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Traveling New Bi-Ways… Ch. 07

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Traveling New Bi-Ways With Friends Ch. 07

Ken put his arm around me as D continued to lick and kiss our cocks. He turned my face towards his then he kissed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth. D looked up from her cocksucking, “I’m sure glad you two guys like each other.” Ken broke our kiss and laughed, “Yeah, this would look pretty strange otherwise.’

I looked around. Anne had moved off the massage table. She was lying on the exercise mats. We watched as she pumped an empty long necked beer bottle in and out of her pussy. She rolled onto her side and raised a leg as she pressed another bottleneck against her butt hole.

“I think you guys better go help her.” D released our cocks and stood up.

Ken trotted over and took the one bottle from Anne. She rolled back onto her back and pulled the first bottle out of her pussy. “A girl’s got to get her jollies somehow when all of the meat is tied up.”

Dee laughed and knelt beside her, “I didn’t mean to hog both of them. I thought you were resting.”

Anne pushed herself up on her elbows. She kissed D, “You’re forgiven. Now please tell your handsome hard husband to lie on his back so I can sit on his cock.” Ken, who had been rubbing his hard-on over Anne’s red pussy hair, lay down. Anne straddled him on her knees. She held his cock steady as she positioned herself then slowly sat down. After adjusting herself slightly, she began to ride him. She shook her long red hair as she rode.

I helped D to her feet. I stood behind her and pressed my cock in between her ass cheeks as I softly caressed her belly. D tipped her head back and kissed my cheek. “That looks like fun. Want to take me on a cock ride?”

I lay down and D straddled me so she was facing Anne. I held my cock as she positioned herself. D seated herself. She remained quiet for a short time then she and Anne kissed and touched each other’s faces and breasts as they rode Ken and me.

Eventually, the woman stopped riding and remained motionless. Without the stimulation of the walls of D’s cunt, my hard-on sagged quickly. D leaned forward and lay on top of me. Anne pushed herself into a standing position, “I’m pooped and I want to shower before I go to sleep.”

It was raining lightly as we four walked across the patio to the bedroom wing. Anne looked at herself in the mirror in our bedroom. “I must have had a good time. I’ve got cum in my hair, on my tits and all over my pussy, thighs, and belly.”

I’d say you had a really good time.”

“I feel like I was the good time that was had by all.”

“That too.”

“Oh well. It was good! Want to shower together?”

I washed Anne’s back and I kneeled to gently eat her pussy again as she stood with the hot water splashing on her back. As we crawled into bed, we could hear the shower in D and Ken’s suite. I opened a window and we fell asleep to sound of the rain as it increased in intensity.

After I awakened in the morning, I gazed at Anne for a while. Her red hair was fanned out around her face and head like a halo – a carnal angel. She stirred slightly as I got out of bed. After tucking her in, I slipped on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. It was cool in the room. The house was quiet.

I stopped in the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I opened the kitchen door and stepped out under the roof overhang. It was still raining, a light and steady rain. A soaker. I walked around to the exercise room and let myself in. I busied myself, while the coffee brewed, with cleaning up. We had gone straight from dinner to sex the evening before and all of the dishes and food containers where still on the table. I scraped them off and stacked them in preparation to carrying them to the kitchen.

After policing up the empty beer bottles, I dumped the ice water from the cooler chests. There is a 3/4 bath off the exercise room so I was able to get a rag and clean up the barbecue sauce that had dribbled on the floor while we were licking it off of each other’s tits and cocks. Fortunately it was a tile floor. I thought about saving Anne’s “dildo” bottle but I didn’t.

I straightened the exercise mats and pads and moved the massage table back next to the wall. D was in the kitchen when I walked in with a stack of dirty dishes. She took some of them from me and set them in the sink. I set the rest on the counter. D turned on the sprayer and began to rinse the dishes. “Let me do that, D. My hands are already dirty.

“O.K. I’ll load the dishwasher.” D was wearing big fuzzy slippers and a t-shirt that was just short of mid-thigh. Every time she bent over to place a dish in the dishwasher her t-shirt would ride up and bare her ass.

“You know D, you have a beautiful butt. You’re an inspiration for us ass men.” She was placing a dish in the washer. She blushed as she turned her face towards me and smiled.

After starting the dishwasher, we each got a cup of coffee. We were sitting at the breakfast bar when Anne walked in. “Is that coffee I smell?” D poured a cup for her. Anne was wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops. She Escort Çankaya pulled up the hem of her t-shirt as she sat down. “Oh! That stool is chilly.”

Anne laughed, “Never park your bare ass on cold leather.

Anne stood and tucked her t-shirt under her butt, “Don’t I know it.”

I grinned, “If either of you ever need a place to sit, you can always sit on my face.”

Both women smiled into their coffee cups.

We decided to fix an early lunch whenever Ken got up. He came in as we were starting a second pot of coffee. “Oh, good. There’s coffee.” Ken was wearing a short lightweight travel robe.

We decided to have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch. It was a soup kind of day. As we ate, Ken asked, “Is anyone else as tired as I am?”

D nodded, “My knees hurt from being on them so much.”

“I’m surprised I don’t have a back ache from laying across that massage table. I can’t believe I did that. But, I also can’t believe how nastily delicious it felt to have two hard dicks sliding in and out of my cunt and face.”

D leaned over and kissed Anne’s cheek. “You were really turned on. We’ll have to watch the video later.”

“Video? There’s a video of me doing that? Anne blushed. Then she laughed, “I hope it’s worth watching.”

“Oh, it’s worth watching. You were one hot lady, Anne.”

Ken looked out at the rain. “Boy, it’s really coming down. Did anyone remember to cover the hot tub?” He and I jumped up and ran across the patio to pull the cover over the tub. “I ought to build a gazebo over it, but then we couldn’t soak and look at the night sky.” D and Anne were cleaning up the lunch things when he and I returned.

We were both soaked. I followed Ken down the hall towards the bedroom wing. He took off his wet robe as he walked. I looked at his muscular back and legs. He obviously still pumped iron. I wondered if I would be able to fuck his ass while I was here. Ken stopped at a linen closet and pulled out two towels.

I followed him into his and D’s bedroom. He tossed me a towel, “Get out of those wet clothes.” I pulled off the soaked t-shirt and shorts. Ken picked them up, along with his robe, and carried them into the bathroom. “I hung the stuff over the shower rod.” He picked up his towel and began to dry himself. I was toweling myself when he sat on the bed. He dried his hair then looked at me, “Come closer.”

I stepped closer to him. He put a hand on my hip. “Turn around.” I turned my back to Ken. He put his hands on my hips then he ran his hands up my back to my shoulders. He rubbed my shoulders for a second and then ran his hands back down my back and down my legs to my ankles. When he ran his hands back up my legs he stopped at my butt.

He spread his fingers across my ass. His thumbs were in my ass crack. I felt his breath.. Then his tongue touched me as he licked his way up my ass crack. He kissed the small of my back then moved his hands to my hips and turned me around. Ken looked up at me, “I want your ass, Brad.”

I smiled down at him, “Only if I can have yours.”

“It’s a deal. Maybe we can entertain the ladies.” My limp dick was right in front of his face. Ken leaned into my crotch. I felt his tongue lick the cockhead then I felt his lips close over it. He moved his head back and I watched him suck my soft cock into his warm mouth. He looked up at me, his cheeks fluttered as he sucked my dick like it was a soda straw. He pulled my now semi-hard dick out of his mouth. I groaned softly. Ken licked his spit off the cockhead, “And, speaking of the ladies, we’d better go join them before they think we’re having fun without them.”

Ken stood and started to walk towards the closet. “Just a second.” Ken stopped. I dropped to my knees in front of him. I lifted his cock and kissed his balls. I licked them and gently, but briefly, sucked one nut. Then I fed his soft cock into my hungry mouth. He tasted good. I would suck this man’s cock for hours, if he’d let me.

I buried my nose in his pubic hair and stuffed all of him into my mouth. I sealed my lips around his cock shaft and pulled my head back. The tight lip seal and the hard suction stretched his dick as I pulled back. Ken’s cock came out of my mouth with a pop. I kissed the cockhead and looked up at him. “Hold that thought.”

He grinned as he helped me to my feet. I walked to my and Anne’s room and got a robe out of the closet. I met Ken in the hall and we walked back to the kitchen. Anne and D were sitting on stools and nursing cups of coffee. “What took you guys so long? You weren’t doing something that we would have wanted to watch, were you?”

Ken laughed, “Hey, we were gone only about five minutes. Just long enough to dry off, hang up the wet stuff and get a couple of robes..”

I walked over behind Anne and put my arms around her. I kissed her cheek. She offered me a sip of her coffee. “You’re back now. Looking at all that rain and wet outside makes me feel cold. Let’s go where it is warm.”

We all walked down to the den. D lit the gas fireplace Ankara Escort and we settled down to read, chat and listen to music. Ken kept looking my way and smiling. I wondered when we would be able to get it on together. I also wondered what Anne would think when she saw that I liked taking a man up my ass. She and I hadn’t ever played any ass games. Just thinking about being fucked by Ken was giving me a hard-on.

Ken stood up and stretched, “I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea. Does anyone else want one?”

D looked up from her book, “That sounds good. Let’s make a pot.” She started to get up.

I stood, “You look too comfortable D. I’ll help Ken.” I followed him into the kitchen. We put some water on to boil. Ken found a large teapot and some loose tea. He filled the pot with hot tap water to pre-heat it.

“I’m going to get ready. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I looked for a sugar bowl and sliced a lemon that I’d found in the refrigerator. I was looking for a tray when Ken returned. “I left everything out for you.” He reached into the pocket on his robe and pulled out a bottle of lube.” He grinned as he dropped the bottle back into the pocket. “I can’t wait.”

I walked down the hall to Ken’s bathroom. I closed the door and looked around. A bottle of lube was on the counter and a hose with a “male douche” was hooked to the tub faucet. I took off my robe. After using the toilet I rinsed myself clean with the douche and warm soapy water. I dried myself then lubed my ass with a generous amount from the bottle. I put my robe on and dropped the bottle into the pocket. Before I tied the robe, I looked at myself in the mirror. My cock was at “half staff” in anticipation. I’d fucked Ken but he had never fucked me. I was eager to feel his hard cock splitting my ass.

When I got back to the kitchen Ken had the tea ready to go. He carried the pot and tray stand and I carried the tray of cups, sugar and lemon. D put her book down when we came into the den. Anne was sitting on the couch with her legs tucked under. I poured a cup of tea and carried it over to her. Ken gave D a cup and he poured cups for each of us. I took my cup and sat it on the end table next to the couch. I sat next to Anne. She moved over closer to me.

D put her cup down. “This is a good time to see the Anne’s video.” D walked over to the entertainment center. She bent over and turned on the TV. We applauded her bare ass. Everything else was all set up. D, along with everything else, was efficient and organized. She took the remote back to her seat next to Ken.

The TV screen filled with a close up on Anne’s face. Her eyes were bright and sparkly. She was smiling around the thick cock that filled her mouth. Anne giggled and buried her face in my robe. The camera panned back to show Anne and Ken hard at work.

The next scene was the overhead shot where D had stood on the chairs. Anne’s widely splayed legs swung as I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. The video ended with Ken and I shooting our loads of cum all over Anne’s face, thighs, pussy, belly and tits.

There was a minute of silence then Anne spoke. “ Oh, this is so embarrassing watching myself fuck like a cock crazy slut.” Then she laughed, “Let’s see it again.” Everyone laughed. We got more comfortable as we watched the video several more times. Anne had her hand inside my robe. She was stroking my cock. I slipped my hand down her back and lifted the hem of her t-shirt. I rubbed her smooth ass.

She moved around so I could get my hand between her legs. I tickled her pussy and worked a finger into her slit. She was wet and slick. Not surprisingly, she got turned on by watching herself fuck. She opened my robe and I stopped watching the video as I felt her soft lips sliding over my cockhead and down the shaft.

I noticed D getting up and walking over to get the camcorder. Ken stood and took off his robe. His cock was almost fully erect. He walked over to Anne and I and kneeled next to my knees. He kissed Anne on the cheek. She raised her head and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Ken held her face in his hands as they engaged in a sloppy French kiss. Ken looked at my spit shiny cock.

“That looks delicious. May I taste it? Anne silently pointed my hard cock at his face. D zoomed in close as Ken wrapped his lips around the cockhead. Anne and Ken took turns sucking me but Ken slowly took over completely as Anne watched. Ken looked at Anne then at D. “You ladies get comfortable. Brad and I are going to entertain you.”

He stood and extended a hand to me. I stood and Ken led me over to the large long bench in front of the fireplace. He took my robe off of me. “Stand up there.” We stepped up together. Ken circled me as he rubbed and kissed my body. He moved to my front where he kneeled. He pulled my stiff cock down until it was straight in front of his face. I noticed Anne was sitting on the edge of the couch. She was raptly watching as D caught it all with the camcorder.

Ken flicked the tip of his tongue across and around my cockhead then Sincan Escort he opened his mouth and plunged down my shaft. As his tongue massaged the underbelly and his lips tightened around my cock shaft, I knew that if a few minutes my best friend would be fucking my eager ass for the first time.

Without missing a suck, Ken reached down and retrieved my robe. He removed the bottle of lube from the pocket. He poured some lube in his hand and he began to apply it to his hard cock. After he finished lubing himself he took his slippery fingers and pushed them up behind my balls and between my legs. I spread my feet apart to give him better access to my ass.

Ken teased me by pressing and tickling my asshole as he used his other hand to hold my cock so he could flick the tip of his tongue around the rim of my cockhead. He pushed two fingers up into my slick ass. I was so turned on that if he had touched my gland, I would have probably blown my wad. He twisted his wrist back and forth.

Ken stopped flicking me, “I think you’re ready.” He looked down at his cock, “I’m ready too.” He stood. His hard cock was standing erect. His cockhead extended above his navel.

I reached down and cupped his balls. “Yes, I’m ready for you. Fuck me.” I uncupped his balls and got down on my hands and knees. Ken kneeled behind me. After moving my feet and adjusting his position, he squirted some more lube into my ass crack. He rubbed his hand up and down between my ass cheeks, then his thumb pressed into my asshole as he worked some more lube into it.

Ken rose up behind me. I felt his cock jostle my nuts as he dragged his erection up between my ass cheeks. I inhaled and relaxed as he pressed his cockhead against my asshole. I lightly braced myself and he pushed as I felt my asshole begin to open to allow him into me. His cockhead popped through my sphincter. I exhaled “Ahhhh” as Ken’s cock slipped deep into me. I wiggled my ass as I felt his pubic hair brush my butt.

Ken made a slow withdrawal. He reached under me and squeezed my cock as he began a slow deep ass fuck. D moved around us with the camcorder. I folded my arms and lay my head on them. Ken continued to pump in and out of my elevated ass. I looked over at Anne. She had her t-shirt tucked up and wadded around her waist. Her feet were widely spread and her thighs were splayed.

Her pussy was wet and slick. It gaped open as she ran her fingers up and down between her pussy lips and around and around her hard little clitoris. I smiled at her and blew her a kiss. She put her hand to her face. She licked each finger then she smiled as her hand dropped back to her pussy.

Ken was pumping faster. He was rocking me back and forth on my knees. His balls tapped against my balls and his pubic hair crushed against my butt as he long cocked me and buried his boner deep in my ass. I didn’t know about Ken, but my pleasure increased greatly when I clamped my asshole around his slippery sliding cock shaft.

Ken stopped fucking me and lay over my back. “Turn over.” He pulled his cock out of me. I moved around and got on my back. He pushed my knees towards my chest. I tilted my ass up as he punched his cock back into me.

I heard D tell Anne, “Hold Brad’s legs up.” I looked at Anne. She stood and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her nipples looked as hard as little pink diamonds. I pushed on the edges of the bench cushion. Ken fucked me hard and I scooted until my head was at the end of the cushion.

Anne stood at the end of the bench. I bumped my head against her thighs. Anne got the idea. She straddled my head as she took my ankles in her hands. Ken adjusted his position. He really began to pound my ass. I kissed and licked Anne’s pussy. I used my hands to spread her lips. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her pussy down onto my mouth.

I was one happy bi-guy. My ass was being fucked with a long hard cock and I was tongue fucking a hot, hot cunt. As Ken pounded my ass, my hard cock bobbed and bounced and spread pre-cum across my stomach. Anne began to rock her hips and rub her pussy over my face. Ken was panting, Anne was gasping and I was busy slurping and eating hot juicy pussy and trying to squeeze my ass as tight as I could around Ken’s cock.

I put my hands up and cupped and squeezed Anne’s tits. Ken drove his cock into my ass with a hard punch. He rose up on his knees and pulled my ass up with his cock. He groaned, I felt his cock get really rigid then I felt a smooth warmth flow into my ass. Ken was cumming. He fucked me with sharp short strokes as he shot wads of his warm creamy cum deep into my ass.

Anne pushed her pussy down hard against my face. I found her clit with my lips and tongue. She ground herself against my face as she began to cum. She dropped my legs and lay forward over me. She continued to grind her cunt against my lips and tongue and I continued to suck, lick, kiss and eat every part of her cunt that I could reach. Anne slowly came down. She swung her leg over my face and kneeled on the floor. She licked her pussy juices off my face and we shared a French kiss. Ken lay down on top of me. He kissed Anne then he French kissed me. “I never thought that fucking an ass, especially a man’s ass, could be so good. When you tightened you ass muscles the second time I just had to blow my load.”

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Tom and Paul and Julie

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The doorbell rang. Excusing herself from her guest, Julie rose to answer the door. She was a little perplexed. She rarely got unannounced visitors, and now she had two. It was a cold and rainy night, and Julie couldn’t imagine who would be knocking on her door. When she opened it, she got a shock.

“Hello.” The man before her said.

“Tom!” Julie exclaimed as she wrapped my arms around him. “Come in!”

She led Tom into the living room, where her first guest, Paul, sat on the couch.

“Tom, this is Paul. Paul, this is Tom. Paul and I were about ready to have a drink. Would you care to join us?”

“Of course,” Tom replied, “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

As she went into the kitchen to make the drinks, Julie heard the two talking.

“So where do you know Julie?” Tom asked.

“She was a teacher of mine in high school. I graduated six years ago and we’ve kept in touch. I’m finishing up grad school and wondering what to do next, so I thought I’d stop by and ask her opinion.”

“She has a few of those,” Tom quipped.

“She certainly does. What about you?”

“Julie and I know each other from high school.”


“And what?”

“Well, something in her demeanor changed when she saw you at the door. You two must have some sort of past.”

“We dated. On and off through high school and college. How we kept up as friends, I don’t know. But we’ve been good friends for a long time now.”

Before Paul could probe further, Julie reappeared, drinks in hand. The three exchanged pleasantries before the subject of dinner came up. Julie volunteered to make something and disappeared once more into the kitchen. The alcohol had loosened tongues a bit, and Paul wanted to know more about the relationship between Julie and Tom.

“So define good friends.”

“What?” Tom asked, completely off guard.

“You said you and Julie are good friends. What does that mean?”

“We’ve known each other a long time. We dated… there is some shared intimacy when you date someone, regardless of how long ago.”

“What intimacy?”

“Why all the questions?”

“I just want to know.”

A curious epiphany occurred to Tom.

“You like Julie.”

Paul blushed and stammered a little bit.

“I’ve had a crush on that woman since I first met her.” The words escaped Paul’s mouth in a rush before he could stop it. “She’s beautiful.”

“Is pasta all right with everyone?” Julie interrupted the conversation.

Seeing nods of assent, Julie continued.

“Since I wasn’t exactly expecting company, I would like to freshen up a bit. If you guys don’t mind making sure the house doesn’t burn down…”

“Go ahead,” Tom said, “We’ll keep an eye on the food.”

Tom watched as Paul’s eyes didn’t leave Julie’s body until she had disappeared from view.

“You have no idea how beautiful she can be.” Tom said.

“I just want her. I’ve never wanted anyone like this. Every time I see her, she takes my breath away. I don’t get it.”

“No matter what relationship I’m in, she does the same thing to me.” Tom voice was sympathetic, “I never stopped loving her.”

It was Tom’s turn to be amazed at what had come out of his mouth. He took a quick gulp of his drink and the two sat in silence.

Julie, for her part, had been eavesdropping as best she could. She turned the shower on and waited for steam to develop. As she took her clothes off, Julie’s mind mulled over what she had been hearing. She was incredibly aroused by the conversation. Secretly, she had been ecstatic when Paul had shown up. His interest in her was not unrequited. Julie had always found him attractive, and now that he was an appropriate distance from high school age, she had begun fantasizing about him. Tonight had been an opportunity. Then Tom had shown up. Julie stepped into the hot stream of water as her thoughts mulled over Tom. They had had an interesting relationship over the years. They had lost their virginity together and since then, had sought each other out when they needed familiar company. Just a casual touch from him would melt any defenses she had. Alone with him, she stood a chance at an amazing night of passion. Julie felt a familiar tingling sensation Escort Sincan spreading throughout her body. Of course, with Paul here, it would be difficult to give into Tom.

“What the hell,” she thought. “I’ll just have a little too much to drink and see what happens.”

Upon hearing the water, Paul’s mind immediately tried to picture Julie, naked, with steaming water running down her body. He let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding and tried to calm himself down. She had been his fantasy in high school… while not drop dead gorgeous; she had a girl-next-door quality to her. And she was incredibly smart. Paul loved talking to her. And looking at her. A casual hug was enough to send chills down his spine. He wanted to run his hands through her hair, to kiss her. His breathing quickened as the thoughts ran, unchecked in his mind. That had been his plan, to come here and try. Then Tom had shown up.

After Julie disappeared from view, Tom went into the kitchen to check on the food. It was a poor excuse, even in his head, since boiling water wasn’t exactly a mind bender. His thoughts were racing as quickly as anyone’s. What he had said was true. He did love Julie. He always had. Tom was here to find comfort in her presence, to take her into his arms and lose himself in her. Paul was an unexpected snag. Paul was obviously infatuated with Julie. Tom kept thinking about all the options. He so rarely got to see Julie, much less to spend time with her. He might have to enjoy this night with Julie with an audience.


The alcohol flowed as the night wore on. Dinner sat, half eaten, on the table. The three reminisced about earlier times, Tom and Paul swapping stories they knew about Julie. It was Paul who brought up playing a game.

“What shall we play?” Julie asked.

“Poker?” Paul suggested.

“I’m no good at poker,” Julie said.

“Strip poker it is.” Tom said.

“No!!” Julie protested.

“Since we’ve been talking about high school and fun times, let’s play Truth or dare.” Tom said.

“Sure,” Julie purred as she poured another round of drinks and curled up on the floor, her back against Tom’s legs. “Who goes first?”

“Paul, truth or dare?” Tom asked.


“Who is your ultimate fantasy?”

Paul gave Tom a look. Paul had a feeling what Tom might be driving at.

“The fairy godmother from Shrek 2.” Julie piped up, “He thinks she has beautiful breasts. To this day I can’t watch that movie without thinking about his perverted self.”

They all lapsed into giggles.

“So seriously, who is it?” Julie asked.

“You my dear,” Tom said, gently shaking her shoulders.

“Hey!” Paul said, “That’s not true!”

“It’s not? I’m hurt.” Julie pouted.

“Your turn,” Paul didn’t want this to get too personal for him yet. “Truth or dare?”


“How does one seduce you?”

“Excuse me?”

“What does a guy have to do to seduce you?”

“I don’t know, be interesting, I guess.”

“Interesting how?”

“I have to be curious about him, so I guess he has to pique my interest. It’s more of a mental thing, I guess.”

“Let me show you,” Tom said.

Before Julie could react, Tom pulled her up onto the couch to sit between his legs and began rubbing her shoulders. His words, however, were directed more toward Paul.

“First you start touching her in a way that is both non sexual and desired, such as a neck rub. She will start to relax, and then…”

“I love your narration,” Julie said, “Do I get a say?”

“Shh… just relax and let me do my thing. Besides, you were Paul’s teacher. Might be time to teach him something useful.”

“Don’t stop.” Paul murmured.

“So as she relaxes, you can feel that.”

Sure enough, Julie’s head dropped a bit and her eyes closed as she relaxed. Tom leaned forward a bit.

“Now you have two options. One is to let your hands drift to other places. The other, which she likes better, is to kiss her.”

Tom let his lips drift over Julie’s neck, using his hands to move her hair out of the way. Paul looked on, becoming increasingly aroused. He’d never been much of a voyeur, but watching the object of his Eryaman Escort desire become putty in the hands of another was almost intoxicating. Julie was oblivious not only to Paul but to Tom’s voice as well. All she could comprehend was the passion building up inside her. Tom let his hands stray down Julie’s back, his lips continuing to rain kisses on her neck. He reached around her, and with Paul eagerly looking on, began to unbutton Julie’s shirt. Deftly, he opened the fabric, exposing her breasts. With no bra, the cool air of the room quickly caused her nipples to harden. Julie moaned and her head fell back against Tom’s shoulder. Tom looked up at Paul and motioned toward Julie.

“It would be more fun if you joined in.”

Paul didn’t need to be told twice. He dove onto the floor between Julie’s knees, and then looked up at Tom with question in his eyes.

“Touch them. Hold them. Play with them. Suck them, even.”

Paul brought his hands up to Julie’s exposed flesh. He wasn’t a virgin, but this felt like his first time. Her breasts weren’t too much more than a handful, but were heavy in his hands. The nipples were pink and pointing proudly at him. Paul gingerly took one into his mouth, running his tongue over the nub.

“Mmmm.” Julie loved having her breasts suckled.

Encouraged, Paul hungrily took more of her tit into his mouth and brought a hand up to play with the other one. To add to Julie’s pleasure, Tom’s kisses had turned into gentle bites along her neck and shoulder. Julie’s breathing deepened as she became more and more aroused. She had wanted some action tonight, but hadn’t imagined anything like this. As Paul’s mouth changed breasts, Tom turned Julie’s face toward him and planted a kiss on her lips, their tongues twisting around each other. Julie’s hands grabbed Paul’s head, forcing it closer to her. Her hands drifted to his shoulders as Paul gently bit the flesh around her nipple.

“Don’t stop,” Julie whispered.

“Let your hands stray over her body,” Tom instructed Paul. “Run them up her legs and gently massage her as well.”

Paul continued to kiss and suck at Julie’s breasts, but followed Tom’s instructions. He ran his hands down the top of her thighs, and slipped them under the fabric of her skirt as he reached its hem. He slid his hands back up her legs, squeezing a little as his fingers reached her hips. Julie automatically opened her knees wider, allowing better access. Tom would have liked to have been there, between her knees, the prospect of tasting her pussy amazing. But he was enjoying this too, watching and feeling Julie’s reaction to being stimulated by multiple people. When he was the only one bringing her pleasure, he didn’t always get a chance to see her reaction. Paul’s voice brought him out of his fog.

“She’s not wearing panties.”

“Of course not, they just get in the way,” Julie muttered as her hands unfastened her wraparound skirt and pulled it free.

Both guys got a glimpse of her closely trimmed pussy, pink, and already glistening. Julie shifted her position slightly, bringing one leg onto the couch and lying down over Tom.

“Now Tom, help him out.”

Tom waved Paul back a bit and slid his hand down between Julie’s legs. He parted the folds of wet flesh and slid his finger into her slit. Paul watched eagerly, absent mindedly stroking his erection through his pants as he watched Tom finger fuck Julie. Julie writhed in rhythm with Tom’s fingers. His thumb would lazily drift across her engorged clit, causing Julie to jerk with pleasure. Tom pulled his hand away and licked Julie’s juices from his fingers. Julie whimpered in protest.

“I have a better idea,” Tom told her, “Paul, would you like a taste?”

Paul came forward, his hand reaching for Julie’s now dripping pussy.

“No, not like that,” Tom said, “Eat her out.”

Paul leaned in and licked her cautiously. Julie hooked her legs over Paul’s shoulders, pulling him close. He needed no more encouraging. His tongue slipped in and out, rolling around her clit. As Julie writhed, Paul found it more difficult to keep going, but her scent and taste were completely intoxicating. Meanwhile, Tom took his turn at Julie’s tits. Julie could barely do anything; Keçiören Escort she was so overcome by the stimulation. Her mind cleared slightly.

“Enough oral, I want to be fucked.” She said between moans.

“Would you like to do the honors?” Tom asked Paul.

Seeing the nod, Tom told Paul to remove his clothes. As Paul complied, Tom took the time to pull Julie to him and kiss her. At Tom’s direction, Paul laid down on the floor as Tom lowered Julie to him. Julie positioned herself over Paul’s dick and slid down on top of him. Paul moaned Julie’s warmth engulfed him. She began gyrating her hips against him, running her fingers down his chest. Paul reached up and took her nipples between his fingers, pinching. Julie squealed at the pleasurable pain, her head dropping back against someone’s shoulder… Tom had positioned himself behind Julie. He reached around with one hand and began playing with her clit. Stretched by Paul’s member and now with Tom’s fingers working their magic, Julie was filled with ecstasy. Tom reached up with his free hand and pulled Julie’s head further back. His teeth sank into the exposed flesh of her neck, gentleness forgotten as his bites left angry red crescents on the pale skin. Julie began to whimper, an orgasm building up inside her. Tom recognizing the signs of impending orgasm, continued his assault on Julie’s clit, and gently closed his free hand around her throat. Julie’s eyes widened; Tom had never done that before. Suddenly she was overcome by a powerful orgasm. Paul’s grunts became louder as Julie’s pussy closed hard around him. His hands dropped to her hips, trying to pull her down further on him. As Julie’s orgasm washed over them both, Paul couldn’t keep control. With a spasm, he came, his juices mingling with hers. Tom released his hold on Julie’s throat and gently stroked her neck and chest as her breathing returned to normal.

“Did you enjoy that?” Tom whispered.

Julie gave an almost imperceptible nod.


Tom gave her a kiss and supported her as she slipped off of Paul. Paul had never felt a woman orgasm as powerfully as Julie just had. It was almost too much for him. He barely felt her get up. Julie leaned over Paul and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Thank you,” she said, “we’ll have to do this again sometime.”

She slipped a pillow under his head and covered him with a blanket, leaving his clothes in a neat pile beside him as exhaustion overtook him. Then she turned to Tom.

“What about you?”

“You’ve always known your pleasure was my first priority. Seeing how much you enjoyed that was enough for me.”

“Really?” Julie asked.

“Really,” Tom nodded for emphasis.


Julie’s voice had a hint of sarcasm in it. She was looking at Tom’s pants, more specifically the erection trapped inside. She ran her hand over the bulge and laughed as Tom spasmed at her touch. She quickly undid his belt and tugged his trousers and boxers off. Julie smiled as she looked at Tom’s erect penis now free from its fabric prison. Before Tom could say anything, Julie took him into her mouth. Tom looked down at the top of her head, watching her lips slide up and down his shaft. He wasn’t too far from orgasm himself; having found enjoyment in watching Julie come earlier. Tom buried his hands into Julie’s hair, fingers digging into her scalp. Her hand grabbed the base of his member as her mouth pulled away. She licked at the very tip of his penis, her tongue swirling around the bulbous head. Her eyes looked up at him the instant before she swallowed him again. Her hands worked in tandem with her mouth, one wrapped around his shaft, pumping with every stroke, the other cradling his balls. Her fingers found the sweet spot behind his balls, driving him to orgasm. She pulled away as he exploded, his cum spraying onto her breasts. Suddenly weak, Tom dropped to the couch.

“I know what you said about my pleasure was priority, but I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass.” Julie said sweetly.

“I appreciate that…”

Julie leaned over and kissed him.

“I’m going to have to clean up again. Feel free to stay as long as you like.”

Tom nodded “I’ll just sit here a while…”

Julie looked into the living room after her shower. Both men were asleep, Paul on the floor, and Tom still sitting up on the couch.

“What fun tonight was!” she thought to herself as slipped between the sheets. The adrenaline wearing off, it wasn’t long before she too was asleep.

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Threesome with Two Asian Beauties

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This is a work of fiction and all of the characters are 18 years old or older.

I felt terrible for Sue, I knew the pain she was going through. I saw her as she returned from the funeral Mass going in her house, her cousin Lee Pham had her arm around her as they went back in the house next door to mine.

Sue and her husband Chris had come to live in our small south Georgia town just two years ago. They were both in their 30’s and he was an up and coming manager in the new Korean auto parts supplier plant. They were both Korean and Catholics so I got to know them as they went to the same church as I did. There were several Korean families that had moved to our town as a part of that same factory that had close to 300 employees. The difference between those families and Sue and Chris was their language skills, both Chris and Sue could speak perfect English. The two of them did not go to the Korean language Mass at church, instead, they came to the Saturday evening Mass that I went to. As neighbors and fellow parishioners we got to know each other and occasionally would invite each other over; they introduced me to several Korean dishes, and I cooked out on the grill for them.

In some ways back then I suppose that Chris and Sue felt sympathy for me. I was a widower in my late fifties, so they were being kind to their lonely old neighbor. It had only been a year before they arrived that my wife had died.

So I knew what Sue was going through now. Three weeks ago Chris had made one of his regular trips to Korea, and unfortunately contracted the coronavirus while he was there. It was terrible for Sue, she called him each day as his condition got worse. Then he got to the point he could not talk, and then a week ago he died. The funeral Mass had to be held without his body which I knew was especially painful for Sue. While there were many Koreans there from the factory, the only family with Sue was her cousin Lee Pham.

I awoke the next day and got ready for my morning run. I had enjoyed running all my life, but in the past two years I threw myself into running, probably as a distraction. I was down to 180 pounds on my six-foot frame, and while I was not a bodybuilder I definitely was lean, fit and muscular. On summer mornings I wore my old nylon shorts that were light and cool, they were thin and almost worn out but they were so comfortable. That was all I had on along with my shoes and sunglasses. It looked like it would be sunny again today so I knew my tan would only get darker.

Returning from my three-mile run I turned back down our street and saw Lee Pham coming out to get the newspaper. She looked to be in her mid-20’s and had longer hair than Sue and it was jet black. She was in a spandex athletic outfit, form-fitting and you could clearly see all the curves of her body. As I got closer I waved and she stopped and stared at me as I passed. Since I had on sunglasses I figured she could not see where I was looking, so I examined her body. She had firm round butt and her breasts were medium-sized globes, I also thought I could make out her nipples in the stretched tight top. She turned around and went back in the house.

On these especially hot summer mornings I would stop by the side of my house and use the hose to cool down and get most of the sweat off. As the water soaked my thin running shorts they clung to me. I had developed a healthy erection from seeing Lee Pham; my dick was clearly outlined for anyone to see. As I held the hose over my head I looked in the direction of Sue’s house and thought I saw movement near the curtains of a window, but I was not sure. I shook off the water and ran to the front door.

I went upstairs to my bedroom that overlooked the backyard, and also gave me a view into my neighbor’s backyard too. I felt somewhat guilty about what I planned to do next, and given the events of the past few days I did not know if Sue would still follow her normal ritual.

Even with my misgivings I was still overjoyed to see Sue completing her morning yoga routine. I stayed far back from the window to ensure she would not know I was watching. Her reddish-black hair was up in a bun, and her skin looked like beautiful pale porcelain. Her face was so pretty it took your breath away, and her neck was long and slim. The tight-fitting yoga outfit showed her gorgeous curves, especially her ample breasts. She was a stunning beauty, and she dressed so conservatively in public that you would never guess how gorgeous she was. I felt like I had special access to the secret that was her beauty.

I was disappointed the following Saturday when I went to Mass and Sue was not there, but when I got home as I walked up to the house Sue came over with Lee Pham. Sue said, “James, I would like to take you up on the offer of help that you made at the funeral. I would like your advice and assistance with all the things that must be done following my husband’s death. I have…” Sue stopped and I could see she was overcome with emotion. As I reached Ankara Escort Bayan forward and took her hands Lee Pham also reached out and took her arm.

“I will do anything that you and Lee Pham ask me to do to help, ” I said. “Just tell me what you need.” As I said this tears began rolling down Sue’s cheeks, but I could see she was determined to be brave.

Sue squeezed my hands, smiled at me, and said, “Thank you so much James, we will plan for you to come over tomorrow evening for supper and we will begin to work on these things.” Even with the tears on her face she was so beautiful that I could not help but blush.

We met each week over supper and I helped her with paperwork, setting up meetings with lawyers and dealing with the insurance, the will and probate. I learned more about Sue as we worked on these things, and one thing I learned was that she was determined to be independent. She questioned me about why each thing had to be done in certain ways and did not move off something until she understood it. She did not plan to go back to Korea but would stay teaching massage therapy and English as a second language at the community college. She was also being shunned by the local Korean community, they expected her to have a Korean man helping her and telling her how to do everything, but she refused to accept being subservient to a man that she believed did not know what was best for her.

Lee Pham was quiet and just listened when I was at Sue’s house, I had the feeling she was being very cautious around me. All Sue told me about her was that she had an awful job that she quit, and as her only cousin, Sue was determined to help her finish an education and get a job. Lee continued to observe me each day at the end of my runs, and finally she would wave back when I waved to her; perhaps she was beginning to trust me.

Our weekly evening meals and working on all the tedious administrative tasks was also going well. Each week we made progress on a variety of issues, and Sue and Lee Pham grew more and more comfortable around me. I began to notice some small things that happened; I would pass Sue a piece of paper and our fingers would touch, or she would get up from the table and her knee would brush mine. These things were happening with Lee Pham as well; she was helping clear the table and there would be gentle contact between her arm and mine, or she would refill my drink and we would make eye contact and she would smile shyly.

At first I thought I was just an old man hoping for attention from these two beautiful women, but there were also some subtle changes I began to notice at the end of my morning runs. When Lee Pham would come out to get the paper she was now wearing tight shorts and a top with a scoop neck. As she walked she would turn toward me as I passed, almost displaying her beautiful tits for me. I made no more attempts to disguise my interest staring at them as I waved on my way by, and Lee would wave back, and occasionally push the hair back off her breasts to make sure I had a good view.

As well now, when I went to the side of my house and took my brief hose shower, it seemed like I could see two forms near the curtains of Sue’s house. I would often take longer and ensure my shorts were soaked so that my throbbing erection was well displayed. Were they both watching me?


Then something happened that was at first painful, but turned into an encounter beyond my wildest dreams.

The next morning as I was returning from my run I approached Sue’s house, and Lee Pham was bouncing down their driveway. As I raised my hand to wave, a familiar pain shot through my left leg and I pulled up immediately. I bent over trying to stretch my hamstring, but it had locked up.

Lee Pham came to me and put her hand on my back, “Mr. James are you okay?” she worried.

I glanced over and saw the firm roundness of her young breasts just above her neckline. “I am okay, just give me a minute, ” I said as I tried to straighten up. That caused me to gasp with pain as a cramp ran all the way down my leg.

Then I heard their front door open and Sue came to see about me as well. “What happened?” she asked. She was wearing her tight fitting yoga outfit and I could clearly make out the dark circles around her nipples as I looked over at her. Even with the pain in my leg my dick was getting harder and harder.

I felt foolish being unable to take another step in front of these ladies, and the tent in my running shorts was becoming more obvious. I tried to be tough and take another step towards my house, “Owww…!” I exclaimed.

Sue reached down and felt of my cramping leg and then she took charge, “We must get him to the table, ” she said to Lee. They each lifted up one of my arms and put it around their shoulders. “I know what is wrong and I am sure I can help you, ” Sue said to me. Since I could not take a step on my own I was forced to accept their aid.

They took me into Sue’s house to a room where Escort Keçiören she had a massage table set up, it was there for Sue to use for training students that she would occasionally have over. Sue and Lee Pham got me to the edge of the table. “Can you get your shorts and shoes off?” Sue asked me.

“What?! Why are you asking me that?” I replied.

“James, the pain in your leg comes from the muscles throughout your body, from your shoulders down to your feet. We can do some things that will help your muscles relax, but we must have access to these muscles, especially the large ones in your buttocks, ” Sue said. “Now either you can take off your shorts and shoes, or Lee and I can do it for you.”

“I can do it” I replied. Sue grabbed a nearby towel and held it up to allow me some privacy. I managed to get the shorts and shoes off.

“Now lay down on the table with your face there, ” Sue said motioning towards an opening near the end of the table. “Lee will help me rub this balm in and loosen the muscles in your legs while I work down your back.”

I turned over on the table as she instructed, at least my erect cock was covered by my body. Sue got a cannister and opened it, putting it next to me on the table. Lee put her hair up in a bun like Sue’s and then she lit some aromatic candles and a relaxing spicy smell filled the room. Sue began by my side working on the muscles in my lower back, and Lee began at my ankles working up into my calves.

“Mr. James you have such a nice tan, ” said Lee as she began to rub at the top of my calves.

“Are you saying that because my rear end is white as a sheet?” I asked.

“She is too polite to tell you, but not me, ” said Sue. “Your butt is almost as white as snow.” We all laughed.

Then Sue moved up above my head and was working down onto my buttocks. Sue told Lee to have their hands meet together on my butt and then pull apart to stretch out those large muscles. This was definitely working as my leg began to limber up, but I was also starting to react to the fact that two hot women were rubbing my naked body, and I could not stop my butt raising up into the warm hands pushing into it.

“We need to apply some more direct pressure on your buttocks, ” said Sue, “and I can see you are a little bit uncomfortable. Please raise your butt up so that I can fix this.”

I was not sure what she meant about my being uncomfortable, but I followed her instructions and lifted up my rear end. Sue reached underneath me and grabbed my dick and pushed it out between my legs, I could not stop myself from groaning as she did this. “Lower yourself now please, ” said Sue.

I laid back down with my hard dick now displayed to both of them, and I heard Lee gasp, “So big!”

Then Sue and Lee were completely still for a moment and Sue said something to Lee in Korean that I did not understand. Lee paused and then replied in Korean something that sounded like agreement.

Sue told Lee, “Copy my movements.” They each began to rub all over a buttcheek kneading the muscle underneath. Each pass their fingers went farther and farther down between my ass cheeks. Finally their fingertips would just lightly brush my anus as they circled around. I could not stop myself as my hips began to squirm with pleasure and I moaned softly.

Then their hands started to venture down my leg. As they pressed into each thigh their hands roamed between my legs and I felt the slightest contact of the back of their fingers and hands on my balls. One of them would reach in each time and their hand would rest slightly longer against my sac moving gently up and down.

Then Sue’s fingers passed over and around my balls and traced up along the rim of my anus. As Sue’s hand circled out then Lee’s hand came over and fondled my balls and slid through my ass. Their hands and fingers began to pass rhythmically and my ass began to hump up and down with sexual excitement.

Then Sue brought her head down close to mine as Lee continued to rub my balls and stroke my anus. “We both know what your body is feeling now, ” she said, ” you cannot hide it. Lee and I want to enjoy your body, and now we are going to do that.” Sue looked up and nodded to Lee. Lee’s hands left my legs.

I felt something touch the head of my dick, it was light and soft, …Lee was kissing my cock head!

Then a warm softness covered the end of my dick as Lee took it in her mouth. I let out a long low groan.

“We have watched you show us your big dick each morning, ” Sue said. “You spray water all over yourself and we see your shorts wrap around your cock. Lee and I said it is the biggest cock either one of us has ever seen!”

Lee was slowly sucking my dick into her mouth, her lips closed and opened on my shaft and I felt her tongue move all across the head. As she laid her head on the table she continued to slide forward and take more and more of my penis into her warm wet mouth.

Sue stood up and put her hands on the inside of my Çankaya Escort Bayan legs and lifted and pushed outwards. In response I lifted my butt in the air and spread my legs. This gave Lee more access to my dick and she moved in swallowing more of my hard cock.

Sue started massaging my butt cheeks again. Then she leaned down and began to plant kisses all over each cheek. Her hands grasped each buttock and pulled them apart and I could feel the cool air on my anus as Lee slurped on my dick. Sue leaned down and lightly licked my anus. Then her tongue started to slide back and forth on my sensitive rim as she explored it thoroughly.

“Uhnnn…uhnnnn…Ohhhh…” I moaned as Lee sucked my dick and Sue licked across my anus.

My ass began to rise and fall as I felt my dick prepare to come. Sue felt it too and told Lee to stop, and then she told me to stand up. As I clambered off the table and stood Lee came up behind me and spread my ass cheeks and took her turn giving me a rimjob with her tongue.

Sue knelt in front of me and examined my dick. “So many times I have wanted to see your dick up close, ” she said. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, pre-cum was dripping from my dick head.

My hips started to rock back and forth, “I am going to come!” I said.

“No, you are not.” Sue said calmly. Her grip tightened on the base of my dick. “You will come when I let you.” She increased the pressure until my urge to come was staved off. She moved her pretty face right up next to my dick that felt like an iron rod. Sue let her lips slide up and down alongside the length of my cock, “So big, …so hard and warm, ” she said. Then she turned her eyes up to me and put the tip of my dick to her lips. As she looked into my eyes she slowly pushed forward and her soft red lips spread up around the head of my cock. Never breaking her stare she took more of my cock in her mouth until the head bumped against her throat. She then began to move her lips on the shaft feeling my girth and enjoying the sensation of having her mouth filled with my pulsing member.

We continued like this for perhaps 10 minutes. I spread my legs to allow both of their mouths all the access they wanted.

Sue then backed off my dick and stood in front of me, and Lee followed suit and stood behind me. Sue leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips, “Take my top off, ” she said. I reached up and slipped my fingers under the straps and pushed them off her shoulder. Sue put her hands on my hips pulling her covered pussy into my erect dick. I continued to push the stretching material down and Lee reached around me helping to pull it down as well.

“Mmmm..” Sue murmured as her breasts popped out. Her tits bounced and the erect nipples pointed up at me. I could not take my eyes off her big tits, the dark circles of the areola were bigger than silver dollars. Lee reached up and stroked and lifted the heavy orbs the size of grapefruits. “Do you like them?” Sue asked me.

“They are the most perfect breasts I have ever seen!” I exclaimed. Both Lee and I began to run our hands all over Sue’s tits.

“Now help Lee, ” Sue said as she grabbed my shoulders and turned me to face Lee. Lee was not in need of any help as she reached her hands over her head and pulled off her top. Her tits were smaller than Sue’s but the two round handfuls were gorgeous and her nipples were erect and over a quarter of an inch long. I put my hands on Lee’s breasts and began to squeeze them and pull on her nipples.

“Okay Lee, now I have a job for you, ” said Sue playfully. She pulled Lee over to the table and said, “Lay down here.” Lee stretched out on her back and Sue pulled me by my dick over near Lee’s mouth.

Sue pushed my erect dick down on Lee’s lips, lifted it up and said to Lee, “You..”

Pushed my hard dick back down to Lee’s mouth, pulled it back, “…keep..”

Pushed my hard dick down to Lee’s mouth, “…him hard.”

“No problem!” Lee giggled to Sue and she reached up and held my dick down on her mouth and she started to kiss along the underside of my cock.

“I’ll be right back, ” said Sue and she skipped out of the room.

Lee lazily licked on the underside of my cock. “Mr. James, ” she said, “you have an amazing big dick!”

Sue skipped back in the room, her tits bouncing with each step, and she held out a tape measure. “So you guessed 18 centimeters or about 7 inches, right?” Sue asked Lee.

“Mmmm hmmm, ” answered Lee as she sucked at my frenum.

Sue stretched out the tape and held the end at the base of my dick. She ran the tape along my dick right up to the tip and carefully eyed it to get an accurate measure. “Ha!” Sue said triumphantly, “I was right!”

Sue climbed up on top of Lee who continued to lick and suck on the underside of my cock. “His dick is 8 inches or 20 centimeters long!” stated Sue smiling down at Lee.

“Mrmmhh…, ” Lee responded, “you win.”

“We both win, ” Sue said, and lowered herself and began kissing and sucking my cock from above.

Sue was now laying on top of Lee, their nipples were directly in contact with each other. My dick was between their mouths as they kissed, and their bodies were writhing against each other more and more urgently.

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Three In One

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It was the last weekend of college; I went to a small state school and there was only one bar in town. I had, had a fight with my boyfriend and finals were going badly when the weekend arrived. It was also a rainy weekend, although warm, and my period was due (all this adds up to a very horny 20-year-old!). My roommate and I had decided all men were idiots and that the best thing to do was to spend the weekend drunk and baked. We started on Friday evening smoking and staying high, somewhere along the line we slept. On Sat. morn we “waked and baked”, then packed some of our shit to go home. Then we went to the class picnic, at the farm (roasted pig). There was alcohol there for those who were old enough. We basically hung out the day sneak off to get high again and coming back to munch as the need struck us. As the day became evening we decided it would be a good idea to go to the bar that night. I really don’t remember what she wore that night but I’m sure it was revealing slightly and I wore jeans and a black bustier and a black zipped up shirt. The bar had a balcony that you could stand and see the whole bar from, it was dark and really few people went up there. Her and I decided it would be fun to go up there, as we like to watch people who don’t know they are being watched. From there we could see the door also. I spotted three good looking guys come into the bar and elbowed her and she saw them too. We watched as they went to the bar and got beers. She asked if I knew them and I said they weren’t any of the college guys.

As we watched these guys from the balcony, they hadn’t really noticed us yet; they scanned the room checking everything and everyone out. I watched them quite intently as I thought the one was very cute and his buddies were cute but not as cute as he was. He was about 5 foot 11 maybe 6 foot even, had dark hair and very chiseled features. I couldn’t see his eyes from where I was but I can say he was definitely nice to look at. His one buddy had sandy brown hair, was about 5 foot 8 or 9 and was average build. His other Buddy had dark brown hair too and was about 5 foot 11 or 6 foot also; he was also an average build. I keep watching them willing the really good one to look up in my direction. Eventually, I’m not sure if he felt me watching or what, the one with sandy brown hair turned around and looked up at us. I smiled when I saw him and he sorta smiled back. His buddies were headed back towards the bar for another drink so he followed and I figured that was that oh well. Lord knows there was plenty of good-looking girls (not that we aren’t or weren’t but they were right in plain sight as we weren’t) at the bar. I don’t know if he said anything to his buddies or not but shortly they came back. I nudged my girlfriend a little as they had their backs to us to point out the fact that they were there. She nodded and we were due for a refill for so we went down the backstairs loosing sight of them as we went.

We got 2 more drinks and decided to go through the main bar to get back to the stairs. This should have led us right by them but we didn’t see them. Just for curiosity I looked up and there they were looking down on us from our earlier posts. As we approached the stairs I told her they were there. We decided not to go back up right away. Why I’m not really sure but it was a mutual decision.

We went around to the side to the bathrooms and in this bar there was a back bar, (as well as an outside bar too), we went into the back bar to checkout what was happening. The black lights were on and the music was loud, there was a lot of people everywhere. We decided it was to crowded for us and we went back around to the main bar. As we approached the stairs we saw the guys coming down the stairs. We slowed our pace a little and they moved into the main part of the bar. We lost them in the crowd, needing more beer we moved to the bar got 2 more and turned looking for a table to sit at. We spotted one in the corner away from the crowd, but in a spot we could watch the whole scene. We sat at the table for a few minutes chatting when we noticed someone working his way through the crowd towards us. We looked up to see one of the guys moving in our direction, he smiled and we smiled back. He came over and asked if he could sit. We nodded and offered him a chair. We chatted a little and shortly his buddies came from opposite directions and meeting in the middle looked around, he waved and they moved in our direction. I heard my girlfriend moan as they moved towards us and knew she had no desire to play this game, I hoped she wouldn’t ditch on me too quickly so Id at least get to have fun with one of them.

When they reached the table, one of them asked if they could buy us another beer. We agreed yes and the one that had been sitting with us got up to get the beers as the other two sat down with us one on each side of us. To my disappointment the one with the very chiseled features sat next to my girlfriend and introduced himself as Steve. The one with the average build sat next to me and introduced himself as Tom. We chatted for awhile and then our little area became really crowded, so we all agreed to move to another spot a little less crowded. As we did my girlfriend Keçiören Escort Bayan moved away from the guys and I moved a little closer to Steve. The hunt was almost over and I was making a move in for the kill. I was determined at that time to have him and if I could Tom too, his other buddy, Rob, well he was cute like I said and if I had to settle for just him, he was in for an interesting time.

I asked them what they were doing in this town as it was obvious they weren’t college guys. They smiled and Tom said no they weren’t. Steve looking right at me said they were hunting. I asked him hunting for what, as I wrapped my lips around the bottleneck and took sip, watching him. He smiled a little bigger smiled when he said ” Wild Thangs”. I smiled back at him, licked my lips seductively and told him I knew where he could find the “Wild Thangs”. Oh do you he asked me. I nodded my head yes. He asked me how many times I had used that line. I told him twice as I smiled at him, (it was obvious by his smile that I got right back that he had seen the movie and knew what the next line should be.) Oh he said to me smiling and laughing as I rubbed my tits against his chest and what happened he asked. I laughed seductively as I pressed in harder against him and rubbed my leg on his cock it was growing hard and replied that the first time I had crashed and burned. He wrapped an arm around me and tilting his head in close to mine he asked me and the second? As my hand reached down and lightly, gently grabbed his cock I smiled and told him I would tell him in the morning. I pressed my lips to his as I ground my hips into him, I sucked his tongue into my mouth. When he broke the kiss he laughed deeply, sexily at me and asked me where we could go. My heart soared and my mind began to race. I didn’t want to take them back to the apartment because of my roommate, she wouldn’t have let me anyhow and she didn’t approve. I didn’t really know where to go and we joked about breaking into my lover’s dorm room, but decided it wasn’t a good idea after all. I suggested we see if we could get a room at the local motel. They had planned on sleeping in the truck they said, at that time I believed them but in the morning and since then I have wondered.

My girlfriend talked me into going to the bathroom with her. We discussed what I was doing and she asked me if I was sure. I said yes and told her if she wanted we could all go back to the apartment together, she said no she didn’t think she wanted to. I had figured this already, but thought it was worth a try. Ok I said and we went out of the bathrooms back to the bar. The guys looked at us a little hopeful, but when we got back to them she said she was going home and asked if I was coming. I told her no and asked them if I stayed would they give me a lift back. They agreed they would, and she left. We left shortly after her and as we went out into the parking lot my girlfriend tried again to get me to come home with her. I told her I would be all right and to go on. She did and I followed them to their truck. They all climbed in and as I stood there looking in the truck I commented there really wasn’t any room for me to sit. They smiled and said yes there was, I climbed in on to Toms lap.

Steve was driving and Rob was on the other side. As we pulled out of the driveway Rob leaned over and was rubbing his hand up and down my leg and Tom was reaching up and massaging my tits. Tom unzipped my top and pushed the bustie down releasing my tits. As he fondled them I pressed my ass down into his lap and spread my legs so Rob could rub my pussy through my jeans. Steve was asking for directions and I told him which way to turn. Rob leaned over as Tom lost grip on my right tit and licked and sucked my nipple. I leaned back into Tom’s arms and turned my head to the left at his nudging and he started kissing me full on the lips as his hands wandered down my body to my pussy. Steve’s voice interrupted us and I realized he was telling us the motel was closed. I said it was ok to keep driving I knew somewhere else we could go to play. I was getting so hot by then I really didn’t care where. I leaned over on Tom’s lap so that my tits were resting in his hands as I nuzzled Steve’s ears and neck and began caressing his cock through his jeans. Rob’s hands were playing with my ass and my pussy still and I felt my jeans being unzipped as I pointed for Steve to turn off onto a side road. I slid down on Tom’s lap and began licking at Steve’s zipper; I could feel Rob’s hands pulling my jeans apart. I raised up and saw the turn off and pointed to it.

Steve pulled in, pulling up the road to a little clearing. I pulled my top off and my bustie as Steve turned off the truck. I leaned over and began kissing him; he pushed me away and slid out of the truck. I was very confused and looked questioningly at Tom. He told me Steve had just gotten married and had decided he couldn’t do anything while we were in the ladies room. I smiled and said we’d see about that. I then turned my full attentions to Tom; Rob had slid out of the truck too. I slid down off Tom’s lap so that I could get his jeans undone and as I kneeled on the seat Rob came up behind me and pulled Escort Eryaman my jeans down off my hips. I felt his hands rubbing my ass, and unzipped Tom’s zipper freeing his cock and took it slowly into my mouth. I spread my legs for Rob and felt a moist warm heat against my pussy lips, moaning around Tom’s cock when I felt his tongue licking my pussy. Toms hands were busy fondling my tits, I looked up and could see Steve watching from a distance. I managed to get my legs free from my jeans and spread my legs farther apart for them.

I spread my legs farther apart I could feel Robs tongue running along my pussy lips as I took Toms cock deep in my throat, then all the way back up to the head twisting my mouth as I was going up and down on his cock. Tom leaned back on the seat giving me more room to take all of his cock in my throat; I licked and sucked his cock as I was on all 4s in the front of the truck. Rob nibbled on my ass checks and I jumped. He slid a finger along my pussy lips and asked if I’d like a cock right there. I said yes I would. He asked Tom if there was better way to do this. It was agreed as I was sucking Toms cock that perhaps we should get out of the truck and on the ground.

Rob reached behind the seat as I continued to suck Toms Cock and pulled a blanket out from behind it. He rubbed my ass and told me to get out of the truck. Reluctantly I let Toms cock go and turned around so I could slide out of the truck. I heard the truck door open on the other side of the truck and knew Tom was getting out on that side. Rob held up a hand to help me out and as my bare feet hit the ground I became aware of the fact that I was absolutely naked. Rob pulled me close and told me how lovely I was in the moonlight; I giggled and thanked him. Pressing my body against his I began kissing him and moving him up the path towards a flat spot. I reached down, still kissing him as we reached the spot, and took the blanket from him. I turned, spreading my legs and bent over as I spread out the blanket on the ground. I immediately felt his hard cock pressing through his pants as he pressed it against my pussy. I stood up pressing my ass against him, leaning back into his arms. His hands straying down to my pussy, his fingers sliding across my clit. I mumbled where is Tom and he replied he didn’t know but if he didn’t get here soon he was gonna loose his spot. I moaned and reached behind me to undo his pants, unzipping his jeans I turned to kiss him and began to lower myself in front of him. Just as I did I heard Tom yelling something about him not getting that hot mouth. I laughed seductively and said loudly, so Steve could hear, that there was plenty of my hot wet mouth to go around.

I grabbed Tom as he approached and began kissing him pulling him around in front of me and my backside was to Rob. Rob wrapped his arms around me and I was captured by to hot hard men. I wrapped a leg around the back of Tom’s knees and pressed back against him, kissing him I pushed him down to the ground. We landed with a thud loosing Rob; I then slid down his body to recapture his cock in my mouth. I began sucking his cock back to full hardness and felt Rob behind me. Robs throbbing cock pressed against my swollen pussy, the head entered my pussy and I thrust back hard against his cock filling my pussy full with his cock. I moaned loudly around Tom’s cock. As Rob thrust forward, pulled back and thrust forward again I went up and down on Tom’s cock. I sucked Tom deep and back to the head and back deep, feeling Rob’s cock thrusting forward and then back out then slamming back in again. Rob grabbed my hips, driving his cock deep into me while I sucked Toms cock in rhythm with his thrusts. I felt hands on my tits and can not tell you whose they were but they felt so good kneading my tits, pinching my nipples, my mouth and pussy were being filled at the same time and I was approaching my orgasm. I ground my pussy back hard against Rob, bucking and grinding, sucking Toms cock in and out of my mouth. I heard Tom moan, felt his cock jump and took him deep in my throat as his cum sprayed from his cock deep into my throat. I slowed the rhythms of my pussy, swallowing his load. I came back to the head of his cock and licked it clean; I started grinding my pussy back onto Rob’s cock. Wanting, needing to get off!

Tom slid out from under me and Rob pulled out, I moaned in protest. Tom wrapped his arms around me pulling me up into a kneeling position; Rob came around the front of me and lay down on the blanket. He beckoned for me to come up to him and Tom kissed me then let me go. I climbed up to Rob’s arms and he asked me to ride him. I positioned my pussy up over his cock then slid down over it, filling my tight pussy again with his cock. I sat upright in the moonlight on his cock and slowly I rode him up to the top of his cock and then slammed him back deep in my pussy. My firm 42Ds bouncing slightly, the moonlight playing on my naked body as I took him in deep. Grinding my pussy down onto his cock, my ass pressing down against his balls, back to the top, grinding back down. His hips pumped up to me with each downward thrust I had. He reached up and grabbed my hips; I grabbed his shoulders, digging Sincan Escort Bayan my nails in when the rhythm got faster. Our hips bucked and ground against each other faster and faster until I thought I could stand no more. Suddenly his body stiffened under me and he let out a long loud moan. His cum sprayed deep into my wet pussy and my body began to shake. I leaned back on his cock so that I was sitting totally upright and tilting my head back I let out a long orgasmic scream. My body began bucking on his more as my orgasm ripped through my body.

When I finally subsided, I leaned forward and began kissing Rob. We suddenly heard Steve’s voice calling to us. He wanted us to hurry up and come on. He was complaining about how cold it was. We yelled back to him that we were all pretty warm and perhaps he should join us. When I sat up and turned around though Tom was all dressed again. Rob wriggled out from under me, even though I protested a little. He told me to come on, but I sat on the blanket and refused. I told them I still hadn’t gotten all 3. They laughed at me and told me I wasn’t going to either. I raised an eyebrow at them and just said we’ll see. They looked at me and shrugged their shoulders. They started down the path to the truck talking about what we had just done. They called back to me about 1/2 way if I was coming and I said “NO!” I sat there on the blanket hoping they would not leave me out there in the woods naked. When they approached the truck I heard Steve ask where I was and they told him I was still up there. There was some mumbling on his part and they told him I wouldn’t come down. He called out to me to come down and I told him no, if he wanted me to come down to come and get me. That made Tom and Rob laugh. There was some joking on their part of Steve to be careful and the fact that I was naked waiting for him up there. He must have grabbed my clothes at that thought for when he came up the path he had my jeans, shirt and boots. He handed me my stuff and told me to put them on. I stood up and leaned my naked body against him; I asked him if he didn’t think I was pretty. He said I was but I needed to put my clothes on so we could go. I told him I wouldn’t and if he wanted my clothes on me he was gonna have to dress me and stood there very stubbornly.

I stood there stubbornly naked before him, waiting to see what he would do. He took off his flannel and wrapped me in it, putting his arms around me. When he did this I moved closer next to his body, I looked up at him and asked him why he didn’t want me. I do want you he told me but it wouldn’t be right. I said yeah I knew he was married just recently, and I rubbed my hands on his chest. I told him she wouldn’t ever find out. He said she would know I replied not unless he told her. I was pressing my naked body wrapped in his flannel against him. He put his hands on my shoulders firmly and pushed me away. He asked me to get dressed again so he could take me home. I told him no again as I moved towards him. He moved away from me and told me to get dressed. I told him I could tell he really didn’t want me too. He said he did. I told him I could tell he wanted me and as we where all the way out here away from everybody to at least let me give him a blowjob. I stepped close to him and this time he didn’t move away from me, he sighed as I stepped up to and against him. He leaned his head down and his mouth covered mine. Our tongues danced together in our mouths. My hands wrapped up slowly around his neck, his hands wrapped around my waist pulling me close to him. I could feel his hard cock in his jeans, pressing against me. My hands gently undid his snap and his zipper; I slid my hand in and gently caressed his cock. I felt it growing harder in my hand and started to lower myself down his body. He grabbed my shoulders and kissing me fiercely he began backing up until I felt the blanket under my bare feet.

Holding me close to his body he lowered us down onto the blanket. He kissed my neck, my nipples, and then back up again to my lips. My hands were eagerly pulling his pants apart, my hips were grinding up against his. He kissed me and asked me not tell anyone, he motioned down and told me they couldn’t ever know. I told him I wouldn’t let them know. He leaned back and pushed his jeans down, I started to sit up so that I could wrap my lips around his cock. He stopped me, leaning forward kissing me he lowered his body down onto mine. He wrapped his arms around me and gently pushed his way into me. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck, my legs around his hips. Our bodies joined together and slowly he began to fuck me. His cock sliding deep in my pussy and then back out to the head, then back in. Our lips kissing and sucking at each other. His hands wrapped tightly around me, his cock sliding in and out. The rhythm getting faster and faster, our bodies moving together, apart and then crashing back into each other. My head tilted back in his hands as his rhythm picked up pace and my legs tightened around him pulling him in deeper with every stroke. Our bodies picked dup speed and I let out a long moan as I felt his body suddenly jerk and then begin racing pumping against mine. My pussy got tighter around his cock as our bodies ground into each other. His body suddenly stiffened and then I felt is hot cum spraying all over the inside of me. Our bodies clung to each other shaking and cumming. He kissed me gently on the lips and I kissed him back. I sighed when he broke the kiss.

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Three’s Company

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Ashley felt the warm body against her back as the light streamed through the curtains. She pressed back, snuggling up against her lover, pressing her ass against the firm body. She moaned softly as an arm slid over her side, slipping between her breasts, supporting her large top breast, while cupping the lower one, her body still tingling from the night before. What began as a simple dinner and then renting a movie led to a passionate night of lovemaking and raw sex.

Ashley turned her head to her friend and smiled. They kissed, gently at first, still feeling the afterglow of the night before, even though several hours had passed. Vonn turned Ashley towards her, wrapping her long arms around the petite body of her lover. Their kiss became deeper, more passionate. Ashley sucked on Vonn’s tongue, her hands caressing the soft flesh of Vonn’s back. Ashley broke the kiss, sliding her tongue down her friend’s neck, biting on the nape.

“Oooohhh Gggdddd, Ash,” Vonn moaned, wrapping her fingers in Ashley’s long, brown hair. Ashley smiled to herself, knowing how sensitive her lover’s neck was, knowing that Vonn could only take so much of that kind of attention before she would give into her lust. Ashley slid her tongue down, sucking on the top of Vonn’s breasts. She cupped them with her hands, squeezing them together. Her tongue lashed a the hard nipples pointing upward.

“Ooohh Vonn,” Ashley moaned, squeezing the firm breasts harder. Ashley buried her face between them, groping and kneading the large, full globes with her delicate fingers. Vonn felt a thigh pressing against her mound. She gave into the pressure, spreading her legs slightly, allowing the firm thigh to rub against her bare pussy. She pressed back against the oppressing thigh, rocking her hips to add to the stimulation. Ashley flicked her tongue over the protruding nipple, taking it into her mouth. She sucked on the bud, rolling her teeth across the fleshy nibs.

“Oooohhhh Ggdddd, Ash, that feels so good,” Vonn moaned, holding Ashley’s head to her breasts. Ashley pressed her thigh harder against Vonn’s pussy, rubbing her lips. Vonn pulled the covers away, slapping her hand down onto Ashley’s ass cheek. Ashley jumped slightly, feeling the sting resonate through her ass. Both girls were surprised at how quickly they each became aroused, already lost in the moment. Vonn, nearly a foot taller than the 4’10” Ashley slid her hand over Ashley’s ass, slipping her fingertips between the firm cheeks. She slid past her hole, letting her fingers toy with Ashley’s already wet lips. She plunged her fingers deep into Ashley’s pussy, sliding them in and out of her tunnel. The nipple slipped out of Ashley’s mouth as she felt her body shaking from Vonn’s pounding. She buried her face in between the luscious breasts of her lover, sucking and biting her flesh.

Vonn slammed her fingers hard into Ashley, her hand slapping against her ass. The feeling of her lover’s fingers inside her overwhelmed Ashley. Her body began shaking as the orgasm built from within. She grabbed at Vonn’s breasts, groping them as she rocked her hips against the long fingers, her climax reaching its peak.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk… yes, yeesssss!” she cried as she slammed her hips down against Vonn’s hand, driving the fingers even deeper. Her body became rigid, her nerves firing throughout her. She then collapsed onto Vonn, her hot juices flooding out of her tunnel, soaking Vonn’s hand and belly. She lay there, on top of Vonn, trying to catch her breath as Vonn caressed her, holding her tight. “Oh Vonn, I can’t believe how quickly I came,” she said, her voice betraying her excitement, “that was great,” she added, kissing her lover’s face again and again.

Vonn felt Ashley’s warm juices on her fingers. She rubbed it over Ashley’s mound and back. Ashley pressed her hips against her hand, sliding down, kissing Vonn’s breasts, then down to her flat tummy. Vonn leaned on her elbows, watching Ashley kiss and tongue over her mound, then down between her legs. She threw her head back against the pillow when she felt Ashley’s mouth sucking on her lower lips. She wanted to see, to watch her best friend and lover taking her. Ashley looked up catching Vonn’s eyes.

They looked at each other for a few moments, before Ashley plunged her tongue into Vonn’s already wet pussy. Vonn grabbed the sheets, her body shaking uncontrollably as Ashley tongued her hard.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Vonn cried, bucking her hips against Ashley’s mouth. Ashley grabbed her friend’s ass, pulling her hard against her mouth, grinding her face against the shaved pussy. Ashley sucked on Vonn’s clit, scraping her teeth across the swollen bud. Vonn cried out as she felt Ashley drive her fingers deep into her pussy. Her hips bucked wildly, fucking Ashley’s fingers. Ashley kept sucking and biting her clit, sending wave after wave of electricity through her body.

Vonn’s body was shaking violently as Ashley brought her to her climax. Vonn let herself go, allowing Ankara Escort Ashley to take her all the way. She grabbed Ashley’s head, holding it hard to her aching pussy, her fingers tangled in her long hair. “Oooohhh fffuuuccckkkkkkkk I’mmmm cummmmming!!!” she cried. Ashley increased her tempo, knowing that Vonn was on the very edge and this would send her over. “Ooohhh sshhhiiitttttt,” Vonn moaned as her body convulsed on its own, thrashing on the bed.

Vonn came hard, as hard as she had last night but without as much cum. She held Ashley’s face to her pussy, thrusting against her mouth, climaxing again and again. She had a series of orgasms, one right after the other with every nerve in her body firing, until she fell back exhausted. She lay there, breathing deeply, unable to move. Ashley licked and sucked what juices she could then slid up to cuddle next to her lover, her partner.

Vonn couldn’t move for several minutes, her body trembling as the orgasms continued then slowly subsided. Ashley nuzzled up against her, under her arm, her large breasts pressed against Vonn’s side. Ashley slid her hand over Vonn’s belly, over her heaving breasts and over her wet sensitive mound. They lay there for a while, basking in the afterglow of their love. “I love you, Ashley,” Vonn whispered softly, wrapping her arms around her.

Ashley kissed her side, “I love you, too, baby.”


Ashley hung up the phone, smiling.

“Who was that, baby?”, Vonn asked.

“That was my client for tonight. He had to cancel, something came up. That leaves tonight free for us both,” Ashley answered. Ashley worked as a private dancer for a company. She had her own clients who hired her for either parties or just for themselves, personally. Vonn and Ashley had been together for nearly a year, sharing a house. Vonn went with Ashley a couple of times to her clients, mainly just to watch, but she had danced with her at a couple of parties. She was thinking about quitting her job and dancing full time. At 5′ 9″, fit and shapely, Vonn cut a striking pose. Ashley, on the other hand, was short and petite, but actually, even more busty than Vonn’s 36D. Ashley had to get special bras make to give her 38DD breasts the proper support and shape needed.

“Let’s go shopping this afternoon. I need some new things if I am going to work with you. We can then go out to dinner someplace nice,” said Vonn as she folded the clothes from the basket.

“That sounds lovely, I could use some new lingerie, too,” answered Ashley.

The girls drove to Highland Court, an area of town that was know for its boutique shops, restaurants and clubs. Being Saturday night and one of their only free ones together, they decided to make a night of it. Vonn wore a pair of tight black leather pants with a black velvet body suit. The top was low cut, showing off the tops of her ample breasts and finished as a thong. She did carry a bra and panties for shopping in her purse. Ashley wore a short skirt with a loose fitting silk blouse, which hid what it could of her large breasts. She had it unbuttoned to just above her breasts, showing her cleavage.

The first store they went to was the lingerie shop where Ashley had ordered some new bras. There, she tried them on in the changing room, along with some corsets for work. Vonn went back with her to see how they looked.

“I love that corset, Ash,” Vonn said, sliding her hand along Ashley’s side. Her hand slid down over her hips and onto Ashley’s bare ass. “It fits you very well, baby. I bet John, that new client, would love you in that.” Ashley looked at herself in the mirror, her hands sliding over the tight satin material. She let her fingers linger in her cleavage, feeling the inner sides of her breasts.

“Hmmmmmmm, he would like this. Do you like seeing me in it?” Ashley asked Vonn.

Vonn smiled. “I love seeing you out of it, too,” she giggled. Vonn took Ashley by the waist, pulling her to her. She kissed her gently on the lips. They ended up buying a few items, including the gold, strapless corset.

The sun was just starting to set as they walked down the street. A warm breeze blew through the streets. Ashley heard her name being called. She turned to see her dentist sitting at an outdoor cafe. He stood as she and Vonn walked over to him.

“Hi, I thought that was you. How are you?” Geoff asked. Ashley smiled at him. He was older, in his forties, but in very good shape. At 6’2″ he towered over her.

“Hi, Dr. Jones, I’m fine thank you. What are you doing out here?” she asked. He was dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a Polo shirt that showed off his strong chest.

“I was supposed to meet a friend here, but she had to cancel,” he replied. “Looks like y’all have been shopping. Find anything nice?” Vonn nudged Ashley in the side.

“Oh, sorry, this is my room mate, Vonn. This is my dentist, Dr…”

“Geoff, please, call me Geoff,” Geoff interrupted.

“Geoff,” Ashley said, lowering her eyes Çankaya Escort slightly. Vonn extended her hand to the tall stranger. Geoff, took it gently, giving it a slight shake.

“Where are you heading to?” Geoff asked, his eyes fixed on Ashley. She had been his patient for a couple of years. He always looked forward to seeing her, not only because of her sexy appearance that lightened up his day, but because he also enjoyed talking to her. Sometimes, if he wasn’t busy, he would stand at the desk, talking with her and the staff for a long time.

“We were just going to get a drink before going out to dinner,” Ashley replied, letting her hand brush against Vonn. Vonn had heard Ashley talk about her dentist on more than one occasion. Even though she had not been with a man for several years, Ashley had wondered what it would be like to be with Geoff.

“Most of the outside tables are already taken and I do have one here. Would y’all like to join me here?” Geoff asked, hoping for a yes. Ashley hooked Vonn’s little finger with hers. Vonn understood her friend’s signal.

“Yes, thank you,” Vonn responded, taking the pressure off of Ashley. They sat and talked for about an hour and a half. It was an ego boost for Geoff to be sitting with these two, very beautiful, very sexy women. He did well not to stare at them, but each woman did catch him staring a little at their bodies, but were still impressed at how little he stared. They could feel other men’s eyes staring at them often, even the waiter was staring down their tops. But it really didn’t matter to them tonight. They dressed for each other and knew that they looked sexy. If looking that sexy for her lover meant that others would stare, then that was all right.

The sun was setting behind the buildings, cooling the evening air. The sky was vibrant with pinks and reds and billowing white clouds. Geoff felt his stomach growling. “I don’t know about y’all but I’m getting hungry. I have reservations at Christy’s; would y’all like to join me?” Geoff asked, looking at Ashley. She turned to Vonn, said a few things and they both agreed. They had planned on eating out anyway and they were enjoying his company. Since the restaurant was only a couple of blocks away, they decided to walk, enjoying the evening air.

By the end of dinner, the girls and Geoff were feeling the affects of having drunk two bottles of wine. During dinner, Vonn had been sliding her foot up and down Ashley’s leg, making her shudder with anticipation of the night to come. They excused themselves to go the restroom where they planned to discuss the rest of the night.

“Are we still going dancing?” Vonn asked, slipping her hand around Ashley’s back.

Ashley smiled at her friend, her hand resting on Vonn’s hip, “Yes, I still want to. What about Geoff, do you want to invite him?”

“You like him, don’t you?” Vonn asked, stroking Ashley’s hair. Ashley lowered her eyes a moment.

“Yes, I do, but you seem to, too,” she answered, belligerently. Vonn smiled at Ashley’s weak attack on her, knowing that Ashley was just embarrassed by her feelings.

“Ok, we’ll invite him and see what happens. But tonight, you are mine,” Vonn said seductively. She looked around to make sure no one else was in the restroom then kissed Ashley hard on the lips. Ashley felt her legs buckle as her passions grew.

They saw Geoff standing by the door, waiting for them. He had already paid for the meal against their protest. “No, I have had a great time and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. And the jealous looks I got from the other men were well worth it.”

“Vonn and I were going to go dancing, would you like to join us?” Ashley asked, her voice shaking slightly. Geoff looked at Vonn for a reaction but got none. “Please, let us take you, dinner was so good, at least let us do that,” Ashley continued. Vonn gave a small smile and Geoff said, “OK.”

They walked to a nearby club that Vonn and Ashley frequented. It had a mix of straight and gay crowd. “I hope you enjoy this place,” Vonn said slyly, thinking that Geoff might be shocked by the club. He just smiled and walked in, having been there several times before. The girls bought the first round of drinks, Vonn not wanting to be beholden to Geoff any more than necessary. The three of them danced together, Geoff taking turns holding each one, sometimes both of them. After Vonn went to the table, Geoff and Ashley danced to a slow, sensual song. Vonn watched as he took her in his arms, wrapping them around her. Ashley rested her head on his chest, swaying back and forth to the music. Geoff felt her large breasts pressing against his belly rather than his chest as was usually the case with taller women. She was so small in his arms, it was a little awkward at first, but he quickly got into the rhythm.

It had been a long time since Ashley had danced with someone as tall as Geoff; several years, in fact. It, too, was strange at first but she easily fell into his grasp, relaxing in Etlik Escort his arms. When the song ended, Ashley excused herself to go to the restroom, while Geoff went back to the table where Vonn was sitting, her eyes glaring at him as he sat down. Geoff slid next to Vonn, leaning to her.

“You don’t like me too much, do you, Vonn?” he asked. Vonn was taken aback by his frankness.

“Ah, no, that’s not it, I don’t even know you enough to make that decision,” she said smugly. Geoff smiled at her.

“Look, I may be a man, but I am not dumb,” he said, startling Vonn. She almost spilled her drink on herself. “I know you and Ashley are more than just friends, more than roommates. I am having a great time tonight and I hope that you and Ashley are, too. That’s all I want.”

Vonn looked at Geoff, trying to read his eyes. “So there is no ulterior motive for buying us dinner and taking us out?” she asked.

Geoff chuckled, “Like I said, I’m a man. Ashley is a beautiful and very sweet woman, and I must say, you are, too. Of course, I would love for something to come of this, but if nothing does, that’s all right, too. I have had a fun night.” To be honest, Geoff had noticed how pretty and sexy Vonn was. The leather pants hugged her shapely hips and ass, while her top was tight around her large, round breasts. Vonn was just starting to dress like this, having been a little more reserved before being with Ashley.

“I don’t want to see her hurt, that’s all,” she said. Geoff smiled, saying that he would never do anything to hurt her.

“If my being here is harming your relationship with her, then I will leave.” Vonn knew he was serious. She leaned to him, kissing him gently on the cheek.

“I believe you.” Vonn had liked Geoff at first, but had become concerned and jealous as Ashley seemed to become more attracted to him. She now felt that her first opinion of him was right.

“Shall we consummate our agreement with a dance?” Geoff asked, holding his hand to Vonn. She smiled at him, taking his hand and walked to the floor with him. Geoff took her right hand in his and placed his right hand on her lower back, guiding her to the beat of the Latin tune. Their hips swayed to the beat, Geoff twirling her then pulling her back into his arms. She giggled as her body bumped into his but continued her swaying, her hips gyrating back and forth. She was enjoying herself, relaxed in her trust of this man. Geoff was enjoying himself, too. They pulled each other closer, their bodies pressing harder against one another. Vonn felt her breasts pressing against his chest, but was actually enjoying it more than she thought she would.

She laid her head to his ear, whispering, “So we are cool with this, right? No expectations of anything, right?”

Geoff agreed, “No expectations, no pressure.” He jumped when Vonn slid her hand down his back, grabbing his ass. She laughed, her hand still groping his firm cheeks. Geoff leaned back, looking into her eyes, smiling. As he held her, he slipped his thigh between her legs, still swaying back and forth. Vonn opened her legs slightly, feeling his thigh press against her mound.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned softly, pressing back. Geoff swung her away, spun her, then pulled her back into his arms, his thigh sliding back between her legs. Vonn rocked harder, feeling the leather seam rub against her lips. She felt herself become wet, rubbing harder against his thigh. She closed her eyes, imagining that it was Ashley’s thigh rubbing her. After the song they went back to the table where Ashley was fending off the advances of another guy. Geoff gave him a look as he sat down, taking her hand in his. The stranger nodded to Geoff, then left.

“Thank you, Geoff,” she said, squeezing his hand.

“I’m was expecting to find them swarming around you,” he said.

Ashley smiled at the complement, “Well, he was the third one, actually.”

After another round of drinks and dancing, the girls excused themselves before leaving. In the restroom, Vonn was about to tell Ashley how badly she wanted her, that when they got home, she was going to fuck her hard. Vonn was feeling light-headed from all the alcohol that night. But before she could say anything, Ashley took her hands, looking up at her.

“I want to take Geoff home, tonight. I know you had a special night planned but I really want to do this,” she said softly, her eyes glowing. She felt Vonn’s hand go cold and still, her eyes glassing over. She knew that she had hurt her lover deeply. “No, I mean take him home with us. You and me together.” Vonn still looked hurt.

“I don’t know, I would just be in the way of you two,” she said, her eyes betraying her feelings. Ashley squeezed her hands, getting her attention.

“What I mean is I want him to be with US. He would be the third,” Ashley replied, her eyes relaying her love for Vonn. Vonn thought for a moment. She did like him and he was nice and it had been a couple of years since she had been with a man. “Pleeeese,” Ashley said, batting her eyes. Vonn laughed. Ashley knew that that was one way she always got her way with Vonn.

“OK,” Vonn said giggling, “who knows, it might be fun. How will we do it? It’s been so long some I’ve picked up someone.”

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Mom of Two Kids Thinks She is a Lesbian Ch. 03

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Divorced mom of 2 (part 3)

Prelude to part 3

My name is Chloe. I am a divorced mom of two girls, 35, live in Dublin, divorced for two years, and looking to meet women for sex. I’m not into getting into a relationship just have fun and experiment a bit. I’m 5’7, a natural redhead with green eyes, a curvaceous body (36dd). I’ve only been with one girl Emma, she’s is 20 going to university and we have met on a few occasions all at her house where she shares with some girls. But even though I like her, and the sex is great, I had made it clear to her that I didn’t want a relationship.

Part 3

As stated I had met with Emma a few more times but with her studies, part time job and me raising 2 kids as well as working, it wasn’t always convenient. One day we had been what sapping one another, she suggested I start to branch out and see other women, that we weren’t exclusive and just have fun. The more I thought about it, it made more sense due to our schedules not corresponding that frequently for us to hook up. Before I had my first hook up with Emma I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. I didn’t have a particular type that I was after. Since my encounters with Emma when I’m out shopping, at a café or restaurant, collecting the kids from school or at McDonalds, I find myself watching other women and thinking what they look like naked, what there like in bed.

I’m sure I’ve been spotted a few times, makes me feel like a cougar of sorts. Clearly I need to see other women. I’ve checked my dating app and had a few notifications but no one of interest, either too far away, already in a relationship or time didn’t suit. Then when I was at McDonalds with kids one day I found myself watching one off the staff. We usually go on Fridays after school for a treat for the kids. She must work every Friday as I always see her there. She mid-twenties, attractive, small like five foot nothing, always has her hair which is long dyed differently every week, has a round ass and large breasts for her size. They do stand out. Most weeks I would notice her, but this week I spotted a rainbow coloured band on her wrist. So when she was coming around to clear some tables I smiled at her and told her I liked her band. In my own head I thought I was being subtle, clearly not.

I introduced myself, It turns out she is called Ilona, she’s polish and not so subtle. She thanked me and said she wore it with pride, that it was an easy way to let people know she was gay, so it stopped guy’s hitting on her. I told her it looked pretty, she then looked at me closely then the kids smiled and resumed her work. I thought that was the end of it so we finished our food but before we left I had to use the bathrooms. So I went in Sincan Escort to the ladies, went to the cubicle to pee and when I came out Ilona was standing there. I was taken aback but recovered just said hi to her and went to wash my hands. She then walked over and stood next to me, staring at me.

I asked what she was doing. Ilona said this is what you do every week when you come in here with your kids, you like to watch me. At first I wasn’t sure but now I know you like women. I could feel myself go quite red, but before I could say anything she put her finger to my lips, then placed a piece of paper in my hand and left. I was quite taken aback not knowing what to say, then I looked at the paper and it had a phone number on it. I immediately left the bath room, I didn’t see her around so I got the kids and left. We went home had a quiet evening and they were in bed for 9.30pm.

Then I sat down and thought about what to do. Clearly I had initiated this but I was taken aback by how direct or forward she was. Two glasses of wine later I what sapped her and waited for a response. I didn’t have to wait long; she messaged back, told me she was at home, lived on her own in a bedsit, worked Monday to Fridays most weeks, and sometimes had to do the odd Sunday every month. That she was single hadn’t been in a relationship for a while as her ex had gone back to Poland. That she goes to lesbian bars or clubs to meet women but they were usually only one night stands. I told her about my situation, my work, my kids and my lesbian experiences or lack off.

She asked where I lived, what I was doing for the evening and who was at home. I told her the kids were in bed, I was in my pyjamas about to sit and watch T.V. She asked did I want some company that she had a bottle and was going to watch T.V but she could get a taxi round to my house and have a drink together. Maybe it was the wine as I might not have agreed but I did, so I sent her the address, 35 minutes later I could see the lights of the taxi pull up outside. I looked out to make sure it was her before I opened the door. I opened it before she could knock just in case she woke the kids. She came in, took her coat off to reveal that she was wearing a rib knitted sweater dress that showed off her body perfectly.

She then produced her bottle of vodka, so I went to get her a glass, as she drank it neat. I told her I would stick to the wine. We sat on the couch just chatting about her life, her ex, my marriage, the kids then started to watch some T.V, while having a few drinks. Later with the drink kicking in, we started to play some music from you tube and comparing dance moves. Her moves were clearly much better than mine but it was fun and nice to let my hair down, and clearly Ilona was not as serious as she comes across, once Escort Ankara she comfortable with someone. She asked a lot of questions about what I liked when I was with Emma, what porn I watched and had I been to any lesbian bar or clubs.

When I told her I hadn’t she suggested we go together. I told her I wouldn’t know how to react or behave. She laughed, put on some slow music and said Chloe come here. When I stood up she said it the same as when you danced with a guy, no need for nerves. I said that alright for you Ilona but I haven’t been in a night club in 10 years. She said relax, we can go out dancing like we were earlier or slow dance like this. She took my hand placed her other hand on my waist and pulled me closer to her and we started to dance slowly. Then she placed her hand on my ass, caressing it, I looked at her then we started to kiss. We kept kissing while dancing to the music right up until the song ended. She said Chloe, lesbian clubs or bars are not much different to straight ones.

Only difference is same sex. So a lot of sex in toilets, a lot bi or curious women go, no guys hitting on you. It will be fun; we should go together and have some fun. Well what do you think? I thought for a moment and said ok, let’s do it. Good but you need more practice with your dancing. Ilona I said my dancing just fine, I’m sure I’ll be ok and up for it. I don’t know Chloe, try to dance sexy, I mean you want to attract women; there will be a lot of competition. Ilona I don’t know what you mean. She sat down and put on some sexy playlist music for me to dance too, Chloe do a sexy dance for me. Ilona was watching me closely as I was dancing and after half a song she stopped it and told me to sit down. She said Chloe you are beautiful, fantastic body you need to use it more. She put the music on again and started to dance, but unlike me she was doing body rolls, figure eights and rubbing her body to highlight her tits and ass, then she started to grind on my lap.

She had such a sexy ass, she knew exactly what to do, how to turn someone on. I was mesmerised, in awe, the song finished and she smiled and sat down next to me. Well Chloe at a club you don’t have to do all that but it helps to if you want to attract the right woman, can you do that? She asked how I would feel if I was out dancing and a stranger started to kiss her or touch her, better still if someone wanted her to have sex in the toilets. I was taken aback with the questioning saying id be ok, I’d go with the flow. She laughed and said ok could I give her a lap dance just like she gave me. I said I could. Ilona put the music on and I started to sway with music this time using my hands to rub up and down my body. Ilona told me to unbutton my pyjama top buttons down to my navel. I did this even though I had no bra Eryaman Escort Bayan on, which I think she already knew.

I continued to dance while she watched me intently, she then told me to take of my pyjama bottoms before I start to grind on her, which I did. So there I am, in my living room, in my underwear with my pyjama top opened to my navel expose my breasts, grinding on this Polish girls lap that I had just spoke to first time today. I felt her hands on me, rubbing my thighs, my ass and lower back. She then asked me to turn and straddle her which I did. She unbuttons the rest of my pyjama top and puts her hands on my breasts feeling them, pinching my nipples and squeezing them. Ilona says quietly you have a beautiful body Chloe; I will enjoy pleasuring you and you pleasuring me. She then started to suck on my breast while fondling the other, swapping back and forth.

Then I felt her hand start to explore my underwear, rubbing my clit slowly at first but picking up the pace while still sucking my nipples. I started to moan pulling her head into my breasts. Ilona then started to finger my wet pussy with two fingers going faster the more I moaned until I gasped as I came. Good Chloe now kiss me. As I moved to kiss her lips she stopped me. No dear not there, here pointing to her pussy. On your knees and eat my pussy, Chloe. I got on my knees while Ilona stood over me, pulling her dress up slightly. She wasn’t wearing any underwear; she took hold of my hair and thrust my head into her wet pussy, which I eagerly started to eat. Ilona was moaning telling to stick my tongue in further, that’s it baby keep going lap it up, good girl. I taste good, stop now I don’t want to cum just yet, I want my ass eaten.

Chloe was horrified she had never done this. Ilona still held her hair and just shoved her face into her ass. That’s good my little sub, lick from bottom to the top. Chloe couldn’t believe she was doing this. Stick your tongue in deep and finger my pussy while you do it. Finger me faster that’s it oh god yes I’m Cumming oh yes good girl. When she had finished Cumming Ilona went and called a taxi, when she had made the call she came back just as I was going to put my pyjamas back on. Chloe no, you don’t do anything until your told. I looked at her not understanding until she grabbed my hair pulling me in close. When you are with me you will do as you are told, ok, well, yes Ilona. Good girl. Now stand over by the wall fully naked and spread those legs. When she came over she gave my ass a smack, what an ass. She told me to start to play with my clit while she pulled my cheeks apart and started to lick my ass hole, sliding her tongue in and out of my anus. Chloe you’re so tight she said.

Just then Ilona inserted her finger in my ass and started to finger it eagerly then using two fingers all the while I was moaning, good girl I look forward to having your ass on our next night together when I will fuck this ass good. I continued to play with myself while she fingered my ass until I had cum. Just then the taxi pulled up and Ilona left.

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