a specimen. A sexual object. But at the same time, strangely exciting.

“That was a little easy, wasn’t it?” Lewis snickers.

“Well, I have a lot of experience with this,” Dr. Manyard says. “But its true, she is very easy to sexually stimulate, even if we hadn’t given her the aphrodisiac.”

My cheeks turn crimson red.

“It really depends on the sexual experience of the prisoner. In this case, she is a virgin.”

Everyone goes silent. I’m astonished. How could she possibly figure that out?

“How… how do you know?” Capt. Williams finally asks.

“The prisoner has an intact hymen,” Dr. Manyard replies. “This is probably the first sexual experience she’s ever had.”

“I… I had no idea!” Capt William stammers.

“No worries,” the doctor says. “We can still complete the procedure.”

Capt. Williams is lost for words.

“It’s not a big deal,” the doctor assures him. “This won’t affect the test, not at all. We’ve learned she is a virgin who is easy to sexually stimulate, and is very ticklish.”

“Ma’am…” I whimper, sitting myself up as best I can with my hands still tied.

“Yes, what is it?” Dr. Manyard asks.

“I… I… I need to pee,” I say.

“Excellent,” she replies. “We need a urine sample from you anyways.”

I’ve had to take urine tests in the past, I hate them. I have to go to the bathroom and pee in a cup. Great. But it can’t be as humiliating as what just happened to me.

The nurse opens a cabinet and pulls out a disposable urine collector. Its a funny-looking plastic jar with a handle and a long neck ending with a wide mouth. She places it on the table beside me.

“Sit up on the edge of the table and spread your legs,” the nurse orders me.

My heart jumps up into my throat. I’m going to have to do it here? In front of everyone?

Sam grabs me again.

“Oh God…” I sob, sniffling back tears.

“Shhh, its okay, just do it quick, and it’ll be over,” Sam whispers in my ear.

“Remember to wipe away her orgasm fluid so it doesn’t contaminate the urine sample,” Dr. Manyard says.

I meekly open my legs for the nurse. She seizes me by the throat and pushes my head back. I feel her wiping away my cum with a cotton swab. She places the mouth of the jar up against my pussy.

Everyone is watching me! I can’t pee like this!

“Come on, bitch!” the nurse growls, tightening her grip around my throat.

I finally relax enough to let it out. My pee dribbles down the mouth of the jar, pooling at the bottom. It only takes a few seconds, but feels like an eternity.

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Fantasy Fulfilled

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On her knees, Jennifer waited in the abandoned room bathed in the light of the bulb she had to bring with her. Servicing someone at a glory hole had been a bucket list kinky dream of hers, and her husband Derek had found the perfect place. An adult bookstore a few hours from home had a glory hole room that was a relic from a much simpler time.

Last weekend they did a test run to get back to the room. Just a lightbulb and some disinfecting wipes were all that were needed. Back in its heyday the store replaced the usual wall with a one-way mirror. Derek would be able to watch her, but she wouldn’t see him.

The door creaked open and shut, and his soft footfalls only served to ramp up Jennifer’s excitement. Predictably her nipples were already at attention and her pussy was getting creamy.

Once she heard his zipper she quickly placed her mouth on the wiped-down rubber ring around the hole in the glass.

He wasted no time obliging her fantasy, only a few seconds separated her mouth being ready and the feel of cock sliding against the top of her tongue. She licked around the head like a lollipop several times, her man taking his time to enjoy a move that always drove him crazy. When he pushed further in Jennifer was euphoric, instinctively spreading her legs and feeling her hands drop to her breasts and Eskort Bayan her pussy. She was disappointed, but it quickly disappeared when he started to fuck her mouth properly.

She squeezed her sensitive nipples to the point of pain and progressed to shoving two fingers inside her pussy while he mouthfucked her. Her practiced fingers combined with her fantasy was too much for the women and she was soon moaning in pleasure on his cock. In response he pulled out and Jennifer slouched back to just enjoy the ride.

When she finally got her senses about her, she realized he hadn’t cum yet, and damned if she was gonna leave him unsatisfied. Getting up on wobbly legs, she turned and bent over, grabbing a support bar and she adjusted herself to line her pussy up to the hole. He was no fool and another moan escaped her as his hot cock thrust into her.

Much to Jennifer’s delight, he wasted no time in getting to fucking her pussy. Still high off her orgasm, she could feel another one quickly approaching even after only a minutes worth of strokes. With each stroke he was increasing his force. She had known from her exploration that there were handholds on the other side, attached to the solid wall so that a guy could really leverage as much force with fucking as he could.

She found it difficult to hold on only because she was already weak at the knees and she wanted to start fingering herself again. When she finally couldn’t take it any longer, she let go of the bar with her right hand and moved her fingers right back to her pussy. Just as she was about to touch the already engorged nub of her clit, he pulled out.

Her hand reached back for the bar and she looked back at the mirror confused. She felt a finger brush against her pussy and then move up to tap along the little rosebud of her asshole. For Jennifer, Anal was a twice-a-year thing, his birthday and their anniversary (it had been her only virgin hole left when they had gotten married).

Under any other circumstance she would say no, but right now she was so turned on that she couldn’t help herself, and she lowered her body just a little bit, her tiniest and least-used hole lined up, ready to be taken. The anticipation of waiting killed her, but finally she felt the cock tap against her, before driving in. Jennifer had to use all her might to keep her mouth closed and to not cry out in pain, but once her ass had opened and the cock was sliding in she knew she took it like a champ. He hadn’t used any extra lube, but from how wet she was he knew his cock was well coated.

At home it had always been a gentle start, but here at the glory hole he wasted no time before he was pounding her ass. While her brain wasn’t sure that she shouldn’t pull away or ask him to slow down, her body was absolutely loving the feeling of the rough use. The combination of pain and pleasure were hitting all the right points for Jennifer, and if she could have managed to let go she’d work herself, but as it was she could only hold on.

Just three minutes of hard and heavy assfucking and then the moment came, Jennifer felt him shove in all the way and he released inside her ass, a warmth filling her bowels. Her hand flew down to her pussy and as the cock pumped into her ass it only took a few seconds before she was rocking another, much more powerful orgasm.

His cock pulled out and Jennifer slumped to the floor in orgasmic bliss. Tears of joy streamed from her eyes as she looked to the mirror and said, “thank you,” in her most breathy voice. She barely registered the footfalls as he left and she was alone, writing on the floor in ecstasy.

Fifteen minutes later she had managed to slide back into her clothes and sneak her way out of the back room and she bolted to their car. She jumped in and pulled Derek’s head and gave him a really passionate kiss which he wasn’t reciprocating. She looked at him a little confused and he frowned.

“Sorry honey, they caught me when I was trying to sneak back there. Don’t worry, we’ll find somewhere else to fulfil your fantasy.”

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Camera in the Wall Ch. 03

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The flirting continued and I was enjoying teasing my son Sammy. I tried to give him little flashes here and there, some of which he responded to with a smile or grin, but others he either didn’t see or simply didn’t react. The sexy scenes in my room continued and I always used the title ‘you’ so he didn’t really know if I was talking to him or someone else, he always nodded or smiled in response.

I had sussed out Sammy is a breast man so I teased him for three months by keeping my breasts covered, only letting him see some cleavage and making him watch me rub and squeeze them. One night, from the safety of my room, I asked if he wanted to see my breasts and he nodded. I then played with them for a while, teasing and asked if he wanted to see my nipples. He sprang to attention and enlarged the window on his computer so I teased more by describing them and rubbing them. That night I kept it going for four hours and lost count of the times he orgasmed or nearly did, but I kept them covered. I teased even more by describing the rest of my body, especially my vagina. This was on show to him so I assume he could see I was telling the truth and I could see him looking closely at his computer screen. By the end of the session I hadn’t let him see my breasts so I have no idea what he was thinking. I finished by blowing a kiss and said: “Goodnight you.”

The following day neither of us were at work and I spent several hours in my robe doing the chores but was careful to keep my breasts covered to keep the tease going as long as possible, I did manage to expose my vagina to him for long enough to know he had a good look. Mid afternoon I had showered and dressed and asked Sammy to go Eskort Bayan shopping with me as my daughters were coming to dinner the following day and I needed to do a big shop. He was surprisingly happy to come with me and we had a laugh while we were out. A couple of times he tried to touch my breast but I was able to avoid him.

After dinner Sammy showered then we watched some TV. When he put on another scary film, I cuddled a cushion to my breasts to make sure he could not play with them. I was trying to find a good way to expose them to him, which was not there and then. We had a couple of drinks then I went to my bedroom leaving Sammy watching a film that I could not get into.

I went straight for the camera then the bathroom. I really thought Sammy was going to watch the rest of the film but was surprised he was in his room by the time I had finished my wash. I laid on my bed dressed in only a shiny T-shirt and rubbed my breasts. Sammy got interested so I started playing between my legs and talked for an hour. I had got this down to a fine art and could make his penis get hard and soft almost like turning a light on and off. I was so horny I was ready to have sex with him and asked if he wanted to fuck me, he nodded hard and for the first time I heard him reply “Oh yes, I’m ready Mum”.

I said I needed to go the bathroom and left the bed. I knew he was ready to orgasm and laying on his back on his bed waiting for me to return. Instead of going to my bathroom I quietly opened my bedroom door which is right beside it and stepped to Sammy’s door, opened it and quickly ran in. His reaction was priceless, he tried to sit up, he looked at his screen and went bright red, for the first time I saw his screen with something on it he didn’t want me to know about. I ran to his bed, pushed his shoulders back down and jumped on him, straddling his thighs. I grabbed his penis which was soaking wet and positioned it against my vagina and dropped down.

“What the fuck Mum?”

I managed about three humps before he orgasmed in me and about three more before I orgasmed, and Sammy was still pumping his sperm into me.

“I think your words were, ‘Oh yes, I’m ready Mum’.” Sammy’s mouth was wide open in disbelief. When we had both settled down, I climbed off him and stood beside the bed, I held out my hand: “Come on, my bed is bigger for round two.”

Sammy laid there in disbelief looking at me with some strange looks on his face and not moving. The temptation was too much for me, with a grin I put my little finger through the Prince Albert ring, gently tugged and said: “Come on, my bed’s empty if you want more.”

He got up from the bed and followed me, with my finger still in his ring, to my room, Sammy saw the TV screen, went bright red and said: “Oh fuck, how long have you been watching me?”

“Two weeks after you started watching me.” I rewound the tape and we both stood there watching what had just happened next door. I was in his room for a total of eighty-three seconds, that was eight seconds from the time I entered his room to having him inside me, eleven seconds to have reached my orgasm, thirty-six seconds rest, then standing beside his bed for sixteen seconds until my finger was in the ring and a further twelve seconds until we left the room.

“Fuck, did that really happen just like that? I never thought to record you.”

“I bet you never thought you’d fuck me either,” I laid on the bed still wearing the shirt, “Well come on then.”

“First this needs to go.” Sammy said, giving the shirt a tug.

“What’s stopping you?”

“This needs to be done right. I want you on your hands and knees first.” Sammy turned me over ’till I was kneeling and my breasts were hanging and being supported by my shirt. He knelt on the floor looking into my cleavage, he caught his breath. “Mum, oh Mum.” He caressed my breasts through my shirt then ever so slowly pulled it towards my head. He sat back onto his heels so he was lower. One breast fell out and hung down low, Sammy’s chin dropped and his penis rose, both just as quickly as each other. He used both hands to hold the breast and caress it, rubbing the nipple and gently flicking it. “Oh Mum.” Sammy continued pulling the shirt until the other breast fell and he repeated everything including the “Oh Mum.”

He stood up and lifted my shoulder until I was kneeling on the bed, then lifted my shirt off over my head, then immediately placed both hands on my breasts to rub them, “I love tits that hang down like these and your nipples are fantastic. Kneel down again, I want to take you doggy.”

I couldn’t believe how good the ring felt as he was sliding in and out of me. The hard and soft contrast was just amazing and it felt huge. In fact it was huge, it was big enough that it would have easily slid over his penis. I was in seventh heaven when he started on the short strokes and like before I had my orgasm just after Sammy started his. Sammy’s last words before we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep were: “Have you ever thought about getting these pierced? Some gold rings would really suit you with these big dark nipples.”

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Home On Leave

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It had been almost a year since she had seen him last. She remembered his strong arms, his firm, rough, hands, those beautiful blue eyes, the peach fuzz hair she could have rubbed forever. Most importantly, she remembered his charming, southern accent, which led to the soft, lingering first kiss and how, when he pulled her arm to lie down with him, he almost immediately pushed her away for fear of being caught. Still, that was only a memory.

Brianna was sitting at home on a late Saturday afternoon, her only day off the entire stressful week. Absentmindedly sucking on a pen, she found she was becoming bored with the reruns of Charmed and Dawson’s Creek. Almost asleep, she saw out of the corner of her eye a flash of silver brazened on a heavy blue coat. She turned her head and realized that what she saw was the button on the collar of a Marine’s dress blues. “It can’t be my brother,” she thought to herself, “he’s in too much trouble down in Virginia to be up here.” Figuring it had to be his best friend, Jayson, her thoughts switched to her attire; she looked a bit grungy wearing guys khaki shorts with no belt – an old white shirt with a permanent marker advertisement – her hair in a messy bun falling out from leaning on the couch. “Oh well, I’ve always said that if Jayson was going to like me, it would be for who I am, not the clothes I wear or what I look like. Besides,” she reminded herself, “I’ve given up on him.” Trying not to seem too enthusiastic over one of the many loves of her life, Brianna averted her gaze and pretended to be interested in the TV. But, when the door opened, it wasn’t Jayson’s half-assed hello that she heard. Instead, it was the classic line in a sweet, Southern draw, “Honey, I’m home.”

She didn’t believe her ears; when she caught Sal’s gaze both of their faces lit up with anticipation. Sal dropped his sea-bags. “Mayonnaise a lot of clothes in these bags. Where are Mom and Dad?” he asked in that unforgettable, soothing voice. She remembered those words he used which sounded like a sketch from a comedy tour.

“They’re at Sam’s Club with Boo” she had to choke out. Although she seemed to be droid on the outside, inside her blood boiled and her thoughts raced: flooded with memories of a year ago and the endless possibilities of now.

“So it’s just me and you? Alone?”

With a small nod, she raised her eyebrows slightly, gave a smirk and subtly licked Bayan Eskort the end of the pen. “Mm-hmm.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get over here.”

Brianna stood up and walked ever so slowly towards him. She went in for the embrace she remembered so well. She threw her arms around his neck, feeling his arms around her as if he promised to protect her forever. Then Sal lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “I missed you, Bri. I’ve never forgotten that night we met. Damn you have some sort of power over me.” With that he lifted her up so her shoulders were at the ceiling and her face was above his. As he did so, her shorts caught too much of his uniform and slid off slowly – first to her hips, then over her smooth and round ass, and down her luscious legs – to reveal her pink and white striped booty shorts with the pink lace trim around the legs. He began to lower her onto him, face to face, her chest onto his, and she wrapped her legs about his waist as their lips locked in a tongue-less yet passionate kiss.

To Brianna’s disappointment, Sal drew back. She began to panic for a moment until she saw the look on Sal’s face: a look that said “I want you,” “I need you,” and asked “Where to?” all at the same time. Still intertwined, Brianna nodded towards the stairs and Sal began in that direction. “Nolan’s old room, that’s mine now” disclosed Brianna, breathily. As they walked through the hallway, he slid his hands up under her shirt and, removing it, threw it to the ground. Similarly, she started undoing all of the buttons on his coat and it fell off just as they reached the door. They crashed through, half undressed, and Sal proceeded to lie down on the bed, Brianna underneath and completely aroused. His hands again went to cup her double-Ds, and began to wander around back where he unhooked her bra. In the meantime, Brianna had been removing the clasp to his belt and set out to undo his slacks.

“No, not yet.” He said as his soft lips began to move down to her neck and collar bone. Instant gratification. Soon she could feel his breath on her chest. Slowly and warmly he sucked on her tits like a child with a lollipop. His tongue flicked across her nipples as Brianna became paralyzed against the stimulation. Her body began to quiver as he sent mini orgasms down her spine. As she became aware of how wet she was, her pussy dripping into those panties she was still wearing, she let out a moan as if to tell him that he needed to take her soon. She felt the fingers on Sal’s right hand begin to walk down her ribs, across her navel, and come to a rest just at her panty line. Now very slowly he slid is fingers left and right, inching them down inside her panties. He too could feel how wet she was, which caused him to let out a sigh of his own. His fingers entered her body. He alternated between slow circles inside and a hard and fast motion on the outside, directly touching her clit. At once her breathing stopped and she let a low, moaning sigh.

“Now it’s your turn.” Brianna told him. They rolled over and began again with the obsessive, greedy kissing. Brianna ran her tongue across the roof of his mouth and, to her surprise, it really made his blood flow and his dick swell. “Touch a part of your body, any part,” she instructed. Questioningly, he put his finger on one of his massive shoulders. Brianna added her finger to his and then added her mouth to the group. She traced a path with her finger and mouth from his shoulder, across his pecks, and down toward his crotch. She unfastened his pants and, with her finger resting at the top of his happy trail, she stuck out her tongue, picked up his zipper, and undid it with her teeth. Brianna took off his pants to reveal his bulging boxer briefs. Still with hand and mouth, she traced the outline of these shorts, drew little circles on the inside of his pale white thighs, and rolled the shorts down one length of the band. The top of his pelvis and the beginning of his cock were now visible. She concentrated on this area, slowly sucking and tonguing every jutting-out bone, every little dip and crevice of his cut lines.

Now, bit by bit, she removed his briefs, exposing Snake-Eyed Johnson for what he truly was. Finishing the line of his happy trail, she started to rub her hands on his dick, massaging it from base to tip. Moving her head down, she gave it a few mini-French kisses, then sucked a little on the head and shaft. Next, she ran her tongue firmly along the length of his massive cock, again from bottom to top, pausing only when she felt his thighs quiver; an act that told her she had found his pleasure spot. As she lied there, moving her head back and forth, she never lost that spot. She could feel his back arching as he tried to get her to take more of him. Brianna took the hint, opening her mouth until his cock was touching the back of her throat. She beat it around the inside of her mouth, focusing on that spot he loved. Then she moved back to the head while her hands jerked him off at the same time. She could tell the combination of sensations was really getting to him. Sal’s legs began to shake with each suck and slurp she gave him. Suddenly she felt an explosion and his cum pumped into her mouth, filling it with a warm, sticky substance. She swallowed his juice with ease, and again he pulled her up, her head resting on his chest and the two panting, hot and sweaty.

Sal enticed her by caressing her sides with his fingers, and she likewise rubbed hers about his chest. Once again he rolled on top of her. They pushed their loins together and they both knew what was about to happen. Brianna opened her mouth to speak but he put his finger to her lips. Reading her mind, he grabbed a rubber. He slowly slipped off her panties and raised his hips. “Gently,” she said, “it’s my first time.” Brianna spread her legs as he penetrated, making slow, rocking motions. As she caught his rhythm, their tempo increased. Brianna wrapped her legs around his waist, clutching between his back and her sheets, looking for something to hold on to. Sal thrust himself into her; Brianna arched her back while she held the pillow to her face to muffle the screaming. She watched as his dick disappeared inside of her, and then showed itself again, now covered in her juices. Brianna put her fingers to her clit and was able to feel his bone through the outside of her body.

Sal reached up and put his hands on her breasts, caressing her nipples and sending more love through her body. As he lowered his head to give her the most sensual kiss of her life, Brianna used her legs to pull him in deeper. Her back rose and fell and she raised her legs to bring provide more leverage for both of them. He started hitting faster, harder, yet concentrating solely on her pleasure. She came again and again, each one better than the one before. Just before Sal reached his climax, Brianna squeezed her thighs together to increase pressure and subsequently increase the pleasure for both. When Sal blew, he lowered himself easily on top of her. He laid there for a while, Brianna feeling his dick pumping cum, and then going limp as the blood flowed out. He pulled out and they threw the condom on the floor. Falling asleep in each others’ arms, Brianna raised her head, looked him square in the eye and whispered “Semper Fi.”

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Caught in a Storm

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Edited by Sienna.

Paul quickly ran to the trees along the trail. “Damn. I knew I shouldn’t have gone running,” the young man said. He was in his late 20s to early 30s, tall and scruffy. He enjoyed being out, but in this December weather, snow was able to come down quick and fast. It quickly soaked through his clothes, leaving him shivering for warmth. He looked around and spotted a cabin. Without thinking, he bolted to the porch, happy that it provided him with a brief respite from the freezing temperatures. He knocked on the door, praying someone was there.

To his surprise there was someone there. She opened the door and took one look at him. She began to laugh behind her hand covering her face. “Who are you? Definitely not the person I was expecting.” She was dark blonde and the same age as Paul. He looked clean, yet scruffy, long hair and in need of a shave to remove his stubble beginnings of a beard. He was cold wet and to Leigh, he was handsome. He was just pleased that someone was home.

“Sorry, but I got caught out in the snow. Is there any way I could come warm myself up and possibly wait until the storm ends?” Paul asked. The request seemed to take Leigh by surprise, yet she readily agreed. She had always enjoyed helping others, and it seemed that Paul could really use some help. “Come in,” she said softly, the sleeves of her sweater falling down over her hands. She smiled up at him, hoping that the fire she had going would warm him, and that her friend wouldn’t be surprised by the stranger in Leigh’s house.

“Can I offer you some coffee… or something stronger maybe?” Leigh held up a half full bottle of JD. Paul smiled and agreed to the JD. Atleast it would warm him up inside out. The log fire was roaring and right away he could feel the heat inside of the cabin. He guessed it had been burning for quite a while, possibly even days since the harsh winter weather struck. Leigh had obviously been there a while.

“Would there be any way I could get out of these wet clothes?” Paul asked, wondering if this mysterious woman had any clothes he could change into.

“Well, I have a spare robe, but it might not fit you. You’re quite a bit taller than the person who last wore it,” Leigh explained. She went to collect the robe, has Paul started changing in the small bathroom. She set it outside the door for him, then went back to fix some hot chocolate, figuring it would help ward the cold off as well as the stiff shot of JD. Paul put the robe on then stepped out, embarrassed by where the robe fell. Leigh turned, and almost started laughing when she saw that the robe came to just above his knees.

Leigh handed him the hot chocolate, which was much more appreciated than coffee or any more alcohol. “Forgive me for laughing at you…?”

“Paul, we didn’t get time to get acquainted, sorry for being so forward…?”

“Leigh. And, that robe looks quite sexy on you.” She continued to laugh softly. “Almost as sexy has the person who actually owns it.” She gave him a wink, and that made him think. He gave a shrug and thought, whoever owned it must have been pretty special to Leigh, as it was a very ornate robe. “Go sit by the fire and make yourself comfortable,” Leigh said, before going to the kitchen window and looking to see if her friend was going to be able to make it or not.

So far it had not been what she had expected. Instead of her friend, a freezing, very sexy man was sitting half naked on her couch in a robe that did not fit his tall stature. “Not a completely bad turn of events,” she said, feeling a slow heat starting to grow between her thighs. She decided to text message her expected guest. She did not mention Paul being there, but certainly knew that they would not mind at all. Infact, she thought it might just be fun. The message was replied and they were only a few minutes away.

Paul slowly sipped his hot cocoa, and looked around. The cabin had a much lived in feel, yet it appeared to be a ‘weekenders’ cabin. He guessed Leigh, and whoever she was expecting, came there often. He relaxed and closed his eyes, happy to be out of the cold, not really paying attention has he let the heat soak into his tired, cold bones. Leigh could not resist peeking at him quietly from the kitchen. To her he seemed to grow sexier each time she looked at him. He certainly was fit and healthy. He had to be to challenge the subzero temperatures outside, and now that snow storm was blowing up to gale force. It seemed that her guest was going to arrive just in time before the snow began to heap into deep drifts. Probably by morning it would be a case of shovelling the car out to go anywhere. Atleast they would have a strong man to help them.

Leigh was well prepared for being trapped in the cold December weather. She did have original plans to be there during Christmas, but that depended upon her guest and how they felt.

Leigh quickly made herself busy before Paul caught her staring. She went to get everything ready for her guest. She was really looking Bayan Eskort forward to this time of the year. She had not seen her friend in quite some time, and was wanting to make this time as good as it could get. She easily busied herself around the cabin, finding small things that needed to be done to make the evening the perfect setting for what she was planning.

Paul was slowly falling asleep. He quickly shook himself awake, and then went to check on how his clothes were drying out. He found that his boxer briefs were easily dried by the fire, and slipped them on. It felt a lot more comfortable for him to at least not be completely naked underneath the robe. Leigh watched him has she set the table. She caught a glimpse of his smooth buttocks and felt a pleasing tingle run down her spine.

“Will you join us for dinner Paul? My guest should be here very soon. It’s only chicken soup and a ham roast. Nothing special. We get together a few days before Christmas. Sometimes we stay over Christmas?”

“I was only meant to be on a run. It is getting dark out there…” He looked through the small window in the cabin door and noticed a car pulling up outside and already sliding in the thickening layer of snow on the ground. “Sure, I’ll join you if you don’t mind.” He noticed the guest was another woman. She was younger than he and Leigh, slim, short and in her early twenties. Someone who seemed more attractive to him than Leigh did.

She was breathtaking, to say the least. Her hair was a mix of blonde and red, almost a strawberry blonde. She was taller than Leigh, but her body showed that she was just as active as Leigh. Paul quickly looked away, moving to help Leigh set the table. Audrey saw the tall man with Leigh as she stepped into the cabin. She looked at Leigh curiously, but her eyes went back to the man. She could tell he kept himself in shape. She could also see that he was around the same age as Leigh. She shook her head, not wanting to be impolite, as she took her heavy coat and boots off.

He watched has the two women went into the kitchen, comparing them both. He wondered if the guest, not yet introduced, was a relative. Leigh was certainly the larger between the two and it showed clearly. Paul had been isolated in his own little world far too long, finally leaving his apartment following the break- up of the band in the early fall. He was even surprised that Leigh had not yet noticed who he was since he had arrived, an ex acoustic guitar player, one of the biggest Indie Rock bands around?

Leigh looked at Audrey, and then at herself, wishing she would have worked out as much as her friend and lover. “Is this part of the fun you told me about?” Audrey asked. “He is gorgeous, and already prepared in my robe.” They shared their jovial conversation in a whisper, but Paul could hear them giggling. He looked into the kitchen and noticed the two women locked in a passionate embrace and deep kissing. The picture was now firmly painted in his head what these two were. But, how did they feel about him? Instantly, he was turned on by what he saw and then Audrey turned to look at him with a sexy wink and smile. He was suddenly feeling horny and that was enough to indicate a chance for that evening. Maybe, she might have even recognised him?

Paul slowly shook his head, wondering how he had stumbled onto these two. He knew for sure that they were lovers now, but he also was not sure how he would factor into the evening. He knew the couch was comfortable, and ever the gentleman, would gladly sleep on the couch. He decided to play it low key, waiting to see what the two beautiful women would want.

The three of them dined around the table as the snow storm outside increased. Atleast, all three of them were safe, just as long as the roof held up. Audrey had already introduced herself to Paul during diner and now wine. He was becoming even more attracted to both of them. Audrey was a light weight when it came to drinking. It did not take many glasses to have her feeling tipsy.

“I know you,” she said, pointing a finger at Paul and grinning. “But… I just can’t remember where from.” Paul smiled. Atleast now he was on the point of being recognised. Leigh still was blank in recognising him. Probably not a lover of indie music.

Paul breathed a sigh of relief. He was not sure he wanted to be recognized yet. Instead, he happily sank lower into a chair, listening to the two lovers talk. After they knew he was okay with it, they didn’t try to hide their relationship. It made him sad though. He had not felt like either of them since his fiancée left him after the break-up.

Audrey noticed him has he sank into the chair with his glass of wine. She noticed that the robe had ridden up a little revealing his boxer shorts and another interesting fact. He was quite a big guy, even though he was not hard. He closed his eyes for a while and Audrey drew Leigh’s attention to what she had noticed. A naughty smile grew across both their faces. They were not too drunk to realise that this man had what they considered as a fun package, lesbian lovers or not. Sapphics went both ways and having a male join in with their fun was a bonus.

Paul was not paying attention again. The wine was getting him to relax more than he had intended. The two women also brought feelings and thoughts out of him that he had not felt in a few months. His mind began to wander, trying to figure out how good these two women were with their mouths. He was also interested in whether or not they were interested in having his cock inside them. He had not gotten hard yet, that much he knew, but he knew that it would happen very soon if he kept these thoughts up. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, smiling at Audrey and Leigh. He realized they had moved closer to each other, and were looking at him intently. They were almost sizing him up; much like a predator would with their prey.

Both Leigh and Audrey whispered and giggled to each other and then noticed Paul was allowing the good strong homemade summer wine to chill him out more than ever. He closed his eyes once more and smiled as if he was sending a message to both of them. It was within seconds that one of them took his glass from his hand. Something told him to follow the flow of things. He was in good ‘hands’ when he felt a tender touch upon his groin.

He tried to focus on one thing, but with Leigh’s hands on his groin, and Aubrey on top of him, grinding her large chest against him, he was having a very hard time concentrating on one thing. He trusted both of them though, and relaxed in their experienced hands. Leigh’s hands slowly glided over his thighs, then his boxer briefs. She could see him fully reacting now, living up to what Audrey had noticed. He was as large as they thought he would be, and she knew that they would have a great time while together.

Both of the women made themselves topless. Paul could no longer resist Audrey’s well rounded breasts and large erect nipples, begging to be suckled without hesitation. At the back of Audrey Leigh was busy undoing Audrey’s skirt and removing it. She wore no panties and Paul could now feel his hardness being licked tenderly by Leigh’s manipulative tongue. He looked up at Audrey and saw she was enjoying his own tongue and lip play upon her proud nipples with his hands squeezing each breast gently. Leigh started to become more enthusiastic it seemed has she began to take his shaft into her accommodating throat.

Paul groaned, feeling Leigh swallowing his length, the muscles of her throat constricting around him. He squeezed Audrey’s ample chest a little harder, taking her nipple between his lips. He started sucking on it harder, gently nipping at it, letting the vibrations from his moans tease her as well. Leigh seemed to follow his example, humming softly, then more intensely, seeing how he reacted. It got the response he wanted as she started bobbing up and down, alternating between swallowing, sucking, and moaning.

It was not too long that Audrey began to wiggle on his lap, signalling to her sapphic lover that she wanted to feel him inside of her. Slowly, Leigh held his manhood just in the right place has Audrey slid onto him. He could feel her tight around him and she lifted her head, taking a deep breath between moans. His scrotum, swollen with his seed, was too much for Leigh to resist. She began to gently suck and lick upon them has Audrey slowly started riding him, releasing her sticky creamy lube for Leigh to enjoy as it spilled over his balls.

Paul groaned as he felt Leigh sucking on his balls. He felt how wet Audrey was getting, as well as loosening up on his enlarged manhood. He was surprised she could take all of him right away, but she was very excited. He could not believe these two gorgeous women were seducing him. Leigh started tugging on Audrey’s nipples, wanting her to reach her orgasm. She was craving Paul’s manhood to be inside of her, having not felt something that long or hard for quite some time.

Audrey began to gasp and scream, and suddenly held her breath trembling, staring into his eyes. He felt her warm gush run over his groins and Leigh licking like crazy to taste her lovers’ juices. Paul was now so turned on by this, he just had to lift Audrey in his strong arms and switch places on the armchair. He longed to open her soft lips and lick and taste her until she came once more in his mouth. Leigh began to remove her jeans and panties, with ambitions of being next to feel his cock inside of her.

Paul groaned as he saw what Leigh was doing. It was true that she had a fuller figure than Audrey, but there was something about her that that was oddly more enticing than what Audrey had. Leigh exuded sexuality and experience, whereas Audrey had pure looks and youthful innocence on her side. He groaned again, feeling her being sent through another orgasm. Then he watched has Leigh straddled the armchair across Audrey’s abdomen, facing him and sliding down so that both their pussies were touching each other, one above the other. It was not difficult for Paul to see what was required with both pussies facing him. There was the tangy essence of Leigh and the now sweeter taste of Audrey both within his tongues reach.

Paul gave a wolf whistle looking at Leigh on top of Audrey. It got him harder than he had realised he could get. He leaned down and slowly licked through Leigh’s lips, tasting her. He then did the same with Audrey. He groaned, realizing that Audrey tasted sweeter, having already cum, but he liked Leigh’s more tangy taste better. He slid two fingers into Audrey, teasing her, building her slowly, and he started to lick and suck on Leigh’s full lips. He took his time; thoroughly enjoying himself, before sliding his tongue as deep inside of her as it could go, getting an even better taste of her. He wanted her to orgasm for him, so he slowly worked his way up to her clit, before sucking and gently nipping at it. He waited to see if she was going to orgasm before he would enter her.

It had been a while since Leigh had shared her young lover with anyone else. Normally, it would have been three women and now it was a man. He had what they wanted and the strap-on was atleast redundant in this session. Paul himself, deeply indulged in his cunnilingus, could not believe how easy it was happening. He made the best of it has he brought Leigh to a screaming wild orgasm, releasing her warm liquid love for him to drink up every drop. He had two women in the same position and while Leigh began to tremble on her climax, Audrey was once again ready for hers.

Paul had never experienced this action before with two women. He had always been a ‘one woman man’ since high school when he had the misfortune of being sexually overpowered by three girls. To be honest, it scared him. However, with these two it seemed different. There was a balanced maturity between all three. “Let’s go to the bedroom and get more comfortable.” Leigh suggested.

The two women went ahead first whilst Paul took a mouthful of wine to compensate the taste of sex that lingered in his throat. The two of them called him in and there they were waiting on the bed for him, a vacant space between both of them. It was clear that they wanted to both share his manhood, still hard and ready.

Paul lay between them, and immediately felt two hands wrap around his manhood. He groaned slightly, before the hands started sliding along his shaft. The contrast between the hands was driving him wild. Leigh could see this, and winked at Audrey to let her know to switch tactics. They withdrew their hands and leaned down. Audrey took his head into her mouth teasingly sucking and swirling her tongue around it, while Leigh sucked on his balls. This combination was only enhanced when they switched places.

Leigh tapped Audrey, and then winked at Paul before they took turns sliding up and down his manhood. The sensations were quickly overpowering him as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. Leigh saw the telltale signs and motioned for Audrey. They started stroking him again, until with a low grunt, Paul climaxed, releasing his seed into their waiting mouths.

Each of the woman took turns in lapping up his thick cum. He had not ejaculated in a while and has he continued to ride his prolonged orgasm he seemed to release endless loads, enough for both of them to taste and swap during their wild passionate kisses. For a moment, Paul felt as if he was just a convenience for their pleasure. They wanted the addition of a man to enhance their girl on girl pleasures and he just happened along.

Paul was now wasted, while he watched them enjoying his tasty load, recovering from the dual blow job he had only dreamed about before. In reality, was it worth it? For just a few seconds thrill and being ignored while they played with each other. However, Paul was not the type of man to be used. He was temporarily limp, but there was a dildo by the bedside on the cabinet. He saw the opportunity to use it on Leigh has she went down on Audrey. Somehow, it gave him great pleasure to thrust the dildo deep and twist it on exit. Leigh began to appreciate what he was doing, enjoying every push and pull within her. Soon he was becoming hard once more and ready to last longer.

Paul grinned, remembering how Leigh had told Audrey she had not been fucked by a real cock in far too long. Paul knew he was larger than she was used to, so quickly thrust into her, watching as her head came up from between Audrey’s thighs. She screamed as she suddenly and violently was grabbed by her orgasm. She had not expected his size, or to be taken. She had always been the “dominant” in hers and Audrey’s relationship, but for Paul to take her has she secretly wanted, drove her to wild extremes of her passion. The sight of her lover thrashing in the throes of a powerful orgasm sent Audrey over the edge as well, surprising her with its power and intensity. Paul just continued to ride Leigh through her orgasm, prolonging it even more than Leigh was used to. All that Leigh could do was feel the pleasure of his cock and kiss her young lover with even more passionate vigour.

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An Office Affair

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Dear Reader, This is a sequel to “Foreign Affair.” Although it will stand alone, it’s based upon events from that story which are not necessarily explained on their own merits here. I highly suggest you check that one out first, or reread it as I know it’s been quite a while, before reading this. I hope you find it as delicious to read as it was to write. As always – feedback and votes appreciated.


I glanced at my watch, bleary eyed and tired. 11:15 on a Thursday evening. I’d been here at work since 5 am, and barely 24 hours until the deadline. I glanced back at the page I was trying to proof read and immediately noticed a glaring error. “Funny,” I thought, “I know I’ve looked at that paragraph at least two times and I haven’t got a clue what it says. If I could just do something to wake up – maybe an hour more and I could be done for tonight.” I knew that wasn’t going to be, I was going to have to gut it out; I had to be done tonight, so everyone else could finish their part tomorrow. It was only going to make a few million dollars difference if we didn’t finish on time, somehow I sort of thought THAT might be noticed. I sighed, leaned back, rubbed my eyes and tried to continue.

Leaning forward onto my knees once again to read the papers on the desk directly in front of me, I crossed my arms and my hands fit naturally to my own breasts. I rubbed my nipples, then unbuttoned two middle buttons on my shirt, reached inside and played with my nipples some more. I felt a vague thickening in my cock. ” God would I love a blow job right now. Lean back and watch some sweetie licking my lollipop.” I’d been fighting off being horny all afternoon. Now here it was approaching midnight. “What the hell,” I thought. “I’m the only one in the building, I could just go on in to the bathroom; shit – as far as that goes there’s nobody else here and I could do it right here….”

I clicked on the internet icon, and when yahoo came up, I immediately kicked myself. “You dumb fuck, you know better than that.” If there’s one thing absolutely verboten in most businesses it’s browsing porn sites on the computers. I’ve always refrained from mixing business – and pleasure. I clicked on the messenger, but it showed nobody that I knew on line. “I wonder what Bridge is doing?” I thought. “Haven’t talked to her in what, 6 months or more?”

I’d been horny all afternoon. Working on this damn report hadn’t been easy – besides being dry and boring I was just plain tired. 12 to 16 hour days for three weeks, come Monday I’d love to just never get out of bed. My hand dropped to my pants, I rubbed and squeezed my cock, which although it felt good, refused to grow anymore. I sighed, and leaned forward resting my head on the desk as I continued to try to read the unintelligible gibberish in my lap. I was just going to close my eyes for a second….

I awoke with a start and quick glance at the clock. 11:55, I don’t know how long I’d dozed, but rather than refreshed after nearly 19 non-stop hours, the maybe half an hour of shut-eye had made me groggier. I really didn’t realize I’d been woken up, until the computer chimed again. Glancing up, I was surprised to see who was on line.

Sweetlilmons: Hello Jim it’s been quite some time.

Sweetlilmons: Jim, Are you there?

I hadn’t thought of her in ages, and here maybe only twenty to thirty minutes later she popped up online.

Jim_Balloo: Yeah, I’m here. Sorry – I think I was dozing off.

Sweetlilmons: I haven’t heard from you in long time.

Jim_Balloo: I know. Sorry, it’s so hard with the time difference. We just never seem to cross paths. I thought of you just a little bit ago, your name popped into my mind.

Sweetlilmons: So many times I hope you are on line, but don’t find you there. You make me entertain myself without your help LOL. Are you about to go to bed?

Jim_Balloo: No – but I wish I was. I’m still at work.

Sweetlilmons: Are you kidding? What time is it there?

Jim_Balloo: Midnight.

Sweetlilmons: Why so late? Are you not tired?

Jim_Balloo: Dead tired. I think I just fell asleep at my desk here. I remember looking at my watch at 11:15 or so, but I don’t remember doing anything since. I’ve got some work I have to get finished before the guys come in tomorrow as we’re up against a deadline. I’m so tired I can’t see straight, but I know if I take a nap anywhere but right here in my chair I probably won’t wake up until morning. That, and I’ve been horny all afternoon – can’t keep my concentration on my work.

Sweetlilmons: Ummm. Maybe that’s why I came and checked on line? You were thinking of me? Naughty thoughts I hope? LOL

Jim_Balloo: Of you? Always. LOL

Sweetlilmons: How naughty?

Jim_Balloo: I was thinking of someone crawling between my legs and making love to my cock.

Sweetlilmons: Oh, so you wanted me to be your personal cocksucker? LOL

Jim_Balloo: Absolutely.

Sweetlilmons: Some day. If we ever meet. I know you’ve got a tasty Escort one. I want to do that.

Jim_Balloo: How do you know?

Sweetlilmons: I just know. Some one as fun as you has to be sweet. Are you going to take time out of your work to talk dirty to me?

Jim_Balloo: Are you alone?

Sweetlilmons: Not quite, but I can be soon. My daughter is going to spend the day with a friend and I’ll be alone then. Can you wait half hour?

Jim_Balloo: Good, then I can take a nap in the meantime. I’m going to sit here in my chair and I’ll let the chime wake me when you come back.

Sweetlilmons: Ok, I’ll be back.

Jim_Balloo: Are you going to dress naughty?

Sweetlilmons: Dress? Who’s going to be dressed? LOL

Jim_Balloo: Well, I’m at work, I can’t exactly play like normal.

Sweetlilmons: Oh too bad, it’s always more fun to be naked together. I’ll be back

Jim_Balloo: c ya

I pushed my paper work aside, loosened the back screw so the chair allowed me to lean back more, kicked off my shoes, slid the chair back and put my feet up on the desk. I know it could not have been more than a few seconds and I was out like a light.

I awoke, to caresses; hands on my cheeks, a nose nuzzling the top of my head, then a kiss to my forehead. I opened my eyes as Bridge kissed my forehead, then my nose and then my lips. Her tongue penetrated my mouth, feeling funny upside down. I sucked her tongue and her hands slid down, unbuttoning my shirt then finding my nipples. Electric jolts sparked my cock to jump, unlike my self caresses earlier. I felt my cock growing, trapped sideways in my pants so I reached down and straightened it. Bridges long black hair stroked my face.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Is it a good one?”

“I think you’ll like it.” She pulled back from caressing me, and as I turned my head to look at her, she walked around from behind my chair, swung one leg up and straddled me, sitting in my lap. Bridge was naked from the waist down, actually from the breasts down. Her breasts were covered by a scarf, wrapped from behind, crossed over her breasts and then tied back behind her neck. The scarf looked familiar, but I didn’t think too much.

“Do you like?” she asked, “I shaved just for you.” I looked between her legs to her “Sweet Lil’ Mons.” Straddling me as she was, her vagina gaped open just a touch, her otherwise brown skin disappearing into an inviting pink crevasse surrounding by two luscious petals that begged to be licked and sucked. Right at the top of her slit a tiny pink bud protruded, calling my tongue to touch it. I reached forward with my hands, slipping them under the scarf which easily slid up and away from my hands allowing me to cup her small, firm breasts and their rock hard nipples. “Oh” she inhaled as I tweaked them.

“You’re so naughty!” I said, “Do you like it?”

“I think I do – I haven’t got used to it yet, but it’s so much easier to get slippery when I play with my toys – or other, real, things.” She giggled.

“And do those other things like it naked too?”

“I don’t know – you’re the first to see me like this.” I reached a finger up and licked it then reached forward and rubbed it on the nub of her clit. “Ohhh,” she moaned. She closed her eyes for a moment and I slipped a finger forward to slip between her pink lips, but she said “Not yet. I promised you.” She reached over her shoulder, pulled the scarf over her head and untied it, sliding it from around her body, then in one motion slid back off me and again walked behind me.

“This will be fun,” she said, “give me your hand.” Taking my left hand she tied the scarf loosely around my wrist, and ducking down behind the chair reached over and took my right hand, pulling it back until she could also tie my other hand with the scarf, effectively pinning my hands behind my back – and my chair. After she secured my hands she rose back up, ran her fingers through my hair, and again kissed my forehead.

She kissed my eyes which I closed as she approached, then my nose again and slipped her tongue between my lips. Raising her tongue and lips back to my forehead, she wet her tongue, and began a long journey down my head, without raising her tongue she licked my forehead, nose, lips, chin and kept going right down my neck. She stopped once or twice as her tongue got too dry, then continued until she slid a little sideways to reach my nipple which she flicked with her tongue, then sucked and nipped with her teeth. Each nip with her teeth sent an electric shock through my cock which had now been hard since she suddenly appeared. She was now at the extent of her reach and still be able to have her feet on the floor, but she squirmed just a touch and suddenly her nipple was to my mouth. I greedily sucked and as she nipped my nipple I gently bit and held hers between my teeth. As she moved her nipple began to stretch.

“Naughty, Naugthy!” she giggled, then moved back a bit and slid her other nipple over for me to suck on. She stayed arched over me like this for just a moment, and then continued working her way downward. As she moved down my body, inverted, more and more weight was being applied to the chair. I moved my feet under the edge of the desk from on top to stabilize the chair from all her weight and to keep us from tipping over backward. Soon she reached my belly button, by now kneeling on the back of the chair, a knee on either side of my head, and her tongue pushed into my belly button as her hands, now freed from supporting herself, began to undo my belt and pants. It wasn’t easy but she worked my pants down freeing my cock for her to play with. She continued her downward tongue bath, until she reached my cock, which obviously became the center of her universe.

Taking my cock in her mouth, she licked and sucked and made love to me. At first her body was well above my face, as I tried to rise to reach her with my own tongue, she would giggle and pinch my head between her legs. All I could do was lie there, allow her to suck my cock and look at her sweet naked pussy just inches above my face. I could see her glistening pussy lips and smell her delicious pussy odor, but she wouldn’t let me touch her at first. Then she stopped holding just the head of my cock in her mouth, the tongue swirling around and around, and while she did this she lowered her pussy to my eagerly waiting mouth. I stuck my tongue out as much as possible, finally being able to just touch her clit. She stopped here, so the tip of my tongue to her clit was the only thing that could touch.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth. “My pussy is just as naked as my 6 year old daughter” she said. “I shaved last night and she came into the bathroom later on while I was taking a bath and immediately noticed. I guess a mother can’t keep a secret from her daughter.”

“I don’t care about your daughter – right now all I want to do is eat you. I want to taste your pussy. I want to make you cum with my tongue. Come closer so I can slip my hard tongue into your pussy and taste your nectar.”

She was holding my cock upright with one hand, licking and sucking, taking the head and most of the shaft into her mouth, then swirling her tongue around, occasionally popping it out to say “I love it when you talk dirty. I love it when you eat my pussy.” By now she’d lowered herself to where I was giving her pussy as thorough a working over as she was giving my cock. I was sucking on her pussy lips, running my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could, licking and sucking and continually coming back to caress her bud with my tongue. I tried to nip it with my teeth, but couldn’t get to it from this angle. The more I worked her clit and pussy, the more she sucked my cock, the closer we both got to orgasm. Her pussy which had been warm and tasty when we started was now dripping juices, and her moans were growing louder.

The whole time I’d been lying there with my arms behind me I’d been working the scarf, not that it was tied tightly or anything, it was just that from the angle I couldn’t get fingers on it to get it loose, but finally with the twisting of my hands the knot came loose and my hands were free. I untied the other arm and dropped the scarf. I brought my arms up to the top side of the chair, grabbed her sweet ass and pulled her pussy closer to my face so I could really go to work on her. I slipped them up to her breasts and tweaked her nipples again, eliciting a groan of pleasure. I could feel the rising need in my cock, my day long horniness being sucked out through her expert mouth. She sensed my impending orgasm, pulling me out of her mouth and began to concentrate on the sweet spot just below the head, pushing against it as hard as possible with her tongue and lips, nibbling, licking, rubbing. Whereas before, with my cock in her mouth, I knew I would be coming in just seconds, this way it extended it out; I still knew I was going to come, but it was no longer the nearly instantaneous explosion that had been about to happen. A heat sensation began at the soft spot, swelling, rising, spreading throughout my cock, getting me closer and closer to a glorious orgasm, until finally I exploded, cum pouring onto my belly in great gobs, throb after throb of intense ectasy.

At the same time my tongue was finishing her off, her warm loins gradually becoming rigid around my head as my tongue teased and polished her joy stick; sucking her clit, licking and sucking her pussy and pussy lips, until she reached the peak and began to fall down the back side. A guttural gagging noise turned into an “OH…..OH…..OH..My GOD;” words that were so loud, so real, I awoke.

I opened my eyes, my feet still on top of the desk, my pants still on, my shirt still buttoned. The huge wet squishy area in the front of my pants let me know that I’d definitely orgasmed, but the dream woman that had been sucking my cock was gone. I swear I could taste her, the sweet nectar of her pussy caressing my taste buds, the odor of our sex filling my nose. I sat up; feeling more refreshed than I had in two days, and immediately noticed the typing on the screen:

Sweetlilmons: I’m back.

Sweetlilmons: Jim, you there?

Sweetlilmons: Hello Jim, wake up!

Sweetlilmons: Wake up!

Sweetlilmons: Wake up!

Sweetlilmons: Wake up Jim!

Sweetlilmons: Jim Wake up! I promised I’d wake you!

Sweetlilmons: Hello! Jim!

There was more of the same, for the equivalent of two pages. She’d obviously tried to wake me, all with no success. Finally her last entry:

Sweetlilmons: I’m so sorry Jim. I tried, but you wouldn’t wake. I know you’re still there, it says you on line. I so wanted to play, for some reason I’ve been thinking about you for two days now. I did something special, a surprise for you. I’m going to leave the computer on and take a nap and see if I can dream about you. IM me when you wake.

I glanced at the clock on the screen; 1:30. The mess in my pants wasn’t going away. I got up, slipped my shoes on and went to the bathroom. My underwear were full of cum, more cum than I normally would have. I guess that’s the point of a wet dream, you haven’t cum in a while. I took my underwear off, washed up with a wet paper towel cleaned up as well as I could, then put my pants back on, going commando. For some reason I wadded my underwear up and stuck them in my pocket rather than just carrying them. I returned to my desk.

Jim_Balloo: Bridge, you there?

Jim_Balloo: Bridge?

Jim_Balloo: Hello?

I entered the same thing two or three more times before suddenly she answered.

Sweetlilmons: You woke up.

Jim_Balloo: Yeah, thanks for trying. I knew I was tired, just didn’t think I wouldn’t wake up to the chimes.

Sweetlilmons: I felt so bad – I know you said you had work to do.

Jim_Balloo: Well, at least I’m not horny anymore, LOL.

Sweetlilmons: Why’s that?

Jim_Balloo: Because you gave me that blow job you promised, at least in my dream.

The screen was silent for quite a while.

Jim_Balloo: Bridge, you there?

Sweetlilmons: Yes

Jim_Balloo: What happened?

Sweetlilmons: You dreamed me?

Jim_Balloo: Yes, I dreamed you. I dreamed you were here with me, that you tied me to my chair and climbed over the top and gave me a blow job. When I came, I woke up, so I guess I had a wet dream.

Again, she didn’t immediately respond

Jim_Balloo: Bridge?

Sweetlilmons: Sorry, I was think. I took a nap and had a dream too, I dreamed you too. I wanted to play naughty with you and when you didn’t answer I laid down on my couch and fell asleep dreaming of you. I got naked for you too, just the way you like to imagine me.

Jim_Balloo: We’re you completely naked?

Sweetlilmons: I was not to start with.

Jim_Balloo: Were you wearing a scarf, wrapped across your breasts, and tied behind your neck?

Sweetlilmons: How did you know? Is that how you imagined me?

Jim_Balloo: And you had a surprise for me? A naked surprise?

Sweetlilmons: Yes

The hair on the back of my neck had begun to rise somewhere in there. By now that twilight zone eerie feeling was sending chills down my back.

Jim_Balloo: And we got naked and pleasured each other? You crawled on top of me in my chair and gave me a blow job while I licked your clit?

Sweetlilmons: Yes.

Jim_Balloo: Did I come in your mouth?

Sweetlilmons: No, I have a little trick that my mens really like that I do.

Jim_Balloo: Oh my god, I think it happened again.

Sweetlilmons: I think so too. I can’t find my scarf.

I immediately looked around, that eerie feeling sending goosebumps down my arms and chills down my back. Nothing to be seen.

Jim_Balloo: Well, not that I really BELIEVED that it would be, but I don’t see any sign of it here.

Sweetlilmons: I don’t see it either.

We talked for just a little bit more, but as I was once again wide awake, at least for now, I told her I couldn’t keep playing, I had to get back to work. I promised that, if I was awake I’d try and contact her the next night, her Sunday morning. The now over two hour interlude was just what the Doctor ordered, with a little sleep, a little “tension relief” and suddenly everything came together. Just a little over an hour later, about 3, I got the final print out, put it on the team e-mail and a hard copy on the leader’s desk and headed off. As I walked to the front of the office, I saw lights on so I poked my head into the other offices to see why. I found a middle aged woman with a name tag that said “Millie” on it cleaning offices.

“Oh, Hello,” I said, “I didn’t realize there was anyone here!” She looked up, a Mona Lisa, enigmatic smile passing across her face.

“Every night – eleven to seven.”

“I didn’t realize that – guess I’ve never been here in the wee hours before.”

“No, can’t say as I’ve seen you before either. Only two or three times have I ever actually had anyone “working” late before.” There was a hard accent on the way she said “working.”

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Fuck the MILF Slut

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Maria is a slut, she knows this, and she never hid that fact. For thirteen years she has been shackled in a loveless relationship. Perhaps loveless is not the word. Perhaps the correct description is lust-less. Her ex-husband at first did care for her, at first, he would buy her chocolates on holidays, and talk to her sweetly, call her things like “baby” or “sweetheart”, but he never gave her what she truly needed. To be used, to be fucked, to be called “slut”, “whore”, or “cocksucker”, strange as it seems these things turned Maria on. She would beg him to do things like choke her, fuck her face, or pound her ass, but he never agreed saying that he did not want to demean her. After time he resented her, he wouldn’t even touch her. This led to their divorce.

So now Maria kneels, three weeks after her divorce, surrounded by five of her ex husbands coworkers. Her green eyes scanning the room as the men encircle her. Her 34 D breasts proudly pushed out. Her back arched, showing of her tits and her thick milf ass.

“Are you men ready to use your slut?” The milf goddess asks the room. The men nod, their eyes fixed on the woman who kneels surrounded by all the well-endowed men. One particularly aggressive man, Charles, a 6’2 black man whose cock stands erect, moves forward and grabs Maria by the back of the head. She opens her mouth wide, taking him in.

“Take this fucking cock bitch.” He orders, watching as her lips clamp around his massive 9″ cock. She swirls her tongue in a clockwise movement. Her eyes looking up into his. She feels two other cocks, Andrew a younger college intern at the age of 22. And Lewis, a 43 year old and her ex-husbands best friend of 29 years, push against her face. Maria reaches up grabbing both men’s stiff dicks and strokes slowly. She pumps back and forth, her big tits bouncing as her hands slightly roll as she strokes. Her tongue flicks on Charles cock expertly as she bobs her head back and forth, finding a rhythm, from mid-way down his cock to his head. Her eyes fixed on his like the perfect obedient slut. Matthew, a 38 year old man looks on, turning on his video camera and begins to roll film, walking to the sluts face, and focusing on the cock that is moving back and forth.

“Fuck this bitch sucks cock so well! You take this cock whore.” Charles moans out in pleasure. He pushes Maria’s head flat to his pelvis. She takes his entire cock deep, showing the expert cock sucker she is. His cock pushed against the back of her throat, she gags but dares not to release. Her hands stroking the two men’s hard stiff cocks faster now. Her big tits bouncing. Jerry, a 51-year-old man who’s only cock is not being occupied walks behind her and kisses on her neck. His hands cup her breasts, and roughly slap them.

“She looks like such a fucking whore. And this whore needs a cock in her.” He says loud enough for the camera to catch. She nods, slobbering on Charles meat stick. The slight movement tickling the back of her throat, making her gag once more. Her face turning red, and her eyes tearing up. The feeling of Jerry’s hands rubbing firmly on her pussy making her Escort Kız moan loudly around the cock that is wedged in her mouth. The moans send vibrations down his dick. The vibrations make Charles moan loudly. He releases her from his grasp allowing her the privilege of breath. A long trail of spit connecting her lips to his cock. She coughs, and gasps for breath. Jerry pushing her down onto her knees. Her ass high in the air proudly. Charles slaps his cock on the sluts face. Matthew zooms in on her face, red and exhausted until she looks up at the camera, smirks, winks, and blows a kiss.

“Fuck this whore is loving it… You look so sexy bitch.” Matthew says from behind the camera, as he pans down her body to her ass. He gets a close up of her pussy, and slides two fingers into her shaven milf cunt. She moans out in pleasure tossing her head back. Matthew steps back showing Lewis sliding underneath the cock addicted goddess. “You take this whores pussy Lou?” Jerry asks spanking her thick ass, shaking it and leaving a red hand print.

“Fuck yes. Are you ready slut?” Louis as teasingly rubbing his thick cock on her wet cunt. “I know you are, you live for this don’t you?” He asks spanking her other ass cheek.

“Yes sir, use me. I’m all of yours to use however you desire. Mmmm fuck… I love being surrounded by these big cocks.” Maria moans out. Louis stabs her with his hard rod. She yelps in pleasure which is immediately silenced by Andrews cock penetrating her mouth. “Oh fuck! You were right, this bitch is trained to suck.” Andrew moans out, as he thrusts back and forth fucking her skilled mouth. Her tongue twirling around rapidly around his dick. Charles slaps her cheek with his wet, premium and spit covered cock. She reaches up, leaning on her one free elbow. Louis slams his massive dick back and forth fucking her soaked cunt. She moans around Andrews dick, sending vibration after vibration around his dick. Jerry teases her tight asshole, prepping her for his cock. Lewis holds her hips as he violently thrusts back and forth drilling her, the head of his cock pushing hitting her cervix. Matthew steps back making sure to get the entire view of the slut. Her big tits swinging under her hitting Lewis in the face, both men currently using hers heads tossed back in pleasure. Jerry spanks her once more, her ass jiggling and shaking from the force of his powerful thrusts, then slams his cock into her ass, at first only able to push his cock head in, but having it quickly adjusts. Maria screams around Andrews cock, forcing him out of her mouth.

“Holy fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your milf slut!” She screams out throwing her head back violently, her back arching, and her tits pushing into Lewis face. Her tight asshole adjusting to Jerry’s cock as he begins pumping back and forth, slow at first but then quickly gaining speed.

“Yes! Fucking take these cocks whore.” Jerry moans out in complete pleasure. His eyes rolling to the back of his head. Jerry and Lewis find a rhythm, matching each others thrusts with equal power. Maria is pushed over the edge and squirts, her pussy juices flowing from her milf cunt. Her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

“FUCK! DON’T STOP! USE YOUR SLUT!” She yelps out in complete satisfaction. She has been in a gang bang before in college, but it was nothing compared to this. Knowing that this entire fuck session is being caught on film. Jerry and Lewis continue to pound her lovely cunt, using her aggressively. Matthew, Andrew, and Charles stand back watching in wonder at the woman in front of them. They stroke their cocks at the visual of the sensual milf before them. As her intense orgasm peaks she collapses on the table her head down, and her big tits slapping against her face. She laughs a bit between moans and gasps as the slow their thrusts.

“Oh fuck… Ohhhh boys, now I think its time for you to cover your slut.” Maria says smiling into the camera. Her juices making a puddle on the wood floor.

“On the table slut. I want to use that mouth again.” Charles orders pointing to the dinner table in the other room of the apartment. Maria obeys, standing, and wobbling a bit as she walks to the table. Matthew focuses the camera on her thick as that sways and even shakes as she walks.

“Matthew, you haven’t received any pleasure yet. Take your sluts cunt.” Maria says seductively. She climbs onto the table, her ass high in the air, she shakes it for the camera then spanks her red, scratched up ass, before winking at the camera. She lays her head hanging off the table. Her breasts pushed out. Matthew walks to her face, zooming in, then slowly he scrolls the camera down the gorgeous milfs body as if a before shot to the imminent after shot of Maria covered in each mans hot sticky cum.

“You gorgeous fuck-toy.” Matthew moans spreading her legs, which she lifts high into the air and rests on his shoulders.

“Mmmm thank you sir…” Maria moans seductively. Matthew points the camera at her face and sees she is slapping Charles cock against her own face, her small hand dwarfed by his glistening big black cock. She slips her tongue between the slit of his cock-head. “The rest of you boys pick wherever you’d like your load to land. Mmmmm fuck I cant wait for all of you to cover me with your hot cum. For it to fill my used cunt. For it to slide down my slut milf throat.” She moans seductively as she opens her mouth wide.

“Fuck boys lets cover this cum-slut.” Lewis moans out stroking his cock rapidly over her left breast.

“She is such a fucking whore. I love it.” Jerry moans out pointing his thick cock at her pretty milf face.

“She craves cock and cum. She needs it.” Andrew moans out slapping his cock on her soft breast repeatedly toying with her erect nipple as his hand moves up and down his dick at a rapid pace.

“Mmmmm fuck boys… Cover your slut… Mmmm those co-” she is interrupted by Charles sliding his cock down her throat as he begins fucking her face like it is a pussy. Her tongue rolling and toying around him with expertise. Matthew waits for all the men to begin using her before he turns the camera down and show him slamming his big thick cock deep into her drenched pussy. He thrusts with force giving her no time to adjust to his size. Maria moans and holds back a scream from the pleasure, sending vibrations down Charles dick. All the men surround their fuck-toy. Stroking at the sight of her being used, Andrew is the first to cum, sending strings of cum covering both her breasts. She moans in delight knowing one of the men was satisfied by her performance. The next to cum is Charles, the unexpected rush of his hot warm load flowing down her slut throat makes her pussy leak cum once more, swallowing as much as she can, what she doesn’t swallow oozes out the corners of her mouth and rolls down her cheek. Charles pumps a few more times as she milks all the cum, draining his balls. He steps back watching the slut in silence, no noise but her moans and the sounds of Matthews cock pounding her. Her cum covered tits bouncing from the force. The next man to shoot his load is Jerry covering the milf sex goddess’s face.

“Ohhh fuck… You look like such a sexy slut.” He moans taking a step back and appreciating his work. Maria biting and licking her lips gets a taste of his cum mixing with Charles.

“I am fucking loving this… Oh God…” She moans out loudly turning to look at the three men whose eyes are fixed to her. Lewis then is the next to cum, painting a fresh coat on her lovely breast and trailing the cum down to her stomach. She tosses her head back as Lewis takes his place next to the men. Matthew turns the camera back to show his dick drilling her slut pussy. The seductive sound of Maria’s voice turns the camera back to look at her.

“Cum for me baby… Please… Cum deep in your sluts pussy sir. I need it… Fill my wet milf pussy.” Maria moans, her hips rolling in a circle, milking his hard cock. Her eyes staring into Matthews, making it seem like she is talking straight into the camera, begging all those who watch this to cum in her. Her efforts are met with a volcanic like eruption of sperm gushing into her pussy, his cock pushed to her cervix.

“Ohhh fuck you dirty slut… Uh God… Fuck you fuck so good.” He moans out loudly as cum leaks from her pussy. She groans out in pleasure feeling the warmth inside of her. Matthew pulls out and steps back, zooming his camera in on the cum filled pussy. He focuses on it for a moment appreciate his own work, before showing off the other art the men made, using Maria as a canvass. As the camera gets to her cum covered face she smiles and blows a kiss to the camera. Matthew ends the video, and Maria sits up on the table.

“Mmmmm did you boys enjoy using me?” She asks and they all nod erupting in a round of applause for her.

“Fuck, Neal was an idiot for letting you go.” Lewis says, sweat dripping down his brow. Maria giggles and shrugs a bit, scooping the now dried cum off her tits and having a taste of the mixture.

“Now Monday, make sure you tell him what we did here, and then after work, show him, show him what he’s missing.” She says with a mischievous grin. As the men help Maria clean, she replays the glorious fuck-fest in her mind and imagines her ex’s reaction. She closes her eyes, a smile comes across her face because she finally feels the satisfaction she has craved for so long.

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I know you’re there before I even open my eyes. My senses are so attuned to you, I always know when you’re in the room. I can’t help but smile when I think of your reaction as you find me in bed, asleep, with Casey.


Casey and I had been shopping and indulged in a fairly liquid lunch. A bottle and a half of wine later, I decided I wanted to buy something sexy..something that would really knock your socks off.

“You two have a good sex life, huh?” Casey asked it casually, but I could see in her eyes that she was more than a bit curious.

“It’s incredible, Case. He’s the most exciting man I’ve ever been with. Just the thought of his mouth on me can get me all hot and bothered.”

“So he’s good?” Casey smiled and leaned forward, whispering in a conspiratory tone, “He’s not afraid to go down on a woman?”

“Oh GOD, no!” I sighed dramatically. I knew you wouldn’t mind if I bragged about you. In fact, I could just about picture your smile. “He’s simply incredible. The man has a gift, I tell you.”

We laughed and Casey grinned again, “Well, hon, he loves you and he loves oral sex. What more could a woman ask?? She sighed, stretched in her seat and ran her fingers through her long straight chestnut hair, “I hate being single. I get so damn tired of the ‘battery operated boyfriends’”.

“You’re turn will come, hon.” I said and laughed, “Um, no pun intended.”

We had a good giggle and she suggested that we head to the lingerie store and find a little something to make you smile. I suggested we find something to make you groan instead.

You know that Casey and I have a knack for getting devilish. It was usually one of us getting downright bad and the other one reining us in. But today, we were both full of trouble and the wine was not helping matters . We were feeling rather brazen, so we agreed to pick out lingerie for each other. I picked up an aquamarine satin bra and matching high-cut panties for Casey to try on. I thought the colour would set off her brown eyes and olive skin. I caught her eye across the store and waggled the hangers to show her I was ready. She did the same with hangers holding some dark purple material.

Casey and I had shared a changeroom before, but never in a lingerie store and we had never actually been naked in front of each other. The saleslady gave us a sideways glance as we slid into the small changeroom and giggled.

“You first,” I told Casey. “There’s no way we can both change in here at the same time.”

Casey pulled her sweater over her head then released her front-clasp bra. Her little breasts slid out. They were so perfect – sweet little pink nipples hard from the cold air-conditioning. I thought she’d put on the bra first and then try the panties, but instead she stripped out of her pants and underwear. Casey’s so petite – 5’5″ and naturally thin – not in a supermodel/waif kind of way. But, as I’ve said to you before, I always feel like an amazon when I stand next to her. She slipped into the bra and panties and I had to admire her body. She looked gorgeous as she pivoted around, looking at herself in the mirror. She has such a lovely, round ass and the crotch of the panties hugged her pussy like a caress, showing off its shape but hiding her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Really, she looked perfect.

“What do you think, Lauren?” She asked.

“Honestly, Case, it looks fabulous. God, I pick out great underwear.” I couldn’t help but wonder what you would think of Casey at that moment. How many nights had you led us to a frenzied pitch while whispering how much you’d love to see Casey and I together? How many times had I cum while thinking of just that? Thinking about it was making my pussy tingle in the most delicious way.

Casey’s teeth were almost chattering as she changed back into her clothes. “What kind of sick fuck turns up the air conditioning in an underwear store?? Tell you what, Lauren.” She said as she quickly pulled her sweater down over her slim body, “Let me buy the outfit I picked out for you and we’ll try it on at your place.”

I quickly agreed – I wasn’t sure I wanted my best friend to see the wet spot on my panties as I changed in here.

We grabbed a cab back to the house, giggling as the cabbie tried to keep his eyes on the road and steal glances at the two of us at the same time.

As I opened yet another bottle of wine, Casey searched through our CD collection, looking for “mood music”. Finding some sultry blues, she grabbed the store bag in one hand, the bottle of wine and two glasses in the other, and proceeded upstairs to our bedroom.

She arranged herself on our bed, propped up against the headboard as if she owned the place. With a wave of the little shopping bag, she smiled and said “Okay, woman, time to try on my present to you and Jack.”

I smiled and unbuttoned my blouse – noticing how Casey’s eyes never left my chest as I did so. Escort Bayan The blouse fell to the floor and I reached behind me to take off my bra. Casey was staring at my plump breasts, a strange look on her face. I shivered as I realized she was enjoying this as much as I had enjoyed watching her at the store. My nipples instantly stiffened and I could feel that prickly heat starting again. All of a sudden, I had to be naked in front of her..I wanted to be naked for her… the bra dropped and I quickly stepped out of my skirt. I hooked my thumbs over the waistband of my panties and slid them down my hips, bending over at the waist as I did so, letting my tits sway as I stepped out of the last of my clothes.

Casey moved to kneel at the edge of the bed, “Come here, Lauren,” she almost whispered. I stood in front of her on weak knees and watched her pull the purple lace bra from the package. I put my arms through the holes and she slid it over my shoulders. She was so close to me I could barely breath. I reached back to hook it closed and my breasts strained against the lace. “It’s a push-up bra, hon,” Casey said quietly as she stood behind me and turned me towards the mirror.

You know I don’t wear push-up bras, simply because I think my tits draw enough attention without the extra effort of a bra. These bras almost require an engineering degree to get them on properly. “Here,” she said, “let me help you get into it.”

Before I knew what was happening, Casey’s hands slid into the right cup and held my breast – lifting it so it sat properly in the bra. I watched her reflection as she slid her hand to my other breast and did the same thing. Wow! My tits looked as if they were being served up on a platter…begging to be touched and tasted. I knew instantly that you’d love me in this.

“See?” Casey said against my ear, “You want your nipples right along the edge like this. You can just see them through the top of the lace.” She grazed her nails across my lace covered nipples and I nearly fainted with pleasure.

Casey studied at me in the mirror for a moment and sighed, “Wish I had tits like yours, Lauren. They’re so full and round. Makes you just want to suck them.” Her hands rubbed across the top of my breasts and I couldn’t help but moan softly.

Casey stepped back, turned me around and led me by the hand to the edge of the bed. She sat there and studied my pussy for a moment. I felt extremely vulnerable and extremely excited as she cocked her head to one side and looked at my naked crotch. “I love that Brazilian bikini wax, love,” she said, “It looks so pretty to see you naked like that. I bet Jack loves the fact that there’s no hair to get in the way when he’s got his face buried in your pussy. ”

I nodded..speechless… the way she was talking about you, the images she was calling up of your tongue on my pussy, and having her so close to my naked body was driving me crazy. Casey took the matching panties from the bag and held them out for me. I lifted my leg to step into them and stopped dead. Oh my God. Casey had bought me crotchless panties. I could feel my wetness seeping from me as I stepped into them. Casey’s fingers left a trail of fire as she slowly pulled the delicate purple lace up my legs and onto my hips. She slipped her index finger inside the band and tickled my skin from hip to hip.

“Let’s make sure they’re on properly.” She put her hands on the insides of my thighs and pressed against them. “Open your legs, Lauren, let’s see if Jack’ll like these.”

I could smell my need as I opened my legs and knew that Casey, with her face not 6 inches from my pussy, would have to notice it too.

I knew what was going to happen, but was afraid to believe it was true. My legs nearly buckled as I felt Casey’s fingers lightly brushing my lips. She kept running her fingertips back and forth over my pussy and I knew that they were wet with my juices. Slowly my pussy opened to her, the outer lips spreading. I held my breath as I waited for her to explore me, but she didn’t stop her light movements..back and forth, back and forth. I looked down and watched her stare at my pussy. She looked hypnotized.

I needed more and my hips pushed forward of their own volition, “Casey, please….”

Casey looked up at me and stood up. “Lay down, hon,” she said. “Lay down and spread your legs so I can see your pussy peeking through your panties.”

I was shaking as I laid back on the bed. Casey’s eyes roamed over my body as I rested against the headboard. The cool air on my aching pussy while I still wearing underwear was incredibly erotic. I shivered and my pussy squeezed with need.

Casey slipped quickly out of her clothes and crawled between my legs. I jumped when her index finger ran up and down my lips. She would drag it right over my tight hole and each time I’d hold my breath, hoping she’d push it inside me. “Oooh, hon, I can see why Jack likes to lick your pussy so much.” she whispered as her face moved closer and closer, “It’s so pretty, Lauren, and almost… succulent.”

Casey’s tongue flicked over my lips and I moaned. She pushed her tongue inside me and waggled it about before taking it back out and lapping at my pussy with relish. My hands held her head close to me as I tried to her get to pay attention to my clit. All the anticipation had me so close to climaxing that I couldn’t stand it. Her soft hair tickled my thighs as she teased me with her tongue and lips. Her finger suddenly buried itself inside me and I raised my hips..trying to assuage my need. She pressed her finger against the upper wall of my pussy and rubbed that sensitive spot while flicking her tongue over my clit. God, it was too much! My orgasm hit me incredibly hard. My back arched and I stiffened… holding her finger tightly as I pulsed around it. She gently licked me as I rode the wave of my orgasm, finally slipping her finger from me and sucking my juices off of it.

I pulled her head up and kissed her, our tongues playing as she pressed her body against mine. In the back of my mind, I wondered what this must look like..how you would react if you saw us and I knew that I had to keep Casey here until you got home. My pussy tightened again at the prospect of you, Casey and I spending the night in a threesome and my kisses became hotter.

Casey moaned and pressed her pussy against mine. God, she was wet and hot. I had forgotten how incredible it feels to have another woman rubbing herself against me. I pushed on her shoulders and she rolled over onto her back.

“My turn, Case…” I said with a shaky grin. She grinned back and opened her legs. I lay between her legs, cupped her ass in my hands and lifted her pussy to my lips. Her musky smell was such a turn on, I finally understood why you like burying your face in pussy so much. Instinct took over and I opened her pussy with my tongue. Long laps up at first . Just tasting her..enjoying her. She was a bit salty on my tongue but I loved it. I pushed my tongue inside her hole and fucked her with it…she grabbed my head and writhed around on the bed, pressing her clit into my face. I moved up slightly, covered her clit with my lips and sucked on it as I slid two fingers into her pussy and fucked her. I could feel her walls trembling around my fingers as she started to cum and I pushed them as far into her as I could and wiggled them. She grabbed my head hard and almost screamed as she came all over my face. I held on as she came and continued to suck on her clit gently as her orgasm slowed down. Her body relaxed and I raised myself up on my elbow to kiss her on her tummy, just above her mound.

Casey glanced at the clock, “God, where did the afternoon go?” She chuckled, “Jack will be home soon, won’t he?”

I nodded, my fingers feathering over her stomach and making the muscles twitch. I looked at her very seriously, “Stay, Casey.”

She knew what I meant. What I wanted. She swallowed hard once and nodded, “Okay.”

Between the wine, the excitement and cumming, we were both exhausted. I stripped off the bra and panties and lay with Casey on top of the sheets, our legs wrapped around one another. Casey’s hands roamed across my tits, not to excite me, but rather just to explore. Her gentle caresses soon had me nodding off to sleep.

And then, you came home.

I feel your hand running over my tits, cupping them and rolling my nipples between your thumb and finger, making them hard little nubs which you then rub across your palm. I open my eyes and almost laugh with surprise. You’re already naked, your cock standing straight and hard. But the laugh disappears when I see the look on your face. Your eyes are dark with lust as they roam over both my body and Casey’s still-sleeping form. Your hand slides down my body and holds my pussy. I love it when you do that. The sheer possessiveness of the gesture mixed with the heat of your palm pressed against my lips always gets me excited. I open my legs a bit more and lift… pressing myself against your hand. You slide to your knees at the edge of the bed and kiss me passionately. The heel of your hand grinding against me as your tongue thrusts into my mouth. You’re so turned on, aren’t you, baby?

Your mouth drops to my tits and you take my nipple into your mouth. You nibble on it, using your teeth and make me gasp in exquisite pleasure. My hands are lost in your hair as you play with first one breast and then the other. My head rolls to the side and I see Casey, laying on her side, wide awake. She’s breathing hard, her hands playing with her own little tits as she watches you tease me.

I can’t help myself, I groan, “Oh goddd, Casey, this feels so good.” My eyes close and I lower my arm over the edge of the bed and wrap my hand around your cock. Jesus, baby, but you’re hard and throbbing! You groan a little as I pull on your cock, just playing with it as I look again at Casey.

“Do you want Jack to play with you, too, Case?” I ask. Your cock pulses in my hand and you mouth gets aggressive on my tits; your sucking and biting making my pussy twitch against your hand and I know how badly you want her. Your finger slips into my wet hole as you press your hand against my clit. You know it’s not enough to make me cum, but it drives me wild. I moan loudly, “Fuckkk, baby, I love that” and raise my hips to get you further into me.

A small moan escapes Casey’s lips and when I look at her again, she’s got her hand between her legs, desperately trying to get herself off. I reach out and take her hand away from her pussy. “Let Jack do that, Casey… do you want that, honey?” You turn your head to look at her, resting against my now red breasts, breathing hard as I continue to play with your cock.

Casey glances at you, your hand still buried in my pussy and she can see your finger move. She knows you’re slowly fingerfucking me and closes her eyes and whispers “Yesss, oh god, yess please.”

You grin at me and kiss me passionately before sliding onto the bed. I roll on my side to watch you two and take your cock back in my hand. It’s obvious Casey’s nervous and you smile at her before kissing her tenderly on the mouth. I watch your tongues play and I’m amazed at how turned on I’m getting. You kiss your way slowly down her throat and over to her tits. Her breasts are small, but her nipples are like hard little erasers. I play with your cock as I watch you take her tits into your mouth and play with them. Fuck, I didn’t think this would be as much of a turn on as it is and I squeeze your cock in excitement. You move lower and I watch Casey’s stomach jump under your mouth. She bites her lip hard as you move ever closer to her pussy. By this time, I’ve had to let go of your cock and play with my pussy..so very slick with excitement. You settle between her legs and she spreads them wide for you. I can see how turned on she is as she waits to experience that which I had been bragging about earlier. You stop to look at her pussy before starting to play. God, I know what she’s feeling… the sweet torture of waiting for your touch, the excitement that grows when she knows you’re just looking at her pussy. Then you move in and Casey arches her back, her eyes wide in surprise. You’re tongue-fucking her, I just know it. Knowing how good it feels and watching you do it to someone else is driving me mad, my pussy almost hurts I need to cum so badly. But I don’t want to – not yet – so I take a deep breath and turn my attention to Casey’s tits.

I suck on her pert little nipple..nibbling it and rolling it between my teeth and tongue, my hand on her other breast. She’s writhing like a woman possessed as her orgasm gets closer and closer.

I slide up her body a bit, my hands still teasing her tits and whisper in her ear, “He’s good, isn’t he, Casey? My baby is soooo good at making you cum on his tongue.” I suck her earlobe into my mouth and nibble on it as she whimpers, “Watch him, Case. Watch him make you cum, hon.”

Casey does as she’s told and lifts her head to look at you. I look too and we both groan when we see your face buried in her pussy. I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing, but I know how damn good it feels. Casey’s hips begin to twitch; she’s almost there and I want to help you take her over the edge, so I talk to her again, loud enough so you can hear. “Cum on his tongue, Casey. Cum all over his face like you did mine and then, later, I’ll let him fuck you. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Oh yesss, trust me, hon, You’ll love Jack’s fat cock inside your pussy.” Casey moans as her orgasm hits her and she bucks against your face, smearing her juices all over you. You’re greedy, too. I shiver and heat flares in my lower stomach as I watch you drink from her. I’m in agony.

Casey calms down and you raise your face to me. My, my, what a smile you’re wearing, love. You crawl up the bed and I kneel up, pull your face to mine and kiss you..kissing Casey’s cum from your lips as I moan to you, “Baby, please, I need to cum so badly…”

You lay beside Casey’s recovering body and lay on your back, holding your hands out to me. “Come here, Lauren.”

I crawl up your body, positioning my pussy over your face. I look over my shoulder at Casey. She’s staring at your thick cock standing straight up. I know what she wants to do and breathlessly say “Casey, suck my baby’s cock while he makes me cum, will you?” She grins at me and immediately moves to bring her lips to your dick. As soon as Casey’s mouth touches your cock, you grab my hips and pull me down hard against your face. I can feel your tongue lapping at my swollen walls and put my hands against the bedroom wall to steady myself. Your tongue teases my clit, not quite giving me the pressure I need and I groan very low and rock on your face. You know so well how to make me crazy, baby.

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Voyeur Fun

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“What’s going on tonight sexy?”

“I’m just happy you are here. Mom and dad are in the kitchen. We can probably sneak up to my room.”

It was easier spending time at each other’s house than spending money going out all the time. His parents are usually easier to get over on than mine. They are older and are usually on the way to bed.

“Hey Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.”

“Hey Janelle. How are you tonight?” said Mr. Anderson.

“Just a little tired. Long day at work.”

“Sorry to here that. We have some pizza in the fridge. Eat something and take it easy. We are going to bed.”

Mrs. Anderson hasn’t had anything to say to me since she caught me in bed with her son. I don’t know if she told her husband but he doesn’t seem to have anything to say about it. She is probably calling me all kinds of names in her head, thinking I’m going to corrupt her son.

His parents limp upstairs. All of their aches and pains incurred throughout the say are about to be relieved through sleep. Mike and I watch them go up stairs and wait to hear their door close.

“What are we doing tonight?” Mike said.

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“Let’s go to my room.”

“You mean let’s go to your room and fuck?”

“Wait, your parents just went to bed. Why Eskort don’t we do something a little different so we don’t make as much noise?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Remember when I was away at school this year and we would have phone sex? Let’s try it again with a variation. This time we will limit the talking to telling each other what to do since we can watch each other.

“Take off your shirt then. And bounce your tits.” We sit on the bed. I see he is already getting hard. I pull off my shirt and bra at the same time so my breasts are bare. I pinch my nipples to get them hard. The slight pain makes my pussy tingle. I take a breast in each hand and bounce them up and down. My nipples get stiffer. I hold my breasts by my hard nipples and move them left and right.

“I’ve been dying to see your rock hard cock all week. Get naked. Mike takes off all of his clothes and sits on the bed. His cock is long and hard and I can’t stop watching him stroke. Pre-cum drips from the hole and he uses it as lube. His strokes speed up and I can hear the wetness.

“Now off with your pants.” I unzip my jeans and let them fall to the floor. I glance back at the door to make sure it is locked. I can already feel the dampness on the thin strip of cotton barely covering my shaved pussy. “Move the cloth covering your pussy to the side and rub your clit.

I spread my legs wide. I pull the strip tight so that it’s between my pussy lips. The outline of my clit pushes through. I rub my fingers on my pussy lips as I watch him stroke his cock making me wetter. I move the cloth to the side and quickly rub my finger back and forth over my clit. I close my eyes with pleasure. I opened my eyes and see Mike holding his balls while he strokes his cock. I almost cum so I stop.

“Beat your cock against my tits.” He gets on his knees and crawls to me. He rubs the head of his cock on the hard nipple of my left breast. I grab his cock and pulled him to my mouth. I lick the head of his cock and move it in and out of my mouth while my tongue flicks the underside. My nipple is not slippery for the head of his cock.

I take his cock and insert my nipple in his hole. Pre-cum oozes out. When I pull his cock away from my nipple, a stream of sticky pre-cum is stuck to my nipple. The string of pre-cum snaps free and he licked his pre-cum from my nipple.

I stand to take my panties off. They are getting too wet. The crotch clings to my pussy. “Now that your panties are off, spread your legs and finger yourself.”

I spread my legs and rub my pussy to get even wetter. I put my middle finger in his mouth. He sucks and licks until I say it is wet enough. I rub my clit with one hand and slide the middle finger of the other hand in and out of my pussy. I feel the warm cream in my pussy. I take my finger and wipe my cream on his lips. He licks his lips and asks for more.

I lay on the bed so that I can get my finger deeper. My legs are bent and spread wide. I arch my back so that he can only see my breasts and hard nipples. I started to feel the blood swell in my clit and I know I’m going to cum soon. I shove my finger in faster.

Every muscle in my body feels like it is contracting as a warm feeling overtakes me. I let out a soft moan not caring if his parents heard. My voice quivers with each spasm.

“Oh shit. I’m about to cum. Where do you want it?”

“I want it on my pussy.”

“Fuck babe this is going to be a lot.” He moves between my legs and puts the head of his cock on my swollen clit. I feel his cock head gently bumping my clit as he jerks off. I feel my body getting close to another orgasm. I hear him moan and I feel warm cream shooting on my pussy. I rubbed my clit as he shot his load until I came again. He rubbed his cock head up and down my pussy. I pulled him on top of me and kissed him. We put back on our underwear and crawl into bed and fall asleep. Maybe we can fuck in the morning.

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Freelance Photographer – One + One

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Freelance Photographer – one + one

By One Who Knows

There are some really nice perks to being a freelance photographer. It allows you to travel and meet lots of interesting people. Some of those people will occasionally surprise you in unusual or “Blow your mind” ways. I divorced in 1976 after several years of marriage. I had a good job and made good money, but the divorce left me with a large hole in my life which I was finding difficult to fill.

I took up photography as a hobby, took some classes at the local community college and met some new friends. I was diligent at studying and always trying to improve my skills. I started doing some portraits for friends. I upgraded my equipment with a better camera, a backdrop and some lighting for the small studio I had set up in my apartment. I was getting better. I had a print shop make me some business cards with my name centered, and under that a line that read Freelance Photographer. At the bottom was my address and phone number.

I started passing them out to my friends and some times when I met someone new. One of those new friends that I had met was a few years younger than me, not that it mattered. We were just photography friends. Shelly was just 20 years old, very pretty, with a body most ladies would love to have. Men would certainly love to enjoy her body!

One Saturday she called me. I was pleasantly surprised.

When the phone rang I answered it. “Hello.”

She said, “Hi, Mike!”

I was pretty sure I recognized the voice, but to be sure I asked, “What’s up Shelly?”

She answered, “How did you know it was me?”

I answered back, “How could I miss your sultry southern drawl?”

Shelly asked, “If you’re free for lunch, can you meet me at that little deli on Broadway?”

I was certainly not going to turn down a lunch date with a young southern belle.

I asked, “Does 20 minutes from now work for you?”

Her answer, “See you then!”

Man, she sounded excited about something. I had no idea what had her so excited, but I guessed I’d find out at lunch. I drove to the deli where she was waiting outside. I walked up and was in total dis-belief when she gave me a tight hug and a little kiss. I said, “Thank you. You really are a southern belle, aren’t you?”

She said, “Let’s just grab sandwiches, some chips and something to drink. We can walk across the street and eat in the park.” We went in and ordered lunch.

I said, “I know that you asked me to lunch, but a gentleman always treats a lady to lunch for the pleasure of spending time with her.” A few minutes later we were sitting across from each other at a picnic table in the park. Before we even started to eat I asked her, “Shelly, what has you so wound up?”

She paused to a moment, then spoke, “I want to ask you for a favor, if you are willing. You don’t have to, but it would make me happy.”

How was I going to say no?

Shelly seemed hesitant, but after a few seconds she started, “Yesterday I received a letter back from a talent agency up in L.A. I had written to them because I had seen an ad, that they were looking for new models for commercials or acting. I’ve studied acting and been in a couple of plays, so I told them about myself and what experience I had. They said to please send pictures of myself in a few poses to them, as that would help them decide if there should be a follow up interview in person. I know you’re a really good photographer. If you will, I’ll figure out some way to at least pay for your costs. I’ve never done any modeling. So will you help me… Please?”

I said, “Shelly, I would love to be your photographer, but only on one condition…

I will NOT take your money. I have a good day job and this will be a good learning experience for both of us. Deal?”

She answered, “Are you sure?”

To which I replied, “Absolutely!”

She got up from the table and walked around to my side, motioning for me to stand up, so I did. She gave me Bayan Escort a big hug and really nice kiss. I had my answer!

She said, “Let’s eat. I’ve been too nervous about asking you to do this to eat anything since I got that letter.”

As we enjoyed our lunch we discussed how we were going to do this. We were tossing ideas back and forth about what she should wear, what kind of poses, and agreed to think about it for a couple of days and she would come to my apartment to work out the details. I decided right then to join the co-op darkroom that I had been considering.

When I got home from work on Tuesday and was starting to fix some dinner my phone rang. I answered, “Hello.”

It was Shelly. “Hi, Mike! Are we on for tonight?”

I answered, “I just started fixing my dinner. If you haven’t eaten yet, come on over, I’ll fix enough for two.”

She said, “OK, see you in a few.”

Shelly knocked on my door in just a few minutes and I let her in.

She immediately gave me a hug and a nice hello kiss. I was enjoying this young southern belle. She was actually from Georgia. Dinner was ready so we sat down to eat, talking between bites.

After we finished I said, “Let me show you my studio.”

She followed me down the hall to the second bedroom. What she saw was a couple of different kinds of chairs, an antique French chaise lounge, a nice light blue backdrop on one wall, a dresser with my camera, a nice Nikon 35mm, with a couple of extra lenses setting close by. There were a couple of tripods with lights on them, an umbrella reflector on another tripod, and one for my camera.

Shelly said, “WOW, I’m impressed!”

I explained to her that this was where I was doing portraits.

She walked over to the chaise lounge, sat down, leaned back while slipping her sandals off, swinging her feet up onto the end of the lounge. She gave me the most seductive smile I had ever seen and said, “When do we start?”

I laughed, “In good time my fine lady!” I sat down on one of the chairs and we started sharing what we had thought of in the last couple of days.

I asked her, “What kind of modeling do you want to try getting into?”

She spoke, “Anything. I really want to make this work, maybe even full time. Why do you ask?”

I paused… “What kind of modeling you want to do will determine what sort of clothes you will need to bring for a photo shoot. Maybe a fancy dress, a casual skirt and blouse, maybe a long pants suit to show off your long legs, or maybe a bikini. If you want some in lingerie that’s fine… even nude if you’re comfortable with that. I’m a member of a local photo darkroom co-op. I pay a membership fee and a small fee per hour for the use of the facilities. All I have to pay for is my photo paper. It’s really a great set-up that they have. They have all of the developing chemicals and trays, individual dark rooms, enlargers up to 8×10, print drying equipment, and everything is always fresh. This way I do the complete process and never have to send anything out to some lab. No one else ever sees my photos.” I could tell that she was deep in thought. So I just waited for her to grasp what I had said. I asked her, “If this is what you really want to do, I’m free all day Saturday. Gather up what you want to wear, your hair always looks beautiful and just light makeup usually turns out looking great. What do you think?”

There was a long pause… “I think… no, I’m positive! This is my chance. I’m not going to miss it. Let’s do it!”

This was really my first model shoot. We would learn together. I asked again, “How much of what I’ve explained do you want to try?”

Her answer, “Everything… including nude!”

I didn’t know what I had done or why I deserved to be so lucky. Shelly and I sat there for quite a while, just talking and really getting to know each other better. She wanted to get home so she could start picking her attire for the photo shoot. Like most girls, she knew she would probably change her mind several times before Saturday arrived. We agreed to start about 10:00AM. That way she would have time to change outfits a few times, with me taking photos of her in several poses. Then we could go out for a nice lunch break, discuss how it was going, plan the afternoon shoot and get back to my apartment. I was really looking forward to the afternoon session. I walked her out to her car and shared a memorable good night kiss. I watched as Shelly drove away, wondering how Saturday would go. Then I went to my apartment. I tried watching some TV, nothing good was on. It was too late to go anywhere so I just stretched out on the couch. I woke up with a start a couple of hours later. I looked around my own apartment, making sure I was really home. DAMN! I must have been dreaming about all the possibilities and unknowns of the photo shoot coming up on Saturday. If it really went the way my dreams had been…. I could hardly wait for Saturday! Those had been some wild dreams.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dragged by at work. Evenings I stayed in, trying to get set in my mind how the photo shoot should proceed from outfit to outfit, with Shelly changing in the bathroom. I knew I would be waiting with anticipation for her to walk out in each new outfit. My mind could not stop wondering what she would look like when she walked out in the nude, and would ask me where I wanted to start. Saturday finally arrived. I was up early, had a bite of breakfast but wasn’t really hungry. My mind was too busy thinking about what might transpire as the day progressed. I had put new batteries in the camera and the flash unit.

I had plenty of color film. The studio was all in order. I was dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt with a collar. I had loafers on for shoes with socks. I had made sure to shower really well on Friday night, had on my deodorant and some Old Spice Cologne. I never shave because I wear a full beard, and have for years.

I sat down to wait for Shelly. Having not slept well for the last four nights, I dozed off in the chair. A knock at the door jolted me awake. I jumped up out of my chair, ran my fingers thru my hair and down thru my beard to make sure I looked presentable. I opened the door and there stood Shelly. I thought DAMN I’m either still dreaming or there is a goddess standing at my door with a suitcase in her hand. She came in, set the suitcase and her purse down, turned to me and gave me a long hug and a lingering kiss.

She said, “I have a couple of other things in my car, come help me.”

I was stunned by the way she was dressed. I should tell you it was a nice sunny summer day. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tiny halter top with sandals.

We went down the stairs. My apartment is on the second floor. She handed me a bag of shoes and a sun bonnet. She picked up a long travel bag I assumed contained her fancy dress. We started to go back up the stairs.

I complemented her, “Shelly, you are a vision of heaven. We’re going to get some fantastic photos of you today!”

She said, “Thank you, I thought I would just wear my first outfit!”

She started up the stairs. I let her get several steps ahead of me. As I looked up the stairs at her I was looking at beautiful, long, shapely legs and a gorgeous ass wearing thong panties. DAMN! Maybe my dreams will come true. We went in the apartment and back to the studio. I hung her long travel case up on hook inside the studio door. I set her bag of shoes on the dresser.

She took her suitcase into the bathroom, saying, “I want every outfit to be a surprise for you. Any complaints so far?”

I responded, “Absolutely none, I can hardly wait to see what your choices are.”

I turned my photo lights on, adjusting them in front of the backdrop. We spent the next two hours burning thru three rolls of 36. We started with what she had arrived in, some standing, some seated and some lying on the French chaise lounge, with me telling her how I wanted her to pose while I arranged the lights for the best effect. She changed into a long skirt and tight fitting sweater, then into the long pants suit which must have been silk. It clung to her body like a second skin. It was obvious she had nothing on under it. There was not a wrinkle anywhere, just two lovely points where her hard nipples were poking out. Shelly was fairly tall for a girl, maybe 5′ 8″. I guessed about 125 pounds, small waist, a slight flare at the hips, and marvelous 34 C breasts. Everything was perfectly proportioned. She had curled her hair in a wonderful style. I was looking at pure perfection.

I finally shook myself out of the trance I was in and said, “Change into something comfortable and we’ll go have lunch.”

She came out of the bathroom in a very short little summery dress and her sandals. I doubted that she had anything on under it. This was going to be an interesting lunch. I’d better take her somewhere nice, with a soft, smooth seat in a booth where I could sit beside her. I opened the passenger door for her to get in. What a beautiful sight as she slid in, the hem of her dress riding pretty high up her thigh. I got in and we headed for the nicest restaurant in town. We walked into the restaurant and I asked the hostess for a booth in the back. She led us to the corner booth. I let Shelly slide in first, and slid in beside her. We ordered iced tea. After looking at the menus we each decided what we wanted and ordered. Shelly scooted over close to me, the hem of her dress sliding up a little more.

She said, “You didn’t have to bring me here, the burger shack would have been fine.”

I answered, “My pleasure, I want you to know I am thoroughly enjoying my fantastic day with a lovely young lady.”

She pulled my face to hers and pressed her lips softly on mine for a lingering kiss, and said, “I too am having a dream day… and we are NOT done yet. We have all afternoon.”

We chatted a little as we enjoyed a light meal. Every time I turned to speak to her I let my hand rest on her thigh, well above her knee, to be sure I had her attention. She certainly had mine! Too soon we were finished eating. I got out of the booth and held my hand out to help her slide out. The hem of her little sun dress slid way up, showing me that she was not wearing panties. My dreams were coming true! We both used our separate restroom. As I let her get back into car, I was again rewarded with that fantastic view! I got in and drove back to the apartment. The stairs were narrow so I let her go up ahead of me, with me lagging back a bit for another view of that gorgeous little ass with no panties.

After we got back into the apartment she said, “Let me change so we can continue with this amazing photo shoot you are giving me.” Soon she was back out in a tiny bikini and the sun bonnet. ” Too bad there’s no water, we’ll just have to imagine.”

After I had taken several photos, I said, “That’s the end of roll four. I’ll put a new roll in while you change.”

She asked, “Are you ready for my grand entrance?”

I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for and just smiled at her. I finished putting the 5th roll of 36 in the camera. I positioned myself down on one knee, just a few feet in front of the door and waited. Camera at the ready. She opened the door, stepped out NUDE, and struck a very sexy pose. I was never going to forget this moment. CLICK! CLICK! Shelly continued to turn this way and that, as I kept snapping photo after photo. She walked to the French chaise lounge and stretched out, again changing poses several times. I finally got to the end of the roll. I set the camera down on the dresser, walked over to her, took her in my arms, and showered her in kisses.

I took a deep breath, let part of it out and said, “Shelly, this has been the most wonderful day I have ever experienced. You just totally AMAZED ME! Nothing could top this.”

She took my hand and asked, “Wanna bet? Come with me to your bedroom,

I want to properly thank you for today.”

To be continued…I hope you enjoyed my true story. I appreciate your votes.

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Bruce – A Role Change Ch. 01

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This story is a re write of one of my earlier stories. It is a complete fantasy, and no one is under the age of 20 and there is no cruelty.



Bruce was 36 now but he had remembered that exciting evening so many times, over the following years, as if it were yesterday. He was a married man with a beautiful young wife Judith. He was Head of Science at the local high school, but at times his memory and excitement overtook him, and he had to visit the bathroom to be alone with his secret exciting thoughts.

He was still quite important in his school life but knew his position in the household had changed irrevocably.

When he had married Judith, it was a match made in heaven. Both their parents were over the moon. Whilst Judith was a rather shy young woman, it was obvious she was also very bright. Bruce it was in a different league. He was simply brilliant.

At Junior school he had already excelled but when he moved onto high school his talent became even sharper. He flew through University getting First Class Honours degrees in Science and becoming Chess Champion for the county.

The High School which he and Judith had attended had been upgraded to an Academy and in a relatively short time Bruce had been promoted to Head of Department. It was generally taken for granted that he was destined for even greater things. He was still a very popular man with his friends and colleagues.

Meanwhile Judith had also progressed. She had obtained a good degree and with Bruce’s guidance had been appointed Junior Mistress at the same Academy as Bruce. That was when her talent and her shy popularity really began to show. She had moved on to become a Senior teacher and when the vacancy occurred she was appointed Head of English and Art.

It didn’t stop there. The Deputy Head Master passed away suddenly and to everyone’s surprise, Judith was appointed Deputy Head Mistress. It was a shock to his system, but Bruce accepted the situation. Although she was technically his boss, their lines of work didn’t cross too dramatically.

It was also helped by the fact that Judith was such a nice lady and would frequently refer some problems to her husband. Bruce liked that very much. He adored Judith. Everyone did.

Things didn’t change very much. He was still an important man in the Academy and at home it was very much a shared responsibility. They both realized that it was important that they respected each other. This was genuine.

It did become a little more difficult as Judith’s responsibilities grew. She was also in charge of all administration and the hiring and firing of all staff down to Dinner Servers, Cleaners and Janitors. Even these lower level employees thought she was wonderful. She had a wonderful talent to make people feel important.

The big problem for Bruce was that now Judith’s circle of friends and colleagues had grown so much that he frequently found himself at a loose end as his wife was conducting some sort of meeting in their main lounge.

It had been on one such evening, all those years ago that the events started to take place that had made such a big change in his life. Judith’s elevation was an important factor, but Bruce knew it had all started when he had gone out for a simple drive on a lovely Autumnal Evening. It humiliated him and excited him in so many ways. He went over and over the events of the last 11 years.


At that time he had been just 25 years of age. The more he thought about it, the images became more vivid. His memories were so intense. He had only been married a couple of years year but already he had sensed that his wife Judith was always busy with her friends and her career in the same school. She was very bright.

He had slipped out one evening for an evening drive in his car. He had only traveled about 5 miles and parked his car in one of the terraced streets and went for a stroll. It wasn’t very dark, but it was so quiet without a soul in sight. It had been so peaceful.

The lighted window had caught his attention. The curtains were not drawn, and he could see the head and shoulders of a woman who was combing her hair.

He stopped and moved closer. She was only wearing a white brassiere which emphasized her firm ample breasts and white cotton panties. They were full cut knickers and not the silly thong things. It made her seem more of a woman. She wasn’t really fat, but she was a big woman.

He breathed heavily as he watched her through the window. He had felt so aroused as she looked so powerful. Bruce had always admired big women.

He looked around furtively, there wasn’t a soul around, and at that point he unzipped his trousers and released his stiff penis. Holding it firmly in his right hand he began to gently stroke himself. His eyes staring fixedly into the well-lit room. Bruce was mesmerized at the sight, he was almost at a climax and had to still his hand from his throbbing penis to prevent himself making a mess.

His young wife Judith and her Escort Bayan friends always seemed so busy. This woman looked so mature and comforting. Almost motherly.

As he watched she took her substantial brassiere off and looked straight out of the window into the blackness wearing just her knickers.

She was a strong looking woman, very sturdy with big breasts and thighs. Her panties were pulling tightly between her legs.

She really was powerful. Bruce realized that she couldn’t see him but at the same time she must know that there was someone watching in her garden. This made it even more erotic. She wanted to be watched.

She had even turned her back to the window so that he could see her ample bottom. She was quite a buxom woman. Bruce positively ached at the sight of her white cotton panties straining to contain her bum cheeks.

She turned to face the window again and smiled as she slipped her hand into her white panties and pressed herself. Her face was one of extreme enjoyment and he could see her pushing into her underwear and wriggling her hips and buttocks.

What Bruce didn’t notice was a dark figure moving quietly and slowly along the line of garden fences towards him. As the man drew nearer he suddenly became aware of his presence and fumbled to hide his rampant penis, quickly pulling his jacket over his nakedness.

The man stopped and looked over the fence at the woman in the window. He stared at Bruce, smiled, unzipped his trousers pulled his cock out and moving a little closer he whispered: “She’s at it again. Isn’t she a big beauty? What a fuck she’d make.” Bruce panted. He felt guilty as he had thought the same.

The man masturbated slowly staring at the woman as she took off her white panties and exposed her exquisite hairy vagina with a vibro just showing between her open labia. She didn’t actually beckon them in, but just smiling happily as she held her panties in her hand in an inviting way.

Bruce had relived the following 2 hours so many times over the following years as the man had encouraged him to go into the woman’s house with him and he had felt her up in all ways. The conversation had sort of drifted along in a dream.

They had both stood in front of the woman who was smiling straight at them and yet carried on with her own ministrations. The man had asked him “What do you think of her Tits?”

The question was ridiculous, but Bruce felt bound to mumble “They are nice.”

The woman’s panties were on the floor at her feet. The man could see Bruce looking down at the discarded underwear and commented “She looks good without her knickers on, doesn’t she? She has a nice hairy cunt.” Bruce half nodded. The words were adding to his excitement.

Although the man was still masturbating he was also talking casually to Bruce making little observations ” She has quite a big cunt. She must be about 40.” Bruce nodded.

Then the man shocked him “Do you want to fuck her?”

Bruce’s shock must have showed as the man simply shrugged his shoulders and said “It’s up to you, but you can fuck her if you want to. You don’t have to.” Bruce wanted to very much.

Not much more was said but the strange man encouraged him to fuck the woman who just lay down on the carpet in front of him without any panties on and her legs open. It was incredible.

Although he had been married for over a year, Bruce was still very inexperienced. The woman seemed to realize this and lifted both her legs into the air making it much easier for him to insert. She was really maternal.

Even as he was doing it, the man was on his knees at his side asking him “Are you up her?” Bruce was out of breath, but he nodded.

The man was persistent “What I mean is, are you right up her. Is your cock fully up?”

Bruce gasped “Yes, it is. I am right up her.”

Actually, it had slipped up her with ease and she had closed her legs slightly to hold him in a tight grip. It was wonderful. They had both been so helpful.

The man was very excited but didn’t speak to the woman at any time, and when Bruce had left, the man came out with him. Bruce had felt bewildered with the way, the man had shaken his hand and wished him well and then they had gone their separate ways.

Bruce had remembered the shock on the following Friday when Judith had asked him to slip down the local supermarket to pick up a few items.

Suddenly like a bolt from the blue he saw the same woman walking along pushing a trolley, and there by her side the man who had joined him at the garden fence.

In the light of day, Bruce was able to see them better. She was reasonably well dressed but the man looked a bit seedy and downtrodden. She seemed to be telling him off for some reason. It was only then that Bruce realized he had been part of a set up and that they were not strangers. She recognized him and smiled sweetly as she passed. The man nodded.

Over the years Bruce had thought about the strange couple. It became more erotic each time and he felt overpowered and overwhelmed and went to the bathroom. Each time the feelings seemed to be more intense as he mentally embellished each moment.


Ten years later he was sensible 36-year-old married man and yet he still found it difficult to shake those old erotic images out of his mind. He felt guilty about them, as both he and Judith had moved on in so many ways. Bruce had become Head of Science whilst Judith was now Head of English and Art and Deputy Head Mistress. Nothing was in writing, but it was clear that Judith was destined to be Head Mistress. She was already responsible for administration and the hiring of all staff. They were financially very well off and had been thinking quite seriously about getting help for the house and the garden.

Judith was a lovely beautiful lady but as time passed things had become very predictable and unexciting. She always seemed to be very busy and more interested in chatting to her friends or work colleagues. Although Bruce was successful he felt a bit of an onlooker at times.

One weekend Jenny had gone away with Marian and some friends for a few days. On the Saturday, Bruce found himself in the Supermarket wandering around for odd bits and pieces. As he was going around the shelves he saw her picking up some biscuits. He froze.

He wasn’t sure it was her but then he saw that the man with her was the same weedy little man who had met him in the garden all those years ago. They had both aged but were recognizable. He heard the man speak to her and realized that her name was Alice. She was dressed like any ordinary middle-aged woman out shopping. Her husband was a bit drab. He didn’t want to eavesdrop, but she seemed to be calling him Malcolm. His face was very downcast, and Bruce thought that he looked like ‘a Malcolm’.

He wasn’t sure if they had seen him and he was unsure what to do. He went through to Checkout in a sort of daze. It was a sort of erotic feeling and his heart was pounding. He knew that he wasn’t a silly young boy anymore and made his way slowly across the car park. He saw them again loading up their car. It was rather well worn showing some rust.

He pretended not to see them and loaded his own quite modern car. He looked around again and froze as the man was making his way across the car park towards him. The woman was now sitting in her car. When Malcolm reached him he simply said, “My wife wondered if you would like to come home with us for a cup of tea?”

It was a ridiculous situation and Bruce pondered. As it happened, with Judith away there was nothing stopping him. Also, there was nothing much on the TV. He knew he was making up excuses to go. He simply said “Yes, that would be nice.”

Malcolm said “Our house is not too far away from yours. It’s not as nice, but we like it. You can you follow me in your car?” Bruce was a bit baffled that the man knew where he lived but followed them in his car until they reached a secluded avenue. It wasn’t upmarket, but it wasn’t too bad. It was only about a mile from his own house.

Malcolm got out and collected his goods and followed his wife up the steps to the front door. As she unlocked the door, Malcolm turned his head and beckoned Bruce to follow. Bruce with great trepidation followed them into the house. The house was not well furnished but was reasonably clean.

Malcolm introduced himself as Malcolm Smith and told him that his wife’s name was Alice Smith. Bruce was tempted to give a false name but realized that Malcolm may know his name. After all, he obviously knew where he and Judith lived. He decided to be truthful “Pleased to meet you Mrs. Smith. I am Bruce Rees.”

She smiled in a friendly manner “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Rees.”

Malcolm said something about going out the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Bruce sat down on a chair directly opposite where Mrs. Smith sat. She didn’t say a word and Bruce just kept quiet.

Mrs. Smith had flopped down in the chair and now that she had taken her coat off Bruce could see she had a short red skirt on. He could almost see her panties. He panted.

Mrs. Smith was 10 years older now. She had large breasts then, but now they seemed enormous. They were too big for her blouse and her top buttons had undone under the pressure.

She didn’t say anything, and his penis had started to tent his trousers uncomfortably.

Just then Malcolm came back in with an old tray with 3 mugs of tea. He set them down on the table. No saucers.

He sat on a low chair at the side and asked him “What do you think of her, Bruce?” He was obviously talking about his wife.

Bruce was non-nonplussed. He didn’t know how to answer and simply said “She’s nice.”

Malcolm said apologetically “I know she isn’t as pretty as that last time, but she is a big woman.”

Bruce nodded. Mrs. Smith was just sitting there. Her knees were well apart, and he could see her knickers. He was watching her again.

Malcolm kept twittering on in a sort of encouraging manner “You liked her Tits, the last time. She still has big Tits, Bruce.”

It was an obvious truth and Bruce found himself agreeing “Yes, she has. Malcolm.”

Malcolm was away now. He was even squeezing himself in a very obvious manner though his trousers. He asked, “Do you like middle aged women with nice big Tits, Bruce?” Bruce nodded.

Malcolm carried on chatting and explained “Women with big Tits have to wear big brassieres.” Bruce nodded. It was such a bizarre conversation that it aroused him more.

He could see that Mrs. Smith didn’t seem to mind Malcolm touching himself so he felt he may as well. He was rampant.

Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Smith seemed to concern themselves when Bruce undid the front of his trousers and slipped his hand inside. Malcolm was still twittering “What do you think of her knickers Bruce?”

This was more personal now and it jolted Bruce. He muttered “Her knickers?”

“Yes Bruce. Do you like her panties? If you like them she’ll open her legs for you.”

Bruce couldn’t stop himself now. This was like one of his bathroom fantasies thinking about the garden scene all those years ago. He couldn’t really bring himself to say anything, but he nodded.

Without very much movement Alice leaned back a little and opened her big thighs exposing the thin white cotton gusset between her big thighs. The material was a bit grubby but so stretched.

Bruce panted and squeezed himself harder. Malcolm had his cock out now. Bruce pulled his out as well.

They were both masturbating now, directly in front of Mrs. Smith. Bruce could see right up her skirt and she was watching him masturbate.

He was staring now and heard Malcolm asking him “Do you want to see some more, Bruce?”

Bruce gasped questioningly “Some more, Malcolm?”

Malcolm was speaking very calmly “She will show you some slit if you like Bruce, but you have to ask her.”

Bruce muttered “Oh God”. Nothing happened.

Then he muttered “Can I see your slit, Mrs. Smith?”

She didn’t answer but half smiled and leaned well back and at the same time she eased her cotton gusset to the side. Bruce stared. It was long and big and covered with a nice coating of browny hair. She looked lovely and furry.

Malcolm asked him “Do you like looking at my wife’s cunt, Bruce?”

Bruce nodded.

Malcolm said reproachfully “If you like her cunt Bruce it would be polite to tell her.”

It was like a bizarre fairy tale. Bruce in a daze said, “I like your cunt Mrs. Smith.”

She hadn’t said much. Now she smiled “Thank you Mr. Rees. Is it as nice as Judith’s?”

Bruce felt shocked and bewildered. How did she know his wife’s name? He almost panicked as he muttered in confusion “Judith?”

Malcolm was by his side and said “Yes that’s right Bruce. Judith your wife. You married Judith 11 years ago. You must remember. She teaches in the Academy with you. She is the Acting Deputy Head Mistress and is also in charge of all services and the Staff. She is very good at her job.”

Bruce felt confused but still so incredibly rampant. They couldn’t possibly know anything about Judith. He was bewildered but his cock was still throbbing. He was afraid he may cum.

Even as her husband spoke, Mrs. Smith slipped her panties off and handed them to him saying “Don’t make a mess Bruce, use these.” Mrs. Smith was so nice, and she was being more familiar now. He felt grateful.

Bruce was in an excited turmoil now as he took the white panties in his hand. He could see they were big panties.

Malcolm was helpful “You can smell her knickers if you like Bruce.”

Bruce was looking straight between Mrs. Smith’s legs now. Without her panties on he could see every detail. He groaned and pushed her knickers onto his mouth and nose and inhaled. They were so warm and musky.

Malcolm encouraged him “Women’s panties always smell nice when they are warm like that. Big women, especially. You can probably smell her Minge.” The sights and smells were overwhelming him. His heart was pounding.

Just at that moment he squirted. Mrs. Smith smiled at him in a motherly fashion.

He had caught most of the mess, but he was still rampant as Mrs. Smith gently massaged the long slit between her legs. It was even more erotic now as he could see there were a lot of grey hairs mixed in with the brown.

It was exactly how he had imagined it in his bathroom visits.

He was still holding her panties which were a bit messy but really exciting him. They could see him looking at the material in his hand.

She was so motherly and smiled kindly and told him “If you want to take them home Bruce, you will have to ask my husband.”

Bruce wanted to, very much. He felt embarrassed but managed “Do you mind if I take your wife’s panties home, Malcolm?”

Malcolm smiled “Of course you can Brucie. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.”

Bruce had been thinking about his excitement and asked, “Can I visit you again tomorrow Malcolm?”

Malcolm looked thoughtful. “I suppose it will be OK Bruce. I think that Judith is away with her special friends for the weekend, isn’t she?”

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Little 15

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A bittersweet tale of life’s regrets and second chances.


Author’s Note

I’ve been searching for a way to branch out a little in my stories. As much as I love the kinky escapades of Natasha and Charlotte, I’m also a fan of the slow-building romance. While I’m at it, I’m trying to get some much needed practice with third-person point of view. This story incorporates both of these elements. If you enjoyed Experimental Therapy, you’ll probably like this too.

Inspiration for this particular tale came from the Depeche Mode song of the same title. I think there is an opinion out there that the song is about a fifteen year-old boy who has a crush on an older woman, or maybe vice-versa. I’ve never thought of the song that way myself. I’ve always envisioned a middle-aged woman looking a photograph of herself from when she was fifteen years old. She thinks about how her life has turned out, and feels a longing for the happier, carefree days of her youth. This story is based on that interpretation.

Enjoy the story!
-Wax Philosophic


The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Chapter 1

“Have you decided what you’re wearing?”

“David, I don’t even know if I want to go,” Janet replied, reaching up to put away the last of the clean dishes.

“Of course you’re going, you’re my wife. What would people think if I showed up alone?”

“It’s your reunion, not mine.” She closed the cupboard, a little harder than necessary.

“Janet, you’re going. End of discussion. Now pick something nice to wear. Maybe that new dress.”

Janet threw the dishtowel onto the counter. She was really getting tired of these one-sided discussions. It was his class reunion, but it’s just expected that she go. He didn’t even ask, and that’s what pissed her off the most. Of course she was going, he had said. After all, they had to keep up appearances, because heaven forbid anyone discover what a sham their marriage has become.

Janet poured herself a glass of wine and began leafing through the yearbook sitting on the table. His yearbook, not hers. David with the football team. David with the basketball team. David standing with his letterman jacket tossed casually over one shoulder, baseball MVP trophy in hand. David, David, David.

Oh, wait, what’s this? Finally, a picture of her — French Club 1988 — Janet’s sophomore year. “King and Queen of France” the caption read. That really took her back. Janet and Laurie — Laurie Whatsername. Laurie was elected queen and got to choose whomever she wanted as her king. She chose Janet. Janet was surprised at the time, but couldn’t really blame her. There were only three boys in French Club and not one of them was what she would classify as a winner.

Laurie Moyenne was her name. No, that wasn’t quite it. That’s just what Mademoiselle Toulon called her. There were two Loris and one Laurie in the class, so Mademoiselle Toulon arranged them by height. She called them Lori Grand, Laurie Moyenne, and Lori Petite. Easier to keep them straight that way, she said. Mademoiselle Toulon was a little eccentric like that.

Janet gazed at Laurie and herself in the picture, standing side by side, both wearing their paper crowns and a couple of huge grins. The longer she looked at it, the harder it was to not break out in a grin herself.


Chapter 2

“Come on Maureen, you promised you’d come with me,” Laurie said. “We’ve known about this for months.”

“I don’t want to fight about this, baby. I have to go to this conference. You know how important it is for my work.”

“What about me? I’m not important to you anymore?”

“Laurie, that was low.” Maureen walked off to the kitchen.

Laurie caught up with her. “I’m sorry, honey. It’s just that, well, high school wasn’t really very easy for me. I’d like to show up at the reunion with my beautiful, talented, girlfriend on my arm.”

“You forgot successful.”

“Beautiful, talented, and successful.” Laurie laid her head on Maureen’s shoulder, and looked up at her with her best puppy-dog eyes.

“Nice try baby, but no.”

“Come on, Maureen.”

“I am not going, Laurie. And I don’t want to be the big, gay middle finger that you stick in all your classmates’ faces.”

“That’s not …”

“Not going, Laurie. End of discussion.”


Chapter 3

“We could have saved some money and just stayed with my parents,” Janet said. David was already unpacking, so she knew there was no way she was going to win this one. They would be staying at the hotel tonight. Still, she felt the need to vent.

“I don’t really like your parents, Janet, and they don’t like me either. Your father has made that abundantly clear over the past several holidays.”

“But I like them.”

“Fine. Go stay with them tonight, I really don’t care. As long as you show up for the dinner and the dance, you can spend Eskort Kız as much time as you want with mommy and daddy.”

“Fine,” Janet said. She knew he’d probably use her absence as an excuse to bang some bimbo in their room later, but at least she’d be somewhere spending time with people who actually cared about her. “I’m going down to the bar,” she said. “I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Don’t be late.”


Chapter 4

“Thank goodness for solid ground,” Laurie thought as she stood outside the arrivals gate waiting for her cab. Waiting. Waiting.

“No, Laurie,” she said, “spelled with an A-U, not an O … yes, that one … I am standing at the arrivals gate … If I saw the cab, I wouldn’t be calling you, now would I? … OK, thanks.”

“Rosemont Hotel,” she said to the driver.

“There’s been a slight delay with your room, ma’am. If you’d like to have a seat in the bar, I can notify you when it’s ready.” The front desk clerk gave her one of those half-sincere customer service smiles, and slid a drink coupon across the counter. Laurie half-smiled back and wheeled her bag over to the bar.

“Chardonnay, please.” She plopped herself on a stool next to an attractive woman who looked to be about the same age, maybe a little younger. The woman smiled. Laurie half-smiled back. They both went back to contemplating their drinks.

“Laurie?” she heard a minute later. “Laurie Moyenne?”

A glimmer of recognition. Mademoiselle Toulon’s French Club. “Oh, my god. Janet?”


“Didn’t you graduate in ’91? What are you doing here?” Laurie inquired. “Wait sorry, that didn’t come out right. Rough trip. What I meant to say is, how are you? It’s been a long time.”

The two women stood up and hugged. It was an awkward embrace. They had formed a high school friendship, but it was brief — and it had been a long time ago.

“I’m fine,” Janet said. “I’m here with my husband. He was class of ’89.”

“Oh, right. Danny? Donnie? — Darrel.”


“Right. Super-jock,” Laurie said. “Sorry, that was rude. Rough trip.”


Chapter 5

“So how have you been, Laurie?” It was awkward. Janet really didn’t know what else to say.

“Good, good. Moved out to L.A. for college and never looked back. Been living there ever since. How about you?”

“Didn’t get that far. Twin Cities. Well, suburbs actually. David owns a couple dealerships out there. So, what do you do in L.A.?”

“I work in the music industry …”

“Oh, cool. You probably hang out with a lot of famous people. That’s gotta be fun.”

“Actually, it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. I spend most of my time in the backroom, cleaning up vocal tracks. You’d be surprised at how many pop stars actually suck at singing.”

Janet laughed. “I always figured it was more about appearances than it was about talent. Blame MTV for that.”

“How ’bout you?”

“Me? Nothing much. I just … Sorry,” Janet paused to fish her phone out of her pocket and glanced at the message. “Sorry Laurie, gotta go. David just texted me. He’s worried that if we don’t show up to dinner together, people will talk.”


“Listen, I’d love to catch up some more. Maybe we can sit together at dinner. If your date doesn’t mind, that is.”

“She ditched me for a medical conference, so I’m flying solo tonight. You sure your hubby won’t get upset?”

“Did I just hear ‘she ditched me’?” Janet wondered. She thought that’s what she had heard. Maybe not. “Believe me, all David will be thinking about is how impressed his friends are going to be when he shows up with two hot chicks on his arm.” Janet cringed at her own words. She had just told Laurie she was hot — not directly, but still. She blushed. “Gotta go. See you at dinner.”


Chapter 6

“Janet, is that you?” Laurie was trying to play it casual, like the two women hadn’t just spent twenty minutes in the bar catching up. She didn’t want any inquisitions from Janet’s husband intruding on the possibility of a nice evening.

“Laurie? French Club Laurie?” Janet was playing her part splendidly. “Oh my god, how long’s it been?”

“Oh, fifteen, twenty minutes,” Laurie thought cynically. But instead of uttering the words, she found herself hamming it up, channeling a little 80s valley girl. “Oh my god, like, forever!”

They were good, and neither woman thought Janet’s husband suspected a thing. “Probably,” Laurie thought, “because he was too busy checking out my ass — in front of his wife even — what a sleaze.”

“Are you here alone?” Janet asked, as if this were all new information. “You should sit with David and me. Honey would that be OK with you?”

“Hmm?” Laurie noticed he manged to tear his eyes away from her backside just long enough to answer. “Sure babe. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.”

“What a load of crap,” Laurie thought. “He’s probably busy calculating the odds of a possible threesome.”

Laurie smiled at Janet. Janet took her hand and led her over to their table. Laurie made sure she took the chair next to Janet, and not the one next to her husband.

“So, how’ve you been?” Laurie was still keeping up the ruse. Not that it mattered much, since Janet’s husband was too busy checking out every woman who walked in the room, along with half of the wait-staff. He was so oblivious to what was going on right under his nose, that he completely missed the fact that his wife’s hand was now resting squarely on Laurie’s thigh underneath the table.

“Janet, let’s go get a drink,” Laurie suggested, and the two women made for the bar. “Janet, what are you doing?” she asked now that they were out of earshot.

“I finally figured it out,” she said. “All those years ago when you put that crown on my head. I just put it all together. I’m sorry it took so long.”

At Laurie’s urging, the two women took their drinks and moved off to a quiet corner. Janet’s husband and some of the other guys around the table were in the middle of a heated discussion about football, so he wasn’t going to miss them.

“Just what do you think you’ve figured out, Janet?”

“You had a crush on me back then, didn’t you?”

Laurie fidgeted with her wineglass, spinning it back and forth between her fingers. “Um. I — I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Janet laid her hand on her friend’s arm. “Sure you do. You put that crown on my head because you had a crush on me. And here I thought it was because all the boys in French club were dweebs.”

“OK. Yes. I had a crush on you,” Laurie whispered. “But that was high school, Janet. A lot has changed since then. You’re married, I have a serious girlfriend.”

“I never got a chance to tell you this, Laurie, but that is one of my happiest memories from high school.”

“Really?” Laurie said, spinning her wineglass again. “Oh god, I wish you hadn’t said that.”


“Because it’s complicated, that’s why. And your husband is sitting at that table right over there.”

“So? He’s obviously not missing me that much. Besides, you saw his wandering eyes. Our marriage is a joke.”

“Maybe so, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I have a serious girlfriend waiting for me at home.”

“How serious can it be, Laurie? I don’t see her here with you.”

“Janet please, I did not come here to cheat on my girlfriend, that was not my intention at all. Besides, high school was a long time ago.”

“OK, I’m sorry. It’s just that when I think back to that day … Can we just go somewhere and talk? Maybe after dinner we could slip out and spend a little time together?”

“Sure. Let’s get back before the super-jock convention over there figures out what it is you’re plotting.”

Janet playfully punched Laurie in the shoulder. The two women looked at each other and grinned.


Chapter 7

After her brief exchange with Laurie, Janet found the rest of dinner to be excruciatingly dull. Finally, she excused herself to the ladies room. She made sure to take Laurie with her. David was already involved in another football debate, completely unaware.

“You are shameless,” Laurie accused. “First you’re practically feeling me up under the dinner table, and now you’re dragging me off to the restroom, for what? — You planning a make out session in the stalls?”

“If it makes you uncomfortable, Laurie, just tell me to stop and I will. I’m not trying to force you into anything. I’m just excited, that’s all. For the first time in I don’t know how many years, I’m excited to be near someone.”

“I’m not going to tell you to stop, Janet. Just slow down a little. You may have it all straight in your mind, but I’m not quite there yet.”

“OK, I’m sorry. Dance with me later?”

“Sure.” Laurie smiled.

Janet straightened her dress and the two women made their way back to the table as if nothing ever happened. Now that dinner was being cleared away, the DJ had just started playing — a band totally appropriate for a room full of Gen-Xers — Depeche Mode.

“Dance with me, David?” Janet asked, knowing full well what his answer would be.

“Not now, honey. Besides, you know I hate this Eurotrash music. Give me some good old rock and roll.” He glanced around the table. “Am I right, guys?” David’s entourage seemed to agree. They were all laughing it up as Janet turned her eyes to the woman seated next to her.


“Sure.” The pair made their way to the dance floor. “Pretty smooth Janet. You do this a lot? Sneaking around, right under his nose?”

“Sadly no. I have resigned myself to living with a cold fish. I thought that was the bargain I made for a comfortable life and financial security.”

“That’s kind of sad,” Laurie said. “I’m sorry, but it is.”

“I know. It’s just — well — I had forgotten what happy felt like until I saw that photograph of us together in the yearbook.”

“King and Queen of France?”


“I remember that too. I had it pretty bad for you back then, you know.”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“Janet, I put a crown on your head. What more did you want from me?”

“Anything. I was fifteen, how was I supposed to know it was OK for girls to like each other that way?”

“Sorry, Janet. I just thought you knew.”


Chapter 8

The DJ decided to slow things down with a Richard Marx tune. The transition didn’t appear to faze Janet at all, she just slipped her arms around Laurie and kept right on dancing. Not wanting to make a scene, Laurie went along with it. And in truth, she did enjoy having Janet pressed up against her.

“Do you remember this video with his horrible mullet hair?” she whispered, the two women swaying as one.

“Everybody had bad hair back then, Laurie. It was the eighties, we didn’t know any better. You had bad hair too.”

“I did, didn’t I?” she smiled.

Neither of them spoke again while they continued their dance. Two women pressed together, and for a few precious moments, completely unconcerned with the rest of the world. That spell was broken three minutes later by Jon Bon Jovi, and they made their way back to the table.

“Honey, maybe we should ask Laurie to come up later for a nightcap,” Janet’s husband suggested.

“He really isn’t giving up on this whole threesome idea,” Laurie mentally groaned.

“I’m spending the night at my parents, remember?” Janet put him in his place.

“Take that Super-Jock,” Laurie thought. “She’s my girl now.”

David had reddened a bit at his wife’s rebuke, but was soon back to scanning the room for potential targets.

“Two forty-two,” Laurie whispered to Janet, and then excused herself. Janet gave Laurie’s thigh a good squeeze before she had herself pushed back from the table. Laurie began to wonder what she was getting herself into.


Thirty minutes later there was a knock at the door of room two forty-two. Janet was no longer wearing the dress from dinner, instead having changed into jeans and a button-down. “Hi,” was all she said.

Laurie paused a moment to admire Janet in her new outfit. “Come on in.”

Janet wasted no time, and had her hands wrapped around Laurie’s neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Laurie turned at the last minute, forcing Janet’s lips to land on her cheek.

“Whoa,” Laurie said. “I thought you just wanted to talk.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“I know you’re excited Janet. I guess I am too,” she said, shifting her weight back and forth from one foot to the other. “But this — this is not something I’ve ever considered doing before. I’ve …” Laurie’s speech was interrupted by a knock on the door. “What the …?”

“Relax, it’s just room service.”

“I didn’t order room service.”

“I did,” Janet said. “Before I came up, I ordered a bottle of champagne.”

“Oh my god, Janet.”

“Please don’t be mad, Laurie. Nothing has to happen. I just — I just want to spend some time with you. Is that alright?”

“Sure.” Laurie walked over to answer the door. “Just talking, though.”


Chapter 9

“Well, at least you got the good stuff,” Laurie commented, as she filled two hotel glasses with sparkling wine.

“So, why did you give me your room number?” Janet asked, as Laurie handed her a glass. “You know, if you didn’t want anything to happen?”

“I don’t know Janet. It was sort of a snap decision. I guess partly I felt sorry for you …”

“Really? Because if this is a pity thing … Oh, I should probably just forget it and spend the night at my parents.” Janet set her glass down and turned toward the door.

“Wait, I’m sorry,” Laurie said, taking Janet by the hand before she reached the door. “I had a really awful flight and I — well, I just haven’t been myself since I got here.”

Janet turned toward Laurie. “I’m listening.”

“You were right, Janet,” Laurie said, her eyes gazing down at their still joined hands. “My relationship with my girlfriend isn’t what it used to be. Honestly, I was hoping I’d be calling her my wife by now. It’s been six years.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. She’s more in love with her career than she is with me, that’s all. Sometimes I wonder if she’d even … Oh hell, I don’t know. I still care for her though, and I wouldn’t want to hurt her.”

“I get it. So what do we do? — About tonight?”

“Well, Janet, you did order this nice champagne. And it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”


Two hours later the two women were still seated on the edge of the bed. They were sitting a little closer together now, but still just talking. The champagne bottle was mostly empty, though neither of them felt particularly inclined to order any more.

“So you really had no idea Mademoiselle Toulon was gay?” Laurie asked.

“No, not at all.”

“That’s why a lot of us girls flocked to French Club. It was like a safe haven for us. We could be ourselves and not have to put up a facade.”

“Hmm,” Janet said. “I never knew. I mean, Mimi I knew, like who didn’t. But you, Laurie, I never suspected for a minute.” Janet rested her head on Laurie’s shoulder. “I should have been a better friend. I’m sorry.”

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